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tv   World News Today  BBC News  January 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm alpa patel. the headlines: growing concern for migrants and the homeless, as europe prepares for more snow and cold weather. aid agencies warn that thousands of migrants in the balkans risk freezing to death in tents and temporary shelters. civil rights demonstrations in washington, as donald trump lashes out at a veteran campaigner. also coming up: the private rocket firm spacex resumes operations, taking ten communication satellites up into orbit. and in football, chelsea beat premier champions leicester to go seven points ahead of their nearest rival in england's top league. serbia's migrant spokesman has defended his country's handling of the extreme cold weather that's
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claimed dozens of lives across central europe and the balkans. ivan miskovic has told bbc news that many have refused shelters, fearing deportations. 15,000 people are living in tents as far south as greece, including the islands of lesbos and samos. aid agencies warn they are at risk of freezing to death. it's in the balkans, though, where the situation is far more urgent. we'll have that interview with a serbian official in a moment, but first, here's simon jones. the cold snap is tightening its grip. claiming more than 65 lives across europe. causing traffic chaos, power cuts and travel delays. this is sarajevo. the balkans have been particularly hard hit. temperatures have been as low as —15 for several days. there is major concern about the plight of refugees, particularly in serbia. some are being sheltered
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in reception centres. but 1,200 are living in a derelict warehouse in belgrade, according to the unhcr. it's very cold, and we are just making fire. but still we can keep warm ourselves. we don't like to say here. we're trying to leave this country and go to european countries. but we are stuck because of the borders. there are calls for governments across europe to do more. it will only take one more snow storm or another cold snap and we're going to see some, some children, you know, in a very dire situation. children are particularly prone to respiratory illnesses at a time like this. we do not want to see this happen. it's about saving lives, not about red tape and keeping to bureaucratic arrangements at the moment. river traffic along the danube, one of europe's main waterways, has largely been suspended in eastern europe due to the ice. in wengen in switzerland, a famous downhill race
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in the skiing world cup had to be cancelled because of too much snow. more than a0 centimetres fell overnight. powerful winds added to the complications, with organisers eventually having to admit the race could not be held safely. and the warning is that more bad weather is on the way. simon jones, bbc news. well, ivan miskovic is a spokesman for the serbian government's department for refugees. this is what he had to say about the situation. at this moment there are more than 7000 migrants in the republic of serbia. 0ut more than 7000 migrants in the republic of serbia. out of that number, 6000 are accommodated in official centres manage that the department for refugees, and more than 1000 around the centre of the city. what other conditions like? the conditions in the form of sites,
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the people living here are battling with harsh conditions in freezing temperatures, so this is inadequate for anybody. we have a campaign trying to persuade them to go to the centres, to be accommodated in the official heated rooms and friday will be provided with meals and health care. unfortunately is still got back only 400 people —— u nfortu nately got back only 400 people —— unfortunately only 400 people are being persuaded. there are no women 01’ being persuaded. there are no women or children in the public places in the city centre of belgrade, so there is a good result, but more than 1000 migrants are slipping in public places. whose responsibility is it to sort the situation? the
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state of serbia is doing everything we can to provide shelter for these people and we have managed to provide in a shelter for these people, but they are refusing to be accommodated in official centres. they are distrustful towards us because they are afraid of being deported. in reality, there is not a single real reason for them to be outside the official centres, provided by the state of serbia. the good news is that we have provided new capacity in belgrade, so in the next few days everyone will be accommodated officially with heated rooms and three meals a day and proper health care. some charities, including save the children, are saying that in belgrade there are 1500 migrants, including unaccompanied children, slipping in factories added two spaces. ——
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sleeping in factories and empty spaces. is it not your responsibility to make sure those people are catered for? we have done everything we can to persuade them to be accommodated in the centres. we have done everything to care about them. they are persistent and refusing us, so we hope that the new capacity is there will be provided in the next few days are going to be suitable for them and they will trust us that nothing will happen to them if they are accommodated there. it will get a warm room, three meals and proper health care. from the serbian government departments and refugees. it has been a deadly weekend for migrant strength to make their way to europe. the italian cruise guide says a hundred people
