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tv   The Things We Keep  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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al jazeera. hello there i'm astounded at the headlines for you here on al-jazeera donald trump has stoked controversy by suggesting the u.s. presidential election in november should be delayed because of fraud concerns white house correspondent kelly how that has the reaction. even by his old standards his tweet was nothing short of astonishing on thursday u.s. president donald trump suggested the november presidential election should be postponed alleging potential fraud associated with mail in voting truck tweeted delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote the president
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has no legal authority to change the election date leading even members of trump's own republican party in congress to scoff at the prospect well never in the history of the country through wars depressions and the civil war if we ever not had a really good. and we'll find a way to do that again no show or 3rd no way should we ever not hold an election from claims that voters identity can't be verified and that a voter might cast more than one ballot i don't want to delay i want to have the election but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything this was going to happen see if it's common sense so we're asking for a lot of trouble and no do i want to see a day change no but i don't want to see a crooked election but president trump may have had another vote at. for his
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incendiary tweet up ending negative news headlines it's been another week of gloomy economic numbers for a president hoping to cruise to reelection on a strong economy now obliterated by business shutdowns caused by coded. poll numbers are also not trump's favor most show him trailing the presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden by double digits on thursday will biden didn't address trump's push to delay the election he did blame trump for the historic job losses that have left more than 20000000 americans without work because trump so badly mishandled provirus and caused this spiral. there is no money to be able to keep necessary people employed it's not the 1st time trump has expressed reservations about the upcoming presidential election earlier this month he said he may not accept the results of the november poll can you give
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a direct answer you will accept feel like i have to see you i have to look at just say yes and i did last time either with less than 95 days until election day the president suggestions are causing consternation for an already an easy electorate looking to uphold the american tradition of a peaceful transfer of power can really help get al-jazeera the white house well as can be alluded to that trumps election remarks come on the day a new thing is revealed the u.s. economy shrunk 9.5 percent in the 2nd quarter that's a record shattering for another 1400000 americans filed jobless claims last week while the u.s. state of florida is reporting a record number of credit 1000 deaths for the 3rd straight day now another 253 people have died for it as one of the west had states but refused to reinstate widespread lockdowns. and from its has reported nearly 1400 new coronavirus cases
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for a 2nd day in a row there's also been a rise in the number of patients admitted to intensive care for the 1st time in 4 months health officials say the virus is spreading faster since france eased lockdowns in may and 12 opposition politicians in hong kong have been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election now among them is leading pro-democracy activist joshua long he says it's a total disregard for the people of hong kong nasa says it's mas bound spaceship has run into technical difficulties the sophisticated rover is on a mission to find signs of life on the red planet perseverance is expected to take rock samples that will one day make their way back to earth well those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here on al-jazeera to witness the things we keep to stay with us.
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this was supposed to be a short film about my old fled to meet kids but i've been collecting images for more than 15 years. in these books have seen people in places i could have never imagined. that's me during the summer of 2002 i was in my twenty's and i was living in rome my dream was to become a cinema director and i was suppressing all my time film and got around my flat.
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that. was. senior to seniority so i wasn't jealous of me. but you know when clearly you know you want to do the least that is the case and it taught me a whole. new year's. budget and i got some of that is i mean so i was a kid let me out of the. league can you tell. us . how we should kids see. so kennedy had all but should go off to dance to keep getting prepared by the jury and that he stuff. it will be interesting to black to clean the cubicle of the mixer as journalists think
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out. and it was just like these that casey entered in my life and like with the other flatmates i started to feel the same. and so yesterday but his. kids he must. not survive. no no suspects only saw it all yeah ok it's all a plot to think it well. now does it from me that if i found it said something about you the only thing i want to do the show began to see down clearly. julian. book was there was somebody to. put me in shock the beautiful without all but the love in your poem on the way with that and
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a lot lot of folk. she sang can't buy me i want to pots. and i were very different is energy was exhausting but also exciting he had the ready travel to many countries and could make friends anywhere. even one fruit from the neighbor we're going to look i born in the ceiling. much lost my biggest fear and they're going to live with down there i know the stuff you know. you watch. all of. it. but. well. i'm kind of something. to do to. get going to see it again.
