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this is bbc news. the headlines at 103m: a fresh warning for north korea from the us president — donald trump says it will ‘regret it fast‘ if it continues to threaten america or it's allies. they will be very safe. if anything happens to guam, there will be big, big trouble in north korea. a government crackdown on laser pens — new restrictions could be on the way stop pens being shone at planes and helicopters. ukip has approved anne marie waters, an anti—islam campaigner who describes the religion as evil as a candidate for the party ‘s leadership election, one of 11. at least two people have been shot dead in overnight protests following the disputed election in kenya. in overnight protests following the disputed election in kenya. and london prepares to say goodbye to two legends at the world athletics championships. as mo farah and usain bolt prepare to run their final races on the track this evening. and coming up, a look at how
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history, religion and politics have shaped india in the travel show at 1030. shaped india in the travel show at 1030. president trump has issued another warning to north korea, saying the country will "regret it fast" if it continues to make threats against america and its allies. the president also called for tougher sanctions against pyongyang but he said he would love a peaceful resolution. the chinese leader xi jinping has spoken to mr trump and urged restraint. our washington correspondent, laura bicker reports. president trump is leaving the north korean leader in no doubt. if he poses a threat to the us, there will be consequences. if anything happens to guam, there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea.
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but then came this note of reassurance. you know what i can say — hopefully it'll all work out, 0k? nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump, that i can tell you. these us b—i bombers are stationed in guam. their motto is "fight tonight." mr trump is keen to ensure north korea is aware of their presence. pyongyang has threatened to fire missiles at the pacific island, and although holidaymakers appear unfazed, the local government has issued leaflets urging them not to look at fireballs. but donald trump's ramped—up rhetoric is being backed by diplomatic measures. he has placed a call to president xi in beijing. mr trump wined and dined the chinese leader injanuary, in the hope that he would do more to rein in his trading partner. the threat us involvement on the korean peninsula might just force them to act. and it has emerged the trump
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administration has been in secret talks with north korea, discussions about americans imprisoned there, and deteriorating relations. donald trump is not stepping back from his war of words with north korea. some feared his statements were off—the—cuff, on impulse. but it appears, for now, to be his strategy, to plant the idea in his enemies‘ mind that he is unpredictable, and not to be tested. laura bicker, bbc news, washington. let‘s speak to our correspondent robin brant, who is in the south korean capital seoul. another weekend of rhetoric being thrown from one part of the world to the other, what substantially has changed do you think?” the other, what substantially has changed do you think? i think there are people here who are clearly very u nsettled are people here who are clearly very unsettled by what they are hearing
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out of washington, or newjersey in this instance. they are not used to hearing the american president tok like that even though donald trump is taking a similar stance to his predecessors. people leave china is not doing enough to try to rein in north korea and persuade them to end their nuclear ambitions. there is pushed back, in the phone conversation mentioned in the report between president xi and president trump, president xi said, or state tv has told us he said to donald trump that all relevant parties should refrain from exacerbating the situation. that is aimed at washington, dc and pyongyang, everyone relevant to the equation. is there much confidence
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the saxons agreed last weekend ‘s will actually be effective and trying to persuade the north koreans they have no option but to return to negotiations? there are very different views on that to be honest. this is the latest in a line of security council resolutions aimed at tightening the noose around south korea and trying to restrict its trade even further. china continues to allow certain trade with north korea in minerals and other things it says are not releva nt to other things it says are not relevant to the nuclear programme which gives north korea revenue which gives north korea revenue which some think goes to fund nuclear weapons. the trade restrictions, trade sanctions do not seem restrictions, trade sanctions do not seem to have stopped kim jong—un and the nuclear ambitions he has. that
