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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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until america and canada bills of their 1st place finishing, qualifying all will the us, mexico or costa rica rise to the occasion. down on al jazeera, beneath the surface lies the darker side in british politics and exclusive al jazeera investigation. coming soon, indonesia, york investment destination. the world's 10th largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you in versed indonesia? no. ah
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. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily ang, when this is the news, our live from doha. coming up in the next 16 minutes, russian president vladimir putin acknowledges china, has concerns about the ukraine war as he meets with sheet in ping in. spec is done, the un welcomes is sci fi between our mania and as a by john after 2 days of violence, slaves more than 170 people dead. thousands of mourners pay their final respects to queen elizabeth as her body lies in stays at westminster hall. and i repeat estimate of your school 20 time grand slam champion. roger federer announces his retirement from tennessee the source store. we'll call tom when he's 24. your career of the next week's labor cup. ah,
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question president vladimir putin has acknowledged to china has concerns about moscow's invasion of ukraine. hurt in and chinese president change in pain net met on the sidelines and the shanghai cooperation organization summit in the old, big city of sam, a cons. the face to face talks were there for, since russia invaded ukraine, 7 months ago. we highly value the balance position of our chinese friends when it comes to the ukraine crisis. we understand your questions and concern about this. during today's meeting. we will of course, explain opposition, name alpert, and also met his iranian counterpart. abraham bracy who said more cooperation makes them stronger. other ladies at the summit include india's prime minister, no raindrop murdy, and turkey's president rachel typo on the original block was formed back in 1996 by beijing and moscow to counter us influence. earlier i spoke with david phillips who
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dereks a program on pace building and human rights at columbia university. he is also a former advisor to the un secretary general. he says, it's not surprising. china has concerns about the war in ukraine. of course, china is concerned if use roger's unprovoked, any legal, it's hard to guess. ukraine with skepticism. hi, it doesn't come down as options where china also knows that it's neighborhood is volatile, or that it has outstanding problems with taiwan. that ha, and china may pursue a military solution to its regional issues in the future. so her potent acknowledged that china is trying to take a balance, but that balance needs to be not just geostrategic. it needs to be a balance of values and interests. democracy and freedom and free markets are
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important. elements of this discussion, ukraine's president has met the head of the e u in cave. the trip is ursula vander lines 3rd to ukraine. since russia invited in february, she invited me zalinski are discussing your pain support for ukraine, and it's been to join the years. a city in southern ukraine is at risk of flooding after russian forces struck a dam with several cruise missiles. officials say the water level of the river near creevy re rose about 2 and a half meters after the attack. some people have been asked to evacuate their hunts . gabriel, as under, has more from king. she and voldemort zelinski met behind closed doors here in key for little over an hour or so, and they came out, spoke to journalists afterwards, and they said that they spoke about a whole host of issues. but what it really came down to this visit by vander lion was to show support and solidarity for ukraine. she looked over at
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president wagner, zalinski and said, europe was with you yesterday. europe is with you today, and europe will be with you tomorrow. she said to zelinski, now they said that they spoke about substantive issues, such as europe's energy needs going into the winter energy shortages that they expect in europe. they spoke about rebuilding the ukranian economy and economy that has almost come to a grinding halt in the last 6 months since this invasion began. of underlying says that europe will commit $5000000000.00 in loans to, to ukraine, and also committed $250000000.00 to rebuilding ukrainian schools and, and also for temporary shelters for those that have been displaced by the war. but there was also a lot of focus in their meeting, apparently about reconstruction after the war is over. reconstruction, rebuilding the country on the line. saying that she next month, she will host
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a ukrainian donor conference in berlin, where she said she will bring together people to discuss exactly how much money ukraine will need to rebuild. and how to actually get that money here. a russian lead security organization is sending a team to mania after its government requested help. more than a 100 manian soldiers and 70 as if johnny trips have been killed since monday night . shall stratford reports from the capital backer. as a by john's ministry of defense as this video shows, strikes against armenian saboteurs, operating inside as a, by john's territory. 3 days of fighting around the border region close in the corner, car back has killed more than a 100 armenian and 70 as erie soldiers. both sides accuse each other starting the fighting as a by john says it was responding to the armenian armies. shelling of azeri military
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positions. the armenian defense ministry released this video. it says shows as ery soldiers moving into armenian territory, al jazeera, cannot independently verify footage released by either side. oh wow. hanger fled in the armenian capital, a year of an overnight with protest is demanding prime minister, nicole passion yan resign. the demonstration started up the pushing the unemployed piece deal had been signed with as a by jean. he denied the claim on top is which we got. i officially stated. no paper has been signed tomorrow. if no paper is going to be signed, and there is no talk about any paper, this information is a conspiracy to do more or less. a soldiers standing at the board of russia has tried to maintain relations with both countries and on tuesday tried to brokers c
