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now all jews or. what ever. the economic side effect of america's growing virus struggled jobless numbers up more than 1400000 in a week as a trillion dollar rescue is prepared. but i'm still wrong when you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes as a protest sweep across mali a powerful lineup of west african leaders convene in the country to try to reach a solution. why the eastern mediterranean is becoming a new sea of tension and the french president is talking about sanctions on turkey
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. the last cases of a nazi war criminal and id 3 year old is sentenced for his part in the killing of thousands of people. back into the program the coronavirus crisis is causing even more pain for workers in the world's largest economy more than 1400000 people in the u.s. of claim the unemployment benefit in just the past week is the 18th week in a row that the number has topped a 1000000 economists estimate 25000000 people are now out of a job the white house says there's a fundamental agreement on a new coronavirus stimulus package senate republicans are set to unveil a one trillion dollar aid bill later on thursday well a surge in infections has seen some businesses and schools closed for a 2nd time there are now almost 4000000 cases in the u.s.
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and about 143000 deaths let's join our white house correspondent kimberly halkett who is monitoring events for so we are just a very short time away kimberly from perhaps getting the 1st comments and ideas of what the president things because these numbers have been fluctuating and he's not going be very happy with today's figures. we just got a statement from the u.s. president and it is somewhat coronavirus related in advance of that 21 g.m.t. press conference for expecting the white house releasing a statement that the u.s. president has spoken with russian president vladimir putin and we understand what they discussed was an effort to defeat the coronavirus pandemic according to this readout as infections continue to surge as you point out in the united states the readout says the 2 leaders talked about reopening the global economies and other bilateral issues including avoiding an expensive 3 way arms race between russia china and the united states and they look forward to discussions on that in terms
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of negotiations in vienna so that's the latest news in terms of reaction coming out of the white house but you're right top priority for this president trying to get the economy reopened and the problem in all of this is that those infections are rising more than 4000000 now in the united states and that's making it a big challenge whether it is to reopen business or reopen schools in fact we're seeing things go in the opposite direction and that is a problem for this president that continues to insist that things are under control when clearly they're not. because of all of that he's in russia and china definitely the u.s. as you mentioned and they're all affected. and that is all on how to deal with but in america's case you've got this conflicting stimulus package that everybody wants but it's bogged down in political controversy. absolutely democrats who control the house of representatives looking for money for state
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local governments are already saying as republicans in the white house unveil their version of how to help americans saying that it's it's not going to be something that they can sign on to and that means that will get into law what we know from the republican package is that what they're really focusing on are a couple of things reopening businesses reopening schools but they need for these infection numbers to go down now what they also need to in order to help the economy is for people to continue to spend money but the money in some of the previous relief bills has started to expire and so they need to do something and they need to do it quickly so what we're they're looking at is replacing those $600.00 a week payments that americans were getting with instead something that would provide for 70 percent of your previous salary they want incentivize going back to work the problem is as we're reporting the number of employees unemployment claims are rising there is nowhere for people to go back to work and that is
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a big problem with this legislation they've got to resolve this before the end of next week when congress goes on its annual recess and it will come but today to the day once the president has spoken complete hope that there will one times correspondent. well as more people are added to the jobless tally many who have spent months out of work are still waiting for official help from news a new york april elizondo has the story. before sunrise hundreds of people line up outside an unemployment office in midwest city oklahoma they've all lost their jobs amid the economic recession caused by coronavirus and are now waiting to get help and be laid unemployment checks dieter blakely used to work at a hotel casino in milwaukee wisconsin she was laid off in march and has yet to receive for unemployment benefits it's been over 3 months with no income and been really stressed lately. bills are piling up i worried all the time. sometimes i went it got to be
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a little bit of a habit too when i woke up in the morning to look at my front door and see if there was an eviction notice on there but deidre blakely is just one of more than $50000000.00 americans who've lost their jobs since a pandemic hit the u.s. in march congress passed a pandemic aid package that included an extra $600.00 a week for anyone left unemployed by the pen demick the problem the money still hasn't reached many who need it so why are so many americans still waiting for their unemployment money i posed that question to jesse rothstein the former chief economist at the u.s. department of labor he said the federal government and state governments are facing an tidal wave of unprecedented demand and that the systems set up in the 1970 s. to distribute unemployment money simply have not been updated and can't keep up
