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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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how does seem to bring you the needs and current affairs that matter t. . how does iraq 'd. protests continue in portland as president donald trump says he's going to send federal security forces to several u.s. cities. i'm not madison this is all just here on live from doha also coming up cemeteries overflowing and hospitals running out of space desperation in bolivia as the government warns covered 1000 cases still haven't peaked. at more risk of abuse during the pandemic indonesia's politicians are accused of failing to protect society's most vulnerable. tens of thousands forced from their homes kenya's
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government is called to account over the eviction of people from the forest. tension once again in cities of the united states in portland oregon security forces have launched tear gas and street fires have been lit by protesters they're angry because federal officers have been sent to control demonstrations which have been going on for 56 nights but president donald trump has promised to deploy more officers this time to the cities of chicago and albuquerque he says is to control rising crime others call it an election stunt my camera ports. the concern about federal involvement was spotted by scenes like this from portland oregon up to weeks of anti racism protests federal troops in unmarked uniforms
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moved in confronting demonstrators and detaining them in unmarked vehicles much to the end of the state's governor this is a democracy. not a dictatorship and we cannot have secret police abducting people into and putting them in unmarked vehicles. i cannot believe i have to say that the president of the united states now the president has announced his intention of sending federal offices to several other cities today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime will work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice for months president trump has regularly tweeted law and order in capitals and this decision is regarded by many as a campaign ploy in an election year the mayors of several major cities have sent
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this letter to the attorney general blasting the proposed deployment the letter reads in part these are tactics we expect from authoritarian regimes not our democracy that has been an especially violent summer atlanta has seen a 300 percent spike in shooting victims compared to the same week in july last year in new york city over the past week shooting victims are up more than 200 percent. mounting frustration during this pandemic and widespread anger at police has led to what many view as a perfect storm of increased violence that federal involvement could intensify rather than fickle mike hanna al-jazeera washington for the death of his top prosecutors warn that federal agents will face criminal charges if they on lawfully assault or arrest anyone in the city. if they choose to follow the law then we'll
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all get along famously and if they choose not to follow the law then they will discover that there are laws in the commonwealth of pennsylvania that can be used to prosecute them. it is certainly my hope that their behavior will be entirely legal but based on what i saw in portland it is my opinion that some of that behavior looks like criminal conduct very plummer's a democratic strategist who served in the obama administration and says trying to stop it is likely to harm his chances of re-election. i would have to argue that what we're seeing right now and law and order strategy is really nothing but a lection year ploy to directed at democratic cities to try and demonstrate it is they said he is. along the border president if you recall 4 years ago he said i alone fix the problems plaguing america and what we've seen out of this president is higher unemployment we've seen pandemic and many other western countries have
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been able to handle a completely go off the rails we've seen now ajah 20000 americans die as a result we're seeing economic calamity we're seeing unrest in the streets and we're also seeing a president that has absolutely no clue as to what's happening in cities and has absolutely no plan no order to fix these issues there are a number of holes that are shown that. it was actually losing on this cortical longer strategy so a.b.c. news washington post poll recently. has a 9 point lead over trump when it comes to issues of safety and security and law and order kaiser family foundation has a template lead provided over trunk one percent to 44 percent when it comes down to the issues of safety and crime so poll after poll showing that actually does not have a winning hand when it comes to this and give i think what people are seeing is that the emperor has no clothes again though your leadership on crime and safety issues
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they are leadership economic issues though your leadership on the public see the public health issues are very clear and as we get closer to the elections i think that's just going to really exacerbate conceal for the president. 45 people have been killed in airstrikes in western afghanistan a district governor in the province of her that says at least 8 civilians have died in the attacks which he's blaming on afghan forces members of the taliban were also killed afghanistan's defense ministry has launched an investigation the u.s. says it's not involved. brazil has reported a record daily increase in corona virus cases of nearly 68000 it's got the world's 2nd worst outbreak after the us brazil has more than 2000000 infections and 82000 deaths a pandemic was initially focused on cities but in recent weeks it's surged in the country's vast remote areas at the same time president general scenario has tested
