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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 14, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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kind of news. kind of staying with donald trump here. everything is fake news. that is negative. it is going further, now. a committee of mps investigate. and, good. high time. what we have seen with what happened over donald trump is that these allegations all emerged back in october and no—one did anything with them until buzzfeed put the document on its website. no newspaper or respectable media organisation would have done that. the bbc would not. so the whole storm is actually a story about a story and the question comes down to is there a way of regulating facebook, google, twitter in the same way that the mainstream media is heavily regulated? that seems to be the question that emerges. this group of mps want to
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investigate a sea of it as possible. i have always said that citizen journalism is an oxymoron because you are not a journalist unless you area you are not a journalist unless you are a journalist. and as nigel says and you know, you need to have your sources verified. the beginning of this, i think, sources verified. the beginning of this, ithink, was sources verified. the beginning of this, i think, was wikileaks. sources verified. the beginning of this, ithink, was wikileaks. there was an awful lot of material and it fed into the particular political agenda. fake news is far more popular. it is facilitated by social media. i will ask you, joe, i tried to find you on twitter tonight. and this is where fake news outlets access were there? because i think it is a total waste of time and i don't particularly wa nt total waste of time and i don't particularly want to share my personal thoughts with. .. particularly want to share my personal thoughts with... i will do it here and i will do with —— when i write. but i don't want other people
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to have contact with me. it is useful but, you know, you can still message and call people and you may tell them have you seen this story? and you are not exposed to fake news. the point you make is true. once upona news. the point you make is true. once upon a time we all knew the national enquirer was rubbish but now it looks reasonable because it is on the internet. thank you very much to the both of you. coming up next it's the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's
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cinema releases is mark kermode. we are in award season. we have la la land which everyone is talking about. live by night, the new film by ben affleck. and manchester by the sea, with the standout performance by casey affleck. la la land. you have seen this. i've seen it. it seemed a film. fantastic. damien chazelle's swooning tribute to classic old hollywood musicals. emma stone and ryan gosling of the star—crossed pair who meet in an la trafficjam. it's a fantastic opening. a wonderful song and dance number. he is a hardcore jazz freak, she is an aspiring actress. they hate each other when they meet but they become friends and will possibly become more.
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here's a clip. i got a call back. what? come on. for a tv show. the one i was telling you about. congratulations. i feel like i said negative stuff before. like a rebel without a cause. i got the bullets. yes. you've never seen it. i've never seen it. it is playing at the rialto. you should go. i can take you. 0k. for research. yes. monday night at ten o'clock. yes. great. for research. you're grinning all the way through it. i loved it. you and everybody else. i went into it thinking, the problem is everybody said it is so good it will be a disappointment and it isn't. it is really, really good. firstly, this is damien chazelle's second musical.
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he made another one before, he made whiplash which was drums as a war movie. full metal hi—hat we called it. from the beginning, it said it was presented in cinemascope and the screen opens up into this glorious cinemascope, digital colours. there is a fabulous dance sequence. it is like the kids from fame but done in la. then what the story does is it occupies a space between on the one hand this nostalgic clunkiness of woody allen films and the free—form fluidity of gravity. in fact there is a scene where we are literally flying. i thought the performances were terrific. emma stone dominates it. she plays somebody who has two go to an audition and act being an actor. a really ha rd a really hard thing to do! and she does it brilliantly. i thought the song and dance numbers
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were well choreographed, i loved the lyrics, i love the way in which... people have said they are no fred and ginger. they are not meant to be. damien chazelle said he wanted to make something that has the magical of musicals but also had its feet on the ground. it has the texture of real life. i think it does have that. i thought it was utterly charming. plus, most importantly, it is not afraid to be melancholy or poignant, it is notjust everything is tied up neatly, it is... its strengths are in its sad streaks which makes the joyousness even more. i thought the opening five minutes was worth the price of admission alone. it's brilliant. it appears to be one shot. also, we have talked about casablanca and being remade badly, this is casablanca for our times. in many ways. absolutely right. it is a movie that is good enough to nod very explicitly to casablanca and not go, you blew it. i really liked it. so did i.
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now live by night. so, ben affleck stars in an adaptation of a novel. he is a small—time hood in prohibition boston and doesn't want to be a gangster. he finds himself travelling to florida where he becomes exactly what he didn't want to be. he goes up against the ku klux klan. the interesting thing about the film is it has an extraordinary pedigree. chris cooper, elle fanning, and affleck himself. i think one of the reasons it has sniffy reviews is when you have that kind of talent, people expect something more than a film which is ok. you said invoking casablanca, this film invokes the godfather and scarface and it is neither of those films. it is handsome but in a way which is artificial. it does look good and there are... certainly, i wasn't bored.
