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most buildings by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. war. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter wu watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. this is. definitely not the end of the world. lazio's former prime minister leaves court filing to clear his name after being sentenced to 12 years jail for corruption. lebanon is to impose a 2 week lockdown starting on thursday just ahead of the easter holiday is coronavirus infection search. doing our part. eradicate it in
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very important from volunteers start rolling up their sleeves to the united states 1st large scale vaccine trial. also ahead 3000000000 animals killed or displaced scientists give an alarming reassessment of australia's devastating bushfires. i'm johnny gosch roscoe with the sports 500 and up england cricket the surf boards joins an elite club with his latest test against the west indies. we begin this news in malaysia with the former prime minister najib razak has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of corruption he won't go straight to jail though and says he's appealing this verdict is from the 1st of 5 trials not she was facing linked to the one n.d.p.
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scandal he launched this state fund when he was prime minister in 2009 we are always positive we believe. you know innocence we believe that. we have a strong case. but of course we have to convince the judges and we would do our best. chef we would continue to lead a team and he is very determined. to get the outcome that we believe is only right for us. well this case centered on the transfer of nearly $10000000.00 into najib personal accounts he's been convicted of an abuse of power criminal breach of trust and money laundering official seized a yacht as well as diamonds jets and other luxury goods jury in the investigation the jeep's alleged to have stolen around $1000000000.00 from the sound prosecutors
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of level $42.00 charges against him lawrence louis joins us live from kuala lumpur so a dramatic day in court today in kuala lumpur florence just take us through what happened . that's right now as you mentioned this was a case that involved the transfer of $10000000.00 into nuggets personal bank accounts from a company known as s.r.c. international this is a former subsidiary company of one n.d.p. and the judge in reaching his verdict rejected not chips argument that he had been tricked by finances including one who goes by the name of joe lo he's a malaysian fugitive now on the run and in hiding somewhere who is regarded by investigators as the mastermind in the question scandal of one m.t.b. and the judge also described the argument the defense argument that not just was led to believe that the $10000000.00 in his personal bank account was part of a donation from saudi arabia as an elaborate but weak as an elaborate but weak
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argument now and he sentenced the he's sentenced to 12 years maximum of 12 years in prison and also 10 years in prison for the other charges that the sentences are due to run concurrently but as you mentioned not just will not have to go straight to prison because that the judge has also allowed a did lay in carrying out of the sentencing in terms of the legal process that has yet to go through and also his wife what do we think will happen next. well with regards to this case in this particular case now the appeals process can take years there is a 2 tier appeal process in the lake so he will now he'll have to appeal to the court of appeal once he is exhausted that if he's not happy with the body he still going to appeal to the highest court in the land the federal court but then there are also these other cases against him there are at least 2 other trials against
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him and his wife is also facing corruption charges so this is going to be a long drawn out legal process against and his wife now and in the last couple of months that has been some discontent with the high profile cases that have been dropped or settled one case involved stepson and another involved a political ally so these cases will be looked at very closely and the people be scrutinizing the results and also just how the how the cases are being conducted ok florence thank you very much for absolutely our correspondent there in. to europe germans are being warned by their government not to travel to parts of spain where there are high numbers of corona virus infections germany which is itself dealing with a steady rise in cases also wants to make over $1000.00 tests mandatory for travelers returning from high risk areas the u.k. has already imposed a quarantine on anyone returning from spain
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a move the spanish government says is disproportionate infections are rising fast in areas including barcelona but resorts such as benidorm on the east coast have reported far fewer new cases as the motor is being run the more we are at this moment talking to the british authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the bay lyric islands the villain sea and dilute sea in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. you know ok we'll speak more about that shortly with marta herero in barcelona 1st to berlin and our correspondent there dominic cane dom welcome back to the news hour take us through these restrictions just on bail this time yesterday i guess by
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the german government. well the restrictions that were imposed all the imposition of these restrictions that from yesterday refers to the risk areas and the requirement for all passengers returning from those risk areas will now be required to take a 1000 test when they return and that's going to come into force next week at some point next week peter the interesting development insofar as today is concerned is now the germinal thora he's suggesting very strongly to their population that 3 particular areas in spain that are gone catalonia and navarro are such high risk areas that they are advising germans not to travel there and it fits in as you were saying to the the mood music coming from this relevant ministry the health ministry over the course of the last 48 hours or so about the concern they have of the return of growth of a 2nd wave of coronavirus they've always said they're following the science they