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positive for the virus for the 3rd time he says he's taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine most studies have found it to be an effective in treating covered 19. well those new cases in brazil pushed the total number of reported infections across latin america to more than $4000000.00 several countries are seeing increasing rates of covert 19 including bolivia where police say they've recovered hundreds of bodies from streets and homes by over apollo reports. in bolivia a special police unit is tasked with recovering bodies from people's homes in the cities of la paz and santa cruz authorities say they've recovered $420.00 bodies from homes streets and automobiles over a span of only 5 days. the vast majority are believed to be deaths from coated 19 it's a sign the health crisis in the country is accelerating more trouble friday until 2 of my relatives have died we went to the hospital and they didn't take care of them
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they told us the hospitals were crowded we went to several hospitals and now my 2 closest relatives have died from medical negligence the government does nothing. coronavirus cases in bolivia have surpassed 60000 and there are predictions the number of cases could double in the next 2 weeks this exponential rise in corona virus cases is also playing out in several other countries in the americas with alarming rates of contagion in ecuador colombia and others during the last week there were almost 900000. new cases are nearly 22000 deaths reported in our region most of there is within brazil mexico of the united states of america. on tuesday evening mexico surpassed 40000 coronavirus deaths it's the 2nd highest death toll in latin america just behind brazil. people need to
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know the epidemic is still active that we have to stay home engage in social distancing etc or guarantee some moral commitment from health officials but everyone needs to do their part. despite a reopening of mexico's economy the still worsening outbreak is expected to lead to new lock downs as cases surge. latin america remains one of the worst affected regions of the world the pan american health organization so the crisis in the region shows no signs of slowing down world health experts are also expressing concern over contagion rates in central america where countries are reporting the highest weekly death tolls since the start of the pandemic. al-jazeera. victims of sexual abuse in indonesia are being failed by politicians according to children's rights activists a bill to tackle sexual violence has been dropped as the government deals with the coronavirus pandemic as jessica washington reports from jakarta experts say
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vulnerable children are facing even bigger risks. in the city of deployed. this is where children can come together to play thing and to be safe it's a place that children who would otherwise spend all day on the street. is a volunteer at the shelter she spent her youth on the streets and she knows firsthand how perpetrators of sexual abuse target these children. living on the streets or sleeping in front of shops is a nice but if someone suddenly offered you access to an apartment facilities who would refuse there's no concept of social distancing here but these children through. food and a safe place to rest are more pressing concerns than covert 19 the volunteers who run the show to say sexual predators use accommodation and food to target children . and. street children are very much at risk of sexual violence that's why we have to be patient embrace them and protect them but in many parts of
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the country children have been left to fend for themselves this is just one of many shelters across indonesia which has closed its doors because of covered 19 precautions alone on the streets and with nowhere to go child rights activists say children are now even greater risk of becoming victims of abuse this month a number of child abuse cases have sparked calls for change including the case of a 65 year old french national who was arrested late last month accused of abusing more than $300.00 children in jakarta the accused committed suicide in his jail cell most of his victims were children on the street he lured them to hotels by pretending to be a photographer it was like before the corona virus outbreak the number of cases of abuse of children was already high the situation's only got worse now because there are more opportunities for the abuse to happen. despite this legislators have dropped a sexual violence eradication bill from their agenda. because it's not that we
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don't think the bill is important it's just a technical consideration we are finishing a bill about handling covert 19 we don't have time to finish the other bills activists say combating sexual abuse should be a priority and laws need to be strengthened. if they refuse to discuss the bill it means they fail to understand the need for protection for women and children against sexual violence. life has always been dangerous for children on the streets but the pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable they are just in washington al-jazeera jakarta. still ahead on al-jazeera a new pension reform law in chile gives those hardest hit by the pandemic a chance to dip into the savings but it's not the president with his back against the wall. and on a mission to mars find out who's just joined the race to explore the red planet.
