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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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in american lights during the cold 19. they came to the us for a better life but at what cost. one a one east investigates on just. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe. this is al-jazeera. every one of the 1500 hours g.m.t. on come on santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. so i don't like blame game but the doctor is the real responsible man for a whole mess we have 3 days of marathon talks but e.u. leaders are no where close to agreeing on a whopping pandemic recovery fun. also in the news regional players mediating in
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mali's long political crisis revise their earlier proposal we look at if it will satisfy the opposition or not iran's foreign minister calls for stronger ties with iraq on his 1st visit since the u.s. killed a top iranian general earlier this year. reviving hollywood how covert 19 will mean higher costs and longer production times in the movie making business. and in sport arsenal knockout the defending champions to reach the english f.a. cup final arsenal beating manchester city to nail to make it to the title decider for a record 21st time. so we begin with that a u. meeting in brussels where even with a global pandemic and everything it's brought there is still no consensus over how to deal with the economic fallout leaders now into their 3rd day of meetings to
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hammer out a budget and a coronavirus bailout package and just so you know the kind of numbers we're dealing with this one that is the european union budget and i'm president of $2.00 trillion dollars and then within that you've got this number $857000000000.00 a not insignificant amount which is set aside to help countries recover from the pandemic but this is where the divisions begin on the one side you have for so-called frugal countries they favor loans rather than. straight out groans while your 4 biggest and arguably most influential economies want the opposite there are also personal disputes to overcome you heard a short bit of it earlier hungary in prime minister viktor orban who blames the dutch leader for the day deadlock he says the hates him and is attacking him harshly maybe because following all of this from london for us jaime anything to report any developments any sign of
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a breakthrough after 3 days. known as yet although my experience of covering these kind of events of the year things can take an awfully long time and they can in the final dying hours of a summit there's been a flurry of activity i don't think anyone is holding out much hope right now because this whole question of how to share this vast sum of money has confounded leaders from across the e.u. for 3 days now it's opened up all divisions between different blocs really within the e.u. between those countries that are the largest contributors to the e.u.'s coffers and those who are the largest beneficiaries do well from financial support from brussels the frugal forward she mentioned to austria the netherlands denmark and sweden are deeply worried about this money being distributed in the form of grants that don't need to be repaid they prefer the idea of them being given to be
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different countries in the form of loans that deeply worried about the bloc becoming an traunch to end debts by boring all of this money from european financial institutions so war the likes of germany and france are really at the helm of trying to hammer out a compromise are hoping for is that the frugal 4 will reach an agreement with the other side of the debate and agree on a figure to allow a certain proportion of the money to be distributed in the form of grants but here from the other side of the bait italy and spain their economies commies hard hit by the pandemic they're hoping for a generous payout they've accused the frugal 4 of blackmailing the european union accusing them of having too much power in controlling the purse strings of the whole of the continent well in terms of levels of optimism things were running quite low levels 1st thing this morning one anglo merkel arrive she wasn't holding
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out much hope of a break very. indian today we are entering the 3rd day of negotiations and it is certainly the decisive one the various issues the size of the fund the way it is managed and also the issues of the rule of law have now been well dealt with whether there will be a solution i still can't say there's a lot of goodwill but there are also a lot of positions so i will join in working for it but there may also be no result today mavis this so looking like a bit of a threat to the whole idea of the court and court european project i mean i know if you put $27.00 countries in the one room and try to get them to make consensus that is difficult but still it goes against all the ideas of the union and then you have these personal battles as well we saw the the hungary and later really. that's right although even before the pandemic there were deepening divisions between the likes of viktor or band of hungry some of the northern and western
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countries it in europe and that's really been exacerbated by this current debate we've seen mahratta the prime minister of the netherlands insisting that a mechanism needs to be included in any financial agreement whereby countries need to prove that they are holding and sticking to the e.u.'s rule of law when it comes to standards on human rights and so on and so forth these are exactly the kind of issues that hungry and victor all ban has been personally accused of rolling back on when it comes to protecting freedom of speech the rights of academics to practice these kind of things have really run alarm bells and brussels and what victor all about is basically saying is well look if you include this mechanism within any financial agreement i will veto it and so also or poland another country that's been accused of illiberal changes to the way in which the country runs and they also have the support of slovenia as well so apart from the internal wrangling on how to distribute the money there are personal disputes going on personal
