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the data. we are free to put that one out into dreaming. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories along with people are caught me on track again focused on providing a glimpse into someone else's world the new up pursue me in the dream more popular life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers thanks. witness on al-jazeera.
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my. the world's most promising covered 19 vaccine faces its 1st academic hurdle but optimism is hollow. given all this is all just there a live from doha also coming up. a long night of talks but not resolution e.u. leaders to come back for a 4th day as they debate an $857000000000.00 the saudi arabia's king saul man as admitted to hospital 84 year old one ark is having medical checkups.
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the race is all divided vaccines for covert 19 and the pressure is mounting for governments to be able to provide those treatments as soon as they become available the u.k. has become the latest to lock in millions of doses of those that look the most promising britain has announced to deal securing 19000000 doses of 2 potential vaccines they include the bio intake pfizer vaccine had one from the french company and a report is expected on a vaccine being developed by astra zeneca and oxford university it's in phase 3 of large scale human trials let's get more now from paul brennan who is in oxford for us paul what can you tell us about this trial from astra zeneca an oxford what are we expecting to hear today. well what we're expecting from the publication in the lancet the medical journal the lancet are some of the data and some of the details of the phase one trial which took place with in april with around 500 volunteers the initial indications are that it's been positive that it
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does produce a response but what's going to be the crucial test of it is what the data shows and the empirical data we know is that the initial tests are positive because the 1st of all an antibody response and secondly a t. cell response antibodies work by latching on to the virus sun descension neutralizing it's and preventing it from infecting human cells either that or flagging up those infected cells for other parts of the immune system to attack it t. cells though are different kind of killer cells or a certain type of t. cell is a killer cell and that will go after the virus and actually kill it so the fact that the oxford protect potential vaccine provokes both of these responses is very positive indeed and all eyes the reason why we're here in oxford is because all eyes are on the data to be published in the lancet expected today meanwhile the government there has signed a number of deals vaccine deals the government obviously believing that they are
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looking promising. yes i mean. one of the realities of this corona virus pandemic is and certainly as far as the hunt for a vaccine goes it we may never find a vaccine there are some 20 potential vaccines that are currently being trials around the world that said what you have to try and do is work out which have the best chance or of success bearing in mind that 9 out of 10 potential vaccine programs actually end in failure so the u.k. government and indeed other governments are investing in a variety of different vaccine programs in the hope that one of the will actually come through to fruition and that's what the u.k. government has announced today monday what they said is that they've gone into they've made a deal with a german u.s. consortium that's by and 2nd fine for a vaccine which they hope to be able to get 30000000 doses all of that is showing
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positive signs in their trials and another thing is with a french company called val neiva which the bukit government has said that it will take 60000000 doses of that manufactured constantly in scotland vul neave a potential vaccine is quite a traditional wanted it essentially is a deactivated corona virus that they that they put into people so you know that potentially has a good chance of success but what it is evidence of is of the government in the u.k. and indeed other governments not putting their eggs in one basket making sure that should one fail they have other options and that seems to be the way that governments around the world are proceeding as far as the hunt for a workable effective vaccine goes. thank you then paul brennan live for us in oxford. or heard about the efforts to combat covert 19 but what's it like to actually have the virus to cross and who is an old friend she is
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a recovering coronavirus patient was actually one of the very 1st cases in new zealand thanks for the program to me what was your experience of having coronavirus like. thanks for having me michel to the point of i've actually got a suturing this wait for him to make sure it's this which i haven't had a player in a long time. having had a hysterectomy last year i didn't expect if i had one again and there are some research around inflammation in the body in the connection from covert courses early days and no one really knows i guess that's the thing isn't it we're still learning about the virus and about how people who've had the virus are moving on and the on going impacts on their body or you know hyper vigilant at all sort of keeping an eye out for oh that's different or you know sort of just noticing more things in your body well he said yes i know i played football tonight i had to come off a loss and something other people had to use a big lens of my lungs and as strong as they used to be. i've noticed that there's
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a big change i'm certainly have a lot more acts and pains in my body but to be honest i don't really know how to treat it drape. the lungs are the only thing i can say that i. did not have before hand and everything else i really don't know how i'm going to be able to get those answers or or if i ever will playing cricket close context force very lucky to go to that new zealand they give you time to increase and they're grown a virus that recovered by accident. deadlock and division is gripping the european union has its leaders struggle to compromise on an unprecedented coronavirus economic recovery front for a 4th time after sunday's talks stretch through the night without an agreement barca has more. how to share $857000000000.00 the questions confounded e.u. leaders for days and deepened all divisions within the bloc in one camp nations
