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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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impact that will be felt for decades the coronavirus warning from the w.h.o. as america's top disease expert offers some hope on a vaccine. we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021. and i'm a clock this is out 0 life and also coming up the new test of democracy in hong kong emergency laws are used to perspire in elections for a year but the blame laid on the pandemic. zimbabwe sends out the military to
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enforce a ban on anti-government protests and dozens of people are rounded up plus. and catherine story of the messiah. and founding and your. dreams of thousands will depend on making that on your migration then more tourists to see them up and telling you why. so than a once in a century health crisis that's how the head of the world health organization is now describing the coronavirus pandemic director general. has told a meeting of its emergency committee that the effects will be felt for decades his comments were made as u.s. health officials were facing congress over the response to the virus there at the country's top infectious disease expert says he is now hopeful of a vaccine by early next year cases do they continue to skyrocket across the country florida just said its 4th back to back record for daily coronavirus related deaths
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257 people died in. the last 24 hours and a similar spike in the u.k. has seen restrictions reimposed in parts of northern england scotland has even warned its citizens not to travel to parts of the country unless absolutely necessary or mike hanna has been following dr fox news testimony in washington d.c. . dr prachi spoke about the 3 separate to vaccine programs that i present under way 3 separate trials going on a lot of collaboration between the 3 he said the sharing of data the sharing of results to try and get a vaccine as soon as possible and one of these platforms he said showed very very encouraging signs in its 1st 2 trials in terms of the tests on humans and on animals it's now going into the 3rd stage of its testing that will involve some 30000 people being tested but this is what dr you have to say there's never a guarantee that you're going to get
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a safe and effective vaccine but from everything we've seen now in the animal data as well as the early human data we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021 dr follet she emphasized that the basic tenants of contacting this virus have remained unchanged throughout the pandemic supported in this by the director of the centers for disease control it's those simple things he says that can make that change wash your hands where a mosque avoid crowds do not go into crowded private places maintaining social distancing once again repeating a mantra that dr on the other health experts are absolutely adamant can lower this dramatic curb in the united states. and millions of americans left jobless in the wake of the pandemic could be set for new hardship a $600.00 a week benefit is about to end the attempts to agree on
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a new federal relief fund have stalled and let's cross to our white house correspondent carrie how could he joins us and kimberly a lot of people have come to depend on this but the checks and today what happens next. yeah the checks and today even as cases are rising of coronavirus in the united states even as jobless claims have risen for the past 2 weeks what is happening next is that there is a negotiation but that doesn't provide much comfort for most americans who are struggling in fact there are you know upwards of 20000000 some say as high as 30000000 still unemployed counting on the 600 dollars a week checks is sensually there is kind of a problem here that both sides are blaming the other for the failure to put in relief to go past today they have very different visions of what that really looks like if you're a republican you think that it should the $600.00 should be replaced by a $200.00 week check until september and then from there it should be 70 percent of
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your wages until you can find another job but democrats say no we got to keep the $600.00 a week going so that's one big point of contention the other is with regard to liability republicans really want to make sure that schools and businesses and other sort of areas that serve the public that they can't be blamed to someone says i think i got coronavirus or caught covert 19 in your facility so they want this liability protection whereas democrats are saying what we want is more money for state and local governments so that's another big point of disagreement now in the midst of all of this what we're hearing is that they will continue their negotiations tonight into tomorrow the argument being that they've got to get something done this is significant because what we had expected is that congress was going to take a break as of today for one month but now we're hearing from the leadership at least on the democratic side they're going to keep working but in the midst of all
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this we've got kind of a blame game going on in washington that really doesn't help anyone there were dueling press conferences in the last couple of hours the house speaker nancy pelosi holding want to capitol hill the white house holding one. here in the briefing room each blaming the other side and in the midst of all of this when americans might be feeling a little bit hopeless nancy pelosi saying there is some optimism she does believe a deal can be reached but it's going to take a few more days for our committee thanks very much for that so it can be how could there in washington d.c. . or restrictions have been reimposed in parts of northern england because of a resurgence in infections more than 4000000 britons being asked not to meet other families in duels and the restrictions in the areas where many muslims live coincide with the start of the eat holiday gena has more from oldham which is now in manchester where many muslims are preparing to celebrate and they've been caught out by the new restrictions. there's a delicate balance to be struck between reopening the economy while maintaining
