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why are you willing to go with a lot of will because there are other people that need me people that are sick and dying and not isn't right people shouldn't be dying when there are people who can help them. the jobless ques grow even longer in the us as the white house works on a new trillion dollar coronavirus aid package. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the battle also coming up a powerful lineup of west african leaders a rise in ma you try and weeks of violent protests against an unpopular president. the french president takes aim at turkey calling for sanctions over its alleged actions in the eastern mediterranean and it's small in libya. what long term
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consequences might be after code 19 has torn through the body affected not just along but the kidneys the heart and even the great aunt jo the whole of her mars' hospital in scotland where the trying to. thank you for joining us to corona virus crisis is causing even more pain for workers in the world's biggest economy more than 1400000 people in the u.s. have claimed the unemployment benefits in the past week it's the 18th week in a row that that number has topped a 1000000 economists estimate 25000000 people are now out of a job the white house says this fundamental agreement on a new coronavirus stimulus package senate republicans are set to unveil the one trillion dollar aid bill on thursday a surge in infections has seen. some businesses and schools closed for
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a 2nd time now almost 4000000 cases in the u.s. and about 143000 deaths and it's bring in our white house correspondent kate in washington d.c. so jobs numbers on the rise again kimberly what's the reaction from the white house if any. yet no official events on the president's public schedule but watching very carefully he's been active on twitter but has not made any mention about these numbers specifically but they're definitely going in the wrong direction for president trying to win reelection in november was hoping to do that easily on historically low unemployment that's all been wiped out as a result of covert 1000 and how this economy has been shut down with respect to these latest numbers as you point out 1400000 americans filing jobless claims that's up from last week now it's not the peak that we saw in march when we saw it in one week 6900000 americans filed for unemployment but the worry is that the
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numbers could go back in that direction and here's why we're seeing a couple of big states california one of them also virginia close to washington d.c. where the cases are rising sharply there are other hotspots where there are concerns as well and when those businesses in those states have to close down workers have to stay at home and that's why we're seeing these numbers rise oh tell us more about the stimulus package when he that's going to be unveiled. yet what we know is that the white house has been working with its chief of staff mark meadows as well as the treasury secretary steve but working with republicans on capitol hill what we understand from this bill that the president is backing is that this will do a couple of things that will put in terms of short term relief some provisions to help ordinary americans who have been getting about 600 dollars a week that was set to expire very soon as well as another program called the paycheck protection program that allowed for small businesses to keep people on
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their payroll even if they weren't open and with those set to expire there was a bit of panic about what americans were going to do so looks like there is some legislation now said to be unveiled that will address both of those things at least in the short term here's the problem though well republicans seem to be on board that it's not clear where democrats in the house of representatives are feeling and for anything to become law in this country you need to have both chambers of the u.s. congress in agreement for the president to sign that it's law so still a ways to go and time's running out because we know that this has to get down by the end of next week that's when the congress will take its annual summer recess so they are working very hard to try to make this happen thank you came with me for that kimberly how good life or is there at the white house. now some of the unemployment benefits from previous stimulus packages are set to expire and next congress when you use them as gave these under reports from new york many jobless americans in a field waiting for money they were promised. before sunrise hundreds of people
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lined up outside an unemployment office in midwest city oklahoma they've all lost their jobs amid the economic recession caused by coronavirus and are now waiting to get help and be laid unemployment checks dieter blakely used to work at a hotel casino in milwaukee wisconsin she was laid off in march and has yet to receive for unemployment benefits it's been over 3 months with no income i've been really stressed lately. bills are piling up i worried all the time. sometimes i went it got to be a little bit of a habit too when i woke up in the morning to look at my front door and see if there was an eviction notice on there but deidre blakely is just one of more than $50000000.00 americans who've lost their jobs since a pandemic hit the u.s. in march congress passed a pandemic aid package that included an extra $600.00
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a week for anyone left unemployed by the pen demick the problem the money still hasn't reached many who need it so why are so many americans still waiting for their unemployment money i posed that question to jesse rothstein the former chief economist at the u.s. department of labor he said the federal government and state governments are facing an tidal wave of unprecedented demand and that the systems set up in the 1970 s. to distribute unemployment money simply have not been updated and can't keep up when you triple or quadruple the volume of claims that come in the system the computer systems can't keep up and to the extent that people need to be involved we don't have enough people to keep up. and so that little mechanism of the system is set up for a time that's very different from now and that leads to difficulties in getting
