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the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor with a culture of chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpaid child labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry global huff of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. on al-jazeera. a promising vaccine for covered 19 faces its 1st academic hurdle but optimism is hardly. alone can that al this is all just there a lie from don also coming up a long night of talks but no resolution your leaders go into their 4th day as they debate an 857000000000 dollars grown a virus recovery from. china sees the worst flooding in decades already so
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$24000000.00 people are being affected plus. it took me a long time to get well about 6 weeks before any sort of normal again because i talked with a former covert 19 patient from new zealand to tells us what life is like today. 14000000 people have now been infected with covert 19 globally and more than 600000 people have died of endemic has appended our daily lives in many wondering how close we are to a vaccine over such as around the world of racing to develop more than $150.00 potential vaccines there are 4 that are providing some positive results there is the university of oxford test is an echo which is testing its vaccine in large numbers of people in the u.k.
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south africa and brazil it's expected to release the results of its 1st human clinical trial shortly on a strain on the university of melbourne and children's research institutions also conducting phase 3 trials and chinese companies sign of act and sort of farm have both moved into phase 3 testing in brazil and in the u.a.e. sara gilbert is a research are leading the trials of the oxford university vaccine speaking virtually to members of the british parliament she said her team is still testing how long the vaccine will provide immunity to the virus. naturally quiet immunity to other human grown virus infections this is relatively short lived to be don't get reinfected sometimes quite quickly but that doesn't necessarily mean that will see the same thing with the vaccine because the vaccines have a different way of engaging with immune system and we follow people in our vaccines that is using the same type of technology to make vaccines for several years and we still see strong immune responses so again it's something we have to test and
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follow over time we can't know until we actually have the data but we're optimistic based on areas that is that we will see a good direction mujhe deep for several years at least and probably better than nationally quite immunity. british prime minister abbas johnson says he cannot promise that there will be a vaccine by the end of this year. some hopeful i think is crossed but to say that i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or indeed next year is a last just you know an exaggeration we're not there yet paul brennan has been following those trials and access him explains why many are pinning their hopes on this one. we know that the university of oxford trials with astra zeneca prepared to actually do the manufacturing and we know that they have progressed now to phase 3 so large scale testing what we're waiting for is the publication in the medical journal the lancet of the results from phase one that's back in april where they
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started with just 500 volunteers so what we know is that the there are no major side effects otherwise they couldn't have gone to phase 3 but we don't know is the detailed data of what they found out during that phase one stage indications are over the past few days sources and reports indicate that the oxford university general institute vaccine program appears to be producing a double impact in the volunteers both an antibody response antibodies are y. shaped proteins which attach to the virus and essentially lock it in prevent it from infecting human cells or and also a t. cell response as well now 70 cells are regarded as killer cells and they go after the virus and actually eliminate and kill the virus so for a program to be developing and having to double the response that oxford university appears to be getting that's very positive but what we don't know yet is the deal is the data and that's why the publication in the lancet at some point today we
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don't know a time yet at some point today is being so keenly anticipated because it will have a huge impact. for research all around the world. it was their 1st face to face meeting in brussels since the coronavirus pandemic began and talks between european union leaders were planned for just 2 days but now they're heading into a 4th day set to resume in the coming hours after an all eyes session ended without an agreement at stake and unprecedented $2.00 trillion dollar budget that includes $857000000000.00 for the post coronavirus economic recovery for the hardest hit nations this is where the disagreements lie the e.u.'s 4 biggest economies france germany italy and spain are on the side which favors most of the money being paid out as grants on the other side it's being led by the so-called food for us the netherlands austria denmark and sweden who want smaller grants and bigger loads
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then there are countries like hungry in poland who object to the proposal being tied to democratic rights promised a market is seen as the leader of the frugal for he is facing national elections at home and is unwilling to set taxpayers step fossum explains from amsterdam. but i mean this remark but it's playing hard well for sure he's been called all kinds of names like no no that i. actually seen as the leader of the or but he's undeterred so far has the backing of parliament here in the netherlands and also a march part of the population a recent survey showed that 61 percent of the population here in the netherlands is not supporting this mccaffery ban it's been for a long time already that many dutch people feel that. european country is the poor in conscience so what mark but it's really pushing for is that you can stroll
