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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 3, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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i don't think that is purely right but i did think made the morality of the decision outweighed the, the sort of academic. i understand what you are saying. but, sorry kehinde, do you want to come in on that point? we need to start decentring the people who do this. by saying this is great art and we have to keep it, by doing that we are ignoring the other art that goes on, the women minorities who produce art which we haven't said is this wonderful piece, right. i think that is really important. sometimes it is about shifting away from the dominant narratives and away from some of the things we think is good. opening up the debate. you don't worry, briefly, you don't worry you will end up throwing away too much stuff. we will lose half the historic art out there. if if we end up using a lot so more people come in, that is the risk we have to take. we need to leave it there. thank you both very much indeed. that's all from us this evening. i will be back next week. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. patrice evra is suspended and faces a lengthy ban after kicking a fan in the head before a match last night. no giant killing in the first round of the fa cup just yet as non—league hyde united are beaten by mk dons. and could this be an early contender for try of the season? as glasgow make it 8 wins from 8. 50 lots of sport about for you tonight, we're starting
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with the news that patrice evra has been suspended by his club marseille while uefa investigate the defender after he kicked one of his supporters in the head last night. it happened during the warm—up for marseille's europa league game against the portuguese side, vitoria guimaraes. the 36—year—old evra could face a lengthy ban. here's our sports correspondent katie gornall with more. it is unclear what prompted patrice evra to react the way he did but it flared up during the warmup. patrice evra went towards the stands to confront some of the fans who came over the fence. he was pulled over initially by his teammates but then he returned and appeared to kick at the head of one of the marseille supporters. he was sent off and had
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to watch the game from the stands and marseille lost 1—0. the first round proper of the fa cup got underway this evening but there was no fairytale giant killing for non—league side hyde united who were comfortably beaten by league one's mk dons. mk dons are over 100 places above hyde in the league pyramid and they always looked in control. aidan nesbitt scoring their first goal in the 14th minute. former arsenal midfielder chuks aneke smashed in this free kick late in the first half before ethan ebanks—landell and ed upson added the third and fourth after the break. so confirmation of that ersult and the night's other two matches — a couple of minor scalps as top of league two's notts county came from 2—0 down to beat league one's bristol rovers and league two strugglers port vale beat league one's oxford united 2—0. the majority of the 1st round games take place tomorrow. at lunch time shaw lane of the the northern premier league
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host league two's mansfield town. at 3pm it is the battle of the phoenix clubs as hereford take on telford — neither would exist if it wasn't for theirfans — and dan pallett has been to meet both sides. it is the towel of two clubs born from bankruptcy. hereford united fa ns from bankruptcy. hereford united fans carried a coffin through the streets two years ago. they tried in vain to save their club in 200a. but now both are back in chasing glory in the fa cup. tomorrow is a derby with a difference. it is quite local. hereford have been through a tough period but on the way up and oui’ tough period but on the way up and ourfans can tough period but on the way up and our fans can empathise with that as well. they are used to winning and feel they have an opportunity and it
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is quite fitting that we are coming up is quite fitting that we are coming up against each other in the cup. is quite fitting that we are coming up against each other in the cupm isa up against each other in the cupm is a special occasion. stephen edwards has been a telford fan for 40 edwards has been a telford fan for a0 yea rs edwards has been a telford fan for a0 years and they now rely on that power. you need the fans to come in and pay the bills because you have no rich german behind these clubs to support them —— chairman. so getting into the fa cup first round proper is important to these cuts. the raw will be the biggest roar throughout the fa cup. today, this player stood here. tomorrow it will be packed. the game is a sell—out. here. tomorrow it will be packed. the game is a sell-out. it is the raw, annoys you do not hear anywhere else and it really gets you going
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and it puts their team. —— raw, else and it really gets you going and it puts theirteam. —— raw, it is annoys. it pushes us forward. they both have proud histories in the fa cup and now they are just glad to be taking part. in the championship, wolves are a points clear at the top of the table after a 2—0 victory over fulham. both goals came in the first half at molineux — roman saiss headed them into the lead just inside the first 10 minutes, and it wasn't long before leo bonatini made it 2—0 with a header from free—kick. fulham have now gone a games without a win. glasgow made it eight pro 1a wins out of eight with a bonus point victory over leinster at scotstoun. in doing so they scored one of the tries of the season. look where niko matawalu receives the ball. the fijian just kept