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are missing after the boat sank. police eight migrants are known to have died. for migrants have died off the coast of southern spain." searching for a 21 people in the mediterranean sea. ahead of his inauguration next week, donald trump has become embroiled in a row with one of the country's most distinguished civil rights campaigners. congressman john lewis said he did not consider mr trump a legitimate president — prompting an angry response from the president elect. in washington, civil rights protesters have held a rally at the martin luther king memorial, chanting "nojustice, no peace". the reverend al sharpton called on all politicians to support equality. we have, not to appeal to donald trump, because he has made it clear what his policies are and what his nominations are. we come to see to
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the democrats in the senate and in the democrats in the senate and in the house and to the moderate republicans to get some backbone. we need to send you read here to be with me. the reverend al sharpton. live now to washington, and the bbc‘s laura bicker. al sharpton was uncompromising in his words, but what are these protests a nd his words, but what are these protests and the ones coming up next week going to achieve? it is worth remembering when you see those thousands marching along the maul, they stop short a few yards from where donald trump will take the growth of office in six days. this march today is one of many double take place over the next week. many people are just trying to be heard. there are a number of
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african americans to see a donald trump. 0nly african americans to see a donald trump. only 8% of african—americans voted for donald trump. when it comes to him being the new commander—in—chief, there are some concerns. there is also the lesbian, 93v concerns. there is also the lesbian, gay and bisexual community holding a march and lawyers are marching in some kind of protest as well. the biggest march will be next saturday, which is the woman's march. it started as a small organisation who said they wanted to march the day following his inauguration that now we know that buses coming the city. donald trump has also been criticised by the row here's had with the leading civil rights campaigner. john lewis was an icon in the 1960s. here's last surviving speaker of that martin luther king march on washington. when it comes to a
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member of congress, he has been there for 30 years and is very well respected. he has the support of many republicans. during an interview, john lewis said that he did not recognise donald trump is a legitimate resident and would not be attending his inauguration. he said that he believed russia got him elected. donald trump sent a number of m essa g es elected. donald trump sent a number of messages on twitter that said john lewis should spend more time looking after his area and dealing with crime rather than complaining about the election results. all talk and no results. said this was sad. when it comes to criticism for donald trump that has come fast and furious. a number of leading democrats and entertainers and also
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members of donald trump's own party have elected their of john members of donald trump's own party have elected their ofjohn lewis. here are a few of the messages. 0ne from a republican who says thatjohn lewis and his top have changed the world. donald trump just insulted one of america's‘s civil icons. the timing of donald trump's treat is interesting because this is a holiday weekend in the us where many people are spending the time honouring martin luther king, and they have a day off on monday. to start holiday weekend by treating and criticising is civil rights icon has led to some sharp criticism. thank you. let's take a look at some other stories now. turkey and russia have decided to invite the united states to peace talks on syria. the talks are due to be held this month in the kazakh capital, astana. but the turkish foreign minister said turkey remained opposed to the inclusion of the syrian kurdish militant group, the ypg. a major summit of african heads
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of state has begun in mali, with the talks being dominated by the political crisis in the gambia. the gambian president—elect, adama barrow, is attending the summit. it comes after west african leaders failed to persuade long—time ruler, yahya jammeh, to step down. poland has officially welcomed 3,500 us troops as part of a nato military build—up on the bloc‘s eastern front. the troops are part of president 0bama's response to nato concerns about russian aggression. it's the biggest us troop deployment to europe in decades. russia has criticised it as "a threat" to security. let's go to florida now, where a teenager who was stolen as a baby from a hospital nearly two decades ago has been found. kamiyah mobley was discovered after a tip—off. the woman who raised her in south caroline has now been charged with kidnapping. richard galpin reports. this is kamiyah mobley
