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it will now it's ridiculous both rosewood to the people who bore us for no jazeera . we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. this is al-jazeera. either from doha everyone 1500 hours g.m.t. on come on santa maria with the news hour from al-jazeera after months of deaths infections and lock downs finally a hopeful sign early trials for a coronavirus vaccine in the u.k. is showing a positive immune response also in the news the u.k. suspends its extradition arrangements with hong kong weeks after china imposed
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a tough national security law. back on the streets demanding the president steps down protests resume in mali after regional mediation fails the entire villages are under water with millions affected by the worst flooding to hit china in decades. and i'm peter some of the new sports news and as expected we've just heard that cricket t 20 world cup has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. so we begin with the fight against covert 19 which has taken a small but potentially significant step this monday the lancet medical journal has published results from scientists at oxford university who have been conducting early human testing for a coronavirus vaccine and the results are encouraging they found
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a vaccine did not cause any serious side effects and produced a strong immune response this is one of 5 vaccines showing positive results a joint effort between oxford university and the company astra zeneca testing and large numbers in the u.k. as well as south africa and brazil you've also got in australia the university of melbourne and murdoch children's research institute conducting phase 3 trials the final step before a vaccine is approved for distribution their test actually involves an old tuberculosis. maxime chinese companies and soon a farm have also both moved to phase 3 testing in brazil in the u.a.e. and in the united states the biotech company madonna and the national health institute say they will enter the final testing phase at the end of this month so there is a lot going on around the world but our focus is oxford paul brennan is there for us on the news or put it all into context paul it is a good start isn't it. it is very encouraging signs
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from a much expected highly anticipated. study from the university of oxford reported today in the lancet that means it's been peer reviewed and checked it is early we're talking about the 1st 56 days of the phase one trial that took place end of april beginning of may involving $1077.00 participants that said the results of that early testing and early study was that it is safe this vaccine this potential vaccine that they produced it induces an immune reaction which is good it in 2 types of immune reaction that is antibodies and t. cells the reaction is strong in a subgroup study of 10 participants which is yes that the response is maybe even stronger after a 2nd dose now the ideal vaccine needs to be effective after just wanted to do says it needs to be good for. the elderly people and target participants such as people
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with existing health conditions it also needs to be effective for a period of longer than 6 months at this stage it's too early to say whether or not this vaccine actually meets those kind of criteria and the other thing that is very important to say is that the phase 3 testing which is already underway as a result of this vaccine taking place in the u.k. in brazil and in south africa will really test exactly whether this prospective vaccine offers a kind of protection against the corona virus because this vaccine has a provokes an immune response within the body but that's not to say how it will behave when exposed to corona virus what hasn't happened here is the pitot participants have not been exposed to corona virus so what we have in brazil and in south africa is those vaccinated people will be exposed to corona virus as part of the wider population the high prevalence of to run a virus in those 2 countries and then the study will really look at exactly how their bodies react. having been given the vaccine once they are exposed to corona
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virus it's detailed it's interesting it's very very early but it's very very hopeful and from what you say there is that we've still got a long way to go of course we take these positive steps and we take positive news but that will be very key when it actually gets exposed to the virus itself. indeed you know one of the caveats that they're putting on it is it's very early to 9 out of 10 vaccine research programs end in failure i mean that's just the reality of it so there are no guarantees here at all even prime minister boris johnson while praising the africa see the huge progress that's been made in such a very short time here dr university he was at pains to say look we're not out of the woods yet. a strong immune response being provoked by this vaccine is not quite the same as protection from exposure to the virus that said you know the initial results are very positive the side effects appear to be minimal we're talking about
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sort of tiredness and headaches which are being treated by paracetamol in most cases so from that point of view early indications good but again i'm saying 1077 participants in the phase one stage needs to be widened much further than that and although phase 3 is already underway with in excess of 10000 participants the results of that won't be known for a little while good stuff really clear explanations there from paul brennan in oxford this monday we're talking about trials so we should really look at how these processes actually work a vaccine it's a type of medicine it trains the body's immune system it contains weakened or dead bacteria and viruses then it is introduced into the body so that it can fight a disease it has not come into contact with before that's what paul was talking about the human trials usually happen in 3 phases in the 1st one you just have a small number of volunteers who are given the vaccine go to see if it's safe 1st
