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i am sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries the struggle continues but from bad did till now for these districts revisiting alfred's free press. and managing editor of the day to talk we know from the public of what's happening in the aggressor side there have been some changes over over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera. former malaysian prime minister najib razak is found guilty on 7 corruption charges but his 1st trial linked to a multi $1000000000.00 state fund scandal. hello i'm not matheson this is all to 0 live from doha also coming up. doing our part to eradicate it in very important. volunteers start rolling up their sleeves for the
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united states 1st large scale vaccine trials. losing their homes and their livelihoods hundreds of thousands in bangladesh wait for help in rising flood waters. also logging on to learn if you can afford it i'm most nigerian children are missing out at schools stay closed. malaysia's former prime minister national press has been found guilty of 7 corruption charges the verdict was delivered in the 1st trial linked to the one m.t.b. state investment fund scandal during his time in power now continues to deny any wrongdoing and says he will appeal. this 1st case centered on the transfer of nearly 10000000 dollars from a unit of one m. d.b. internet personal accounts he's been convicted of abuse of power 3 counts of
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criminal breach of trust and 3 counts of money laundering and he had launched one m.t.b. as a state investment fund when he was prime minister in 2009 florins louis has the latest from kuala lumpur. the judge took a couple of hours to read out his verdict and he found not guilty on all 7 counts and now the defense lawyers are now arguing for a stay in sentencing so we're not yet sure whether the judge is going to pass a sentence today or if the defense lawyers have their way then there are them that may happen only next week on monday which is what defense lawyers osting for now the charges for which it has been found guilty they carry rather have to be punishment ranging from 20 years in prison that's the maximum sentence to fine of 5 times the amount of gratification that the accused has been found to have received so that could run into tens of millions of dollars now and this is just
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the 1st step of course not has said he will appeal and malaysia has a 2 tier appeals process so that could take up 2 years before the appeals process is exhausted james chin is a professor of asian studies at the stories university of tasmania he says this ruling will diminish mark sure many political quote. prior to this ruling i think your general consensus of middle age you know is that you will be on your some other charges but not all that are just sort of the history of all of it tried it with human issues political strength but having said that is growing joe and his followers are the are not and he's hoping to get real on this one and that case is because you are trying to regain the prime ministership. i think the party's trying to draw a line of bodies when m.b.e. shoe for the past couple months they've been trying to weave brand ends up i think
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know what hoping they're not and it will not be you but a fact and i didn't found the i thing looks extremely bad for them in terms of the dumbest it political consequences of course this was and of the irony is the more you're doing because i'm not has been trying to pressure on well you know the goal for snap election effect and i'm sure has you. probably suggest that it was. because the boat does what it about these corruption. germany's warning citizens against traveling to parts of spain that have high numbers of coronavirus cases earlier the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez urged the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week quarantine on anyone travelling from his country infections are rising fast in areas including barcelona but resorts like balad on the eastern coast of reporter far fewer cases sanchez says that means exemptions can be made. out of some of the preview some of the we are at this moment talking to the british
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authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the bay lyric islands the violent sea and dilute sea in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. . united states 1st large scale covert $1000.00 vaccines studies begun the stage 3 clinical trials are one of the final hurdles before government approval can be granted so it's a process president donald trump hopes will deliver a bank seen this soon as possible as he heads towards the election in november i did jocasta reports from maryland. if the u.s. is to have a viable coronavirus vaccine by early next year it's volunteers like melissa harding who will help make that happen everyone in my family is medical my husband
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of police officers though we're all on the front lines than can be easily affected by it so doing our part to eradicate it is very important to me she's among 30000 participants to test shots created by the u.s. government and the private company mcgurn or other vaccine candidates will be tested in coming months we've been sitting on the sidelines passively attempting to wear a mask and social distance and not go out when it's not necessary this is the 1st step of becoming active against this the covert death toll in the us is greater than 100 in 47000 more than 4200000 americans have been infected that now includes robert o'bryant national security adviser the white house says o'brien has mild symptoms and did not expose the president on july 10th the 2 were together in florida the state that's now the u.s. epicenter with more than 10000 and factions
