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hesitation. bolton died for. power defines our we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the rules people in power investigates exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm lauren taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up an important step in the fight against the coronavirus trials of a vaccine in the u.k. find it triggers an immune response in health volunteers. a 4th day of talks in
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brussels on the pandemic recovery plan leaders consider a new proposal will it be enough to break the deadlock. and to government protesters once again descend on the mali and capitol determined to remove the president from power. and the u.k. suspends its extradition treaty with hong kong in response to china's controversial new security law. says the cricket to 20 world cup was postponed until next year because of. picks were due to japan faces allegations that are abuse of course 50 sports have full details. there's been a breakthrough in the urgent search for a coronavirus vaccine here in the u.k.
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a candidate treatment developed at unprecedented speed by a team at the university of oxford has shown promising early results scientists say it's safe for humans and triggered the critical immune response which could stop the virus in its tracks all the findings are encouraging larger trials still need to be done well brennan begins our coverage from oxford. phase one really couldn't have gone much better for the oxford team early positive signs now confirmed in the published research this is a boat on the park but we're now moving rapidly forwards to try to evaluate whether the vaccine actually protects the population. by conducting large scale trials we have 10000 people already vaccinated around the world we still see how the vaccine in older people more is the disease than the. so that's the subject of work and to be more public and. the oxford vaccine is adapted from
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a common cold virus found in chimpanzees spike glycoprotein a genetic material from the co with 19 virus was added the hope is the human body will develop immunity to the spike protein stopping the virus from entering cells and preventing infection tests indicate the vaccine produces 2 reactions by producing a defensive antibody response as well as t. cells which attack the infected cells t. cell response peaked just 14 days after volunteers were injected antibody response peak to 28 days and side effects were minor mainly just tiredness and headaches treated with paracetamol i'm hopeful i've got my fingers crossed but to say that i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or indeed next year is a last just you know an exaggeration we're not there yet this is a hugely encouraging result for the team here in oxford but provoking an immune reaction is just the 1st stage in vaccine development phase 3 trials are already
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underway in the u.k. south africa and brazil are looking at issues such as optimal dosage and exactly how much protection vaccinated people have when exposed to the actual corona virus fairly cameron was injected with the oxford vaccine as part of the phase 3 trials she's a family doctor herself and has lost friends and patients to the. iris rather than sitting in front of the t.v. and screaming at the mortality rates every day screaming at politicians or getting annoyed and say should media arrive i really felt very strongly. that i wanted to do something i just wanted to be a part of the answer after a day i think there's going to be one on set to pave it i think there's going to be a few different says 9 in 10 vaccine projects and in failure and there is no guarantee that the early promise of the oxford trials will lead to an effective covert job but it is a very positive step paul brennan al-jazeera oxford an aspect to professor adrian
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hill from the oxford university research group explains what will happen next where at the stage now of looking for efficacy or seen and that has involved recruiting almost $10000.00 equal interests are all phase 3 trial those people are being recruited at 19 centers around the country in britain and we are following those to see who gets infected by and. that will come to a conclusion as soon as we have enough cases in the trial that hasn't happened yet it will probably take a couple of months at least yet so we will get an answer on whether or not there are more cases or less cases ideally of vaccine cohabit in the backseat route and in the polls we are confident that as with nearly all the x.e. the immune responses last years not months and even though they may decline
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a bit over time we don't expect that the initial problem in other words the vaccine should last for at least a year and think fully long. the world health organization is tracking at least $160.00 coronavirus vaccines normally they can take years to be approved for public use but it's hoped these could be available much sooner than that the vast majority of vaccines are still in the preclinical stage in tested on animals not people about 30 are in phase one testing where the potential vaccines are given to a handful of people or face to whether tested on hundreds of people there are 3 products that are providing most hope and have reached phase 3 testing where thousands of people receive the drug to confirm its safety and to check for any side effects or these are the chinese company sin of ak it's conducting phase 3 testing in brazil university of melbourne and murdoch children's research institute in australia and the university of oxford astra zeneca trial which is combining
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phases $2.00 and $3.00 in the u.k. and has just gone it in to face 3 tests in south africa and brazil. well head of the show says it's crucial that any vaccine is distributed fairly across the globe go. for a fair distribution and especially access to the poor and those who cannot afford the most important element will be political commitment especially by our leaders. with political commitment of course. that's the only way you can get you know fair distribution but one of the warring part of this we see is. some countries moving the other direction for this we can speak not a democrat donald is the lead organizer just treatment which is a campaign group demanding fair access to medicines he joins us live from bristol via skype and so and i gather that you are the good news of an early promise
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vaccine is not something that your that sort of hope for about. and i think we are very very hopeful and thanks laura probably our notes this is definitely good news no i think the world is looking to have vaccine that's a factor for this coronavirus to help us to return to normality but getting an effective vaccine is just you know even though it's complicated and difficult it's just step one the key is making sure that the people who need it can get access to it fairly and as dr ted ross from the w.h.o. was saying you just know we're seeing some governments instead of stepping up to collaborate to maximize their chances of getting equitable access to this their stock seen at a fair price we're seeing the u.k. government moving in the opposite direction and hoping really to fuel an arms race between countries trying to get preferential access to those vaccines that are in development and that kind of i just want to. read out of that i've found there is