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economic reforms and competence where the money is going to go and that's of course a lot to us but it also has elections i'm not that's not a key element here in this whole fight that's right well it's next year's elections a big competition with the right. and the right thing i can see here and bury us they also have said they want you so basically these the right sat and also when elections and then vote wait. margaret is nathan's hot ball and also. international growth by itself gaining by. and now a competing view from the so-called something states who are insisting on grounds to save their best economies has her office from athens. greece is a country that is already paying 3 and a 3rd percent of its economy every year servicing all of those emergency loans that
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you remember greece took from its european come raids it's eurozone partners back in 2010 to $15.00 it's going to spend the next 40 years paying 2.2 percent of its g.d.p. repaying those loans that economists say is an unmatched record if greece actually pulls it all historically no country has spent that long paying that much of its economy on servicing debt and yet here is greece saying we fully back a common recovery instrument backed by all the european union countries which will eventually have to be repaid over a 30 year period after a moratorium but which greece is willing to join in paying why because greece stands to suffer a 9 percent recession this year it wants to offset that recession with immediate handouts money that doesn't have to be repaid and then yes it is also willing to borrow from that recovery instrument but it would prefer obviously the grants are
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greater than loans in this instance because this is an emergency affecting the entire continent therefore greece hoax that everyone will back that way of thinking well the reason hong kong have tightened restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus the territory's need to carry lam announced the measure is after 190 new infections were confirmed on sunday the highest one day increase in cases since the pandemic began she described the situation is critical and says there's no sign that it's coming under control for. in india another 40000 people have tested positive for cope with 19 in just 24 hours that's taken the total number of recorded infections to more than 1100000 from new delhi his elizabeth branom with the latest on the world's 3rd worst affected country. india has recorded it and now the highest single day rise in cases more than 40000 and
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nearly 700 deaths on sunday it's now taking india just 3 days to add 100000 cases last week it was taking 4 days and it took 2 months to go from 0 to the 1st $100000.00 cases it's not taking just 3 days to add $100000.00 the worst affected state remains and with over 300000 cases it's tally has now surpassed that of spain's it's adding around 10000 nearly 10000 cases every single day and the hotspots in maharashtra and the state of moving from the financial capital by to less developed parts of the state and that's something that we're seeing around the country and that's a big concern as the worst affected areas move from the major cities which have the best health care infrastructure to less developed rural areas with very national health care infrastructure apart from the hofstra the worst affected states. cannot
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entrepreneur. and we're seeing a number of lockdowns around the country a state governments try to slow down the rise in cases we are also seeing certain states really increase testing so they can better detect but it's really important to remember that old india has scaled up testing and is conducting around $300000.00 tests every single day that still one of the lowest per capita number of tests in the world and independent health experts say that the real number of cases and india much higher than what's reported several egyptian prisons and police stations all suspected to have coronavirus albright's report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees of likely died from covert 19 complications it's calling on the government to improve its testing and medical care about 13000 prisoners have been released since late february. trencher
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rains and rising river waters have swept across southern and central china at least 140 people are dead or missing nearly 24000000 people are affected by the worst floods to hit china in decades where the experts say global warming is partly to blame as katrina you reports from beijing. villages submerged and thousands of homes destroyed a flood littered inundate 24 chinese provinces emergency teams have been sent to rural areas to help trapped a delicious many people have died or are missing and more than 2000000 have been evacuated from their homes in mountainous areas landslides are an added danger i am one of those people afraid of living in their house are there is a landslide near the back of the house which is also flooded. urban areas have also been battered in her face an adequate province roads became rivers dams along waterways connected to the young sea river have been blowed up to reduce high water