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when you triple or quadruple the volume of claims that come in the system the computer systems can't keep up and to the extent that people need to be involved we don't have enough people to keep up. and so that's all the whole mechanism of the system is set up for a time that's very different from now and that leads to difficulties in getting out in times like this and with the pandemic still spreading across america and more states closing down again after reopening it's feared the unemployment lines could grow along with the frustrations of those still waiting for help gabriel's dando al-jazeera new york all of the top story in 5 west african heads of state meeting in mali to try to resolve the country's deepening political crisis that discussing ways to return stability to the country which is being compromised was compromised the security of the region the protests for 6 weeks in mali with tens of thousands of people demanding president. to step down activists accuse cantor of corruption
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mishandling the economy and failing to improve security nicholas hunt has more from dakar in neighboring $7.00. we haven't seen such a high level delegation coming out to west african country since. they refused to concede defeat during the presidential election of 2016 and gambia so that shows the seriousness of this delegation now as they gathered at the hotel in bamako to hold discussions with president. there were a group of supporters. that were outside the hotel and they were drowned out by a crowd of protesters many of them women chanting mali needs peace setting the tone of this mediation efforts because in the last year and since has come to power there's been an uptick of violence especially in 22020 this year where armed groups such as. mostly mean an al qaeda affiliate and these stay in the greater sahara
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have really launched several attacks away from the north in the center towards the borders of brick enough ah so really affecting the region as a whole so peace in mali will be one of the issues discussed during this mediation effort and on the table is the discussion as per the recommendation of the government of national unity and the future of the prime minister. french president. turkey against maneuvers in the eastern mediterranean awards the e.u. to consider sanctions came assume it is separate counterparts in paris turkey has sent ships to the waters all the energy sourcing mission the conflict in libya has proved to be a little source of tension between the 2 countries to keep the un recognized government of national accord in tripoli but france has been accused of providing military support to warlords after. the.
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in this part of the mediterranean which is vital for all of our country's energy and security issues. and they are at stake in the power struggles of turkey and russia in particular which are increasingly asserting themselves and against which the european union still carries too little weight would be a serious mistake to leave our security in the mediterranean in the hands of other players this is not an option for europe and it will not be something france will it happen natasha butler has more from paris the french president emmanuel micro was meeting his counterpart from the republic of cyprus at the least only made some statements before the 2 leaders went in for their discussions now he said that he believed that the e.u. needed to respond more strongly to what he called provocations in the eastern mediterranean and he was talking about turkey's continue drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus the republic of cyprus is part of the e.u.
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the north of cyprus the breakaway north is pro turkey now the e.u. says this oil and gas drilling is illegal it has called on turkey in the past to stop and there are e.u. sanctions on ankara for this france would like to see more sanctions imposed and tensions flared even further just on wednesday when turkish watership actually accompanied a turkish submarine being used for this oil and gas exploration in the area again violating what michael said was violation i should say of maritime law peter millet is a former british ambassador to libya he says france banking after is divisive within europe. president macro is right to say that turkish actions around the waters of cyprus are provocative turkey doesn't recognize the law of the sea which is an international law which is accepted by most countries and therefore drilling for
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energy drilling for oil and gas in what are widely regarded as cypriot waters that is amiss is is a potentially confrontational approach by turkey i have present macro is also to say that europe doesn't have a strong voice at the moment but part of the problem is france's own position in backing heading for have to are in libya which has split the european voice because many other countries regard him as a person who is just out for a power grab in libya and not the recognized government in tripoli still ahead here on al-jazeera we talked to farmers in sudan's blue nile state worried about the flow on effects from a mega dam that's filling up. as livable celebrates its 1st english premier league title in 30 years while it's trying to state television taken the game off the air the stories after the break. we'll