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a day. courting members of the marlins have tested positive throwing the u.s. professional baseball season into disarray. meanwhile unemployed americans have stopped receiving federal checks of $600.00 a week a republican plan in congress would resume those checks but slashed the payment by $2.00 thirds democrats say they won't agree and a partisan battle is expected how does your castro al-jazeera maryland. a group of brazilian health care workers is asking the international criminal courts to investigate president jedda both scenarios government for crimes against humanity a document is said to represent more than a 1000000 medical staff in brazil has been submitted to the hague based court it accuses the government of being criminally negligent in its management of the covert 19 pandemic brazil has the 2nd highest number of virus related deaths in the world and the pandemic is further expose any qualities in the world to cities and
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towns how people live in them and the services they can access and the un report argues now is the time to reset the status quo and says almost all known infections are in cities and some urban economies are serving the residents better than others a quarter of the world's urban population for example lives in slums many like ask access to running water and basic sanitation needed to effectively stop transmission of the virus of fewer than half of the people on earth have access to open public spaces near their homes the regular the option of telecommuting illustrates also say these concerns for seemingly overnight to confront urgent sets we must stick to with the same urgency and resolve to transform cities and the rest of the climate and pollution crisis now is the time to rethink and reshape the little worlds now is the moment where they're put to the reality of these and future pandemics and now is our chance to recover better by building more resilient
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inclusive and sustainable cities kenya's extended a curfew for another month that had been set to expire in early august but the government stopped short of reinstating a full lockdown sunday saw a record increase with 916 new cases kenya's reported around 18000 since the outbreak began nearly 300 people have died. the destruction of education in nigeria is raising concern for the future of millions of children schools was shot 4 months ago and they won't reopen because coronavirus cases are rising but as an adidas reports with booster only a few schools are able to offer online learning. covered 19 has empty classrooms in the nigeria for school so the resources learning never stops much of it in private schools. but the students say given the necessary equipment to study for the whole. they're able to log in the other classes and then they also
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have the ability to view the lesson material in the online classroom and videos that they can watch. on their own and then also we have a learning fact that goes home once a week and so they're able to get fresh material we actually see some children are thriving in this environment children that had difficulty paying attention in class are really excited by the fact that they can see their teacher one on one but it's a different story for the majority of students who go to government run schools this school has been under lock and key for the past 4 months and is the same story elsewhere in nigeria underfunded and usually overcrowded most public schools have been unable to provide teaching for the students during the pandemic. for now the government's plan to provide teaching radio on t.v.
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isn't working for most because of poor internet access and power cuts and alyse the disruption to education will have serious repercussions for the future of students on the country. obama. or. no sex. as covered 1000 cases rise government officials are putting in place safety requirements before schools can reopen private schools are more likely to meet those safety requirements as a public school students the option for many is either to stay at home or on the streets i'm pretty trees. which are. coming up after the other $3000000000.00
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animals killed or displaced scientists give an alarming reassessment of a strain is devastating bushfires plus $29.00 and we're all part of the revolution and are here to serve its goals sudan's government has sworn in civilian governors and women are taking a central role. hello this and all the heavy shadows very widespread to across much of the philippines over the last day or 2 you can see the cloud here on the satellite in the last year as those yellow flashes indication the thunderstorms plenty more of those as we go through wednesday and the rain again on its way across into northern and western areas of borneo elsewhere it's not cheap to java's fine and dry not much there in the way of rain and then through thursday more showers across borneo and if anything a little bit more widespread the heavy across much of the philippines particularly
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in areas towards the north than we had across down into australia and new zealand now the good news here is that the storm system across the east is really beginning to pull away it is there on his way towards new zealand but sickles in the meantime it produced some glorious ways for the surface but it's not all good news because a cools all the way along the to kill a stretch of coast it is about this ongoing coastal erosion and also further in on there's been quite a few flash floods this particular vehicle a just a little stuck in a sinkhole so the good news aside a system is on its way towards the east pushing across the tasman sea it does mean the winds and the rain pushing into the south island of new zealand but really for much of australia as we go through wednesday and really on into thursday it is fine and dry temperatures around 20 celsius in perth it should be fine and dry with sunshine and improving conditions in sydney with a high of 90. regie own mind raced against the brick kiln slaves of pakistan some of the most shocking
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and appalling working conditions anywhere in south asia up to 1000000 trying. not known photostat for human rights virtually no one speaks for them they suffer but they suffer in silence with no hope of escape when he's into those allegations and it's working conditions in the industry is equivalent to modern slavery slavery a 21st century evil continues with bonded slaves announces their. north and i was here a reminder of our top stories this hour well asia's former prime minister najib razak has been found guilty of all 7 charges his 1st trial linked to the one m.t.v.