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levels the 3 gorges dam opened its flood gates last week after levels were above 15 metres torrential rain which has lashed the region since the beginning of june has seen more than 400 rivers breach flood control limits 33 had broken record levels flooding occurs in the south east every year but experts say climate change is making it worse than that hour of the ration study shows that global climate change is a let the extreme weather in some regions and our country is located in an area that is sensitive to the climate change people living in sichuan province have begun cleaning up with more heavy rain expected this week soldiers are reinforcing dikes in who they province the del years has devastated communities still struggling to recover from the curve of 19 pandemic economic losses are estimated at $12000000000.00 chinese authorities are desperate to avoid a repeat of 1998 when extreme flooding left more than 4000 dead and 15000000
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homeless a trainee or al-jazeera aging. so head on al-jazeera a leading rights group says child affluence and japan are facing abuse. and we look at our series low income neighborhoods coping with the economic impact of the pandemic. is just rained very heavily in north korea and it went across the border into china on this frontal system which then rather breaks up as you saw it back into china. there are little pulses on this one just going through south korea there and on the coast of japan so you're on the north coast of honshu and her car that looks fairly wet for tuesday but the next bulge in the system it sees no rain will develop in
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this part of china borlase it's sichuan that spreads north east was through the yellow river basin and beyond the rain is supposed to be this found off this time of the year but it's moved an awful lot in the last couple of weeks north and sas is now leaving the yangtze to dry up a little bit last i'm sure will. the same is true for the southwest monsoon india bangladesh and pakistan it tends to move north now we did see it back off from where it's really fathers in for example but as you can see from the forecast in the northeast of india in the pole northern bangladesh heavy rain is in the forecast the next 2 or 3 days quite intense heavy rain was showers for the whole way up to the north indian plain to northern pakistan further south it's a good scattering of rain but not the concentration you might expect in the southwest monsoon.
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a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis going to go how many would not have to die behind this stock is hard says paula really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a ruling the savvy case is interesting to watch his remarks on money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. roof. watching out zara remind all of our top stories this hour the u.k. has signed deals for $90000000.00 doses of 2 potential vaccines it's also signed
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a deal for a 1000000 doses of an antibody treatment reports on the early stage of human clinical trial is expected on monday. talks on a crowded virus economic rescue package the european union are entering a 4th day leaders are trying to agree on how to distribute 857. he and all that because of the phone. torrential rains and rising river waters have swept across southern and central china at least 140 people are dead or missing. more than 8000000 people have recovered from the coronavirus globally some of those who were seriously ill still experience some difficulties earlier we spoke with janine cross on who's based in new zealand she told us how the virus impacted her health. to be honest i don't remember a lot of it and i think my brains block some of that because it was quite traumatic . it was very scary i had a lot of anxiety through it i remember feeling very sick but it was so unknown and
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. the tight time heals all wounds as you can imagine and for months on life is moved on from somewhat of new zealand so i feel very very fortunate for where i'm sitting today i was in hospital for 4 days and i was nice lation wards i was one of the 1st hospitalized patients in new zealand i think a lot of that might have been course it was very early days and i was relatively high profile enough to look after me in the hospital system was an overloaded but i was i had a terrible. risk harry issue and my chest was just i was really struggling to get enough it through and i couldn't stop the coughing and it was causing a number sentence so they were keeping a really close eye on going it took me a long time to get well about 6 weeks before i found sort of normal again but the lingering effects have been substantial to the point of i've actually had
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a surgery this wait for him to make sure it's this which i haven't had a flare up in a long time. having had a hysterectomy last year i didn't expect if i had one again and so there was some research around inflammation in the body and the connection from coker trying to make sure cysts courses early days and no one really notes i had to come off a loss and suffered other people i had to use a binge once my lungs as strong as they used to be. that i've noticed that they change i'm certainly had a lot more aches and pains in my body but to be honest i don't really know how to attribute it drake i mean the lungs are the only thing i can say that are related because i did not have that beforehand and everything else and i really don't know how i'm going to be out to get those answers or or if i ever will gunmen have a tie to village in northwest nigeria killing at least 20 people the other night attack targeted. mistakes ahmed addresses in a buddha and says the government has failed to contain armed groups in the north.