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actually there are $75.00 countries which have joined in this kovacs facility which is a mechanism designed to to guarantee what they have a quote rapid fair and equitable access to kevin $1000.00 vaccines worldwide new cases to be part of that one what is it you want beyond that. yes of the collapse vaccine is are at the kodak facilities are is an important part of their global architecture that we need to build around this search for and an effort to get access to a vaccine but it explicitly excluded some of the things that we've seen historically prevent people around the world from getting access to medicines at a fair price and in an equitable way and that's the intellectual property rights that drug drug companies monopolies on the products that they produce so what we're seeing with the response right no is left after me much you are getting access and control over vaccine hundreds who are developed largely with public funds untouched pairs of care for them and this astra zeneca oxford university is one example of
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that there's fighting was produced with public funds in oxford university but it's not only hundreds of astra zeneca and we know very little about the terms of that data so we've got no real assurance that the price that we're going to be paying for this vaccine beyond this short term period of is turned immediate undamaged is going to be a fair what we also don't have any cigars around is your own that will have a sufficient supply of this from the model manufacturers that really need it has to get there how to get around that issue that actually these things do cost more for our money minute the reception the lancet in october 28th which said that in general vaccine about from discover to this can cost billions of dollars can take over 10 years to complete and has an average 94 percent chance of failure and so you didn't pay the scientists to do the research and that's presumably why that the big pharma companies come in and. well what's really interesting with this up for
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a while is at astra zeneca since they did the deal to get control over this oxygen produced vaccine they've secured $2000000000.00 or thereabouts in funding from governments and have been very clear that all of their costs are going to be covered by the public sector so the normal agreement that these drug companies take risks and then that risk is rewarded isn't really the case in this circumstance so we shouldn't really be giving them a lot believe as well as paying for them to supply the medicine what we would like to see the u.k. government doing is supporting an initiative which the delusional proposed which would allow us to peru all of the relevant intellectual property rights all of the diff to the research i'm know out there to ensure that everybody is able to make use of that that there is no monopoly that provides the supply that we need or the skill that we need and we don't allow any country or any company to hold the world to ransom with that very high price that means that people don't get access when
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they need it and then that's what we don't we need a people's vaccine to respond to a concert 90 damage done and thank you very much indeed for talking to scientists there thanks so much. talks on a massive pandemic recovery package are now in their 4th day in brussels with here being council president shall michelle saying he's confident a deal will be struck agreement over a $2.00 trillion dollars budget has been a set by deep ideological differences focused on the roughly $850000000000.00 coronavirus recovery fund as highlighted divisions over how much would be repayable the latest proposal is for $445000000000.00 in essentially free grants that's more than countries including the netherlands want and less than the amount table by france and germany. joins us live from paris so we're nearing the end of the day for any indication so far how toxic. well we know as the
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talks are continuing look when they began when the $27.00 leaders of the event the states met on friday of course they probably didn't realize that these would be such a marathon talks ahead of them but what was on the table at that point was a proposal by the e.u. commission $860000000000.00 recovery plan now the talks over the last few days have been tense and they've been fraught and the reason is because you member states leaders are divided over the size of this fund in the 1st place and also how the money should be distributed on one side you have countries like germany france spain and italy pushing for a big a big fund as possible they want an ambitious fund because they say that there's a time now for unity solidarity that's what needs to be shown on the other hand you have fiscally conservative countries such as the netherlands denmark austria and
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sweden they've become known as the frugal 4 who are really concerned about the idea of shared debt they prefer for example grants they prefer i should say yes logans over grants excuse me but what we have now is the e.u. council head show michel who has come out after these talks and said i'm going to put a proposition on the table based on all the discussions we've had and what he is pushing for is for them to sign off on this fall figure of $860000000000.00 and that figure would be roughly split between grants and loans now whether or not the leaders of the e.u. member states will go for it we'll have to see but we know that the french president over the past few days and weeks has been urging the e.u. really to back this proposal he says this is a crunch time for the e.u. because if the e.u. fails to help we can member states in this time of unprecedented crisis then many
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people in the e.u. will simply lose faith in the e.u. project it will fuel anti e.u. sentiments so he's calling for a real ambition to be shown by the easily. to not meet a spirit of compromise and ambition is to take the risk of returning to hard times and for some who are concerned about this in the end it may end up costing us even more so i will continue to fight on these subjects in particular with german chancellor angela merkel since as you know we've worked together a lot over the past days and nights where you'd have to think that e.u. leaders would want to wrap up this summit sooner than later because they've been talking for so many days but what they're actually discussing right now is the next long term budget the recovery fund is attached to that budget so those talks are expected to go on for some hours yet and just about i thank you very much.
