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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: a surprise gold for great britain the 4 by 100 metres relay at the world athletics championships — meanwhile usain bolt misses out on gold again, limping off at the end of his farewell race. meanwhile mo farah managed silver in the five thousand metres after being pipped to the post by a team effort from the ethiopians and great britain get silver in the women's four by 100 metres relay. one person has died and at least 19 are injured in the us city of charlottesville, after a car drives into a street full of demonstrators. police say they have detained the driver of one vehicle. violence flared between far—right and anti—fascist protesters earlier in the day — the president has called for americans to unite against hate police have arrested a 27—year—old man on suspicion of a double murder in north london. 0fficers investigating the death of 83—year—old peter wrighton, who was stabbed while walking his dog, have arrested a man in his 20's. good evening and
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welcome to bbc news. great britain have one gold in the relay in london. usain bolt pulled up relay in london. usain bolt pulled up in his race. and the third fastest winning time in history as the us takes silver and japan and france. —— japan bronze. sir mo farah has won silver in the final of the five thousand metres at the world athletics championships in london. in his final track title race, the four—time olympic champion failed to add another gold to the ten thousand metres gold
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he won eight days ago. 34—year—old farah was always in contention, but in the final lap he became boxed in by three ethiopian competitors, with muktar edris claiming gold. he plans to concentrate on marathon classic in the future. at a quarter past 11 we will have more sporting headlines. one person has died and at least 19 others have been injured after a car rammed a crowd of people opposing a far—right rally in the us state of virginia. it happened in the city of charlottesville after violent clashes broke out between white nationalists and counter—protesters. a state of emergency has been declared and president trump has condemned the violence. 0ur north america correspondent laura bicker reports hate has come to the streets of the southern american city. an explosion of violence sparked after a planned protest by white nationalists. the so—called alt—right, including figures from the ku klux klan
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and saluting neo—nazi sympathisers. the day started in a tense stand—off as the group was surrounded by anti—racism activists. it then erupted into taunting, shoving and outright brawling. this has been declared an unlawful assembly. the rally was cancelled before it even began. as the turmoil subsided, police took back the streets. the crowd dispersed, then this... tyres screech. a car, at speed, ploughs through protesters. one person has died and at least six others are thought to have been injured. a state of emergency has now been declared in cha rlottesville. many fear what is known as the alt—right have become emboldened by donald trump's ascent to the white house. today, the us president said the violence was notjust one—sided. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display
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of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. it has been going on for a long time in our country. amidst the hate, there was some hope. this is going to solve nothing. you're out there, beating each other up! a rare and brief moment for division to be set aside. as the mayor now calls for calm to be restored. the chinese president xijinping has urged the united states and north korea to show restraint, amid the growing crisis over north korea's nuclear programme. during a telephone conversation with president trump, china's leader urged both parties to avoid "words and actions" that could increase tensions. from seoul, robin brant sent this report. president trump has threatened fire
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and fury but tonight north korea is getting sound and music from its neighbours in the south. the message from this concert, perhaps a little louder after a week of increasing tensions. this is south korea's capital. the people here have long lived with the growing threat from the north but... translation: the level of tension caused by trump's government is much higher than 0bama ‘s government. government is much higher than 0bama 's government. possession back he puts heavy pressure on north korea. i feel comfortable. the rather small stones they may be stepping up preparing this. reports shoppers are buying of ready meals and investors of buying more gold. there will be a
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civil defence drill in this city. the cyrix will go off and people guided to bomb shelters and to the metro stations to take cover from any possible aerial attack. it happens every year. this year, eve ryo ne happens every year. this year, everyone is taking part. this relationship remains key to finding a solution. china's president xi jingping hasa a solution. china's president xi jingping has a crucial role. he told mrtrump jingping has a crucial role. he told mr trump that all relevant parties, he included, should stop exacerbating the situation.“ anything happens to guam, there will be big trouble in north korea. north korea has threatened to send missiles close to the base. radio: good morning. mr trump called the governor to say this. this is between you and i. you do not talk