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then in the 2nd hundreds more are tested to see if the vaccine is effective monitor for side effects and then we get to this 3rd phase when we're talking about thousands of vaccinated volunteers they studied in areas where they are exposed to the virus along with people without vaccination so that will be the key stage. or can tell us more about this from new york now a professor of epidemiology and medicine at columbia university it's always nice to talk to you what's your initial take on what we've heard from the lancet an oxford university today. i think this is a very exciting new was encouraging news and we now have another rex team that's poised to move into what we call a place for me studies which are really the senators that is that will of tell us if the vaccine works and if it is safe in the large numbers of participants so this a very important milestone for this vaccine in particular i know we're not exactly privy to all the information of this test but. can it go wrong at this point if
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it's looking this positive at this stage i'm just thinking about managing expectations. yeah i think we have to be very cautious because down this that one of this phase one to study was done a little bit in a bit more than a 1000 fighters offense sometimes you really need to study a vaccine a much larger population or did you see a rare side effect so i think it's important for us to move ahead to the larger studies that were recruited maybe 30000 individuals and and hope that someday our side effect does not manifest itself once you are using it in a larger populations i think it's very critical to do the larger studies not only in terms of the safety but also of course to demonstrate where they're at the sex scene can work to prevent infection. there's also concern as well in terms of what really happened when individuals who have been vaccinated actually are exposed to infection in that's another dimension where we have to watch very carefully in your
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response in the body then once the individual has been vaccinated it is exposed to the true infection given the scale of the problem that we are facing is there room for collaboration i mentioned a little bit earlier that there are a number of trials going on at the moment with a number of prominent universities and companies around the world. can they would they end up working together or is there a commercial reality involved here as well. i do think there is one for collaboration and i believe there is evidence of some collaboration at least in terms of the exchanging information in terms of the design of the studies themselves in terms of what are the end points for the various vaccine studies that are. ongoing now and those that are planned and i think that's all very good because i think in a in the context of endemic like this we really need to learn from each other and avoid the just fewer competition so i'm hopeful that each of the studies that have
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been done thus far is that there's a distillation of lessons learned that can inform the design and the conduct of the other studies to follow i do think though that it's also really important to stress again that we cannot let our guard down we don't have a vaccine in hand we don't have a safe and efficacious and effective vaccine as of yet and for the foreseeable future we have to continue to be careful to and here to the public health measures that we know can prevent transmission of this virus is it worth even thinking about a potential timeline here i think that you know we're 6 months 7 months now after the initial infection style sewed in china and it's taken this long to get to something which looks like a positive result so we've got to be thinking at least another 6 months probably through for the next year. you know i think probably in all likelihood looking at 6 months i just think the. development of these vaccines in $1000.00 have been
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has been moving on an accelerated pace and what's interesting is even at the same time as the studies are being pursued those feasts these 3 large studies are now being pursued that are starving got very soon and some of them have started at the same time there's also a movement towards the manufacture of some of these vaccines in the hope that if the data do show success meaning safe and effective vaccine that we would have already the menu faction capacity in place at that point in time or a facade or a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us on the news hour thank you while we're talking coronavirus india has also begun human clinical trials for a potential vaccine at least $40000.00 people have tested positive there in just 24 hours india's total number of recorded infections is now more than 1100000 from new
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delhi his elizabeth purana. the 1st human clinical trials all of a vaccine called kovacs and begin today with 375 people taking part and the director of the all india institute of medical sciences where a large part of the trial is taking place said that regardless of which country comes up with the vaccine 1st india has the ability to mass produce a given its history the fact that it is the world's largest producer of generic drugs and speaking about the situation in the country he said that some places like delhi where cases have been coming down for the last 2 weeks seem to have passed their peak whereas other places especially the southern states are going through their peak now now india did record yet another single highest a rise in cases more than 40000 cases and nearly 700 deaths the state of mind remains the 1st the worst affected and with more than 300000 cases now its tally
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has surpassed that of spain's it's adding nearly 10000 new cases every day and. the hotspot has moved from india's financial capital by to less developed areas with less medical resources and that is the situation and the concern around the country as the outbreak moves from the major cities to more or less developed areas which have this health care infrastructure so apart from maharashtra the worst affected states are in the south they are not. and. there are a number of lockdowns around the country as state governments try to slow down the rise in cases and they're also increasing testing to better detect infections. the news in the u.k. has just suspended its extradition arrangements with hong kong after china imposed its tough new national security law on the territory as tensions grow with beijing foreign circuits the dominant rob says he had concerns about the role rob announced