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economic progress is central to germany's political image and the way it helped to lead europe but with a crisis on our hands and america has decided it could be time to spend as dominic cain reports rebellion angela merkel's mantra was always for european partners to live within their means but then came corona and with it what she calls the biggest challenge post-war europe has faced reason enough in her mind to abandon 12 years of thrift and use the german presidency of the e.u. to its best advantage firstly allowed to. make this. stuff 1st be what we want now the recovery fund all the next generation a new program it has to be staggering something special because the task at hand is huge is also the answer has to be big as well but that. is the is it some analysts say what changed her mind was the indiscriminate nature of the pandemic that the countries who need the most help did not bring about their own misfortune
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she realized ok 1st it's an issue of solidarity real human solidarity not a political one but then 2nd also on the political level to hope those governments are actually who are already close to or through an economic bankrupt due to the shutdown of their countries and their economies but how much of merkel's mission is altruism and how much in light and self interest because germany remains the main source both for import and export goods for a majority of e.u. member states meaning the harder that they suffer now the more likely the currently ailing german economy might suffer further down the line there are certainly a combination of self interest but also an understanding that this is the moment for for leadership within europe and germany might be the right player to execute this leadership it will be the last presidents the under chancellor merkel so it's her time to create a legacy project and move the european union forward in
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a substantial. 3 surveys suggest many germans approve of merkel's handling of the coronavirus but they're also worried at the effect it's had on their economy germany is in recession with millions of people either on reduced hours or unemployed which explains why the maclow medical plan is unpopular in some conservative circles many germans like to think of themselves as good europeans willing to help friends and neighbors in their time of need that's usually meant their government lending money to other you countries but now that america wants to give their money away real work change dominic kane al-jazeera who are. coming up this news hour from london another 10000 infections in the past day as far as outbreak shows no sign of slowing. the worst flooding in decades millions of people are affected as china is deluged. and support one of cricket's biggest
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tournaments has been delayed because of corona virus leaving the hair with the details. of arches in hong kong have tightened restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus it comes after the territory reported more than $100.00 new infections on sunday the highest one day increase since the pandemic began chief executive caroline myss described the situation as critical aaron brown before pts. hong kong's star ferry is one of the city's famous symbols but as with all other forms of public transport here the wearing of masks is now mandatory on board on monday the measure was extended to indoor markets and other covered public places and for the 2nd time 180000 civil servants began working from home hong kong's chief executive warns the new outbreak of covert 19 may not be possible to contain thing
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for the situation is really critical and there is no sign that it's being brought under control until 2 weeks ago hong kong had a religiously low infection rate it chief that without imposing strict containment measures as happened across the border in mainland china at one stage the city was recording 0 transmission rates the moods very different now why are we worried that we are really close to the collapse because we got more elderly cases more cases we have long term illness and also we found more cases when their wives emergency room they're ready got some new warning as the changes they're quite ill but since july the 6 there have been almost 600 new cases experts have yet to trace the source of around 40 percent of those infections some medical experts say the new wave of infections points to
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a new poll in hong kong's quarantine arrangements arrangements which are exempt workers like pilots sailors and the drivers of lorries the bring essential food supplies into hong kong from the mainland every day. china's state controlled media offer another view saying recent protests against you now tional security law help to spread the virus on sunday for local politicians were arrested on suspicion of taking part in an illegal assembly they've all. so fine through breaching social distancing laws laws that now make protests like these unlawful adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. as the united states struggles to contain the world's biggest corona virus outbreak president trump says he will resume the white house briefings from tuesday the president held a daily public briefings at the start of the pandemic but suspended them in april after widespread criticism of misleading statements they've been nearly 3800000
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cases across america and more than 140000 deaths that's going to end a calico who's live in miami florida and the florida one of the worst hit states so what's the situation there now. well aren't today's figures just as shocking of there as they have been for the last few weeks more than 10000 new cases 360000 cases statewide in total but perhaps the most shocking figure now more than 5000 deaths out of all that into perspective about 3 and a half weeks ago are contract and covert 1000 myself i haven't been standing here reporting on how the virus has been ravaging this state but 3 and a half weeks ago in my last report i was talking about 2000 new cases a day and about 3000 deaths so that just gives you some perspective as to how this is ramped up and how this pandemic is now really affecting the sunshine state governor on the scientists gave a press briefing earlier we talked about people giving blood who'd had the virus