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scandal oscillators say hundreds of millions of dollars from the state fund were deposited into his accounts germany is warning citizens against charlie the parts of spain that have high numbers of coronavirus cases earlier the spanish prime minister the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week quantum of anyone traveling from his country. president donald trump says a u.s. raid corona virus vaccine is now into the final trials before they can be approved from says it could be ready for widespread use by the year. lebanon's prime minister has accused israel of a dangerous military escalation when he says violated his country's sovereignty us on the odds comments come a day after israel's military said it stopped an attempt by has boller to infiltrate across the border group denies that i forced reports from western. smoke plumes over southern lebanon after what the israeli military referred to as
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a security incident it said a cell of hezbollah fighters trying to infiltrate israeli controlled territory israeli soldiers tracked them and repelled them with machine gun tank and artillery fire in tel aviv where they'd rushed for security assessments israel's julian prime minister and defense minister put on a rare show of unity government. a cell of hezbollah terrorists crossed into israel in an attempt to harm israeli soldiers i.d.f. soldiers and officers acted professionally and accurately and prevented a severe incident that could have cost human lives. israel's prime minister made an explicit reference to the war of 2006 in warning hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah that israel's armed forces stood ready to respond further because volatile of darks hizbollah mr understand that it is playing with fire made a big mistake when it's assessed israel's nation to defend itself and lebanon paid a price any attack against us will be met with great force i urge him not to repeat
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this mistake and we do not live unknown. israel has been on heightened alert cincinnati strike last week in syria attributed to israel killed a hezbollah fighter there as well has vowed to avenge any such deaths in southern lebanon the aftermath of the israeli artillery barrage hezbollah denied having carried out any operation saying israelis fired into lebanon out of confusion and panic and its statement was read out on the hezbollah affiliated t.v. then. it was all one sided and it was by an enemy that is afraid terrified and worried our response to the martyrdom of our brother ali kamil most in who died in the zionist attack in the damascus airport region is definitely coming and there's scientists should be whiting for the punishment of their crimes last year a similar set of circumstances led to a hezbollah attack on an israeli military post and a limited israeli response it was over within hours both sides seemingly keen to
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avoid an escalation that motivation has only intensified since with a surging pandemic in israel and an economic crisis in lebanon but for now at least hezbollah is saying that this round isn't over are a force that al-jazeera wester islam around a 3rd of bangladesh has been affected by flooding that's left 2000000 people needing help many of those displaced are living in temporary shelters or others are being forced to take refuge on roads at least 100 people have died reports from. is desperate to save whatever few possessions she was left with before the flooding she used to live with a family of 6 in this modest hot now she's not sure where our family and life stopped will find shelter. with facing many problems there's no work here the authorities are supposed to distribute relief here but we have yet to receive any we're not even sure what to feed our life stuck under these conditions we may have
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to take shelter by a bridge nearby for now bangladesh lies a nation's largest river delta system many big rivers which originate in the himalayas flow to india into the bay of bengal making the country highly vulnerable to and low flooding. following the recent torrential rain many areas on the outskirts of the dhaka are also under water such as here in cyber but the flood forecasting center says there is no chance of the floodwaters moving farther inland towards dhaka for now unicef say is more than 2000000 people including around a 1000000 children have been impacted and a half a 1000000 families displaced due to floods don joyride lost his home in korea graham not in bangladesh he's now living with his family in a temporary shelter many people came and visited the area even local government people but so far we have not received any assistance it's been almost 2 months
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since this area flooded health officials say if thousands of people in the flood affected areas have fallen victim to water borne diseases the government says it's prepared to deal with the situation where the money for them will drop the prime minister has instructed us to take a long term strategy to deal with the flood situation we are prepared and have adequate relief materials cash and food including special provisions for children dry foods and even hot cooked meals we had a cabinet meeting and decided where to distribute everything but despite the assurances the government has yet to assess the full impact of the flooding it's a challenging time for people like cocaine or whoever made a raging coronavirus pandemic now also face the struggle to rebuild their life can be childfree i'll just sirrah bangladesh. u.s. attorney general william barr is expected to defend the use of federal agents to stop protests when he testifies at a congressional hearing later in tuesday more demonstrations have been taking place