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disagreements that threaten to potentially undermine any hope of progress on this 3rd day of talks. back with you later i'm sure hopefully some news comes out of brussels and barca's in london. just to build on what he was telling us there about these divisions that exist among the 27 members of the e.u. here are the specific camps and who's in them. the a use for biggest economies you've got them there france germany italy spain they're on the side which as we've said favors. grants straight out grounds which don't need to be paid at the other side the freule for as he was saying the netherlands austria denmark sweden who want that different approach they say they can be grants but they need to be smaller but really we need to be looking at loans bigger loans which are paid back and then the likes of hungary in poland who object to the proposal being tied to democratic rights and there's some personal grievances in among some of them as well well here's some thoughts now from vicky
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pryce chief economist advisor at the center for economic business and research she told us the negotiations really do cover a huge sum of money. overall we're talking about a figure of 1.85 trillion which will need to be raise some of it quite soon the recovery fund itself within that will be raised over the next 4 years in the capital markets the rest which is the budget is being paid for by a mix of being 80 payments that individual countries have to then transfer to the center and also import you to use and which are quite importance and there's those also ringback go back to them so so there's a mix of of funding mechanisms that exist so be you state each of course i could she be very significantly in terms of allocating a certain amount of revenue according to their size so that at least is agreed in terms of the general principle the recovery fund itself will be raised in the markets and the question is how do you pay back into the ones period the repayments
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aren't starting 2028 but of course your party the budget itself maybe you'd be in countries individually will have to pay a little bit more in the next round of negotiations after 2020 and otherwise it's very interesting what has been suggested green taxes so that you know one place it will move the emissions that one creates across the u.k. there are also suggestions that big firms ship a certain levy for actually being involved at all in the single market to have the benefits from it discussions about the financial tax transactions that actually has been going on for quite some time taxying goods that come in as a boarder adjustment carbon tax is because of course we all shores so much of our production elsewhere so that could come back in a digital tax so that you know otherwise there is a rethink about the rules strategy or what types of taxes there should be across
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the you mean in towards green eye but also a suggestion that perhaps this all can be paid by just raising taxes across rather than by individual countries just spending no sending more money to the center if you like to repay this. let's look at other news an international media has in mali have outlined recommendations to ease tensions between the opposing parties and dedication from the west african regional bloc issued a statement after days of discussions with the governing party and the opposition they did have an earlier proposed plan but that was rejected by the opposition alliance led by the cleric. who has made it very. very clear that. more with nicholas following this story from dakar in neighboring senegal. anymore
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you can tell us about that eco us news conference and what sort of compromises they are offering. well good luck jones that was pretty clear he says that the resignation of the president. is not on the table echo us wants to follow the constitution and help ease the crisis by recommendation such as you know a new new judges on the constitutional court some of them will be appointed by the president others will be appointed by the opposition and members of the protest movement the m 5 will be a core of 5 judges that will decide on the $31.00 seats that were contested by the opposition that went to the ruling party some of them went to close close family relatives to the president or close allies to the president so that would be discussed by this quorum of 5 judges the also mentioned the need of
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a national unity government also formed by nominated by the president and members of the opposition now the reaction to all these recommendation from the. is this isn't an electoral crisis it's an issue of governance and that needs to be addressed 1st for for any negotiations to move forward so i guess this could all come down to a battle of wills then couldn't it nicholas we've seen this in many other countries where the opposition says no the only thing we want is this leader to resign but eco us is taking that off the table. that's right and you have to remember kemal that among those protesters you have trade unionists teachers that haven't been paid for 7 months you have members of the opposition that are leading this protest movement without their leader smile as you say that was abducted during the parliamentary elections believed to be held by al qaeda affiliate.
