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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 3, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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the away all season, they've been the best tea m away all season, they've been the best team in the northern hemisphere bya best team in the northern hemisphere by a mile. this is a team who have never been to the grand final before and they are minutes from winning the thing. an incredible story. there are up against leeds rhinos who dominated the modern era. they have been winners in the last seven but have not eaten castleford in their past eight games. so it is about performing in intensity and there's a healthy hatred between these local rivals so i expect a bit ofa these local rivals so i expect a bit of a classic. well for the gymnastics in montreal, the positions have been finalised. three of the six british men in montreal have now been confirmed for the finals later in the week. now wilson, and whitlock who won olympic
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gold on the floor and the pommel last year. here in canada he slipped up last year. here in canada he slipped up on the floor and missed the final but has qualified top in the pommel horse standing. looking to defend his world title. wilson put in a solid qualifying campaign on all six apparatus to make the final but he has been squeezed out of the high bar in which she took bronze last year. don lock continues his good form in the rings and hit you was to wina form in the rings and hit you was to win a medal in the first port of british gymnastics. —— if he was to wina british gymnastics. —— if he was to win a medal. the women get underway this afternoon, amy tinkler and alice kinsella hoping to make the qualifiers for their all—round final. and georgia may foote and in hoping to make the finals as well. it gets underway at nine o'clock uk time and these are the first qualifying groups from the women so they will have to wait 2a hours to know if they've made the cut. now then.
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the robots are coming! to table tennis anyway. take a look at this. olympic bronze medallist jun mizutani squared up to forpheus at japan's largest high—tech electronics exhibition in makuhari. forpheus does have an eye for the ball, or more probably a camera, but seems unable to hit the killer shot. mizutani said, somewhat scarily, that the robot got better and better as the game went on. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. goodbye for now. you're watching bbc news. can you smash the glass ceiling in a week? that's a question that the bbc‘s 100 women season is asking this year. a team of female academics and tech experts have been brought together by the bbc in silicon valley to try to find solutions to gender inequality in the workplace.
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they've got until friday before they have to reveal a prototype. nuala mcgovern reports. every year, the bbc‘s 100 women series celebrates the stories of women around the world. this year, we are doing something a little bit different. over the next month, we are challenging teams of women from across the world to find solutions to some of our biggest problems — gender inequality in sport, illiteracy and sexual harassment on public transportation. but we're starting here — the first challenge to tackle in silicon valley? the glass ceiling. silicon valley is certainly the front line in the battle for gender equality in the work place. a series of scandals have rocked some of the big tech companies and a recent study showed just one in ten senior positions here are held by women. all of this rings true for sasha and lea, they're starting their careers in tech here in silicon valley and have already experienced routine sexism in some of the smaller firms where they have interned.
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so this male engineer said to me, who was kind of pushing back against something i said, he said, "i think hr have really ruined the company culture, if any of us ever said anything ‘rape—y‘ to you, sasha, you could tell us." one of them, i drove all the way up to the city, so two hours to do this in—person interview and at the very end of it, they told me they didn't think i was a good fit. but the head of recruiting wanted to give me a hug. 100 women has given this team five days to come up with a prototype to tackle gender inequality in the work place and the board room. now the parameters are very broad. but, this being silicon valley, i expect it to be a tech—based solution. it could be an app, it could be wearable technology — it is up to them. but after this meeting today, they have five days to reveal the outcome of their work. one of the things i hope we identify are the microdynamics.
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so, a lot of times people, when they approach this issue, want a really big solution. like the silver bullet you mentioned? the silver bullet. i believe that it's how we are treated every day. the dynamics of whether my ideas are valued in a team meeting, or whether when we talk about who did great work, whether my name's included in that list. the gender gap has become such a toxic issue here, it is known as the "elephant in the valley." we are going to to see what strides we can make in a week. and nuala mcgovern sent this update about the project from san francisco. well in silicon valley in the newsroom here i have a number of women who are going to be with me today and we're doing something really this year for this season. notjust really this year for this season. not just talking about the issues
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but we're going to try to create something in the week that can help tackle that issue of the glass ceiling. i'm happy to have marilyn with us here, you coined the term a0 yea rs with us here, you coined the term a0 years ago. did you think we would still be talking about it now?|j absolutely still be talking about it now?” absolutely did not, i would've thought we would have figured it out by now and have gone on to solve other big problems like global warming. so to still be talking about the glass ceiling is depressing. while we are here and we know that just one depressing. while we are here and we know thatjust one in ten senior positions are held by women in this particular tech industry. ryan is from a different generation, you are planning on creating something along with our experts to try to narrow the gap. yes thank you i feel you are a part of the gender diversity issue and you coined this term that people have something to talk about,
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it is about awareness that we know theissue it is about awareness that we know the issue exists. as we all face it as women. i'm excited to have this week to use design and technology and the tools available to us to create products that will help women. what could we be talking about? it sounds exciting. yes it does. so we know women are in male dominated industry, it is a two—way street, men also need to be educated about these issues. and women need to be self—aware about their undermining habits that they might have. so we're looking at products that would be towards women, to kind of build confidence and self and also products for men to get educated on these issues. so we have artificial intelligence experts, coders, product designers, they will all be in this room for what we call all be in this room for what we call
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a global brainstorming. we also ask listeners and viewers to get involved as well. but they only have until friday so the pressure is on. you think they can do it? i'm keeping my fingers crossed. we will see exactly what happened in this room in silicon valley. we are really excited to see what transpires. it will be revealed on friday so stay with the bbc for an update on that. the team want to hear your ideas and suggestions — find out how to get involved at time for a look at the weather forecast. good evening. today brought a window of fine weather for most but it is not going to stay that way. things are already clouding over especially in the north where we have outbreaks of rain overnight. still a bit windy as well. but further south quite a chilly night with temperatures in
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the countryside around three or a degrees. the best of the brightness tomorrow during the morning across central and southern areas. further north wall cloud through norther ireland and north—west england and wales, southern scotland. some windy weather around as well. and temperatures around ten, 16 degrees. during wednesday night the drifts east and we could see some strong winds on the southern flank, some heavy rain as well. but it should clear way to leave brighter skies on thursday and are mostly fine day on friday. surrounded by yes—men in her cabinet. is that true love you? not yes—men. i liked to be surrounded —— like to be surrounded by people who are hard—working and get on with the job and all that stuff. i have no time for yes—men. my famous line 13 years ago where i don't like schmoozer is —— schmoozers. years ago where i don't like
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schmoozer is -- schmoozers. how many times that somebody have to say no to you before you decide it is not going to work between you? are you talking about my wife now?! welcome to the one show. thank you. he's scary, isn't it? no, i'm a pussycat. we'll be hearing all about the latest crop of boardroom hopefuls in a moment, after we've taken a look at some real apprentices, far from the world of suitcases on wheels and tearful taxi rides. thousands of them are being signed up to work on the uk's next huge rail project, hs2. scarlette douglas has been to meet them including one card—carrying character who, come to think of it, probably would make it onto alan's show. these on for a brave new generation of engineers, people who are ambitious. i feel as if i need to prove something. fearless. driven.


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