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well basically the attack was carried out late at night on sunday into monday morning when the villagers were holding a wedding party gunmen invaded the community and started my shooting and killing people more than 20 other people have been taken to hospital now some with critical injuries now this is the continuation of the kind of violence we've seen in northwest nigeria in could do an estate in particular conflict between farmers and cattle herders is not a new thing but then banditry as the oarfish officials call it has been on the rise for more than a year now all those soldiers have been deployed in that area it has not solved the problem rather it's expanding to other states in the northwest in cuts in the state for example yesterday soldiers were killed while they were approaching a camp known unknown camp for bandits in g.b. a local government area in cuts in
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a state at least 20 soldiers were killed according to local reports but the military authorities are just confirming that he just killed one officer and 2 other soldiers in that in that incident however the military also saying that they've killed 17 men during that particular attack so the crisis in northwest nigeria is spinning out of control largely because over the last 2 decades or saw the authorities in nigeria have failed to rein in. seasonal clashes by farmers and cattle herders. saudi arabia's state media is reporting king solomon has been admitted to hospital for medical checkups iraq's prime minister has to spend a visit to saudi arabia in light of the king's illness stuff i'll call that mail was expected to travel to riyadh on monday the 2 sides had planned to discuss a range of issues including trade for crossings. egypt's foreign minister is in palestine to meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas the meeting in ramallah is
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expected to focus on israel's plan to illegally and expel liston the unlearnt israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had said he would begin an exciting parts of the west bank and jordan valley from july 1st earlier this month egypt joined france and germany to urge israel to abandon the plan. there's been a protest in gaza city and support of palestinian prisoners who are sick and being held in israeli jails the march organized by the popular front for the liberation of palestine was held outside the red cross center the group is urging leaders to do more to help palestinians who suffer from chronic diseases and are currently held in israeli prisons or been allowed the last guy we ask the military wings of the palestinian factions to exert pressure on the occupation to achieve a fear prisoner swap that freed all our prisoners after years chile has been hailed as the america's most successful free market economy but the pandemic is exposing
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the country's inequalities and despite a nationwide curfew and lockdown spinach alone say the government's response to the economic fallout has been too little too late and that america is in the sea and human reports from santiago. that interview date takes us on a tour of live victoria a low income neighborhood on the outskirts of santiago was its murals dating back to the 1980 s. tell the story of its residents political struggle against chile's former military dictatorship a law this is the mural in honor of the people who were detained and disappeared. before it was the time when the community got together to create soup kitchens to confront a profound economic crisis. when soldiers rushed into a rescue or killed protesters under an endless state of emergency. the fargo center of 40 years later for many it feels like deja vu again there's a curfew
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a state of emergency was soldiers on the streets and police fighting protesters. and once again the women of this community are looking for the hungry in soup kitchens. this pandemic has exposed the deep fault lines of chile's economic system there are millions of people now out of work and much of the so-called middle class has been plunged into poverty which is why tens of thousands of people are now resorting to this same order to have something to eat but there's a difference between now and when admissable that this mother used to serves forget he will be made in the eighty's we were all either poor or rich the majority were poor of course but then things changed we thought we'd become middle class but it wasn't true because we're all in debt with credit cards and loans now we're all unemployed and we can't pay our debts and bills we're poor again under its new liberal economic model chile has become the latin american country with the highest
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per capita income but with a catch. on paper our g.d.p. is similar to portugal's except only 9 percent of chileans receive the average income well in portrait. 3 percent of the population in portugal the middle class is a middle class well here most average income earners are more like poor portuguese and extremely fragile economically. chillies conservative government is now offering an economic aid package to the middle class the problem is that millions of people including many of those in line at a soup kitchen no longer qualify even as lower middle class families and. all this is that the fuel to the still unresolved political social and economic explosion that erupted in chile last october and which the pandemic had put on pause at least for a while you see in human al-jazeera santiago u.s. house democrats are demanding an internal investigation into the use of federal
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police to crack down on protesters and follows the violent arrest of several activists in the city of portland on saturday and identified officers were filmed using force to detain protesters blowout explanation democrats say the trump administration is abusing the use of emergency or forest. child athletes in japan suffering physical verbal and sometimes sexual abuse during training that's according to a report from based by human rights watch report comes during a week that would have marked the start of the tokyo olympics which have been delayed because of pandemic the rights group documented the experiences of $800.00 athletes across 50 sports fans and unpick committee promised to take steps to protect athletes from bullying and harassment after an internal survey from 7 years ago highlighted the problem with human rights watch says not enough has been done since then the specific abuses we documented include hunching
