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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 23, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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every generation has higher per machine. hours each day. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm still roman you're watching the al-jazeera news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the economic side effect of america's coronavirus struggle jobless numbers are up 1400000 in a week as a trillion dollar rescue package is prepared. is the pandemic in south africa
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a lot deadlier than the official figures $17000.00 extra deaths worrying researchers. and search of ways to end weeks of protest against the president a powerful line up of west african leaders are meeting in mali. and china's 1st solo mission to mars is the quest to explore the red planet heralding the start of a new race for space. and only well into the sports news on what would have been the eve of the tongue carolyn pics that's been put forward a year this man is turning back the clock mike tyson is coming out of retirement for an exhibition fight against maury jones jr. welcome to the news of the coronavirus pandemic is causing even more pain for workers in the world's largest economy more than 1400000 people in the u.s.
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have registered as jobless in the past week it's estimated 25000000 people are now out of work and across the u.s. there's almost 4000000 cases of confirmed coronavirus one of the worst hit states is florida which announced a record number of deaths on thursday worldwide infections and above $15000000.00 the epicenter remains latin america where rising cases of forced bolivia selection to be perspire and. well we'll be going to teresa bow in and he got her in miami in a moment but 1st let's cross over to our white house correspondent kimberly how to get with the very latest and of course these job figures are going to the president we are expecting him to speak in a little while kimberly what do you think he's going to say because these figures have been fluctuating up and down for several weeks now. yeah the u.s. president has continued to try and put on off to mask optimistic spin on these job numbers but it's going to be
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a challenge because the latest as you pointing out 1400000 americans filing unemployment claims and that is up from last week and the reason it's up is because transmission rates are rising in the united states more than 4000000 americans more than 143000 this is a problem as the president tries to make the case for reopening schools and businesses we're seeing the trajectory in the other direction states like california also the u.s. state of virginia particularly hot spots right now but of course the sun belt of the united states that's the southern states also a problem now in the midst of all of this there is that coronavirus task force that is briefing at $21.00 g.m.t. there's also relief for americans being unveiled on capitol hill republicans this white house have said that they have something in mind that they believe something in the neighborhood of a package that would allow for americans to click 70 percent of their paycheck if they're out of work would incentivize going back to work but again if there aren't
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any jobs if everything shut down where are people going to be able to try and do that now the other thing that's in all of this package is that democrats are saying they need money for state local governments and if that's not in there they're not going to pass it the house of representatives so a big problem is the timeline they're trying to do this before the end of next week and right now there seems to be disagreement one more thing that seems to be of note in all of this in terms of disagreement is how to get these transmission rates down and in fact the democratic presidential nominee joe biden speaking with president obama on this they released some prepared remarks via video and one of the things that is notable in all of this is that president obama is saying the reason he believes that joe biden should be president is because he handled this crisis better because in contra. to the president they say that joe biden would listen to science and listen to the experts in trying to curb this disease and you
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talk about hundley and the crisis of course a very interesting conversation seems to the marriage between both russian and american presidents in the in the last few hours i think you and i would both love to have been flies in the oval office listening to that conversation yes is there was a readout that was released in just the last hour or so and what's notable is what's in it and what isn't 1st of all what they talked about they according to the readout from the white house the 2 presidents talked about the effort to defeat coronavirus to reopen global economies and they also talked about critical bilateral global issues without actually naming them they did refer though to donald trump's hope to avoid a 3 way arms race china russia the united states what's in the russian readout we understand is addressing iran's nuclear program but what's not in this is the concern about russian interference in the upcoming 2020 alexion what's also not in this is what was widely reported is that russia was attempting to steal back scene
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research this is been confirmed by both canada the united states and the u.k. when it comes to covert 19 so it's not clear that the u.s. president confronted the russian president as he continues to make the case that he is handling the coronavirus crisis committee how it gets at the white house thanks very much we'll keep in touch with committee let's cross over to florida now and to gallagher joins us from miami and he could tell you with us you were at the at the center of what is the u.s. is a virus pandemic where the crisis really i suppose unfolding with a governor who's finding it very difficult to justify his own position admits the chaos that you'll see in right now. yeah that's very true another doctor say florida today with over 170 recorded deaths that's set a record for this state we've now got 5600 deaths in total and almost 400000 cases
