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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 5, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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to the funeral of a kind man cruelly killed in the westminster attack. daniel sandford, bbc news, south london. football, and chelsea arejust football, and chelsea are just two wins away from securing the premier league title after nearest rival stores and suffered surprise defeat at west ham tonight. the second half west ham goal was enough to condemn spurs to only their fourth league loss of the season. sports correspondent david ornstein reports. at west ham they sing about bubbles, like dreams they fade and die. in totte n ha m like dreams they fade and die. in tottenham came opponent streaming of the premier league title. was this the premier league title. was this the night their bubble would burst oi’ the night their bubble would burst or continue to fly? certainly they flew out of the blocks. harry kane, dele alli, harry kane again denied by some desperate defending. from dangerous in attack to absent at the back, spurs gave manuel landini the freedom of east london. hugo lloris to the rescue. west ham now had
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belief and after half time there was no stopping landini. in theirfirst season no stopping landini. in theirfirst season at this stadium, a moment for the hammers to savour. and how their jubilation contrasted to tottenham's desolation. mauricio pochettino‘s men had 25 minutes to summon a response, yet it was west ham who looked more dangerous. only hugo lloris in their way. spurs were beaten on the night and, surely, therefore, in the title race. the trophy is within touching distance for chelsea. that's it from us. now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. the hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry. we'll start with the game in the premier league tonight where west ham delivered a huge blow to tottenham's premier league title hopes. spurs had the chance to reduce chelsea's lead to a point but were beaten i—o at the london stadium as patrick gearey reports there was a scenario where totte n ha m ,
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there was a scenario where tottenham, not west ham, would walk out of the london stadium as the home team. the row is one of many bad blood between the scene. but pride is secondary to points. as. with win this and be one behind chelsea. hammers were an obstacle in the first. west ham were doing more than getting in the wave, restricting spurs to the odd glints of snuffed out by them. west ham bought noise and pressure. the crowd cheered every block and says, and we re cheered every block and says, and were about to see something to get excited about. manuel lanzini charged into west ham folklore. spurs were impressive for so long this season, threatened to unravel. jonathan calleri was presented with a second, but hugo lloris snatched it. tottenham's were on the other end, but the magic trick didn't work. for west ham, this place has never felt more like home. what was the olympic stadium, the title race has surely reached its finish line. it's not over. it is true it will be difficult.
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it was a game that if you want to put pressure on the opponents you should win. possibly the case now, is to wait. but i'm thinking it would be difficult to catch chelsea. isaid i said before the game we need to be 100%. we got that from every player. tottenham are a top team. in the next two years, they will be the team to beat. but tonight, we were magnificent. chelsea's lead is still four points. england's cricketers have started their busy summer with a big win. seven wickets the margin of victory against ireland in bristol. adil rashid claimed his first wicket haul as they bowled irish out for 126 and and alex hales and joe root scored most of the runs as they reached their target with 30 overs to spare. ben croucher watched this one england's longest summer started against the team who had to make the shortest trip.
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ireland are trying to prove they can mix it with the test playing nations. they looked at home early on. they'd soon be blown away. from 90—3 to 126 all out. getting out tojoe root‘s partime spin was surprising even for the man himself. losing wickets to rashid in this form was no disgrace. for the ifrst time in one—dayers, the yorkshire had five. england had a tiny total to attack. the tally jason roy could knock off without trying. his loose lazy stance soon had england one for one. partner alex hales was dropped twice as well. ireland discovered how self—destructive that could be. he passed 50 to the delight of most of the crowd. england were home injust 20 overs. next up a short hop down the m4 for a second match on sunday. on today's evidence, ireland still have a long, long way to go. ireland are a good, strong side. they've beaten us before. they're not a side we take lightly. going in and putting in a clinical
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performance is as good as we can ask for as a side. that within itself re—emphasising how ruthless we need to be going forward. in rugby league's super league salford red devils have moved up to second with a 31—16 win at wigan warriors. elsewhere if new st helens coach justin holbrook got up early in australia to watch their game against warrington, i'm not sure he would like what he saw, saints beaten 40—18 at warrington, ryan atkins running in a sixth try for the wolves. holbrook was appointed yesterday and is waiting for his visa to start the job. st helens are seventh, after 13 games. rugby union's premiership reaches the end of its regular season tomorrow. still so much to play for — three teams can finish first. leaders wasps face third placed saracens . exeter chiefs need to beat gloucester and can leicester hang on to a top four spot at bath's expense? the tigers are at worcester. bath are at sale and northampton
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and harlequins face each other for the final automatic european champions cup spot, a chance for saints to make up for a frustrating season. it's been very disappointing. the squad we've got and the players have got, was not really done as well as we should have this year and i think if we can just scrape in top six, and rebuild for the boys who are staying here and the coaches rebuilding next year, hopefully picking up some pieces and learning from what the skier has brought us. novak djokovic has sacked his entire coaching team, including marian vie—da who had been with him for most of professional career. djokovic was knocked off the top of the world rankings by andy murray last year. explaining his decision, he said "i'm a hunter and my biggest goal is to find the winning spark on the court again". djokovic will tour alone until he finds a new head coach. sport it seems, is increasingly trying to downsize to make itself more marketable and watchable,
