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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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0. 00 am fully back to go this is the news hour live from our world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.k. government under fire for not doing enough to stop russian interference in its democratic institutions after days of acrimonious negotiations european leaders come up with a coronavirus recovery deal worth nearly $860000000000.00 also this hour u.s.
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secretary of state mike compare arrives in the u.k. i made tensions with china over hong kong and 5 g. technology. and molly's opposition calls for a pause in protests calling on the president to step down while regional mediators try to end the crisis and people seemed with the sports human rights watch school only unishe premier league to take saudi arabia's human rights record into account when considering the country's take over good from new calls the united states. thank you for joining us our newly released intelligence report has found the british government actively avoided looking into evidence of russian interference in the u.k. politics it says the government failed to take action even after evidence emerged that moscow tried to influence. 2014 scottish independence referendum the report
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also indicates the kremlin meddled in the 2016 breck's it vote but it's hard to prove while the u.k. was slow to recognize this threat and the report warns russia's cyber capability pauses what it calls any media threat to britain's national security now reacting to the report the u.k. government insists it's not being complacent when it comes to the flow of illegal russian money into the country what we do know about russian influence in the u.k. is that is the new normal successive governments of welcome russian oligarchs and their money with open arms and there is a lot of russians with very close links to. putin who are now very well integrated into but both u.k. business political and social scene was referred to as lending london ground yet few if any questions of the national guard the province of considerable wealth
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. this open door approach has provided an ideal mechanism by which illicit finance can be recycled through the london laundromat as for insomnia they go in london for a sony a we've been waiting for this report to be released for nearly a year now over a year actually it taken a long time tell us about what the findings are the details of what it's about. well indeed fallen and with. relation to that delay all the excuses the 'd that the government was giving up the time of course happened before the 29 team december election general election they the i.c.'s in fact pointed to there was absolutely no reason for that and it refuted all the excuses and explanations that the government had given to not its release and of course when you look at it
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now it is really quite damning and very critical over the lax and complex and the way that governments excessive governments going going back a few years now have dealt with this issue of russian influence through social means as well as economic means as well and the cottage industry of lawyers and estate agents and and accountants that welcomed high profile russians into the country and dedicated themselves to their services as was put there as a kind of functioning as a kind of laundromat as well and also there's a very serious question mark being put over certain members of the house of lords the upper house in the palace of westminster and in parliament there are ties to russian businesses and russian financial institutions as well that is being called into question too and that not enough has been done for there to be an open
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transparent way of looking at to see how if anyone from these institutions has also possibly been compromised as well the whole range of this whole our whole array of possibilities of influence their folly right in what have been the reactions then to this report and what is the british government doing now to counter russian interference. well you may remember that a few days ago or so a couple weeks ago the foreign secretary did lay out that britain was going to be enacting its own magnitsky act to try and stand down on this kind of laundromat process that has been going on in the country however you've got that in process and you've also got unexplained well thought is in play but so far they haven't really been extremely effective at countering this kind of process of this kind of influence as well not least to say the doesn't really have an effect on the whole
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on the cyber crimes that have been taking place in the hacking that has been attempted to try and thwart british democracy as well now we've had reaction from the british government as well while the intelligence and security committee said that they strongly recommend looking at how if there was any sort of influence looking into for example the bricks at referendum because of course they can't ascertain exactly how that was done through the social media platforms that were there the british government has already said that that retrospective assessment of the of the vote was not necessary as there was no attempt of any successful interference well that we cannot know at all considering that there was all the micro-targeting and the focus that was put on social media platforms to provide misinformation which is really a stall. of of what
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a russian interference has been able to do so there's no no clarification the u.k. government maintains that it is doing all it can but until it actually acts on what the i.c.'s recommends it really is looking like as if it's stalling and really stonewalling on any of those recommendations which actually puts a lot of doubt and question marks over how that affects the very heart of government ali thank you very much for that sonia live there in london and reacting to the report the kremlin is denying interfering in elections we'll have more on this for you later on in the news hour. in other news it's being hailed as a pivotal moment for europe a rescue deal worth nearly 860000000000 dollars to help economies by the coronavirus the agreement between e.u. leaders was reach after days of very tough negotiations step boston way for some amsterdam it was a test of an insurance for e.u.
