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alfred's free press. and the money they did talk we know from the public of what's happening in the rest aside. over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes guilty of 7 charges in a major corruption scandal involving the former malaysian prime minister najib razak he's now awaiting sentencing. lebannon is to impose a 2 week lockdown starting on thursday just ahead of the elite holiday as coronavirus infection surge. losing their homes and their livelihoods hundreds of
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thousands in bangladesh wait for help in rising flood waters. and. and logging on to learn if you can afford it but most nigerian children are missing out to schools stay closed. i'm joining us roscoe with a real sport major league baseball games are cancelled after several players test positive for corona virus but the league's commissioner is confident the season will not have to be cancelled. but start this news in malaysia where the former prime minister najib razak has been found guilty on 7 corruption charges the verdict comes from the 1st of 5 trials linked to the one n.d.p. scandal launched the state fund when he was prime minister in 2009 the case centered on the transfer of new. $10000000.00 into his personal accounts evidence
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in court showed a trail of money that paid for home renovations donations to political parties and a luxury watch for his wife he's been convicted of abuse of power criminal breach of trust and money laundering he's accused of stealing nearly $1000000000.00 from that fund prosecutors of levied $42.00 charges against him he denies any wrongdoing and says he will appeal florence louie is our correspondent in kuala lumpur florence welcome back to the news when do we get the sentencing. well that's really anybody's guess the judge has been hearing mitigation arguments from the defense lawyers and then the prosecution had a chance to reply he's still hearing those mitigation arguments we don't know whether the sentencing is going to take place on tuesday or whether that's going to be deferred to another date the judge has an indicator of what's going to be
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happening but we do know that the prosecution in arguing for sentencing has asked for a deterrent sentence saying that this case has tarnished their country's reputation as a kleptocracy and saying that a deterrent sentence is needed because mr helped the highest than most senior executive position in the land and it's needed to show that no one is above the law and when we talk about no one being above the law florence there's a sense there i guess as well that this could run and run because his wife has still to go to trial as well. that's right and not just his wife still has to go to trial and as you mentioned niger brazile himself faces dozens of other additional charges in several trials some of those are already under way 2 of those are still pending and then we were talking about this case itself and malaysia has a 2 tiered appeal process so this is something that could go on for years and he
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can appeal to the court of appeal if he gets a decision that's not in his favor he can then appeal to the highest court in the land the federal court that so this is really something that could go on for years lawrence thanks very much less speak live to bridget welsh in kuala lumpur as well she is an honorary research associate at the asia research institute at the university of nottingham malays you have bridget welcome back to al-jazeera so we've already had this word kleptocracy but the scale of this the systemic aspects of this this is the biggest case of its kind that we've ever reported on. yes i mean in the u.s. in that department justice found that there were about $4500000000.00 but this is only part of what. this goes up to at least $10000000000.00 and it is a huge staggering amount do we also have to engage with the idea that someplace off in the shadows there were so many backdoor deals going on and the people who were
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on the receiving end of those backdoor deals they kind of implicates it anyway no. well it's complicated because this case involves multiple jurisdictions in many different countries so being able to actually show all of those deals in a very accessible manner has been a challenge that the court has that the face in this case that was sent decided today there were over 2000 documents and this is seen as the most simple case compared to the other trials that are coming so if this is something very difficult for the prosecution to prove but in this case what we see is all 7 charges have gone against the not generous act and i think that it builds a case for the other decisions that will follow does this restore faith in not the political system inside the country for malaysians but in that gray area that overlap between politics and big business politics and vested interests. well
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it's a step in that direction but i who want to ask to be frank that a lot more has to be done and there are a lot more charges to come forward and to be and trials to be dealt with and i think also the appeal process has just started so this is something that i think is going to be going on for many years but it does in a sense instill faith in a different way and for many malaysians who stood up to the issues of corruption abuse of power and they voted this government that was in power. by now for almost 68 for 61 years out of office in 2018 i think it's restore some of their faith in standing up for what they believed was wrong and also for sort of damaging religious reputation today malaysia should stand strong for what has happened in terms of the issues of the rule of law has been has been practiced and when we talk about the people who voted for him and how long he was in office for is there a chance bridget that say in 4 or 5 years you and i'll be having this conversation
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if we're both doing the same jobs where we're talking about oh he's standing for election again oh he's won the election oh he's the prime minister again. well one can never rule out anything in malaysia you know you have had a prime minister who came back after retiring and the opposition opposition leader anwar abraham has been in jail and come out but i think in this case it is going to be much harder for not to project to come back while he still has a very important role to play in the political party i think that many of his party recognize that he is a liability and he had it is someone who brought them down from government in 2018 i think what we're going to see in the next few months is how the party evolves and how it changes i think it will be still a player but i think there will be a battle inside that party to determine the respective power of different answers and i think that there is