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while mostly mean there's also mahmoud dicko the influential cleric who's upset with the lack of security in the north in the center of the country we've seen an uptick of violence notably after a un investigation pointing the finger at the mali and security forces being behind extrajudicial killings of civilians that there are meant to protect so there's really a broad range of issues among the opposition but interesting to know that the ecowas really want to resolve this issue because there are elections in neighboring countries in abidjan in wanted to go and they're closely monitoring the situation in burma because at the heart of this problem is an issue of trust between the people and those that are governing them. right itself may cause heart in dakar. and have a closer look at this crisis in mali because it goes back quite a few years if we go back to 2012 when armed groups took control of the north and
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declared islamic law before they were defeated by french and african. yes but the violence has only continued mali and security forces have been leading the offensive but they've also been accused of rampant abuse the situation has worsened the plight of civilians most of whom live in poverty opposition leaders say the government just hasn't done enough to improve the economy and the last straw came in april when the constitutional court overturned the provisional results of a long delayed and disputed parliamentary election which happened in march with us on skype now from aberdeen to talk about this is. just politics at the university of aberdeen and is the author of inherent and contemporary challenges to african security so we've seen a few of those just as i explained there since 2012 how much of what we're seeing now goes back to that original violence the poverty those issues rather than that one electoral moment back in april. yeah i'm very interested that
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you've pointed to the historical. events behind this particular issue defining you could do really really thought back a few 100 years actually for the case of mali to understand that the me you shoes in mali are issues to do with state from g.g. this deed. is asked in very weak. in only to the military are to keep this teacher out of to 1091 when they turn into democracy but by treaty 13 as you mentioned it was clear that the system was not working but as i said earlier you need to go back the kind of team you had in the region the region was more or a state based or will islamic values going back to the old man some who say so that kind of speak now is more the western coast. which
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has never really been properly planted in march right so does president sorry to interrupt or does president abraham does he acknowledge any of this does he say yes there are historical issues here i see i i hear the grievances you have and i will work on it or is he simply saying no on the later and i'm staying in power. i think it's very challenging to draw it down to a single person i think the president actually understand the historical issues question is what then do you do it's barry complicated one you know you have the issues with islamic groups you have tribes you have issues of poverty you have a government we simply doesn't have the means to be able to control the entire country and you also have a time or speed which there are people are now saying we don't want is from what you can see the protests there were more islam each party which it's not
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quite what we're here to stands for right so one as an interesting he's just there because this is the current that was that is accepted by the international community and he's more or less there to enforce it whether the people want it or not want to get her. canny co us fix this do you think do you think they're the right group are they the only group while it collapsed perhaps has more credibility because in the past has been france and the military back comes in to strengthen the state which doesn't have a very good reputation in their region so ecowas being called being african has some pretty legion but the problem is due to have that power because what is needed in the sahara in general in the market in particular is a strong state which has the capacity to comptroller advance and then it's very
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cheap but would it be able to support. to do that doubted so i think even in cape town gold the problems will continue not of the concert great to talk to you thanks for joining us today and. and hundreds of protesters are demanding the dissolution of parliament in democratic republic of congo the. demonstrations in 10 shots that were organized by the catholic church which wants them to become regular sunday protests the church in parliament is blocking meaningful reform on web following these developments from nairobi for. the calling for the dissolution of parliament and for electoral reforms and they say that the parliament isn't legitimate because it was elected in an election one and a half years ago that they say was rigged and under an electoral commission which
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they say was parted and biased in favor of former president joseph kabila and joseph kabila stepped down at the time of that election he couldn't run again because he's already reached his constitutional limits of terms but according to leaked documents the opposition were rigged out of their victory and felix to security the current president was announced the winner now to security in kabila entered a fragile coalition after that which is widely seen to be an arrangement that was meant to keep joseph kabila in power from behind the scenes now that coalition has been on the quite some tension in recent months and these calls come at a time which is a kid he's trying to assert his authority and joseph kabila seems to be trying to push back. let's have a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour syrians are voting in parliamentary elections in areas that were once under opposition control. now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they want to fund the police
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this president donald trump blames the democratic party for the country's high crime rates and milan put in a 5 star performance in italy's top division football action with foreign outlets for. the runs foreign minister zarif spin visiting the iraqi capital baghdad and holding talks with iraqi foreign minister discussing relations which have been strained by foreign powers sorry says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the region without interfering in each other's affairs he also denounced the killing of the iranian revolutionary guard come on the cost and so many after visiting the site of his death any this year are great to save the says a nation of custom so the money was a criminal act it's a loss to our country and to the entire region and it undermines the international if it's for combating only so and terrorism in the region again we reiterate that
