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tv   Bonded Slaves  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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a 2nd wave space prime minister is pushing back against travel advisories by other european states calling them disproportionate the u.k. and germany urging citizens to avoid spanish taurus what's due to a surge in cases the separatists in yemen say they're abandoning demands for self rule they say it's to give an opportunity to end a rift amongst that allies against the who these it follows saudi arabia's announcement that it will present ways to implement last year's power sharing deal between rival factions in the south. now the u.s. attorney general william barr has defended the trump administration's response to the black lives matter protests testifying before congress he said it was right to send federal agents into cities to quash protests so those are the headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's slavery 21st century evil if you stay with us. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. the 300 years the most powerful nations on earth group richer and stronger on the profits of the slave trade over 12000000 men women and children would also be transported from africa on slave ships like this to the colonies and plantations in north and south america today slavery is illegal in every country on the planet but the truth is slavery did not die in the 19th century it is a life it is thriving and it is bigger than ever.
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among the brick kiln factories a real artist on one of the oldest and most brutal themes of slavery continues virtually unnoticed by the outside world. but i can. a goddamned bet. that he did lay him. down have been little get that get a call that. for those traps here this seems no escape. lomas him to do a sequel or maybe one of the that you know a shepherd is not even the common cause. and this slavery traps entire families sometimes for generations. zindagi already officially have a party of another case every time the other models and the comment i want to bury
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my balloon up at me. totaled them young to condi got the book came out of the. this is the cultural capital of pakistan where centuries of opulence and imperial ambition have been expressed in some spectacular architecture. the whole is a city with a grand history and today it's still a city of enormous wealth and power. it's the capital of punjab state the industrial heartland of pakistan and yet barely harf an hour from this beautiful setting to find some of the most shocking and appalling working conditions anywhere in south asia. whole lives on the eastern edge of the most heavily populated province in pakistan where more than heart of all pakistanis live.
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outside the city limits the landscape of rural punjab is paul mones with earthworks and smoking chimney stocks. there are up to 5000 brick kilns in this province and they are supplying the real materials for practically all buildings in the punjab and beyond. but inside these factories men women children toil. through the heat of the day affectively but nope. many say they are trapped in these conditions for their entire lives and are subjected to a brutal routine of overwork and violence and. they are bonded laborers. in the brick kilns all bonded labor begins with a cash advance to kill no no presents the labor with
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a contract that compels them to work for however long it takes to clear the debts. the original amount borrowed rarely seems to form and often increases. the debt traps the labor and his family into a life of slavery. there could be as many as a 1000000 people in bonded labor in pakistan including young children. and up to 90 percent of those who work in the brick kilns in the punjab are working to pay off debts to their importance. the practice has been condemned by the united nations a slavery. it is therefore prohibited by the un's universal declaration of human rights. in pakistan itself bonded labor has been outlawed for almost 2 decades. in the country's constitution forbids slavery and the use of children
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under 14 in factories mines or any other hazardous important. site of fatima runs an organization that campaigns for brick kiln workers and against the whole system of bonded labor. family. had best advice. but the. thing in. order to bill me. down but that might be. what i'm going to give the modern day. to achieving.
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ashraf became a bonded labor a 6 years ago having incurred a debt to the brick of 140000 rupees or about $1600.00. he accepted the loan as many do to pay for his marriage. ever since he as well as his 2 young sons and his father of how to work to meet their quota of a 1000 bricks a day often this leaves little time for rest. is. a bit out because your link is out of business owner monumental that you're going to get better. as he comes out of his article company. because you took on the market.