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because that's useful in hospitals but he was booed and jeered by protesters who were simply not happy with his response and took over at 19 in this state now as in many other states the governor has left it up to local leaders so you've got places like here in miami dade which is the worst hit in the state where the mare of miami is talking about perhaps shutting businesses down once again something that runs a scientist does not want to see there was already a curfew in place here in miami beach from 10 pm till 6 am but this really continues to grow over the last 10 days the number of new cases has exceeded 10000 every day on july the 12th it was actually closer to $15000.00 as for the intensive care units in miami dade county there are about 75 percent full in other parts of the state they are entirely full so the bed space is getting extremely tight the doctors another front line workers here under extreme amounts of stress
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but even as you know as someone who's had covert 19 that they're really disappointing thing for people like me is watching party boats go up and down the intercoastal with young people on board taking pictures of themselves for social media or not wearing masks. that hasn't happened too much but it's still being allowed to happen while this state is being ravaged by this pandemic to remember 25 percent of the population here is over the age of $65.00 actually more like a 3rd of the population is over the age of 65 so the danger really continues the question is what will your thought is do if these figures keep on running up and again i thank you very much indeed. several egyptian prisons and police stations have had suspected coronavirus outbreaks in recent weeks a report by human rights watch says at least 14 prisoners and detainees have likely died from covert 19 complications is calling on the government to improve testing and medical care in prisons about 13000 inmates have been released since february
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to ease overcrowding but the rights group says it's not enough egypt's parliament has approved the deployment of troops to libya to defend quote the national security national security and provides a president. with a mandate for possible intervention in the conflict sisi has previously threatened to support her if you have to as forces if tripoli's government and its turkish allies renewed their assault on the city of since the move could bring egypt and turkey into direct confrontation and i said good mattie is a political analyst and director of the tripoli based subject institute he says egypt is concerned about losing its influence in eastern libya. they know that turkey and the jury know the government trick of the u.n. but government tripoli and they are intending on moving forward and pushing over the east west the void is that us that is not just a symbolic city it's a strategic to the it's kilometers from libya's oil it also has the burden put between east and west and symbolically what could be one or 2 or even 3 states in
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libya now turkey want to move forward but egypt is really really worried about losing all of its influence is the libya you have there losing control of the battle on resources there so it's about defending that and trying to create all of this through a tricky smoke and mirrors so to speak in order to try and get to make a phone call to other gun this is phone call diplomacy at its worst it was once. when he was president on trampas held a phone call with his egyptian counterpart agreeing to maintain a cease fire in libya the white house says the 2 leaders affirmed the need for immediate deescalation in libya including through a cease fire and progress on economic and political negotiations president trump also reiterated the commitment of the united states to facilitating a fair and equitable deal among egypt ethiopia and sudan on the ground in rene saw stan and expressed well wishes to the egyptian people in combating the coronavirus
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pandemic still to come on al-jazeera this news hour is this the way to crackdown on protests donald trump pledges to send the force to democrat led cities. at the return of a soup kitchen reveals the fragility of chinese economic growth. and support the u.s. college football season is a brilliant on a draw and will it be able to kick off the series. hello the warm few weeks of summer in sweden the hot weeks indeed seem to disappear now in fact scandinavia and many countries in eastern europe of succession these cold fronts go through and you know things just not been like summer tour continues in the same vein low twenty's if you're lucky breezy and cloudy and cherry there
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for the european plain most places are at least enjoying resurgence of hate so in the west that generates a few showers over the alps still some wondering thunderstorms a bit further east as well and the picture looks even better if you like the warmth in the sunshine in france for example on wednesday other there is a bit of a cooling trend still in those in europe lisbon which represents part of europe 5 days ago is cooling down to for a different reason the sun still in the sky with the wind directions change 25 by friday. those africa's court actors and i want weatherwise in the breeze to pick up the sand in various places that see orange high us big showers pick themselves up in the open highlands around the gulf of guinea and to the west we've seen significant rain runs through the gambhir and senegal recently there will be more showers in much the same area our generation i think of a massive show as ours in the in the ocean indian ocean might hit out against.