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restrictions on the sale of weapons. china that would be extended to hong kong as well meanwhile u.s. secretary of state on paper is in london to meet doris johnson and rob at the top of the agenda are issues relating to china's new security law as well as the u.s. u.k. free trade agreement let's look at what the hong kong side of things though needs barca in london with more knave what is actually happening with regards to extradition and why is the u.k. saying this is necessary. well in short what sort of a foreign secretary is basically saying is that it can all be business as usual between the u.k. and hong kong going forward because of the introduction of the new security law that is created new crimes a new severe punishment and the british government has said 3 things firstly to offer refuge to up to 3000000 home kong citizens to come and live and work here in
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the u.k. they already have a special status because they are citizens of a former british colony that special status looks like it is about to be extended the 2nd is to extend an arms embargo that's existed on sales of weapons to mainland china and that's been in place since the late 1980 s. to extend that now to hong kong and that includes equipment that don't rob said could be used. for x. all of the internal repression we seems to be something of a veiled criticism of police tactics in hong kong against demonstrators and the 37 and 30 year extradition agreement between the u.k. and hong kong. will be affect see if immediately the fear is that people being extradited from the u.k. to hong kong could find themselves then being extradited to mainland china where there are different rules and regulations a few off found guilty for political subversion for instance you can find yourself
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facing a life sentence so deep water is about where people might end up if sent back to hong kong the chinese authorities anticipating this move have already accused the british government of brutal meddling so this is all with regards really or prompted by the change in law of the national security bill but the tensions between all the parties i go back further i mean i guess a lot of that due to the u.k. has long history with hong kong. now largely because of that the u.k. feels that it has the needs to get directly involved in what's happening in hong kong but in recent weeks the 2 countries beijing and london have clashed on a number of different things. particularly when it comes to the chinese authorities treatments off the muslim minority week as in china jiang province. said that he
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felt the grossest human rights violations were taking place there he said that the world's attention needs to be refocused on allegations of forced sterilization now if mass deportations all of these allegations rejected of course by by beijing and also only last week under immense pressure from the united states the u.k. made the bold decision to remove the tech giant's hallway form britain's 5 g. network going forward despite the threat of retaliation is from beijing u.k. knows however that's as it heads towards life outside the european union it needs to tread very carefully in dealing with china it needs china on side but needs to send a continual stern message that it's not happy with certain things that beijing is up to ok with that developing news out of the u.k. concerning hong kong thank you. now anti-government protesters in mali have descended on the capital bamako demanding the president's resignation they're
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blocking roads and burning tires a day after an opposition coalition rejected the prime regional media the west african bloc eco recommended president abraham to form a unity government with the opposition the june 5 movement the opposition just wants to step down for his poor handling of the economy and the lack of security here is following the story from dakar in neighboring senegal we were saying just yesterday nicholas how this could become a battle of wills basically because the opposition is so firm about its demands take us through what they've been doing today. well what's important to note is that this opposition movement is made of a coalition of trade unionists members of the opposition you also have influential you have religious leaders each have their own grievances the religious leaders are upset that. the hasn't been able to bring security to the north in the center of
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the country and trade unionists such as teachers are upset because they haven't received their salaries for months then you have the opposition upset because their leaders to my list say was abducted during the last parliamentary elections and there's been it seems to their view very little effort to try to free them so they've now taken back to the streets in what they described in french yesterday as enjoy navy muffed which means they want to churn major cities including the capital into a ghost town they've taken position in the capital in the neighborhoods i'm setting up checkpoints blocking roads they've blocked also the one of the major arteries out of bamako to the town of we've heard a protest outside of about moko in the northern town of timbuktu and they're upset that the eco os has a failed to meet some of their demands which include the that. steps down and resigns or that he strip from his powers or that the national assembly be
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dissolved so what of a coup us then nicolas of a tried and failed or of a saying they going to try again. well if you talk to the leaders of the movement they say that the mediation effort so far has been a total failure because they view or at least in their words they view this mediation as seeing this whole situation as intellectual crisis rather than issue of governance we know now we've just heard that president monkey sell the president . and the president of ivory coast president ouattara will be going to bum a ko on thursday to step up mediation efforts to try to find a middle ground between these protesters and the president and the government of mali where the main criticism is that the recommendations made by ecco us fall short of the grievances of the protestors they don't just nominating