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spot. but the fighting continued aah! as a by jean does not see russia as an honest broker, and there are fears, another full blown war would risk dragging in as a, by john's most powerful allies, turkey, the collective security treaty organization. our meeting at the request of armenia were on a speaking escalation situation for him to country because of course, both institution be problematic and also many would say biased since as a john is not a member of the russian lead. collect the security treaty organization. armenia announced a new c spot, took effect on wednesday night, but there has been no official comment for me as of i, ga one an agreed truce at the time of great uncertainty over the war and ukraine. this latest up surgeon fighting between 2 more post soviet states is of great concern to neighboring countries and those struggling amidst the energy crisis. the latest fighting along the borders and close to gordon quarterback show that despite
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the 2020 piece initiative finding a lasting political solution to this crisis, one that has huge g o strategic implications is nowhere in sight to strap it out to 0. by qu, the u. n. has welcomed that cease fire between the neighbors, though no formal agreement has been signed. a security council session was held to discuss the conflict. kristen salome has the details from the headquarters in new york. the u. n. is welcoming this tentative ceasefire after 3 days of fighting that left dozens of casualties on either side. the assistant secretary general miroslav young co spoke to the council and said he's worried that continued hostilities have the potential to destabilize the region. but he said that the un isn't in a position to confirm who instigated the recent round of fighting the armenian and
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also by johnny ambassadors took the opportunity and the council to blame each other isn't as we speak, we are receiving reports that the fragile c square is under threat. there are credible reports that azerbaijan is planning yet another military offensive, by widening the geography over the aggression, including from the direction of 90, javan to realized there are local, ambitious, towards establishing an excerpt theory, tauriel corridors through the silver interior. 3 or 4 medium. we categorical, or reject the allegations made by the presented of, of armenia. these allegations full of standards, set of fabrications, distortions and deceptions demonstrates how our man is far from complying with its international obligations and promoting these stability and corroboration in all we're region. the conflict is happening in a region that's been very contested since the fall of the soviet union and security
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council members called on both sides to return to the negotiating table. the councils been very active in this region, going back to 1993 when it passed several resolutions that helped bring the sides to a cease fire. in 2020 violence broke out again, and another seas fire was issued. russia them sent 2000 peacekeepers to the area in russia. in the council meeting said it would continue to stay very engaged and cautioned against outside inter parents. let's look at the russian lead security force deployed to investigate the conflict. the teams from the collective security treaty organization, or c, s t arm. it's often described as you raise your version of nato. it was formed in 1992 after the collapse of the soviet union. it's comprised of russia and 5 former soviet republics on mania bellow worse kazakhstan, cougars, done. and to jake has done, it's worth noting, azerbaijan is not a member,
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despite also being a former soviet republic, i'm mania asked the c. s t o for military aid. earlier this month, but it sending a fact finding team in january the group deployed troops for the 1st time in its history, 2000 pace, capers were sent to casks done to help stop protests against the government there. let's bring in, anatole. leave him. he's a senior research fellow at quincy institute for responsible estate craft. he joins us from london. anatole, thanks so much for being on this news. our. how much confidence can we have that this cease fire will last? not a great deal. i fear the as a by john, these are under the great international pressure from the united states, as well as from russia to abide by the si, fi of bumps, clearly with the russian army, so totally pinned down now in ukraine and suffering such heavy losses that may very
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well be a growing belief in as a by john. that now is the moment to recall, not going to come back and not the will be much that russia all the armenians can, can do about it. yes, speaking of the war in ukraine, any a requested support, as we mentioned before coming to you. but moscow has sent a fact finding team. what does this say about russia's role in this dispute? will russia ball menia is actually how defensive alliance with all media. and has a brigade of troops, bass, that about that alliance does not cover, not going to carry back, which russia continues formerly to recognize as positive as by john, as does the whole in natural community. so russia has been performing a very difficult balancing act here. and in 2020, as you knew,
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said it was really russia the brought the wall that into an end and deployed peacekeepers to try to maintain the c 5. but also in effect to protect what is left of not going to care of us against. we conquest by us by john. that was by no means wholly satisfactory to the as errors. and you know, the as a by john, since it's so has not recovered all its all territory. you know, has an obvious motive to go and fighting. and it was just received some news that the us house speaking nancy pelosi will travel to mania this weekend. that's according to our wives sources. what should we make of that visit? what we make nancy pelosi is from california, and the great many armenian americans in california on whose fate it's she'll, since she's starting down her successor will heavily depend and the armenian
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community in america is deeply anxious. obviously about what is now happening in, in, in a demo media. and it is not happy with america's failure to take a stronger line against azerbaijan. and just briefly on his whole, what are the last thing or what is the lasting solution? he, there is the, the, to science on the political status of not going to carry back a so far a part that is virtually impossible to imagine a political solution. and it all, we appreciate your analysis and it will leave in a senior research fellow at quincy institute for responsible state craft. thank plenty more head on his knees, our including with the passing of britain's queen. we look at what else is changing
