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this is bbc news. i'm rachel schofield. the headlines at 10: snp minister mark mcdonald has resigned from the holyrood government amid allegations about his private life. as the political turmoil at westminster continues, labour's shadow chancellor john mcdonnell calls for agreement on an independent system to tackle sexual harassment. when all the political parties meet my view is that there should be an element of independence in there, particularly for support as well so people can feel confident about where they can report these things and at the same time how it can be dealt with. the white house downplays a major report by us government scientists which is at odds with the president's stance on global warming. lebanese prime minister saad al—hariri resigns, saying that he fears for his life. and in a shock result boreham wood beat blackpool ion the first round of the fa cup. good evening and
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welcome to bbc news. tonight, there's been another resignation over allegations about a politician's private life. the scottish childcare minister — the snp's mark mcdonald — has apologised unreservedly to anyone he has upset or who has found his behaviour inappropriate last night, the conservative mp charlie elphicke was suspended by his party, following what they called "serious allegations" which were referred to the police. mr elphicke said he'd done nothing wrong. meanwhile today, the shadow chancellorjohn mcdonnell called on all the main political parties to agree a new, independent system to tackle sexual harassment at westminster. our political correspondent iain watson reports. this is the week when politicians‘ private lives became
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very public — past actions by some mps have had serious consequences. there have been accusations, resignations, investigations and it's clear the current crisis at westminster will continue to fill the front—pages. and now conservative mp charlie elphicke has been suspended from his parliamentary party and reported to the police. he said he doesn't know what he has been accused of and denies any wrong doing. the conservatives have toughened their code of conduct for mps and party members and the shadow chancellor said labour has learned from a past scandal — the the party will now allow complaints of harassment to be made to an independent body, free from political control. the lesson from the mps‘ expenses scandal is act quickly, get an independent system in place, which people can then have confidence in. it is distressing for all of us, it is distressing to hear some of these concerns and some of the reports of what's gone on.
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so we have got to act and we have got to be decisive and ruthless. butjeremy corbyn is still facing questions about why he hardly acted ruthlessly against this mp — kelvin hopkins was promoted to the shadow cabinet after being reprimanded for past behaviour. mr hopkins denies wrong doing. the physical structures of parliament have been made fit for the 21st century and on monday theresa may wants to do much the same thing with the wider culture here at westminster. she is holding cross—party talks to try to get broad agreement on tackling harassment and inappropriate behaviour. but some mps are worried that political careers could end on the basis of rumour and the settling of old scores. there is a febrile atmosphere and there is a feeding frenzy that some have described as a witch—hunt. this may sell tomorrow's chip wrappings, but this is more serious than that. i believe my colleagues, members of parliament,
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have a right to the same natural justice as anybody else and they're not getting it. party leaders want to be seen to be taking tough action, but they know, perhaps even fear, that they're not entirely control of events. and iain watson updated me on the reasons behind mark mcdonald's resignation. i think this probably underlines why it is important to have cross—party talks, theresa may is having those talks, theresa may is having those talks on monday. them include the snp and it is an snp minister who has resigned from the scottish government, mark mcdonald. he issued a statement saying: he said he hopes in taking think step no particular woman or my family will be the focus of
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scrutiny. we don't know the details of the allegations, but the snp were investigating two party members. mr mcdonald was one of those, the other hasn't been named. but they couldn't tell me whether this was the end of the disciplinary process. and whether the party would subject him to any formal disciplinary procedures. but clearly some allegations about making people feel uncomfortable have been made. of course we will be having the paper review later, there is a sense that there is more to come from all the parties, what is your feeling about whether this is going to develop into something significant.” whether this is going to develop into something significant. i think it has already developed, some people at westminster will be worried, for mark mcdonald in holyrood, saying what he regarded as
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reasonable was regarded differently by someone else and people will go over their past actions and wonder if there is a complaint. two government ministers are being investigated internally. one charlie elphicke has allegations passed to the police. so there is a feeling it has some way to go. but i think two things are significant, two changes taking place, the conservatives have changed their code of conduct to make it easier to report allegations. and labour agreed new procedures, tougher procedures after discussion at their leading national executive committee in the summer. they have changed them again and said they want to bring more independence into the system and wa nt independence into the system and want people to be able to complain to independent bodies that are n a nswera ble to to independent bodies that are n answerable to politicians. that will be on the agenda on monday.