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a new judges for the constitutional court is not enough they want to see the dissolution of the national assembly protesters say that some of the newly elected members 30 seats are close allies to president. or even relatives of his so they want to see a new vote happen so there's a real lack of confidence and trust in the political system and in president. thank you nicholas huck in. what is the 1st face to face meeting in brussels since the coronavirus began and talks between european union leaders were planned for just 2 days but now into their 4th day trying to agree on a coronavirus recovery plan at stake is that $857000000000.00 deal but still there is disagreement over how it will be distributed. we are having
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a son now last night after long negotiations we worked out a framework for a possible agreement this is a step forward and gives hope that an agreement may be reached today or at least an agreement is possible i am very glad that we the french president and i made to push in me for a really substantial program in this exceptional situation it was clear that it incredibly tough there will continue today but exceptional situations also require exceptional efforts a reminder of the divisions we've got here the a use for biggest economies that is france germany italy and spain are on the side which favors most of the money being paid out as grants the other side led by the so-called frugal for that is the netherlands and austria denmark and sweden they want smaller grants but they get loans and there are countries like hungry in poland as well who just object to the whole thing being tied to democratic rights they have some personal spats in there as well to reporters following this one at
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this moment are john. in athens who will be with you shortly john i want to start with natasha butler in paris natasha i feel like i've been asking you and our other correspondents the same question for the last 3 days i hope we any closer to breaking this deadlock. well who knows really i mean you know the e.u. leaders have been meeting now 3 nights a 4th day and the same divisions are on the table now the french president emanuel makarov has said that he hopes that you know that perhaps they are reaching some sort of spirit of compromise but there's going to be a pretty big compromise here for them to reach an agreement and what the french president has been out of pains to really point out over the last few days and weeks is that this is a really a crucial moment for the e.u. in its history what he is saying is that if the e.u. a fails to show solidarity cooperation at this time of an unprecedented health
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crisis and help we can member states who really need assistance then many people in the european union could end up just turning their back on the e.u. it could fuel anti e.u. sentiment in the future and that could need says macro to the disintegration of the european union the end of the european project if you like and that is why he is really urging him member states to come together and back a deal he is urging what he says needs to be a real show of ambition. to not meet a spirit of compromise and ambition is to take the risk of returning to harder times and for some who are concerned about this in the end it may end up costing us even more so i will continue to fight on these subjects in particular with german chancellor angela merkel since as you know we've worked together
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a lot over the past days and nights. well the same difference is all still on the table in this 4th day of talks you have some e.u. member states to simply feel that the amount of money we're talking about this recovery thought date 160000000000 dollars is simply too much they are concerned over how that money is going to be distributed on the other side you have those like mocha mackerel who are really pushing for a big as big a fund as possible and say that this is a moment for solidarity will we get any conclusions of this will only you have to wait and see what happens when there is a you need is come out at the end of the summit whenever that is some time later ok i'm feeling positive hope you're going to talk to begin later natasha in paris with some news out of those talks in the meantime we're off to athens john psaropoulos is there for us and john where does greece fit into the picture between the big 4 economies and then the frugal for as they called. will come all greece is one of
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the most heavily indebted countries in the european union about 180 percent of its g.d.p. is owed in debt for the next 40 years so it doesn't want to assume a great deal of new debt and the idea of receiving a roughly 25000000000 dollar handout in the form of grants in order to offset this year's recession sounds very good to the is of the greek government and to the ears of the greek people. the european union however is also going to see a rise in debts this year because governments are borrowing heavily to spend on their recessionary economies and the european commission has said it expects. an average solver in debt across the e.u. this year to rise from about 75 percent to about 95 percent just on account of covert 19 therefore it's very important that there is a new entity the european commission that's willing to issue debt and to assume
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responsibility for that it will. course be paid off partly from the member states who are also responsible for the sovereign debt but it will also the commission hopes be partly paid for from independent resources and revenues that adds a 2nd very important dimension so what dylan is trying to do here and which the greeks are very much behind because greeks are staunchly federalist within the european union and have been for the last 40 years and that is that it creates a new power for the european commission to issue debt and to form policy on how to distribute that money and it creates the power for the european commission to levy taxes in order to service that i think that you'll find that in this country which has always believed in redistributing instruments that sounds very good indeed
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it's a debate that started 10 years ago when the greeks 1st for emergency loans from their years and partners and got them what they didn't get was a hero of a common bond issued by all eurozone members that they would all guarantee jointly that is essentially this what's happening now with the european commission is essentially the continuation of that debate it's a common debt instrument with another name jumps out with the latest from athens thank you and with us now for some analysis from some i know in france is alone here is the senior research fellow with the global policy institute which is a european think tank i won in the absence of any decision it will consensus in the last 4 days are we at least seeing that the big 4 france italy spain and germany don't maybe have the power that they used to or at least that the other smaller