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known as the frugal for austria denmark sweden and the netherlands the wealthy northern states pay the most per capita into the e.u. shared reserves they want strict controls on how the recovery fund is shared prefer into loan countries money the positions at odds with spain and italy both economies were hit hard by the pandemic they want generous grants from the bloc that don't need to be repaid the german chancellor angela merkel and french president to manual mccrone have been trying to broker a compromise by offering e.u. countries a combination of loans and grants but the latest can't agree on how to do this. these compromises and i say this very clearly will not be made at the cost of the european goals not out of principle but will be made because we are facing an unprecedented health economic and social crisis and because our countries need it european unity needs it
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a fierce argument also erupted between the dutch prime minister mark rutte or at his hung garion counterpart viktor orban over whether money should be withheld from countries that fail to live up to the e.u.'s core values in recent years victor or bans governments been accused of attacks on the media minorities and the rule of law charges which he denies i don't know what is the person lol reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary but he's attacking saul harshly. and making very clear that because. does not respect the rule of law must be punished. which is not acceptable. faces its deepest recession since the 2nd world war the road to recovery solidarity. another $40000.00 people in india have tested positive for a cause at 19 in the past 24 hours taking the total number of infections to more
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than $1100000.00 it remains with over 300000 cases its tally has now surpassed that of spain's it's adding around 10000 nearly 10000 cases every single day and the hotspots in maharashtra and the state of moving from the financial capital by to less developed parts of the state and that's something that we're seeing around the country and that's a big concern as the worst affected areas move from the major cities which have the best health care infrastructure to less developed rural areas with a very national health care infrastructure apart from the worst affected states. and we're seeing a number of lockdowns around the country as state governments try to slow down the rise in cases we are also seeing certain states really increase testing that they
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can better detect but it's really important to remember that all though india has scaled up testing and is conducting around $300000.00 tests every single day that still one of the lowest per capita numbers of tests in the world and independent health experts say that the real number of cases and india much higher than what's reported. from sunday services to sunday march its church in the democratic republic of congo weighs in on the recent crisis. and how the coronavirus pandemic is exposing the phone lines of chinese economic plans. hello showers are never even least spread anywhere in the world and southeast asia
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is no exception to the good mass of the philippines the moment and for crosswise discussion anywhere from west papua through siller way z. to born here but as you can see that's not strictly what area it is wet further west these orange sent to suggest some pretty big thunderstorms all the way down through southern thailand a good part of this part of a lazy as well see march is a good focus doesn't mean it's the only place but it's the most intensive thunderstorms are would suggest palu which is on sort of ways he isn't entirely druther still showers and thunderstorms every day but they don't just basically big ones just a daily variety that things have changed a bit in australia we've got unusual rain though not very heavy in the red hot at the moment that came in on the west coast it's just disappearing east was to yap back of queensland otherwise looks very dry not particularly breezy just fairly wet in new zealand and it's quite heavy rain for science friday and interestingly if you follow the breeze you got an increasing amount of cloud rain copied into
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queensland all with the coast and inland some midwinter rain where sunshine is shining brightly in a not very warm meldon. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy.
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.k. has signed deals for $90000000.00 doses of 2 potential vaccines it also signed a deal for a 1000000 doses of an antibody treatment to report on the early stage of a human clinical trial is expected on monday. talks on a coronavirus economic rescue package for the european union are entering their 4th day leaders meeting in brussels have been unable to agree on how to distribute the $857000000000.00 recovery fund. india has reported 40000 new corona virus infections in the past 24 hours prompting an extension of containment measures at least 1100000 people are known to have contracted the virus. gunmen have attacked a village in northwest nigeria killing at least 20 people the overnight attack
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targeted village in khartoum a state comes a day after at least 20 soldiers were killed in an ambush armed gangs known locally as bandits have been blamed for the attacks in the region. is in a budget for us up and what more do we know about these attacks. well basically the attack in a state in kentucky in particular happened overnight during a wedding party a gunman on motorcycles on foot invaded the community and then started attacking villagers using machetes knives and other weapons more than 20 other people have been injured in that attack and have been taken to hospital now the attack in cuts in a state the home state of the president of course took place as a group of soldiers were approaching a camp for bandits and when they were ambushed we were told that 3 officers were killed in that attack and 17 other soldiers although the military issued
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a statement saying that only 3 of its soldiers were killed in that ambush one officer and 2 other soldiers but they also said they've killed 17 men or bandits as they call them in local government area of cuts in a state the crisis in northwest nigeria is spinning out of control largely because for decades the seasonal conflict between farmers and cattle herders have been allowed to escalate to this particular level and now armed groups including boko haram which was largely restricted to north east of the country is cashing in in the violence in the south west and northwest of nigeria and engaging in the raiding of communities and there is fear now that they may be able to establish a stronghold in the northwest of the country we also hear about how armed groups from neighboring countries like malaysia invade communities in nigeria and carry