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we can you know maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of iraq iran's foreign minister and he has what his iraqi counterpart had to say. that you are we look forward to continuing our balanced relations with all of the regional countries and neighbors based on 1st our national interest and then based on our mutual interest without any interfering in our own domestic affairs. more now with some wonderful scene in baghdad on the importance of. well it very much is a diplomatic balancing act because iran and iraq are mutually codependent iraq is heavily reliant on gas importance on on imports of consumer goods in general so iraq very much must maintain good ties with iran on the one hand but iraq also needs relations with for example the gulf countries as well as the united states so this is
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a 1st visit by in iraq it's very much an effort to try to reestablish and perhaps heal a little bit the relations with iran that have gone through a rather turbulent period over the past few months. the new prime minister is somebody who was very close ties to the united states and he's somebody who is seen as being closer to the united states compared to his predecessor. to he's somebody who was about that he will restrain and the weapons in the hands of the states and very recently he has made a move to try to curtail the influence of iranian backed armed groups in iran to certainly on the part of the iranian government there may be a feeling that their influence in iraq is pretty perhaps not as strong as it was during the previous administration and this visit is very much aimed at restabilizing those relations and ensuring that the mutual interests of both countries are secured not just in the security side but also on the economy side
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iran's judiciary meanwhile has suspended the death sentences of 3 protesters according to one of their lawyers the men were convicted in connection with last november's anti-government protests and 7000000 tweets using the hashtag do not execute were posted after they received sentences. syria is holding its 3rd parliamentary elections since the uprising against president bashar al assad began 9 years ago but candidates are either in assad's bath party or alter his government . as. syrians will elect a new parliament it's the 3rd such vote since the start of the uprising in 2011 the last time large parts of the country were outside government control president bashar al assad's forces have since recaptured nearly 70 percent of territory they lost to the opposition as in previous elections candidates need to be vetted by
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security and the credibility of the election has been further questioned by the exclusion of millions of syrians who left their country or have been displaced by the conflict. in 1000000 people in the north of the country for example won't have any representation in the next parliament and the deputies who are supposed to represent regime held areas are not real representatives they won't stand by the people they are beholden to the regime which has absolute power and control. but president bashar is facing challenges results of previous elections were not recognized by the international community the syrian leader will need to agree to political reforms in order to receive western aid to rescue the economy devastated by hears of war and corruption. and the election. process.
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after much delay the un announced the creation of a committee to rewrite the constitution ahead of internationally monitored and actions there hasn't been any progress elections contradict the political transition agreed on by the international community but assad seems to have different objectives many say syria's president is ensuring the incoming parliament whose job is to ratify a new constitution will reject any changes to the president's powers and tenure in office. old warlords. all my we learned. who fought his horses on the ground so he knows. this people who will be voting soon for their constitutional amendments they know they will be accountable changing the constitution when you talk about. transitional justice the syrian
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president showed little willingness to agree to political concessions even when he was losing the war he now believes he's won largely thanks to the help of his russian and iranian allies for many this latest election shows how little has changed in syria. beirut european countries are threatening sanctions against foreign governments interfering in libya's conflict in a joint statement the leaders of france germany and italy urged what they called foreign actors to respect the un's arms embargo they also added if breaches continue at sea on land or in the air then sanctions will be considered turkey supports the un recognized government in tripoli while the u.a.e. egypt and russia backed the war khalifa haftar there's a new battle looming as well of assert forces of the tripoli government are closing in on the city which is a gateway to libya's main oil terminals the government of national chord says it's planning to recapture the area from half to forces witnesses say about $200.00
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vehicles have moved eastward from misrata towards the town of tal where. police in israel of arrested the palestinian governor of jerusalem was detained for what israeli officials are calling illegal activities faith was arrested 7 times by police last year our forces with more from western reserve them. you know from his lawyer that he has been arrested his lawyer believes it's once again to do with. allegations of political activities in occupied east jerusalem the israeli police and authorities say that any such activities. legal under the oslo accords from $9.00 to $93.00 onwards and that activities of olding israeli war that is something that his lawyer. rejects saying that these are attempts to humiliate and harass his client this is something that is very frequent in terms of
