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god almighty al-jazeera with every. this is. definitely not the end of the world. malaysia's former prime minister has to clear his name up to being sentenced to 12 years in jail for corruption. welcome peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up lebannon will impose a lockdown for 5 days on thursday just ahead of the ied holiday as corona virus infections. the battle over beach goes spain says it's safe for tourists after
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germany and the u.k. put in travel restrictions for travelers in the last 2 days. also this half hour logging on to learn if you can afford it but most nigerian children are missing out schools stay closed. is former prime minister najib razak has now been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of corruption he won't go straight to jail though he says he's appealing his florence louie. guilty on all 7 counts and sentenced to prison for a maximum of 12 years and a fine of $50000000.00 but the judge has allowed a delay in carrying out the sentence. former prime minister of malaysia has been convicted of money laundering criminal breach of trust and abuse of power that's
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for illegally receiving nearly $10000000.00 from s.r.c international a former subsidiary of state investment fund one empty yet that sums only a fraction of the 4 and a half $1000000000.00 that u.s. and malaysian authorities say have been stolen from one and. the judge rejected not just defense that he's been tricked by finances and he described the argument that not to please let. believed the money was part of a donation from saudi arabia as an elaborate but weak application not given his lawyers say they will appeal against the verdict a process that could take years this is. definitely not the end of the world. because there's a process of appeal. and we hope that we would be successful that. there are outside court supporters greeted the verdict with anger and disbelief but there was also optimism elsewhere civil society groups and opposition politicians
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have fought for years to bring the corruption scandal to light here is. justice is being served you know among the majority of malaysians even minor the majority of malaysians voted for little change and don't want to be case was. wanting to be a damage leaders reputation and they were short. that 30 could strengthen the credibility of prime minister. who took power in february but it may also weaken his coalition that relies on not its party the biggest block in the alliance for it slim and parliamentary majority not yet still has strong political influence despite no longer leading the united malays national organization or m there are some analysts say tuesday's conviction could strengthen the prosecution's case in other trials places dozens of additional charges including charges over the alleged laundering of 550000000 dollars from one and.
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one analyst cautioned it's too early to predict not chips political demise. but for now a leader who once seemed untouchable has been held to account for his actions lawrence louis al-jazeera. lebanon is reimposing lot done measures for 4 days as of thursday at least 132 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours places of worship like clubs sporting events and popular markets are to close the lockdown coincides with the muslim festival of eat a lot of so a lot done being imposed during a holiday will be difficult for many in lebanon to accept doctors those hospitals
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will quickly be overwhelmed if the spike in infections isn't managed is in order reports now from beirut. the number of daily infections in lebanon is now into 3 digits official say the corona virus has spread across the country there reimposing restrictions less than a months after the country and its only public airport reopened the numbers may be low when compared to other countries but this is a nation of only 6000000 people including a 1000000 refugees where they health care system is already in crisis private hospitals have started to turn away patients they make up 85 percent of the health sector and they are owed $1300000000.00 by the government a law that lists the health sector is passing through a critical crisis that has been going on for 2 years we are crying for help the health sector is taking its last breath 10 days ago our hospital stopped receiving
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non-critical cases. staff are also being fired the country's leading medical facility the american university hospital laid off nearly $900.00 to use and administrators citing what it called the disastrous state of the economy since november up to 40 percent of lebanon 9000 nurses have lost their jobs what is happening is very serious and it's going to affect rafiki the head care system in lebanon if we don't have enough nurses there the number of patients who are currently at the hospital will be much higher burden or us hospitals funded by the public and left underfunded and ill equipped by successive governments for 3 decades are not just at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus what we have seen is with the economic crisis more and more patients cannot afford the private sector anymore and they are heading towards the public sector importing
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equipment and medicine is becoming harder and more expensive because of the sharp devaluation of the local currency and a lack of u.s. dollars in circulation. the surge in coronavirus cases couldn't have come at a more difficult time levanon is close to bankruptcy because of years of corruption and the health sector has long been neglected by successive governments and was collapsing before the pandemic. more than 200 medical staff have now been infected the number of patients hospitalized and admitted to intensive care more than doubled in the last 2 weeks if that rate continues lebanon's hospitals once among the best in the middle east will run out of the intensive care beds it needs by mid august santa. fe route. spain's prime minister. is pushing the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week quarantine on anyone travelling from his country infections are rising fast in some places like boss alone but resorts like benidorm on the east coast of