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a younger groups of people in that party who actually understand that if that party is going to have any successful chances at the election they need to move on from not just and russia ok we must leave it the rich acquits talked to us of a but you will see that in quite a lot of leisure. we move on china suspending extradition treaties with the u.k. canada and australia this is a reciprocal move after those 3 countries plus new zealand suspended their extradition agreements with china over its new security law in hong kong beijing says it reserves the right for further reaction in response to the decision taken by the government let's bring in rory chalons out of london rory any reaction yet from the foreign office. no not yet but this is be an announcement that's just come in the last hour or so as you say a reciprocal. bit of legislation from the chinese tit for tat so if you want to
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call it that it's been a week or so since the u.k. took this step. also canada and australia have suspended their extradition treaties with hong kong over this new security law that china has put in place in the territory new zealand has just announced that it is doing the same and the united states is believed to be following fairly soon so all of these 5 countries i'd imagine at some point and then in the near future will suspend their extradition treaties and we can imagine that china will follow suit and in doing the same these 5 countries are parts of the 5. intelligence alliance so seemingly behaving as one over this ok rory many thanks. lots more still to come for you here on the news including a battle over beachgoers spain germany and the u.k.
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have a faceoff because of coronavirus restrictions. also ahead a hidden killer in yemen as coronavirus overwhelms health facilities another disease could be causing thousands of deaths. sports news teams get ready for the season. we'll have the details in about half an hour. is imposing a 2 week lockdown as of thursday after a surge in virus infections and at least 132 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours places of worship nightclubs sports events and popular markets are closed down the lockdown coincides with the muslim festival of . the rise in infections follows the reopening of beirut's international airport earlier this month the number of new daily case he says doubled in one week in less
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than a month lebanon has recorded the same number of cases it previously reported over a period of 4 months the number of those admitted to hospital and intensive care rose by 60 percent in july and 222 medical staff have been infected 11 young doctor has died of covert 19 johns is live outside a hospital in beirut which is the forefront of the battle against the corona virus and. what do we make of this rise in the number of cases and is the country ready for a resurgence. and an alarming rise at the beginning lebanon was able to contain the spread of coronavirus because of the strict measures the lebanese government imposed they closed the airport but like you mentioned since the beginning of july the airport was reopened the country was reopened there was little. really officials had little choice because of the dire economic conditions in the country unemployment is up 30 percent and many many
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people rely on daily wages so they have to open up the country but the problem is a lot of people were reckless their behavior was reckless they didn't to respect social distancing. their wedding parties and beach parties and so now we're getting daily cases of approximately 162175 and this is a country which is health care system was already collapsing before the pandemic this is one of the main public hospitals well which is treating and receiving patients lebanon's health care system it's basically the private sector which has been in the lead for so many years 85 percent of the health sector is private hospitals but many many people can no longer afford to go to private hospitals they've lost their jobs and they've lost their insurance and so so much the added pressure already on public hospitals and the government holds owes private hospitals $1300000000.00 and at the same time public hospitals are underfunded and
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ill equipped long neglected by successive governments over the past 3 decades so that is why there is so much concern already hospital admissions intensive care admissions more than doubled in the past 2 weeks the lebanese government is meeting right now to discuss further measures that they can take but for the time being the plan is to lock down the country over the weekend this weekend and the following weekend in the hope that they will slow down the surge really in the number of cases and let in on ok as in many things in a hotel reporting live from beirut. to the united states america's 1st large scale qubit 1000 banks in study has now officially begun the state's 3 clinical trials are one of the final hurdles before government approval can be granted heidi jocasta reports now from maryland. if the u.s. is to have a viable coronavirus vaccine by early next year it's volunteers like melissa harding who will help make that happen everyone in my family is medical my husband
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of the place up with or so we're all on the front lines than can be easily affected by it so doing our part to eradicate it is very important to me she's among 30000 participants to test shots created by the u.s. government and the private company mcgurn of other vaccine candidates will be tested in coming months we've been sitting on the sidelines passively attempting to wear a mask and social distance and not go out when it's not necessary this is the 1st step of becoming active against this the covert death toll in the us is greater than $100.00 in $47000.00 more than $4200000.00 americans have been infected that now includes robert o'bryant national security advisor the white house says o'brien has mild symptoms and did not expose the president on july 10th the 2 were together in florida the state that's now the u.s.