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out their attacks and cross the border and that said so the authorities here have been saying that they have deployed large amount of weapons as well as military and security forces to deal with the problem but what we continue to see on a daily basis is how these attacks by the so-called armed group or bandits is getting more and more sophisticated and more people are dying. thank you for that update i had it just there live in a boat. hundreds of protesters have demanded the dissolution of parliament in the democratic republic of congo sunday's demonstrations in kinshasa were organized by the local catholic church and supporters say parliament is blocking meaningful reforms welcome web reports. the catholic church and its supporters say parliament in the democratic republic of congo is not ready to mount. hundreds marched to the parliament building in the capital kinshasa but we are the owners of
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parliament we have noticed that m.p.'s are not playing by the rules simply because they were not elected by us in the last election they are serving the interests of individuals this is why we are marching to demand the dissolution of this parliament and calling for a deep electoral reform. the protesters say the last elections were rigged by an electoral commission that favors former president joseph kabila they demanding electoral reforms before the next election in 3 years time. could be lifted down in the last election about 18 months ago. but he's widely seen to still be the most powerful person in congo. felix's a kerry took over he was announced the winner with a leaked documents show he lost a war position to power depends on a fragile alliance with kabila and his party. the protests are happening is the alliance is increasingly strained by factions want to control the electoral
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commission nowness any i'm not sure i phrase to caylee's own coalition will really like to have fully independent electoral commission one thing to. remember with this is that the results in the program was very short. please stop the demonstration when it reached the road leading to parliament this time it ended peacefully catholic church is influential in congo you have millions of supporters you can call them to the street it's promised weekly protest but dissolution of parliament looks on likely for now it could be as party still firmly in control malcolm webb al-jazeera mollies opposition has called for more protests after rejecting international mediation efforts a delegation from the west african regional bloc echo us held days of discussions
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with the governing party and the opposition the bok proposed a power sharing government turned a new constitutional course of june follow of opposition group says the plan does not go far enough. saudi arabia state media is reporting king solomon has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups 84 year old monarch was taken to king fire sale specialist hospital in the capital riyadh early on monday is reportedly receiving treatment for inflammation of the gall bladder. iraq's prime minister has postponed a visit to saudi arabia in light of the king's illness or stuff of car then he was expected to travel to riyadh on monday 2 sides have planned to discuss a range of issues including trade and border crossings several egyptian prisons and police stations suspected to have coronavirus outbreaks a report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees have died from covert 19 complications it's calling on the government to improve its testing
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and medical care about 13000 prisoners have been released since late february. the united states is still struggling to contain the world's biggest corona virus outbreak but president donald trump has downplayed the epidemic falsely claiming in an interview that the u.s. is one of the lowest mortality rates in the walt and fisher reports from northern virginia. what the white house described as embers has become a blaze the us now is seeing around $70000.00 new cases of cold meat at the the president's own health expense expressing concern masking has become a political issue now here we are not only with 70000 new cases almost every day but from my perspective also quite concerning the number of hospitalizations which is very close to being as high in the country as it was in back in april so yeah we've got a really doubling down here the number of deaths is rising to arizona and florida breaking new records the residents here are terrified and i'm terrified for the
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1st time in my career because there is a lack of leadership johns hopkins university has been tracking the virus since day one it says the u.s. has the 7th highest mortality rate in the world a figure disputed by the president in an interview with an american t.v. network i heard we have one of the lowest maybe the lowest mortality rate anywhere in the world you have the numbers from us because i heard we had the best word salad there the house republican governor has warned his state could be the new florida keys numbers are heading in the wrong direction but he's still not ready to issue a statewide order telling people to wear masks really in the message is that you were the mask for other people you wear the mask to protect your grandmother and you were of the mass too and so it's not just the orders the orders are obviously important but getting people to buying in and to understand and there's a warning there may have to be a new law tones across the country meanwhile it's been reported that the white
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house is trying to block billions of dollars for increased testing and. tracy democrats want $75000000000.00 and many republicans are now saying that they would support the move if that would help bring the coronavirus crisis in the united states under control alan fischer al-jazeera northern virginia. for years chile has been hailed as latin america's most successful free market economy the pandemic is exposing the country's inequalities despite nationwide lockdowns many chillun say the government's response to the economic fallout has been too they're still too late on that in america ascendancy in human reports from santiago. market in every day takes us on a tour of life victoria a low income neighborhood on the outskirts of santiago was its murals dating back to the 1980 s. tells the story of its residents political struggle against chile's former military