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countries have got bigger voices now. yes smaller countries want to express their voices just before this border countries were actually backed by britain now they're on their own. and they already represent about 10 percent of the. 4 big countries resigned and much part of the do your ground repudiation so. but it must trucking thing that germany which before used to be indifferent or camp was the boss to a new form of a school for their bodies him or you were born germany does time what it takes of a presidency of your brilliant he's agreeing with cuomo on to spend years and years and the greeks that. europe that we have to make an effort to come to the risk you have countries that europe has to show you need and still be there a de oder was europe would be the great danger to euro zone as your the previous
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speaker said could disintegrate as a result because if there's no recovery fund backed by new commission then. it would be lead to you feeling and maybe even countries like egypt leaving the euro which would be very bad for germany and it's so very bad for a country such as whole and which rely on a single market for to explore germany exports 60 percent of its exports to its goods to the european union so germany has now accepted the principle that it is very crucial at the stage at a crucial moment to. show solidarity in in order to save not only do your role but there are so european integration 1st things out this is become a big european picture issue you talked about how you know this this issue of that the whole european project being under threat here actually right now it's about
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a deadly virus which is killed hundreds of thousands of people and surely that should be the overriding thing and countries should be able to come to some sort of agreement over this particular issue. indeed bodies that are out to deal with the surge but could deal with the repercussions of the coup dispersion the economic repercussions have been catastrophic for countries that the spain and greece which rely heavily on tourism which are already in a very bad fiscal situation with the huge debts and therefore would be unable to finance the recovery for so he's been getting a lot here with the economy consequences of his to reward virus and. it is important to show. to all countries in your history and you want to have so far that we all are in the same boat to gether and they're going to make survive or
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of some countries with those they'll be very important for the economic prosperity of others so nice. for me for the french and for the germans. and it is crucial that a good decision is made we have a decision hope but there's haggling and. at the same time you know to a pretty good step of the good mission boring myself on the financial markets to lend money to countries it's a big step forward in the process is what some people call the i mean don't get me julian moment when president reagan $79.00 th decided to raise a tax at the federal level which was a 1st in order to. come to the rescue of some stage which of and from the independence wall so everyone should bring together and that's led to the united
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states of of of america yeah and some people who are bosses to further political integration are still opposed to the step which would be a very significant step in a bring now a new commission to bore all and a commission to raise taxes because it would have to reimburse us taxes so it true they're all objects is such as taxes and carbon tax on a gaffe. so as it would be a big big big step forward he did process of what are you going to ration i don't we appreciate your time and your vote thank you for joining us today. thank you. busy news hour and there is still more to come we will look at how chile is low income neighborhoods are coping with the economic impact of the pandemic. also following a surge in corona virus cases hong kong is returning to lock down and olympic hosts japan are under fire after accusations of athlete abuse across the sports people
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have that story legs. they were. a little clump of thunderstorms crossed from a mile into the empty coltrane across the southwest side in the last day or 2 giving significant rain to places that don't normally get it interesting however the main story as always in this part the world is the heat and you see from this dark red streak where the hottest weather is in fact we saw 52 degrees in dallas or yesterday so fifty's more uncommon in iraq and that heat bring some dust with it down to east and saudi but the temperature 14 doha's indicative it not being the same sort of a gots more moisture coming off the gulf and around this area bahrain and qatar in particular moment it's humid at this time of year quite hot but not extremely so
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this is dry heat up in baghdad 50 degrees it has to be dry to be that hot otherwise nothing is going on it's just the heat and occasional dust let's move away further west this is a time of year when you pick up some pretty big showers in west africa in fact anywhere really from eritrea towards the atlantic coast and we've seen some big showers recently even us far north as well as martina i think the next day or so they like to be developing that far north but concentrating on places like sun ago and the gambia not alone but certainly that. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society
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in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy needs to stay on the street but he cannot all be seen to grady what he's written in this the leading to an overhaul continues inside story on al-jazeera. growing got a new harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they exist without studies that destroy the house and take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment break took me to the jeep and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison live inside and out. on al-jazeera. order form.