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epicenter with more than 10000 infections a day. 14 members of the marlins have tested positive throwing the u.s. professional baseball season into disarray. meanwhile unemployed americans have stopped receiving federal checks of $600.00 a week a republican plan in congress would resume those checks but slashed the payment by $2.00 thirds democrats say they won't agree and a partisan battle is expected how does your castro al-jazeera maryland. spain's prime minister is pushing the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 we quarantine on anyone travelling from his country infections are rising fast in some places like barcelona the resorts like bene dorm on the eastern coast of spain have reported far fewer cases mr sanchez says this means there can be exemptions. to some of the time of the call we are at this moment talking to the
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british authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the balearic islands the villains here and dilute sea in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. you know. live now to barcelona and my colleague martin arrow martyr how's the government there working to rebrand spain as a safe destination for everyone. yes well as we heard last night from prime minister for those content in this television interview his sister that spain is a safe destination and this comes up why. do you k. join this 150 countries that have imposed limitations under strict sense of
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travelers coming to our country although government is aligned in this in this in this sense and saying about this being here is safer than being for example in the queue in the u.k. young france regions like. learns didn't register many infections during the coronavirus outbreak we know without the spanish government is negotiating to get these 2 regions out of this except out of the restrictions imposed by by the u.k. we have to say that these decision has a huge impact in the tourism sector that represents a 12 foot 12 percent of the spanish economy and the branches of this tourism sector create 2600000 jobs and these numbers are very very important as today today the unemployment figures were released and with so like in the 2nd quarter of the year 1000000 jobs were lost due to the. lockdown in
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spain and staying with that idea of the financial hit the economy as you were just saying there was already suffering so marj if this is a resurgence and if other countries react negatively to that because they will say we've got to keep our people safe that sets up that organization of people going from spain to other european countries that will help the economy in spain one little bit. yes it won't help the spanish economy with so how hotel or hotels owners yesterday were even proposing to pay for the tests for people visiting travelers foreign travelers fisting spain to pay for their tests once they were decided to go back to their countries we've seen how 50 percent of consolation during the month of august and nationwide on the situation is quite critical we see here in barcelona where we are right now the beaches are really empty bars there are no queues to to to visit like
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the the cathedral in the middle of the of the city no queues out all the words we were talking to the people at the cathedral saying that an ordinary day you would reduce 3660 people 66 to visitors while last year the same dates we are they will have 1000 so the situation is quite critical we know that the government is negotiation and pushing very hard especially to brand the idea that spain is to save this to nation that we've got the corner of ours under control that these are only isolated branches or us isolated clusters that are completely under control ok mark we'll leave it there martin joining us live from boston. the disruption of education in nigeria is raising concerns the for the future of millions of children schools were shot 4 months ago and while final year 2nd re students will return next week to get ready for their exams many children don't know when they will be back in the classroom to address reports not from. i. covered
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19 as empty classrooms in nigeria for school so the resources learning never stops much of it in private schools. but the students are given the necessary equipment to study for a hole. so they're able to log in via the classes and then they also have the ability to view the lesson material in the online classroom and videos that they can watch. on their own and then also we have a learning path that goes home once a week and so they're able to get fresh material we actually see some children are thriving in this environment children that had difficulty paying attention in class are really excited by the fact that they can see their teacher one on one but it's a different story for the majority of students who go to government run schools this school has been under lock and key for the past 4 months and is the same story
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elsewhere in nigeria underfunded i'm usually overcrowded most public schools have been unable to provide teaching for the students during the pandemic. for now on the government's plan to provide teaching radio on t.v. isn't working for most because of poor internet access and power cuts and elicit the disruption to education will have serious repercussions for the future of students on the country. that's the. only. or. it will. now set up. oh. oh. has covered $1000.00 cases rice government officials are putting in place safety requirements before schools can reopen private schools are more likely to meet
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those safety requirements as a public school students the option for many is either to stay at home or room the streets 100 eateries. which are. is the nigeria country director for one that's a global campaign aimed at tackling extreme poverty and preventable diseases she joins us live now from sarah michael welcome to news on why is it with this particular issue online teaching or continued online teaching is not a solution. you know before cold and we already had a beautiful morning crisis of leagues listing education our infrastructure was nothing but suppression and. free. after corentin what we find is that the kids that can learn online are learning and those who can't are not however there are more kids in public schools that don't have that only
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infrastructure that and private schools we know of that last 39000000 children in nigeria been affected by the covert close downs now my learning is not as accessible because of that that's a huge digital divide so we still have about on the continent 28 percent africans have access to the internet and edges in a slightly higher number but those children from the households that go to public schools don't have access to internet we also have an existing problem so when you saw for the internet problem we have an electricity problem where many of these kids are not in. it areas where there is a constant supply of electricity and then you have the context of home schooling if your parents in strength to survive and selling things in the market and doesn't have the educational level that you are at you don't have support at home so i'll even learn so we have several barriers to hender cave which many of the kids in