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in a few minutes viewers on bbc one willjoin us for a full round up of the day's news with reeta chakrabarti. but before that — the white house has attempted to downplay the findings of a report which goes against the trump administration's view on climate change. the study, compiled by us government scientists said it was "extremely likely" — with 95 to 100% certainty — that global warming is man—made, mostly from carbon dioxide through the burning of coal, oil and natural gas. earlier, i spoke to michael oppenheimer, professor of geosciences at princeton university, to get his thoughts on the report. the main thing that stands out is that it reckon firms the long—standing picture of the threat of global warming. namely, long—standing picture of the threat of globalwarming. namely, human build up of gas is to blame for the warming already. the warming will grow larger and still be largely
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eliminate the emissions of greenhouse gases. in the meantime there is going to be substantial impacts and we need to get ready for it. rising sea—levels are taking away areas on the coast and making flooding more difficult to deal with. excess heat is killing people. so we are saying an assault on the environment from greenhouse gases and my own... the irony i guess for people like yourself is that although there is in this report a very clear message, although there is in this report a very clear message, a although there is in this report a very clear message, a report essentially commissioned by the government, the government is not very likely to take what it says on board? well, there was an election in between the time this report was commissioned and the time it came
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out. we have a new administration. and many people in in that administration from the president down have expressed scepticism about the science. totally unwarranted scepticism. so scientist were surprised they let the report comes out at all. it contradicts the government's position. given that president trump will find himself at odds with what is being put forward, how do you see things moving forward in the united states in terms of climate change? climate change is probably at a dead standstill as far as action from either, that is co nstru ctsive as action from either, that is constructsive action, it could be destructive action from this administration. but there is a lot going on at the state and local level where people have to deal with climate change. where i live in new
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york there is an effort to try and prepare the city to prevent the damage that happened in hurricane sandy. others are protecting people against extreme heat. at the state level, we are getting in a position, we have the states taking the lead in developing policies to reduce greenhouse gases and make the economy depend on sole or or wind energy. policies are moving forward. it is just not coming out of washington. labour calls for a new and independent system for all parties to tackle claims of sexual harassment at westminster. with two mps — one labour and one conservative — suspended over allegations, seniorfigures say confidence must be restored. we need to make sure that our youngsters know that we will listen to them, that we will help, that it's not acceptable and that they don't need
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to put up with any of it. and this evening a minister in the scottish government resigned his post, saying some of his previous actions have been considered "inappropriate." also tonight: the prime minister of lebanon steps down — saying that he's in fear of his life. why helium balloons are such a threat to marine and wildlife across the uk. and celtic set a new british record after being unbeaten in 63 domestic matches. good evening. labour has called on all the main political parties to agree a new, independent system to tackle sexual
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harassment at westminster. it comes ahead of a meeting planned by theresa may with opposition leaders on monday to discuss proposals for fresh grievance procedures for staff and mps. this evening the crisis spread to holyrood, with the scottish nationalist msp mark mcdonald resigning as a government minister over "inappropriate" behaviour. our political correspondent iain watson reports. this is the week when politicians' private lives became very public — past actions by some mps have had serious consequences. there have been accusations, resignations, investigations and it's clear the current crisis at westminster will continue to fill the front—pages. there are claims michael fallon lost hisjob after a
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there are claims michael fallon lost his job after a journalist said he behaved badly to her 14 years ago. tonight, a new resignation. this time the child care minister in the scottish government. in a statement, the snp's mark mcdonald said: he apologised to anyone he may have upset. political parties are now responding to the spate of allegations. the conservatives have toughened their code of conduct. the shadow foreign secretary has said a younger generation will no longer put up with harassment. many women mps have been pressing for an independent body to hear any complaints and labour's leadership has agreed. we need our youngsters to know we will listen and we will help and it is not acceptable and they don't need to put up with any