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and governor rhonda scientists is very much a close ally of president trump gave a press conference this morning in which he point blank refused to talk about going into shutdown again and closing businesses down in fact saying that most of the spread is down to people in their homes that's not necessarily true and you also talked about the big issue for many people in this state not is children going back to school next month at the moment he is pushing like president donald trump is pushing to get kids back in school saying that they are in fact less at risk and they won't spread the virus of course scientifically that may not be true as well because if children get the virus and come home to their parents and grandparents they can become super spreaders themselves but they the approach here to tackling this pandemic in florida is very different across the state for instance here in miami dade where about a 3rd of the cases have come from the mayor of miami has put a curfew in place and a mandatory mask order people are now getting fined for not wearing masks they've
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handed out over $100.00 tickets already that is something that don't run to scientists will not mandate he's leaving out up to people's personal choice which is obviously problematic in stopping this pandemic from spreading even further one of the big issues about testing and he does that vary from county to county within florida in terms of getting the test and waiting for the results. i mean i could talk about this personally because i contract the virus about a month ago my test results came back fairly quickly because things weren't ramping up as much as they are now but when you do contract the virus you have to tell everyone around you that you have got covert 19 and they have to then go and get tests the people around me they were getting their results back for 10 days at least and i've heard of cases of people waiting for 2 weeks now that is obviously very problematic because during that 10 day to 2 week period you could actually then contract covert 19 and those test results really don't mean much there are also been some problems here with trees sending out in correct you know results for
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people so that queues at the lines for these testing sites remain very long people are getting tested on a regular basis but of course you're also talking about people who work in care facilities for older people people who work in hospitals they are getting test results back faster but for the general public here there seems to be a great deal of problems with the length of time it takes to get their results and the reliability of those results which has obviously a great deal of impact on not just the state but on people's health and the reports of the in miami let's cross over to to reserve our correspondent inborn desire ease in argentina three's a lot in america reaching another new milestone really in cases quite depressing figure in the fight against covert 19. well that's correct 100000 cases in the past 24 hours he at the center continues to free brazil with over $67000.00 infections in the past hour or so with the virus spreading to
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the countries most from malta areas to the amazon rain forest affecting indigenous communities and the country's most vulnerable let's not forget about how people many of those affected live in brazil in overcrowded areas in favelas and that's where the virus is spreading rapidly without precedent that has downplayed the threat of call that $99.00 other country that has to be increased in the hours is argentina argentina that was one of the 1st ones to impose the lockdown in the region that prevented in a way the spread of the virus well in the past hour and when the main cities and greater want to cite is started opening up well the cases in argentina started to grow and go google back up but another country that c.p.s. affected right now it's fatal is the 2nd country where the largest amount of infections in latin america we're being told that the virus is moving towards the southern part of the country to the city of id keep or at least 10000 cases have
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been confirmed in this with doctors going out and protesting saying that they do not have the necessary supplies and medicines to cope with what is happening to them this virus is devastating for a region like latin america with very high poverty rates inequality and where people in many of those areas affected live in overcrowded areas with a lack of public health and very little access to sanitation with little bolivia that's another one of the nation's southern america real constitutional issues for the country because of the week which seemed to have been resolved in part. well most definitely the electrode tribunal in bolivia has just confirmed that the elections much needed elections in bolivia were postponed from september 6th and till october 18th health economy t.-i devised the health ministry and they advised the electoral tribunal saying that elections could not happen in the country
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bolivia right now has over 60000 confirmed cases and over 2500 people have died but the cases in the country appear to be much higher what they're saying is that their peak in expected to happen in later do lie until september and that elections could not take place under those terms that parties has reported that they have recovering bodies from the streets mostly in the capital abbas but also in the city of some of the girls that hospitals and funeral services have already collapsed in those 2 cities 6 political parties have been demanding and asking the electrodes are going to postpone the elections because they could not happen with the current situation under way to political parties one those elections to happen one of them is able what alice more toward socialism party they say the government is trying to hold onto power let's not forget what happened in bolivia last year elections were suspended after riots broke those roads forced
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a former president what alice to leave office and the elections experts are saying are necessary in bolivia in a way to pacify the country there's been protests seen that and transparent elections are necessary in order to bring down the political tension that exists in the country right now trees about. thanks to be updated. well scientists in south africa say the number of people who died from covert 19 could be much higher than reported after finding a spike in deaths from natural causes researchers found about $17000.00 extra deaths and say that they're likely linked to the pandemic it includes those suspected of having the corona virus but weren't tested before dying or others who were unable to seek treatment because hospitals were just overwhelmed south africa reported a record 500 $72.00 coronavirus deaths on wednesday pushing its total to close to $6000.00 africa's top health official has warned the virus is spreading there like wildfire debbie bradshaw is the chief specialist scientist at the south african