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in the united kingdom and sweden's prime minister, resigns after an unprecedented wind for the far arrives in elections on sunday. ah, to the us now where up to 100 migrants who crossed the border with mexico were put on to buses and driven from texas to the vice president's home in washington d. c. the convoy was arranged by the texas governor as a political battle rages over the burden administrations, immigration policies. they arrived shortly after a group of about 50 people was sent by florida's governor by plane to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. and all those people in dc and new york were beating their chests. when trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary. jurisdictions saying how bad it was to
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have a secure border, the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door. they all of a sudden go preserve and they're so upset that this is happening and it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud. let's bring and heidi ger, castro, who's there outside the vice president's residence in washington. heidi, what's behind this move to use these people as essentially political for all that's right, emily, this is a campaign that's been thought up by republican governors who have staves along the border. that has seen surgery of migrants crossing into the border and saying that they want to pass this so called problem on to sanctuary cities. that's what they call these liberal cities in the northern parts of the us that have not had to deal
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with this in the past. but essentially what it is happening here as age groups say, is that they're making these migrant suffer yet another humiliation and suffering in on an already potentially dehumanizing journey from central america or south america where they're trying to escape violence and poverty this morning. for example, outside of cult comalla, harris is residences. we saw children clutching pillows, there were families with nothing but plastic bags with their few belongings who were made to endure these 30. plus our bus rides from texas into to the washington d. c. were many have no connection and having arrived according to aid workers, at least one individual who was diabetic, with his insulin, having gone bad on the journey, had to be transported to the hospital as well as an, a baby who suffered minor injuries. so there said this is
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a dehumanizing political message that these republican governors are trying to deliver to washington and come at a time when necessarily the border numbers are not at their highest. the month of july, for example, along the southern border, there were 200000 just under 200000 encounters with migrants which was a decrease from may and lower than the previous year. but this is a political hot potato issue that help donald trump when the white house in 2016 and many or say, this is something else that republican governor, especially those with presidential ambitions, are trying to use again. just an extraordinary situation. heidi, what happens now to these people have been taken to these cities that's right, and in the cities there have been mobilizations of angio groups. however, in this instance in washington, those groups were told to be at one spot at union station, which is a few kilometers away. and then at the last minute,
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wouldn't no notice. these buses came here to carmella harris's residence instead. so there was a scramble. they had to relocate those aid workers, medical supplies, and food. and they were eventually able to pick up those people who are just dropped off at the side of the street, get them to some temporary shelter. eventually these migrants will move on to their final destinations, or they will register with the us govern government and await a court day to plead their a silent case to remain here. or i'd highly thank you so much for the update. honey jer, castro, live for us in washington. ah, ah, the united nations general assembly has honored queen elizabeth the 2nd delegates from all over the world. i tribute to the british monarch, including un secretary general antonio terrace. the psalm is set on
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a most extraordinary rate. you are here today to pay tribute to the memory of her majesty queen elizabeth the 2nd of great somebody turned on the island. but since longest straining, monarch, when elizabeth was a pillar without being on the old stage for more than 70 years, she acceded to the throne in a different age. the either of churchill drama, stalling mall, and the old that is suiting and inspiring presence. she was an anchored of stability across decades of often global and history. while in london, thousands and worn as are continuing to fall past the coffin of queen elizabeth the 2nd. her body were line state at westminster hole for the next 4 days. a q is stretching nearly 7 kilometers along the river thames, as people went to pay their respects, the metropolitan police says that the queen's funeral and lying in state is the biggest security operation. it's faced,
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and she simmons joins us live now from london. hello there, andrew. that's certainly a lot of people willing to spend hours just to pay their respects very much. so in fact, sir, since you just quoted that figure of the actual length of this curate sir, the live tracker is now showing it 8 kilometers or something like 8 and a half to 9 hours to get to westminster over there. westminster hold. you can see it across the river thames, but they've got a cross slumber bridge, then snake around some considerable distance. this is really just the half way stage. people here. they're not like a tourist trail at all. this is a lot of dignity to us. these people are going effectively on a personal mission. almost you could say a personal pilgrimage. now this fast speed to the way people are working, walking right now as a big security point around the corner across the bridge. when they'll hold,
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i'm gonna try and get a few words into some of these people now. yes, can i just ask you please al jazeera international, your life on tv, on this international audience? i'm sure they want to ask what i want to ask, which is why you hear wish massively long q to step. well, just to pay our respects, you know, it is most amazing queen that we've had so many years. so it's pretty, would you say some sort of mission, the personal mission and a personal mission as well. and also to thank say thank you, you know, for all the years that she's given us an amazing icon and just she just totally unbeatable. nobody can match. what she has done and achieved, and germs, you know, so much respect, love in for her from all of us. and you know, it's another 4 hours, at least to walk. yeah. and you're okay with her fine. what about you over here?