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is why china is crucial, if they could do more in terms of perhaps what their banks do in their trading relationships with north korea, that is something president trump belize, it would add more pressure and build upon the sanctions in place. thanks. new measures to tackle the dangerous use of laser pens will be considered by the government, after concerns about their threat to air safety. the lasers which can temporarily blind people, have been used to target aircraft and pilots, as our business correspondent jonty bloom reports. laser pens or pointers are designed to be used to highlight something of interest. but they can be dangerous, and dazzle or blind people if shone directly at their eyes. last year alone there were 1,258 laser attacks on aircraft, even though it is already an offence with a maximum fine of £2,500. helicopters, which fly lower than many aircraft and typically have only one pilot, are thought to be especially vulnerable to laser pens. the government is now going to consult on new measures to restrict the dangerous use of laser pens, and boost safety,
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such as introducing a licensing scheme for retailers, limits on the advertising of laser pens, and potential restrictions on their ownership, as well as a possible awareness—raising campaign to educate people about the dangers of laser pens. interested parties, including businesses, retailers and consumers, now have eight weeks to submit their evidence and proposals. we can speak to former pilot chris hammond — now spokesman for the british airline pilots association balpa — about those laser pens. that is coming up. at least two people have reportedly been shot dead after a bitterly fought campaign
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it‘s official, president kenyatta will be in office for another five yea rs. will be in office for another five years. he won more than half of the votes cast. the news brought out his supporters in their numbers following a long wait for the results. the party is over, it‘s the day after and for a kenyan now comes the ha rd after and for a kenyan now comes the hard part, those celebrating kenyatta‘s wins last night did so in the hope of a better quality of life and now the president has to deliver for them and gain the trust of the millions across the country who did not vote for him. and mr kenyatta has been reaching out to the other side. we cannot fight over an election. we have seen the results
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of political violence and i am certain there is no single kenyan who would wish for us to go back to those days. but angry protests broke out overnight in some opposition strongholds. the main opposition party has rejected the election results and says it does not trust the courts to handle its concerns fairly, its next move will be crucial in determining whether kenya moves on peacefully. a 19—year old british man has died while snorkelling in greece. harry byatt, who was a watersports instructor, was found unconscious on the sea—bed off the island of zakynthos. an investigation has been launched by the greek authorities. the union unite has warned that strike action by refuse workers in birmingham which has left waste piling up in the streets could continue until christmas. the union has said that they will be balloting members to renew its mandate for industrial action after the current round of strikes end on the 21st of september.
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let‘s talk to our reporter in birmingham, this has been dragging on for weeks and weeks, what is the effect of all those unimpeded bends piling up behind you scattered all over the city? you can see what the effect of six weeks of strike action by refuse workers here in birmingham is having on the city, the city council has promised the backlog will be cleared by the end of the weekend and actually there are some mountainous piles of rubbish which have been moved particularly from the main roads in the city but streets like this one i am now as you can see behind me have seemed to have been missed out completely, residents saying they have not had any kind of collection for four or five weeks which leads to people putting bin bags out by wheelie bins in piles. it looks unsightly and
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does not smell very nice and as well as bat as you can see from this pile on the other side of the road it is now attracting vermin. this is the concern people have, public health concerns, rats and maggots, so many different nasty elements to the rubbish. one lady over there telling me she has been taking her rubbish to the tip herself but she is getting to the stage she does not wa nt to getting to the stage she does not want to put the bin bags in the car. also there is no sign of this strike action ending, in fact the situation seemed to worsen yesterday. the action is about changes birmingham city council are making to pay and conditions, the council says it is modernising the service and no jobs will be lost but the union unite says its majors bury members are facing pay cuts. sorry joe dudgeon, somebody just put the facing pay cuts. sorry joe dudgeon, somebodyjust put the rubbish out behind you as you were talking, and
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it would just another bag added to the pile. this scene has been repeated up and down birmingham, sorry to interrupt, you said the unions themselves are warning this could go on for months? yes that's correct, yesterday birmingham city council puts, mooted the idea of going to the independent arbitration and what the union dead in response was put out a statement yesterday lunchtime saying this strike could go on until christmas because the council is not stepping up and acknowledging our concerns. so far from easing the situation it has been made worse, brennan city council heading back and seeing the union unite is holding the city to ransom. what also changed yesterday was the strike stoppage time is, it had been two hours in the morning and one in the afternoon but it‘s
