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tv   101 East Pakistans Water Crisis  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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the other thing they do is they don't disclose the membership, so although the claim to have improved their diversity numbers and, and reached out to people of color and black critics in particular, we have no idea whether they have because they won't tell us who their membership the american actor and comedian bob sagat has died. the orange county sheriff's office says he was found dead in a hotel room in orlando, in florida. the 65 year old was best known for his role as danny tanner on the t. v sitcom full house. ah, this out there and these, the top stories a court in myanmar has convicted, ousted leader accent. you cheat on 3 criminal charges. she's been sentenced to 4 years in jail. said she was on trial for a legally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus walls. tourney chang has more from bangkok we've just heard from her lawyer that she was found guilty on
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all 3 charges she was facing. one was for import export for violating import export regulations. the 2nd was for violating communications laws. and the 3rd was for breaking covered regulations against mia mars natural disasters management law for the import export infringement. she's got 2 years for the communications law. she's been sentenced to one year and for the breaking coast regulations, she's got another 2 years. the 1st 2 charges will be served concurrently. so that's effectively 4 years in total health care workers. him and people aged over 60 in india can now receive a corona virus. booster shot, the country reported its highest number of daily infections on. busy monday on the kron very infections behind the search. and experts warned that upcoming religious gatherings could lead to a repeat of high infection seen last year. and senior us and russian officials are said to me in geneva to discuss russia's troop build up on the border with ukraine
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. washington threatened to impose sanctions if moscow invades his neighbor. and at least 19 people, including children, have died after a fire swept through a high rise building in new york, dozens were taken towards would love to suffering smoke, inhalation during the blaze in the bronx. a faulty electric heater is thought to have been behind the blaze. and lawyers for tennis, ace at novak joke of h r, arguing his case for entry into australia. official say he can't get in because he's not vaccinated against kogan 19. but joker, it says his recent recovery from the virus exempts him from having to get the jam and venezuela's ruling socialist party is conceded defeat in a rerun of the election for by in our state governor us back to our position candidates. sergio guido will take the position, those are headlines and use continues, hey, are now to 0 after one or one east. americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way
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where the chain of command, it seemed like height is covered up. what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies and the impact on the world on al jazeera, ah, in pakistan of battle for one of life's necessities plays out under the cover of darkness. what was his done, put on his, on my mind that i'm them that i'm but i'm was by me. he was in the country's biggest city, karachi. the tops are running dry with water in short supply. a black marcus is thriving. i'm poorly at it. okay, the name of the up it. oh, it do not do it with i like you know, as authority, struggle to deal with climate change, heat waves and broken infrastructure. millions of dollars worth of water is being stolen and sold to people who can pay
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a premium or going by the mafia. you already are not either one or one ace, meet the water thieves of karachi and reveals how climate change is leading pocket don dry. ah, karachi pakistan's largest city with a population of 20000000 is brought to a standstill. ah, as if the heat waves strikes the southern port, see he in june 2015 with temperatures as high as 45 degrees celsius. unaware and unprepared. around 1500 people across karachi parish from dehydration and 8 struck ah.