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will follow the science and do what it dictates as it were and so that's how you need to see what. health minister has been announcing over the course of the last couple of days but how are the numbers unpacking anyway when it comes to infections in germany to start with well there again there is concern about particular parts of the country where there have been flare ups over the course of the last month or so it's been in meat processing areas and so today the head of the robert cock institute which is the relevant agency empowered to collate all the details the true relates to coronavirus in terms of the our number that's reproduction number the numbers of infections the number of fatalities that sort of thing well the man concerned over the course of the last few months during the pandemic he's become a regular face for people to be monitoring what he has had to say and today he has
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some troubling thoughts about the potential for a 2nd wave of corona this is what he's had to say. you know it's no give us a trying to score one of you with the latest results so that people consider the coronavirus to be a low risk then before also the acceptance of measures such as social distancing has decreased at this point i would once again like to be very clear we ourselves are largely responsible for determining how the disease will develop in germany please help yourselves all of you continue to respect the rules you. the other thing to point out here peter is the political aspect to what's going on right now yesterday we heard from the bavarian prime minister a leading conservative in german politics marcus he's the man who many people suggest might well be a prime candidate for the conservative side of politics going into next year's general election a potential chancellor candidate well yes that he was saying was so concerned about
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the possibility of a 2nd wave that he wanted to have mandatory testing of coronavirus in germany well that is now happening because of mr shand the health minister but he also said that i also said that he was very worried about the potential for lots of mini super spreading then you see referred to a particular place in austria the neighboring country to his state in germany and said he doesn't want to see that happening again which explains why he wanted to have these stringent restrictions imposed and he's getting his way and it all fits into that mood music about the concern rising in this country governmental level about the potential of coronavirus coming back in a 2nd wave ok don many thanks dominic an upper limb correspondent there reporting live for the news hour ok now we go to barcelona and mater who's there for us this hour mark we were talking a little earlier about rebranding spain trying to encourage people to go back but
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that's the best a very big hill for people involved in the tourism industry there to claim surely no. yes it's a big big challenge for the spanish government to recover the confidence of all the partners specially of the $150.00 countries including saudi arabia china the us particularly germany the u.k. and france we told the main the main nationalities of the tourists the foreign tourists the tourists that visit spain every year so they have to recover the confidence from all these partners and they have to rebrand and they have to to to keep clear that spain is a safe this nation needs to all the over 300 clusters are still active under control but the situation to the limits in many regions in spain have joined cuts alone yeah we were very tough measures like the mandatory use of mass joint all of a cut the union making mandatory the use of mass to avoiding gatherings of over 10
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people in public and private places and closing bars and restaurants at 130 at night so they want to to at least go in t. that in september because they think that the summer season they've lost the summer season they want to gain these passport off of all of us of health health passport for to tambour to recover although the losses have been made by the impact of all those limitations on destructions of the countries across the world traveling to spain ok i want to leave it there many thanks marta over in barcelona. the middle east levanon reimposing lockdown measures for 4 days as of saturday coming at least 132 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours places of worship nightclubs sporting events and popular markets are closed the lockdown coincides with the muslim festival. so a long term being imposed during
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a holiday it will be difficult for many in lebanon to accept doctors though say hospitals will quickly be overwhelmed if the spike of infections is not managed properly zain hold the reports now from beirut. the number of daily infections in lebanon is now into 3 digits official say the corona virus has spread across the country there reimposing restrictions less than a months after the country and its only public airport reopened the numbers may be low when compared to other countries but this is a nation of only 6000000 people including a 1000000 refugees where the health care system is already in crisis private hospitals have started to turn away patients they make up 85 percent of the health sector and they are owed $1300000000.00 by the government and law that lists the health sector is passing through a critical crisis that has been going on for 2 years we are crying for help the health sector is taking its last breath 10 days ago our hospital stopped receiving
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non-critical cases. staff are also being fired the country's leading medical facility the american university hospital laid off nearly $900.00 to use and administrators citing what it called the disastrous state of the economy since november up to 40 percent of lebannon 9000 nurses have lost their jobs what is happening is very serious and if then i fact that they can see they had them in lebanon if we don't have enough nurses there that the number of patients who are currently at the hospital will be much higher burden or us hospitals funded by the public and left underfunded and ill equipped by successive governments for 3 decades are not just at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus what we have seen is with the economic crisis more and more patients cannot afford the private sector anymore and they are heading towards the public sector importing
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equipment and medicine is becoming harder and more expensive because of the sharp devaluation of the local currency and a lack of u.s. dollars in circulation. the surge in coronavirus cases couldn't have come at a more difficult time levanon is close to bankruptcy because of years of corruption and the health sector has long been neglected by successive governments and was collapsing before the pandemic. more than 200 medical staff have now been infected the number of patients hospitalized and admitted to intensive care more than doubled in the last 2 weeks if that rate continues lebanon's hospitals once among the best in the middle east will run out of the intensive care beds it needs by mid august. beirut. still to come here on the news hour for you yemen's piton killer says corona virus infections head towards a peak another disease outbreak threatens more lives. losing their homes and their