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spain have reported far fewer cases mr sanchez says this means they can be exemptions. some of the time of the court we are at this moment talking to the british authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the barrack islands the villains here and dilutes in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. . the spanish tourism association says the u.k. quarantine could cost the sector $11700000000.00 in lost revenue martyr her arrows in barcelona with the latest on the economic fallout. these decision has a huge impact in the tourism sector that represents
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a 12 percent of the spanish economy the situation is quite critical we see here in barcelona where we are right now the beaches are we empty bars there are no queues to to to visit the cathedral in the middle of the city no kids out although we were talking to the people at the cathedral saying that an ordinary day you would reduce 3660 people to 660 visitors a year the same dates we are they will have 1000 so the situation is quite critical we know that the government is negotiation and pushing very hard especially to brand the idea that spain is a save the estimation that we've got the corner of ours under control that these are only isolated branches or are clusters that are completely under control as we heard last night from prime minister. television interview he insisted that spain is a safe destination and this comes up. do you can join this 150
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countries that have imposed limitations under strict sense of travelers coming to our country although government is aligned in this in this in this sense in saying that this being here is safer than being for example in the queue in the u.k. young france meanwhile germans are being told by their government not to travel to spots of spain where there are high numbers of virus infections germany which is itself dealing with a steady rise in case he's also wants to make over 1000 test mandatory for travelers returning from high risk areas you know. this is cool interview with the latest results show that people consider the crew on a virus to be a low risk then before also the acceptance of measures such as social distancing has decreased at this point i would once again like to be very clear we ourselves are largely responsible for determining how the disease will develop in germany please help us solve all of you continue to respect the rules. dominic keynes in berlin he explains why germany is putting constraints on travelers the restrictions
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that were imposed all the imposition of these restrictions that from yesterday refers to the risk areas and the requirement for all passengers returning from those risk areas will now be required to take a $1000.00 test when they return and that's going to come into force next week at the interesting development insofar as today is concerned is now the germinal for a tease suggesting very strongly to their population that 3 particular areas in spain that are gone catalonia and navarro are such high risk areas that they are advising germans not to travel there and it fits in with the the mood music coming from this relevant ministry the health ministry over the course of the last 48 hours or so about the concern they have of the return of growing of a 2nd wave of coronavirus they've always said they're following the science they will follow the science and do what it dictates as it were and so that's how you
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need to see what. health minister has been announcing over the course of the last couple of days a 3rd iraqi present still has died from injuries he sustained during into government protest on monday he was hit by a tear gas canister the deaths of the 1st since the prime minister was stuff al qaida me came to office in may he's ordered an investigation he has criticised security forces for firing tear gas and live ammunition on crowds thousands of iraqis have rallied for jobs and an end to corruption for many months now they said the lad went on staff it's not fair just ask a 2 month old government to pay the corruption and looting left by the previous administration not at the. youth protest yesterday are legitimate rights security forces don't have the permission to fire a single bullet at our other protesters. we have opened an investigation into the circumstances of what happened to her square i requested that all fax be made available within 72 hours. china is spending hong kong's extradition treaties with
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the u.k. canada and australia it is a reciprocal move after those 3 countries plus new zealand suspended their agreements with hong kong over the new security law beijing says it reserves the right for further reaction in response to the decision taken by new zealand. still to come here on al-jazeera losing their homes and their livelihoods hundreds of thousands in bangladesh wait for help in rising floodwaters. $3000000000.00 animals killed or displaced scientists skewed alarming reassessments australia's push dollars. hello there's still some very heavy rain across the northeast of asia in particular japan is that to some pretty heavy downpours the last 24 hours the cloud is still streaming across and it will be more as we go through wednesday the korean
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peninsula also seeing some heavy downpours trey's lack of course into the central and southern areas of china as we head off into thursday the rains becoming heavy once again for the out towards the west so much as. do things and heavy downpours and then again a scattering of those rain showers and thunderstorms further towards the east and the same across the korean peninsula and also japan so the rains not as heavy but of course still it won't be a dry day temperature wise it's not cool either $27.00 in tokyo and the same across into soul but across into south asia have seen some very heavy rain of course across areas to the north across bangladesh up into the pole but also we've seen some very heavy downpours into southern areas of pakistan corruption particular so we have got to see this the streets underwater people doing their best to still ask about. wednesday but the rains very heavy particularly through each a professional wednesday pushing up the whole again east was in to be tanned the rains a little bit lighter through much of bangladesh but really becoming very widespread