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medical research council and co-author of the council's weekly report on deaths in south africa joins me now via skype from cape town good to have you with us live on al-jazeera we just begin with the figures coming out of south africa worrying yes but such a large discrepancy compared to past years how concerned are you about the way deaths are being counted. hi good evening to you and your your viewers. we are tracking of the medical research council we've been tracking 3 the number of deaths total deaths which we can separate into those from national corps and those from we unnaturally accidents and homicides and we will plotting it against what we will expect from
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previous years and you know we're not surprised we know there's a coronavirus around and it's. certainly sitting in in the western cape province you can carry a gun carting are and the numbers of days we have seen in the last few weeks have been rising well above the previous year's numbers. we think that's a little bit alarming to us is in the in some of the provinces we quite a big discrepancy between the official code confirmed deaths and the excess but we we've observed. it we think hollywood might be in the day trust in the department of but that they may also be that are occurring in
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communities that are not getting. access to treatment and. debbie let me just come in there because i we're now getting just breaking news that schools public schools in south africa will be closed for the next 4 weeks and that's the president speaking after a cabinet meeting there one of the big issues obviously is not just how to keep children safe but also to try. get the reporting to central government done as quickly as possible and i believe the eastern cape had what 400 of those 572 deaths that were reported on wednesday is it difficult or is it annoying for local health officials reports researches like yourself or even central government to try and get those figures in a soon as possible so that they can react as soon as possible is that chain of communication working. i think you challenge us
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to know the huge country and there are a lot of facilities and we data systems were not optimal before the program extract. neatly people are trying really hard and trying to get the information through but we're leaning to look at it from different angles and use different sources of information to try and there are data and. both israeli element is. you know where its heart almost fiercely of the moment and where we managing to get letters in the western cape for example we are seeing some really not well we'll definitely start if that's the case then is there have to be as you say because of the size of the country getting information can be quite difficult in accessing health facilities just as
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problematic for the public have you noticed a difference there between rural areas the information coming from there and urban areas that perhaps you can get the information a lot quicker and therefore as a savior towards can react a lot sooner. there certainly are differences between the metropolitan areas and andrew areas but it's not as simple as that. you know journalists we were worried about our data systems. and. for example in the free state they're going to resolder data source the whole and. our research team is not going to find the free staters there's a problem it's a good getting your insight and thanks very much for talking to a broad shore there chief specialist scientist at the south african medical research council joining us from cape town thank you for your time it's a pleasure. a lot more ahead here on the i was there
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a news hour including we look at why the eastern mediterranean is becoming a new sea of tension and the french president is talking about sanctions against turkey. and caught in the crossfire civilians are reportedly killed in an air strike on the taliban in afghanistan. and in support once again tokyo marks one year to go to the delayed till it takes even though uncertainty still hangs over the games. 5 west african heads of state have gathered in mali's capital to try to end weeks of protest and political crises their extraordinary mission was launched because of a growing movement demanding that president it bring him to resign nicholas haq reports. nigeria senegal ghana ivory coast and the share their presidents on an extraordinary mission in bamako aimed at
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ending mollies political crisis similar to we are here to meet president and the various parties concerned to bring peace and ensure that monitors terms of the path of stability for the sake of the whole region. outside their meeting the demonstrators supporting money and opposition leaders who he remains missing after being abducted during the parliamentary elections in april it is time for these african heads of state to intervene in the actions of even a cat and his government to bring back to his family safe and sound as soon as possible in his absence and unprecedented protest movement calling itself the m fine among its leader. but also leaders of the opposition in civil society all calling for president. to resign police fired bullets in july as demonstrators attempted to set fire to the national assembly building roadblocks and seize
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control of the national t.v. station. the west african regional organization echo oss made a series of recommendations on sunday to end the crisis including setting up a new constitutional court to rule over $31.00 contested parliamentary seats in creating and national unity government but the m 5 rejected the recommendations and demands that the resignation of president. they are blaming crisis in mali to the issue of the 2nd round of the legislative elections i think this is a fundamental mistake the main issue is that. when he came to power in 2013 specific pledges which is ending the war in the north millions of millions fled years of fighting between mali's army and armed groups linked to al-qaeda and i still in the north and center of the country at times in mali in neighboring countries continue despite 14000 french and un troops based in the same hell 7