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stable falling infection rates and the moment that balance tips in the other direction is the moment to put the brakes on us he said in that moment it seems he's now the prime minister warning that we cannot be complacent we have to act rapidly because what he had to say our assessment is that we should now squeeze that brake pedal squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control on saturday the 1st of august you remember we had hoped to reopen in england a number of the higher risk settings that had remained closed and today i'm afraid we're perspiring those changes for at least a fortnight i know that the steps that we're taking will be a real blow to many people everyone obviously whose wedding plans have been disrupted or who cannot morrow celebrate eat in the way that they would wish and i'm really really sorry about that but we simply can't take the risk the new
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measures that have been introduced up here announced rather chaotically at 2 hours to midnight last night via twitter took everybody here by quite some surprise cause a lot of confusion a lot of disappointment as well because what they essentially mean is that household groups cart mix together in homes in single homes or even in private gardeners 3 crew members from a norwegian cruise ship are being treated in hospital for coronavirus the roald amundsen docked in trauma on friday and all 160 staff were sentence quarantine as a precaution and around 200 passengers have disembarked the ship and they've been told to self isolate. the strange and state of victoria is considering imposing a stricter lockdown as hundreds of infections continue to emerge every day more than 600 cases and 8 more deaths were reported on friday most of them in melbourne care facilities for the elderly and now at the center of the outbreak the state premier is warning the city's $5000000.00 residents will be stuck in limbo unless
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infection rates come down the government is looking at the possibility of more rigorous measures like those imposed successfully in new zealand. hong kong's leader has invoked emergency laws to postpone september's legislative election for one year kerry lamb cited the rise in coronavirus cases as the reason she said that no political consideration went into that position move comes just a day after the territory disqualified 12 proto moxy candidates from the pope and one month ago beijing imposed a controversial national security law in the territory which was seen as a move to quash dissent. gonna get pitting the announcement i have to make today is the most difficult decision i've made in the past 7 months the legislative council general election is held every 4 years it is really a tough decision to delay it but we want to ensure fairness we want to ensure public safety and health well let me love is the chairperson of the international affairs committee of the democratic party and she says the government is acting in
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the interests of probe ageing political parties in hong kong. the government had appointed 4 medical doctors and professes as experts and yesterday one of the experts said they have not met with the administration for 3 weeks so if they make such an important decision on medical and health grounds how come the medical and health experts have not been consulted the political parties associated with they jane and their people have been saying for quite a number of weeks that they don't think the election should be held because they held for a decade will loose because they know bam by last year we had a district council election which is a local election and they lost it was a landslide complete landslide by the 10 democrats so they're afraid it will happen
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again in september we are inviting beijing to interfere again because we are unable to have to solve the problems that the governor has created and so if the extended for one year where is the polymer with the legislative council in the coming 13 months will they only meet when they are someone who they actually can act as legislation. still ahead here in algeria. one is about lot of the cost of nobody with french system and worried that breaks it will deny them access to u.k. water has destroyed the livelihoods.
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hell of the middle of summer it's surprisingly active in the middle east if you're in the night since you know i'm on all saudi arabia or yemen. expect for the frequency on the storms but it is the heat of course that most people notice it was $53.00 in syria. on friday then we do see it cooled down a bit as a north westerly breeze brings in a bit of slightly less hot weather with it also brings the dust which it'll fade downstream kuwait to eastern saudi it's not a very strong wind as you can see it will start to cool things down a little bit i think in barrett was so talking about a fairly humid 31 degrees dropping just a 29 by sunday doha hovering around the low forty's nice thirty's probably mostly humid picture but not as bad as it could be for north africa of course you know the stories for the sahara but look at what's coming right up into the sudden sounds the masses of clumps of thunderstorms that tend to go off shore this one actually it is going off towards cape that it could turn into a tropical side that this is off from where they built but over land in africa you
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can see the orange dots and they suggest where the next significant rain is like to be as fall north asahel of course now me and we're going to go an engineer or have got right in the forecast for the next 3 days. or. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's forced an extension of the black sea finnish. i don't understand why. scores of crimean to toss have been arrested and tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. move toward. will or.
