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tv   Yemen War Profiteers  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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a vast range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of on match point journalists on al-jazeera. who are. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera oxford university has made a breakthrough in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine only results appear to show it is safe and triggers an immune response the world health organization has welcomed this but says that any viable of that scene must be available to everyone paul brennan reports now from oxford. phase one really couldn't have gone much better for the oxford team early positive signs now confirmed in the published research so this is an important milestone on the par but we're now moving rapidly forwards to try to evaluate whether the vaccine actually protects the population. by conducting large scale trials we have
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10000 people already vaccinated around the world we still need to see how the vaccine in older people more is the disease than the. that is so that's the subject of work and to be more public and. the oxford vaccine is adapted from a common cold virus found in chimpanzees spike glycoprotein a genetic material from the code with 1000 virus was added the hope is the human body will develop immunity to the spike protein stopping the virus from entering cells and preventing infection tests indicate the vaccine produces 2 reactions by producing a defensive antibody response as well as t. cells which attack the infected cells t. cell response peaked just 14 days after volunteers were injected antibody response peak to 28 days and side effects were minor mainly just tiredness and headaches treated with paracetamol i'm hopeful i've got my fingers crossed but to say that
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i'm 100 percent confident that we'll get a vaccine this year or indeed next year is a last just you know an exaggeration we're not there yet this is a hugely encouraging result for the team here in oxford but provoking an immune reaction is just the 1st stage in vaccine development phase 3 trials are already underway in the u.k. south africa and brazil are looking at issues such as optimal dosage and exactly how much protection vaccinated people have when exposed to the actual corona virus fairly cameron was injected with the oxford vaccine as part of the phase 3 trials she's a family doctor herself and has lost friends and patients to the virus. rather than sitting in front of the t.v. and screaming at the mortality rates every day screaming at politicians or getting annoyed and social media right i really felt very strong. that i wanted to do something i just wanted to be a part of the on sarah
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a day thing there's going to be one ounce it i think there's going to be a few different. 9 in 10 vaccine projects and in failure and there is no guarantee that the early promise of the oxford trials will lead to an effective covert jab but it is a very positive step paul brennan al-jazeera oxford the u. leaders are locked into their 4th night of negotiations over a coronavirus rescue fund france and germany want the e.u. nations most affected to receive bailout grounds but there's resistance from some members who want loans not handouts new cases of corona virus in the u.s. state of florida have soared past 10000 for the 6th day in a row california and texas are also experiencing surges it takes the nationwide total of nearly 3800000 with 140000 deaths egypt's parliament has voted to allow president abdel fattah el-sisi to deploy troops abroad that allows for a possible intervention in neighboring libya sisi has previously threatened to
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support warlord only to have task forces if tripoli's government and its turkish allies launched an assault on the city of sirte the arizona the control of after his forces that it is a gateway to libya's oil rich region the u.k. is suspending its extradition treaty with hong kong on blocking arms sales in response to beijing's new national security law last month china post sweeping new legislation outlawing what it called subversion. and a delegation of west african leaders are heading back to mali later this week to help mediate an end to the political crisis the opposition has already rejected their proposal calling for unity government and they're insisting mali's president abraham brokaw taito resign. those are the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera off the yemen war profiteer statement on so much but enough.