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rigs out in times like this and with the pen demick still spreading across america and more states closing down again after reopening it's feared the unemployment lines could grow along with the frustrations of those still waiting for help gabriel is on to. new york in other world news 5 west african heads of state a meeting in mali to try to resolve the country's deepening political crisis that is casting ways to return to stability the side of the country which has compromised the security of the region have been protests for 6 weeks now in mali with tens of thousands of people demanding president. to step down activists accused of corruption mishandling the economy and failing to improve security nicholas hackett salling developments from neighboring senegal. we haven't seen such a high level delegation coming out to west african country since. they refused to concede defeat during the presidential election of 2016 in gambia so that shows the
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seriousness of this delegation now as they gathered at the hotel in bamako to hold discussions with president. there were a group of supporters of kita that were outside the hotel and they were drowned out by a crowd of protesters many of them women chanting mali needs peace setting the tone of this mediation efforts because in the last year and since it has come to power there's been an uptick of violence especially in 2 to 2020 this year where armed groups such as. the mean an al-qaeda affiliate and the slamming state in the greater sahara have really launched several attacks away from the north in the center towards the borders of brick enough ah so really affecting the region as a whole so peace in mali will be one of the issues discussed during this mediation effort and on the table is the discussion as per the recommendation of the
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government of national unity and the future of the prime minister. the european union's chief breck signal has warned a new trade deal with the u.k. appears unlikely michel barnier made the comments at the latest round of negotiations in london he says the u.k.'s refusal to agree on fishery industry issues and a level playing field are the sticking points by british prime minister boies johnson still hopes there'll be an agreement by september. the u.k. did not show a willingness to break the deadlock. on the level playing field in the u.k. still refuses to commit to maintaining standards in the meaningful way on state aid despite the clear wording of the political english and very clear we have made no progress at all france's president emmanuel mccall has warned turkey against maneuvers in the eastern mediterranean and is calling for the e.u.
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to consider sanctions it follows ankara's move to send ships into the waters on an energy source in mission the conflict in libya has proved to be another source of tension between france and turkey turkey backs the un recognized government of national accord in tripoli while france has been accused of providing military support to warlord honey for have talks. on if he. doesn't let me be done. in this part of the mediterranean which is vital for all of our country's energy and security issues are central today and they are at stake in the power struggles of turkey and russia in particular which are increasingly asserting themselves and against which the european union still carries too little weight would be a serious mistake to leave our security in the mediterranean in the hands of other players this is not an option for europe and it will not be something france will it happens. that has more from paris. the french president omar kroll was meeting his counterpart from the republic of cyprus at the lease and he
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made some statements before the 2 leaders went in for their discussions now he said that he believed that the e.u. needed to respond more strongly to what he called provocations in the eastern mediterranean and he was talking about turkey's continue drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus the republic of cyprus is part of the e.u. the north of cyprus the breakaway north is pro turkey now the e.u. says this oil and gas drilling is illegal it has called on turkey in the past to stop and there are e.u. sanctions on ankara for this france would like to see more sanctions imposed and tensions flared even further just on wednesday when turkish warships actually accompanied a turkish submarine being used for this oil and gas exploration in the area again violating what michael said was violation i should say of maritime law still ahead
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on al-jazeera one of the last cases against a nazi war criminal and 93 year old is sentenced in germany for its part in killing fouls and people and on a mission to mars china sends its 1st solo mission to explore the red planet. hallow the seasonal rains and he says you're taking on a really picturesque form at the moment there are proper depressions forming in the flows so you've got a low sitting in the yellow sea was fronts wrapped around it we stretch across japan and stretch back towards char eventually india as well all part of the system is just rapidly developing into lows rather than just lumps of rain but that means
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windy and wet weather that's on his way through the korean peninsula to waltz eventually q should show you the chinese and the next that is taking its time slowly coming in seoul has got there for 2 days of rain windy at 1st didn't quite understand sunday's a nice looking day for you temps doesn't change very much you'll notice so say the next lump of developing in sichuan but it's a very loopy system so a good part of the yangtze has got about 3 dried days coming up south of this is a bottom edge the counsel for significant frequent share as it seems to be sudden born year probably sulawesi south of that probably a dry picture if you north of that a particular weapon which are in sapa in the middle of the philippines and more recently i think again in vietnam laos and cambodia it looks wet.