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we're going to watching out 09 of our top stories this hour and the head of the world health organization has declared the coronavirus pandemic a once in a century health crisis and says the effects will be felt for decades it comes as the top infectious disease expert in the u.s. testifies before congress about the response to the outbreak. also in the u.s. a $600.00 a week unemployment benefit is coming to an end on saturday millions of out of work people will no longer have access to a federal relief fund as lawmakers have so far failed to replace. a lock downs have been rampant in parts of northern england after a spike in infections elsewhere in the country the lifting of restrictions has been halted the prime minister says is necessary to prevent another nationwide lockdown . rocket propelled grenades have been fired into
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a city in northeast nigeria killing at least 4 people rockets were fired from the outskirts into might agree the borno state emergency management agency blamed what they call terrorists who are aiming to disrupt the ied and festival festivities the city's been repeatedly targeted by boko haram fighters. the afghan government has freed more taliban prisoners their release coincides with a 3 day cease fire during her of both sides have signaled that peace talks could start when the whole day ends talks regionally scheduled for february were delayed because of disagreements about prisoners. in libya dozens of captured teenage fighters have been released as part of an amnesty for the ied holiday they were among hundreds taken prisoner during early for have to fail battle to seize the capital tripoli 41 young men have been set free as mahmud of the war had reports from our so we. i met him and he is celebrating their release of her son
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mohammed from prison in a city west of tripoli she came from the libyan coastal city of so broad to meet him. he had been detained along with other young fighters recruited by the warlords have to. be ending up with his father and i never wanted him to join the forces but he did it behind our backs we will never allow that to happen again mohammed was among the nearly 200 pro have to the fighters from amman cities they were captured by government forces in western tripoli in april last year some of them were only 17 years old. says he had just finished high school and received a month and a half of military training in surprise. before he was sent to the frontline. i just need to live as a civilian and move on with my life i don't want to be part of any conflict i
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learned the lesson the hard way. the holiday of aid is an occasion for forgiveness in muslim countries government officials here say they release the fighters because they are prisoners of victims themselves. we have taken the initiative to let them reunite with their families on this holy occasion we hope we can exchange the rest of the prisoners with their fighters who are kicked and have to as prisons. the really is of the prisoners was achieved through reconciliation between cities in western libya. other approach after inmates from other parts of libya along with foreign mercenaries will a clear remain here in detention until the conflict is resolved nearly $350.00 inmates including foreign nationals are kept here in this maximum
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security prison they were part of the field the military campaign to take control of tripoli some of these teens say they were deceived into joining the conflict others say financial incentives drove them to risk their lives. as oh yeah. a prominent alter and opposition spokeswoman are among dozens arrested in zimbabwe as police try to put a stop 20 government protest opposition parties are calling for demonstrations on saturday against food and fuel short short of just one to 700 percent inflation designed to over corruption 2 with many targeting the ruling party online using the hash tag zanu p.f. must have and the government has done the protests which president and managua says constitutes an insurrection by the opposition well a privilege that was from here is the is a journalist in zimbabwe and he says the government managed to reinforce the message to stay inside. we have been in the past 2 days. with the police
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being deployed into neighborhoods and even today. the police have the deployment of police the city is based while we clear. the streets empty so you find that the government took the intended demonstrations see the rest of the a lot of people today stayed indoors. the your they have if you pockets of political activity that went out to shore they have not gotten returned with different messages but in terms of the generality of citizens will many have probably joined the force that they stayed indoors a lot of people stayed home so. exactly those warnings and we've been missing is that the government has been putting out in the past week
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they have achieved the intended purpose because a lot of people then had to stay home and not dead. july the 31st is british prime minister burroughs johnson self-imposed deadline to have the outline of a brick trade deal with no deal breaks it is still looming because britain and the e.u. remain at loggerheads on various key issues e.u. wants one comprehensive deal not just on trade britain sees that as an attempt to keep it tied more closely to europe than it once it is seeking a series of separate agreements you insist that if the u.k. wants tariff free access to the european market they must commit to being certain laws written says those demands are unreasonable fishing rights is a major sticking point british fischman want full access to the e.u. market in return e.u. boats want to continue to fish in u.k. waters british negotiators say that is impossible for french fishermen are threatening to stop british fisherman from getting their catches into the shops and
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the 2nd breaks it's serious natasha but reports from normandy in northern france. heading into the english channel off the coast of normandy the picturesque cobber of poor aunt bessie receding into the distance the clown has worked as a fisherman for 30 years he's passionate about his job but scared for his future because of breaks it he worries that if britain and the e.u. fail to reach a deal by the end of the year french fishermen like him could be barred from fishing in waters off the u.k. coast. or we're scared because u.k. waters represent 40 to 60 percent of our revenue so for us it would be catastrophic it's. for decades french fishermen have fished legally in waters off britain where fish are abundant british fishermen have the same rights off the french coast where they mainly gather shellfish drums father was a fisherman his brother runs a seafood restaurant fishing links generations being denied access to u.k.