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how do you feel about your mission? is it a personal this gratitude and saying thank you and you know it's, it's a moment in history. i didn't want to miss out on and i've been in the came 3 hours now and happy it's wait, happens pay my respects and. yeah, it's, it couldn't miss it. could miss the belt. thank you very much. i remember i think, yes. so many people feel that they would not miss this for the world. i'm just going to step out of line now because i've been getting in the way. sorry, thank you very much. but this is now the people's day effectively. because king charles the 3rd is having effectively a day off a day of reflection, officially at high grove. his home in gloucestershire. there is a whole 4 days of lying in state. that hole in westminster, medieval stone hall, a cavernous lodge place where such dignity. people walking through there, falling through one by one to look on at the coffin with elizabeth the 2nd inside.
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look on at the god, the god of honor lifeguards as they are known, all or queens gauze. now kings gods, red and yellow, vivid colors, are really solemn scene there. but one of pomp and pageantry, yet a solemn scene. and when people come out, they are often in tears and answer that will continue this angle by continues with this state funeral on monday. what can we expect to then well, yes sir. as far as king charles, the 3rd is concerned. on friday, he'll be visiting wales that will be the last part of his fall, you gates or, and then of the weekend. international leaders will be arriving president, heads of state officials flying in from all over the world. the invitation list is massey. this is a huge operation, a huge security operation, a huge diplomatic operation. and
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a massive funeral. the biggest since the funeral. 1965 of winston churchill, a state funeral. a funeral people won't forget. it will of course, go from westminster abbey, on to windsor saint george's, the chapel is where a queen will be laid to rest alongside her late husband odyssey. prince phillips, the duke of edinburgh, which devastated her when he died. she was very, very much a solitary figure. but then pulled it altogether for the platinum jubilee and entertained millions of people. there is a real, i wouldn't say solemn atmosphere here, but i really dignified atmosphere. people determined to say of their farewell to the queen. appreciate you painting that, peter. thank you very much. andrew simmons live for us in london. queen elizabeth's image has been part of british life since she came to the throne more than 70 years
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ago. her death means there will be significant changes to pat of life in the u. k. and countries where she was head of state as an a hayward reports from london. hers was a long reign, and many marking her death, say queen elizabeth, the 2nd was a constant in their lives, in the church of england. prayers are said every day for the monarch. oh, lord shows i mercy upon us and grant her sly salvation. oh lord, save for king and mercifully heroes when we call upon thee. and while the sentiment remains, the words have changed. it is a seamless change. the prowess r for the sovereign for the queen, and now for the king, king charles. because we remember that the sovereign is the supreme governor of the church of england. church of england has a particular role and due time,
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god willing of the church will crown and anoint the new king ah. the past week has seen rituals stretching back centuries being played out. but in many ways, the british queen silently permeated areas of everyday life. here and in countries where she was head of estate money bearing her image will be phased out over a number of years and replaced by that of a son, king charles the 3rd. any one under the age of 70 in the u. k has only known postage stamps with the queen's picture on them. for 7 decades, they chronicled her life is not going to be a major change, would be a gradual change. her light majesty the queen approved the stamps of for the next 2 or 3 issues and a later this month we have an issue for the royal marines. then we've got sir.