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achievement chinese scientists embark on it gehring. searching for rare results. one i want to produce china's underwater on how does iraq. played an important role in the. face. the a is. talking back our top stories on al-jazeera this hour the white house says this fundamental agreement on a new coronavirus stimulus package senate republicans are set to unveil
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a one trillion dollar aid bill on thursday new figures show 1400000 people claimed unemployment benefits in the u.s. in the past week. 5 west african leaders are meeting in mali's capital to try to resolve a deepening political crisis has seen protests for 6 weeks now with tens of thousands of people demanding that president to brain boubacar kate are steps down and france's president wants e.u. sanctions on nations that finally reconsider maritime space it follows turkey's move to send ships into the waters on an energy source english. afghanistan's ministry of defense has confirmed carrying out an as strike that killed at least $45.00 people a district governor in the western province of herat says at least 8 civilians are among the dead the government says taliban fighters were targeted and civilians weren't in the area victoria from tahn is
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a professor of peace studies at the american university of afghanistan she says the attack will impact future peace talks. the trust that has been built a between the different parties to the conflict is skilly broken there has been normally duction in fallon's in the past few weeks quite the contrary and so after this s. trike which was supposedly targeting taliban prisoners who had been released by the government obviously after this strike this is going to some other damage the potential relationship that could have been established between the afghan government and the taliban so it is not looking good for the future of any peace talks in afghanistan. a 93 year old german man who worked as an guard at a nazi concentration camp during his late teens has been handed a 2 year suspended sentence has been convicted for his complicity in the matter of more than 5000 people during world war 2 germany came has the latest from berlin.
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the offenses that this individual has been found guilty of occurred in 1944 when he was a 17 year old who was part of an s. s. unit in short of a concentration camp which then was in nazi germany you know is in modern day poland the court that tried this individual was a youth court because the the age of the defendant when he committed the offense is was such that he couldn't be prosecuted in an adult court that's why the sentence passed on him is a suspended sentence a 2 year suspended sentence one of the interesting aspects of this case is as has been said that this is perhaps if not the last one of the very last opportunities that modern germany will have to prosecute those who it believes were guilty of crimes against humanity of war crimes during the nazi german era but it also is an opportunity to reflect upon the fact that many tens of thousands of people who had
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a much more intimate connection with the machinery of mass murder during that time were never prosecuted this specific individual was interviewed by west german police extensively at the beginning of the 19 eighties and so the or forty's were fully aware of what he had done and what he had not done during his time at that camp and they did not prosecute him then it was only in the course of the last 4 or 5 years and the decision was taken to proceed against this individual. and more than 15000000 people have now been infected with corona virus worldwide most of recovered but doctors are still trying to work out the extent of long term damage in the 3rd part of our series we look at the research into what effects patients can expect john a whole reports from east kilbride in the west of scotland. well that's how it looks and that's the normal actually but then when you came with the disease that
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was tank it's now thought that covert 19 is far more than just a response to treat disease and that is the picture of a very unwell individual. infection and trauma can extend well beyond the lungs to other organs like the heart the kidneys even the brain psychosis stroke and chronic fatigue are all possible side effects with u.k. hospital research being run by the universities of leicester and dumb d. still at the earliest stages thankfully a lot of patients have recovered and have got all there we hope these patients will recover fully think of that's an old self but we are fearful that they may not and they may have long term effects on their physical abilities or in their mental abilities i think it's too hard to see it's not just a disease if it's a long it's a disease affects the whole body nason flanges sponson whole body we know it can affect every organ watching happen in the air i think is
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a little different present for those worst affected the road back to full health can be a long one at the hughes vive the month in an induced coma and 17 days on ventilation machines kept him alive as his body ceased to function getting better still it is quite a while. just to keep what you have to have lyrical point of view israel because it's difficult to talk to what knowledge you today and not a discussion with a doctor related to it which is you can gauge in studio you know this is we don't know there's still a great deal that is not known about covert 19 exactly how it spreads whether it's airborne or not and quite why some people are worse affected than others and for those who are most severely affected the question of long term consequences for which the medical fraternity has very few answers occupational therapist elaine treacy looks for signs among other things of cognitive impairment before patients