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leaders in their longest block summit in decades 4 days of tough negotiations with tempers often freight finally on the 5th a deal 8 $159000000000.00 in non repayable grants and loans to countries worst affected by the coronavirus condemning cuts. in we we spent 4 long days and nights of negotiation more than 90 hours but it was worth it this agreement is a signal that europe is able to act after all people often accused europe of being too little too late for us here we're demonstrating that the opposite is the case dawned in masks it was the leaders 1st face to face meeting since government imposed lockdown restrictions in march lockdowns that also meant the biggest economic downturn since the great depression. german chancellor angela merkel was among leaders from france spain and italy who led the way in convincing the block
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to consider the amount evenly into loans and grants. we've laid the financial foundations for the e.u. for the next 7 years and at the same time came up with a response to the biggest crisis in the history of the european union with the recovery fund. the south proclaimed frugal for sweden denmark austria and the netherlands initially stood opposed to the deal. the group led by the dutch prime minister mark hurd worried about death but in the end they were also convinced. this is of course difficult in the decision's been very difficult to use for all your appearance a militant which ended in success for all 27 member states with especially for the people this is a good deal this is to only you and most importantly this is the right deal for europe writes no it's an unprecedented aid package an unprecedented times with so
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many european countries suffering from the covert $1000.00 crisis the european union did not have much choice but to show solidarity and unity otherwise its relevance would have been seriously questioned now it's up to the individual leaders to sell this expensive deal at home while the e.u. bloc has been faced with rising unemployment as large industries including airlines and car manufacturers lay off workers inside these walls in brussels many are hailing this as a historic deal and a big step forward in soft pedaling the economic blow the liver by dependent make steps fast and al-jazeera amsterdam our listener return to our top story this hour in the u.k. intelligence report on russian interference joining us now is andrei fedoroff lizzie was the chairman of the fund for political research and consulting in russia and also a former deputy foreign minister has via skype from moscow thank you very much mr fedorov for speaking to us here on al-jazeera it's not the 1st time of course that
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we've had such accusations leveled against russia accusations of election interference the kremlin has always denied interfering in elections 1st of all i want to ask you what you make of this report and whether there is anything in it at all that you would tend to agree with. 1st of all i think it's not one of the last report on such such current and. of the problem is that it's the 1st trip or of which is directly accusing. russia from u.k. side and it's of course it's create additional problems for the future now let our relations are on official level we will always denying any kind of interference on the state level on the state level you did die in difference but on officially is there interference.
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ok it took days computerize wald with the sky crew with learn what's up with their face move there are of course offense from several groups who are in france to spread information that cetera et cetera. i would like to mention one point it's a question of great sit in russian political circus couple of years ago there was a kind of feeling that brecht 1st bragg's it. because you can was the main trouble maker within european union and many sanction initiatives came from u.k. and there was a point of view that if you can i will leave european union it will be easy you know inside european union to change the mood and to leave the ascensions which i exist in be against russia and to solve by let the reprograms on the separate bases
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so this is a kind of bed ground which might influence on the whole story that's interesting they say that so would you say then there was russian interference in the 2016 bratz it felt. its course not due to fear it is but there are certain. 5 there was an opinion among many of our experts that brags it will be in favor of russia because it will ease our relations with european union. and from this point of view although. they were saying that ok we should welcome brett arends and we should see it as a possible way out of the current crisis with the european union and mr fedorov the report i mean doesn't just touch on election interference of course it also states that successive british governments have welcomed russian oligarchs and their money
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with open arms providing them with a means of recycling illicit finance through the so-called london laundromat and you know today there's greater suspicion of russia and russian money does moscow not worry that reports such as this 1 may have some bearing on russia's economy on its ability to raise money from foreign investors on russia's standing on the world stage. ok for the last that can longer was very very much a corrective to russian oligarchs. person in america in 2006 in london boris berezovsky horse the may not want him to put him. out i mean the main seeing now it is of that london at this moment is not so much a corrective. for russian. businessman for russian oligarchs because.
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it is a big if you are that there is not more checking go. of the property . of. how do you use it at certain etc i mean anyway london is still very important from the financial point of view. of course there is some money laundering. a while longer and stronger rational but it's no child with the russian economy today well thank you so much for talking to us and taking the time to give us your views on this andrea fedorov is a former deputy foreign minister of russia joining us there from skype we apologize for the poor connection maritime sankey so much for your time now the coronavirus crisis send us president donald trump us we did a photo of himself in a mask calling it patriotic as far as months of mixed messages on whether he believed they were an essential tool to prevent the spread of call the 1900 as
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bring in kimberly hark at our white house correspondent so kimberly a change in tone from the president perhaps offering his strongest endorsement yet for wearing masks. many arguing though it's coming much much too late as the number of corona virus cases in the united states continues to surge 140000 dead now in the united states more than 3800000 americans infected and we're seeing a majority of us state showing record breaking surges in terms of the number of people that are being infected on a daily rate now the u.s. president as you point out has been criticized as the administration criticized for sending mixed messages for not showing more leadership on this particularly as we've seen both democrats and republicans now saying in many cases that the best thing to do to stop the transmission is to wear our mask but notable in all of this for months has been the absence of a mask by u.s. president donald trump even as his own c.d.c.