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now three separate single hour strikes and a day and the reality of thatis strikes and a day and the reality of that is that very little naked dan because of work to rule around brea ks because of work to rule around breaks and lunch time, it looks at the situation will get worse and thatis the situation will get worse and that is already on the cards until the end of september. union members will be balloted about taking the action further all the way up to christmas which is the last thing residents want. i hope you have a close peg in your pocket. an anti—islam candidate has been allowed to stand for the ukip leadership. anne marie waters, a former labour activist and founder of the sharia watch pressure group, has previously called islam "evil". her leadership bid has split the party, with some meps threatening to quit if she was allowed into the race. iamjoined by i am joined by our political correspondent to get more on this. another day another leadership contest it feels like with ukip,
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this is to replace paul nuttall who stood down after disappointing general election results, 11 candidates but all the focus at the moment on anne marie waters, what is going on? it would be fair to say none of the 11 candidates are household names, certainly ukip has been struggling to define itself, to have an identity after the success of nigel farage, perceived success in getting the brexit referendum result he wanted, it‘s been through multiple leaders, paul nuttall standing down after a disappointing showing. now we have a raft of candidates having put themselves forward and have been vetted by the ukip national executive committee. anne marie waters are courted controversy with strong views on islam, she is quoted as saying islam is evil, describing it as a killing machine. she is against sharia law
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but she thinks she‘s putting forward something no one else is prepared to talk about. but you will remember ukip went into the selection on a platform of banning the burqa, paul nuttall himself was accused of being islamophobic. there is some concern within ukip the party is potentially, if anne marie waters we re potentially, if anne marie waters were to be successful, will move further in that direction. nigel farage has said it would be a disaster, the end of ukip if it went down the route of being an anti—islam party, is anne marie waters promising that‘ll be the shape of her leadership or is is she saying it‘s just an element in a broader platform? like other candidates she has other platforms but the concern is because she has been so vocal about this one particular issue that ukip would then be reduced to essentially a
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single issue party much like it had been thought of a single issue party before the brexit referendum. there is obviously a wide range of opinion within the party amongst leadership candidates, some other candidates are wanting to put forward a much broader platform but there will be, it will be interesting to see what the reaction is among colleagues because we have had some of her collea g u es because we have had some of her colleagues threatening to leave the party, nigel farage describing it as a disaster if it was the road it went down but whoever is elected will have a challenge to redefine what ukip is about, to try to broaden their appeal and make ukip a creditable electoral force. and we should know the outcome next month? the end of september is the party conference, there will be hustings, members will be balloted and then we will find out who has won. thank you. the headlines on bbc news: president trump issues a fresh warning to warning north korea. he says they will ‘regret it fast‘ if it continues to threaten
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america or it‘s allies. the government is considering a crackdown on lasers pens and pointers. new restrictions could prevent pens being shone at planes and helicopters. two people have been killed in overnight protests after the disputed kenyan presidential election. re—elected president uhuru kenyatta has appealed for unity. sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre. we are going to start for the action is, the latest from the world athletics championships in london, the action already underway and it‘s the action already underway and it‘s the penultimate day of the competition, ashley bryant was in 16th place in the decathlon overnight, he was in the second heat
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of the hurdles this morning which took place just a short time ago and he finished fifth. it will be the end ofan he finished fifth. it will be the end of an era for both mo farah and usain bolt this evening, both competing in their final events at a major track championship. the 5000 metres and 100 meter relay respectively. mo farah still has races in zurich and birmingham before he switches his attention to marathon running. but usain bolt it is farewell for good as he bows out of the sport altogether. the pair have... he has been brilliant, i was privileged to meet him when he was 13 days what he has done for british sport is superb, i think tonight will be ha rd est for is superb, i think tonight will be hardest for him to win the 5000 because athletes coming in fresher who have not doubled up, can he do