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livelihoods hundreds of thousands in bangladesh wait for help in rising floodwaters . and we'll hear from the man in charge of major league baseball on the latest coronavirus scare that's coming up with joe in school. china is suspending hong kong's extradition treaties with the u.k. canada and australia it is a reciprocal move after those 3 countries plus new zealand suspended their agreements with hong kong over the new security law that beijing says it reserves the right for further reaction in response to the decision taken by new zealand stephen bines is a china affairs analyst and author of hong kong china's new colony explains why more countries are likely to take similar measures against china. 1st of all this
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is sation of extradition agreements is is is rare secondly it goes to the very heart of hong kong as an international business center traditionally hong kong has been regarded as the place you go to to sign a contract if you want to do business in china because it's universally recognized as a place where the rule of law prevails where there is a form of law that is recognisable in the international community now what australia or canada or the united kingdom and more recently new zealand have done is said we don't have confidence in your justice system any longer and we are suspending our extradition agreements china has now responded and said your response you're removing your side of the extradition agreement we're going to suspend all cooperation on criminal matters with these other countries and the stinger in the tail is there's a number of other countries in europe the united states who are also at the moment
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tropically contemplated saying ending their extradition agreements for gulf. thousands of people in yemen could be dying from undetected cases of cholera because cook at 19 has further overwhelmed health facilities according to a new report from oxfam people are scared sick treatment for fear of contracting the virus the u.k. based charity says the start of the rainy season next month could worsen the color of crisis more than 100 tons of suspected cases of the disease as were recorded in the 1st 3 months of the year. is the yemen country director for oxfam international he says the shortage of health facilities and worsened the crisis. due to the over 5 years of war yemen is worth a humanitarian crises and now we are coming 19 and then now the cholera in huge actually yemen is on a truly horrific custody because border could be 1000 and cholera could
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in the coming weeks the rainy season begins but we have seen a kind of significant drop of color active this the past quarter one reported one reported like 100000 that we have seen divert and grab this water while the rain has started and some areas where they had last year that we have seen 70 percent increase actually people are afraid they're frightened so they're not actually reporting to the health center to treat i mean get treatment and we are really really nervous ukraine's military is accusing russian backed separatists of violating a cease fire those comments were facts in the east the truce on monday is backed by leaders in both moscow and kiev there is a sense of cautious optimism among some and anger among others frankie gupta has more. alert and standing ready ukrainian soldiers in these trenches
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a few hansei 15 here before 1st a cease fire and then accusations of violations for the hostilities and more mistrust that's done little to end the 6 year conflict between ukrainian troops and russian backed separatists. unfortunately today at 20 and 45 local time the enemy opened fire from small arms and heavy machine guns on the 36 marine brigades unit no casualties among ukrainian troops have been reported our units have not returned fire monday's truce aloha scan donbass regions was described as a full and comprehensive one backed by both russia's president vladimir putin and ukrainian leader a lot of the solecki the representatives of the breakaway region the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic have denied firing the 1st short for the people living here the poles and fighting has been a welcome despite but after 20 previous attempts at
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a lasting cease fire it's difficult not to be cynical or never want to hurt their own unique in that it was quiet today it's unbelievable it's the 1st day when they did not fire before that once they started to fire they kept firing we will work it out of peace is reached but i don't believe in it and no one believes that there will be peace maybe this time it will last for 3 or 4 days out side ukraine's presidential office and care for this anger against lenski since last year's election victory selenski has made ending the conflict in the east a priority but for protesters here monday's truce has come with a sense of betrayal. and they're going thanks to the clumsy leadership of president zelinsky and his team the result is that the army got an order for capitulation we paid a huge price and so we as civil society members cannot allow this 40000 people have died in the conflict since russia's annexation of the crimea peninsula and. 2014 to this day 2000000 people of donbass and crimea remain displaced more than 3000000 on
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both sides of the frontline need aid to survive. but i cried so much and i suffered so much i would like peace to come but whether it will come only those on top can say ukraine's government says if the truce holds it would lead to the implementation of other aspects of the 2015 peace deal brokered by france and germany for now this cautious optimism for of real ceasefire priyanka gupta 0. according to a un report female prisoners in north korea are tortured particularly those who fled the country and were forced to return it says detainees are regularly abused and beaten brought prison officials as punishment information is based on 1st hand accounts of 100 women who were detained in north korean prisons for years
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around a 3rd of bangladeshis have been affected by flooding that's left 2000000 people needing help many of those displaced are living in temporary shelters while others are being forced to take refuge on local highways at least 100 people have died so far has turned be a truck. is desperate to save whatever few possessions she is left with before the flooding she used to live with a family of 6 in this modest heart now she's not sure where our family and life stopped will find shelter. with facing many problems there's no work here the authorities are supposed to distribute relief here but we have yet to receive any we're not even sure what to feed our life stuck under these conditions we may have to take shelter by a bridge nearby for now run with the nation's largest river delta system many big rivers which originate in the himalayas flowed through india into the bay of bengal making the country highly vulnerable to and low flooding. following the recent