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years after becoming president critics say he's failed to deliver peace and is unable to unite millions seeking a better future. from neighboring make these 5 regional leaders who came to bamako only really had one day to try and solve the problem they've been talking all day there was a final communique what are you hearing. well as you said one day to resolve this crisis is just too short they were 4 hours behind schedule right now we're hearing that police are dispersing the journalists and crowds that have gathered outside the hotel where inside 4 of the heads of states are meeting with the opposition the m 5 movement including mahmoud jiko president ouattara left a little bit earlier today tend to some some matters in his country ivory coast so no final communique to take place tonight in the meantime we have heard from
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a statement coming out of paris because a french soldier was killed today today part of the commando unit in the region of go see by the borders with faso inside mali remember there are 4000 french soldiers here in what is the former cologne a former colony of france they're closely monitoring the situation here they don't want to step in or pronounce themselves but they're backing the echo os mediation efforts we're hearing that there may be later this week an extraordinary summit of the west african but body end of the heads of state to address the issue in mali so that negotiations continue so nicholas just for our international audience can you just explain to us why mali is so strategically important in terms of security for regional neighbors which is why those very presidents are in the capital right now
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trying to find a way forward that would secure their own security for their countries. does here and we're talking about i rico's gonna nigeria senegal and. has been has been a site of many attacks from armed groups we're talking about armed groups as german subtle islam will mostly mean an al qaeda affiliate and islam mixtape in the greater sahara which has been expanded expanded its area of attacks even attacking northern coast so this debility of mali is the stability of the region they want to see these heads of states want to see security in that region not only the regional powers here it's the argument put forward by president mike cole and the european union that the securing the borders of europe starts by securing stability of mali remember the north of mali is used for the movement of migrants who then cross the mediterranean it's also used for illegal traffic such as drugs this month
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that we've seen and you force the force that involves european special forces that will be in this area of northern mali so it's a strategic importance not just for mali but for the region of the whole and for europe to find a solution to this political deadlock in mali so so much is that stake so indeed for the moment nicholas nick in dakar senegal thank you for the update but still message and join that marie russia below is the president and c.e.o. of africa international media group joins me now live from paris good talking with us live on the program no rerun of an election no coalition government regional leaders hard pressed to find a solution but is there one. our that is very difficult i think 1st of all the miley and them self the whole doors where protesting in the streets they don't believe
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a tour in there and mediation by the call wife's because they believe that the 1st thing eco wise will be eager to do is to maintain one of a president like like themselves the leaders of course will and that's something they don't want to talk i mean. of course removing one person will not solve all the problem of miley because we we just heard about the security issue mali hats has a. is bordering 7 counties and has like over 7000 kilometer borders with all those with the same countries and there's a security issue but there's also something which is huge in this in the current top is corruption i mean the the the mali in sort of civil society you see people protesting. under the rule of. the eman dical mollies
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of majority. muslim muslim countries but not only more so because out in the streets you know you have some who was against or you have trade unions so it's about. let me just let me just jump in there because i think that so that's what we are next question will be really is that the regional leaders that have come to mali and to bamako to speak to 5 coalition the opposition that many of the people supporting on the streets are a disparate group are they as you just suggested some of them are religious leaders some of them are civil society some of them are union leaders they all have different needs and different wants for mali it's difficult for those regional presidents to try and negotiate with a disparate opposition that really have different political positions isnt it. ok for sure what what they have put forth was to maintain
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a president in place they say you cannot remove an elected president. during his term you have to wait and a constitution is important but the point is the constitutional court has been dissolved by a president in big catch himself because it was contested there one of the claims of the protesters because that courts has not only fide. parliamentary seats. in a 41 way the believe and. concerning 31 contenders and that one of the claims that the need to have a new election the door one that caught the will they have to dismiss them what the president had tried to do but it's not happening because they are resisting the court is resisting and also they want
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a new government they want president cater to leave and i think that point they want to succeed in having it right now so they say if we don't get him out of the job we has to his power must be restricted and he has to share power with opposition until the end of the term ok well we shall see what happens marie joining us from paris thanks so much for your time. still ahead here on al-jazeera why france's foreign minister is trying to push lebanon's government into economic reforms plus shortages of medicine and oxygen in pakistan has people run low on money to fight cave $19.00 and major league baseball is set to return after a 4 month suspension will be here with all of the latest sports names to stay with us here on al-jazeera as news out.