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waters would be particularly devastating to the fisherman from the normandy coast because so many of the boats like this one off family owned and run small businesses and that is why so many of the fishermen here say that they won't give up their livelihoods without a fight to curb record with the need to british export some 70 percent of their fish to the e.u. if we get to december 31st and they throws out of their waters then we will block our ports stop the ferries no british boats reach french soil the french and british fishermen have clashed before in 2018 around over scholarships flared up a c. is fishing representative says of the u.k.'s reliance on the e.u. as an export market is a valuable bargaining card it breaks in negotiations but is not necessarily a winning hand. with the e.u. market needs fish it imports france imports 80 percent of the seafood it consumes
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so we need u.k. fish so although we can pressure the british and threaten tariffs on board. intro's is not a long term solution because proficient they need to fish. ties between britain and france run deep on this coast where the d.-day landings took place in the 2nd world war the 2 countries were united against enemy powers few here want the fishing dispute to sour relations with an historic partner but unless britain and france can break the stalemate in the brig's it fishing dispute and reach a compromise that works for both sides france's fischman say they'll be forced to use whatever tactics they can to battle for their survival. al-jazeera put on normandy russia says it's intercepted a u.s. surveillance plane over the black sea for the 3rd time this week it follows similar incidents reported on monday and thursday in the latest confrontation moscow scrambled a fighter jet into the american plane to change course as it approached the russian
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border this week president vladimir putin announced plans to boost russia's military strength in the black sea parts of florida are under a hurricane watches as hurrican a zire moves up the caribbean heading for the east coast of the united states hurrican is currently lashing the southeastern part of the bahamas in the turks and caicos islands which could hit florida late on friday heavy rain is expected and there are warnings of flash floods has already unleashed renshaw rain flooding and power outages prince rica. going for a walk on a beach in thailand means you'll see lots of sand loads of rubbish much of the washed out waste is plastic including fishing nets instead of dumping them overboard for human to be given the chance to make money by recycling them and help fight coronavirus to win hey this is a story. many of thailand's beaches are not the idyllic white sand slices of paradise sold to tourists instead littered with rubbish much of it coming from
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those who rely on the ocean for income and food thinking small fishing boats always sponsible for a lot of the garbage but when i was fishing vessels also done a lot into the ocean because of a lack of a proper waste management system tourists also done a lot of trust on the beaches were. probably the most damaging debris are discarded fishing nets they can easily harm marine life now instead of throwing their broken or old nets overboard or leaving them on the beach fisherman are selling them for cash we actually train law officers to create and collect that and dan we link them up with recycling sectors like you know recycling companies and use their common who can make them into an exciting product it's estimated around 8000000 tonnes of plastic including nylon fishing nets into the world's oceans each year and thailand is one of the largest contributors it's clear thailand has a big problem with rubbish ending up in its oceans and on its beaches so much so
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that it's highly likely some of the products that are being made from the fishing nets will end up back here again. one of the companies involved in the program has been recycling plastic for years and exporting its products among its latest lines protective equipment to help prevent the spread of corona virus made from old fishing nets the pandemic has seen a rise in single use plastic around the world but the owners of this company say are trying to reduce waste not increase it if these are not infected trash we can always recycle to make and again anyway so i tried to convince people not to use one time use plastic the net collection program is being conducted in 3 provinces but there are plans to expand it it's a small but significant step towards cleaning up thailand's beaches and oceans wayne hay al-jazeera rayong thailand it is the 3rd day of the hardship in saudi
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arabia coinciding with the festival more than $2000000.00 muslims from around the world normally make the annual pilgrimage this year pilgrims from abroad are banned in only around a 1000 people law one of the natural wonders of the world is underway in africa the migration of hundreds of thousands will the beast but there are few tourists seeing their journey from turns into kenya as catherine saw reports from the game reserve a pandemic has already cost $800000000.00 in lost tourism revenue. travelling from the serengeti in tanzania a heart of gold at best crosses the sandy we've got into the masai mara game resolve in kenya and the next month nearly a 1000000 of this moment will be here this is one of unesco's wonders of the world and on the back at least of many lovers what's missing tourists because of khalid 19 the must sign mara one of the top tourist destinations in the world is empty