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dictatorship the fellow this is the mineral in honor of the people who were detained and disappeared. it was the time when the community got together to create soup kitchens to confront a profound economic crisis. when soldiers rushed into a rescue or killed protesters under an endless state of emergency. oh margaret for her 40 years later for many it feels like deja vu again there's a curfew a state of emergency was soldiers on the streets and police fighting protestors how do you think happened and once again the women of this community are looking for the hungry in soup kitchens. this pandemic has exposed the deep fault lines of chile's economic system there are millions of people now out of work and much of the so-called middle class has been plunged into poverty which is why tens of thousands of people are now resorting to this same order to have something to eat
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but there's a difference between now and when admissable that this mother used to serve spaghetti would be. later in the eighty's we were all either poor or rich the majority were poor of course but then things changed we thought we'd become middle class but it wasn't true because we're all in debt with credit cards and loans now we're all unemployed and we can't pay our debts and bills where poor again under its neo liberal economic model chile has become the latin american country with the highest per capita income but with a catch. on paper our g.d.p. is similar to portugal's except only 9 percent of chileans receive the average income while in portugal it's 53 percent of the population in portugal the middle class is a middle class well here most average income earners are more like poor portuguese and extremely fragile economically. chillies conservative government is now offering an economic aid package to the middle class the problem is that millions
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of people including many of those in line at a soup kitchen no longer qualify even as lower middle class. all this is that the fuel to the still unresolved political social and economic explosion that erupted in chile last october and which the pandemic had put on pause at least for a while you see in human al-jazeera santiago. britain's foreign secretary dominic robb has accused china of committing gross and egregious human rights abuses against its muslim week of population in the western province of genes young rights groups say around 1000000 ethnic we were being held in so-called re-education camps to purge them of their faith and identity of the camps are shrouded in secrecy is growing evidence of mass torture and forced to sterilization of women to cut birth rates exiled we gits have accused chinese officials of genocide and crimes against
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humanity urging the international criminal court investigate beijing's there's the camps of vocational education centers designed to combat extremism and teach students mandarin and job skills. is the chairman of the week a human rights project he compares what's happening to that of nazi germany in the 1940 s. . seriousness of the crisis that came to surface in the last. 23 years. cried out for global condemnation strong government the response is. that has not been really shown until the united states government recently passed this bill we were human rights act and the. and sanctioning of war chinese officials senior terms of officials on the global ski sentient this should be the just the beginning of the effort to address the worst one of the once human
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crisis that have been described by experts and see makers and government officials as the largest internment of ethnic minorities since the 2nd world war the witness being bound and blindfolded loaded on the train headed for modern day concentration camps absolutely sickening and also. the images that we have seen reminds us the events unfolding in auschwitz in 1940 s. the arch itself $944.00 shares a striking resemblance to what is happening to weakness in 2020 italy's coast guard is working to free a sperm whale tangled in a fishing net off the aeolian islands time to say the whale is distressed which is making it difficult to cut away the netting a call to help on saturday off the mammal was seen struggling off if things west coast and all the while was caught up in a similar situation 3 weeks ago. watching
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odds is there are these are the top stories the u.k. has signed deals for 90000000 doses of 2 potential vaccines they include the by enteric pfizer vaccine and one from the french company a report on the early stage of human clinical trial is expected on monday from oxford to paul brennan explains that the bio and take vaccine has already produced a strong immune response in trials that's why it's looking quite optimistic another one is a french consortium and they haven't actually started the trials at all they won't start trying until the autumn but that is a more traditional type of vaccine where they use deactivated bits of the corona virus so it's a far more conventional way of doing it it would also be manufactured up in scotland so within the home nations and for that reason the government has decided that it's prudent to preorder $60000000.00 doses of that if it comes to fruition so
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it's the government kind of hedging its bets making sure that it's not sort of exposed if one fails and another one succeeds talks on a crowd of virus economic rescue package for the european union are entering their 4th day leaders meeting in brussels have been unable to agree on how to distribute the $857000000000.00 recovery fund. india has recorded 40000 new corona virus infections in the past 24 hours counting an extension of lockdowns at least 1100000 people are known to have contracted the virus there. several egyptian prisons and police stations are suspected to have coronavirus outbreaks a report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees are likely to have died from covert 19 complications it's calling on the government to improve its testing and medical care. gunmen have attacked a village in northwest nigeria killing at least 20 people the overnight attack
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targeted religion come to misstate comes a day after at least 3 soldiers were killed in an ambush in neighboring seen a state saudi arabia state media is reporting king saul mom has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups the 84 year old monarch is receiving treatment for it's described as inflammation of the gallbladder. stay with us witnesses coming up next. where.
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