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of. hello there are still a few thunderstorms around in past saudi or her mom but the main thing to talk about this time the in the middle east is on surprises to heat iraq's always a focus of it and while the ways of keeping cool is to spray the most precious resource fresh water all that or you freeze it this will go on throughout the summer which is another couple of months at least because temperatures are really on the high side the high forty's because the low fifty's i've seen 50 or even $51.00 in southwestern parts of iran eastern parts of iraq and down towards cuba and the breezes no no longer that studies show that brings the dust that is now all over the place still dusty in places that wind direction is quite telling where temperatures are in the low forty's or the high thirty's more likely places like
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bahrain eastern side of our humid i want that warm and humid it really is quite unpleasant is typical inland you find i mean in riyadh for example it's probably a drive 44 but if you near the coast also present zahar of course is traditionally a dry heat the sahara often more he would because of these thunderstorms are come and go and the heaviest ones recently have been further west and there they are again in places will like syria. but. a team of chinese scientists embark on a garing the mission searching for rare is also a new space. previews china's underwater on out of the earth. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o.
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is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making healthy a world for you. to everyone. root . war in. the world.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news with lisa who run the reminder of our top stories new figures show that 1400000 people claim unemployment benefits in the u.s. in the past week it's the 18th week in a row that the number has topped a 1000000 senate republicans are set to unveil a one trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package later on thursday. also 5 west african leaders are meeting in mali's capital to try to resolve the deepening political crisis mali seen protests for 6 weeks with tens of thousands of people demanding president ibrahim hooper care to step down as africa's president has close public schools for a 2nd time as crowd of virus cases top 400000 us a panel of scientists warned it's unlikely the under reported after finding 17000 more people have died of natural causes since may and in previous years. french president manuel mccraw has warned turkey against maneuvers in the eastern
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mediterranean and wants the e.u. to consider sanctions it came as he met his cypriot counterpart in paris turkey has sent ships into the waters of the energy source mission now the conflict in libya has proved to be another source of tension between the 2 countries turkey backs the un recognized government of national accord in tripoli france has been accused of providing military support to the warlord khalifa haftar. on a very. limited garny. in this part of the mediterranean which is vital for all of our country's energy and security issues are simple today and they are at stake in the power struggles of turkey and russia in particular which are increasingly asserting themselves and against which the european union still carries too little weight it would be a serious mistake to leave our security in the mediterranean in the hands of other players this is not an option for europe and it will not be something france will it happen. for peaceable it is a former british ambassador to libya he says fronts backing have to is divisive
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within europe president macro is right to say that turkish actions around the waters of cyprus are provocative turkey doesn't recognize the lord of the sea which is an international law which is accepted by most countries and therefore drilling for energy drilling for oil and gas in what are widely regarded as cypriot waters is amiss is is a potentially confrontational approach by turkey i have present macra is also going to say that europe doesn't have a strong voice at the moment but part of the problem is france's own position in backing helen for have to are in libya which has split the european voice because many other countries regard him as a person who is just out for a power grab in libya and not the recognized government in tripoli. france's foreign minister has visiting lebanon to push for economic change. as the
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government must urgently and actor forms to get the international support it needs to deal with its ongoing economic crisis reports. he is the 1st high ranking european envoy to visit lebanon since the formation of the current government in january france's foreign minister didn't come to show support for lebanon's leaders who are asking for an international bailout to deal with the unprecedented economic crisis instead sean evil a day on delivered a firm message politicians will need to reform the state and end corruption. in the lebanese of strongly express their legitimate aspirations through demonstrations since october and took to the streets to emphasize the need for change transparency and to fight against corruption and unfortunately this call is not being heard what is needed is to carry out reforms this is not just france's demands but the entire international community lebanon's economy is on the brink of
9:37 pm
collapse the currency has devalued more than 80 percent on the black market businesses are closing unemployment is rising weeks of discussions with the international monetary fund for much needed aid have not made any progress because politicians won't fix state corruption we need to get what the i.m.f. and get it. because that's the only way that this country is going to be able to look the needed financial support immediate. friends the former colonial power in lebanon has repeatedly tried helping by hosting donor conferences levels leadership but here's the thing for you they need money to stop the country from going bankrupt but the reforms the mandate by the i.m.f. would weaken them and deprive them of sources of funding leaders have long been accused of exploiting the state's resources. personal gain allegations they deny
9:38 pm