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federal government body has recommended that this is something that should be done in the u.s. president changing all of that with that tweet making many yuri s. when he suggested that it's now the most patriotic thing to do to wear a mask given the fact he was one of the last to do so so in the midst of all this another thing the u.s. president is doing is resuming those very controversial coronavirus task force refix they will be picking up again at $21.00 g.m.t. and you can remember they have a stock after the president got himself into a bit of trouble for suggesting that might be good to inject yourself with disinfectant to potentially stop the spread of the virus or to get rid of it from your body and also pushing i'm proven drugs but in the absence of strong messaging from the president in the absence of being able to hold his rallies because of social distancing it appears the white house bring those back and we are told from the press secretary that he will be taking questions ok thank you very much we'll
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look forward to that press conference will become area here live on knowledge is your committee how can my forest at the white house. plenty more ahead on this news hour including china warns the u.k. over interference in hong kong as britain scraps an extradition treaty with its former colony. boss donald trump again criticizes pay is during the national anthem as baseball teams do exactly that in preparation of the east we start. to. now within the next hour leaders from ethiopia sudan egypt will begin a virtual summit in yet another attempt to break the deadlock over africa's largest hydroelectric dam the last round of talks on the grand renaissance dam ended a week ago with little progress made major sticking points think good how any future disputes will be resolved and how ethiopia will respond to droughts in the
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region sudan in egypt say the dam will impact their water supplies and don't want to start operating until a binding agreement is reached with ethiopia let's bring in mohammed vall has covered this story for a 6 sensitivity so a new round of talks but this time mohamed sof africa is stepping in as a mediator do you think they can succeed in helping make progress in these negotiations that have been so contentious over the. yes fully this is a return to to africa it's very significant egypt has been approaching the u.s. the u.n. and. those partners have not done much egypt has now realized that to the united states would not put enough pressure on the each opens to stop feeling that. anytime they want so that's clear now to the egyptians they return to the africans and south africa chair of the south african leader as the chair of the african union has the backing of the african union some 50 plus states they want to this
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problem to be resolved 10 countries are concerned. that the nile basin they know that any conflagration in the conflict between each o.p.'s sudan and egypt will backfire and you know will spread across the region south africa itself is a very is removed from this spot but they know that it is in the interest of the continent to resolve this problem so egypt is going back to the africans even though africans have some criticism to words egyptian position for instance let's go back to a few years ago when it's your peer began building constructing a dam on the or more river that according to the human rights organization human rights watch and other sources created a lot of damage in lake turkana if. some of the gulf is in that lake shrunk by 1.7 kilometers and the water level dropped by 1.5 kilometer affecting the livelihood of. hundreds of thousands of people and that lake at the time the
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criticism leveled against egypt is that it did not stand with kenya when it when it faced with trying to convince it not to construct particularly not to. do any action unilaterally so not seen a similar example each opie's tending towards unilateral action in terms of filling the. the resolve war egypt is resorting to 2 to 2 africans to help in this regard and africans are serious about this because they know they are concerned so the hope is that you know sudanese officials was quoted are saying about 90 percent of the problems have been resolved between the 3 countries are now the the 10 remaining 10 percent those who hope that they will be resolved during this meeting but that's a that's a high hope i think because this problem has been going on for years and it is difficult for these countries because what is at stake is really historic and
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crucially it europeans think that this is a matter of life and the amount of sovereignty national sovereignty that the egyptians think this is a matter of survival and it is historic for egypt for the 1st time to see 90 percent of the waters that italy lies on for this livelihood being put under the control of a country with which it is not on good terms or at least with regards to this issue of water sharing of the nile and will continue to closely follow those negotiations over if the o.p.'s grand renaissance dam with you mohammed fall for the moment thank you the issues surrounding china and the coronavirus pandemic have dominated discussions between the u.s. secretary of state and the u.k. prime minister in london a talks come as both countries increase pressure on beijing over allegations of human rights violations and national security issues the u.k. has banned arms sales to hong kong and suspended its extradition treaty with the territory meanwhile the u.s. has re-imposed visa restrictions on employees of the chinese tech giant huawei. is
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outside the prime minister's office in london joins us now live on the news our china high on the agenda tell us about who has been meeting with today and what's been the come of the discussions so far. will the secular state started his day by meeting 20 members of parliament from all different political parties before he met the prime minister and what they all had in common is that they will spoken out against china in the past and none of these m.p.'s hold any positions in government it's quite an old move but it was also very deliberate it was his opportunity to really gauge the mood in parliament to see how parliamentarians are feeling about china and see how far they're willing to go to express their displeasure with beijing over the treatment of those limbs the crackdown in hong kong and the handling of the corona virus and i know that one of those m.p.'s ian duncan smith is calling for u.k.