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again across areas to the west and the south and by thursday very heavy rains into my her russia so wet by with a high of 33. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation. it will have to create its own democracy with social media on at will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlen's that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he treats human equating business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on al-jazeera. to move. her to.
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you're watching al-jazeera i'm peter dobby here in doha your top stories malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is appealing against his conviction linked to the one n.d.p. state investment fund scandal he's been sentenced to 12 years in prison and find almost $15000000.00 u.s. dollars. levanon is reimposing lot done measures 5 days as of thursday after a search in corona virus infections deaths appears to have 32 new cases have been reported in the past day. germany is warning his people against traveling to parts of spain that have high numbers of coronavirus cases earlier the spanish prime minister has the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week orangey on anyone travelling from his country. developing story this half hour for you the u.s. attorney general william bar is set to defend the trumpet ministrations response to the black lives matter protests he will shortly begin testifying in front of
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a congressional committee he'll be questioned on the deployment of federal officers to quash anti racism demonstrations our correspondent alan fischer following that story for us in washington so allan just tell us more take us through what we can expect to happen. well everything has been slightly delayed for 45 minutes that's because the committee chairman jerry nadler has been involved in what's been described as a minor car accident we're told he has not been injured but when bill barr gets in front of the committee the 1st time he's appeared in front of the house since he was put into office the 2nd time he's appeared on capitol hill he has already issued his opening statement he was see that violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests surrounding black lives matter and the death of george floyd he's going to be questioned about the idea of sending federal officers into portland he says that is because attacks on. things like federal courthouses is
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essentially an attack on the american government and the employers all lawmakers to stand up against violence he says that this will be a hearing where he expects attacks from democrats because they have been upset with him from his very 1st days in office because he announced he was going to in his words investigate the bogus russia gate scandal and it will be contentious there will be democrats who want to hear answers from bill about specific things such as why did he decide to drop the charges against michael flynn you may remember him he was don't trump's 1st national security advisor he initially played guilty to 2 charges of lying to the f.b.i. and then after the department of justice under william barr got involved he decided that he wasn't going to plead guilty anymore and we're still going through that whole process in court as the judge tries to restart proceedings and then there's the case to of roger stone a friend and confidant of donald trump you remember the prosecutors recommended
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a sentence sentence of over 7 years but then bill bars department of justice got involved and that sentence was remarkably reduced and of course as we know donald trump then issued a pardon so there's a lot of ground to cover 40 members of the committee all will be given 5 minutes each we can expect this to go for quite a few hours peter allen many thanks unofficial reporting live from washington d.c. . the opposition in mali rejecting a mediation plan by the regional bloc echo or some calling for the president to step down again the move comes a day after the president abraham but key to appointed a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government in responding to an appeal from west african leaders who also called for new elections following a disputed vote political tension has been rising in mali in recent weeks with protesters demanding key to the resignation. to zimbabwe now where at least 14 political activists say they've been asked to report to police for questioning it
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comes ahead of antigovernment protests for friday opposition and union leaders are among those who've been asked to attend has more from harare. some people on the list say they are not going to hand themselves over to the police others have said on social media they fear for their lives and are too scared to sleep at home offices in the us say this is an attempt by the government to stop friday's anti-government protest from going ahead this is a serious issue and. you can't criminalize and with a difference in opinion you can't criminalize instrument eyes differing political opinion we have a constitution which in section 6 to 7 guarantees the right of zimbabweans to belong to different political organizations and mr non-god when this government and with the rulings on if their party says it believes friday's anti-government protests has nothing to do with economy or corruption they say the opposition will
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use this as an opportunity to cause a violence on the day they say that the opposition is working with western embassies mainly the united states and they say the american ambassador brian nichols is trying to destabilize the country by interfering in the affairs of zimbabwe the only question is did he give you much. deeper. give larry should not give plugs into brand new colors is fog. we reminds remind nicholas that he is not in a supermarket room until he's going to. there are several diplomats that are still going to do this in public from the african union member countries in the world. they've never from us committed and pretended to be ruthless is mr nicholas is.