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torrential rain many areas on the outskirts of the dhaka are also under water such as here in cyber but the flood forecasting center says there is no chance of the floodwaters moving farther inland towards dhaka for now unicef say is more than 2000000 people including around a 1000000 children have been impacted and a half a 1000000 families displaced due to floods don joyride lost his home in korea graham not in bangladesh his now living with his family in a temporary shelter many people came and visited the area even local government people but so far we have not received any assistance it's been almost 2 months since this area flooded health officials say it thousands of people in the flood affected areas have fallen victim to water borne diseases the government says it's prepared to deal with the situation where the money for them will go up the prime minister has instructed us to take a long term strategy to deal with the flood situation we are prepared and have
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adequate relief materials cash and through including special provisions for children dry foods and even hot cooked meals we had a cabinet meeting and decided where to distribute everything but despite the assurances the government has yet to assess the full impact of the flooding it's a challenging time for people like cocaine or whoever made a raging coronavirus pandemic knol to face the struggle to rebuild their life can be childfree i'll just era bangladesh. ok another country taking a pounding australia is jenny yet there's been some flooding here is a piece of course nothing on the scale of the same across into bangladesh but it is actually improving picture that is some good news you can see this massive head in fact the steaming towards an across the tasman sea on its way towards the south on and over new zealand this is a storm system which has really been pounding new south wales for the last 2 or 3 days you can see here the waves coming up onto the shoreline just how strong they
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are but of course as we know it has quite a devastating effect so more pictures here coming out of this central coast area where of course the coastal erosion is literally causing homes to begin to fall into the say not the same time the system also brought some very heavy amounts of rain in this area actually sussex inlet people were made to evacuate their homes the flooding was expected to get very deep indeed and indeed in some areas in doubleday nick close to sydney as you can see here this vehicle actually drove into a sinkhole that couldn't be seen of course because of the floodwaters now as i say this is tim is on its way across the tasman sea there are still some warnings in place along these coastal areas that called hazardous warnings but they should hope to be dropped by wednesday this is them on its way towards elsewhere across australia it's hash a fairly calm picture a nice picture temperatures sort of in the mid teens celsius and sunshine beginning to push across into sydney and obstacles into western australia it is very nice
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indeed and as we go on into thursday that system working its way further south and east across to that south island animals that does mean though the rain and the strong winds are going to be pounding the far west coast has so not surprisingly there are wind warnings in place peat of the south and in fact severe gales could be expected as we go towards the end of the week ok thanks for that jenny talk to you later. scientists say nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced in australia last year by the bush fire season the world wide fun for nature describes it as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history while koalas became became the face of the crisis it affected nearly every species on the continent many animals that didn't die in the flames faced starvation christopher dickman is a professor of terrestrial ecology of the university of sydney he worked on the estimates he says he was shocked. this really has always been a fire prone continent so far as the already part of the ecology but i think the sort of ours that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we
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really haven't seen anything out to them before and i think because not of the forest anyway is the beard there are developments and been fragmented to a large degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest there and it was very difficult for people to list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. pretty important for us to state as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the forests the state wasn't very good and what i'd like to see is much more since one of the dream through the forests of woodlands and other by regions in the continent so we've got more idea of where these are we're ecological communities and they're tracking over time what the effects of different students events are might put us in that position then with the with for the fires in the future to be able to predict when we should go where an engine if it's to be most
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targeted perhaps in the wake of the 4 or the disturbance where recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so well it really would be a critical listen to learn from this. coming up soon here on the al-jazeera news i will tell you why molly's opposition has said no as the basis for regional attempts to solve the political crisis also ahead and. logging on to learn if you can afford it most children in nigeria are however missing out of schools stay closed. n.b.a. teams get ready for the season restart joe we'll have the details in sport in about 20 minutes. john king. to the stream and julian global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and will online be part of the debate
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let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic violence that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way tickets human way to a business if we're going to adapt to climate break out of this stream on out is there. breaks everybody on this planet matter everybody has power when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports nobody's a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business no big money or the person here to bring a new movie which we need documentaries and life needs. earth.