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to ban the social media company to talk for its relationship with the chinese intelligence and he's asking the us to do the same other m.p.'s are saying they want to bar the china from investing in u.k. nuclear power stations others say they want to review beijing's impact on universities in this country and no doubt section from payers will be looking at how he can support them he will also have been congratulating them because it's really due to them that the u.k. has made the decision to ban the chinese telecoms company away from building the u.k.'s 5 g. infrastructure it was the sustained pressure from this group of m.p.'s that led to boris johnson to finally make the decision to do that so that's the meeting he had 1st quite controversial he then went on to have a brief meeting with the prime minister behind me at number 10 and he's now having a working lunch with the foreign minister dominic robb over at the foreign office now when it comes to the meeting had with the prime minister he said that there
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were very constructive talks there laying the foundation for frank conversations about 5 g. about the u.s. u.k. trade relationship they also touched on foreign policy on issues to do with the wrong to do the middle east and also looking at the 5 eyes intelligence alliance that. made up of australia canada new zealand the us and the u.k. you no doubt will be quite strategically important going forward now the prime minister will want to be concentrating on that u.s. u.k. free trade agreement negotiations which have slightly tripped up over the issue of curated chicken and hormone injected beef which in practice is that banned in this country and he's going to want to really restart those negotiations also on the agenda is the national health service which has been quite controversial but actually yesterday m.p.'s in britain voted against a bill to protect the n.h.s. from outside interference so it could pave the way for the us to get something out of that deal that it really wants but really pompei is here to assess how well
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trump's push to get the u.k. to reassess its relationship with china is going right frankly it is incredible and just 5 years ago another conservative government was rolling out the red carpet for president xi jinping giving him the full state visit i remember covering the pomp and ceremony of that and it does seem that the relationship was absolutely shifted in those 5 years in the u.k. is now navigating a very fine line between these 2 superpowers things change. china angela live for us there downing street we are expecting a news conference from the u.s. secretary of state in about an hour or so at 1430 g.m.t. will bring that to you live here on al-jazeera meanwhile china has accused the u.k. of violating international law after britain suspended its sex addition treaty with hong kong beijing has to immediately corrected mistakes british foreign secretary dominic calls the measure is
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a reasonable and proportionate response to hong kong's new national security law last month china imposed sweeping legislation on the city up knowing what it considers secession subversion terrorism and collusion with foreign entities so in the view of the british side has made some wrong moves. related issues such moves violate international law and basic norms guiding international relations they violate china's internal of fear is china firmly opposes them and resistance right to react fears of china's internal fears that allow no foreign interference katrina you is in beijing with more on the reaction from china 11 that has also said that beijing reserves the right to take countermeasures against the u.k. in response to this move now we don't know exactly what those waves might be but we have had some suggestions from chinese state media newspaper got the global times here and it says this one of the headlines is the u.k. urged to make quote unquote smart choices and it actually says that they think
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should consider taking aim at british companies particular it mentions troop h.s.b.c. and the automotive company jaguar land rover which has investments in china it also mentions chick talk which is a 20 social media app owned by the chinese company by dance now as we understand it by was in talks with the u.k. government or been a new headquarters in the u.k. that would provide about 3000 jobs but according to some sources these talks have stalled due to political reasons so we may see some sort of trade tit for tat or certainly some economic ramifications from this move by the u k. now pressure is mounting on china's dams because of days of heavy rains and flooding at least $140.00 people are either dead or missing rivers along the system have burst their banks in some areas flooding villages and crops heavy rain since
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the beginning of the month has force $1800000.00 people from their homes seasonal rains affect large parts of china each year the conditions this year has been particularly severe let's get an update on the world weather now with jenny and jenny it's not just china it's of bad weather across much of asia it really is absolutely cause again it's been going on for weeks as well folly so yeah 1st of all let's start with china because there is of course more rain in the forecast you can see all the cloud to lying across so central areas and his father was just saying it really is now about how they're controlling this water and one of the ways they're doing this of course is to open all these sluice gates so in one particular dam they've actually opened all of 13 to try and just alleviate the flood waters and obviously push everything further downstream there's no rain in the forecast so it is a go through wednesday some very heavy amounts of rain and not just taking his actually slightly to the north so shine dong but also of course it will continue its journey eastward so this means that very heavy rain through thursday is really going to push across much of the korean peninsula and of course it will be heavy to be torrential and so we could again have some more flooding here has been some in