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the traffickers don't actually use violence and psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from a bang and no way to amsterdam know how to rental when the must be an organized crime gangs sex slaves episode team of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matter everybody had power when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports job it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business not me and i'm the only person here to bring you more award winning
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documentary and life needs. from one of the top stories here are syria a corona virus vaccine developed by astra zeneca and the university of oxford has been shown to trigger an immune response in early stage human trials scientists say could be distributed this year if larger trials prove successful. e.u. leaders are considering a new budget proposal put forward by the council president to try to break the deadlock over a massive pandemic recovery package members are divided over how the multi-billion dollar fund should be given out. egypt's parliament has approved the deployment of
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troops to libya to defend the national security and provides president under such r.c.c. with a mandate for possible intervention in the neighboring conflict. more anti-government protests are taking place in mali after regional mediation failed to broker an end to the country's political crisis demonstrators want president ibrahim but work cater to resign they accuse him of corruption and say he has failed to end violence by armed groups like this hack has more. they call it operation ghost town opposition protesters from mali's and 5 movements have set up roadblocks in the capital bamako i did in the cities of to book 2 and go the protest movement is spreading we don't want to be gossiped. high up so that they can see we are not looking for violence that we are not a threat to our motivation is to continue our movement of civil disobedience so that our demands are met. nobody's later police fired tear gas if it attempts to
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disperse the crowd demonstrators want to see president ibrahim work or cater resign and that uli elected national assembly dissolved the queues of rigging the ballot which was held earlier this year in favor of his governing party candidates many of whom are close allies or relatives of the president. to end the crisis the regional bloc eco aust led by former nigerian president goodluck jonathan says newly appointed constitutional judges should rule over the contested election results while the bloc called for national unity it says there is no reason for the president to resign. it is urgent to set up a government of national unity on the basis of consensus taking into account the recommendations of the inclusive national dialogue the proposals are for 50 percent of government members to come from the ruling coalition 30 percent of government officials will come from the opposition and 20 percent will come from civil society . says
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a monitoring mission will make sure that this is implemented before the end of july but the m 5 movement has rejected ecowas as recommendations it wants a transitional government saying president is in breach of the constitution after commando units trained to fight armed groups such as al-qaeda and i salute fill units were deployed and fired live rounds on unarmed protesters several were killed and many injured. we have told us that we would not want people to feel a dnd of this whole process that ecowas has disowned projective of keeping a president in power against his people must not be an instrument for protecting the heads of state it must be an instrument of the service of the interests of the people. the protest movement continues to gain movement to those who supported say they've lost confidence in mali's leadership the president is increasingly becoming
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isolated because hark al-jazeera. the british government is suspending its extradition treaty with hong kong and blocking arms sales for rob says the measures are a reasonable and proportionate response to the controversial new national security door china imposed on the territory may have backers in london and says relations between the u.k. and china a tense. britain has hit back at beijing's new security law by extending the invitation to up to 3000000 hong kong citizens to be able to come and live and work here the u.k. to seek refuge in britain said the prime minister boris johnson also a ban on the sale of weapons to mainland china would be extended to hong kong as well the ban to mainland china has been in place since the late 1980 s. and covers not only weaponry but the sale of all equipment that can be used said grab for internal repression and also decision to end the 30 year extradition
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treaty this existed between the u.k. and hong kong the firies the people being extradited from britain to hong kong could then be transferred to mainland china where there are different rules and regulations in place much more stringent punishment for certain crimes if you're found guilty of political subversion for instance you can find yourself facing a life sentence there well this is what dominic robb the foreign secretary had to say specifically on the extradition arrangement the government has decided to suspend the extradition treaty immediately and. i should also tell the house that we would not consider reactivating those arrangements unless and until there are clear and robust safeguards which are able to prevent extradition from the u.k. being misused under the new national security legislation while the u.k. and china have been on a collision course in recent weeks. has been incredibly critical of beijing's