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hello there quite a massive cloud across northern regions of europe the same rain of course having you with us as well you notice into areas across the south a scattering of thunderstorms on their way east was there's also been some fog some mist in the morning as this is a case across into western hungry but those thunderstorms i mentioned they certainly did some damage in 2 kids have as you can see his some trees down cars damaged or also some property to homes as well now the good news is that conditions a much clearer and calm a as you go through thursday funniest most a bad picture generally throughout europe quite a cloudy one still a scattering of shows maybe a thunderstorm across areas in the south and that rain is heading across the u.k. it's moving up through the north sea it will leave a scattering of showers in its wake and how much is a little bit low but generally not too bad but as you head off into friday it
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becomes if anything rather more unsettled that rain across the south becoming really quite heavy and also quite widespread rain as well pushing through southerners a scan the navy on tools both takes on the next round of all the heavy rain working its way in towards at the northwest at the time which is $25.00 in london the same in paris but in both cases fairly cloudy conditions and then down into north africa is fine and dry here we've got some fairly high temperatures as you can see by friday 35 inches. a team of chinese scientists embark on a garing deep sea mission searching for rare is also a new space one who when it's produced china's underwater on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right now. washing.
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if you want to see a reminder of our top stories this hour fires on the streets of portland oregon protesters are angry about federal officers who've been sent in to control demonstrations president donald trump has promised to deploy more officers to the cities of chicago and albuquerque to combat what he's calling rising crime. 45 people have been killed in airstrikes in western afghanistan according to local officials a district governor in the province of products says at least 8 civilians died in the attacks he's blaming afghan forces members of the taliban were also killed.
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over 9000 cases in brazil have surged by a record of nearly 68000 in just one day the country has the world's 2nd worst outbreak of to the u.s. with more than 2000000 infections pandemic has recently spread from big cities to remote rural areas. water has started to fill africa's largest hydroelectric dam even though ethiopia sudan and egypt haven't reached a deal on it yet but balkan reports and the concern about the impact the giant dam may have on blue nile states in sudan on the border with ethiopia. planting banana trees is nothing new to has been in safe his family has owned these farms in sudan's blue nile state for generations has been managing some of the lands for years and has noticed changes in the landscape and. our farms are by the bloom in about
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a decade ago the river was 500 meters away but since the increased highs of the day the flow of the nile river has changed and some parts of the water levels have gone down in others there's an increase in production some parts increase and decrease in others it all relies on the dam and its operation has the means farm is on the banks of the blue nile river the water is controlled by there was there is down built more than half a century ago to irrigate farmland it's also one of the main sources of hydro electricity the dam was extended in 2013 with the aim of increasing water levels for farmers to irrigate their crops farmers say the river which used to cost seasonal floods is more controlled now but there are concerns about the dams future . this reservoir called the 1st point where water from the territory is reserved. and experts and government officials say the feeling of the ground if you can renaissance them will have an impact on the rest areas down so dan has tried to
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bring together to reach a deal while it too is a stakeholder on the mile the 3 sides say the technical issues have been resolved but the legal aspects remain so dan's government is also concerned about the safety of the new dam and says it has failed to provide any safety guarantees it's true say was that just 100 kilometers away from the if you can run us on stand or gerd as it's known. sudans to be signing an agreement prior to the start of the film you know the good safety is entirely dependent on the operations of the good disagreements are currently concentrated on legal matters the degree to which the agreement is binding separation agreement to water sharing agreements and conflict resolution mechanisms as well as various other limited technical issues. analysts agree that mismanagement of ethiopia's grandam will affect the irrigation of farmland in sudan. the capacity of result is
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a 6 to 7000000000 cubic metres but the goods is 47000000000 if the water released by the good as above or is it is capacity that would lead to its destruction another issue is that the irrigation of land along the nile will reduce by an estimated 50 percent farmer and need a mix of the wit and dry seasons so the agricultural patterns will be affected has a name expects any changes to the floor will further change the landscape of his home but he hopes to continue growing crops just like his ancestors have done for generations people morgan al-jazeera there is. kenya's government is being accused of mistreating in the thousands of people a report from human rights watch says in the last 2 years more than 50000 people have been forced from their homes in the model forest it's one of the largest tree covered parts of kenya the report says at least $6000.00 people have been put up in camps in our county with few supplies and no compensation and blames police