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the last couple of weeks then if we had across towards india look at this is actually just coming to us these pictures and this is on the main highway that connects the katmandu really to the rest of nepal there's been lots of landslides amazingly nobody's been injured in this but you can see the devastation it's done and obviously what it's done is the main supply route has cutting off all the vehicles with fuel but also of course with food as well lots more of these monsoon rains across central northeastern india and again up into the pool buttes hamburg again over the next couple of days and very heavy amounts of rain really pushing up through these northern areas of the band go for gold across into were bangladesh which of course as we know fully is also very much under water so we're really as he said the whole of the real. and is really suffering from. jenny thank you very much for that still ahead on the news hour donald trump threatens to use more force to prod down on protests in cities led by democrats plus. i'm way reporting from
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my land which used to be the largest exporter wife in the world we'll tell you why the number a continuing. and in sports yet another historical milestone for christiana. care with all the details to stay with us. both the hustle and bustle of capitol there is a secret world. community characters who have made the rooftops your home. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's history and how it has shaped their mob some hopes for the future. with us on just. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus condé make in the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party
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official just kamel in a special edition of head to head he's not even through wave one as a result of a lack of a leadership here i said to my people blow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on al-jazeera. the in. the in the in. here watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories a you came television's report says is evidence russia has tried to meddle in british elections it says it's credible information the kremlin try to influence the $24.00 team scottish independence referendum by the office saying it's hard to
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prove interference in the $26.00 vote russia has denied any claims of interference a unit actions have agreed a multi-billion dollar coronavirus recovery package after a fortnight of talks and intense negotiations the majority of the deal is being offered as grants to artists its member states and u.s. secretary of state mike i'm pale and british prime minister of course chancellor and have met in london where they discussed the situation in iran and the middle east peace process they did hold a joint news conference in about an hour issues surrounding china and the pandemic are expected to dominate as both increase pressure on beijing. prominent pakistani journalist critical of the country's military has gone missing in islamabad police say my 2 live john was last seen outside a school in the capital on tuesday morning footage from surveillance cameras show man dragging a driver out of his car into another vehicle wide school demanding more information
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on his whereabouts spring in in his forest what more do we know about the circumstances of this journalist's disappearance. were indeed there the question everybody here is dark lord john should be remembered. been angry. for several. don and recently one of his tweets from. the judiciary to move. portraying contempt of court charges against him. on going by however his wife. may saying that his call was. outside and. inside their way and a closed circuit t.v. 4 day school which would of course put in place after that handed it back against
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the school in august on record. to be security forces quote from the police didn't need here in the form taking him away however the government commented on it the opposition on the other hand is of course now coming out with criticism against the government saying that david against the freedom of the press the operation itself now getting together to try to move against the government. holidays going to. say about john disappearing and what is the overall situation for journalists in pakistan how safe are. well it depends on it here you are covering if you're covering a conflict zone sometimes there are issued toward the government. national security issues of course the journalists would say that this is central park for the most
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part the bloggers on the media. of course some criticism that certain governments have come out. against that the guarantee for it but overall the situation and bad. however it did a cause for concern when norn journalists disappear under mysterious circumstances thank you very much for that come on hide and lifeless in his mama bought. by germany's foreign minister says turkey must stop drilling in the eastern mediterranean if it hopes for any progress in talks with the european union heikal mosse made the statement after meeting with his greek count upon in athens on tuesday tensions are running high between athens and ankara because of turkish training in contested waters let's bring in john psaropoulos in the greek capital for so what has come out of the meeting john tell us more. well as you say both