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could be sent home to fend for themselves can they remember how to complete basic tasks like make a cup of tea do you mean in the sense of brain them. about whether that is their parent thing or where that is a tangent we don't know my gut feeling is that i'm hoping it's just because of the i.c.u. i'm hoping that it's not anything to do with actual call that it's more the i.c.u. in pain and to beat it that's actually causing the problems i see it with things it's questions heavy questions for those who've lived through the worst to cope with 19 and who now face it's uncertain consequences join a whole al-jazeera scotland. doctors in lebanon are warning the health care system is on the brink of collapse it's bucking under the strain of a crippling economic crisis and the pandemic have been reports of shortages of vital medical supplies and regular power cuts at hospitals. united nations is
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warning that are the arab world faces deep in long lasting economic consequences as a result of the pandemic the region's economies expected to can transform more than 5 and a half percent and the economies of some countries might shrink by double that the u.n. warns the number of people living in poverty will rise by more than 14000000 possibly sparking more political instability. the region is blessed with tremendous diversity and put them. yet all arab countries with oil rich middle income or least developed face difficulties in responding the global pandemic is exposed in the nick challenges the regional economy has suffered multiple shocks from the vinyls as well as the sharp drop in oil prices remittances and tourism and economic forecasts than that. in a region already rife with tensions and inequalities these will have profound consequences on political and social stability brazil has reported
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a record daily increase in covert 1000 cases of nearly 68000 it's the world's 2nd worst affected country after the us with more than 2000000 infections the pandemic has spread from big cities so remote rural areas present able sonera says a positive for the virus for a 3rd time australia meanwhile has reported its highest daily number of corona virus deaths in 3 months 5 people died from the illness on thursday all the state of victoria recorded 403 new infections in the city of melbourne the rise in cases as led to an order for people to wear masks at all times outside their homes. pakistan's government has denied reports that $130000000.00 meant to fight the coronavirus fund demick have been mismanaged it insists nearly $600000000.00 from foreign donors is on track but as osama bin javid reports medicine shortages and oxygen tank prices are affecting hundreds of patients for. the regular bedroom
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turned into a coronavirus isolation room here's our brother is home after nearly a week of treatment at the main hospital in islamabad he has to purchase oxygen but the cost for cylinder has risen to one $150.00 from $40.00 before the virus. he followed his brother's condition as shows are drawn out of patients and money everyone here knows that called 950 and inside the isolation ward many have traveled from smaller towns for treatment. because of only mode of communication inside the isolation ward was through video calls he says he had to move his brothers because they could no longer afford to keep paying for tests and medicines that the public hospital. the public hospital and has spent nearly a $1000.00 medicine is unavoidable the cost of each injection went from $800.00 to $600.00. although daily infection rates appear to have dropped in pakistan doctors
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say they have been struggling and the only thing this volunteer doctor says they are expecting a surge of patients during the upcoming must in festival of weed and other religious procession. in a colleagues have been protesting outside against government policies in what they call incompetent hospital management. of the. government because all these underutilized kelter budget out of the 2x5w2x3w grocer and federal doctors about promised millions at risk allowances are not being fairly distributed. prime minister imran khan's government also rejected reports that $130000000.00 meant for tackling the virus was mismanaged official. as in the finance ministry told al jazeera that the government of pakistan is working through relevant organizations to scale up health sector spending in the situation demand therefore the impression regarding underfunding the emergency health expenditure is not true my. piece but the criticism of him adequate over 1000 response and feeling to stop shortages as
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well as price gouging the information minister says they cannot achieve 100 percent results the whole 3rd you know as that everybody's passing we are getting better and better in terms of logistics in terms of an infrastructure and believe and we are very confident that the prime minister is is taking a personal interest in the whole thing and we are doing pretty well compared to other international countries be that on the yearly but are going on in america the hospital lost his father after being interviewed him he says he nearly spent $100000.00 in tests and medicines at the public hospital. he says the government statements that it is doing well just makes him angry some of the job with others there. china says it's considering ways to stop the recognition of british national overseas passports held by many people in hong kong it's in response to the u.k.'s decision to open a special pathway to citizenship for 3000000 hong kong residents starting in