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the question now is will people participate in friday's protest some people have said they are going to participate because they're tired of the state of the economy they're tired of rising inflation and they simply can't make ends meet either say they're white about how security forces will react if they come in and decide to stop the protest from going ahead and others are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic as the cases of the virus keep rising in the country. as u.n. representative says the gulf nation will continue to support the peace process in afghanistan on us despite rising violence which threatens to derail the u.s. backed efforts for talks the afghan government and the taliban are preparing to engage in a dialogue again once again possibly next month i would like to reaffirm guitars that last a commitment to support the afghanistan including continued support for an afghani led and owned reconsideration process with
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a view to bringing peace stability and security now undertaking these efforts we will continue to support the international commitments community commitments to endorse the full participation of women and the peace process the disruption of education in nigeria is raising concern for the future of millions of children schools were shot 4 months ago and while finally a secondary students will return next week to prepare for exams many children don't know when they would be back in the classroom but interest has that story from a future. covered 19 as empty classrooms in nigeria for school so the resource of learning never stops much of it in private schools. but the students like given the necessary equipment to study for a whole. they're able to log in via the classes and then they also have the ability to view the lesson material in the online classroom and videos that
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they can watch. on their own and then also we have a learning path that goes home once a week and so they're able to get fresh material we actually see some children are thriving in this environment children that had difficulty paying attention in class are really excited by the fact that they can see their teacher one on one but it's a different story for the majority of students who go to government run schools this school has been under lock and key for the past 4 months and is the same story elsewhere in nigeria underfunded and usually overcrowded most public schools have been unable to provide teaching for their students during the pandemic. for now on the government's plan to provide teaching radio and t.v. isn't working for most because of poor internet access and power cuts and elicit the disruption to education will have serious repercussions for the future of
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students on the country. that it was all. or. now set up. a lot. as cover 1000 cases rice government officials are putting in place safety requirement before schools can reopen private schools are more likely to meet those safety requirements as a public school students the option for many is either to stay at home or on the streets comedy trees. which are. thousands of people in yemen could be dying from undetected cases of cholera because cope at 19 has overwhelmed health facilities according to a new report from oxfam people are scared to seek treatment for fear of contracting
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the virus the u.k. based charities says the start of the rainy season next month could worsen the cholera crisis around one 3rd of bangladesh has been affected by flooding at least 100 people have died in 2000000 people need assistance tanveer child free reports now from. co he is desperate to save whatever few possessions she was left with before the flooding she used to live with a family of 6 in this modest hot now she's not sure where our family and life stopped will find shelter. with facing many problems there's no work here the authorities are supposed to distribute relief here but we have yet to receive any we're not even sure what to feed our life stuck under these conditions we may have to take shelter by a bridge nearby for now bangladesh lies a nation's largest river delta system many big rivers which originate in the himalayas flowed through india into the bay of bengal making the country highly
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vulnerable to and will flooding. following the recent torrential rain many areas on the outskirts of the dhaka are also under water such as here in cyber but the flood forecasting center says there is no chance of the floodwaters moving farther inland towards dhaka for now unicef say is more than 2000000 people including around a 1000000 children have been impacted and a half a 1000000 families displaced due to floods don joyride lost his home in korea graham northern bangladesh has now living with his family in a temporary shelter many people came and visited the area even local government people but so far we have not received any assistance it's been almost 2 months since this area flooded health officials say it thousands of people in the flood affected areas have fallen victim to water borne diseases the government says it's prepared to deal with the situation where the market was among the prime minister