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this. has been in the tourism industry for 3 decades he says has never seen anything like this for the last 4 months this is my 4th year it was last year i mean for sure there's no way. i mean not even i mean this in general i was already booked for july august september at this time of the high season hotels and lodges at the mara would normally be booked to capacity going through this is a twin but of more than 200 hotels only a few are open it's a very big loss to us now because of the stuff lost their jobs at home and we have no idea when people will come back again to work the world the beasts come to kenya for pasture and to meet by october they'll be returning to tanzania this is part of the heart of world the best we saw crossing into kenya from tanzania and
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we've been told many others are on their way and people who know the masai mara well have also told us there right now would be among hundreds of other tourists eagerly waiting to witness the spectacular migration being here about ourselves is quite surreal government officials say the country has lost about $800000000.00 in revenue and most of the $2000000.00 employees in tourism have lost their jobs so there is now a big push to encourage kenyans and foreigners here to visit parks like the mara and coastal beaches we must prepare with us as government must see develop some. protocols with some of our traditional markets just to assure them of the safety of those closed. assure them that as we know they are tested before they come and when they come here as government we must have all these people. kenya is preparing to
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reopen its airspace for international travel as many communities are hoping this will mean more tourists but they also know with the threat of corona virus it could take many months or even years for tory's it here to fully recover catherine soy al-jazeera. southern kenya. so this is out there these are the top stories the head of the world health organization has declared the coronavirus pandemic a once in a century health crisis and says the effects will be felt for decades it comes as a top infectious disease expert in the united states has been testifying before congress about the response to the outbreak the response that was induced was really quite favorable and as i've said often and are repeated for the record now there's never a guarantee that you're going to get a safe and effective vaccine but from everything we've seen now in the animal data
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as well as the early human data we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021 also in the united states a $600.00 a week unemployment benefit is coming to an end from saturday millions of out of work people will no longer have access to a federal relief fund which lawmakers have so far failed to replace lockdowns have been reimposed in parts of northern england after a spike in infections elsewhere in the country the lifting of restrictions has been halted which the prime minister says is necessary to prevent another nation wide lockdown. hong kong's leader has invoked emergency laws to perspire in september's legislative election for one year cited the rise in corona virus cases is the reason she said that no political consideration went into that decision. rocket propelled grenades have been fired into a city in northeastern nigeria killing at least 4 people rockets were fired from
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the outskirts into might agree the borno state emergency management agency blames what they call terrorists who are aiming to disrupt. festivities said the city has been repeatedly targeted by boko haram fighters. a prominent author and then opposition spokeswoman her among dozens arrested in zimbabwe as police try to put a stop 20 government protests opposition parties would call for demonstrations against food and fuel shortages as well as 700 percent inflation is anger over corruption too with many targeting the ruling party online using the hash tag zanu p.f. must go the government has banned the protests which president emerson man gaga says constitutes an insurrection by the opposition. you're in step with headlines more news here right after inside story.
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could the u.s. presidential election be delayed donald trump is criticised for suggesting postponing the vote in november but could mail in ballots on the coronavirus pandemic spoil the result this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the u.s. presidential election is planned to happen just over 3 months from now with the number of corona virus infections still rising in the world's worst affected country many states are making postal voting easier so americans won't need to queue polling stations.


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