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ministers agree that the turkish drilling which is an authorized in the exclusive economic zones of cyprus and of greece must stop that is a common position among the e.u. 27 members and the e.u. and the united states have also condemned turkey's so-called exclusive economic zone agreement with libya which cards up a corridor of water in the eastern mediterranean that is also claimed by greece now the 2 ministers of course are agreed in terms of position in principle but there was very little coming out of this press conference today on what germany or other e.u. members may be willing to do in practice to deter turkish actions and those turkish actions do seem quite undeterred at the moment earlier this month turkey issued a navigational telex that one of its drill ships will be conducting exploration in
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cyprus exclusive economic zone and today the day of this meeting here in athens a new navigational telex was issued by turkish authorities saying that a 2nd drill ship will be conducting exploration in greece's exclusive economic zone any time between now and the 2nd of august this according to news outlets that deal exclusively with defense matters has now placed the greek armed forces on the high alert people who were going to be going on leave have been called back to barracks and we don't know exactly what the state of play is going to be in the eastern mediterranean in the coming days last week the greek foreign minister nikos then this alerted his counterparts at the european general affairs council meeting that greece may well invoke before the summer is out article $42.00 of the lisbon treaty it is. will the fence clause which calls all european union members to come to the
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aid of any one european union member that is under attack greece has said since last november that it will consider any turkish drilling operation in its exclusive economic zone a breach of greek sovereignty and a form of attack and that will occasion a greek military response it is with a view to those expected actions on turkey's turkey's part but greece has now warned its european counterparts so beyond this very solemn pronounce. of principle of what germany believes and what greece believes what now remains to be seen is what deterrent actions are going to take place all right john thank you very much for that john psaropoulos live for us there in athens. a u.s. federal offices have broken up a long running protest against police brutality in the city of portland.
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this video captured multiple explosions near the city courthouse where the demonstration was being held president donald trump sent federal agents there to try to control the ongoing rallies over the death of african american george floyd in police custody on monday trying to criticize city is run by what he called liberal democrats we're sending law enforcement. to portland was totally out of control the democrats a liberal democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing they were ripping down for $51.00 days ripping down that city destroyed the city loading it. but the presence of the federal police in portland has caused outrage even from within trump's own party several court cases have been launched against the deployment including one by oregon states which accuses the forces of unlawfully detaining protesters the american civil liberties union describes it as
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a constitutional crisis. mali now and the opposition has agreed to hold all anti-government protests ahead of the upcoming festival protesters have been demanding that president. resign international mediators are heading back to bamako later this week to try and find a solution to the crisis the opposition has already rejected a proposal from regional bloc calling for a unity government because hawke is following this story for us from senegal and he joins us now live so nick a pause in protests for now and a key demand of the protesters has been the resignation of the president will mediators be able to to find a consensus here. well according to goodluck jonathan that was leading this mediation effort that's a red line that is not willing to cross there is no resignation of the president on the table now coming back to this 10 day hiatus of the protest movement well that
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coincides with the end of the monitoring mission set out by the echo was to ensure that the government takes the steps that the course the west african body has recommended including the appointment of new constitutional judges so that there could be a core of 5 judges that could rule over the contested parliamentary election result $31.00 seats that went to the ruling party and there are being contested by the by the protesters and by the opposition movement yesterday president. wanted to meet with the union of judges but the universe has refused to meet with the president saying that demands by the president are on unconstitutional so clearly siding with the protest movement so as you mentioned 4 heads of states are coming to go on thursday to try to break the deadlock that's currently taking place in the in this political crisis including present mikey's of senegal the president of ghana. and
4:43 pm