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like they talk. across the sea in japan, they are preparing missiles but these are for defence. japanese transporters have been moved to places where they could intercept any missile launch. a man's been arrested on suspicion of murdering a mother and daughter at a house in north london. the women — who were 66 and 33 — were stabbed at a property in golders green last night. a 27 year—old man is in police custody. a man arrested on suspicion of pushing a woman into the path of an oncoming bus on a bridge in west london has been eliminated from the investigation. eric bellquist was arrested on thursday but his lawyer said there was irrefutable proof he was in the us at the time. the metropolitan police say he'll face no further action. the jogger is still being sought by officers. kenya's opposition has accused the government of "state terror" and of killing its supporters,
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following the disputed re—election of president uhuru kenyatta. the country's human rights office says twenty—four people have died during protests but there are claims the figure is much higher. 0pposition leaders appealed for calm, but said they did not recognise the outcome of the election. from nairobi alastair leithead reports. after a night of violence, the ambulances brought out the injured from the worst—hit neighbourhoods. some had bullet wounds. 0thers, machete cuts and head injuries. it is hard to know how many people have been killed or injured in the police crackdown in these opposition strongholds. the clashes continued throughout the day. rock—throwing youths confronting tear gas—firing police. they‘ re dramatic images and they were intense. but this was largely contained to small areas. well, there have certainly been violent clashes. we have seen people who have been killed and injured.
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but it is very much just back and forth between local youths and these special units you can see, who are quite well—armed. much of what was fired was tear gas. but there is plenty of evidence live bullets were used. monica lost her nephew, thomas, this morning. i had thought he was shot dead by the police officers. was it a bullet wound in his body? yes, there is a wound, a bullet wound in the chest. kenya's human rights commission said the police were using excessive force, despite a denial from the government. people who break into shops are not peaceful protesters. so you cannot say the police used live bullets on peaceful protesters. it is not true. the opposition national super alliance once again rejected what they called a sham election. but their senior leaders were absent. stealing elections with impunity
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in every five years must come to an end. this is nothing like the level of anger or violence that sparked the killings ten years ago. but it is a test of leadership over the angry opposition supporters and overzealous police. and it is a test for kenyan democracy. alistair leithead, bbc news, nairobi. more than sixty children, many of them newborn babies, have died in a hospital in northern india over the past six days. the head of the facility in gorakhpur district in the state of uttar pradesh has been suspended, and a government inquiry is underway.0ur correspondent sanjoy majumder spoke to us from delhi. most of the deaths occurred overnight on friday and there has been a suggestion one of the reason is because oxygen supplies ran low because hospitals had not paid the
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bills of the private supplier. this has been denied by authorities but reports from the ground we have heard appear that supplies of oxygen we re heard appear that supplies of oxygen were dangerously low. many of these children all babies were in bed the natal facility and some were seriously ill. the families were handed out manual breathing bags in an attempt to revive some of these babies who unfortunately did not survive but what the authorities maintained is maybe of these children of all are very ill and died because of a lack of oxygen. seven members of the emergency services team — the white helmets — in syria have been buried after they were shot dead at one of their centres. the attack happened in the early hours in the town of sar—min, nine kilometres east of the city of idlib. their bodies were discovered
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when volunteers arrived to start a shift. sebastian usher reports. the white helmets have lost many of their rescue workers but this is the first time so many have been killed in cold blood. they were shot as they worked the night shift. they have been buried. a host of tribute being paid online. the head posted the group symbol stained with blood. this is a video of one said to be killed, in tears after rescuing a child. they have been nominated for the nobel peace prize and have been documented in an oscar—winning film but not everyone sees the group is whiter than white. some see it as a pr stunt. it receives financial backing from the west and some of