the prime minister has found the absurd as his government is committed to reforms but the french and boy apparently isn't convinced led area and went even further to criticize the state's inability to control its territory in clear reference to the armed group the iranian backed hezbollah whose growing role in lebanon and influence in the region has hurt ties with traditional allies in the west and the gulf because we'll hear from us like we have hezbollah is committed to keeping this government and therefore talking about reforms is impossible at this stage hezbollah controls it and will give it cover from us sanctions as well as keep illegal crossings along the border with syria open for you and more than all the while the economic implosion accelerates and nearly half of lebanon's 5000000 people have already sunk further into poverty than a for their own beirut. afghanistan's ministry of defense has confirmed carrying out an strike that killed at least $45.00 people a district governor in the western province of herat says at least 8 civilians are
9:39 pm
bugs that the government says taliban fighters were targeted and civilians weren't in the area victoria phone time is a professor of peace studies at the american university in afghanistan she says the attack could impact future peace talks. the trust that has been built between the different parties to the company is clearly broken there has been no we ducked an imbalance in the past few weeks quite the contrary and so after this air strike which was a supposedly targeting taliban prisoners who had been released by the government obviously after this strike this is when you saw the damage the potential relationship that could have been established between the afghan government and the taliban so it is not looking good for the future of the n.e.p. stops enough times that china's 1st independent mission to mars is on its way and if all goes well early next year a rover vehicle will touch down to begin searching for water that's
9:40 pm
a necessity if the planet's ever to become an alternative home or a burden monthly reports. when one which translates to questions to heaven hopes to find some answers on mars where the red planet can sustain human life. lost sofas from the island of heinen in southern china the long march by brocade carrying the team when one craft it's the optimum north wind the 2 planets are at their closest for 26 months essentially shortening the journey from 9 to 7 months. and it's a busy time for travelling to mars the united arab emirates 1st mars launch by a middle east country quote a mile or hope closer from japan on monday and now say aims to launch its most sophisticated monsoreau ever next week the u.s. has had 8 successful missions to mars so far 6 on the spacecraft are exploring mars
9:41 pm
from orbit 3 american 2 european and one from india considered the nature of space exploration in the fifty's and sixty's all of this is i don't doubt with a sense of national pride or countries such as china looking to conceive in another way in which you can demonstrate the world is technological sophistication and growing sense of it being a 1st world power china's 1st man's mission includes all of the equipment needed to survey the red planet 1st in order to be released into the atmosphere then detach a landing probe it's to take 7 minutes to touchdown in an area called utopia planet that's where the u.s. viking to craft landed in 1976 once on the surface a run pull slide open releasing china's rover vehicle the overtake is carrying 7
9:42 pm
instruments to survey the planet's geology as well as searching for underground ice to. salmon in a water songs that could sustain life the future colonies of people from the u.s. so far the only country to have a rover long term on the planet almost half of all other missions failed china's leader has more space ambitions changing paying hopes to send a manned mission to the moon in the next 10 years the last time anyone did that was the u.s. in 1972 china is also aiming to build a space station in earth orbit by 2022 if the mission is a success china could counter its rival the u.s. in future space ambitions laura baron manley al-jazeera me and writers a space commentator joins us now via skype from los a in france kentucky with us on the program mr and right i mean china as well as the usa on the way to mars sort of taking the new cold war should we say quite
9:43 pm
literally to space a scientific war be it that what they hope to achieve from their research the. well this really is the new from tir for international superpower competition but it we need to be careful when we talk about a space race because going to the planets is very very hard and it involves invariably cooperating with other countries so as the chinese today go to mars they're working with the europeans they're working with the australians the swiss are the french they're also collaborating with the argentinians in their mission to mars while at the same time the u.a.e. have been collaborating also with the europeans and of course with japan who successfully launched their mission to mars last week on the japanese rocket the
9:44 pm
race is heating up but the riders are carrying different colors it's not totally national that has to be an end game though there doesn't that because it's their holiday going to mars certainly not and if it's all says all found or one of the topics of conversation is normally whether these countries would ever want to have a a a source a ground source that for a mining operation or even a habitat i mean is that realistic could it really happen. i certainly think that it will happen but not for several generations i think we're talking 3 maybe 4 generations before we see that sort of human exploitation of mars now that timetable would change i believe if for instance the american rover that is being launched next week or the european rover that is being launched
9:45 pm
in 2 years' time if either of them found evidence of life currently on mars all bets would be off everybody would want to go there and they want to want to go there very quickly in terms of the chinese they've sent several expeditions to the moon how is that prepared the for this new adventure to mars and norma's late at the. chinese work at the moon has been extraordinarily sophisticated it's really very hard to understate what they have done in particular with their ability to land on the far side of the moon where there are no direct communications the 1st nation to do so they have also demonstrated i think this is much more important strategically they've demonstrated an ability to operate in what we call sis lunar space they can move around the
9:46 pm
moon and its environs in orbit in ways that i think most western experts have been surprised by the chinese are moving very very quickly and be interesting to see how this progresses in the coming months for the moment thanks for joining us from los a in france. poland's main opposition party has petitioned the country's supreme court for a rerun of the presidential election on the dude who is an ally of the governing law and justice party won 5 more years in power but the opposition says the government broke electoral rules during the campaign their accusations include misuse of public resources which the government denies. well still ahead here on al-jazeera just 4 days after breaking his arm the moto g.p. world champion is set to return to the track leave we'll have that story and also
9:47 pm
don't go away. from.