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has instructed us to take a long term strategy to deal with the flood situation we are prepared and have adequate relief materials cash and food including special provisions for children dry foods and even hot cooked meals we had a cabinet meeting and decided where to distribute everything but despite the assurances the government has yet to assess the full impact of the flooding it's a challenging time for people like cocaine or whoever made a raging coronavirus pandemic now also face the struggle to rebuild their life 10 be childfree i'll just era bangladesh. nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced by australia's last bushfire season the worldwide fun for nature describes it as one of the worst wildfire disasters in modern history while koalas became the face of the crisis that affected nearly every species on the continent many animals that don't die in the flames face starvation to hydration and attacks by other animals christopher dickman is a professor of terrestrial ecology of the university of sydney he worked on the
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estimates and says he was shocked. this really has always been a fire prone continent so far as a already part of the ecology but i think the sort of ours that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we really haven't seen anything out to them before and i think because not of the forest anyone has the cleared there are developments and been fragmented to a large degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest burned it was very difficult for the list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. progressive evolution for us to state as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the forests the state wasn't very good and what i'd like to see is much more since one of the dream through the forests of woodlands and other by regions in the continent so we've got more idea of where occupations are we're
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ecological communities and the tracking of the time what the effects of different disturbance events are it was in that to physicians then with the with the fires in the future to be able to predict when we should go where an engine if it's to be most targeted perhaps in the wake of the 4 or the disturbance we recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so what really would be a critical listen to learn from this. this is al jazeera these are your top stories malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is appealing against his conviction linked to the one m.t.b. state investment fund scandal he's been sentenced to 12 years in prison and find almost $50000000.00 u.s. dollars. we are all just positive we believe. you know innocence we believe that. we have
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a strong case. but of course we have to convince the judges and we would do our best. chef we would continue to lead a team and he is very determined. to get the outcome that we believe is only right for us. lebanon is reimposing locked and measures to 5 days from thursday at least $132.00 new cases and 8 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours places of worship nightclubs sporting events and popular markets are all to close the lockdown coincides with the muslim festival. germany is warning its people against traveling to parts of spain that have high numbers of coronavirus cases earlier the spanish prime minister urged the u.k. to reconsider its decision to impose a 2 week quarantine on anyone travelling from his country
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a 3rd iraqi protester has died from injuries sustained during anti-government protests on monday he was hit by a tear gas canister the deaths of the 1st since the prime minister must offer to me came to office in may he's now ordered an investigation china suspending hong kong's extradition treaties with the u.k. canada and australia it is a reciprocal move after those 3 countries plus new zealand suspended their agreements with hong kong over the new security law beijing says it reserves the right for further reaction in response to new zealand's decision. the opposition in mali has rejected a mediation plan by the regional bloc echo while some call for the president to step down the move comes a day after president it prohibits a key to appointed a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government so the stream is next adrian see it from 15 g. i will see you very soon but by. the latest news government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the need to bring
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the refugee. coverage. didn't many countries home to my kids and consequently introduction in remittances from around the world it isn't the 1st time that. was forced off the air in 1970 it was also shut down. there welcome to the stream home edition i'm josh rushing sitting in for me ok today live from my home here in fairfax virginia and we have the most exciting show lined up for you today now the 1st thing i want to talk about is audience and gauge mitt let's talk about the youtube stream that we're going out right now see that there the box there is a producer.


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