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this is the news hour from al-jazeera and these are the top stories some encouraging results from human testing of a coronavirus vaccine being developed by scientists at oxford university the 1st phase of the trials found the vaccine did not cause any serious side effects and produced a strong immune response. the u.k. has suspended its extradition arrangements with hong kong after china imposed a tough new national security law as tension grows with beijing foreign secretary dominic rob says he had concerns about the news that spawn weeks of protests in. anti-government protesters in mali have descended on the town obamacare demanding the president to bring him to. resign the west african bloc recommends kate to form a unity government with the opposition. the united states is still struggling to
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contain what is the world's biggest coronavirus nearly 3800000 cases nationwide and more than 140000. now congress is working on a new economic bailout package president trump is due to meet republican party leaders in the white house to discuss a trillion dollar rescue deal kimberly how good is our white house correspondent keeping an eye on that. well what chance of it going through and what will it actually achieve because we've had deals before that just keep going. yeah because there 'd are people that are still struggling here in the united states as a result of the shutdowns that had started to ease but now look like they're coming back as coronavirus cases surge the latest update from inside the west wing that that meeting between republican leaders and the u.s. president vice president under way in fact the white house pool of reporters was called hastily where the president just spoke to reporters about why. the
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priorities are for republicans in this latest bailout really 3 things jobs vaccines and kids now how does that line up with what democrats on capitol hill are looking for now democrats are looking for some money for state and local governments and that is a friction point with republicans the argument from republicans is that many of these states were already in bad financial shape before coke that hit and coded and those rescue packages are not for economic mismanagement that may have happened at the state local level so this is something that democrats are pushing for and so this means that there's going to have to be a shopping around of the legislation something that the republicans here in the white house campus say is going to start tomorrow we understand the treasury secretary steve will be up on capitol hill along with the president's chief of staff mark meadows so we know that this is going to be something that's going to have to be done quickly the timeline we're told is going to happen by the end of the month why a couple of reasons number one the rescue package that was already in place is soon
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to expire that means many of americans are going to be running out of money pretty quickly for those that are unemployed as a result of covert $900.00 the other reason is congress often goes on an annual recess and that is not expected to change in terms of the legislative calendar for a couple of reasons number one they want to campaign before the november elections august is when they'd like to do that number 2 there are a couple of national conventions party conventions that are happening for the democratic party and the republican party so as a result they're trying to get this done in the next couple weeks and i see from tomorrow we can believe that the coronavirus briefings at the white house the back as well so be something else to look forward to them believe how good is that white house correspondent. for years chile has been hailed as latin america's most successful free market economy but once again the pandemic exposing the country's inequalities a mission wide curfew and lock downs have brought business to a standstill and many children and so the government's response to the economic
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downturn downturn has just been too little and too late latin america at a service in human reports from santiago. that in every day takes us on a tour of life victoria a low income neighborhood on the outskirts of santiago was its murals dating back to the 1980 s. tells the story of its residents political struggle against chile's former military dictatorship the law this is the mineral in honor of the people who were detained and disappeared. it was the time when the community got together to create soup kitchens to confront a profound economic crisis. when soldiers rushed in to arrest or kill protesters under an endless state of emergency. oh margaret for 40 years later for many it feels like deja vu again there's a curfew a state of emergency was soldiers on the streets and police fighting protesters.
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and once again the women of this community are looking for the hungry in soup kitchens. this pandemic has exposed the deep fault lines in chile's economic system there are millions of people now out of work and much of the so-called middle class has been plunged into poverty which is why tens of thousands of people are now resorting to this same order to have something to eat but there's a difference between now and when admissable did this mother used to serve spaghetti with beans. in the eighty's we were all either poor or rich the majority were poor of course but then things changed we thought we'd become middle class but it wasn't true because. as we're all in debt with credit cards and loans now we're all unemployed and we can't pay our debts and bills where poor again under its new liberal economic model chile has become the latin american country with the highest per capita income but with a catch. on paper our g.d.p.