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mr gates since his appointment as the p.a.'s governor of jerusalem since in september 28th seen in the 1st year. his occupying not really he was arrested some 7 times he's been arrested several times since then he was arrested back in april for instance when he was accused of carrying out political activities on behalf of the palestinian authority for his activities in trying to. coordinate and see coronavirus measures in occupied east jerusalem of course east jerusalem under international law is occupied israel sees it as sovereign territory having annexed it in 1907 and that is the logic of the arrow here between the p.a. and israel and misty is the one who often gets arrested usually these arrests last 24 hours these detentions the last 24 hours judges tend to release pretty quickly off to asking for any evidence from the police and authorities to substantiate
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along going to tension. in the news ahead a warning from activists in chile the pandemic and lock downs are putting women at rates. they should know about trying to find different things you can build into year to date on the daily routine many people in the u.k. weigh in on the challenges of staying fit and healthy during the pandemic. and in sport we will look at why this major league baseball team has to look for a new one. hello spin off from the edge of the southwest monsoon this massive cloud here is an interesting thing doesn't happen very often it's not a tropical depression or at least a massive thunderstorm on the way through our mom then into yemen just catching the
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entocort off towards the southwest saudi over the next $12.00 or 3 days that's significant rain price to don't normally get significant rain so flash flooding is inevitable elsewhere it's pretty much you might expect the breezes coming out of a very hot iraq 50 in baghdad bring in the big dust dance from the southeast of saudi arabia missing bahrain and qatar so temperatures drop down drop down to about 40 below indicates fairly humid weather which is typical for this time of year that's going to be the case for the next couple of days probably couple of weeks to be honest there further west is hot and dry of course the time of the year when the rain comes as far north so it's going to have seen showers right up into mauritania there still that we've seen some heavy rain in the gambia there in the forecast as well those showers they are passing thunderstorms generally speaking that's a big orange color there and that's on the storm moving up to the gambia though so that remains dry i have to say for western sour a more tenuous usually dry and dusty there's no exception at the moment.
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but for. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not all have to die behind this horrible stock market is hard says owner really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in yemen the static case is an interesting to watch the amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. the traffickers a truce followed suit psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania no way to answer know how to run to win the must be an
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organized crime to hang it sex slaves episode 2 of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. on the news here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories european union leaders are meeting for a 3rd day to discuss the multi $1000000000.00 package to deal with the economic fallout from coronavirus the german chancellor says it's possible they will not agree on some conditions international mediators in mali have outlined recommendations to ease tensions between the opposing parties a delegation from eco waltz the west african regional bloc issued
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a statement of 2 days of talks on the foreign minister of iran and iraq could help their talks in baghdad discussing relations which they say have been strained by foreign powers in recent months. hundreds of people have gathered outside the brazilian president diables an hour's official residence in a show of support for the leader also naro is in self isolation in brasilia after contracting corona virus in every 2 weeks ago brazil now the 2nd worst hit country by the pandemic it's confirmed at least 2000000 cases and nearly 80000 to us. he is in bogota today covering events across latin america it's actually a an important reminder isn't it alexandra that despite all the antics we see from president. that he does have plenty of support. absolutely. there are not huge crowds probably seeing their pictures a few 100 people but they are motivated they truly believe in defending the
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policies of president maddow and they have been taking to the streets throughout the many control over seas that. they make and they're responsible so now to us promoted this has created in the country once again they're out on the streets of the capital brasilia. been congregating in and number of a symbolic locations in front of the military headquarters they really see the military supporters of both scenario they've also at times called for an intervention in defense. or another group gathered in front of the country's federal supreme court they see as an enemy because the court has allowed a number of investigations in cases of corruption but that the main reason they're
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out is to demand the food reopening of the economy in brazil is something that both sinatras also been calling on as early as saturday he said that people who remain jobless because of isolation measures will die and that hunger kills more people then 19 as you were saying both sinatras still positive to cope with 1000 the repeated the tests this week but he says that he feels well and he's also been insisting in promoting the use of an anti malaria medicine that has not been proven scientifically but that he says he's living proof that indeed it works. on some or what's happening in colombia where you are i often say to our correspondents that brazil just tends to overshadow the rest of the continent the most but we can't forget about these other countries. definitely. i'll be asleep the numbers pale in colombia if you confront them with the one in
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brazil but in this country too we've seen a very very big increase in the number of infections in the last couple of weeks 3 weeks since there has been a partial reopening of the economy colombia is getting very close 220-0000 cases that will probably happen today or or on monday but what's most worrisome here is the fact that many cities are running out of intensive care units where 90 percent okupe and see here in the capital. this is a mistruth in colombia city kylee in colombia 2nd city that had managed to control the virus at the beginning has also seen an important increase in the number deaths and infections and there are close to 80 percent of cooper see