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whenever i was with kids it seemed something would happen so i decided to make a short film about my flatmate and his life in pro. bowl because there's a bubble but. because he was working more and more and so george fast and slowly started to be interested in my video camera. i found jobs feeling sense as an assistant director but this one as i had free time i was writing my new friend. i wanted this period to last forever but then when the good job of it and was leaving for the middle east.
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side believe there was an immense distance in between us and i was afraid we would lose touch. here it is then my video was going to you. my normal life and abnormal please. check out this random. like some is your pic but with people in it could be you can see the now so right here so much and everything is white everything lex has he followed his dream old the way to the middle east and me i also left rome and moved to berlin. to decent job at the rectum before mentors for german television. and in my free time i could enjoy the boy email lifestyle of the sea.
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is instead was sold was looking for something more something new. i need something that i can just. be climbing like this his latest obsession was to be able to travel and work alone. truly do your friends. no. friends you know your reference point. your friends your tribe. oh dass you're spending your time you're. there you go sky. high then i say. yeah every day. there's like a really great. point out like oh yeah i get.
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back. thanks. to one day i received these beckett's. there was only one short cannot finally working alone check out the stapes and keep
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them safe. algis there is a place you can travel to the northeast of mali i met up with a group of migrants on the 1st leg of their journey across the some hard smuggling of people is a big business here and you couldn't risk filming in town that's why we're out here in the desert trying to meet up with the travelers already on their way to tell gerry this was the north mottram you know trip or 2 you would see on t.v. ringback but it is the same hours and hours of peace a region of france age. something that would never be broadcast something you might
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never watch again and so. ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback hope the smuggler's car shows up seems like you know we have a breakdown now because about 50 but you know but. i now find that it bled. thank. you.
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in this end of the phone call in the soda i mean come in to my income was a. good medical wasn't a little funky get it he said you have to do it is that the really deserve the money because keep going because you're going to get people to be coming with don't believe that i'm going to get get one if i do pull out but a typically wanted he says he says he's just a bit of the. movie but you know that many men get to going to. the candidate defeated the yes we can we don't go to that. and they're covered with the field of it don't go to find out there's an economist or to you know going to find
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a. way . to move. higher. i'm. traveling on the smothers route we came across this broken down vehicle with about 20 guys inside all going to algeria and then on to libya and some even to europe. let me just give us a c. . o. give you. that it is it. to put it on film of. your promise. of i don't it is
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a symbol of love i got i'm thinking are. fighting for it. in a safe if. not as in. don't know what i'm going to move on. when i was a little boy you know got a school i don't know why sahara desert yeah i wanted to see this are i guess it yet. good luck man thank you very much and i'm coming with you ok so who is the
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other good nose there out of the middle in the desert yet it does it you does it does it go. like you would know what they. want and i'll find it is a. muslim on the on the. the book was long enough to know the nobel but that's it up i'm going to get no no no no just off easy although by the look on the home of a lot of. them i'm sippin sippin for the love there is not the mud on the low there's nothing to look up the book at the moment goodbye you know mama the good comes out of that part of. something.
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you know that no man no. i'm here in burma co mali where many africans from the sub-saharan countries are stuck they can't move forward to europe and they cannot go back home. you see your family got. here but if the kid you know down today. you know but on his mind he is also i did not shine his already medallion so she should i know she would not i mean. mom or she thinks you want to vomit but you for truth so some good news or truth is on how to get some kind of a not good at all which is the last chance because it is a muslim brotherhood. you know very.
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close to. one of the 1st to feel the soft concept. of. yes this. yourself with. gus gus in the walk and the 20 kids. of today because. of it i shall miss. the effect that was with my friend again. like in the old days in brought the gun to him. i asked him to send me everything he was not using for the sort of ports. the film about my flight to me was becoming something bigger.
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you know. you.
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did get that. to much to do when you crystal to the may animation class. since another on that it has a mother. but but you are not supposed to be like. ball and that is really a document gaza story i mean they're usually i mean it israelis are we say they're targeted airstrikes but of course the reality is that you know target strikes but you know if 3 missiles from the sky you're firing decisions there's always somebody around you know me.