9:48 pm
the war room. all the time to spotlight his late. thank you all had it not been for coronavirus we would have been just a few hours away from the lympics opening ceremony but the 2020 games have of course been pushed back a year organizers of how the special ceremony of the mining pick stadium in the japanese capital so mark one year to go but with the virus far from can't consigned there is no guarantee the games will end up taking place as david stokes reports.
9:49 pm
back in the pool for the 1st time in months like so many olympic athletes brazilian swimmer anna marcela kuhner has been unable to train properly because of the pandemic but with the reopening of facilities in rio she can now refocus on getting ready for the perspiring games in tokyo a year from now. it's a good time for us to go back looking forward to the 2021 and then picks the field and starting over to fill it dreams. brazil is the world's 2nd most infected country with more than 80000 deaths so athletes at the olympic training center must follow strict biosecurity rules but it beats training at home. yeah you don't present i came back from denmark with a knee problem in june and was in quarantine training at home is not the same as training here i'm very motivated to recover quickly and return 100 percent in
9:50 pm
preparation for tokyo a year to go but doubts and uncertainty remain about what the olympics will look like or if they'll even go ahead it's all with a worldwide containment of the coronavirus seemingly some way off it will be a huge challenge to stage qualifying events and then bring $11000.00 athletes to tokyo not to mention spectators and broadcasters this is a member of the task because we cannot prepare or be games as we are used to in fact there we have to prepare for multiple scenarios of the games we have to take all these seem to work out what. in what may have been the international olympic committee estimates the delay will set them back $800000000.00 but what's less clear is the size of the bill facing japanese taxpayers before the perspire at the games were already set to cost more than $12000000000.00 all $42.00 venues have been secured for next year but if it is stage without fans the loss of ticket
9:51 pm
revenue will hit hard despite the grim economic landscape though organizers remain hopeful they can keep hold of existing sponsors and maybe even attract new ones to think is that if the businesses are in dire circumstances because of coronavirus but still there are companies who are coming forward to say they want to sponsor the games which we appreciate very much it's a bright piece of news. tokyo last hosted the games in 1964 if they do return in 2021 there are unlikely to be such a grand affair with organizers already scaling back their original plan but given the global situation with $365.00 days to go getting the flame lit it all would be a victory in itself providing some light at the end of a very dark tunnel david stokes al-jazeera. major league baseball is finally back after a 4 month suspension because of the pandemic world series champions the washington nationals will start a shortened 60 game regular season when they take on the new york yankees on
9:52 pm
thursday night fans will be in the stands as part of several covert 19 regulations dr anthony fauci who has been one of the most prominent figures in the u.s. during the crisis well for the ceremonial 1st pitch. last night i went out with my wife to one of the schools near my neighborhood in d.c. i live in north with these one of the horace mann and it felt like i was throwing a brick to. the n.b.a. season starts before the end of the month to rocket star so westbrook is back in the disney bubble training with teammates after spending 10 days in quarantine recovering from coronavirus the rockets face the dallas mavericks in their 1st game back on july 31 and half hours biggest name tom brady has arrived at the time but by buccaneers training facility for the 1st time to be tested for coated 19 all players need 2 negative tests to start physical training brady won 6 super bowls
9:53 pm
with the new england patriots and join the bucs in march the n.f.l. season starts september 10th. and after dropping the redskins' 9 washington's an f i would say more now be called simply the washington for a permanent replacement can be found by plan to remove the forward line from physical and digital spaces by their opening game with a citizen on september. one of the most feared boxers of all time is coming out of retirement mike tyson the former heavyweight world champion has been in training for weeks and is teased fans were quick some social media he's now agreed to fight voice jones jr in an round exhibition bout in september tyson is 54 years old and has not fought since 2005. kenya's former 1500 meter world champion the larger man i'm going has been provisionally suspended for anti doping violations the athletics integrity unit frames he missed 3 tests under the whereabouts of
9:54 pm