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there this has meant that many mayors that decided to reimpose new lockdowns for example that's opening here in the capital bogota and this is affecting many people that were just starting to recuperate their economic lives. as a correspondent in bogota thank you for that well he was president don't trump has blamed democratic party leaders for a recent violent crime across some american cities trump made these comments on the fox news sunday program you've seen. in new york and chicago shootings he. it's how do you explain it and what are you going to do about it i explained it very simply by saying is there democrat run cities there liberally run there stupidly run liberal democrats have been running cities in this country for decades surely why is it so bad right now they run
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a poorly it was always bad but now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they want to fund the police and by he wants to fund the from that he just starts let's see scheid a charter with bernie sanders nothing about the funding all real it says abolish it says of let's go all right now do you get me that you're out of. more with mike hanna in washington fascinating to watch that isn't it might mean that the content about about joe biden but also the fact that donald trump going toe to toe with a network which is usually favored and now seems to be falling out of love with. very unusual for a change the interviewer actually press back at a number of president trump's allegations you heard there the interchange about president trump's claim that joe biden wants to defend the police well that is a false claim president trump asked for the charge to as he puts it well he never found it in that particular charter later on in that interview and fox followed up
6:39 pm
with requests from the white house to produce these details in subsequent days they have not received any confirmation of president trump's allegation simply because it was a full suit joe biden has never called for the defunding of police but certainly there was a lot to unpack in that particular interview particularly because of the pushing back from the interviewer to a number of statements made by president trump which were categorically incorrect. what about let's say a more pressing issue the coronavirus and trump's response to that his relationship with dr found this has been a talking point in the last week or so. what president contend continue to contend that the case numbers in the us are so high because as he puts that the us has the greatest testing program in the world one of which the globe has never seen before all that is simply incorrect testing in the us
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continues to lag behind he then contended that the mortality rate is low in the united states the lowest in the entire world he said well that's also incorrect and doesn't take into account the metrics of the fatality rate with this pandemic where it would normally follow $12.00 weeks after cases spiking as we've seen here in the united states so in a few years few days time president trumps claims to loeb ability are likely to be once again undermined on the issue of dr punchy while president trunk continued to insist that dr found she got things wrong he maintains he's a very good terms with him that he spoke to him in recent days for the 1st time in a period of time but he says that president found dr patchi for example said the mosque should not be worn however that was at a stage where a doctor found she was insisting that mosque had to go to health care workers 1st of all before general population once the more mosque vailable dr poetry made very
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clear the necessity to wear mosques not another point that has been a massive debate within the us is the opening of schools in the new school year president trump continues to insist that he demands that all schools are open and open for 5 days a week no staggered openings no partial person tuition and he said he went through with the threat that if schools do not do so he will cut off federal funding to schools which accounts for some 10 percent of their budget so certainly here was the strict once again from the president to cut off funding from schools that do not open completely in the new school year many areas are insistent that they will need to be guided by the many. tricks of the pandemic in that particular area that they would need to look at that very closely before deciding whether or how schools are going to open something that president trump leckie rules out mike hanna with all those details on donald trump's latest interview thank you mike. well back to
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south american on the coronavirus pandemic is being used to reduce civil liberties of these that is a warning from feminist groups in chile and russia for say women's rights are especially at risk the chilean collective is being sued for allegedly instigating violence against the same police force they accuse of abuses suman reports now from something. last november no one had heard of us they cease until the chilean groups before mix of a rapist in your path turned into the feminist and the world wide. 2 words denouncing violence and sexual abuse against women including by police have been translated into almost every language. it was performed again in paris just last week during protests against the interior minister accused of rape. while the chant has become a battle cry for the rights of abused women here in chile the 4 members of last
6:43 pm
this is are being accused of abusing the police with their words in their new manifesto they're being sued for allegedly threatening and inciting violence against police in this video released on social media in late may their game we see this not only as an attack against us and art but the right to freedom of expression against all the women who have taken part in our performances it's clear censorship and a threat to everyone who wants to use art as a way to denounce abuses to the manifesto was filmed in front of a police station and was done in collaboration with the latin american branch of russia's feminist group pussy riot it denounces increased domestic violence during the pandemic but it also says police are all rapists assassins and inhumane not those of the most innocent scene and of course you can say that individually not all cops are
6:44 pm