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treatment of the minority muslim we get a population in the province of. he said that the world's attention needs to be focused on apparent gross human rights violations there also the united kingdom last week under immense pressure from washington decided to end the chinese tech giant chua ways involvement in building the u.k.'s. infrastructure going forward beijing is hit by accusing the u.k. of seeing to washington's chuen. u.s. president donald trump has again outlined his plans to send nord foresman pass now to several democrat led cities as part of a federal crackdown on anti-racism protests well this despite criticism of the tactics used by offices during demonstrations in the city of portland a white house correspondent can really help it has more house democrats who are gravely concerned they say and are calling for
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a federal investigation into what they say are heavy handed tactics by federal authorities over the weekend particularly in portland where there is still ongoing social unrest protests going on and now the argument from democrats that this is really just an expression of their 1st amendment rights to peaceful protests of republicans and the president say this was nothing there was nothing peaceful about these protests in fact there were attacks on people there were attacks on physical property so the u.s. president is pushing back on that what he says is he's not looking for less policing federal police he in fact is looking to add even more to cities like portland and others that he say are controlled by democrats around the country and his words and his view are out of control with the law enforcement. portland was totally out of control 'd the democrats the liberal democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing. they were ripping down for $51.00 days ripping down
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that city destroyed the city looting it the level of. corruption and what was going on there is incredible u.s. president may make an announcement about additional federal policing in democrat run cities in the coming hours if that does not happen today we do expect according to donald trump that he will be having a briefing on tuesday he says this will be a bringing back of the crore virus taskforce briefings that of course were so controversy over and even a problem for the president but in the absence of his ability to be able to campaign it appears the president trying to get his message out and he way he can he is cheney has been hailed as latin america's most successful free market economy but the pandemic is exposing the country's inequalities a nationwide curfew and not downs have brought business to a standstill and many chileans say the government's response to the comment downturn has been too little too late in america and it's
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a noose in human reports from santiago. like i have received every mother in every day takes on a tour of love victoria a low income neighborhood on the outskirts of santiago well it's murals dating back to the 1980 s. tell the story of its residents political struggle against chile's former military dictatorship the law this is the mineral in honor of the people who were detained and disappeared. it was the time when the community got together to create soup kitchens to confront a profound economic crisis. when soldiers rushed in to arrest or kill protesters under an endless state of emergency. the bargain for a world 40 years later for many it feels like deja vu again there's a curfew a state of emergency was soldiers on the streets and police fighting protesters. and once again the women of this community are cooking for the hungry in soup
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kitchens. this pandemic has exposed the deep fault lines of chile's economic system there are millions of people now out of work and much of the so-called middle class has been plunged into poverty which is why tens of thousands of people are now resorting to this some order to have something to eat but there's a difference between now and when admissable that this mother used to serve spaghetti would be made in the eighty's we were all either poor or rich the majority were poor of course but then things changed we thought we'd become middle class but it wasn't true because we're all in debt with credit cards and loans now we're all unemployed and we can't pay our debts and bills we're poor again under its new liberal economic model chile has become the latin american country with the highest per capita income but with a catch. on paper g.d.p.
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is similar to portugal's except only 9 percent of chileans receive the average income well in portrait. it's 53 percent of the population in portugal the middle class is a middle class well here most average income earners are more like poor portuguese and extremely fragile economically. chillies conservative government is now offering an economic aid package to the middle class the problem is that millions of people including many of those in line at the soup kitchen no longer qualify even as lower middle class. all this is that the fuel to the still unresolved political social and economic explosion that erupted in chile last october and which the pandemic had put on pause at least for a while you see in human al-jazeera santiago all. the pandemic has triggered one of the deepest recessions so far and some of the poorest nations have been west hit g 20 finance ministers were asked to extend
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a short term debt freeze for some of those countries into next year the debt service suspension initiative has so far saved $42.00 countries $5300000000.00 in payments to service for debts but the world bank estimates eligible countries and liable for a total of almost 14 $1000000000.00 of debt service payments this year ahead of the bank says creditors such as china need to throw more support behind the scheme to get help so as to help get a potential total of 12000000000 dollars saved will join me live from washington d.c. is separation of the world bank group david malpass thanks very much for being with us so what indications have you got from the g 20 that they might go to go with this idea. hi laurent well in march they endorsed the idea so that was good with the with the moratorium itself and so now in the communique that it was just completed on saturday there was the decision to try to
12:43 am