6:43 pm
is similar to portugal's except only 9 percent of chileans receive the average income well in portugal it's 53 percent of the population in portugal the middle class is a middle class well here most average income earners are more like poor portuguese and extremely fragile economically. chillies conservative government is now offering an economic aid package to the middle class the problem is that millions of people including many of those in line at a soup kitchen no longer qualify even as you know are middle class that have. all this is that the fuel to the still unresolved political social and economic explosion that erupted in chile last october and which the pandemic had put on pause at least for a while you see in human al-jazeera sente al. gore he's in hong kong of ties and restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus after the territory reported 108 new
6:44 pm
infections on sunday the highest one day increase since the pandemic began brown has a report from hong kong. hong kong's star ferry is one of the city's famous symbols but as with all other forms of public transport here the wearing of masks is now mandatory on board on monday the measure was extended to indoor markets and other covered public places and for the 2nd time 180000 civil servants began working from home hong kong's chief executive warns the new outbreak of covert 19 may not be possible to contain a thing for the situation is really critical and there is no sign that it's being brought under control until 2 weeks ago hong kong had a relatively low infection rate it chief that without imposing strict containment measures has happened across the border in mainland china at one stage the city was recording 0 transmission rates the moods very different now why we worry that we
6:45 pm
are close to the collapse because we got more elderly cases more cases we have long term illness and also we found more cases when their wives emergency room their reading got some new warning as some changes they're quite ill but since july the 6 there have been almost 600 new cases experts have yet to trace the source of around 40 percent of those infections some medical experts say the new wave of infections points to a lupo in hong kong's quarantine arrangements arrangements which exempt workers like pilots sailors and the drivers of lorries the bring essential food supplies into hong kong from the mainland every day. china's state controlled media offer another view saying recent protests against you national security law help to
6:46 pm
spread the virus on sunday for local politicians were arrested on suspicion of taking part in an illegal assembly they were also fined for breaching social distancing laws laws that now make protests like these unlawful adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. there's been a protest in gaza city in support of palestinian prisoners who are sick and being held in israeli prisons the march organized by the popular front for the liberation of palestine was held outside the red cross center. director rain and rising river waters of swept across southern and central china and the standard 40 people are dead or missing and nearly 24000000 are affected by the worst floods to hit china in decades katrina you reports from beijing. villages submerged and thousands of homes destroyed a flood looted inundated 24 chinese provinces emergency teams have been sent to
6:47 pm
rule areas to help trapped a delicious many people have died or are missing and more than 2000000 have been evacuated from their homes in mountainous areas landslides are an added danger i am one of those people afraid of living in their house there's a landslide near the back of the house which is also flooded. urban areas have also been battered in her face city an adequate province roads became rivers dams along waterways connected to the young sea river have been blown up to reduce high water levels the 3 gorges dam opened its flood gates last week after levels were above 15 meters torrential rain which has lashed the region since the beginning of june has seen more than 400 rivers breach flood control limits 33 had broken record levels flooding occurs in the south east every year but experts say climate change is making it worse fasten that hour of the rationing study shows that global climate
6:48 pm
changes let the extreme weather regions of our country is located in the area that is sensitive to the climate change people living in sichuan province have begun cleaning up with more heavy rain expected this week soldiers are reinforcing dikes in who they province the del years has devastated communities still struggling to recover from the course of $900.00 pandemic economic losses are estimated at $12000000000.00 chinese authorities are desperate to avoid a repeat of 1998 when extreme flooding left more than 4000 dead and 15000000 homeless a trainee al-jazeera aging. in the news ahead the u.s. college football season is in $1000000000.00 drop but will it actually be able to kick off this year that's coming up in the rest of the.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
if it is them it is here with your sports another competition gone no surprises at all there come out as expected crickets t 20 world cup has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic the turn it was originally set to be held in australia in october and november but there has now been put back a year which has shifted the entire cricket calendar for the next few years 2021 events will be followed by another t 20 world cup a year later 2022 and then it's the 50 over world cup in india in 2023 which has been shifted from march to october the current t 20 world champions the west indies are currently in action in test cricket
6:51 pm
against england they are battling to save the 2nd test in manchester england said the windies a target of $312.00 to win after declaring 112-9431 the final morning the windies are 144 for 6 stuart broad has taken 3 of those wickets there in the final session . the prize for the world's top football player ballon d'or will not be awarded this year because of the disruption brought about by the coronavirus most football leagues were brought to a halt in march because of covert 19 before resuming again in june the ballon d'or was awarded by france football magazine and has been around for 64 years argentina's leo messi has received the award a record 6 times. but good to do it doesn't make us happy to put this award on hold but we're also responsible for its survival we think it must be irreproachable we really didn't want a little asterix next to the 2020 when his name noting that this trophy was awarded in a strange context like child athletes in japan are suffering physical verbal and sometimes