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its members were once fighters. now its members were once fighters. now it is unclear why seven of its members were killed at their deaths bring another brutal twist to the conflict. new measures to tackle the dangerous use of laser pens are to be considered by the government, following concerns about the threat to air safety. the lasers, which can temporarily blind people, have been used to target aircraft and pilots, as our business correspondent, jonty bloom, now reports. laser pens or pointers are designed to highlight something of interest but they can be dangerous and dazzle 01’ but they can be dangerous and dazzle or blind people if so directly at their eyes. 250 ait laser attacks on aircraft last year. the maximum fine of £2500. the government is now
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going to consult on new measures to restrict their use and improve safety so it is introducing a licensing scheme for retailers and limiting advertising as well as a possible awareness campaign to educate people about the dangers. interested parties including businesses, retailers and consumers 110w businesses, retailers and consumers now have eight weeks to submit their proposals. strike in a burden ham could continue —— birmingham. the birmingham city council has accused the workers of holding the city to ransom. it just keeps mounting itjust keeps mounting up. six weeks
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of strike action by refuse workers has left some street in birmingham full of beanbags and vulnerable to vermin. now the union behind the action, unite, says it will ballot its members on continuing that action all the way until christmas. the council is proposing to take safety critical responsibility away from us, endangering my members in the public. but in doing so they will be a cost of between £3500 to £5,000 a person. they are already on low incomes and they simply cannot afford it. the row with birmingham city council to the way service has deepened, with the council accused accused of holding unite —— the council accusing unite appalling the city to ransom. demands that no one will lose jobs. the city council says it will have cleared all the backlog by the end of this weekend, and it then has a plan for further disruption. it is also inviting unite to get around the table, with it and the independent arbitrators,
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acas. but workers say although it is not desirable, they are willing to continue the action for many more months. this bin man spoke to a synonymously. we don't want to, but we are willing to stay out for as long as it takes. if that means up until christmas, then so be it. long as it takes. if that means up until christmas, then so be itm is stalemate, but the patience of members dealing with the consequences is members dealing with the consequences is running out. the headlines on bbc news: 0ne one person has died and many are injured in charlottesville. violence flared up between far—right and antifascist protesters. the president has called for all americans to unite against hate. police have arrested a 27—year—old man on suspicion of a double murder in colders green. 0fficers investigating the death of 83—year—old peter wrighton, who was stabbed while walking his dog, have arrested a man in his 20s. sport now, and for a full round—up
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from the bbc sport centre, here is lizzie greenwood—hughes. good evening. what a penultimate night at the world athletics championships. not quite the big farewell we had all hoped for usain bolt and sir mo farah. bolt pulled up in the final leg of the 4x100m, and farah had to settle for silver. 0n the plus side, britain are up to fourth in the medal table, after gold in the men's ax100m and silver in the women's. from the london stadium, andy swiss reports. never said this before. silver medal to mo farah of great britain. he had hoped for a golden goodbye, but proof once again that,
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in sport, there aren't always fairytale endings. britain's most—decorated athlete had emerged fighting fit. london expectant. as sir mo farah set out for one last hurrah before retiring from the track. but come the last track, where he normally leads, he was led. mo farah has got to find something for the last time in his career. farah was swamped, trapped, and there was no escape. ethiopia's muktar edris strode clear, and this time, mo farah was beaten. mo farah fights for the silver. he gave everything, as he always has done. the despair, the deflation, was all too clear. but after an emotional reunion with his family, the fans roared mo farah around for a last lap of honour. not quite the ending sir mo farah or the fans hoped for. it has been an incredible career on the track but tonight, it was not to be. it has been amazing,
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a long journey, but incredible. and it will not quite hit until you can finally cross the line, and having a couple of minutes to minutes to myself to realise this is it. if that medal was tinged with sadness, the next for great britain was not, as the women's ax100m relay produced a thrilling finish. the champion in the 100, comfortable, usa, great britain and northern ireland and jamaica. victory for great britain. some result. the spotlight is like a magnet to him. and then, it was time for the finale. a goodbye to the greatest — the irresistable, irreplaceable usain bolt. his jamaica team by the reigning champions but the british team led the relay and as bolt took the baton, and the world held its breath, calamity struck. mitchell—blake is in there, it is going to be tight! for britain, it was the stuff