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all feel. hello there are still a few thunderstorms around in pasta saudi or her mom but the main thing to talk about this time the in the middle east is on surprises to heat iraq's always a focus of it and while the ways of keeping cool is to spray the most precious resource fresh water all that or you freeze it this will go on throughout the summer which is another couple of months at least because temperatures are really on the high side the high forty's for quite low fifty's by scene 50 or $51.00 in southwestern parts of iran eastern parts of iraq and down towards cuba the breeze is no no longer that studies show that brings the dust that is now all over the place still dusty in places that wind direction is quite telling where temperatures are in the low forty's or the high thirty's more likely places like bahrain eastern
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side of our humid i want that warm and humid it really is quite unpleasant is typical inland you find i mean in riyadh for example it's probably a draw you 44 but if you near the coast also present zahar of course is traditionally a dry heat the sahara oh often more he would because of these thunderstorms are come and go and the heaviest ones recently have been further west and there they are again in places like syria. but. frank assessments saying that. there's. life being sort of informed opinion is a therapy on the verge of breakdown many cots are the only every 10 are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after is a proxy he does not represent the interest of the if you feel in-depth analysis of
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the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. order order. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me still running a reminder of our top news stories new figures show 1400000 people claimed unemployment benefits in the u.s. in the past week is the 18th week in a row but the number has topped a 1000000 senate republicans are set to unveil a one trillion dollars provirus stimulus package later on thursday 5 west african leaders are meeting in mali's capital to try to resolve the deepening political crisis bali's seen protests for 6 weeks with tens of thousands of people demanding
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president a pretty tough get a step down and france's president wants you centuries on nations that violate greek and supreme maritime space it follows turkey's move to send ships into the area of the energy source a mission. france's foreign minister is visiting lebanon to push for economic change. says the government must urgently and actor forms to get the international support it needs to deal with its ongoing economic crisis then a quarter reports. he's the 1st high ranking european envoy to visit lebanon since the formation of the current government in january france's foreign minister didn't come to show support for lebanon's leaders who are asking for an international bailout to deal with the unprecedented economic crisis instead shann evil adriane delivered a firm message politicians will need to reform the state and end corruption.
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the live in ease of strongly express their legitimate aspirations through demonstrations since october and talk to the streets to emphasize the need for change transparency and to fight against corruption and unfortunately this call is not been heard what is needed is to carry out reforms this is not just france's demands but the entire and. the national community lebanon's economy is on the brink of collapse the currency has devalued more than 80 percent on the black market businesses are closing unemployment is rising weeks of discussions with the international monetary fund for much needed aid have not made any progress because politicians won't fix state corruption we need to get what i have mats and get it. because that's the only way this country's going to be able to the needed financial or immediate. friends the former colonial power in lebanon has repeatedly tried
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helping by hosting donor conferences levels leadership but here's the thing for you they need money to stop the country from going bankrupt but the reforms the mandate by the i.m.f. would weaken them and deprive them of sources of funding leaders have long been accused of exploiting the state's resources for personal gain allegations they deny the prime minister has found the absurd as his government is committed to reforms but the french and boy apparently isn't convinced lead the area and went even further to criticize the state's inability to control its territory in clear reference to the armed group the iranian backed hezbollah whose growing role in lebanon and influence in the region has hurt ties with traditional allies in the west and the gulf has been looking at them as like we have hezbollah is committed to keeping this government and therefore talking about reforms is impossible page hezbollah controls it and will give it cover from us sanctions as well as keep illegal crossings along the border with syria open to them but were given more than
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all the while the economic implosion accelerates and nearly half of lebanon's 5000000 people have already sunk further into poverty center for their own beirut. water has started to fill africa's largest hydroelectric dam even though ethiopia sudan and egypt have reached a deal that there were more good reports now on the concern about the impact the johnstown will have on the blue nile state in sudan and on the border with ethiopia . planting banana trees is nothing new to has been in safer don't now his family has owned these farms in sudan's blue nile state for generations has been managing some of the lands for years and has noticed changes in the landscape and not. our farms or by the bloom in about a decade ago the river was 500 meters away but since the increased highs of the day the flow of the nile river has changed and some parts the water levels have gone