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january the british government and china are accusing each other of breaching the commitments they majoring negotiations that resulted in the return of hong kong to chinese rule in 1997. that china's 1st independent mission to mars is on its way if all goes well early next year a rover vehicle will touch down to begin searching for water that's a necessity if the planet's ever to become a now tentative home or a bird manly as a story. when one which translates to questions to heaven hopes to find some answers on mars where the red planet can sustain human life. lost sofas from the island of hina and in southern china the long march by broke it carrying the team when one craft to earth 2nd largest planet. it's the optimum north wind the 2 planets are at their closest the 26 months essentially shortening
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the journey from 9 to 7 months. and it's a busy time for travelling to mars the united arab emirates 1st mars launch by a middle east country quote a mile or hope blows it off from japan on monday and now say aims to launch its most sophisticated monsoreau ever next week the u.s. has had 8 successful missions to mars so far 6 on the spacecraft are exploring mars from orbit 3 american to european and one from india considered the nature of space exploration in the fifty's and sixty's all of this is bound up with a sense of national pride of countries such as china looking to conceive of another way in which you can demonstrate the world its technological sophistication and growing sense of it being a 1st world power china's 1st man's mission includes all of the equipment needed to
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survey the red planet 1st in order to be released into the atmosphere then detach a landing probe it's to take 7 minutes to touchdown in an area called utopia planet that's where the u.s. viking 2 craft landed in 1976 once on the surface a run pull slide open releasing china's rover vehicle the overtake carrying 7 instruments to survey the planet's geology as well as searching for underground ice determining a water source that could sustain life the future colonies of people from the u.s. so far the only country to have a rover long term on the planet almost half of all of the missions failed china's leader has more space ambitions changing paying hopes to send a manned mission to the moon in the next. the muslim anyone did that was the u.s. in 1972 china is also aiming to build
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a space station in 2022 if the mission is a success china could counter its rival the u.s. in future space. so as plenty more world news and i web site on al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera new figures out of the u.s. show 1400000 people claimed unemployment benefits in the past week is the 18th week in a row that number has topped a 1000000 and the biggest surge since monch meanwhile senate republicans are set to unveil a one trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package on tuesday on thursday our white house correspondent kimberly hockett has more from washington the u.s. president does not have any public events on his schedule today but certainly he is
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watching these numbers carefully he was so overjoyed just a few weeks back when the jobs were coming back but things are not going in that direction in terms of the number of infections here in the united states it what we're seeing in this is why we're seeing these jobs jobless claims rise is the fact that there is a resurgence of covert 1000 in factions in the united states 5 west african leaders are meeting in mali's capital to try to resolve a deepening political crisis have been protests for 6 weeks in mali with tens of thousands of people demanding president. asef sound. the european union's chief negotiator has warned a new trade deal with the u.k. appears unlikely michel barnier made the comments at the latest round of negotiations in london he says a u.k.'s refusal to agree on fishery industry issues and a level playing field are the sticking points france's president wants
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a use sanctions on nations that violate greek and cypriot maritime space as follows turkey's move to send ships into the waters on an energy source saying mission afghanistan's ministry of defense has confirmed carrying out an asteroid that killed at least $45.00 people a district governor in the western province of herat says at least 8 civilians are among the dead the government says taliban fighters were targeted and civilians werent in the area in germany a former nazi concentration camp guard has been convicted of being an accessory to the murder of more than $5000.00 people during the 2nd world war 93 year old bruno day was given a 2 year suspended sentence in what will be one of the last trials against nazi war criminals those are the headlines on al-jazeera we've got the stream coming up next for you to stay with us. for the 1st time in recent history saudi arabia prohibits overseas visitors from performing the hajj government. has covered 19
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continues to disrupt people's lives we look at this decision and big impact on the saudi economy. 2020 on al-jazeera. right there welcome to the stream home edition i'm josh rushing sitting in for me ok and you are joining me from my home in fairfax virginia while we're still under quarantine here today we're talking about you know it's been a huge story just in us but across the world black lives matter and mini countries e.u. countries offer support for that and so that they stood in solidarity with it but were asking about what about the black life that their southern border the ones that are risking their lives to try to get across the bed to enter the e.u. and are being blocked off and pushed back to places like war torn libya now we're joined by.


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