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of dreams, a gold medal for the quartet and a remarkable performance for them. but usain bolt‘s career finished flat on the track, the saddest ending for the man who redefined speed, injured in his final race, his career ended in disappointment but his breathtaking brilliance will never be forgotten. andy swiss, bbc news, at the london stadium. defending champions chelsea were stunned in their first premier league game of the season, beaten 3—2 at home by burnley. captain gary cahill was sent off midway through the first half, and burnley capitalised, scoring three times before the interval. stephen ward and two goals from welsh international sam vokes gave chelsea a huge amount of work to do. alvaro morata came off the bench to score on his debut. david luiz added another, but it wasn't enough for chelsea, who also had cesc fabregas sent off. the red card was... we started the game really well, with intensity. and we were dominating the game,
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then after this situation, the game changed, because they scored this goal. and in this moment, i think that we have to improve, because we lost our heads easily. huddersfield town enjoyed their return to the english top flight, where they haven't played since 1972. manager david wagner would have been six months old when they were relegated from the old first division. they beat crystal palace 3—0. club—record signing steve mounie scored two goals on his debut. we played one game, the first premier league game ever and the clu b premier league game ever and the club history. so we will not make one mistake and look too far ahead. so we try now to recover as good as we can, and then we start the week, and try to prepare as good as we can do the next home game. congratulations. as things stand, you are top of the premier league. 0k, 0k. elsewhere, newly promoted brighton lost at home to man city. everton beat stoke 1—0.
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southampton drew 0—0 with swansea. and egyptian defender ahmed hegazi scored on his english premier league debut, as west brom beat bournemouth 1—0. the big result on the second saturday of action in the scottish premiership was stjohnstone beating motherwell 4—1, because that put them top of the table on goals scored. michael 0'halloran weighed in with two of them. that means stjohnstone are just ahead of champions celtic, who beat partick1—0 on friday night. there was another big win for hamilton, 3—0 at home to dundee. hearts beat kilmarnock, rangers lost at home to hibs, and aberdeen won at ross county. the third round of final golf major of the year, the us pga, is nearing its conclusion, and kevin kisner still holds the outright lead at quail hollow, on nine—under—par. the american is currently one—under—par for his round, his only birdie of the day so far coming after this recovery shot on the seventh hole. pre—tournament favourite rory mcilroy, though, is well off the pace, with five bogeys in his third round. he is on four—over—par overall. these are live pictures from quail hollow.
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matsuyama has now just matsuyama has nowjust dropped off. paul casey is four under for the tournament, and we have a whole day of action tomorrow. anything can happen, really. you can follow the rest of the evening's action live on bbc two and on the bbc sport website. that's all the sport for now. we will cross over life to cha rlottesville we will cross over life to charlottesville where the virginia governor is holding a news conference after the event their earlier today. we are in nation of immigrants. unless you are a native
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american, the first ships which came to jamestown, virginia, in 1607. since that time many people have come to our great country to unite us. come to our great country to unite us. our diversity, that mosaic tile of immigrants, is what makes us so special. and we will not let anybody come here and destroy it. so please go home and never come back. take your hatred and take your bigotry. there is no place. and if i can give you a piece of advice, use your time and energy to help people. come with wit to a homeless shelter. —— come with me. come with me to help a vetera n with me. come with me to help a veteran find a job or a place to live. that is what we need help on, to bring people together. i spoke to the president this afternoon, and we had a conversation, and i told the president that there has got to be a movement in this country to bring people together. the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on, and has
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intensified over the last couple of months, is dividing this great nation. we need to work together. i told the president that twice. we are willing to work with you if we can work together to bring people together. stop the hate speech, stop the rhetoric in this country. we have got to bring people together. but we are a great commonwealth, and we are a great nation. and we are stronger today because of those actions of those people, who came with their bigotry and hatred. i would now like to introduce the mayor of the city of charlottesville. thank you, governor. this is one of the world's truly great cities. we have been the home of a lot of history. we have ove rco iti e home of a lot of history. we have overcome a lot in our democracy. we have overcome mccarthyism, we have ove rco iti e have overcome mccarthyism, we have overcome segregation, and we are going to overcome this. this tired