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in portland against racism and police brutality says it also angry about the presence of federal officers were deployed by president donald trump. police in australia have shut down a black lives matter protest in sydney and arrested at least 6 people before the event could get underway protesters had said they would hold the rally despite a court order denying them a permit over coronavirus concerns outdoor gatherings in the state of new south wales and limited to 20 people scientists say nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced by is truly is lost bushfire season the world wide fun for nature and describes it as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history or koalas became the face of the crisis it affected nearly every species in the continent many animals that didn't die in the flames suffered starvation and dehydration christopher dickman is a professor of terrestrial ecology at the university of sydney he worked on the
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estimates and he says he was shocked. this really has always been a fire prone continent so the fires are already part of the ecology but i think the sort of ours that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we've we really haven't seen anything out to them before and i think because not of the forest anyway has been cleared there are developments and been fragmented to a large degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest burned it was very difficult for people to list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. pretty important for us to slate as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the forests the state wasn't very good and what i'd like to see is much more since one of the dream through the forests of woodlands and other by regions in the continent so we've got more idea of where populations are we're
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ecological communities and the tracking of the time what the effects of different disturbance events are it might put us in that their position then with the with for the virus in the future to be able to predict with we should go where an engineer it's should be most targeted perhaps in the wake of the for or the servants where recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so monitoring i think would be a critical listen to learn from this occurrence managers accusing russian backed separatists are violating a cease fire that's come into effect in the east monday's truce is backed by leaders in both moscow and kiev there's a sense of cautious optimism among some others agree packer got to has more. alert and standing ready ukrainian soldiers in these trenches a few hansei 15 here before 1st a cease fire and then accusations of violations for the hostilities and more
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mistrust that's done little to end the 6 year conflict between ukrainian troops and russian backed separatists. unfortunately today at 20 and 45 local time the enemy opened fire from small arms and heavy machine guns on the 36 marine brigades unit no casualties among ukrainian troops have been reported our units have not returned fire monday's truce aloha scan donbass regions was described as a full and comprehensive one backed by both russia's president vladimir putin and ukrainian leader law to me solecki the representatives of the breakaway region the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic have denied firing the 1st short for the people living here the poles and fighting has been a welcome despite but after 20 previous attempts at a lasting cease fire it's difficult not to be cynical or never want to hurt their own unique in that it was quiet today it's unbelievable it's the 1st day when they did not fire before that once they started to fire they kept firing we will work it
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out of peace is reached but i don't believe in it and no one believes that there will be peace maybe this time it will last for 3 or 4 days out side ukraine's presidential office and care for this anger against lenski since last year's election victory selenski has made ending the conflict in the east a priority but for protesters here monday's truce has come with a sense of betrayal. and they're going thanks to the clumsy leadership of president zelinsky and his team the result is that the army got an order for capitulation we paid a huge price and so we as civil society members cannot allow this 40000 people have died in the conflict since russia's annexation of the crimea peninsula and. 2014 to this day 2000000 people have done by us and crimea remain displaced more than 3000000 on both sides of the frontline need aid to survive. but i cried so much and
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i suffered so much i would like peace to come but whether it will come only those on top can say ukraine's government says if the truce holds it would lead to the implementation of other aspects of the 2050 peace to you brokered by france and germany for now this cautious optimism for of real ceasefire practical 0. other protester has died from tear gas canister wounds sustained during anti-government protests on monday the deaths of the 1st and foremost and most of all hardly came to office and he's ordered an investigation he's criticizing her the forces for firing tear gas and live hominess the crowds thousands of iraqis have rallied for jobs and an end to corruption for months now. caught us here on representative says the gulf nation will continue to support the peace process in afghanistan despite a rising violence which threatens to derail u.s. backed efforts for talks the afghan government and the taliban are preparing to
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engage in dialogue once again possibly next month they would like to reaffirm guitars that said past commitment to support the afghanistan including continued support for an afghani led and owned reconciliation process with a view to bringing peace to bolivia security now undertaking these efforts we will continue to support the international commitments community commitments to endorse the full participation of women in the peace process. so dunn has replaced the military governors of its 18 states with civilians women now hold posts for the 1st time they enter office in a difficult period with many people being killed in violence and for. taking oath of office nearly a year after the signing of a power sharing agreement that stipulates that their appointment and after months of protests so dance transitional governments who are in 18 years to a 1000000000 governors they were placed governors appointed by former president