a man in goa says he's devastated but insists he's always competed and that he's missed tests have nothing to do with banned substances and finally 6 time moto g.p. world champion hopes to rise in the on the loose in just 4 days after breaking his arm this is the crash marcus suffered on sunday of the season opening spanish he's almost broken but after surgery areas arriving at the heritage it is now possible that the spaniard could take his place on the starting grid in a few days' time. or originally clearly. to cancel this race but afterwards the doctor said today they gave him feet we gave. understanding. that he would drink had a day. depending on how he's feeling he would try to raise or not. so his profile now more lighter. thanks very much lee now pakistan's government has
9:55 pm
denied reports that $130000000.00 meant to find the quote a virus pandemic has been mismanaged it insists that nearly $600000000.00 in foreign donors. but as a sort of a binge of reports medicine shortages and oxygen tank prices are affecting hundreds of patients. a regular bedroom turned into a coronavirus isolation room here's our brother is home after nearly a week of treatment at the main hospital in islamabad he has to purchase oxygen but it cost brazil india has risen to one $150.00 from $40.00 before the virus. he followed his brother's condition as shares are drawn out of patients and money everyone here knows that called 900 patients inside the isolation ward many have traveled from smaller towns for treatment. fears are only mode of communication inside the isolation ward was through video calls he says he had to move his brother because they could no longer afford to keep paying for tests and medicine
9:56 pm
that the public hospital. the public hospital that has spent nearly a $1000.00 medicine is an affordable cost of injection read from $800.00 to $600.00 . although daily infection rates appear to have dropped in pakistan doctors say they have been struggling with. this volunteer doctor says they are expecting a surge of patients during the upcoming must in festival of weed and other religious procession. in our colleagues have been protesting outside against government policies in what they call incompetent hospital management. of the job the budget has been a government because all these underutilized budget out of the 2x5w2x3w are going to surround federal doctors some have promised millions and allowances are not being fairly distributed. prime minister imran khan's government also rejected reports that $130000000.00 meant for tackling the virus was mismanaged. officials
9:57 pm
in the finance ministry told al-jazeera that the government of pakistan is working through relevant organizations to scale up health sector spending in the situation demand therefore the impression regarding underfunding the emergency health expenditure is not true. faced with a criticism of an adequate 1000 response and feeling to stop shortages as well as price gouging the information minister says they cannot achieve 100 percent results we hope that you know every day's passing we are getting better and better in terms of logistics in terms of an infrastructure and believe in we are very confident that the prime minister is taking a personal interest in the whole thing and we are doing pretty well compared to other international countries me anybody unit back at the hospital ali abbas lost his father after being interviewed him he says he nearly spent $100000.00 in tests and medicines at the public hospital. he says the government's statement that it is
9:58 pm
doing well just makes him angry some of a job with others there. and that's with me the whole problem robberies up next with more small london the center to stay with us. be the hero the world. washing. cars in 1000 death toll is one of those one time with one in 5 of its inhabitants living in the capital with the 2. upsurge inevitable takes a good half
9:59 pm
a 1000000 visitors every day there's really no way that they fit perfectly this of 3 guards without focusing all has the government on all the drug strategy lead to unnecessary suffering frontline mexico the fight against covert 19 on al-jazeera. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives matter. al-jazeera world goes to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. paris a divided city on al-jazeera. setting the discussions we are they being the times when we're going to have to defend our democracy it's examining the headlines this is not the way to treat
10:00 pm
a migrant workers ludwick. human explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you to enter the world is watching on al-jazeera. the coronavirus pandemic continues to weigh heavily in the u.s. more than $1000000.00 more people out of work as the rate of transmission continues to grow. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up a question of numbers in south africa coronavirus tests are rising bata are they being reported accurately as i'm arrest continues in mali west african leaders
10:01 pm
trying to broker a deal between the president and all.


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