as well of a new share hoping that they can bring both parties to the table to form some sort of dialogue to bring an end to this deadlock fairly thank you thank you for that update nicholas hotline for us there in the car in guinea meanwhile protesters have returned to the streets of the capital after 3 months of relative calm because of coronavirus restrictions they fought with police in conakry on monday they're angry about a potential reelection bid by president on day the 2nd 5 year term and you know tobar they made changes to the constitution this year in opposition groups are concerned he will run for a 3rd attack. a trial for sudan's ousted president omar bashir has been adjourned until next month because of a shortage of corum space but here is accused of plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of prime minister sadeq on mahdi in 1909 the military coup allowed him to take power until he was forced from government during
4:44 pm
an uprising last year the 76 year old is currently serving time in prison for corruption. the coronavirus crisis now and vaccine developers are reporting promising results but a mass vaccination program covering the globe still looks to be a long way off until that time doctors are testing existing drugs to see what works now join a whole has been given access to a scottish hospital seeking part in a huge experiment that could save many thousands of lives in the freezer a 3 part series he traveled to east kilbride to hear one month's salary of survival . a simple household ritual with his daughters that eddie hughes will never take for granted 7 points. for those party who have shoes with 200 necessary to liters dialysis machines well
4:45 pm
it was to do with the functions machines would be silly for 1st person to keep me alive aged 56 he contracted covert 19 after 2 previous buyouts of sepsis had weakened his immune system. flashbacks to call it. flashbacks you lot of you are not very computer delirious delirium. who said jane ik. feeling of being abducted trapped daughter stacey fills in some of the blanks software title we're told what don't overbuy ever know him keep your feelings on him and we may have to thank you both when pearson but it will come up to secret by only one person below it in fact in the next year you can do with 14 caesar salad a little bit like it's starting to need lasik surgeons only have one point it's 100 percent oxygen requirement which means basically the machines do nothing for them
4:46 pm
and then actually remembers all these we lose people but we were 1st mastered lives . and then we're not really used to you high dependency you among that was probably water if it had been an ice you because i was a weak. you could move troops everywhere or. could be controlled no strength at all you know a lot of dough to call my own was probably new on trucks and stuff a lot of stuff really very ugly to. shoot the nazis could we see the parking lot. at the hospital in scotland where eddie was treated i spoke to critical care nurse laura ferguson he was quite slow to wake up but when he did he was very pleasant and him and he was a pleasure to look after him and i very clearly remember taking pictures to see him to his family and he has a big snail and thumbs up but his family and to us that is my lasting memory of him . approvals as every finally left intensive care after weeks on
4:47 pm
ventilation in an induced coma a long road to full recovery lies ahead but says he'll make every day count i got to do with what. sports people do from something else happens. to understand which unfortunately life yeah. you just learned who fulton life was jonah hill al-jazeera east kilbride scotland told me joy to hope for the next part in our covert 900 series as we go beyond eddie hughes survival to look at the experimental drug that he believes saved his life now thailand has been relatively successful at handling the pandemic but it's economy is struggling largely because it relies on tourism and exports but things are also tough for farmers particularly those who grow lice when he reports from bangkok. farming has never been an easy
4:48 pm
way to make a living but in thailand these are particularly tough times this year growers of rice and other crops have been hit hard on multiple fronts all beyond their control but. there's not enough water to grow rice probably the rainy season arrived late this year and the water in the canal is true salty the farmer be in trouble if there's not enough rain soon because the drought was really bad this year. thailand is the world's 2nd largest exporter of rice but is likely to drop down the list this year the coronavirus pandemic slow demand to thai rice as other produces such as vietnam stockpiled their own product to protect domestic food stocks in case of a shortage now they are freeing up supply flooding the international market which is pushing prices down but not the thai exporters who can't compete on price even though thailand's rice farmers have had a difficult year with drought which affected production warehouses and mills like
4:49 pm
this are expected the fill up in the months ahead as exports continue to decline they'll have the product to sell but the strong thai currency makes it the most expensive rice in southeast asia exports may fall by 30 percent this year and industry leaders worry about the long term future of the sector we're less competitive now you know why because our labor costs is increasing our land prices increasing and our farmers. you know it's more than 55 years old most of them. are next generation they don't want to go into farming sending more growers who've been working the fields their whole lives are also concerned they say a government subsidy in the form of a price guarantee won't be enough but walking away from farming isn't an option for them how many. are continue to grow rice i don't know what else i can do i'm getting old and i can't work in the factory and know that i'm not going to make
4:50 pm
a lot of money but i have to carry on with a round a 3rd of thailand 70000000 people working in agriculture that's a sentiment that will be echoed around the country wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. and still ahead in sports the dodgers unveil a way for fans to be closer to the action when the end. coming up next with the tendency for. business leaders to want to buy the brass part.