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with the woman who, for all her life, she believed to be her mother. they'd seemed a perfectly normal and happy family living in a quiet part of south carolina. but today, her mother, gloria williams, is under arrest, charged with kidnapping kamiyah after she was born 18 years ago and giving her a false identity. so in south carolina, we found an 18—year—old young woman, with the same date of birth, but a different name. so further investigation revealed that fraudulent documents had been used to establish that young woman's identity. in interviews with people, it supported the possibility that this young woman may be kamiyah mobley. just after she was born in this hospital in florida in 1998, kamiyah was abducted by a woman posing as a nurse. but it was only last year that police received a tip which eventually led to the arrest. for her biological family, a moment of huge relief. she sounds so intelligent
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and so respectful and she says she will be here to see us. for kamiyah herself, disbelief that the woman she loved as a mother is now accused of being her abductor. richard galpin, bbc news. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: a beautiful sight with hidden dangers. we find out how competition between kite—flyers is putting lives at risk in india. aid agencies warn that thousands of migrants in the balkans risk freezing to death in tents and temporary shelters. donald trump sparks outrage after criticising a veteran civil rights campaigner who questioned his election victory. the palestinian president mahmud abbas has warned that moving the us embassy in israel tojerusalem would deal a huge blow to remaining hopes
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for middle east peace. it comes as as major summit is held in paris — seen as one of the last chances to save the so—called two—state solution for the israeli—palestinian conflict. 0ur middle east correspondent, yolande knell, reports from jerusalem. jerusalem is meant to be a shared capitalfor jerusalem is meant to be a shared capital for israelis and palestinians. living peacefully side—by—side into nations. that is how many seed the two state solution to the conflict. but today, israel controls most of the west bank and eastjerusalem, which the palestinians wanted their state. 0ver palestinians wanted their state. over 600,000 israeli settlers live in these areas, captured in the 1967 war. we are going further away from
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the two state solution. the palestinians were given a chance to set upa palestinians were given a chance to set up a palestinian state, but we know that they completely corrupt and bankrupt. that many in the international community said that settle m e nt international community said that settlement expansion is what is undermining a two state solution. you'll the issue of the settlements, compromises were made in the past but money this attempt brought peace until now. but there are new international efforts to push for peace and a palestinian state to neighbour israel. many israelis welcomed the idea because it recognises the united jerusalem as their capital. but palestinians believe it will kill the two state solution. i am a permanent resident but i am not a citizen like any israeli dues in jerusalem. but i am not a citizen like any israeli dues injerusalem. since 1967 more than 14,000 residency cards were revoked by the israeli authorities in the main purpose is
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to minimise the number of palestinians living injerusalem and to ensure a jewish majority. recent opinion polls suggest most israelis and palestinians do still support the idea of two states, but only by very narrow margins. 0n the idea of two states, but only by very narrow margins. on both sides there are fears that chances for a peace deal are fading. now it is time for the sport. chelsea are seven points clear at the top of the english premier league after their 12th victory in 13 matches. and they did it without diego costa. dropped after a falling out with the coaching staff. their 3—0 win over champions leicester came thanks to two goals from marcos alonso. and it takes them seven points clear. the leaders were without their star striker, who's reportedly unsettled by a lucrative approach from a chinese club. but manager antonio conte insists costa was injured and couldn't train this week
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and that's why he didn't play. i think ithink in i think in this situation you can listen to a lot of things. in my career and experience, as a coach, if there are problems i'm used to solving them in the changing room. i never do a press conference. tottenham have gone second thanks to a 4—0 win over west brom. their sixth victory in a row in a league. harry kane got a hattrick at white hart lane at the end of the week he became a father for the first time. the last few times we played they scored first saw it has been a while. we had to go out there and
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getan while. we had to go out there and get an early goal and try to finish the game off and we did that in our best performance of the season. it was a great day. while arsenal also won 4—0 at swansea. thanks in part to 0livier giroud's fifth goal in as many games. that was enough to take them third above liverpool, who play on sunday. swansea have dropped to the bottom of the table. elsewhere burnley won one nil at home to southampton — the returning joey barton with the goal. hull are off the bottom, beating bournemouth in marco silva's first league match in charge. sunderland lost 3—1 at home to stoke city. watford and middlesbrough drew nil nil and sam alla rdyce saw his crystal palace side lose three nil on their visit to his former club west ham. the opening match of the africa cup of nations produced a shock, as guinea bissau scored in the last minute to register a 1—all draw against hosts gabon. it's the first major tournament in the country's history. seth bennett was watching in libreville. the gabon fans arrived at the