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another issue coming up for, for the treasures of 2000 carmen. i think we'll just have to wait and see what the new king decides and that will be exciting for us all. there will be other changes to one theatre in london is expected to alter its name from her to his majesty's theatre. the world sigh thought one uniforms warmed by. officials, anton royal documents will be replaced even at court. the highest lawyers in the land have changed their name from queens to kings council and the other day, i think i signed the 1st letter. a formal letter about something, and i thought, oh, i better use casey, other than that, there is no formal difference. many of these changes are symbolic, but they do very much represent a changing of the guard. emma haywood al jazeera in london, still a head on al jazeera lebanon's economy on the edge. it no plan. so insight on how
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to tackle rising cost of living and create lasting change. and christiana, when elder gets back this going to manchester united asia, we'll have the details coming up and let's say railing every season. ah, with that extreme heat has gone from iraq, now we've lost 5 or 6 degrees. the sky hasn't changed. you'll notice the cloud around is still in southern pakistan. they have been showers up in karachi a couple days ago, but i think they're on their way out of the monsoon rates. are going away, but still clipping the edges salah. otherwise, back to the hot dry, but not asphalt. we're down to 41 of 242 typically in iraq. that breeze could well fill with dust as it comes down through the gulf states. so don't house temperature
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come down little bit, but the major change will probably the feeling not as humid. 3940 degrees, but not as close elsewhere. spot retires in the sky. very few of the few shout maybe in turkey. this isn't caucasus. and once again, thunderstorms in the mountains, in southern saudi or western yemen. nothing much changes next couple of days. likewise, in tropical africa, the equator is roughly speaking about here. so north of the equator, we're still full of rain clouds often clumped together. you get masses of them, start off in ethiopia. go through sassy down sedan or chatter. keep moving westwards and stretch down as far as north and go. nothing much. unfortunately, in kenya, no rain in the immediate future in southern africa, but temperatures arising joe bergs up to 28. ah
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ah, what fight is winning chaos or control guy? what does the new forever prompt war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming, prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look us politics. the bottom line is the world full of glitz and glamour. but with the popularity chasing india celebrities, it's the high stakes game one where these goes behind the lens with those hunting for the big picture on al jazeera.
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ah, ah, and are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of your top stories to salam, the russian president has acknowledged china has concerns about moscow's invasion of ukraine. vladimir putin met china's president on the sidelines of the shanghai cooperation organization. summit in it was best kissed on ukraine's president has made the head of the e. u in king sullivan de lion and valona zalinski a. discussing your pain support from ukraine and in speed to join the block. and a russian lead security organization is sending a team to mania after if the government requested help fighting has been taking place along on mania border with as the by john nature. withholding at
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naval exercises with the turkish maritime force off the western coast of turkey graces, also taking part in the drills just by rising tensions between ankara and athens over disputes in the eastern mediterranean. him because he alone boarded one of those ships to follow the exercises. dynamic marina is a naval fostered, maven grill, whole turkey and a thin mediterranean and the agency of the largest coins held in 2022 in the region cation approve its operational level. the capacity for phoebe is elements so that it can take over nato's maritime components. co, ma'am test from the u. k. for 2023. may i sure use this abril comes at the time when tricky. and with to natal. l lives are all over territorial waters and a base rate is also one of the 15 countries that have been attending the
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drill that has been out for a while. it turkish military officials refrain from any political command. but they say that the aim of nature, navy rail, is to contribute on nato's collective defense and to show turkey's commitment to the military law and what was bringing occurred vulcan, who is a distinguished fellow at the center for european policy analysis. and also a former us ambassador tonight, or he joined us from a washington d. c. thanks so much for being on this news. our. despite the strained relations, both turkey graces, we just heard in that report or participating in these naval exercises. what should we make of them? well, this is nothing new. there have always been intentions between greece and turkey. they really exploded about 50 years ago, 19 seventies, and united states. another step into really prevent
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a war between those 2 countries. there are always simmering tension and yet nato have made it a practice then to hold these annual exercises to show that countries can work together for common purposes and to try to maintain some predictability and, and sustainability for the relations within nato. even though there are those tensions anchored speaking of turkey, nato has taken a very strong stance with you, with russia. and yet, how does it reconcile turkey's relationship with moscow? well, in turkey, playing many sides at once, they've given tremendous support to ukraine. they facilitated the export of grain from odessa. they provided drawn fighter drones to ukraine to fight in the war. at the same time, they have had meetings in the dr juice and some cases facilitate russia evading the sanctions. that may be changing again now, but turkey plays a very important regional role, and i don't think that you would have security in the back seat without hurting his
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last territory, new crime. we've been reporting that for some days now. and you have these military drills happening at the same time. what message is that sending most going? well, i don't think that the nato drills are intended to send much of a message to moscow other than the fact that nato retains a robust military capability. and it would be disastrous for russia to contemplate attacking nato. but natal hasn't been very careful not to get involved directly in the fighting. and ukraine's neutral countries are providing weapons to ukraine. the ukrainians are the ones that are defending themselves and fighting back a native will staying out of it. and i don't think this exercise changes that perspective. what's next for the alliance? what impact will the memberships of finland and swayed, enhance? well, is the finish and swedish decisions to join nato are really very interesting. they have been neutral countries for years. in the case of sweden, 200 years case of finland since the end of world war 2. and they were armed neutral
9:38 pm
countries. they thought it was always best to stay outside of formal alliances, but because of russia's war in ukraine, it's its own provoked aggression. the war crimes the crimes against civilians have been gauge and fiddling and sweet and have concluded it is no longer safe to be neutral. that the only safety really lies in being and nato. so they are joining and i think that points the way to the future. other countries such as ukraine or georgia or in the balkans that are outside of nato. now, i think what renew their desire to join nato was, well, because only that collective commitment to fest or the actual secure just briefly before we let you go, what sense do you get the unity within nato at this time, given all these competing factors that you mention well, nader always has its ups and downs in terms of unity. there always frictions are always issues, but then they're always times when people come back together. at this point in time, nato is particularly unified. every one of the gas that rushes war and ukraine.