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think of the success of 20/20 cricket, the rise of rugby sevens, now golf is trying ‘sixes'. at st albans this weekend there's an experimental competition with an eye on reaching a new audience, here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. golf, a poet once wrote, is a day spent in strenuous idleness. who has time for poetry? this is sport's espresso era. everything is made short and intense. why linger over 18 holes when you can speed through six? i think golf‘s got to fall into line with everyone else. it's a time that it's got to make it a lot more fun, shorter. to be honest, it's the first time someone's said, you know what, we're going to do something and we've done it. there's been a lot of talk. this time there's been action. there are 16 nations, teams of two play matches against each other over six holes. group stage, then
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knockout, then a winner. golf is dealing with a big issue of dwindling participation and the perception that it's... a bit old fashioned, stuffy — was that the new image? if you're not prepared to change, you're not prepared to adapt, in not only sports, but any type of business, you run the risk of falling behind. and again, that's what this week is about. it's showcasing our game, our skills in a different format. there are good professionals here, not superstars. it's possible i was told the likes of rory mcilroy might someday play golf sixes, if things go the right way. right now, smile and hope that the world smiles along. that's all from sportsday with me will perry. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are oliver wright, policy editor at the times and katie martin, markets reporter at the financial times. i will attempt to stretch the space time continuum. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the times leads with the local elections, suggesting the tory victory could be repeated in next month's general election. the i describes the conservative party's win as a "blue tide". "a reunion of the right" is how the telegraph describes the tory win. particularly from ukip. the ft reflects on the losses of both labour and ukip. "theresa on the march", declares the daily mail. the guardian quotes jeremy
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the guardian quotesjeremy corbyn saying labour faces a the guardian quotesjeremy corbyn saying labourfaces a historic challenge. "theresa on the march", declares the daily mail. the express calls theresa may the new mackie. first, let's look at the local and mayoral election. let's look at the daily mail. the reason on the marks, you get wiped out and labour buried in their own backyard. it will come on the weather weakens safely extrapolate this to doom the aids in a bit, but theresa may —— tojune the 8th in a bit. theresa may not —— careful not to overestimate these games? they're worried about turnout injune. games? they're worried about turnout in june. it's not games? they're worried about turnout injune. it's not about games? they're worried about turnout in june. it's not about whether she will win, its about the size of the majority she will get. what the conservatives are trying to do is ta ke conservatives are trying to do is take a whole bunch of seats off labour which in 2015 would have been
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considered safe. you look at some of the majorities, particularly in the mayoral races, they were quite tight. as few hundred thousand votes, will mean a lot. labour have the opposite problem. they are saying we can still make a difference and get the vote, we have a few weeks left. it's interesting, this divergences in the major parties. the tories are the only ones that are trying to downplay the significance. everyone else trying to say, it's fine, it's a flesh wound, it's going to be fine, the 8th ofjune. wound, it's going to be fine, the 8th of june. the wound, it's going to be fine, the 8th ofjune. the tories are saying let's not get too ahead of us all. it's interesting to see the pan out. let's look at the guardian. many crushes ukip, it says. as corbin says we have a historic challenge. paul nuttall, the leader of ukip, is saying we are a victim of the own success. we have got out of the eu,
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we've done ourjob and now people don't see the need for them, it seems. it's a little bit like, you know the campaign for real ale, and now that everyone is drinking real ale in hipster pubs, they've got nothing to do. it's similar with ukip. they had one job. they've done their one job and now what are they for? this interpretation is interesting, that theresa may crossed ukip. but is that really fair? it does seem to be slightly, not the other way round but ukip is clearly infiltrated the tories. the one—liner like this is the idea that labour voters switched to ukip and now this time around, they're going to the tories. the guardian discovering that ukip as a gateway drug for the tories so labour voters go to ukip and then think, i like theresa may, although far instead. i think there is some evidence that there is truth in that. the eye talks about a blue tide. tories
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sweep britain in local elections. but also, these metro mayors. not eve ryo ne but also, these metro mayors. not everyone wants mayors. but they have after these elections. they tried for many years to prevent it that there's got it imposed on them. the compromise that has been done is they haven't taken powers away from local council. they have devolved powers that will currently run by westminster or an elected authorities and handed them to please mayors. they have powers of budget and transport and perhaps police. that councils in birmingham, walsall and commentary will continue to have their powers. but the fact the tories have won in west midlands is striking. it may only be by three or 4000 votes, but you look at places like walsall which is pretty solidly labour, coventry, wolverhampton, they are doing well. that doesn't bode well for labour in
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june. we have heard all along that the conservatives are aware that theresa may seems to be the one figure that people like to see. so they are pushing her towards the front of the campaign. very much so. the party has been absent from this. it's all been about the reason may and her strong and stable leadership. my local team. it's rather presidential. it's not just the west midlands were the tories have done well it is also tees valley, places that are solidly labour and have been for years. although there is a blue tide, the labour party can point to successes in manchester and liverpool, they are making as big a deal as they possibly plausibly camp of their successes there. there is now addressing this up. the tories have done extremely well in areas that labour has traditionally been able to count on. the times front page
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says may cause the landslide, heavy losses for labour and ukip. —— theresa may on course for landslide. we mustn't extrapolate but one is round the corner and we do it anyway. let's do it. what can you safely conclude?


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