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memories of 2015 continue to haunt karate, to die. but as dr. rossa from a buffy shockey hospital tells us, now people are better prepared of good, good luck. the 201-5216 is found in movie. good, good thing to bang you tv. i live i mother was making their nest, grandmother nath new with me. no one in the thing, but o v a. if they it is for the present, the feel report come with. i won't allow mala i hope. you and william laguna middle, fisher need it for fight. this is the new normal in karachi. environmentalists say pakistan is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change and, and in mega see, she's like karachi,
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lack of trace malls of asphalt road and toll buildings are increasing heat absorption. the growth to poli planned yet densely populated settlements is making matters worse, according to shaft cock, a keel foreman, director of the united nations environment program karachi. this particular example of popular shown explosion to the small goes from 50, which became a gap between cynthia and it is now the largest city. so population, you have more people, you need more water, your more shops and fed cruiser, meanwhile, also mismanagement garage. you did not manage to protect and florida courses. oh, with rising temperatures, the population consumes more water. more than a 1000000000 gallons needed each day to supply karate citizens. but the city is
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only able to provide around half that amount of money for residents like mohammed or reef. that means the taps often run dry heavy. how might have been any other? so you put about that's a leg out of luggage will go down. the line in a will bear gaudily to go wider. ward go home. good. thank i am not able to any length beggarly arby score. madeline, not a better go to me. i school, due to del y, then the wider word. i'm a job that i got a letter by the school. you funny, broken water distribution lines multiply the problem across the city. at 2 am, i reef arrives at the government's main distribution pipeline. 100 measures from his home. he plant avert water to his house, with the aid of hoses and a small motorized pomp of year sagen with ne,
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directed the yacht and got to got more delaware and got a got up. now got a bit, bye bye. need which i gotta eat more than go to bed till you hear more. i tell you not. yeah, he more got it got about it, which i knew good was book you to be let, let go. dean dean. more granular nearby will do it again. my name is that what i, because i'm that against my look that barrel one and a half 1000000 people in this district along with gunter gum disney. i'm going down. milton egg. i got my new one. maybe. yes. maximum. yeah. be dog. they're gonna walk on. laurie says guy, he's the other lube operator. i'd bought over digger by the bottom. would you be willing, it was his done put on his, on my mind that i'm them, that i'm but i'm war by that you with we had to the karachi water board to ask, managing director ashad con, what's causing the problem basically schmidt off mission gamma la iraqi keep money,
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keep your demand here. will borrow from 1000000 gallon party. bushman nationally, every can be hit. leakage is be had a freebie has kinda to, would you, i was gonna say minus, gotta pay him to come a, b ha misconduct josh or sorry, joshua i am judy funny though. you some dick is kind of one 3rd funny. your hair. how if possible, over neg, out a minute might have passed by me a little cracky water and to reboot the hair is cool, man didn't, can make equal, she's got the head as water become spark, a black market is thriving. so where does all these more to go? to find out. we go in search of karachi, walked a face, it's a lucrative business where water is stolen and then sold for high profits. on after many attempts, we finally convinced a water thief to make us go. i'm out of time limited from daddy. it wasn't to do
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with he can do their job if on the job or what thing itself. but ongoing and we are going to phone with a legal theft here with our water, with happy america. with taken to a congested flood, where one of the fav explains how it works. yeah. does immune action that a n a d is that he embezzling you bonnie con connection that is amenable here. you bought away as a boy,
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you buy new ballinger boarding up on the ticker. you're building up by them. we're pushing gala them. you can even get them and then getting the the me now the ready big about getting money. me why me going cylinder back here? well, why investigative on figure? the years the, the window, the, the normal over, another little old, a man named mary kern. okay. joe, bonnie, are going with the hub here or your supervisor? that will be all abs bull. did. laura will be a, did it a lot greater in albany her in the money had been on you, you know, and i think i want to do though, come get your money or the legal again, a money order. take us already. i certainly like to go out or if there was a these parties, was it a little bit for me to some 11 or would your plan is
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a big dime industry go up by the been that she simply going by the mafia, legal, guardian. ah, we're not really or is going to minute academy. that is go get my grandmother does a per month. i buy one ticket or is married government a 1000000 gone without disorder. hello melissa. this is a little busy. one. your login id is m c o r e gong on the card that the award order that released without those little sided of items with the men take it to where they steal the water from water that they then sell at exorbitant rights. while government officials get they cough want to like, want her to go and buy me. what get been demand? mr. blake, in the forgot the hit to sep, looking giant will. and don't me whole sugar to me or rice meal because human human