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violence during evictions and poor conditions at the camps for at least 7 deaths last year human rights watch also accuses police of forcing villagers to burn down their own homes while stealing from them and destroying their food and animals the government says no one died it says people have been settling on the land in the eagerly for years cutting down forests and changing the ecosystem of the forest. that in the face of opposition and pressure from the government chile's senate has approved a bill allowing citizens to withdraw from their pension funds to offset hardships during the pandemic the historic vote will impact chile's highly unpopular private pensions system one of the main targets of last year's mass protest america at a tennessee and human reports from santiago. chileans watched with bated breath as the senate voted to allow them to withdraw up to 10 percent of their pension savings. it's supposed to be an emergency measure to help those hard hit by the pandemic make ends meet. but to many it means much more father
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christianly is who helps out a dissenting able soup kitchen says it's seen as the 1st significant blow to the country's most loathed institution the private pension fund system is going to give us a. it's like 30 pesos metro fare increase that unleashed october social explosion it was symbolic a group together people's discontent and that's what's happening again. for president of us stamping it out it's a stinging political blow made worse because senators of his own conservative coalition help to prove that condoms to greet the initiative will further reduce chileans already meager pensions i think that. either time or severe crisis governments in particular governments that can borrow like to live or to be paying the bill and i think it is certainly not a very good idea that in the absence of government people have to pay for the
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crisis with their own savings. yet the initiative has overwhelming popular support some accuse lawmakers of populism but many others blame the president for people believing it's their only option not food boxes another government aid plans have arrived late if at all and. have been insufficient looked at a lot of your. since march a position and even pro-government d.p.t. as have been proposing broader measures with less red tape and small print now with 2 late people the longer trust the government's promises. allowing people to dip into their savings we have a direct impact on capital markets and chile's currency but the alternative also has dangers since the prime barracks started with the area which was known as ground 0 blue mountains social demonstrations has been fairly quiet but as well supporters and critics of the bill recognize there's a tremendous risk of
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a explosion of a while in demonstrations should the president decide to root. them into the constitutional court as he has indicated that may. just before the vote a small group of demonstrators defied the lockdown and came out to show their support for the bill they were quickly arrested but they didn't seem too upset apparently convinced that the end is near for a private retirement system that millions of chileans believe takes their money while giving them nothing but paupers pensions in return. you see in human al-jazeera sant'angelo. united nations is warning that the arab world faces deeper and long lasting economic consequences as a result of the pandemic the region's economy is expected to contract to by more than 5 and a half percent and the economies of some countries might shrink double that the u.n. is warning the number of people living in poverty will rise by more than 14000000
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possibly sparking more political instability the region is blessed with tremendous diversity and put them. yet all arab countries where the oil rich middle income or least developed face difficulties in responding. the global pandemic is exposed in the ne challenges the regional economy has suffered multiple shocks from the vinyls as well as the sharp drop in oil prices remittances and tourism and economic forecasts than that. in a region already rife with tensions and inequalities these will have profound consequences on political and social stability the united nations is also warning that the number of people in southern yemen with little or no food may rise to 3 and a quarter 1000000 by the end of this year more than 2000000 people there already don't have enough to eat and the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic downturn is making things worse more than 100000 people have died in the war in yemen chinese
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diplomats have been given 72 hours to shut down their consulate in the u.s. city of houston is the latest american punishment for what the trumpet ministration is calling chinese spying and undiplomatic behavior china's government is threatening to retaliate or islam jordan has more. it's a scene straight out of the spy film employees at the chinese consulate in houston burned documents before they're forced to leave the u.s. on friday the expulsion of the 60 diplomats and their families is just the latest step taken by the u.s. against a country it considers a national security threat we are setting a clear expertise for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't who are going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs even before the u.s. officially announced the closure on wednesday officials in beijing were condemning the move you don't. maybe this is intentional sabotage to buy national relations
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and it's extremely outrageous china strongly condemns it and which is the u.s. side to withdraw its decision otherwise china will definitely take unnecessary and legitimate response the trumpet ministrations decision is the latest in a string of what it calls punishments for china's recent actions imposing tariffs on hong kong goods after beijing revoked its autonomy officially opposing chinese efforts to claim the south china sea as its own imposing sanctions to protest the alleged abuse and imprisonment of weaker muslims and what washington has insisted was beijing's failure to warn everyone about covert 19 before the virus outbreak turned into a global pandemic. later on wednesday senators grilled deputy secretary of state stephen during a hearing about the administration's china policy i know you argue that this president and the administration has been uniquely successful with china and i know