decide that by october whether to extend it further i think we're making good progress on that the issue is how do you catch how do you have a broad enough initiative that means most of the debt that the debtors are repaying on yuan include for example state owned enterprises and also from the creditor side that all the various creditors are included the bilateral creditors such as development banks policy banks should be included even some of the central bank debt the debt from central banks to the developing countries should be included in the moratorium how much pushback is there there with economies around the globe but i mean even the it's kind of well off economies are doing kind of relative 10 is doing badly and they seem to due to give a sense that they're actually saying this isn't the right time to be doing this kind of thing no there seems to be general agreement on the direction of this and
12:44 am
so what that what i think we're we'd need to do is just make sure the resource is the. amount of bailable to the poorest countries are as large as they can be let's put it in perspective for the poorest countries this is a lot of money for the developed for the advanced economies it's not very much compared to their other stimulus efforts at some of the world health organization is today warned of the kind of are spreading quickly through africa and how big a problem is the debt bad unfit for these countries in particular and how will definitely help them. in recent years a lot of debt was added to that to african countries including the poorest countries some of that comes from the private sector there was a big build up of debt from china into into africa and so the burden of the sustainability problem is sizable i do want to note that for africa other things
12:45 am
are also very important problematic for example the locust swarms are spreading southward even as far south as bia then you also have the the problem of ebola and measles that are still not contained or and in fact are spreading and so there are many problems all of which need to be really dealt with on an urgent basis malaria remains a giant problem for a minute for several parts of africa and it has the long term consequences for the health of of people and so we're the point i want to make is we need to find a way to lighten the burden in terms of these repayments to the to the wealthier creditors let's be candid about that the creditors in general are better off than the poorest countries they always are and so lighten that burden so that more
12:46 am
resources can go to all of the needs that africa faces thank you very much an office for talking to someone saying thank you at least 140 people dead or missing us to wrench will rain continues to batter southern and central china many 24000000 people have been affected by the west floods to hit the country in decades to him approach from beijing. villages submerged and thousands of homes destroyed as floodwaters inundate 24 chinese provinces emergency teams have been sent to rural areas to help trapped villagers many people have died or are missing and more than 2000000 have been evacuated from their homes in mountainous areas landslides are an added danger i am of those people afraid of living in their house are there is a landslide near the back of the house which is also flooded. urban areas have also been batted and an adequate province roads became rivers dams along waterways
12:47 am
connected to the young sea river have been blowed up to reduce high water levels the 3 gorges dam and its flood gates last week after levels were above 15 meters to wrench will rain which has lashed the region since the beginning of june has seen more than 400 rivers breach flood control limits the 3 broken record levels in the south east every year but experts say climate change is making it worse. hour of the rationing study shows that global climate changes let the extreme weather regions of our country is located in the area that is sensitive to the climate change people living in sichuan province have begun cleaning up with more heavy rain expected this week soldiers are reinforcing dikes in who they province the del years has devastated communities still struggling to recover from the curve of 19 pandemic economic losses are estimated at $12000000000.00 chinese authorities are
12:48 am
desperate to avoid a repeat of 1998 when extreme flooding left more than 4000 dead and 15000000 homeless a trainee or al-jazeera aging. still to come with. a great catch helps england's cricketers beat the west indies a level best series with one game left here it's. like playing.
12:49 am
move forward. tosspot his lady lauren thank you very much will the tokyo lin pick should have
12:50 am
started this week but instead japanese sport is under pressure after a damning report from human rights watch that comes a child in the country is suffering physical verbal and sometimes such an abuse during training the report documented the experiences of over $800.00 athletes across 50 sports japan's an impi committee promised to take steps to protect authors from bullying and harassment after an internal survey done 7 years ago highlighted the problem but human rights watch say not enough has been done since then the specific abuses we documented include hunching slapping kicking or striking with objects excessive or insufficient food and water athletes who were forced to train when they were injured or punished with excessive training. cutting or shaving hair is a punishment and abuse by older teammates there is no comprehensive tracking
12:51 am
of child athlete abuse in japan but another way no one is even bothering to count the number of abuse complaints or cases with a 2020 limpet games now delayed for a year due to the pandemic human rights watch is calling on japan to take decisive action where 10 days away from the n.b.a. basketball rays tossing at disney world i like to stay on the bond judd says his mentality hasn't changed but he's finding it strange being in the n.b.a. disney bubble earl has asked me how is the book war of the go or not he says 2020. nothing is normal and. nothing seems as he is who knows if it will go back to the way it was who knows but you know you make just what is the same as much inmates. in what we have we're here to to do what it was 2020 so that was there for an
12:52 am