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the double? i would never bet against him. i cannot see usain bolt not finishing on this track without a gold medal. he is notjust champion, he is a champion of the track. he brings people together, every night i am at the stadium and there is a massive pack ofjamaicans here every night and make the most noise. they are so proud. he has not just put jamaica on noise. they are so proud. he has not just putjamaica on the map he‘s put athletics back on the world map. he isa athletics back on the world map. he is a superstar, within sport, once every generation you will get someone like him and it‘s been a privilege and he will be missed. elsewhere it is back with a bang, the premier league has begun with a thrilling opening game that saw arsenal edging leicester city at the emirates. the gunners made the perfect start when record signing a la cazette perfect start when record signing a lacazette put them in front after just 90 seconds. leicester head back, two goals from jamie vardy saw them leading 2—1 then 3—2 but
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arsenal staged their own comeback, drawing level before olivier giroud headed the winner with five minutes remaining. 11—3 the final score. seven matches today. philippe coutinho handed in a transfer request at liverpool yesterday, they began their campaign with a lunchtime visit to watford. ifiam if i am looking at an outcome the outcome we would this season it is to have a go. and to make sure that our first season in end the to have a go. and to make sure that ourfirst season in end the premier league that we give the best we can and that we‘ve had a real good go and that we‘ve had a real good go and we can have no complaints at the end of the season that we did not do enough. bad weather hampered the play at the final major of the pga
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championship, play delayed by storms for almost two hours which means several players will have to return to finish their rounds this lunchtime. tied at the top of the leaderboard is hideki matsuyama japan who shot a flawless second—round 64 to give him a share of the lead alongside kevin kisner. the best place to britain is paul casey who is five shots adrift. that‘s all the sport for now, don‘t forget there‘s full coverage of the world athletic championships throughout the day across the bbc and the bbc sport website. i will have the latest results and highlights from the london stadium in the next hour. look forward to that. let‘s get more on the government considering new measures to tackle the dangerous use of laser pens. we can speak to former pilot chris hammond — now spokesman for the british
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airline pilots association balpa — you have had one of these into your eye, what was it like? good morning. it's eye, what was it like? good morning. it‘s very disconcerting, it happens at the late stage in the approach into gatwick, at night, obviously most of them at night, mostly. it‘s distracting, basically. we look outside all the time because you see lights, aircraft lights and then you see another light, we are attracted to it straightaway because it might be an aeroplane and it‘s not, it‘s a laser pen and by the time you have seen it it is too late, it‘s got your eye line and you are possibly blinded four minutes. do you regret a recovering —— do you get an a cunning sensation after you have gone past it or it has switched off? yes indeed, it‘s like looking at a
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light bulb, not that i recommend that, but if you close your eyes you still see the image of the light bulb on the retina at the back of the ivor minutes afterwards and these are very strong, some of these lasers and that‘s the problem, the strength of the laser and the effects of that can last a long time. these do not need to be that strong, it‘s odd that is a device that should be used kind of in domestic sick things, potentially business events, may be people to use to highlight something possibly ina big use to highlight something possibly in a big screen above them but not something miles up in the air. no, you don‘t have to go far to see these lasers, they are available online. they come from all over the place but mainly china and the far east. i don‘t know where they are manufactured or what they are manufactured or what they are manufactured for but they are not for the use we normally put them to. kids might annoy the cat with one,
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thatis kids might annoy the cat with one, that is the point. but some of these things are surplus to requirements and are sold in this country and misdescribed which is a problem we are trying to highlight in that their power is often much more than as described. we had one in the office which tested at 40 milliwatts, it was described as being one miller what! others have tested up to 120, two 1200 times what they are described up, if you buy one for any reason do not rely on it being what it says it is it to be much more dangerous. the government before the election said it would introduce a new offence and the election came along and we have heard nothing ever since, are you any heard nothing ever since, are you a ny clear heard nothing ever since, are you any clear on what is happening? we have a new proposal for a any clear on what is happening? we have a new proposalfor a bill, a consultation at the moment, we are a