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that. it's a school trip. $62.00 games are traveling going across one of them to thomas. the rest would be filmed by security cameras suddenly the bus is hit by a bomb. the strong blast rips through shops nearby. love me here the moment was a lot of thought about when a building i love that i live in now you might that i know a lot of
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a lot of you know nothing of out of the little bit of a house i have when i'm good i'm in need and he didn't get out of your home tie in a way. to let me have enough. i've been up here i don't know what i am. or benj and i thought i'm up here like a lot of fun at a. time and even e he about half an hour usually in our human hand i stay head out of this for love of. ali was 11 years old he was buried alongside the other choice. dran the airstrike killed 51 people and left 79 wounded . the school bus was hit by saudi u.a.e. coalition jets they called it a mistake and claimed their target was the who the rebels the armed group that
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overthrew a democratically elected yemeni government the group has controlled northwest yemen and the capital city of sanaa says 2014 is saudi and u.a.e. led coalition is trying to crush the who these and keep their next door neighbor in check it has pounded yemen relentlessly more than 19000 airstrikes since the coalition entered the war in 20151 3rd of these attacks have struck nonmilitary targets. it is believed that the fighting from both sides has caused an estimated $50000.00 civilian deaths. saudi arabia buys its weapons from the united states and the u.k. as well as a number of european arms manufacturers led by french and german companies. officially the use of these european weapons is compliance with international law but the truth is far more complex this is a u.k.
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manufactured weapon produced in a 2015. minutes in scotland and shipped kirwan the dogs go together muffled but the look polite this is all a. quest for answers europe's leaders are keeping their lips sealed. because if he doesn't do it we don't need it is it a momentous year. of the falls which focus on the abuse. evidence has been gathered accusation. has to be mechanical to bomb them off go back go china computer think that lets you know that if the you can france themselves those states are risking complicity in future unlawful coalition attacks.
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the saudi and u.a.e. that coalition has been accused of violating international humanitarian law and the rules of war supplying the weapons used in these alleged war crimes would make the u.k. france and germany complicit. who support and majority of the victims of this war are civilians every dean families fleeing the fighting the poor into the region's biggest hospital in also the ca. most of the hospitals in rebel held areas have been destroyed so wounded
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civilians like these 3 women and their babies flock here they're from hyundai del a city near the frontline. that. the sleekness face. i think i think putting 6000 so most of them. is the 6 month old baby's mother she and her husband have been shuttled from camp to camp to escape the bombing with no need to feed their 6 children and for the past 3 years. there hasn't been to see any money time and again and others haven't found it like this if it is if this is that mines 11. 11 that i. really don't think of that i will do this as i. motherhood to be put out. but alumni in an effort to
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hash out a one number that sell them. and they're the ones i had them with and then i had them when i met kat and if we had 7 that had they known that i was 7 and 8 let me get. one of hannah's children already died from malnutrition and since the war started. to stop the filthy weapons supply the coalition has placed a naval blockade on yemen simultaneously preventing the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to the rebel held areas where these families live. have. failed to love. cars. set up for her leave.
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even. newborns are suffering and before the war this new need 2 units usually cared for around 10 babies now there aren't enough enqueue beaters to house the ailing infants on the way. and may lack it over something like all good ima say heaven may lend a muttered to himself i had. this mother brought in her baby last night her 5 month old girl is fighting for life london said that. survives a bad now well the. answer to our questions. get a bit of a 100. 1000000 the lead babies come. in the you know you. could call it. their land to let it
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you. says their sanity duress a las type. that the i. will. sit. ins at the entrance to get in my den inc well the mayor has little private that. i scented through on the them of it has. since the war in yemen started $85000.00 children have reportedly starved to death according to the u.n. it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. in 2018 the u.n. appointed a panel of experts to examine the coalition blockade on yemen and the impact of the thousands of airstrikes launched against civilians there. it concluded that these practices could qualify as war crimes it's pointed not only at saudi arabia and the u.a.e. but also at the party supply. in the coalition with weapons based on
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a multilateral treaty regulating arms sales that has been enforced since 2014 the arms trade treaty or the a.t.t. stipulates that a state party shall not authorize any transfer of conventional arms if it has knowledge at the time of authorization that the arms or items would be used in the commission of attacks directed against civilians objects or other war crimes. but whose weapons are used in these alleged crimes the filthies are keen to put forward their evidence. after airstrikes the rebels scour the rubble for bomb remains to identify where they came from. the start of the remains at sites like this. this bomb cemetery in sanaa holds
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both american and european bombs. the manager of the storehouse says these bombs are u.k. maids. and. yeah i found out a while she'd go money highly secure not ok had a few idea walk out. of on a rally so we're all equal it's often. a look at fattest and had a bit funny so i think they're not mosshart more. than we are but i must say your mountain wanted me to get out. of a start. well good. for our british. internationalist again now how do. i want to back out. of it while having the most
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i love have you know and i don't know how i want to leave the house up more give elect about the other duties. but i don't have them you know if you go along. with cluster bombs like this hit the ground they become land mines which have been outlawed since 2010 by the also convention. and the any sort of but these remains were shown to us by who thiis. one of the parties in this conflict we have no way to corroborates where they came from there are very few independent sources in yemen human rights watch is one of the few independent n.g.o.s investigating on the ground.