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but it does have a sense of its handsomeness is more important than any depth. it is very much to do with surface. there is stuff in there to like it but at no point did i think this was a classic. when you look at the pedigree involved in it, itjust ought to be better than it is. argo which ben affleck also directed was one of the best films of the last ten years. it is really good. however this brings us nicely to manchester by the sea. this is the third film by the playwright kenneth lonergan. he did margaret, which spent five years in the editing room. is he a genius or someone who cannot finish a film? this, as his third film, made me go, actually, he might be a genius. casey affleck plays a janitor. i'm not going to be here much longer. not moving to boston. you said you left his
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money so he could move. what's in boston? you are a janitor. so what? you can do that anywhere. there are clogged up toilets anywhere. all my friends are here. i'm on the hockey team, on the basketball team. i work on george's boat. i've got two girlfriends and i'm in a band. you are a janitor. what the hell do you care where you live? so, he is a janitor in quincy but he is called to his hometown of manchester—by—the—sea where he has to revisit the ghost of the past after his brother collapses and he finds himself having to look after the nephew. the film is told in two time frames, the present in when he is going back to the past and the flashbacks in which we actually see the past. so much of the story is told in the way through which casey affleck holds himself. the scenes in boston when he is completely withdrawn and everything about the way he hunches his shoulders,
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the way he slightly purses his lips, it is a start contrast to the flashback scenes when he is garrilous, and oozing boozy bonhomie. we know his we will see his old life with his beloved wife michelle williams and his new life where he is isolated and somehow we are going to find out how the isolation happens. it is very devastating. in one of the key sequences they use albinoni's agagio in g minor, that is a false move for me because it is used in many films. it was used in flashdance, gallipoli. it was used by wendy craig in butterflies. it was weird in that a film that was everything to do with the delicate nuances, it was too obvious. that aside, casey affleck is really terrific. kenneth lonergan deonstrates he is actually a very good craftsman. and to have la la land
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and manchester by the sea, showing the grittier side. this director has finally shown as he is worthy of the praise that has been heaped on him. your best of the week is a monster calls. a monster calls came out just before christmas. it is about a young boy who was traumatised by his mother's ill—health, and he starts seeing visions of a tree monster, played by liam neeson, which says i will tell you stories and you will tell me your truth. so in a way which is beautiful and utterly heartbreaking. i have had so many reports from people saying i knew i was going to cry but i had no idea how much. it is very moving, very touching. very well filmed. julieta is wonderful.
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it is the dvd of the week. i think it is the best since volver. it is based on short stories. they are playing younger and older verges of the same central character who is estranged from her daughter. it does the thing that pedro almodovar does best which is a passion for human stories. it is profoundly cinematic. this has wonderful performances, wonderful writing. it is again heartbreaking but beautifully so. honestly, looking back at the selection of movies we have looked at, that is a good selection of films. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at — and you can watch our previous shows on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week though. thanks for watching. goodbye.
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good evening. things are turning milderfrom the west good evening. things are turning milder from the west overnight tonight with cloud and rain piling in. it is bumping into cold and further east is a temporary so time in eastern scotland and a bit of ice. similar to parts of northern england. cold and frosty. guns would east anglia and far south—east. further east —— west, mild overnight with eight or nine degrees. pretty chilly further east. for a time in yorkshire, lincolnshire and east anglia, snow and ice. maybe slippery first thing that wintry weather fizzles out through the morning and
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we are left with lots of clouds and rain into the afternoon. not overly heavy but quite a bit of it. it is still relatively mild out there, 10 degrees but for many eastern areas, a raw afternoon in norwich, to degrees. south—eastern corner of the uk stays quite chilly as the early pa rt uk stays quite chilly as the early part of the week comes around. west, mild at rain and clout. welcome to bbc news. i'm alpa patel. our top stories: with just days to go before his inauguration donald trump gets involved in an argument over civil rights. as protestors march in washington, mr trump rounds onjohn lewis, a respected congressman who campaigned with martin luther king. in europe, a warning that thousands of migrants risk freezing to death in tents and temporary shelters, as the cold snap continues. a textbook launch for the private rocket firm spacex, as it puts ten new satellites up into orbit.
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and in football, chelsea beat leicester to go seven points ahead of their nearest rivals in the english premier league.


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