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you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for corruption the verdict was delivered in the 1st trial linked to the one n.d.p. state investment fund scandal and she won't serve his sentence until he's gone through the appeals process. germans are being warned by their government not to travel to parts of spain for their high numbers of corona virus infections germany which is itself dealing with a steady rise in case he's also wants to make up with 19 tests mandatory for travelers returning from high risk countries. levanon is reimposing lockdown measures for 4 days from saturday after searching for on a virus infections and at least 132 new cases have been reported in the past day.
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more reaction now to that breaking story of the past couple of hours of malaysia's former prime minister james chin is a professor of asian studies at australia's university of tasmania he says this ruling will cost a lot of his remaining political clout. prior to this ruling i think your general consequence of you know is that you will be on your some other charges but not all the charges so. you are already tried there were many she's really full strength but having said that you granger at least are you are not and he's hoping to get real on this one and. he says because you are trying to regain your prime minister should. i bring the parties trying to draw a line of bodies when m.t.v. issue for the past couple months there have been trying to brand and i think know what hoping the nugget will not be are you whether or not your new found you
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english extremely bad. in terms of the dumbest it political consequences of course this was not the irony is the more you're doing because as we try and pressure are more you know the goal for snap election. as you are probably suggest. action because the boat does what it is corruption issue the opposition in mali has rejected a mediation plan by the regional bloc ecowas and called for the president to step down the move comes a day after president into him but a key to appointed a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government he was responding to an appeal from west african leaders who also called for new elections following a disputed vote political tensions have been rising in mali and least weeks with protesters demanding his resignation the accuse him of corruption mismanagement of the economy and failing to contain armed groups needless aren't joins us live now
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from dakar in neighboring senegal nick what was wrong with it the offer this time. well there's nothing new on the table that's that's what's wrong according to the opposition i mean the recommendations are is dissolving appointing new new judges to the constitutional court then reviewing the $31.00 contested steitz of the party the recently. recent parliamentary elections and as well creating a national unity government and as soon as that announcement was made by the cost of those recommendations were made following the summit that happened yesterday well president announced a stripped down government with 6 cabinet ministers among them 3 of them that were already ministers and 3 new ones in this among the 3 new ones as ministers general who's the minister for security and protection well he was fired 2 years ago
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because of his inaction following the massacre remember that's when 156 villagers were killed by a government backed militia group in 2019 there's also. the minister of justice now he was accused of corruption accused of stealing millions of dollars of state coffers that under the presidency. has been in power for the last 7 years he came into power with the the slogan mali 1st but critics of him say that he's put his family 1st karim. his son elected m.p. well a company that he's associated associated associated to a defense contractor is believed to have amassed more than $250000000.00 in defense contracts remember there are still the violence in the north of the country whilst there is this political uncertainty happening here on the streets of bomb occur in the north just last week there were attacks by. the loosely.