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if you're in a place where they won't let you take photos but you want to get the g.p.s. and you the phone that has g.p.s. can take g.p.s. coordinates sometimes if you just take a photo of the floor then you can get the g.p.s. coordinates at the secret site 25 members of the engine or not and i have come together for the 1st time in human rights watch experts are training them on how to gather evidence most prefer to remain anonymous for their own safety and that of their families we're trying to do something like a human rights memory for the violations that happening in the ground to keep it for the future for in the accountability and legal steps. we are all. saved by accident. many of our foes are such as has been detained more than once and want to know is receiving a lot of friends and we are facing a lot of hate campaigns for all parties to the conflict what is the 1st way you
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would try and find information about what happened with fear strike. well. ok. you know. what do you mean when you say oh. oh oh. ok great so many are you know sam is point is a really good reminder the accuracy of the information collected on the ground is vital it will be used by international organizations in their reports or videos of the strike site they also talked about renditions and physical remains of the types of weapons that were used right so physical evidence can be very very important. human rights watch has only been able to look into 88 attacks that would be deemed illegal under international law in 24 of those attacks it managed to pinpoint where
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the munitions came from. this is a u.k. manufactured weapon guided bomb produced in may 25th team and the reason the dates are important is because it's months after the coalition began its military campaign as well as human rights organizations in the u.s. and others are raising concerns about the way in which the coalition was operating in yemen so by continuing to sell weapons to saudi arabia or other members of the coalition that are likely to be used in unlawful coalition attacks in yemen the you can france themselves those states are risking complicity in future unlawful coalition attacks. aware of this risk of complicity the european parliament's began calling for a suspension of arms sales to saudi arabia 2 years ago. 5 e.u. member states have stopped sending more weapons to saudi arabia but does exclude the kingdom's biggest suppliers led by the united kingdom. since the outbreak of
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the war in yemen u.k. arms manufacturers have sold more than 5000000000 euros worth of weapons to saudi arabia this support has sparked an eye. unprecedented wave of protest from both the british public and parliament. british arms sales are sharply increased and british military advisors are directing the wall it cannot be right that her government this is pretty good aid cannot be right that her government is truly looting in warley united nations says' is evidence of war crimes. 3 months after that speech troubling revelations heighten the criticism over arms sales in the united kingdom arms export permits are in theory granted on a case by case basis specific licenses must be approved by the government and
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n.g.o.s the campaign against arms trade investigated the permits granted to export to saudi arabia. as good information for you i think people would know better as well that was willing to help him. they discovered that the british government had loosened the licensing process to speed up arms exports. we find out for a freedom of information requests that bombs and missiles are going to say the forces under open license open licenses are meant to be for goods which are not but which are not particularly sensitive then 5 these are some of the most sensitive exports that can be made we're talking about bombs we're talking but missiles in fact government has hidden for true value of u.k. arms exports to saudi arabia.
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even a member of the u.k. parliament's committees on arms export controls said that he is powerless. as an m.p. a member of the committee has been able to know how much i mean nation have been sent on these open licenses to saudi arabia you know we have no idea because the government just does not record they are open tickets to send as much of that particular item to that particular country so saudi arabia in this case as that country wants and the company wants and that's a real problem because it could be hundreds of millions of rounds to saudi arabia the saudi case is an interesting difficult one because the amount of money involved . so you are always going to come up to the front page of ethics.