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slapping kicking or striking with objects excessive or insufficient food and water . athletes who were forced to train when they were injured or punished with excessive training cutting or shaving hair as a punishment and abuse by older teammates there is no comprehensive tracking of child athlete abuse in japan put another way no one is even bothering to count the number of abuse complaints or cases with a 2020 limpid games now delayed for a year due to the pandemic human rights watch is calling on japan to take decisive action the coronavirus pandemic has forced american colleges and universities to cancel classes on sports for the 1st half of this year now campuses a saudi reopening but colleges have to decide whether it's safe a student athletes to get back on the playing fields also in jordan reports. the
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battle over college football for a highlight of many americans' lives come september but thanks to. the fanfare athleticism and displays of school spirit will be very different this year especially for the players and coaches. if there's a vaccine of course i probably all across well could be like you know what i mean right now. but it's like there's a sense in the back of your head just like man there's no crack scene there's no way. there's a quarantine you night after the courts and i guess i'm ok we're on t.v. back to really go with the football we're playing the state of the country. but it's not a given estimated $13000.00 college football players will take to the field to action the ivy league made up of the country's most elite university has canceled all sports for the rest of the year or so and the big 10 and pac 12 football
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conferences say their teams will only play league games under strict conditions plane travel and hotel stays are off limits until further notice. and it vies regroup on college sports says it's particularly important to make sure the schools come up with policies that don't put minority students at a disadvantage. college presidents on 2 and showed it reopening schools don't exacerbate the problem with that this fortunate representation an impact coach at 19 and if there is a real cost in delaying the football season by some estimates the 25 most profitable college football programs earn $2500000000.00 a year and after expenses they still have $1400000000.00 in the bank college sports overall generate nearly 11 trillion dollars money which the schools rely money from
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the football program often goes into other aspects of the university apart from sports so it's understandably not a minor decision to cancel ellis for all the major decision back at the university of illinois milo i floor is realizing the far reaching impact of co that 19 what a fight back. actually i can't because of our currency the realization that life is truly not a game. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.k. has signed deals for 90000000 doses of 2 potential vaccines it's also side to deal for a 1000000 doses of an antibody treatment the report on the early stage of human clinical trial is expected on monday but british prime minister boss johnson says he cannot promise that there will be a vaccine by the end of this year. hopefully i've got my fingers crossed but to
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say that i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or indeed next year is a last just you know an exaggeration we're not there yet. talks on a coronavirus the economic rescue package for the european union are entering a 4th day it is a trying to agree on how to distribute the $857000000000.00 recovery fund. authorities in hong kong have tightened restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus territories leader kerry lamb announced the measures after 108 new infections were confirmed on sunday the highest one day increase in cases since the pandemic began she described the situation as critical and says there's no sign that it's coming under control several egyptian prisons and police stations are suspected to have coronavirus outbreaks a report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees have likely died from cova 19 complications is calling on the government to improve its testing
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and medical care about 13000 prisoners have been released since late february. gunmen have attacked a village in northwest nigeria killing at least 20 people the overnight attack targeted a village in khartoum a state. u.s. house democrats are demanding an internal investigation into the use of federal police to crack down on protesters that follows the violent arrest of several activists in the city of portland on saturday and identified officers were filmed using force to detain protest is without explanation democrats say the trump administration is abusing the use of emergency authorities and suppressing the right to peaceful protest torrential rains and rising river waters have swept across southern and central china at least 140 people are dead or missing nearly 24000000 people are affected by the worst floods to hit china in decades the headlines more news here on al-jazeera run off the inside story which is coming up
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next. inequality starts at the top the u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez i says the world is at breaking point and calls for a new global deal is it possible the pandemic call for a change this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i'm sam is a band not everyone is in the same boat the 26 richest people in the world hold as
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much wealth as hall for its population life chances depend on gender race and why.


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