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everyone supports the ukrainians and is trying to help them defend themselves in this war. and i think that as we look at other countries joining aid or there's a great deal of unity. while we appreciate your insights has always cut the vocal distinguished fellow at the center for your pain policy analysis. thank you. thank you. sweden's prime minister has resigned after suffering and narrowed to phase in sundays election to the far right coalition. for race reports from melma. magdalena anderson 100 in her resignation to the speaker of the swedish parliament at about 11 am stock home time, a very low key and to a remarkable 10 months in charge. she became sweden's 1st female prime minister made the historic decision to take the country into nato. and indeed, she improved her party. the social democrats results at these elections with 30 percent of the vote. not enough though,
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until rain will also be remembered for sweden's shift to the right. the man now charged with trying to put the government together its own. kristen, leader of the moderate party, who has thrown that locked in with the right wing suite and democrats, who in this election have become the 2nd biggest party in sweden. now the door still might be open for magdalena audition in a sense in her resignation speech. she said that she was prepared to talk to of kristen to see if he wanted to change his mind about working with the far right. a possible moderate social democratic government. it seems far fetched to the moment, but it's something that could happen as talks continue over the coming weeks. crowds of mourners gathered in the occupied west bank for the funeral of the palestinian teenagers, shot dead by israeli forces on thursday. the palestinian health ministry says 17
9:41 pm
year old. oh de salah, was killed when the violence broke out during an israeli me right. meanwhile, the international committee of the red cross has just wrapped up a high level for a visit to the occupied west bank. let's take a closer look at some of the work it's doing them. since this data b, b i, c r c has carried out 285 visits to palestinian detainees in israeli and palestinian detention centers. it's in hands to access to water and electricity for almost $560000.00 residents in the occupied west bank and gaza. and it's provided emergency and trauma training to 230 medical staff and hospitals in the occupied territories. earlier i spoke to bring the car barney, who is the regional director fin near and middle east at the international committee of the red cross. he told me what the needs are for those palestinians. vain he's currently behind by sna our work in the tensions and in what we see in detention. it's something we keep confidential. what i can say is that we have this,
9:42 pm
this regular access. and what is very important is that we facilitate the visit our families, because we often speak about detainees. but what is also important is those families were separated and, and for them because of the restriction of movement in the west by, it's often very difficult to have access to, to the last one who are, who are detained into an important part of our work. it's 2 to had them gets to those places of detention and c, r. they people, they loved one in detention. i believe that the discussion should be about the you may turn situation, the discussion should be about the political solution. i mean, you made an action doesn't solve political problems in, in i believe that what we facing in the occupied territory. it's a lack of credible political process and with credible,
9:43 pm
credible political process often comes courage. courage to do the right compromises, courage to engage based on our international. you may turn low any particular the law of occupation. so probably let's focus more on the political situation and let start serious negotiation. because i can tell you, for the people in the oc, by territory, it's just unbearable for 2 years, millions of people in lebanon have suffered as severe economic crisis. government officials haven't been able to agree on a recovery program from northern lebanon, santa hud, at ra, a shows us how people have changed their lives to get by it's a new mode of transport to lebanon's impoverished north, a new reality in a country where nearly 80 percent of people are poor, stock talks are becoming more popular as the high cost of living changes the way of
9:44 pm
life. i just saw that higher sagamore again life has become very difficult. so we are always looking for ways to save money, and it's hard. the price to use duct oaks, that, of course, but actually it's been 3 years since the economy collapse already vulnerable the global rise and food of fuel prices has worse and lebanon situation. politicians blame for decades of corruption and mismanagement are failing to agree on a recovery plan. for most of lebanon's people, life has changed. basic necessities are an affordable, especially since the cash strapped the state and the subsidies on basic goods. in a country that imports nearly everything, food price inflation is among the highest in the world. people's diets have changed . i think we used to sell between 200 to 300 chickens