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nigeria are in that category they hinder them from learning during this time is ok it ok this issue you're talking about does it also mean at some point down the line there will be a massive a disconnect the lack of parity between school pupils all students who are precisely the same age but some of them have in effect been allowed to continue their education and others have not so you'll get big classes i mean the school size their whatever it is $15200.00 children per class which is astonishing in and of itself but on top of that you get people coming back into the educational system you know education for a period of 6 months or a year and other people have kind of being fast tracked through a good solid education. unfortunately this will be the case you know we saw this with the ball of crisis in sierra leone and liberia and we saw the children missed hours and hours of school which translated into. a matter when they came back into its education and if that is not addressed immediately they need to translate into
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a job opportunity there is a whole spillover effect that goes into the life of a student so this is really a nice it's you know when hope is a help pandemic we have an education pandemic and i have. it is very critical that the state governments especially that have oversight of the primary and secondary education need to pay attention to this unfortunately we're seeing in nigeria that at the end the universe of basic education commission budgets cuts by 54 percent so we're not seeing that you know there is an attention and there's a there's a crisis in our hands i'm a addressing of the same level of a bias we're seeing that that was cut so so there are quite a number of areas that we could be despondent but i think there's still hope i think that a few n.g.o.s are coming together trying to look at how do we measure how do we bridge this gap that is forming and still exacerbated even as we speak how do we look at alternative low ringback tech solutions like radios to cats children
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awkward right now in school and who will come back in school and be way behind their their peers in private schools in nigeria and in better at schools throughout the continent ok we have to leave it there good to talk to the sara sara. the in a twitter. thank you peter around 3rd of bangladesh has been affected by flooding that's left 2000000 people in need of help many of those displaced in the thing in temporary shelters while others are being forced to take refuge on the highways at least $100.00 people have died so far sunday a child reports now from several. is desperate to save whatever few possessions she was left with before the flooding she used to live with a family of 6 in this modest hot now she's not sure where our family and life stopped will find shelter. with facing many problems there's no work here the authorities
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are supposed to distribute relief here but we have yet to receive any we're not even sure what to feed our life stuck under these conditions we may have to take shelter by a bridge nearby for now bangladesh lies a nation's largest river delta system many big rivers which originate in the himalayas flow to india into the bay of bengal making the country highly vulnerable to and low flooding. following the recent torrential rain many areas on the outskirts of the dhaka are also under water such as here in cyber but the flood forecasting center says there is no chance of the flood waters moving farther inland towards dhaka for now unicef say is more than 2000000 people including around a 1000000 children have been impacted and a half a 1000000 families displaced due to floods don joyride lost his home in korea graham not in bangladesh he's now living with his family in a temporary shelter many people came and visited the area even local government
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people but so far we have not received any assistance it's been almost 2 months since this area flooded health officials say if thousands of people in the flood affected areas have fallen victim to water borne diseases the government says it's prepared to deal with the situation where the market will drop the prime minister has instructed us to take a long term strategy to deal with the flood situation we are prepared and have adequate relief materials cash and food including special provisions for children dry foods and even hot cooked meals we had a cabinet meeting and decided where to distribute everything but despite the assurances the government has yet to assess the full impact of the flooding it's a challenging time for people like cocaine or whoever made a raging coronavirus pandemic now also face the struggle to rebuild their lives 10 be childfree i'll just sirrah bangladesh. ok time here whether we're joined by journey of course with more on the monsoons in asia yeah well it's not just
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bangladesh piece of this so many areas across asia so i'll get straight to it and show you where else because you can see where the activities been again in the last year as it's been again up to the north through to pradesh and the northeast has seen a slightly clearer spell out schools the west however for you because look at this this is karachi in southern pakistan and you can just say again the depth of the flood waters hey we're hearing of course about the water borne diseases and when you see the. children in the people playing and walking through this war so you can really begin to understand why this illness is so severe then look at this up and we've got hospitals of course inundated with floodwaters as well of course remember this is not clean water and of course every year they have to deal with this the people in the hospital saying just that but you can see is it goes through wednesday these rains again these monsoon rains they good they needed every year however they also of course come with that downside but very very widespread as we go through wednesday the rains tending to come a little bit heavier again towards the north you can see again through to protest but of pushing through nepal of course which is also seeing these deadly mudslides
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and landslides and also on thursday very heavy rains once again across much of maharashtra so when you put this in the next few days sort of it together like this you see the rainfall accumulating on areas to the north these areas in yellow that could be another $400.00 millimeters of rain so unfortunately paisa what that means of course is we're going to see more flooding too over the next few days ok jenny you'll keep us posted i'm sure in the meantime thank you very much still to come here on the news hour for you the opposition in mali rejects again another attempt by regional leaders to solve the political crisis. 3000000000 animals killed or displaced scientists give an alarming reassessment called australia's bushfires. players report for n.f.l. training camps ahead of the new season but the miami dolphins face a coronavirus scale that's coming up with joe in sport insisting.