additional 20 twentieth's not a career on the baseball season finally starts on thursday champions the washington nationals have announced before she will fire the ceremonial 1st pitch in the opening game against the new york yankees prachi is the face of america's fight against the coronavirus pandemic is also a big nationals from u.s. colleges and universities a study reopening but i must decide whether it's saif a student athletes to get back on the playing fields was an reports. the battle of the college football field the highlight of many americans lives come september but thanks to code it 90 the fanfare athleticism and displays of school spirit will be very different this year especially for the players and coaches. if there is what i've seen of course are probably all because a lot of it would be like you know what i mean right now. but it's like there's
12:53 am
a sense in the back of your head just like man there's no back scene there's no waves like there's quarantining you night after the courts and i guess i'm ok we're on t.v. back to really going to football where to play the state of the country. but it's not a given the estimated $13000.00 college football players will take to the field to action the ivy league made up of the country's most elite university has canceled all sports for the rest of the year and the big 10 and pac 12 football conferences say their teams will only play league games under strict conditions plane travel and hotel stays are off limits until further notice. and it vies regroup on college sports says it's particularly important to make sure the schools come up with policies that don't put minority students at a disadvantage to college presidents on 2 and showed it reopening schools don't exacerbate the problem with that this fortunate representation an impact
12:54 am
that 19 if there is a real cost in delaying the football season by some estimates the $25.00 most profitable college football programs earn $2500000000.00 a year and after expenses they still have $1400000000.00 in the bank college sports overall generate nearly 11 trillion dollars money which the schools rely money from the football program often goes into other aspects of the university apart from sports so it's understandably not a minor decision to cancel alice for all the major decision back at the university of illinois milo i floor is realizing the far reaching impact of co that 19 what a fight back. can't those who are can sit in the realization that life is truly not a game. rosalyn shorten al-jazeera. now it's a cricket and as expected the
12:55 am
t 20 world cup has been postponed because of the carnivores pandemic current champions the west indies were set to defend the trophy in australia in october and november but that it's now been put back a year which shifts the entire cricket calendar it will be followed by another t 20 world cup a year later in 2022 and then it's the 50 over world cup in india in 2024 and. now you're looking at close to $20000.00 accredited people who are required to run an event and for that kind of magnitude to make sure that everybody is safe and secure is an extremely important decision that was taken through. steinweg cricket the west indies have lost the 2nd test of the series against england i was at a target of 312 i don't travel in my shoes that were bowled out for 198. with that fantastic catch to secure the victory 510-0000 runs he maintains one all going into a deciding test starting on friday the same ground still with no spectators of
12:56 am
course we're back in 27 so you know you the story of the world's 1st transatlantic league sports team the toronto wolfpack well they have now had to withdraw from the remainder of the english rugby league season because of financial challenges caused by the pandemic it's not been decided if they'll be relegated but they say they do intend to field at say even 2021 meanwhile some of colombia's top athletes are doing all they can to compete in europe boarding a special flight from bogota to madrid they include cyclist amber now who try to defend his tour de france title next month. and the prize for the world's top football player the ballon d'or will not be awarded this year because of the coronavirus disruption it will be the 1st time in 64 years there has been no winner . meanwhile several tames in sudan have returned to training ahead of the restart of their season in august these are players that american football club no fans
12:57 am
will be allowed to attend games which will hit carbs financially. the most beautiful thing in football is the audience and it will be a little difficult without fans but the situation is happening all over the world and the most important thing is for everyone to look after themselves on the pitch following health guidelines and we hope that sudan overcomes the coronavirus yet. and finally turkey has new football champions. will measure which we're all not we are oh ok i. was i. this was the prior's of istanbul. interrupting the coach's news conference that just won the league for the 1st time based on the rights of a batch i got a basic task are shocked to hear only turn professional in 2007 and has strong ties to talk as president one it is part time and by turkey's ministry of youth and sports and they look like they enjoy the triumph that's in the sport from
12:58 am
a darts alone thanks so much indeed leigh nice to see you and that's it for made our entire life this news hour are back in a member another full roundup of the day's news thanks so much watching in a bit. the u.s. is a tipping point find has are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders failed to agree upon a solution to taking items into their own. documents
12:59 am
. which by its actions to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critically both sides return to people's doors on al-jazeera . al-jazeera. where ever come. up above the hustle and bustle of cuba's capital there is a secret world. community of colorful characters who have made the rooftops in homes. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's
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history and how it has shaped their lives and hopes for the future. have on it from on heart but it's just. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of the network's journalists announces era. an important step in the fight against the coronavirus trials of a vaccine in the u.k. find it triggers an immune response in health volunteers. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a 4th day of talks in brussels on the e.u.
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pandemic recovery plan leaders consider a new propose.


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