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stadium with plenty of hope that their national team would provide a performance that would live long in their memory. they were treated to a great opening ceremony were plenty of national pride was sean. the game was pretty dull for the first 45 minutes but hardly a shot on target, but in the second half there was a goal scored from close range. there was to be a late twist on this as the ball was played around nicely and it got a fix that they were not able to get a second. the fans here go home disappointed and frustrated that the home team were unable to turnit that the home team were unable to turn it into a performance, but for the proponents of it was a night to remember. the other gaming group a sort the favourite team held to a
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draw. cameron took the lead in the first half, but then burkina faso equalised 40 minutes from time. after the south african open, the british golfer managed to keep his lead. he sunk five birdies and has now played 41 holes since dropping his last shot. he is 17 underfor the competition, three shots ahead of the world under two rory mcilroy, who is struggling with back pain, but he still managed a third round of five under par. that is the spot for now. —— the sport. this weekend, the skies above india will be filled with kites as the country celebrates one of the harvest festivals. kite—flying is often part of major religious festivals, but as sanjoy majumder reports, the country's passion for kites also has a tragic side.
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i had been doing some tight shopping in new delhi, but this is what i was after, a glass coated kite string. it is supposedly banned but it only took a little persuasion for one of the shopkeepers to go to the back and sell me one. kite flying can be done with the cotton thread, you do not need to use a sharp objects that might hurt someone or kill hundreds of thousands of birds. a sport should not be enjoyment from one that brings grief and suffering to others. the private rocket firm — spacex — has blasted off a falcon nine rocket in california, the first since one of its vehicles exploded on the launch pad in september. today's rocket is carrying cargo for the iridium satellite phone and data global network.
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on this flight are ten spacecraft — the first phase in the roll—out of iridium's next constellation, which consists of a total of 81 satellites. well, that's all from the programme. it has been another chilly day for many of us. for summer but it will turn milder but it will stay cold for some others. weather fronts coming from the atlantic are bringing cloud and rain for the next 24 hours but they're going to hit cold their in eastern areas and there will be some ice forming through the evening as the rain townsend. some of that will turn to snow in scotland and north—east england. it will be milder in the west with less problems to device. this will pose a problem because as
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the rain journeys over to the east, over lincolnshire in east anglia and maybe kent, some of that will turn to snow. double not be lots of snow but it will be quite wintry with some ice around. —— there will not be. there will be rain as well, but it will be my old in the west at it— nine degrees, maybe ken degrees in belfast. it will be dreary across scotland. through the day these bands of rain will move across central areas and any snow will dry up central areas and any snow will dry up across eastern central areas and any snow will dry up across eastern england. it will also be drier in the west but it will not be bright. a contrast in temperatures. double figures in the west beck cold in the east. that divide will keep going as we move
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into the new working week. the dividing line and some outbreaks of rain on either side. that contrast in temperature will stay. 5—6d at best, but in the west it will be 9-10. best, but in the west it will be 9—10. next week, a couple of things happening. high pressure is building in which means dry weather, but there will be some sunshine merging into south—eastern areas. chilly an and here despite the bright skies by day there will be some chilly frost. there will be more cloud in this sky and here it will be milder through the early part of next week. studio: the headlines: serbia says many of the migrants sleeping rough in belgrade have refused to go into
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shelters because they feared being deported. aid agencies have warned that migrants are at risk of freezing to death because of the cold snap across much of europe. the trump has suggested he could drop the latest us sanctions against russia in return for its help in the fight against terrorism. the sanctions were imposed over claims russia interfered with the presidential elections. a baby girl stolen from an american hospital hours after her birth has been found alive after 18 years. she was found after a tip—off to police. the woman who raised her has been charged with kidnap. four months after one of its rocket blew up on take—off, the private us firm space ex has successfully launched a rocket from a launch pad. tender
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