4:51 pm
business leaders just want to buy the brass part. julio on. the all. time to catch up once more to speak to thank you fully human rights watch has
4:52 pm
called on the english premier league to take into account saudi arabia's human rights record when considering the country's takeover bid for newcastle united the bid has been with the premier league for months but still no decision has been made the fiance of murdered saudi journalist jamal's ashaji has called for the deal to be blocked and also one of the league's main broadcast partners be in sports want it rejected because of a 5th of their content by the saudi backed pirate channel beyond q human rights watch wants the premier league and the english football association to adopt a human rights policy in line with that of football's governing body fifa christiane a rebel that has become the 1st man to score 50 goals in the english premier league spanish league and italian 30 are when the vote again strike a native this penalty to open the school in the man begins last c.e.o. that brought her peace half century for you ventus he would score again a 121 it means eventers are now potentially just one win away from clinching the
4:53 pm
9th consecutive the title they are 8 points clear of into milan with 4 games to go . over in portugal f.c. puerto threshed motier in says 61 on the night that they also received the premier league trophy luis is open the scoring for porto with this header more into equalized before puerto rico in the lead and then the floodgates opened a. free kick followed by the 1st of 2 goals from kenya suarez quarter finished 2nd last year to their bursa rivals been but they were not to be denied this time around this is the 29th time in porter's history that they have won the portuguese league title sunday's greek cup final has been postponed of the fears of fan violence after police found petrol bombs and wooden bats near the stadium in athens a ek athens and olympiakos who played each other in the greek super league last
4:54 pm
sunday were meant to meet in the final but the greek football federation so they're looking at a new date and a possible new venue. u.s. president donald trump has again criticized players who neil during the national anthem tweeting that it shows disrespect and that the game would be over for him if that happened the president also said he's looking forward to live sport restarting when the baseball season gets underway on thursday but many players are expected to take a knee in support of the black lives matter movement several san francisco giants players knelt during the end from the head of an exhibition game against the oakland athletics on monday the giants' manager who joined them said he wanted to support his players and says he's not happy about how the u.s. handles police brutality. fans of the los angeles dodgers can still be in attendance for their game against the san francisco giants will be out of cardboard cutouts the dodgers are offering the chance for fans to send in their pictures and depending on where they want to sit they cut out could cost between $150.00 and
4:55 pm
$300.00 australia's n.r.l. did a similar thing in june but fans pranked teams so the don't just say they'll vait every picture with just over a week away from n.b.a. basketball restarting in a bubble at disneyworld in florida the l.a. lakers will play their 1st game against the clippers in 10 days time lakers star le bron james says he's mentality hasn't changed in the time he's been away but admits it's all a bit strange iraqis ask me how the bubble or out to go or not exist 2020. nothing is normal and. nothing seems as if who knows if it will go back to the way it was you know just what is the same as much inmates. what we have we're here to do but. they're trying to it's not like we're. after the olympic games are pushed back by
4:56 pm
a year because of the coronavirus pandemic swimming's governing body has announced financial assistance for its athletes will donate nearly $6500000.00 to help swimmers ahead of the olympics which will now take place next year 4000000 dollars will support athletes with expenses for training competitions and living over the next year while an additional $2000000.00 will help athletes who have not yet achieved the olympic qualifying standards paralympic and motor sport hero alex a noddy has been transferred to a special recovery center a month after suffering serious head injuries in a hand by crash the 53 year old italian has had 3 operations since we collided with a truck during a road race in sienna but he's now being taken out of a medically induced coma which means he cannot be moved from hospital to another facility for recovery and functional rehabilitation. england vice captain ben stokes has been ranked as the top all rounder in test cricket after his match winning performance against the west indies stoke scored
4:57 pm
a 1st innings century before hitting 78 quick runs on the final morning of the 2nd test to help set a target of 312 for the west indies to win in manchester you also took 3 important wickets and a catch as the visitors were bowled out for 100 $98.00 on the pope also picked up a fantastic catch to secure the victory by $113.00 runs it means it's one all going into the deciding test starting on friday at the same venue still with no spectators. with coronavirus also holding the world surf league organizers have announced their nominations for this year's big wave awards and among them are the front runners for wipeout of the year and it's the 1st time fans will get to vote on a category in the league's annual awards among the endurance or 3 wipeouts on hawaii's infamous jaws wave fans have 2 more days to vote online with the winner announced next week. thank you very much for
4:58 pm
the news hour on al-jazeera to stay with us and to milwaukee news for you coming up . very short break. here. the cost of morale day is a magnet for the rich and famous it hosts the most beautiful beaches in all of europe but i've come here to investigate a dock a side sodomy a place host to some of the world's most elaborate war games for decades dust from explosions and tastes has right down on the towns and the grazing fields of the firing range exactly what was in the no one knows in nearly 2000 local doctors sore a spike in the number of unusual cancers in their patients in a country 90 days defense contracts are a source of income but also quite possibly the cause of untold misery after all the
4:59 pm
inquiries and with military brass now on trial for the people of this island paradise there is a glimmer of hope that the truth might finally see the light of day jump into the stream and julian of global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlen's that people have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way the kids human way be it business if we're going to adapt to climate breakout this stream on out is there a. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives
5:00 pm
matter. al-jazeera world goes to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. paris a divided city on al-jazeera. the u.k. government under fire for not doing enough to stop russian interference in its democratic institutions. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also ahead after days of acrimonious negotiations european leaders come up with a coronavirus recovery deal worth nearly $860000000000.00 and loose nations that i
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