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the critically to start something is that. something. needed because how does that. they said i did i'm a senator bob dog here. they would have got their law. well our manners in the civil i mean the holiday vittia i see happening is that given that how many. weekly wages are not paid to bonded laborers they meet their culture of bricks in an attempt to reduce their indebtedness. however many bonded labor is in the brick kilns are illiterate if they had been shown contracts they would not have known what they were signing and none of the laborers we spoke to had any idea what rates of interest were being charged for their tents. not even death releases the labor
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from below it is then handed down to other members of his family so a small loan made several years even decades ago can still entrap wives brothers sisters sons and daughters. having the opportunity to see a brick kiln. in close quarters what strikes me is not just the working conditions of people here but it's also just the generations that are involved and it's incredibly shocking to see not just one or 2 generations at work in forced labor but 3 generations a grandfather a father and the grandchildren with almost no possibility of ever escaping this kind of existence. but a few managed to escape. deep inside one of the forced disputes of the whole lives
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a small community of christians in pakistan christians are a religious minority under siege. some have found themselves in prison in the words of to be accused under the country's trillion plus community. and their political supporters have been murdered. christians remain overwhelmingly illiterate and in the punjab many christians work in the brick and. the tiny compound next to a church is now home to khalid and his family. until recently he was trapped in a prison having been drawn into bonded labor with the offer of an advance of $20000.00 rupees or around $250.00 he believed his work would steadily pay this of over the next 2 years. from out of doors
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all that's a new car today. 2 doors talk about the moon and the ecological devan on the. tolls give out menus that of course to the. community of good as a side of the income got good. but khalid was told by the protests that he would have to work another 2 years to pay off but didn't draw out his time of the brick kiln college says he was subjected to repeated bonnets. shonen and little to not to win the show in a year that is so when in india don't they my dear dear they can assure you in the short time he got here london. with no news of paying back their debts college in this family decided they had to try to escape the british even though they knew they may not some might be attempted. in the us does a gun that they didn't give was called that yet they still are there. doing a good job quite a minute then we get jobs fit into
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a gun then up to the job without board mandated boarding school need a little sis who got them. they chose to leave under cover of darkness but even after they've made it to the perimeter of the bridge to move this land it was still not safe. so got out of the movie i saw they got a lot of other than the pundit obvious who thought that i threw in the whole paddle . that's been put us on that will generally have on their this planet mint set of them died in these are just a little more padding on the status on down law than our. pilot now works as an office cleaner in lahore here is a weekly wage and is free to work where he can find it this is no escape from chronic poverty but it's ease and. from the violence and fear he lived with his appointed labor. slavery in the brick kilns is not just the results of
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unscrupulous it's a consequence of a social structure in rural south asia that stretches back hundreds of years one to stand why conditions in this industry a so bad and why those owners who abuse their workers are rarely challenge you have to appreciate the brick kiln owners a part of a much wider system one of feudalism where land ownership political patronage and economic power into twined the system of what seems to me to be very clearly feudalism is operating very healthily in the countryside of pakistan that you have the equivalent of barons who control large parts of the population and the land who hold them in hereditary forms of slavery used them in all sorts of different ways as well as controlling local police as well as controlling local schools it's a it's a kind of mafia. there is
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a feudal system in this country and anybody living anywhere remotely connected to a field of family even if they're not bonded caves to these families they're the kind of control that they have over this population is tremendous and nothing happens without the mosque being involved and they actually run the lives of these people so you can see how the double jeopardy applies to them firstly because of the economic status and the repression of the more powerful politically and socially over them and secondly because they are from an even more vulnerable get a group of citizens which is non muslim minorities. if you do power can extend so far into the lives of bonded labor is that even the most personal of math is decided by the brick kiln own ends. well opening with. me he said the yacht that gave all of. the m.b.
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a plane with this in need that for the. don't get when she has one key he doesn't know who one case having been he has to be on general. big men put the i guess the cheeky how to get a scoop which would be new to look up now there ought to may have backed the cake of all that make it fun but they've been covered tell a cable put it on me or don't know if you doubt that the hooty. linky doll will have an estate of. about. showing upon me is a powerful businessman in london a from the whole he also represents all the brick kiln owners in pakistan. touring a brick kiln with his own 2 raunch he tells me that workers here far from being exploited are actually engaged in a labor of love. but now i'm.
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committed to. mr neons he sees the presence of young children among the bonded labor is something that perpetuates the system in a way that benefits them. to have been out there. though they're always going to cause the expert do it the the wall jessica. electrician bob. but i mean it's a very tough industry is very difficult conditions we can see that right where we are would you say to those allegations that working conditions in the industry is equivalent to modern slavery. that. may be inside.