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give community though. what a yeah. ok. art graduate, panic would. oh dad he slept in the morning. or miss is batek at the end of that. a paperless go, man. and in any kinda kick gallipoli, auto gauge of chronicler. what he har, department go. this stolen water is diverted from the pool to the rich who can pay more one solution, the city has developed threats, water needs of water tank is that now handled much of karachi is water distribution more than 10000 tank is operate in the city under government control making an estimated 50000 deliveries to consumers across karachi each day. but there are few checks and balances. and when hate waves hit karachi and the demand for water source, excessive bribes kick in, allowing tanka drivers to jack up their right. delivery of the 1000 gallon
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water tanka costs from $12.00 to ice ain dollars per trip. it's a steep price, especially for lodgepole families who spend up to a 3rd of the income on stolen water. a global study projects that nearly 5000000000 people live in water stressed regions by 2060. while the united nations estimates that water shortages could displace hundreds of millions of people as early as 2030, the karate water board says they a stepping up. they fight against the cities war to say, today we're going on a ride with top beach rather who heads the task force against water theft. i'll be m dot ala door. is talking about it about believe that by the, by your car or did it, it's gonna divide us out of it. but the one i've already out
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a little 40 years will be somebody was from fitting it. figure to give mama would again, i would download it in vermont romker. they give you an up and want to tell you what machine the 80 done, but it gets you, but i do manage it thoughtfully. but on the biology teacher i'm poorly at it. okay . but the obvious oh yes, i do not do it with. ha ha! i've did though. donal game johnson were the only ones i do that. i'm one of the young thought. did they give a buddy go potty get. i'm it not. yeah, it doesn't that young thought they able to think of the well as soon as we reached the location, the team spokes, the themes and the right big how there was really getting it. you know, you can give up a lot of money. i'm thinking the conference is again you thought i thought it,
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but i will go more gone. i thought i deal with what i want. daniel. boy, i buy them a lot. not gone with them. i'll be getting it yet. board again. all you the, he did get that video, you the get up with, with our regular a lot lendlease getting. what we'll do is look again is $3.00 with oliver lima. de leon thought i was a younger you are yet. yes. to work
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a little funny would look like if you go to one go, the owner is more of the money lot and given, as you know, i got a water pump is confiscated in the right to beach, explains the kind of money changing hands in karachi, illegal water industry, laboratory cases will be a harder, better good as i get the feeling of the future. weird. i look, we get them. but, but what are the danger on those falling under a doubtful with little abilene on those? i want to be going up or down to get the one if so the boss dental, so little that covered for you. go ahead go your god. and gary martin out of order that he was on a 12 month able up towards adult in gilbert building, isabel and we were told that that it will violate maria the young. i'm one of them, not one of the day's work is not done. tubby,
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she has received another tipple, a textile factory nearby is stealing and re selling water. a suspect is arrested up faith for love is good. yes. all get back to you here now. yeah, we'll have i year a nibble jewel looming, lou our looming. i'm a little bit of no value. you do do not getting about your bumper yet. you get the lab will it easily only. luckily, i live
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with the illegal pump from the bull is taken out and confiscated with 2 teeth. this is routine work for to beach and his team. they destroy around 10 palms a day and a rest. the perpetrators been in a city of 20000000 people and with limited resources, the karachi water board can only play catch up with the thieves. a shock, a keel explains climate change will only worsen karachi is water was grammar j will me mortal flags and flew me more routes, went well, min reduction and the quantity and remarks. hm. and the quality a wardrobe was i was serious. there will be significant impact ah, soaring temperatures in south asia, a reaching peek levels. geezer rising,
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greenhouse gas emissions. the haitian is destroying the human lank license that supply water to the rest of the subcontinent. ah, the clay c as in northern pakistan, the biggest collection of ice sheets outside the polar regions. but now they melting. we traveled to the other side of the country to cool miss a village in northern pakistan to investigate its impact. according to a new study, 36 percent of the glazes found in the region will be gone by 2100. the tara per vein is a glassy ologist who has studied these are shakes for the last decade. this was one, the idea we cared plenty of what to frandisco asia because the glacier was much high yet. so that was did was, or that he charging these are 8 ish and gen is the glacier that where the sensor
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due to climate it according to the template yet. and the precipitation when it's hot, it messed the lot. ah, since 1988, the snow line in northern pakistan has receded by 1 point one kilometer. what scientists thought wasn't possible in 1000 years has happened within 30. if global emissions remain at current levels, future generations may never see ice in south asia. these glaciers are also important for these comments was living he had would defend on these and he discussed still for the livelihood. so it's not possible without the what is wrong. these glitches loop. ready it leaves these village communities nestled in the mountains, highly vulnerable. i me, i'm you gave me right. can you give me free rides and you're