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down in others there's an increase in production some parts increase and decrease in others at all relies on the dam and its operation has the names farm is on the banks of the blue nile river the water is controlled by there was there is dam built more than half a century ago to every gate farmland it's also one of the main sources of hydro electricity the dam was extended in 2013 with the aim of increasing water levels for farmers to irrigate their crops farmers say the river which used to cost seasonal floods is more controlled now but there are concerns about the dams future . this reservoir called was there it is the 1st point where water from the dance territory is reserved. and experts and government officials say the feeling of the ground if you can renaissance them will have an impact on the risk there is down so down has tried to bring together to reach a deal while it too is a stakeholder on the mile the 3 sides say the technical issues have been resolved but the legal aspects remain so dense government is also concerned about the safety
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of the new dam and says it has failed to provide any safety guarantees it's true say was that is just 100 kilometers away from the if you can renaissance them or gird as it's known. sudan's to be signing an agreement prior to the start of the feeling of the good safety is entirely dependent on the operations of the good disagreements are currently concentrated on legal matters the degree to which the agreement is binding separation agreement to water sharing agreements and conflict resolution mechanisms as well as various other limited technical issues. analysts agree that mismanagement of ethiopia's grandam will affect the irrigation of farmland in sudan. the capacity of result is a 6 to 7000000000 cubic meters but the goods is 47000000000 if the water released by the good as above or is it is capacity that would lead to its destruction
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another issue is that the irrigation of land along the nile will reduce by an estimated 50 percent famines need a mix of the wit and dry seasons so the agricultural patterns will be affected. has a name expect any changes to the blue mouthfull will forever change the landscape of his home but he hopes to continue growing crops just like his ancestors have done for generations people morgan art of the era there is no mouth 8. scientists in south africa say the number of deaths from covert 19 may be under reported an independent committee has found about 17000 more natural deaths than predicted it was comparing the number to the same period in past years it says the discrepancy could be due to the pandemic and in bolivia elections to take place in less than 2 months time may have to be proposed because of the pandemic interim president journey and there's says that at least 7 of her cabinet have tested positive for the coronavirus the elections are seen as important to stabilizing democracy after
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a year of turmoil but the outbreak there is getting worse and rising numbers of dead continue malaysia says pakistani pilots can go back to work they've been suspended during an investigation into fake licenses well earlier this month the pakistani aviation authority revealed a 3rd of its pilots don't have real licenses it prompted a number of countries to suspend all pakistani pilots working for their airlines and a 93 year old german man has been convicted of helping to murder more than 5000 people at a nazi concentration camp brutal day was the guard of cheering world war 2 campaigners say his 2 year suspended sentence is too lenient dominick kane has more from berlin . the offenses that this individual has been found guilty of occurred in 1984 when he was a 17 year old who was part of an s. s.
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unit in short of a concentration camp which then was in nazi germany now is in modern poland the court that tried this individual was a youth court because the the age of the defendant when he committed the offenses was such that he couldn't be prosecuted in an adult court that's why the sentence passed on him is a suspended sentence a 2 year suspended sentence one of the interesting aspects of this case is as has been said that this is perhaps if not the last one of the very last opportunities that modern germany will have to prosecute those who it believes were guilty of crimes against humanity of war crimes during the nazi german era but it also is an opportunity to reflect upon the fact that many tens of thousands of people who had a much more intimate connection with the machinery of mass murder during that time
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were never prosecuted this specific individual was interviewed by west german police extensively at the beginning of the 19 eighties and so the all $480.00 s. were fully aware of what he had done and what he had not done during his time at that camp and they did not prosecute him then it was only in the course of the last 4 or 5 years of the decision was taken to proceed against this individual. china's 1st independent mission to mars is on its way if all goes well early next year a rover vehicle will touch down to begin searching for water and assess the t. of the planet's ever to become a little target of home laura bird loudly as the story. when one which translates to questions to heaven hopes to find some answers on mars where the red planet can sustain human life. lost office from the island of hina and in southern china the long march by brocade carrying the team when one craft it's
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the optimum north wind the 2 planets are at their closest the 26 months essentially shortening the journey from 9 to 7 months. and it's a busy time for travelling to mars the united arab emirates 1st mars launch by a middle east country port a mile or hope closer from japan on monday and now say aims to launch its most sophisticated monsoreau ever next week the u.s. has had 8 successful missions to mars so far 6 on the spacecraft are exploring mars from orbit 3 american to european and one from india considered the nature of space exploration in the fifty's and sixty's all of this is just around out with a sense of national pride or countries such as china looking to conceive in another way in which you can demonstrate the world is technological sophistication