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so the. but why has bonded labor persisted in the brick kilns overseen by missed me all these organizations despite the fact that it is illegal. the whole like most cities in villages in the. is built with bricks. everything new and old depends on this one building materials the brick kiln supply these local markets nothing is explained. and this means that what happens in the brick kilns is much less subject to international scrutiny. there aren't any overseas clients to insist that child labor cannot be nor are they in forcible minimum rates of pay. to the
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contracts of the illiterate workers sign when they're handed their advances. and nothing to protect bonded labor is from a new and terrifying. exports which. can traffic. i'm traveling to a small village outside of or to meet. she is one of a growing number of victims of traders. desperation in britain workers and their families to pay off they. go back a little bit better to take a lot of time going to. medical or binding on his own they. get to go to the new i don't. log or die as they. had abused it in a way that. believes her kidney was sold in this hospital 415-2000 rupees or about $1800.00
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there is no suggestion that the hospital authorities themselves knew that she would not receive a penny from your brain. has locked away o'clock in the night and then that. he's out of. one of. them if they've got a man who's in the you are very patient. and they want to bury my you do not gardening. after 6 years in the brick kilns ashraf decided to take the drastic step of buying himself out of slavery by giving up a kid in our current program and i mean my father went up are both very scared they can never. come down to bargain on the minerals that are going to ponder.
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some bonded laborers saved to gain their freedom freedom only to find themselves accused by the oldest of criminal offenses without the means to do. themselves would be in prison. when you have all the access to the state institutions they have the power to use to do she is against the people that they are oppressing for instance. crooners the police has at the behest of the factory owners. and chased. when they have tried to escape they have kept them in custody and torture them at the behest of foreigners so it's not just people it is the pollution of this city that has made that dynamic so much to do in their favor. the abuse on the bridge. street when it is directed at women. this is maria she is 90 years old married.
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for them and. almost. and it's and you are the man of the children as he did not deny the. dominican the communists in the middle. who died not 500000 troia's. i sent them you know in london to see by niccolo that this is done a lot of them in a set up a but not cynical. and i will go put out an awful lot. for
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mr miyagi of the brick kiln known as association such stories all imaginary and malicious. border plot just aren't. good you will. go to court they have what they thought it would take on. a club but i would lay. out to make it clear. to you about them was there. but there should be no need to change the law because pakistani labor legislation specifically prohibits it bonded labor in 90929095. and without bonded labor organ trafficking exposed taishan of children and sexual and
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other forms of violence might not have taken such a 5th home. but these abuses not only exist they seem to thrive in the dust of the protests and then your station is appropriately titled it's called the bonded labor system abolition act which means that bonded labor is prohibited and bonded labor is defined as as any kind of extracted on the basis of question without the one interview of the book without due as being paid and without. any man a dating did. freedom of. the brick kiln owners are able to ignore anti slavery laws because enforcement in pakistan is weak and the recent years it has become we are still like. this group a government i love one of the very into the country. so that our knowledge that
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overcome blanket. pakistan is not known for despair for human rights. in the 1st question of the democratic rights of the people is rarely respected and now the rule of law is very very very questionable the barons are able to not just operate at the local level they can operate nationally as well and so they may make sure that in the pakistani parliament their voices are heard slaves are voiceless virtually no one speaks for them they suffer but they suffer in silence. according to the brick kiln owners abuses are an exception to the rule human rights observers like a iraq man see it differently. to examples out there. so bad examples are there is a rule. on the face of it abolishing slave conditions in pakistan's brick kilns is easy someone simply has to enforce the law
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but the interests of feudal landlords and their political supporters have historically stood in the way. so what's at stake here is certainly the human rights of bombs limmy and bonded laborers in the project. but maybe it's also pakistan itself enslaving such a large part of the elation interest of the landlords hardly sounds like a successful recipe for a country to develop. with all that has happened to this country after a decade of being on the frontline of the war on terror abolishing bonded labor might seem like us. but for all the social change that would have to come with abolition it might be a key to a brighter future for lovers a painter in the next episode of slavery a 21st century evil deeds in the country built by slaves were absent themselves and
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the child slaves hidden in plain sight and it's slums today. a. lot into existence by a slave rebellion. yet rife with slavery. for fans of the 2010 earthquake forced into domestic was. deprived of an education and dropped off a childhood. child slaves part of slavery a 21st century evil. on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures careers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants almost a mother of 4 says contagion is always on our mind none of them receive health
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insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus and receive messages on the op saying that we are you know as i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. can change the way we see the world it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful it can obscure truth forged narratives and rewrite them to listening post gives you the fruit picture on. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor culture chocolates hearts of darkness and counters unpatrolled labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the
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poverty line on al-jazeera. after months of lockdown chile cautiously lifts restrictions while its neighbors across latin america struggle to get a grip on coronavirus. lives the whole robin you're watching of is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in a move to bring a possible end to the conflict to u.a.e. back to southern separatists in yemen say they're abandoning demands for self rule also plan to mr bashir atlanta man or that it really matters very just a park be cleared and it was done and you see.


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