9:45 pm
a day. now some about 50 sales have been affected across the board with a vegetables or even close bread. a main staple is 6 times more expensive as production costs spiral, power cuts last most of the day. not everyone can afford diesel for private generators. others switch to woodstove or since a gas cylinder cost, half of the minimum monthly wage exit they've been dealing with me as people are returning to all traditions. but we have to use would because we are affected by the few one electricity crisis. millions like rami awake can't rely on their savings because the banks have locked depositors from their dollar accounts or funds they can access, are worth less. while the local currency, the lira, the valued against the dollar by more than 1900 percent. going to win our, our seniors, i used to get paid 13 and a half dollars an hour. we had a good life. we used to food to eat at rest turns. now my pays were less than $2.00
9:46 pm
an hour. we can't even attend primrose because we can't afford transportation. the crisis has pushed the middle class into poverty. and as long as politicians step to make the economy viable, again, it's likely to think even deeper, that there was a theater, that mean north lebanon. pakistan has succeeded in clearing a road in the southern sind province that is needed to deliver to areas devastated by floods. come all high to explain, reared and goin on. it's been oh, what the rig that the doctor drug heavy rains and i in the mountain that you're behind me, brought in raging gordon zone. the narrow riley it had blocked away related, which i now got drawn from the outside world. tens of thousands of people are not risking their lives to be able to get don't do, i think. and to be able to get supplies in on their back. we have not seen any
9:47 pm
heavy machinery which are trying to go down the road. and if that is not done soon, many more people may die. we have all that color outbreak have been reported, and surgeon area cut off. they do not have for debra drinking water and getting any emergency aid at the moment is next to your partner. but although the country it's johnston, great on the devastating floods that have that growth buckets on an effect, then then it's on proven the budget on your daughter did will have to do much more and order ga, ga, broadly. and that will not take much time, but i imagine days running out for doors, for sale, got golf. and in need of help. india has one of the lowest participation rights of women in the workforce among the emerging economies. and you are from india report found it's largely because of gender discrimination in 2004 india indian women made
9:48 pm
up nearly half of the workforce, but they withdrew from the labor market due to family responsibilities. the report says to close the gap that the indian government would have to offer incentives for better pay training and job quotas. but women and not alone, minorities, also face discrimination. major ben, derry is a journalist who writes on social and gender issues. she explains why she had to withdraw from india's work force. i had a job that i loved with the hindus downtown for whom i continue to write because i parted on very good terms with them. but in those days, the news room it functioned very differently. you know, people came in very late than they'd be a long meeting that people regard for lunch. so your work flow, your story flow began only about 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. so it didn't matter what time you came in. i could be in at 9 o'clock,
9:49 pm
but i would be stuck waiting for the artist to come, waiting for the reporters to come in and then begin my work. and you know, it took all can, the evening was an early day for me and there were days that i would, i was editing this out to the people at that time and forth on those days i used to on friday nights it would be big. i turn on on any given night, it would be at least 9 or 10 o'clock at night. now with 2 young children at home, this became understandable for me to have something had to give. and i, i felt that i had actually achieved what i could. i mean, there was no clear korea for me. it wasn't, i did not get the feeling that i stuck on. i will one, b, b, d, i n g for this paper. so i said, well, i've achieved what i had to achieve and i can't work these odds. they don't work for me. and him just on time said ok, we'll give you a call and we'll give you work to do so. i sort like i had no work though,
9:50 pm
of course my my salary came down considerably because i had go saturday. i was then working on still ahead on al jazeera, we look back at the career of roger federer. after the 20 time grand slam champion retires from 10 years. ah ah. ah.