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economics. france faces the same dilemma during the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said man's last visit to paris president emanuel mark home was asked about the issue. in a british university claire blessed with a security lobby so did you go on exotic you many day and again the population here in. the french president is pursuing the same policy embraced by his predecessors on both ends of the political spectrum. between 20122017 the volume of weapons supplied to saudi arabia has tripled from 400000000 to 1300000000 euros. in 2015 when the war intensified in yemen it didn't slow arms exports quite the contrary.
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loved. it governorship us dollars to refuse to place you go after all the french government has continued to approve arms exports to a country accused of possible war crimes by the un. this sparked uproar in the french parliament in new york called the other more for the but for it this is all michael janda really obvious to me ruling out enough. you just got gold of having said. no only of all but deserve a nickel more than the baguette the last leg clare to divulge it down to me down to eat sauce otoh he says you express it said oh. these are still x. plus and if we then examine x. time and not he who would give us
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a solid resume in his name if you have only to press is a moment of silliness i don't know me notional but act. according to flaunt sparkly question during a closed door meeting of the defense committee officially saudi arabia may use french made arms only to defend itself. can our weapons had an impact on the population. to my knowledge the ground equipment sold to saudi arabia is not being used offensively defensively. half.
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trying to get us in on each other and if you show you the best value think about a shock you don't like l.a. galaxy illustrate the actual creation of a threat. but how does france monitor the use of arms that it sells. like you with the french government fail to respond to repeated questions on the matter. it's all official response to the issue of arms exports. i report to parliament issued every year. left on my t.l. do you visit down south to see that. seal so you get to go to we get to go be down to the stuff with the stuff he was going to say but don't be a catalyst an example your bicycle support me. because i don't necessarily care and of the shit i went on i did of a mushroom but she recovered by the weapon i destroyed this ocean polluted us i want citizenship all the south for you and all of us but who want us for that. sure
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but the city as it will point to it we're safe and a company. that will question you asked me whatever you know the longest walk. you know. a lot of. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal ponds to show off their newest and best armaments. along with u.s. u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabian led coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment.
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consciously rose here to report on the people often ignored but who must be heard so how many other channels can you say will take their time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense about our lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen and the sahara legion and so many others who go to the you make the effort we care stay. the traffickers don't actually use violence in psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania no way to know how to run to when the must be an organized crime gangs sex slaves episode 2 of slavery
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a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic in the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of had a new car and not even through wave one as a result of a lack of a leadership here i said to my people blow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on al-jazeera his country's begin easy coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days good enough to get in front of the neighborhood and many fear the economy is be prioritised the boat for human life until fall to pull your team the focus was on the outfield that was spiked and pulled in 1000 races we bring you the latest developments from across the globe
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coronavirus condiment special coverage on a. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera oxford university has made a breakthrough in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine only results appear to show it is safe and triggers an immune response that scene was adapted from a common cold virus found in chimpanzees the world health organization has welcomed the breakthrough but says that any viable vaccine must be made available to everyone we's political commitment of course. that's the only way you can get you know food distribution but. one of the.