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and growing sense of it being a 1st world power china's 1st man's mission includes all of the equipment needed to survey the red planet 1st in order to be released into the atmosphere then detach a landing probe it's to take 7 minutes to touchdown in an area called utopia plenty that's where the u.s. fighting to craft landed in 1976 once on the surface a run pull slide open releasing china's rover vehicle the overtake is carrying 7 instruments to survey the planet's geology as well as searching for underground ice did. charming a water source that could sustain life for a future colonies of people from the u.s. so far the only country to have a rover long term on the planet almost half of all of the missions failed china's leader has more space ambitions changing paying hopes to send
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a manned mission to the moon in the next 10 years the last time anyone did that was the u.s. in 1972 china is also aiming to build a space station in earth orbit by 2022 if the mission is a success china could counter its rival the u.s. in future space ambitions lore about a manly al-jazeera english premier league appears to be getting dragged into the growing diplomatic dispute between china and britain china's state broadcaster c.c.t.v. chose not to show wednesday's game between livable and chelsea and we understand that it's also removed all but one of the final round of matches from a shuttle china is the premier league 2nd most valuable overseas media rights market after sub-saharan africa 7 chadwick is professor of eurasian sport the emily all business he says the premier league is becoming a political poll. what we seem to be witnessing and have witnessed over the last 456 weeks is certain governments being prepared to weaponize almost their
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involvement with the premier league so we've obviously seen what appears to be an emerging story around china in the chinese government and in the broadcast of premier league games but then what we've also seen over recent weeks is is the world trade organization making. an assessment. of a piracy case in which an organization called be out q has been involved. we know that the saudi arabian and the saudi arabian government has responded to that assessment by the world trade organization in a particular way. what now seems to be happening is is is that the premier league the saudi arabian governments. be in sport and possibly the catherine governments who are in something of an on something of a little bit of a collision course here and so what we find is is that at the heart of this is the
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premier league presumably supported by the british government but the 2 of them together are having to fight 2 fairly big fires right now coming out of saudi arabia and coming out of china and you can follow all of the stories we're covering here on al-jazeera own has their own dot com the website is updated throughout. the water you don't deserve my headquarters here in doha a reminder of our top news stories new figures show 1400000 people claimed unemployment benefits in the u.s. in the past week is the 18th we can erode that the number has topped a 1000000 so that republicans are set to unveil a one trillion dollars coronavirus stimulus package later on thursday all white house correspondent kimberly holt it turns mall. what republicans are pushing for essentially is to make sure that people get money but that it's just enough in
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other words they've been getting about $600.00 a week that's about to expire and the new plan is to give people about 70 percent of what they were previously making to incentivize them to go back to work but if there are no jobs people are a little bit stuck now in the midst of all this nancy pelosi who asked to agree to this package in order for it to become law is saying that this is a nonstarter what they're looking for is money for state local governments so there's a problem here and there's a tired tight timeline 5 west african heads of states are meeting in mali to try to resolve the country's deepening political crisis discussing ways to return stability to the country which has compromised the security of the region they've been protests for 6 weeks in mali with tens of thousands of people demanding president abraham google cockier to step down activists accused of corruption mishandling the economy and failing to improve security france's president wants e.u. sanctions on nations of violate greek can separate maritime space it follows turkey's
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move to send ships into the waters on an energy source saying mission. 93 year old german man has been convicted of helping to murder more than $5000.00 people at a nazi concentration camp it was a god fearing world war 2 campaigners say his 2 year suspended sentence is too lenient and scientists in south africa say the number of deaths from cave at 19 and maybe under reported an independent committee has found about 17000 more natural deaths than predicted it was comparing the number to the same period in the past years it says the discrepancy could be due to the pandemic south africa has the 5th highest number of infections in the world about quick more news in the al-jazeera news hour in half an hour to stay with us inside story is next.
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have relations between the u.s. and china to the point of no return chinese leaders threaten its value for the closure of its consulate in texas from trade to security and human rights will the super powers find room for compromise this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i mean wrong it's being described by so.


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