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will mostly mean as well. in the greater sahar we continue to launch attacks there's been a french soldier that was again killed in the north northern area of mali remember this is the most deadly un peacekeeping operation in the u.n. history there's 14000 u.n. soldiers there and this fight there intends to bring the peace and bring back the state of mali in those areas well the 1000000 state is absent and that's why there's so much demonstrators and so much protest movement happening in mali at the moment ok nic many thanks nicholas joining us live from. a 3rd iraqi protester has now died from injuries he sustained during anti-government protests on monday he was hit by a tear gas canister the deaths of the 1st since the prime minister mustapha me came to office in may he's now ordered an investigation he is criticizing what he has
4:37 pm
criticized security forces for firing tear gas and live ammunition on crowds thousands of iraqis have rallied for jobs and calling for an end to corruption for many months now lebanon's prime minister has warned israel of a dangerous military escalation that he says has violated lebanese sovereignty. caution in the coming days of a heightened border tensions it comes a day after israel's military said it stopped an attempt by hezbollah to infiltrate across the lebanese front t.-a the armed group denies the claims the united nations is urging restraint from both sides. u.n. representative says the gulf country will continue to support the peace process in afghanistan that's despite rising violence which threatens to derail the u.s. backed as for talks the afghan government and the taliban are preparing to engage in dialogue once again possibly next month. i would like to reaffirm guitar's that
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said past commitment to support the afghanistan including continued support for an afghani led and owned reconciliation process with a view to bringing peace stability and security now undertaking these i thought we will continue to support the international commitments community commitments to endorse the full participation of women and the peace process. now according to a u.n. report female prisoners in north korea are tortured particularly those who fled the country and were forced to return it says detainees are regularly abused and beaten by prison officials as punishment information is based on 1st hand accounts of 100 women who were detained in north korean prisons for years. why don't we question the counter here without women remain on approach to thank you why don't. you think you are including section of i'm right. in the sexual reproductive rights violations recounted the office. ocean and some places.
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like. sudan has replaced the military governors of all its 18 states with civilians women hold posts for the 1st time into office at a difficult time with many people being killed in violence in darfur about morgan has that story from. taking office nearly a year after the signing of a power sharing agreement that stipulates that their appointment and after months of protests so dance transitional governments who are in team used a 1000000000 governors they were plays governors appointed by former president i wouldn't be here before he was removed from office in april last year when he appointees include 2 female governors the 1st woman to hold the post in sudan's history for you know how normally. we are set on implementing the vision and the slogan of the revolution which is freedom peace and justice we are aware that there are challenges that together with the people of our states will tackle them we are
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all part of the revolution and are here to serve its goals. the appointments come as the country faces several challenges the violence in the rest the western region of darfur has led to the deaths of more than 100 people in the past 10 days including 60 people who were killed by an identified attackers in west bar 4 on saturday and sunday there are sit ins in various parts of the region demanding better security and issues that will pose a challenge to the governors of the 5 to 4 states that make up the region therefore also has more than 1500000 people displaced due to the war which started in 2003 and has yet to and. we've been in camps for years and despite the new transitional government we have not seen change when i try to go out of the displacement camps back to my farm there are always armed men preventing me we don't have access to our lands anymore because of the insecurity. in the east of the country there have been ethnic clashes resulting in loss of life so full truth facts have been fined
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over the past years but the people in there are marginalized and want a proper representation a slowing economy with an inflation rate of nearly 140 percent has hit some states harder than others while severe fuel shortages triggered protests in many areas a point thanks to bill being governor it is one of the main steps of the democratic transition i want to the main demands of protest the appointment of a new government but. protection to the governors appointed in their region often citing gender or ethnicity some analysts blame it on a lack of transparency in the selection process and. the governor's repacked based on their political affiliations which gives the impression that the positions are merit based so people who now see this wonder why it's based on political parties and tribes or a certain clan because it appears as though it's a cake and everyone wants a piece of it the other thing is that some have little experience in civil posts so getting their states to believe in them may be difficult many challenges lie ahead
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for sudan's new governors but for now they represent the completion of one of the requirements of the crown and the hopes of many for a stable country morgan al-jazeera. the united states. 1000 vaccine study has now begun these stage 3 clinical trials are one of the final hurdles before government approval can be granted castro has more from maryland. if the u.s. is to have a viable coronavirus vaccine by early next year it's volunteers like melissa harding who will help make that happen everyone in my family is medical my husband of the place up with or so we're all on the front line. can be easily effected by it so doing our part to eradicate it is very important to me she's among 30000 participants to test shots created by the us government and the private company mcgurn or other vaccine candidates will be tested in coming months we've