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part of this we see is. some countries moving. of course more and more countries are joining the. benefits the advantages of making this global public good e.u. leaders are locked into their 4th night of negotiations over a coronavirus rescue fund france and germany want the e.u. nations most affected to receive bailout grants but there's resistance from some members who want loans not handouts new cases of the virus in the u.s. state of florida have soared past 10000 for the 6th day in a row california and texas are also experiencing surges it takes the nationwide total to nearly $3800000.00 with 140000 deaths he just parliament has voted to allow president sisi to deploy troops abroad it allows for a possible intervention in neighboring libya since he has previously threatened to support warlords anything have task forces if tripoli is government down its
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turkish allies launched an assault on sirte the arizona the control of have to ask forces and is the gateway to libya's oil rich region the u.k. suspending its extradition treaty with hong kong on blocking arms sales in response to beijing's new national security law the foreign secretary has described the measures as reasonable and proportionate last month china imposed sweeping new legislation outlawing what it called subversion and a delegation of west african leaders are heading back to mali later this week to help mediate an end to the political crisis the opposition has already rejected their proposal according for unity government insisting mali is president abraham but a catheter should resign. with the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after yemen war profiteers state in terms of watching. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just new as this is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing from serbia to hungary to read what they might be covering
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politics and what actually might covering protests. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal ponds to show off their newest and best armaments. along with us u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabian that coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment. both the coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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and the hope the rebels have been accused of war crimes raising the possibility that their suppliers are also complicit. at the last arms trade show the cesar how with sara was on display used by the saudi national guard it has a 40 kilometer firing range and a one meter strike accuracy this powerful weapon has been a big seller for the next her group. none of the groups are presented to its would answer the filmmakers questions. but an extra worker spoke out. to supply their push only holaday on the mall to note in the mix there will be. if you don't was on the whole a human leg was a ghost between your ears or eric bruni is a union delegates at next are driven by his convictions and protected by his union
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mandates he travels around france telling arms industry workers how french made arms are being used in yemen you see no notice i does was indifferent is unfair is that are you aware that there was enough of luck in those that you referred to your government is that there are more suicide of us what is the us wish real good in the us if one of us i know you meant. says upon the protests of. the orders continue with more expected soon. in late august 2018 another next to employ youth is that a new contract has just been negotiated with saudi arabia. to protect our stores this dialogue has been reenacted.
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this contract was signed while the un was raising the possibility that the coalition committed war crimes. none of the details of these contracts have been made public it's not the 1st controversial defense contract between france and saudi arabia.
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in 2014 france signed a contract to sell 2400000000 euros worth of military equipment to saudi arabia officially the saudis were supposed to give them to their ally lebanon to help the to fight so-called terrorists. by 2 years later the saudis decided to keep their weapons for themselves with france's approval they claimed a situation in lebanon had become too unstable. but this decision appears to have been premeditated. jimmie johnson nor sweat it in winners understeer just images or had more day than the day imagine a yellow open shoe g.-man no in no. possible friend on maternity unit was on a 20 oakland word that to do for national geographic emetic incessant vengeance
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often festal true you can plan if you just show up or when you manage a certain box or you don't. purportedly instead of helping lebanon saudi arabia was preparing its war in yemen with help from friends the filmmaker spoke with one of tony 14 sources. the informant through works in the arms industry and prefers to remain anonymous in 2015 he or she helped prepare the communications systems for the vehicles sold to saudi arabia. source that the french arms maker knew the weapons would be used in yemen.
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in year 2 new people see. us at the. south. halt was prime minister when the donetsk contract was negotiated he was then appointed foreign affairs minister and held the position when the military weapons shipments to saudi arabia began. basic using.