a soft. or rapist suppose we're referring to the is to choose one that's forms to carry out violence it's not literal i was just as she says they and their legal council haven't yet been given access to the investigation or even presented formally with the charges we asked the police for clarification on a number of occasions the response has been the because this is a judicial matter there will be no comment which is rather unusual for the lawsuit has hit a sensitive chord some see it as a reprisal for a rapist in your path which went viral during widespread demonstrations here last year they gave really it's pathetic that after all the well documented human rights violations that chile's police have committed they now play the victim at our expense they blame our work which is artistic of being the cause of violence against them when that is not tree if i. would demonstrations now severely curtailed because of a nationwide curfew and lockdowns the group is warning that soon liberties and
6:45 pm
artistic expressions like theirs could be even further limited after the pandemic is all. to see in human al-jazeera sent. back with their sports in a moment as the reigning moto g.p. world champions up as a serious injury during the opening rest of the season that and more about. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tunes supplies and training to help the world's most found people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and effects working with scientists and health
6:46 pm
worker. to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making a healthy a world. for you in. everyone. before we got to support the u.k. is set to launch a campaign encouraging people to lose weight to help tackle the worst effects of
6:47 pm
the coronavirus aren't they has our report from chatham in southeast england. yes come and meet aaron young fits and healthy quite the contrast with what he looked like just 3 years ago during that time he's lost over 100 kilograms it's been an amazing achievement and he's become a role model for many others but he openly admits that during the pandemic it's been hard to keep the weight off 1st few weeks of cohered i was really struggling. but out of people being out of routine and stuff like that. it's just about trying to find different things you can build into year your day or your daily routine merely. for me i've been doing what you daily you know all my workouts and stuff going out for walks when i can and tidying up the house for the partner. just about trying to keep busy the great is enthusiastic tackling obesity to fight the virus
6:48 pm
is boris johnson the heavyweights british prime minister who nearly died of coded and now looks visibly slimmer he wants everyone else to follow his example but countless experts say it's not as easy as it might sound physical health is one thing mental health something else again and the lockdown has been incredibly stressful for so many people with the kids at home and enormous financial worries playing on people's minds telling people they need to lose weight and expects them to be ready to do it's are necessarily the same thing that's all indeed some research suggests a majority of adults in britain as elsewhere have put weight on during the pandemic . and if that means. i have finally i'm sure go out. the promotion of grace about how.
6:49 pm
just as confusing is that the same government recently announced a voucher scheme effectively giving everyone small amounts of money to encourage them back into restaurants nor has the government done anything about repeated calls to take down the billboards and adverts tempting people into eating in fast food restaurants that alone wouldn't work by itself it has to be complemented by all the other measures that have been proposed but it would become a big difference just in the foods that we're seeing in our environment and i don't know about you but every time i see a advert for an unhealthy food i want it if i didn't see i would be influenced like that the biggest visible upside to people's health in recent months has been a big rise in cycling because people trying to stay on public transport but the queues outside the fast food joints tell another story it's in the u.k. and other western countries to lose weight quickly will not be easy lawrence leigh al-jazeera in southeastern england. has promised far is here with your support thank you so much come all running formula one world champion lewis hamilton was
6:50 pm
a class apart is the ease to victory at the hungaroring grob prix the 6th time to have a winner a lead from start to finish in budapest red bull's knack for stopping was 2nd with hamilton's mercedes teammate valtteri bottas 3rd it's hamilton 2nd straight win and he's now top of the overall championship standings the drivers now have a week off before heading to the british grand prix at the start of august. not such a good day for the reigning moto g.p. champion mark mark has at the spanish grand prix mark has crashed out of the opening race of the season and will now require surgery on broken arm france's fabio quarter are 0 went on to win the 1st crown prey of his career p.c.s. and had been due to start in cattle in march but was delayed because of the run of virus pandemic. arsenal have a chance to win a record extending 14th f.a. cup title they booked their spot in the final by beating holders man city at
6:51 pm
wembley so how malik reports. this season might just end on a positive note for arsenal despite facing their worst league finish for 25 years the gunners found the form that helped them win a record 13 f.a. cups as they took on hold as man city for a place in this year's final. was a star strike appear and recover me and gave them the perfect start opening the scoring 19 minutes in. city who were looking to add to the league cup title one in march were relentless in their pursuit of an equaliser but despite dominating possession they couldn't find the net with any of the 16 shots. in the end it was to be arsenal's day. stealing a 2 new victory in the 71st minute. a sweet moment for arsenal and for boss mikel arteta getting the better of city where he worked for over 3
6:52 pm
years as pep guardiola as assistant coach and a crew to work for the players for one day and doing their performances and the level of time decision and they are shown in the next stop for the gunners either manchester united or chelsea in the final so hell malik al-jazeera. the 2nd semifinal between man united and chelsea kicks off at the same venue in just over an hour's time a both teams are aiming to win this trophy while also trying to secure a champions league spot. at this point you folks are on 2 fronts in terms of the domestic front and we have to give evidence trying though that you know a comeback shows who we always want to win based on upright this is what we pretty well actually very well in the modern era. and of course it feels like we're in a slightly different business because of. the circumstances we have an opportunity . just one step away it's at wembley so we just focused on the on the f.a.