9:51 pm
safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou ah, his time that was sport, he is peter and peter and legend of tennis is bowing ass. indeed the kay simoli, we are saying good bye to roger federer. one of the greatest men's tennis players
9:52 pm
of old time, he has announced his retirement from the school, the 20 tom grandson champion, saying he will no longer playing mages or on the atp tour. shaneka rosco. looks back now on his incredible 24 year korea hodges phaedra has given us some of the most thrilling moments we've seen in tennis. but at 41, this with stone has finally decided to call it quits. us 3 years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries and surgeries, but i also know my bonus capacities and limits. it's message to me lately has been clear. janice has treated me more generously than i ever would have dreamt. and now must recognize when it is time to end my competitive career. oh, next week's labor comp in london will be federer's final atp event. and he won't play any more grand slams. it's the ne issue all over again when it comes to the
9:53 pm
grind of the regular tour. he is brought, he is not being able to stand up to that. i think we could all see it coming, but it still comes as a shock. surprise, ha! better is 1st of 20 grand slam titles came at wimbledon in 2003 way instantly became a crowd favorite. people came from boston and home. and so nice you know, to share this moment and thanks to everybody else, o, a total of $1380.00 p titles followed in a career that included an incredible $1251.00 match winds. the swiss. maestro spent a total of $310.00 weeks as well, number one, amassing more than $130000000.00 in prize money throughout his career. i consider myself one of the most fortunate people on earth. i was given a special talent to play tennis than i did it at a level that i never imagined for much longer than i ever thought possible. some of
9:54 pm
the matches just to see how glorious he was in a tennis court, if his movement was like a ballet dancer, either so many loaners with his career. and it's just a really nice guy. federal leaves the game 3rd on the list of all time. grand slam champions behind novick joke of ich and raphael on the tao. i actually don't think he's the greatest of roger was the benchmark was deborah the minster. you and again, raska and jesse him. over the years roger federer has shed a rivalry and friendship with $22.00 time grand slam champion. refound the doubt, the spaniards tweeted his response to federal retirement. he said, i wish the stay would have never come. it's a sad day for me personally and for sports around the world. it's been a pleasure, but also an honor and privilege to share all these years with you living so many
9:55 pm
amazing moments on and off the course. a kid who are in danger of being kicked out of the fuse world cup of that over allegations. they feel that an eligible play in the qualifies the children football association is appealing fee for his decision to dismiss the complaint that equals byron castillo was born in columbia. surely can castillo obtained an ecuadorian passport through false fund documents. and the new revelations, the play is heard saying in a recorded interview, but it was only 1995, not 98th, as showing on if they could, or in birth certificates. castillo, played in a qualified for the cutter, woke up, and defeat decides to remove points from those matches, and ward them to their opponents. in chile would replace ecuador at the tournament, fevers appeals committee of hearing the case today, and l 0 understands the decision will be published tomorrow. christiana, rinaldo has gone back to scoring ways for man, just the united as a beach sheriff to us fall in the rope league united,
9:56 pm
opened the scoring in moldova, when christian ericsson put the ball through to jayden. sanchez within, awarded a penalty for a fowl in the boss. rinaldo, stepping up to the 1st floor of the season tonight and $609.00 to $9.00 to $12.00 korea. to know if the united states was pointed, the competition of the new thing. they're open at israel, sophia that lawsuit again. for the 1st time in 17 years, the even cricket team has arrived in pakistan to play a series in and cancel their tour they last year because of security concerns. the 2 nations will contest $7020.00 matches in karachi and the whole starting on tuesday. even captain john butler has also confirmed his team will donate for people affected by the floods in the country. very excited to be a very much looking forward to that or it's great to be back as an engine cricket team after a long time. and as you've mentioned, any of our players of played in, in the past. so, and should you know,
9:57 pm
the positive experiences from being here and i hope that we can put on a great show for people who, who want to watch this tool. after you mentioned a long time since we've been there is an england team. we know pac sun a very strong side. we look forward to challenging ourselves against them and expect to see some great cricket in rugby, the new zealand, all blacks have retained. the blade of flow kept the trophy, which they contest annually against the strain. yet the key was also top, the rugby championship table to south africa and argentina, also in contention of the 10 1st off, easy the race into the 31 say need early in the 2nd the all the, all the for back to not only reduced that deficits but actually take the lead in melbourne, the want to be for penalize controversial full time wasting in the final minutes. and the last took advantage to school. dramatic late when a 17 year old american ice skater has finally conquered. one of the sports most difficult
9:58 pm
jumps, ilia, moline, and successfully landed the 1st quarter axle in competition. melina pulled off the 4 and a half revolution, jump at the u. s. classic in new york, and won the competition. i'm surprised. i mean, he's considered to be the next big thing in skating, having won the junior world championship last year at the school, things i'll be regulated with more. emily, thank you very much. and that's it from me. emily angland for this news hour. but don't go anywhere a london headquarters will have more of the day's views. read that. lauren taylor in just a moment. in the meantime, you can head to our website out to sierra doug, come to stay with us. ah ah.
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and debating the issues of the day produce as always, then criminalized around the boundaries of rights, the under number there people are a family and our friends and our community member on our online at your voice. this made it to we don't believe in dialogue. don't political crisis must vsoft with a political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to make. there is no recognition about what we're already facing. the street on al jazeera. beneath the surface lies a dark, has died in british politics, an exclusive al jazeera investigation coming scene ah
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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero ah.


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