4:43 pm
been sitting on the sidelines passively attempting to wear a mask and social distance and not go out when it's not necessary this is the 1st step of becoming active against this the covert death toll in the us is greater than 100 in 47000 more than 4200000 americans have been infected that now includes robert o'bryant national security adviser the white house says o'brien has mild symptoms and did not expose the president on july 10th the 2 were together in florida the state that's now the u.s. epicenter with more than 10000 infections a day. 14 members of the marlins have tested positive throwing the u.s. professional baseball season into disarray meanwhile unemployed americans have stopped receiving federal checks of $600.00 a week a republican plan in congress would resume those checks but slashed the payment by
4:44 pm
2 thirds democrats say they won't agree and a partisan battle is expected how does your castro al-jazeera maryland. well the pandemic has further exposed inequalities in the world cities and turns how people live in them and the services they can access and a un report argues now's the time to reset the status quo it says almost all known infections are in cities and some urban economies are serving their residents better than others a quarter of the world's urban population for example lives in slums many lack access to running water and basic sanitation required to effectively stop transmission of the virus while fewer than half of the people on earth have access to open public spaces close to their homes. the regular the option of telecommuting illustrates also say these can transform seemingly overnight to confront urgent sets we must act with the same urgency and resolve to transform cities and the rest of the climate and pollution crisis now is the time to rethink and reshape the real
4:45 pm
world now is the moment where they're put to the reality of these and future pandemics and now is our chance to recover better by building more resilient inclusive and sustainable cities. well the disruption of education in nigeria is raising concern for the future over millions of children schools was shot 4 months ago and while final year secondary students will return next week to prepare for their exams many children don't know when they will be back in the class from atlanta to us now from. i mean really covered 19 as empty classrooms in the nigerian 4 school so the resources learning never stops much of it in private schools. but the students say given the necessary equipment to study for a whole. they're able to log in via the classes and then they also have the ability to view the lesson material in the online classroom and videos that
4:46 pm
they can watch. on their own and then also we have a learning path that goes home once a week and so they're able to get fresh material we actually see some children are thriving in this environment children that had difficulty paying attention in class are really excited by the fact that they can see their teacher one on one but it's a different story for the majority of students who go to government run schools this school has been under lock and key for the past 4 months and is the same story elsewhere in nigeria underfunded unusually overcrowded public schools have been unable to provide teaching for the students during the past. emic. for now the government's plan to provide teaching on radio and t.v. isn't working for most because of poor internet access and power cuts and elicited the disruption to education well are serious repercussions for the future of
4:47 pm
students and the country. that's. all. or. now sets up. a lot. as covered 1000 cases rise government officials are putting in place safety requirement before schools can reopen private schools are more likely to meet those safety requirements as a public school students the option for many is either to steer to order on the streets how many trees does it or which are hundreds of people are lining up to say good bye to an american civil rights pioneer less to show you live pictures out of washington with the coffin of the longtime u.s. congressman john lewis on the steps of the capitol building for public viewing
4:48 pm
tuesday is the 4th of 6 days of memorials for mr lewis who died at the age of 80 the time of racial tension and unrest alan fischer reports. a final journey through washington past the landmarks of his life the body of congressman john lewis slowly made its way to capitol hill where it will no lie in state it stopped at the martin luther king memorial he stood with the preacher during the march on washington in 1963 a key moment of the civil rights movement it drove past the african-american museum a building he helped bring into being and it paused that black lives matter plaza a short distance from the white house and the place of the congressman from georgia his final public appearance. then on to capitol hill and the owner of lying in state in the rotunda under the dome of the u.s. capitol we have bid farewell to some of the greatest americans in our history is stating that john lewis joins this page pantheon of patriots rest john lewis was
4:49 pm
the youngest of the big 6 as they were new and civil rights leaders who changed the face of america who shaped the arc of history it would have been hard to conceive back then at a young child turning his family's check on which would age 23. be leading the movement to redeem american society that he'd be addressing the hundreds of thousands of civil rights marchers on the steps of the lincoln memorial there was a reminder to all of the power of joe louis' wants of his ideas and ideals that meet of the conscience of the house we all must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. we all live in the same house. and it doesn't matter whether we are black or white. that tino aged america and
4:50 pm
it doesn't matter whether you're straight ok we don't want people where one family this is john lewis is also a straight can black with letters of appreciation on the door as the coffin arrived here on capitol hill the house of representatives passed a resolution to rename a voting rights bill in his honor and know the senate will be under pressure to follow up the warm water about the congressman with farm action thousands are expected to file past the coffin in the coming hours to see a final farewell to a life well lived to a man that took a stand and made a difference alan fischer al-jazeera capitol hill. coming up in the sports news with joe another trophy foldable pulls close we'll have fun for you in about 60 seconds from now.
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business leaders is vote to buy no bra spot. for. business leaders is vote to buy no bra spot.