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back you're watching the al-jazeera news i'm leanings piece of your headlining stories malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been found guilty on all 7 charges in his 1st trial linked to the one m.v.p. scandal prosecutors say hundreds of millions of dollars from the state fund deposited into his own accounts. china is suspending extradition treaties with the u.k. and australia that comes after those 3 countries suspended their extradition agreements with china because of the new security law imposed on hong kong. 11 on is to impose
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a 2 week lockdown after a rise in new virus infections and it's the surge follows the lifting of restrictions on reopening of the beirut airport earlier this month. ok let's just get you across some developing stories coming to us out of kuala lumpur we're now being told our sources are telling us to go back to our top story that the malaysian court has sentenced the former prime minister najib razak to 10 years in jail for each of the $3.00 money laundering charges over that one m. d. b. case if you've been with us over the past half hour you'll know that's our top story the story itself as a legal event if you will will run and run because his wife is probably going to go through a process of being in court for the next 18 months or 2 years but the top line on that story is that it is in effect being sent to prison for 30
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years so that court has handed down a sentence that sentences come around i suspect a little bit more quickly than we thought it was going to come around so that's 10 years in jail for each of the $3.00 money laundering charges over that. one m. de b. case he was planning an appeal according to some reports out of kuala lumpur in the past 5 hours 4 hours or so do we know if he can appeal against this or not we're not quite sure we will try and find that out for you but we'll get more on that for you on that developing story just as we can. to zimbabwe now where at least 14 political activists say they've been asked to report to police for questioning it comes ahead of planned antigovernment protests for friday opposition and union leaders are among those who have been asked to attend let's go straight to harare live our correspondent herro tasa what's the
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opposition saying about this. well some people are on the list and say they're not going to go to the police some associate on social media that they are afraid for their lives need to skid to sleep at home the acting spokesman for the rulings on the party i think he feels that it is anti-government protests has nothing to do with the economy or corruption you see it is an opportunity for the opposition to poison violence he says that they would king with within the embassies namely the united states and he named the american ambassador brian nichols he called him a thug he accused him of finding these activists at these offices the point is to destabilize the country he also says that previous protests in the past which were led by activists and opposition supporters he said had been fired and he named the 128 post-election violence when soldiers shot him killed several people on the streets of iraq and he blamed that violence on the opposition and then the big protests that happened last year when the price of fuel more than doubled overnight
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people were angry they came on to the streets some of them were killed by security forces some say they were tortured and raped zanu p.f. which is also blamed that protests on the opposition supporters opposition leaders are saying that they feel that they've been oppressed by the government here the government is again trying to silence even the expression trying to stop people speaking out against economy and corruption in government the main thing people are watching in somalia will be will this protest actually go ahead on friday some people say they're going to participate because they're tired of the high cost of price yeah they're tired of rising inflation and they want things to change some say that they are worried about what security forces could do if they tried to stop the quote is from happening and some say they fear the coronavirus and damage and i don't want to get that ok how many things are a matter of the reporting live from aurora let's go back to that story that's dropped just in the past what 2 minutes or so that quarter 1000000 so has now sentenced the former prime minister najib razak to. 12 you. in jail that's
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one interpretation of the sentence the other interpretation is that he's been given 3 times 10 years of jail linked to 3 confirmed guilty verdicts it's all to do with the one n.d.p. scandal florence larry joins us live from our bureau in kuala lumpur lawrence what do we know while this is news that has just dropped and we know that he's been he was fake he was convicted of 7 separate charges 3 and criminal breach of trust 3 of abuse or 3 of money laundering and one count of abuse of power now where reading down that the quartet sentence former prime minister knowledge up to 12 years in prison and a fine of $210000000.00 ringgit this is for the abuse of power conviction in addition to that he has also been sentenced to 10 years in prison for each of the