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ok the double blast was about 5 minutes before this moment. as well that. like each other.
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yeah yeah yeah bates yeah. the name is the medium of the. bus you will get out of it and island and then we'll meet you.
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in the in the. tree years have gone by since we both left rome is and i'm at the again back in the thirty's when visiting our families. or looking. to get you off.
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this is me of the time. you know the time i was 19 i was child and all these groups of west africans that were traveling up towards mali towards this hell countries who were busy going on the scene trip that i didn't end of filming 10 years later you know at the time i just thought they were just groups of. young nigerians traveling and some like that and these guys were going on a huge clan this trip you know from country to country and i was just traveling with them i had no idea but in
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a way those experiences they helped me later on because you realize that you can just do it you know you can just travel people you can move how they move and stuff like that and there are a lot more like you than you actually think. here she's there with a focus weight and there was queen a coder queeny and she was nigerian clue from nigeria so we connected because i'd just been a jury and you were home was she was the friend i made during the trip i mean she was the person i spent most time with these guys are taking the life in their own hands and they're going for and these guys are furious you know. but to defend like them. i mean this is an important point i mean at the end of the day you can always you know relate. to people as much as you want to live with them and empathize with them but i mean let's not fool ourselves i mean you know i have white skin and
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american passport and i can cross any more and good you know the most i have to do is you know get permission or visa or pay some money which i have. i found a way to cross the border and. and if i know how to use it because i need to use to stupid to not stay in touch. from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around also i would drop just to get to the truth and empower people through a knowledge of global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the
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bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. japan is doing the math it's a way to protect against devastating tsunami one o one east investigative nature can be can time or if the war will expose commuters to greater danger. on al-jazeera. focused on al-jazeera at the us republican and democratic national conventions delegates officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india with new spawn as a young conservationist tackling the deadly fumin and if and conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years off to the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent and we know it a mixed martial arts in russia and the family u.s.s.r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime
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minister rafik hariri focused on al-jazeera. you're the author of the earth. hello there i'm mr with the headlines for you here on al-jazeera donald trump has retreated from his suggestion of a delay to the u.s. presidential election in november after pushback from both democrats and prominent republicans but he claims again without evidence that expanded version by mail will lead to widespread fraud. i just feel i don't want to delay i want to have the election but i also don't want to have to wait 3 months and then find out that the ballots are missing and the election doesn't mean anything this is going to happen see this common sense so we're asking for
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a lot of trouble. and no do i want to see a day change but i don't want to see a crooked election this election will be the most rigged election in history if that happens. the u.s. state of florida is reporting a record number of cards in 1000 deaths for the 3rd straight day now another 253 people have diet florida as one of the west hit states that lead has refused to reinstate widespread lockdowns and fronts has reported nearly 1400 new cases for a 2nd day in a row there's also been an increase the number of patients at best a 20 ounce of care for the 1st time in 4 months health officials say the virus is spreading faster since france eased its lock down and may has also been the highest daily jump in cases in spain since it lifted its lockdown last month more than 1000 and factions were confirmed for a 2nd day in a row. now taiwan's 1st democratically elected president who pushed for independence from mainland china has died aged $97.00 lead to way oversaw the
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transition from dictatorship to democracy during his 12 year rule from 1988 his push for taiwan to be treated as a sovereign state angered china leading to intimidation military maneuvers all 12 opposition politicians in hong kong have been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election among them is leading pro-democracy activist joshua long he says it shows a total disregard for the people of hong kong nasa says its malls bound spaceship has run into technical difficulties the sophisticated rover is on a mission to find signs of life on the red planet perseverance is expected to take rock samples that will one day make their way back to us well those are the headlines and now it's back to part 2 of witness the things we keep do stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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we have in. this study. we do and he's given. me the i'm on air for his and i were flatmates 15 years ago in rome he became a journalist and was always traveling but we stayed in touch and he sent me his food page from around the world how do you feel to go to gaza again yeah just get a good kid back there. you know you get word here. and i see that that was definitely not you know that's not allowed just you find it easier to go than if i want to go but i think. it was just you know where you were here. he. was found. was
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was i was getting used to case his view of people and places but on that trip something changed. she said. oh what's going on like treat these i'm trying to court yes i am going to gesture she days. please. you know change into one submission you want to do a story on. the children you need to get israel to get some kind of operation. it can't go they're not they're not allowed not given the permission because actually their condition isn't that enough.