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nuclear. we're pretty. it was a very good approach but to. miss it is that because it gave us a cigar comparable to you know what i was going to come out in a lab so basic but see what i talk about service on property a check for than exam oak up of growth of course good as you like to do you know me lounge also although i walked over to live as good as usual no no he goes. straight to a nurse so we're off it. as you could be. as you know on jail or audrey or human counseling but you know this you're so full of you that met. the dulness contract provided for the delivery of
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munitions 1st is there how would. 24000 spotted them in footage filmed by a saudi t.v. crew at the border with yemen. i see don't walk. long cone volunteered. for most bally do you sit down the defensive some city. home to let you know we're going to go more of a d.v.d.-a. but i wonder what yeah but a vet of concern about only. the general says. thanks to his inside sources and social network sites that focus on armaments he identified french weapons and used on the frontline. all out. nuclear war next you're going to pour. the data human read about it it was it was
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on the pulse of the un you tell. 4th encountered a total of 11 weapons that could have been used against civilian populations but couldn't get anyone to officially confirm his list. it is classified information deemed top secret. no one can check on the executive branch's arms deals not even members of parliament who are supposed to monitor the government's actions. all to tell you well. i'm a sauce. best rocketeer saurian is the hottest. they are due to get us at this for the year and go to miss our turn against questionable places that don't work their dishes. total up with the occasional it is you can change it
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i postulate a concert or school and i post a day on which is that this all see it that way but. says he saw it all to fiction which will value. me presentation of all places he didn't mention that i haven't wanted to defame a fish your best your feeling really sure is where you can use it or use it but in me shortly only to only. my own for submission with the law so there's an admission he says after some time that's how it was on here and what he had to wait on i spent time with that quite a few ways as his role of almost nobody montel noble but because i was of value. to increase transparency in july 2018 a deputy proposed creating a committee to investigate the use of french weapons in the war in yemen fabian good to fast oppose the move the committee of inquiry never got off the ground.
4:44 am
one arguments used to justify the contracts these arms sales help france maintain its strong geopolitical foothold in the region. the 2nd argument is a canard make the arms industry employs 165000 people in france. this center in france is looking region has been set up to train saudi soldiers on how to use our lands purchased from france it was subsidized by the local government and is expected to employ 100 local workers just last longer senator for new muse supported the project while serving as french defense minister in 20112012. he increased french trade with saudi arabia substantially you have known who couldn't do an on camera interview but had this to say be a telephone. official. as an issue that's.
4:45 am
the recipient of. all except a little just. as. i think it is if he had come to get on television it's a good and fresh again. to me but it's going to be. all . nothing seems to have slowed down the sales not the accusations of war crimes nor the thousands of civilian deaths not even the murder of a saudi dissident in october 2018. isn't that is the german question to treat breast cancer that's really an issue that i do so to taste accurate history because i did democracy lobby so did. german i should be again it is true it is something straight up i still mood. in france
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skilling's per the official protests but its effect trade with the saudis. in germany the reaction was harsher. that's. been done to name them all nixon. and the chance there is decision to the promise she made 7 months earlier but never put into practice and going to merkel was putting together her government at the time ishmael long doesn't manage in void it destroyed some folks that were at the prompting of social democrats who pledged to stop exporting weapons to countries involved in the fighting in yemen. but has to.
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survive for the long. exposure because it's all. in a few forbidden to the show. by a district suleman so we're still mostly for woman from. good reason but for me she is all i know. i know political. and by. design. when you see him get america. because of the case how do you feel. the good. is fed in the as the same and it's.
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so i will club and also i get so called. a line before he a woman the game and stops in. will buy in the house was dissolved disappointed ticked so the side fair dealing your novel for the internets another put it took but boy. the good news comes love i'm so lucky. in germany 136000 people work for the arms industry and number of this decision was numbed the knesset applauded by the german public. and open. with a member of the committee on foreign affairs and the disarmament commission for 8 years i'm going to back and i need to give a kind of ominous audio i mean if i'm not. going hard to bidding on creatures in the home of
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a shift does. not invite i've often exported an image of adding another gong amended got its bohol saudia have been vetted by the. some weapons makers didn't even wait a few months. heineman time germany 2nd biggest defense contractor apparently devised a strategy for getting around the back. behind the time executive refuse to answer requests come in. the information came out by accident discovered by a former italian and. were on october 29th 2015. and a colleague were getting ready to take off from count. airports.
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say a medicine man. meant better over. the in peter the bomb that. was the bomb but. then more on the. document. and. i'm going to. go. but you're going. to be complete got to stop it quest. of course i
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went i meant that. he then discovered that more bombs were about to be shipped out this time and both belonging to the body shipping company which belong to saudi arabia. container is again we don't know. every go to a container. entering shayna visually for coke. he filmed more than 20 of these convoys where. he also made a key discovery the bombs are manufactured by an italian company that belongs to germany's mattel group. they are encased series bombs identifiable by the code stamped on them during manufacture 84447.