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like, swarming within the glaze, he is often burst causing flash floods, destroying life and property downstream. lou shall cut ali a local resident and tool. god takes us to the good king. bless you. one of the largest in northern pakistan. as the sun blazes on the i shape, we see streams of water running down the crevices. the water is collecting into a massive lake within the glacier, shall cut says it could birth to any time and flood the village below. but it's got a yard you are up one of the year. i am biased it buddha eyes jail will measure talk. it is it, do we are bit job or the other get i emails nobody's asked up in iow jacket niches
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hid will get that. he got the job that i've got is good austin and you you put together. we'll finally get, let joe much with a bunny hill excited make up. in june 29th aid, a glacial lake formed in the neighboring sheesh, berkeley. theo, local officials quickly built a concrete wall to prevent the water from bursting the banks. but it failed to stop the savage torn, that suddenly engulfed the village. local resident to wreak jameel remembers that fateful day. ah, the water basically banana got what was the target your remaining is amena him or cannot hello will get what but china top is silly dog jungle bone on a job and i had the water one other i have knock off. he had a bizarre gemalto bug me the copies of the whole grades armina, georgia to check another minute. got good, best to be a survey said ora,
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examine that, i'm say i beat that. korea has meant the whole year was care barclay composition. got you all know, got demand here. we got your demand by the by her was by big where you got us. you as you get a further alga move unique. yeah, garza to wreak, says dozens of homes were washed away. she's our big from the disaster management authority says it could have been much worse. they can do the a bold, muscular com or die give the bob community. a basil is out until up 100 percent satisfied given to him. he was bonita lamb. the law mandrake had k, no kiss may say 20 percent, bianca log damage to heal 80 percent while a b as it is on stand. lampey going to present argue 200 feet. go under feet is nothing more damage all a day. i my purpose, he ain't i ye, ye go by j to rick takes us to the shipper glacier.
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he believes it's the thought of another disaster in the making. he says this black blay sia is moving down stream $5.00 to $6.00 maces the die towards the village. due to rising temperatures are b, b do give the bought of them, vellum law, they offer. they do cause us war, yob, it of polite than us. other hockey. i mean, we, john, by they or argue jobs. a bond. me, danica must come. yes. do you remember though aguilar fe? aga sunday? boy doesn't bother you. so yeah, we're, john got ahead. yes. all, maria, you would you like that is going to be pick that area. ah, prime minister im ron cons response to the challenge of global warming, began with a program called the 1000000000 trace unami. 1000000000 trees were planted between 20142017. at a cost of $169000000.00,
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the prime minister has bowed to plants and now the $10000000000.00 trays by 2023. the aim is to increase forest cover and a track rise that will help reduce rising temperatures. but more needs to be done. 2025 has been marked as the year when pakistan may turn into a water gas country. unable to make its water named in a country, beset with problems, climate change is not considered a top priority issue by the population. but today, young pakistani a taking to the straits of law and other cities across the country to demand urgent action to tackle climate. i
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mean, with these young people are worried about how climate change will affect the future. a nice metadata. a storm contributes less than one percent of the world's greenhouse gases. yet it is one of the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change. with one of life's necessities disappearing. it needs urgent global action to stem the
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tide. a intelligence and playful alters are in high demand is pets in japan, but concerns are going over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. 11 east investigate on all to 0. for did remy i molina families to pain is unbearable for their relatives were killed last week. doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat when neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed. under pressure, venezuela's, defense minister by the made by the reno, said they are forced,
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as we're obliged to the friends that come through from the regular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated from ne, goes to jerusalem to buy him on the government. just trying to do my own home milestone and history. my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions and they're struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me. i was 11 years old. a j select on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now old. will non taliban figures make up a part of with that american you can report within the caliber believe that there will be
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a power to tell about the inside story pack and frank assessment in the days headline subscribe now however you listen to podcast. ah, i am wrong condo the top stories out zera a court in myanmar has convicted, ousted lead, ang, sense you'd, she on 3 criminal charges. she's been sentenced to 4 years in jail. to cheat was on trial for a legally possessing walkie talkies for breaking corona virus rules. attorney chang has more from bangkok we've just heard from her lawyer that she was found guilty on all 3 charges she was facing. one was for import export for violating input export regulation. the 2nd was for violating communications.


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