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oh. we'll be going through and you haven't got to sort. of he has not given enough time that's time you know. so anyway i mean we're there getting to know each other and all that and weeding for this trip in israel and i was thinking within you know this is going to process in israel and the whole thing it didn't fit out as the little boy started to get sick very quickly. the thought i mean i was just consult you about the. law ok but if you. i mean if you can't they come to their little bit of. oh yeah you hope you'll come back but you will come back to me so i am one thing you'll. bye bye now here's what you do though but i think you want to go but i think you know i don't want to go i thought i'd tell him talk to him instead of just hop in the
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ambulance and drive you to the hospital like you would in any other country office and the parents and the doctors and all that this big bureaucratic process started to just to get it as out of guys. who. came. down with him or will come out on us and him without. a mother. looking to get with you about something else but i saw them where they saw him focus or the push for sex is out of the shot to them in a. lot of so you should know that. the leaders of the. law want to join in not want to show sort of us the old you. know the others and
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they are dealing with the. you know they got this instead of what i want to do when it's over with although you know one of the you know whether you are not of the game that one of those or the blow up if you've heard some of those who don't know yes to get it and didn't get to a hospital fast in this case cheney and sports and stuff like that. i'm all about that a lot a lot of positive. and then i'd better get help at the bottom of that dumb. so. i'm going to. get you
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my. whole. thing was to see if it was a. full on quick fix in this plane crash down as far as i'm a little bit. oh my god this process is coming to an end and if you know how to commerce and while i'm on something about the law michelle more so than. the head of the humph. and then they got the phone call to a chair and immediately reached the hospital. followed
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. by the ballot so 2. that without. the help. they're now going to have moments oh my god i. love the love love love love love love love love love. love. love i saw her for the right of. the album i don't i don't come on the last minute because you know my it would be a bad would you know.
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i. would never talk about her as again. because it just kept working and working well here. i forget now well that the longer. term i'm not. after after i'm coming out there.
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the simplest of just simply can't say it's because it's. for the most. sounds like god so much less use of the mother he's. said to my to it but the other was done. she said but she said disagree. with some but it says mrs. or that said i said of me i'm. sure that you're the goals. it's. always the mother you knew that was a. salsa every just sort of this interesting was that it. truly might have been the stuff. in a lot in. little shop you know jane honey for me to going to show. me
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something to be. sent to him to stay. with us so many things to go. see you. see on t.v. i dream of that without that i could go. separate but it doesn't do any good because you. see if you survive this event it will.
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i. i was having doubts of my own i couldn't tell if berlin was the right place for me anymore. i want to to be close to my father but that the noise i should move back
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home he didn't need 1st it. you had everything it's your dad. because your mom to me. i don't know i would just like to breathe some beads would be really in for a while. back and me. with you where let me do any job you like work and travel bans you know i have nothing because i'm going to the u.s. and saying. i don't know but landscapes is wrong that's alice was. right. here when the shelter door this is where our ladies or whatever this is where we are sleeping and we got the t.v. back to you because. as i said this it was. just us me. my
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job i just travel around the whole world just doing just moving people in talking to them to want to practice me in a news report. someone in south america. i know we're so sorry did laugh when you think you. can save us here. in south america there was one actor in a turtle. that did like his job and he was very good we were there for kids his job but they couldn't tell if he was even working he spent 2 days like this while the genesis the little girl was getting closer and closer to him i was up there with the change.
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i even thought it was as if they think. but then he finally decided to make an interview really you see a little kid and. every almost every single o.p.m. birthday party i meet in 8 years and everybody pretty. well. i mean. i like to. along by myself a lot. i think a lot of stuff in my head like right now so things. and getting out. so have i to. myself if i'm a new book color or writing something. if people are laying eyes
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open or something i just look over and see i'm a long as they can see what i'm doing and i like to be in rome that's like a box. and asked small area oh i have my home i will stuff. no i just. didn't. eat it if. you insist. i went ahead and did it left a little and not tonight but you do it. should. come again. i do want it wouldn't you. when it's nice to. let it in.