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of hatred, and of intolerance and of bigotry, that has come to us and that has marched down with torches oi'i that has marched down with torches on the lawn of one of the founders of democracy, it is brought here by outsiders, and it is brought here by people who belong in the trash heap of history, with these ideas. they are going to be in the trash heap of history. this day will not define us. history. this day will not define us. we will define this day by the story that we continue to tell tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, the week after that in the year after that. there is a very sad and regrettable coarseness in our politics, that we have all seen too much of today. our opponents have become our enemies. debate has become our enemies. debate has become intimidation. what democracy is about, and we know this here, because we are the birthplace of democracy, it is about the liberation, it is about action, it is about progress, it is about working together, and it is about at the end of the day if you disagree with somebody you don't try to take
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them down. you agree to move forward. these folks do not want that, they do not agree with the rules of democracy and they are on the losing side of history. the work of rebuilding and healing isjust getting today. tomorrow will come, and we will emerge, i can promise you, stronger than ever. with that, i also want to thank the state government, i want to thank governor mcauliffe and his secretary for their help. i want to thank the cha rlottesville their help. i want to thank the charlottesville police department and theirlaw charlottesville police department and their law enforcement partners from around the state, protecting their residence. i want to say that our hearts break for the casualties and the injuries that were suffered today and our prayers are going out right now. please send your prayers to these families and their loved oi'ies. to these families and their loved ones. i will turn it over to the city manager. that was the mayor of charlottesville, calling for calm after events that earlier today. time for a weather update. good
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evening everybody. well, we had a few showers that were a bit of a nuisance today. they refused to clear and as you can see from this weather watcher's picture from durham, it made for a really miserable day. the showers came out the borders of scotland, heading down towards north—east england and lincolnshire. some lovely spells of sunshine for some of us. 2a degrees the highest values, in kent. and you can see by the weather watcher's picture this afternoon it was a beautiful day. most of the showers will is aware of the next hours so with a clear skies out to the west in the north in particular, it means that if you are heading out as a stargazer to try and see the perseid meteor shower, it looks as though we stand a good chance of seeing some. it will turn pretty chilly first thing tomorrow morning. not so in towns and city centres but in rural spots we could see low single figures to start the day on sunday. we will also have some sunshine to
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go with it. a scattering of showers may well develop as we go through the afternoon, particularly on to the afternoon, particularly on to the north and west of scotland and sheltered western areas of wales. but eastern areas, in comparison, will be drier and brighter. a scattering of showers for the afternoon with 15 to 18 degrees. in the sunshine, if you dodge the showers in scotland it will still feel quite pleasant. a similar story from northern ireland and northern england. the showers really isolated in wales in south—west england. we could the highest values of 20 degrees, 68 fahrenheit you. for much of eastern england, a good slice of sunshine to stay with us through the day and with light winds it will feel quite pleasant. so it is the final day of the world athletics championships. whether you have got tickets for the morning or the evening session, the weather set that. all changes as we move into monday. some wet and windy weather arrives, the heaviest of which will be into scotland. becoming lighter and patchier towards west facing
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coasts for a time. mainly dry during daylight hours for much of eastern england before the rain sweeps its way eastwards through the night, monday into tuesday. but behind it a ridge of high pressure builds so most of us will escape the weather. we will be in bed asleep, hopefully, and so tuesday will be a dry and sunny day. a little more cloud building on wednesday, but again it should be predominantly dry. the week ahead is a difficult one to try and sum up. warm in any sunshine, but then we will see some spells of rain. it is not going to be com pletely rain. it is not going to be completely settled. but that said, in the sunshine it will be very pleasant. see you in half an hour.


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