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going bypassing the leinster defence one by one. butjust when it seemed he'd complete a memorable solo try, he let nick grigg finish the job. the final score was 31—21 to glasgow. scarlets are still top of the pro 1a‘s conference b after they beat benetton 20 points to 8. centre scott williams scored two days after being recalled into the wales squad. scarlets missed out on a bonus point though. elsewhere there was a convincing win for munster who thrashed welsh side dragons a9—6 and there's was also one game in the anglo welsh cup — in which sale beat worcester. 2a-21. now the opening ashes test in australia is less than three weeks away but england have had an injury scare to two key players. bowlers steven firm and moeen ali will miss the first two warm—up games. firm is struggling with a knee injury, although scans have shown it's not as serious as they feared. moeen has a side strain but he's hoped to be back in full training in a week or so. well england's first
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warm—up game is a two dayer against a western australia eleven starting in the early hours of tomorrow morning and captain joe root is confident his side has strength in depth. imean, i i mean, i am i mean, lam quietly i mean, i am quietly confident the way we have gone about the first few days of tractors. it is important we play in these warmup games but we have all bases covered with the squad. it is important to make scores and we have a lot of experience in the bowling department and players desperate to prove a point to people back home. the other big event going on in australia is the rugby league world cup — into its second round of matches — tomorrow england will be hoping to bounce back from their opening game defeat to the hosts by beating lebanon. but the lebanese are on the crest of a wave, above england in their group after stunning france last weekend. 0ur rugby league correspondent dave woods sent us this report from sydney. england have been training in
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temperatures up to 35 degrees in syd ney temperatures up to 35 degrees in sydney but coach wayne bennett is not taking the heat off his team as they prepare to face lebanon. we know we have to play well and do things more consistently. the things we are getting right we need to do ona we are getting right we need to do on a consistent base. so that we do need to think about them byjust do them. sam burgess should be back sooner them. sam burgess should be back sooner than that but he will still be missing for this week's game as england take a step into the unknown. sydney may provide a very familiar backdrop for the players but they are up against very unfamiliar position. they play at lebanon for the first time ever this weekend. —— they play lebanon. they are captain by an nrl superstar in robbie farah but they are mostly part—timers say their win against france gave coach brad fittler real pride. the fact that they won in the
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last ten minutes, i thought the problem with our team, given that they are not all professionals and not used to playing 80 minutes and having to concentrate or 80 minutes, other than tough part would be the last ten minutes but talk about the lebanese spirit and passion and it shine through. england's first asked will be the silence that crowd. lebanon will have a passionate support behind them. that's all from me and the sportsday team. goodnight. once again, it is all pretty warm in australia, a real scorcher in the
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perth area. closer to home, we hit cooler, the very least. you will feel that by the end of the weekend, i assure you. rain in the mix as well. an old weather front coming in across scotland and northern ireland not this growing area of cloud coming in from across runs will provide quite a bit of rain across a good part of england and wales during the course of the night. the features of managing such that by the time we get to the morning, i think we will see a sprinkling of showers across scotland and northern ireland. elsewhere, if you are up very early, you will see a little bit of rain. becoming more concentrated across lincolnshire, east anglia, and towards south—east england as we get towards nine o'clock. brighter skies across the western side of wales and the far western side of wales and the far west of cornwall. the best of the sunshine, western scotland. showers
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from the word go across north scotland. what happens through the day? we gradually push this rain further towards the east. midlands, central and southern england are drying up. all the while, the print of showers across western and parts of showers across western and parts of scotla nd of showers across western and parts of scotland and northern ireland down into the south—west of england as well. where you have had the sunshine, temperatures in the single figures. if you have plans for bonfires and fireworks, well, it is the western side of the british isles which seized the bulk of the showers. the sunday, fewer showers. still a noticeable north—westerly wind. berry in mind if you are planning fireworks on both saturday and sunday at top i think sunday is and sunday at top i think sunday is a dry bet overall but it will be a
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chilly evening. it leads into a chilly evening. it leads into a chilly start to monday. widespread frost across the countryside but a significant change coming in a good pa rt significant change coming in a good part of scotland, northern ireland, with more cloud and win coming in from the atlantic. if you're trying to hold on to some decent weather you need to be further south and east. stay safe and enjoy your weekend. this is bbc world news. our top stories: a spanishjudge issues a european arrest warrant for catalonia's ousted president. carles puigdemont is in belgium, and says he'll stand in next month's regional elections even if he doesn't return home. with the government in jail, these elections won't be neutral, independent or normal. president trump touches down in hawaii at the start of a tour of the asia—pacific region. it's set to be his longest foreign trip so far. president trump has condemned as a disgrace a decision not to jail
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bowe bergdahl, the us soldier who deserted his post in afghanistan. the governing conservative party in britain suspends one of its mps because of what it calls "serious allegations" against him. he denies any wrongdoing.
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