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obama will be xi before he was removed from office in april last year the appointees include 2 female governors the 1st woman to hold the post office in sudan's history. and 3 we are set on implementing the vision and the slogan of the revolution which is freedom peace and justice we are aware that there are challenges that together with the people of our states will tackle them we are all part of the revolution and are here to serve its goals the appointments come as the country faces several challenges violence in the rest the western region of darfur has led to the deaths of more than 100 people in the past 10 days including 60 people who were killed by an identified attackers in west bar 4 on saturday and sunday there are sit ins in various parts of the region demanding better security and issues that will pose a challenge to the governors of the 5 to 4 states that make up the region therefore also has more than 1500000 people displaced due to the war which started in 2003
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and has yet to and. we've been in camps for years and despite the new transitional government we have not seen change when i try to go out of the displacement camps back to my farm there are always armed men preventing we don't have access to our lands anymore because of the insecurity. in the east of the country there have been ethnic clashes resulting in loss of life so full truth facts have been fined over the past years but the people in custody say they're marginalised and want to proper representation a slowing economy with an inflation rate of nearly 140 percent has hit some states harder than others while severe fuel shortages triggered protests in many areas appointed civilian governors is one of the main steps of sudan's democratic transition and one of the main demands of protesters since the appointment of the new government but in the 18th state now both rejection to the governor's appointed in their region often citing their gender or ethnicity some analysts blame it on
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a lack of transparency in the selection process. that governors repacked based on their political affiliations which gives the impression that the positions are merit based so people who now see this wonder why it's based on political parties and tribes or a certain clan because it appears as though it's a cake and everyone wants a piece of it the other thing is that some have little experience in civil posts so getting their states to believe in them may be difficult many challenges lie ahead for sudan's new governors but for now they represent the completion of one of the requirements of the transition and the hopes of many for a stable country morgan al-jazeera. this is all just series of the top stories malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been found guilty of all 7 charges in his 1st trial linked to the one. prosecutors say hundreds of millions of dollars in his state funds were deposited
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into his accounts has been following the trial. the charges for which it has been found guilty they carry rather have to be punishments ranging from 20 years in prison that's the maximum sentence to fine of 5 times the amount of gratification that the accused has been found to have received so that could run into tens of millions of dollars now and this is just the 1st step of course not jim has said he well appeal in malaysia has a 2 tier appeals process so that could take up 2 years before the appeals process is exhausted germany's warning citizens against traveling to parts of spain that have high numbers of coronavirus cases earlier the spanish prime minister urged the u.k. dic reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week quarantine on anyone travelling from his country president donald trump says a u.s. raid corona virus vaccine has now entered the final trials before it can be
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approved trump says it could be ready for widespread use by the end of the year 30 iraqi protesters died from tear gas canister wounds sustained during anti-government protests on monday the deaths of the 1st since prime minister most of all me came into office and may is ordered an investigation is criticizing purity forces for firing tear gas and live ammunition at crowds. lebanon's prime minister has warned israel of a dangerous military escalation that he says has violated lebanese sovereignty it comes a day after israel's military says it stopped in the tent by hezbollah to infiltrate across the lebanese front here the group denies the claims. scientists say nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced by a stranger's last bushfire season the world wide fund for nature describes it as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history many animals that didn't die in the flames faced starvation news continues here on al-jazeera off to slavery a 21st century evil goodbye. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change
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economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. the 300 years the most powerful nations on earth group rich and strong go on the profits of the slave trade over 12000000 men women and children will be transported from africa on slave ships like this to the colonies and plantations in north and south america today slavery is illegal in every country on the planet but the truth is slavery did not die in the 19th century it is a life that is thriving and it is bigger than ever.


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