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for. time to support his job peter thank you england cricket this year brought has joined in the league club reaching 500 test wickets on the 5th day of the 3rd test against the west indies fast bowler struck early on removing craig brathwaite l.b.w. to reach the milestone only 6 of the bowlers have taken more wickets than brought to his playing in his 140th test match among those in the $500.00 club is team mate james anderson who's on 599 but broad still has a long way to go to catch former sri lankan player murther and who holds the record with 800 well in a closing in
4:53 pm
a test and series victory against the west indies in manchester after broad success chris works has taken 5 more wickets and the tourists are now 120 for 9 still chasing 399 for a victory the series is tied at one. major league baseball's commissioner is confident the season will not have to be cancelled that's despite 2 games being called off on monday because of a high number of players testing positive for corona virus the miami marlins reported 14 cases in their team of as a result they came against the baltimore orioles and the match up between the yankees and phillies were both postponed the season is just 4 days enough for a 4 month suspension because of the pandemic despite the setback commissioner wrote of manfred says he doesn't think this is a nightmare scenario i think most of the owners realize that we built protocols anticipating that we would have positive tests at some point during the season that the protocols were built in order to allow us to continue to play
4:54 pm
through those positives and i think there was support for the notion that we believe that the protocols are adequate to keep our players say. but news of the positive tests has rattled other teams among them world series champions the washington nationals whose manager says he's concerned for his players friends and family you know hits home now that you know you know you know half the team you know in fact. go from one city to another so. you know your friends are now on the miami gene and it really stands now i'm not going to lie not insured. so you know guys go down like that you know it's not good for their it's not good for anybody. 9 games did go ahead on monday though mark can i hit his 1st home run of the season as he helped the oakland athletics to a comfortable 3 nothing win over the los angeles and us. we're just 2 days away
4:55 pm
from the n.b.a. season restarts and players say they're feeling confident about the precautions being taken by the league inside the disney bubble in florida the new orleans pelicans will open play on thursday against utah jazz and they're looking good going into their 1st competitive game the pelicans were up against the leaders in the east the milwaukee bucks in their last practice came on monday yeah necessity scored 30 but it was the pelicans who walked away with 81242103 when. the l.a. lakers le bron james sat out their final practice game against the washington wizards alongside teammate anthony davis but they weren't needed anyway veteran j.r. smith nailed for 3 pointers in the 1st half leading the lake has 21232116 when. and if our players have begun arriving from their training camps too but the miami dolphins say they've placed 3 players on their reserve cove in 1000 list it means
4:56 pm
the players have either tested positive for the virus or have been in close contact with an infected person. major league soccer has successfully avoided any major corona virus outbreak has m.l.s. is back tournament in florida so far all the m.l.s. cup champion seattle sounders had to be concerned about on monday lass' diego last c. and he provided a fair few worries the year ago and scored from the penalty spot early in the 1st half and provided the clinching goal in the 82nd minute as l.a. thumped the sounders 41 l.a. f.c. advance to the quarterfinals to face orlando city hall the sounders now head home. around madrid players tested positive for coronavirus dominican forward mariano diaz is now in quarantine away from the rest of the squad as the spanish champions prepare to face manchester city in the champions league last 16 in 10 days time
4:57 pm
they trailed 21 into the 2nd leg. into and have the chance to finish 2nd in italy for the 1st time in a decade they host napoli later opponents who are fighting to finish in the europa league place. to go into poland and. we played well the last time we faced napoli so that gives us confidence but we are talking about a very strong team that in the last few years has always been the causing problems will whoever won the title they have a very good squad and they've already won the telly and cup the season. liverpool's young cop has won england's manager of the year award the german coach guided them to the english league title for the 1st time in 3 decades liverpool also won the club world cup and european super cup this season. all right that is useful for now is pizza joe thanks very much for me come back the u.s. attorney general william barr is about to start talking in washington defending his department's response to the b.l.m.
4:58 pm
movement will bring that live to you when we come back by. august on al-jazeera at the u.s. republican and democratic national conventions delegates officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india witnessed policy young conservationist tackling the deadly human elephant conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent every night mixed martial arts in russia and the former u.s.s.r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafiq hariri august on al-jazeera. frank assessments seeing that. there's. like
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a week's worth is informed opinion which is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown in many parts of the old immediate region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after is that a proxy he does not have recently enters the bolivian people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so raw that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera follows human rights campaigners in libya. investigating since the 2000. unspeakable crime on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. this is. definitely not the end of the world. malaysia's former prime minister vows to clear his name up to being sentenced to 12 years in jail for corruption. welcome peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up 11 on one impose a lockdown for 5 days on thursday just ahead of the ied holiday as coronavirus infections search. a battle over beach girls spain says it's safe for tourists.


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