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bit disappointed it is tinkering around the edges of the problem. it's around the edges of the problem. it‘s more about licensing and advertising and sales, the bill which was dropped and we don‘t quite know why, if anybody wants to pick it up, add their name to a private members bill which a total support across the commons, it was good for everyone, we like to hear from them because we want the bill back because we want the bill back because it was more about enforcement and that‘s important. lets hope your message is being heard where it counts, thank you. the metropolitan police are appealing for help to trace a missing french woman. 78—year—old claire cazin was last seen on friday evening at her daughter‘s house in north west london. she does not speak english and suffers from dementia. police believe that she may have travelled to the eurostar terminal but don‘t know if she has been able to buy a ticket. president trump has said he is not
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ruling out a military option in dealing with venezuela. the constituent assembly has been criticised as anti—democratic. more than 100 people had been killed in protests since april. the defence minister said trump‘s comments were an act of craziness. the relationship between venezuela and the us is already pretty tense, both have had harsh words to say to each other in recent weeks. but on friday afternoon that tension escalated. what options are on the table to deal with venezuela? many options were venezuela and by the way i will not rule out a military option. we have many options were venezuela. this is our neighbour, we are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places which are very, very far away, then as well very far away and the people are suffering and dying, we have
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many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. talking on tv soon after the country‘s information minister was defiant. translation: the country‘s information minister was defiant. translationzlj the country‘s information minister was defiant. translation: i insist it‘s the most serious threat ever rendered against the sovereignty and independence of the republic of venezuela. in the nearly two weeks since a new government body was installed to rewrite the constitution and could override the opposition controlled parliament, the venezuelan government has had criticism heaped upon it as well sanctions. the us has slapped restrictions on top government officials including the president. and on friday evening the white house also released a statement saying the president had requested a phone call with donald trump but it went on to state: these are volatile times were
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venezuela, after several months of often violent venezuela, after several months of often viole nt protests. venezuela, after several months of often violent protests. foreign intervention is wanted by many but military action is a drastic step. katie watson, bbc news. police in texas have released dramatic footage of a most unlikely car crash. a vehicle fell seven storeys from a car park — hitting another one in the alley below. the accident happened when the car drove through a set of safety barriers. the driver was treated at hospital but is expected to be ok. the other motorist was unhurt. extraordinary. i should say that although someone was treated in hospital the other motorist was
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unhurt, relief that nobody was hurt but please do not try that at home. a small village in the cotswolds has been taking part in a landmark dna study to trace their family histories — with some surprising results. more than a hundred villagers from bledington were tested as part of the genetics experiment asjeremy stern reports. everyone seems to know each other in bledington, but it turns out that people in this tiny cotswolds village are even more close—knit than they thought. brenda found out herfriend graham is also her fourth cousin. definitely a surprise, yes. i mean, i had no idea. all of them were surprises because we have only been here 12 years. and they said i was the most related person in the village. the link was made through dna taken by a company which maps family histories. saliva samples were provided by 120 residents. that is about one quarter of the village‘s population. bledington looks like the quintessential english village.
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we were keen to see what diversity we could find within bledington, just as an example of what you can find all over britain. we explored a few villages like bledington, nearby and around the country, and once we started talking to the people within the village and met with the parish council, they were so excited about the project that for us, it was the obvious choice. yet the results were anything but obvious. it turns out that as a whole, the residents in this most english of villages are less than 50% english. very interesting, because it tells you the percentage of britishness, how much of you is from europe or ireland. we are not completely british. the links stretch across the globe, from the cotswolds to the caucasus,


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