1:38 pm
$3.00 money laundering charges that he was convicted of now the judge also says that the sentences are too run concurrently so i think we can take it to mean that he will be spending a minimum of 12 years in prison if all the sentences are to run concurrently we're not sure if the judge is going to allow a stay of the execution of this custodial sentence we're still waiting for that that news now if that's not allowed then we could see mr brown's are being led to prison on tuesday evening itself is one of the calculations that the court will take whether there is a risk of flight i.e. he might try and disappear out the country if he's allowed to leave the courtroom or some sort of detention facility or even if he's tagged and he's allowed to stay home. yes that would be one of the considerations i believe the court. can one of the considerations that the court will take into mind
1:39 pm
we're not really sure what's going to be informing the judge's decision but that is something that is certainly open to him has resources available to him but i we can also foresee that the defense is going to argue that the borders are closed that there is no where that will be able to escape to and that they will be very possibly pushing for a stay of the execution of the sentence while it's pending appeals no knowledge of and his lawyers have already said they're planning to appeal the conviction and this is a process that could take years because after appeals to the court of appeal have been exhausted they can still appeal to the highest court in the land and that's the federal court you kind of anticipated my next question even though the sentences have now been handed down whether they run concurrently or not can he appeal against the jury in this window of time when he may not actually be in what you would call you know a prison detention situation you might just be trying to home
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absolutely and that's certainly something that we can foresee his lawyers are going to push for that he should only be made to serve his custodial sentence after he's exhausted all his appeals that is something unfortunate we can't predict yet we're just going to have to wait to see what the judge's decision is going to be but this will certainly come as a sort of surprise and also a sort of vindication for opposition politicians as well as civil society groups who for years have been fighting to bring the corruption scandal in one n.d.b. to light. ok florence more questions than answers that do stay close will come back to us suspect in the next half hour or so thank you very much florence leary there in cairo. thousands of people in yemen could be dying from undetected cases of cholera because covert 19 has overwhelmed the health facilities there according to a new report from oxfam people are scared to seek treatment for fear of contracting the virus the u.k. based charities as the start of the rainy season next month could worsen the cholera crisis well in 100000 suspected cases of the disease were recorded in the
1:41 pm
1st 3 months of this year. mission city he is the yemen country director for oxfam international he joins us now from santa give us a sense if you can of the direction of travel not of corona virus but of cholera. well yemen i mean due to the over 5 years of war yemen is worth a humanitarian crisis and with the coming of 19 and then now this color shoes actually yemen is on a truly horrific catastrophe because portico big 19 and cholera could peak in the coming weeks as the rainy season begins but we have seen a kind of significant drop of color of his you have mentioned already that the past quarter was reported widely reported like $100000.00 but we have seen 50 percent
1:42 pm
growth this quarter while the rain has started and some areas are but at last year this time we have seen 70 percent increase actually people are afraid they're frightened so they're not actually reporting to the health center to treat him and get treatment and we are really really nervous because it's reported that people who are diagnosed with cholera if they're not treated 50 percent of them may die while if they're diagnosed and treated properly it should remain below than one percent and a country has actually his health system destroyed by the war one day 50 percent health facilities are functioning people do not have an income and now even the economy has been here from corner wires remingtons has gone down
1:43 pm
people are hungry the mill nicest about one 3rd of the population are just want to come to mean in this kind of situation and now the crowded 19 is actually compounded by a color which is not voted not been detected not diagnosed is the issue here the people aren't going to hospital or going to the doctor because the doctor. and the nurses cannot fight coronavirus properly i.e. if you go to a hospital in yemen is it in effect a breeding ground for coronavirus or is it just a cultural thing where they just don't want to expose themselves to dealing with a doctor or a nurse it's 2 aspects alice said that since one least 50 percent health facilities are functioning many districts there do not have even a doctor are so the clinics and health but they live there currently or where we are so if people are very poor to this health facility that f.