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just to stir the christmas to. take a trip to sponsor. them but. in these 5 mississippi the books you should see out. because you could get them into really nice liquor sooner. but you. after many years i was about to leave their name. there was not much to bring back with me apart from the big bucks.
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spent the better. but to have this done no. good job of not. letting her know she. was giving the son the visit see saw the dentist on time time i thought about it. very. much i don't have to talk to them and you have to live there in chalong like are you going places with your dad and it's actually happening something. that i didn't expect i mean you know my that i feel it's the 1st time in our life that we are talking you know about things about. he's asking me about you know my personal seeings about my job about girlfriend he's probably feeling that it's close to the end you know so it's. it touches me
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it's 1st time in my life i have my father. all you know like you always have here you have your camera when you when you guys hang out and when you go visit him and stuff like that no no that's. that's a strange things because i. we're not filming and no you know it was you you will never think. i know i would like and i'm on the other side i'm completely block you know i mean. i cannot you know this and and just like sometimes you know you film things and you film people in the film in situations that can be traumatic or uncomfortable and all that you don't exactly know why right and you end up realizing later that you know what you filmed in those situations even though it's tough. it's something that you
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keep you know it's like something you keep something you cherish something that her yourself. a few weeks later i get the surprise after a long time kids you send me again you see midges. i do not know. this yet oh yes i got that best. of us you. know. you do this. this is your job where there was a god they. got married and you know.
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who. you know you always have good excellent it's good to hear you say you. told me this. that was. a hard thing in. the. same mistake again. what. am i to.
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say kesey. a member who is somehow not left out of the battle. on the right of the. species some good. hey man it's hard to believe that this could be my last video. i resigned so i'm going to be living here probably the next few months.
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you know i always film people just trying to live their lives and. knowing it try to step in one. week or years ago it is hard. to. remember a time when all i wanted to do was get out of displays. and now but to me and kids it at leaving back in florence.
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asked me to keep the state safe many years ago. and i didn't. well now i feel is the right moment to give them back to my friend. oh i just don't know there's still a. pretty high don't. you think. where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess and they took us to
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a small wet spot in the in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last 5 days to clean it out. and to organise against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. hello there the usual. scattered across much of the south in the southeast of the united states central plains big stones out across the west it does remain clear and dry
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any fat or excessive heat warnings in place all the way from the pacific northwest right the way down across into our zone and all surprising look at the high temperature in phoenix on friday. 47 degrees celsius 28 across into seattle and this is where the rain will really develop as we go through the day across the southern plains pushing into the southeast and eventually through saturday that system working its way very slowly through the ohio valley at the same time as a frontal system sliding through the northern plains the upper midwest and again we'll see some rain showers mixed in him you'll notice a lot of rain on its way towards the south of florida and that is because over this this is our latest tropical storm it's the 9th one of this season it is a very quick to develop as well this one and of course as it was coming towards the u.s. virgin islands it really was bringing the weather with it although not too bad this is a full cost right through friday so it's going to be pushing across his manohla and then it should stay to the north of cuba and just to the south the bahamas but of course we've got some very heavy rain with this system by friday the winds at about 90 kilometers an hour through saturday it will be getting
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a bit stronger winds of 110 but really this is about the rain. beyond going fight between donald trump and the golden state because of trans philosophy he's into everybody going to conflict with california exposes contrasting ideologies on immigration the environment economic and cultural issues trump is calling attention to the failure of the blue state model the key battlegrounds for the 20 twentieth's action people in power reports on trump versus california on al-jazeera. the story is of life and and spiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. the. girl
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sarah. al-jazeera selects express yourself. her. donald trump is condemned for suggesting november's election be delayed as he steps up claims the results will be rigged by men and ballots but no do i want to see a date change no but i don't want to see a crooked election. but i missed out here today and this is al jazeera live also coming up the u.s. economy suffers it's a lot.


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