6:52 pm
sexual abuse during training according to a report released by human rights watch the report comes in the week that would have marked the start of the tokyo olympics had it not been delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic the organization documented the experiences of over $800.00 athletes across 50 sports japan's an m.p. committee promised to take steps to protect athletes from bullying and harassment of the internal survey 7 years ago highlighted the problem but human rights watch say not enough has been done since then. the specific abuses we documented include hunching slapping kicking or striking with objects excessive or insufficient food and water athletes who were forced to train when they were injured or punished with excessive training. cutting or shaving hair is a punishment and abuse by older teammates there is no comprehensive tracking
6:53 pm
of child athlete abuse in japan put another way no one is even bothering to count the number of abuse complaints or cases with a 2020 limpet games now delayed for a year due to the pandemic human rights watch is calling on japan to take decisive action the current of our spend image has forced us colleges and universities to cancel classes and sports in the 1st of 2020 now campuses are reopening but colleges have to the soit whether it's safe for student athletes to get back on the playing fields rather than jordan reports. the battle on the college football field the highlight of many americans lives come september but thanks to code that 90 the fanfare athleticism and displays of school spirit will be very different this year especially for the players and coaches. if there's
6:54 pm
a vaccine of course i probably all across well could be like you know what i mean right now. but it's like there's a sense in the back of your head it's like man there's no back seeing there's no way. there's a quarantine you night after the courts and i guess i'm ok where i want to be back to really going to cut all the way to play the state of the country. but it's not a given estimated 13000 college football players will take to the field to make sure the ivy league made up of the country's most elite university has canceled all sports for the rest of the year or so and the big 10 and pac 12 football conferences say their teams will only play league games under strict conditions plane travel and hotel stays are off limits until further notice. and it vies regroup on college sports says it's particularly important to make sure the schools come up with policies that don't put minority students at
6:55 pm
a disadvantage. college presidents on 2 and showed it reopening schools don't exacerbate the problem that this fortunate representation in fact that 19 and if there is a real cost in delaying the football season by some estimates the 25 most profitable college football programs earn $2500000000.00 a year and after expenses they still have $1400000000.00 in the bank college sports overall generate nearly 11 trillion dollars money which the schools rely money from the football program often goes into other aspects of the university apart from sports so it's understandably not a minor decision to cancel ellis for all the major decision back at the university of illinois milo i floor is realizing the far reaching impact of co that 19 what a fight back. actually i can't those who are currently in the realization that life
6:56 pm
is truly not a game. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera. gulf as a new world number one spain's john rum has not ruled mcelroy off the top spot of the victory at the memorial tournament in ohio start of the final round with a 4 stroke lead and extended it to 8 at one point even chipped in beautifully on the 16th only for officials to hand him a 2 stroke penalty of the replays showed he had moved these ball as he turkeys shot but by then even back didn't matter as he won by 3 strokes from ryan parma with mcelroy finishing in a tie for 32nd ramis the 2nd spaniard to top the rankings after by a stand off so that every day i wake up trying to be a better player a better person every single day a better husband and. i can sum it up you know any time i can join my name to spanish history or any kind of history it's very unique and so it's
6:57 pm
a very special player for all of us and to be able to be the 2nd since then it's a true one and. we're just over a month away before cyclists to egg on bare now begins the defense of the steward of france title but the colombians journey back to the top of the podium has already begun he joined fellow cyclist nairo tyler and more than 100 other colombian athletes on a chartered flight from bogota to madrid on sunday his competitor also traveling to compete in judo fencing football tennis and golf tournaments in europe all had to take a covert test and comply with health and safety rules before they could fly. so are most. going to reno that all colombians are watching us we're going to do our best the motivation we have is that we want to give the best of us to all colombians so that they are motivated so that they continue taking care of themselves and lead to their 3 years on stage. and that is all i have to say. for most fault come up with
6:58 pm
i was only with a light run thank you better. to use often now we're back in just a couple of minutes time the latest on that new vaccine news coming out u.k. and the rest of the day's it's. the traffickers a truce followed suit psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania know her way to arm so now you know how to run to win the must
6:59 pm
be an organized crime gang sex slaves episode of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. what was described as the world's longest long down course the largest exodus since the creation of independent india and $947.00. experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the peace and mass movement of people will also accentuate the spread to the coronavirus from india's cities to its rule hot. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast
7:00 pm
simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry well over a huff of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. on al-jazeera. a hopeful sign early trials for a coronavirus vaccine in the u.k. showing a positive immune response. hello again i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera. the government has decided to suspend the extradition treaty immediately and today .


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