1:44 pm
read where there will have proper treatment and then if they go with color issue then. broke probably their make even corner of the world aspect in the capacity of health facilities doctor if the nurses and also people's fear and nervousness to cats go away as while they may not be properly treated because of the limitation of the health threats against doctors and nurses as well ok we have to leave it there motions to take you there in santa thank you for talking to us. thank you the opposition in mali has rejected again a mediation plan by the regional bloc echo or some call to the president to step down the move comes a day after president abraham kiter appointed a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government she was responding to an appeal from west african leaders who also called for new elections following the disputed vote for the tickle tensions have been have been rising in mali in recent weeks with protesters demanding his
1:45 pm
resignation they accuse him of corruption mismanaging the economy and failing to contain armed groups nicholas arc is our correspondent monitoring that story for us from dakar in neighboring senegal so nick they seem to be getting into this ping pong of course makes a recommendation states states its case and then it's rejected we've had this for several days now. that's right it's really a game of ping pong in the ball is on the opposition side and they're expected to announce more demonstrations and protests movement they're really unhappy with the last mediation from the get go they were unhappy because the statement that was just released earlier on that they mentioned again that the ecowas seems to think that this is an electoral crisis it's not it's a crisis of governance it's a crisis of trust in the political leadership of mali and those that have signed this this this communique will close allies to president.
1:46 pm
i'm thinking about leading the movement he was a minister under. the minister of trade and then the minister of economy several members of the demonstration movement were close allies and they see in him. that he needs to go there needs to be a change in leadership in order for things to move forward in this statement they mentioned and that they were happy that they didn't believe that the government were going to take the steps mentioned by the echo us as in that the 31 members of parliament that were recently elected in contested elections that they would resign . by the echo us recommendation they don't trust that president. would. nominate judges in the constitutional court that would be fair and that would give them a voice they don't trust the president either with this new government that he's announced with the same prime minister boosie same place 2 of those of those
1:47 pm
ministers have been mentioned in this new cabinet formed well one of them is general and he was fired 2 years ago because of the massacre remember there was one in 176 full lonny villages were killed by doggone militias a militia group that was backed by the government and then the other minister minister. cassim topo was accused of corruption stealing millions of dollars from the state coffers under president. is that there's a lack of trust in the current moves in steps put forward by the president itself so we're hoping to hear from the influential. who in the absence of say who is the opposition leader who was abducted during the parliamentary election where he's become the figurehead of this opposition movement well he's expected to make a statement later on today and we'll be following events there peter ok nick many
1:48 pm
thanks nick reporting live from dakar in senegal scientists say nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced by australia's last bushfire season the world word fun for nature describes it as one of the worst wildfire disasters in modern history while koalas became the face of the crisis it affected nearly every species across the continent many animals that didn't die in the flames face starvation and dehydration and attacks by other animals christopher dickman is a professor of to rest real ecology at the university of sydney he worked on the estimates he says he was shocked. this really has always been a fire prone confluence fires are already part of the ecology but i think the sort of ours that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we've we really haven't seen anything out to them before and i think because much of the forest anyway has been cleared there are developments and been fragmented to a large degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest burned it was
1:49 pm
very difficult for people to list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. progressive impoverishment of the forest to state as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the forests the state wasn't very good and what i'd like to see is much more since one of the dream for the forests of woodlands and other by regions in the continent so we've got more idea of where populations are we're ecological communities and our other tracking over time what the effects of different disturbance events are it was a much better position then with the with for the fires in the future to be able to predict when we should go where an engine if it's to be most targeted perhaps in the wake of the fire or the disturbance where recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so monitoring i think would be a critical listen to learn from this. still to come here on this news hour for you
1:50 pm
another trophy for mr cuomo. we'll explain what i'm talking about in the sports news when we come back.
1:51 pm
over the on. course for sports was which are they to thank you major league baseball's commissioner is confident the season will not have to be cancelled that's despite 2 games being called off on monday because of a high number of players testing positive for corona virus the miami marlins reported 14 cases in that same as a result that game against the baltimore orioles on the match up between the yankees and phillies both postponed the season is just 4 days in after
1:52 pm
a 4 month suspension because the pandemic despite the setback commissioner of real rod manfred says he doesn't see this is a nightmare scenario. i think most of the owners realize that we built protocols anticipating that we would have a positive test at some point during the season that the protocols were built in order to allow us to continue to play through those positives and i think there was support for the notion that we believe that the protocols are adequate to keep our players say but news all the positive tests has rattled other teams among them while series champions the washington nationals whose manager says he's concerned face play is friends and family you know hits home now that you know you know half the team you know you're in fact. go from one city to another so. you know i've got friends on the miami team and it really stands i'm not going to lie.