6:53 pm
cup and the trophy of course that's much deeper and it played to win and any team to win so that that's our main focus now is to get today to the final and then we will look at west ham and look at leicester that up in major league soccer come back turn at your of wine forward diego rossi scored 4 goals for los angeles f.c. rossi's effort help this team beat city rivals the l.a. galaxy 6 you are now looking good for a place in the knockout rounds of the galaxy are bottom of the group ass. my cabinet is only major league baseball team the tron a blue jays won't be able to play games in their own country due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus most games will be in the united states and canada as federal government says the amount of cross border travel required presents a healthy forest one option for the jays is to play all their home games in buffalo new york their season opener is next friday in florida. without any hesitation
6:54 pm
that i tell you we respect their decision it's not hard to reflect and think about how well managed how well led the virus has been throughout toronto in canada by the public health leaders and by political leaders and so so respectful of how they've managed that process that we are certainly understand and appreciate the decision that was made. ok and that is all your support for now back to you thank you a 2nd later on. well so many of us movies in t.v. have really been an escape from the stress and the boredom of lockdown haven't they but covered 19 managed to stop the entertainment industry in its tracks with a lot of films forced to delay their releases thousands of actors and crews of found themselves out of work directives and out trying to find alternative ways to continue production reynolds looks at that from los angeles. veteran actor ray
6:55 pm
a brute so has had a long career on stage in movies and television including the acclaimed series the sopranos and i know my old man can be a tough nut to crack i don't quite know he says with the pandemic work has dried up it's basically nonexistent covert 19 put in abrupt and to movie making which is uniquely unsuited to social distancing the nature of filming and such and it's such an intimate thing i mean you have the wardrobe people addressing you have hair people you have makeup people you have sound guys wiring you everybody and then there are the scenes that you play with another actor where you're always in close proximity that's just the nature of what we do. before the pandemic the u.s. film and sound recording industry employed 456000 people now producers and locations scouts are scrambling to find relatively safe places where they can film
6:56 pm
a little of it at the moment is almost completely. shutdown some things are opening up so you see some places. iceland some places in europe they're starting to be opened most of it at the moment is still local production producer jogia near runs capital arts productions a vast space with 20 standing sets where movie and t.v. production companies shoot scenes there before crews are departments you know grip of electric coming and cameras going this way that way all production things that would happen in t.v. and film happen out stage and now it's all quiet it's very quiet now he says the industry and its unions have been developing new safety protocols you need to outline you know where p.p. is being distributed the testing and testing is a big part of all of it you know your disinfectant protocol your cleaning protocol where is your when does your hygiene crew come in still to be worked out are issues
6:57 pm
including how does shoot romantic scenes with social distancing all of these new safety protocols are absolutely necessary for the movie business to revive but they will also mean that film productions will take longer and become much more expensive there's going to be a big line item in pretty much everyone's budget about what has to be spent for people to feel safe going back to work well it's definitely going to be different and everything's going to be different i do think of renfrew it will come back it may take some time but to paraphrase hollywood's favorite saying the show must go on even in a pandemic robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. it is funny circus performers in brazil's capital rio de janeiro are back in business a new act in a new setting off the nearly 4 months of closure due to the pandemic. but it is there performing out in the open inspired by
6:58 pm
a drive in movie theaters helping entertainers of the a story all circus and show a social distancing as people watch from their cars that's a news hour back in a couple of minutes time.
6:59 pm
which is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in 2008 al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could frost deep lines of division jewish history the dish it together we cook together the casual the people that they love this week. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus kunda make in the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of head to head. not even through wave one as a result of a lack of leadership here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is
7:00 pm
criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis iraq. al jazeera. and. so i don't like blame game but the dutchman is the real responsible man for a whole mess. 3 days of marathon talks but a year late is a nowhere near agreeing on the walking pandemic recovery fund. well again i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera regional players made.


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