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with this code a link was made to a war crime committed against civilians in yemen. in october 26th in the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition bombed the house where a couple and their 4 children lived with the strike killed the entire family. the bomb remnants found in the ruins carried the high nitel subsidy stamped 38. 47. they ski lift for the going to provoke little sort of. local saying the. saudi. women to. their sky ain't that.
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their investigation prompted germany's peace networks to take action. it confirmed the findings of arms experts next hour he spent the past 2 years investigating the arms exports which is fine mittal channel to saudi arabia through its alyan subsidiary. in asking. what he saw from a defense i know that's one f. me or nautical mark and i meant in forgotten man yeah but talked on south 91 lot all. picked on us. on that's how the he just being all mean from that union all's legal take it easy in the audience i've been having would have he was i would you have been a fool and. with politicians feeling to stem the tide of arms flowing to saudi
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arabia some activists have turned their efforts to the courts. among them a team in the group painted by andrew smith and experts with the campaign against arms trade. in march 2017. 18 filed a complaint contesting the legality of u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia it worths 1st. the reason we took legal action is because we believe fees arms sales are not just and moral we believe it also illegal you can't export criteria is very clear it says but if there is a clear risk that weapons might be used to commit a serious violation of international humanitarian law. an arms sale should not go ahead the case brought several classified e-mails to light like this one consider the defense secrets. in it the head of the export control joint units
4:55 am
a government organization expresses doubts about the legality of the arms shipments concluding. to be honest and i was very direct and honest with the secretary of state my gut tells me we should suspend. the n.-g. o. lost the 1st round in the case but was allowed to file an appeal. on june 20th the u.k. court of appeals ruled on the case declaring british arms deals to saudi arabia for use in its war in yemen unlawful. the u.k. government has halted licenses for weapons exports to yemen while it appeals the ruling. this victory has provided fresh hope for human rights advocates in yemen as they push forward to relentlessly with their investigation. despite the chaos they
4:56 am
have not given up hope that one day the perpetrators of these crimes and their accomplices will be brought to trial. for the victims' families the mourning will not end until justice has been served.
4:57 am
how the still a warning for heat and humidity excessive heat is in some states in the eastern u.s. because although there's a cold front here trying to go that direction hasn't made it so if you're sitting in washington d.c. if you're in delaware it's going to be pretty unpleasant temps have come down behind that frontal system down to the high twenty's maybe low thirty's and the front itself and the air typically is generating yet again big showers for the midwest surprisingly not so further south at the moment in the tropical heat of the texas coast for example in louisiana not much is going on immediately but it might be the end the weekend at the same time with these high temperatures eventually starts to turn sherry in new york d.c. and down rally as well. but in the caribbean this is a potential development areas had to get out of the gulf of mexico the moment is
4:58 am
a mass of thunderstorms no more than that it will be doing that then turning into some storms that might try and revolt as it disappears through western cuba or on tuesday or indeed wednesday the clump of shall be going through the bahamas and has been near once again otherwise it's a very sherry period at the moment but no as concentrating over any particular landmass it's really what might form in the gulf of mexico. on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants. a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as skilled migrants now say they're
4:59 am
essential to control the virus here i receive messages on the out saying that i was a nurse back what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of. how the stories. people are caught up in their. system providing a glimpse into someone else is what you are pursuing in the dream off your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. and died for. our defines our. we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the
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rules people and our investigates exposes and question they use and abuse of power around the globe. announces a. small signs of hope in the fight against corona virus a vaccine trial in the u.k. shows some promising results. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up talks continue in brussels for a 4th night of the e.u.'s coronavirus economic recovery plan. covered 9000 infections are still rising rapidly in the.


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