1:53 pm
so you know guys go down like that you know it's not good for their it's not good for anybody when mind games did go ahead on monday mark can a hit his 1st home run of the season as he helped the oakland athletics to a comfortable 3 nothing win over the los angeles angels have now won 3 of their 1st 4 games whereas the angels have lost 3 from 4. were just 2 days away now from the n.b.a. season restarts and players say they're feeling confident about the precautions being taken by the league inside the disney bubble in florida the new orleans pelicans will open play on thursday against utah jazz and they're looking good going into the 1st competitive game at pelican up against the leaders in the east from a walkie box in their last practice game on monday yes the school scored 30 but it was the pelicans who walked away with a 124 to 103 when. the l.a.
1:54 pm
lakers le bron james sat out their final practice game against the washington wizards alongside teammate anthony davis but they want me did anyway veteran jail smith nailed for 3 pointers in the 1st half leading the lakers 212-3116 when the lakers face the clippers on thursday a washington play the sums. and of how players have began arriving for their training camps too but the miami dolphins say they've placed 3 players on their reserve coded 19 list it means the players have either tested positive for the virus or have been in close contact with an infected person major league soccer has successfully avoided any major current virus outbreak at its m.l.s. is back tournament in florida so far all the m.l.s. cup champion seattle sounders had to be concerned about on monday was a.f.c.'s diego last week and he provided a fair few worries the euro one scored from the penalty spot early in the 1st half
1:55 pm
and then he provided the clinching goal in the 82nd minute to dump the soundest for one a.f.c. advance to the quarterfinals to face with lando city of the sounders now at home. liverpool's you can cop has won england's manager of the year award the german coach guided them to the english league title for the 1st time in 3 decades liverpool also won the club world cup and european super cup this season. i am here on behalf of my coaches a lot of times but down. as a as a manager but they make me they make us a really special bunch of football. well you ventus have already won italy said he after the 9th time in a row over this still plenty to play for is interval and aim for their best finish in nearly a decade they are 2nd and hosts napoli who are fighting to finish in the europa
1:56 pm
league place. to go into poland and. we played well the last time we faced napoli so that gives us confidence but we are talking about a very strong team that in the last few years has always been the causing problems will whoever won the title they have a very good squad and they've already won the italian cup the season begins the way the champions league resumes on august the 7th but there's some bad news for french champions paris on chemin the striker killie and looks set to miss the quarter final against atalanta on august the 12th the world cup winner injured his ankle during last friday's french cup final p.s.g. say he's likely to be out of action for 3 weeks and finally indian fast ball a straight broad has just taken his 500th test wicket broad dismissed craig brathwaite on the final morning of the 3rd test against the west indies in manchester the tourists are battling to save the test in a 483 chasing 399 the series is tied at one all.
1:57 pm
all right that is a useful for now have pizza many thanks we'll talk to you later i'm sure let's just take you live to that big courthouse story that's coming to us of kuala lumpur in malaysia we're showing you that because we are being told that imminently we will see coming out of the building there you can see the microphones camera shot we are expecting to hear from him off the back court in malaysia finding the country's former prime minister guilty of corruption on charges that really came out of the process of an investigation into the so-called one the m d b development fund the one malaysia develop under fire and it also raises questions about the disappearance of more than $4000000000.00 us dollars his sentencing has broken into 4 individual sentences up to 12 years and 3 times 10 year sentences although we are told that those sentences will run concurrently with all the news
1:58 pm
when we come back i'll have another news from 13 hopefully see that. frank assessment of. the sort of informed opinion is ethiopia on the breakdown. under a de facto state of emergency critical debate that does nothing of the interest of the few people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on.
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oldest on the scene at the u.s. republican and democratic national conventions delegates officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india with new spawn as a young conservationist tackling the deadly human and from conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent or been a mixed martial arts in russia and the family less as. the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafik hariri ogust on al-jazeera. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the
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bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. 12 years in prison and a $50000000.00 u.s. dollar fine for malaysian prime minister national rights is sentenced following a major corruption scandal. i'm about this and this is obviously a live from doha also coming up china's foreign ministry says hong kong is suspending agreements with the u.k. and canada on criminal matters including extradition. of losing their homes and their livelihoods hundreds of thousands in bangladesh wait for help and.


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