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you're good at your job before the hearing devolves into a hearing bashing china and the world health organization for the coded pandemic let me assure you blame game politics won't save american lives some analysts say that despite the administration's harsh rhetoric there may well be justification for closing the houston called to light for a long time the chinese have gone after. telephone or internet related technology space technology and so much of which is texas is a sensible step from that perspective for. the trumpet ministration says by closing the chinese consulate in houston it's punishing beijing for its bad behavior but political opponents say the white house strategy could backfire by encouraging its chinese counterparts to retaliate rosalyn shorten al-jazeera alexandria virginia china's embassy in london says britain's new policy which allows hong kong residents to claim british citizenship violates international law and interferes
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with chinese affairs $3000000.00 residents of britain's former colony who already have british national overseas pos boats can apply for citizenship starting in january the new policy follows china's imposition of a national security law in hong kong which critics say curbs freedoms or a challenge has more from london. what we now have is the detail or at least some of the detail about how british nationals overseas in hong kong these 3000000 or so hong kong was going to go about getting a british citizenship when the system opens in january 2021 and the part as outlined by proceed to tell the home secretary is this that with no jobs lined up or any other particular criteria they can come to the u.k. for 5 years of limited leave to remain they have to be financially secure and
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independence while they are here they're not going to get government handouts etc after those 5 years are up they can apply for what's called settled status and after a year of settled status then they can apply for british citizenship they can also bring over their dependents who are classed as normal british nationals overseas this is going to amplify i think the that the showdown between the british government and the chinese government's way and britain suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong yesterday. the chinese government said that this was again. something all of a hostile act and that the british would be having to bear the consequence of it so yes this is an amplification of the showdown with with china. china has launched
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its 1st independent mission to mars or rocket carrying the 111 spacecraft blasted off from the southern province of high none it'll take 7 months to reach the red planet before attempting to land and release a rover to conduct experiments china made an unsuccessful mars bet on a russian rocket in 2011. this is our desire these are the top stories fires in the streets of portland oregon protesters are angry about federal officers who've been sent in to control demonstrations i didn't donald trump has promised to deploy more officers to the cities of chicago and albuquerque to what he calls rising crime we'll work every single day to restore public safety protect our nation's children and bring violent perpetrators to justice we've been doing it and you've been seeing what's
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happening all around the country we've just started this process and frankly we have no choice but to get involved 45 people have been killed in airstrikes in western afghanistan according to local officials a district governor in the province of products says at least 8 civilians have died in the attacks which he's blaming on afghan forces members of the taliban were also reportedly killed afghanistan's defense ministry has launched an investigation the u.s. says it's not involved coronavirus cases in brazil have served by a record of nearly 68000 in just one day the country has the worst world's 2nd worst outbreak off to the u.s. with more than 2000000 infections the pandemic has recently spread from big cities to remote rural areas. sudan has appointed 18 civilian governors as the country continues to transition into democracy from military rule prime minister abdullah
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dog says they'll begin their jobs in a couple of days also announced a cut in fuel subsidies as he works towards qualifying sudan for international funding in i did nations is warning that the outer world faces deep and long lasting economic consequences as a result of the coronavirus pandemic the u.n. says the number of people living in poverty will rise by more than 14000000 possibly sparking more political instability and the united nations is also warning that the number of people in southern yemen with little or no food may rise to 3 and a quarter 1000000 and by the end of this year more than 2000000 there already don't have enough to eat and the coronavirus pandemic as well as the global economic downturn is making the famine worse and those are the headlines these continues here on al-jazeera after inside story by. as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced
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to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a just. under the long shadow of russia britain's government is accused of ignoring moscow's attempts to undermine its security and democracy so how should the u.k. respond to these threats this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on the u.k. is considering tighter security laws after an intelligence report on russian interference a parliamentary committee says no one in government wanted to know about moscow's attempts to interface in the 2014 scottish independence referendum.


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