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of it and they will find friends and allies, people like me, who will not put up with this. some of the things that i have heard in the last week have been so disgusting. the physical structures have been made fit for the 21st century and on monday theresa may wants to do the same with the culture at westminster, holding talks to try to get agreement on tackling harassment and behaviour. but some worry careers would end on the basis of rumour. there is a febrile atmosphere and there is a feeding frenzy that some have described as a witch—hunt. it may sell tomorrow's chip wrappings, but this is more serious than that and i believe my colleagues, mps, have a right to the same natural justice colleagues, mps, have a right to the same naturaljustice as anyone else and they're same naturaljustice as anyone else and they‘ re not same naturaljustice as anyone else and they're not getting it. party leaders want to be seen to be taking
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tough action, but they know they're not entirely in control of events. and iain is here with me now. there are fresh allegations in tomorrow's papers? yes. as expected fresh allegations, but a sigh of relief by downing street and some political leaders that none of the major figures in the government or opposition are getting tied up in this, getting drawn into the net of further allegations and instead we have had some stories about largely existing people who have been named, some more on the circumstances of michael fallon's resignation and the front—page of the sunday times, damian green has been dragged into this. the allegation there is pornography was found on a computer in his office nearly ten years ago. that is when he was being investigated over a leak inquiry and he has responded to the stories tonight. i have a statement here, he said the story is untrue and he says
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it comes from a tainted and untrust worthy sors and he said the police never told him about this. he says the allegations about the material and computer are political smears. quite a robust response from damian green. but i think this underlines the fact that the government needs to be seen to getting on the front foot. not blown off course by these allegations. that is why we have cross— party allegations. that is why we have cross—party talks on monday and the prime minister will bring all the party on board to try to get a new regime to deal with allegations of harassment and intimidation and bullying and as we have seen from the resignation from the snp, it is important all political parties are involved and it is notjust confined to the governing party. thank you. the lebanese prime minister, saad al—hariri, has resigned, saying he fears for his life. in a televised statement, he was fiercely critical of iran and of the hezbollah militant group which wields considerable power in lebanon. martin patience reports from beirut.
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for the prime minister of a small nation, saad al—hariri has had some very powerful friends. that is because lebanon matters in the middle east. it is a country outsiders fight to control. and today, an extraordinary sign of that. the prime minister resigned — saying he feared anass nation. —— assassination. speaking from saudi arabia, saad al—hariri fired this warning to iran. translation: i want to say to iran and its followers, that they are losing in their interference in the affairs of the arab world. our nation will rise up, as it has done in the past and cut off the hands that wickedly extend into it. iran and saudi arabia are
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fighting a proxy war across the middle east. in lebanon, tehran backs hezbollah, which commands strong support. but its opponents say it operates as a state within a state. and its armed wing was accused of killing saad al—hariri's father more nan a decade ago by a massive truck bomb. it traumatised the nation, but reshaped the middle east. now some are asking whether his son's resignation will do the same. this announcement has left people here stunned and created enormous uncertainty. lebanon has been spared the violence seen elsewhere. but now many lebanese fear their country could be a casualty in the wider regional struggle. saudi arabia's defence forces claim to have shot down a missile — which was fired from yemen — close to the king khalid international airport in riyadh.
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saudi arabia is currently leading a campaign against houthi militia in yemen. houthi sources there have confirmed that they fired the missile and that the airport was its target. a seven year old girl has died after suffering critical injuries in an incident at a house in south—west london yesterday. 55—year—old robert peters, whom officers say was known to the victim, appeared in court today charged with attempted murder. he's been remanded in custody until december. new figures suggest that only half of fixed speed cameras in the uk are switched on — and some forces have turned all their cameras off. the information is based on 36 of the uk's 45 police forces. road safety campaigners say the situation is "concerning" — and they've blamed budget cuts for so many cameras being turned off. campaigners are warning of the growing threat to marine and wildlife in the uk from the increasing number of helium balloons and sky lanterns
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being released into the air. they say they can be deadly for animals — both on land and in the sea — as creatures can become entangled in them, or swallow them — and they fear their warnings are not being heard. dan johnson reports. the litter in our seas, an issue largely hidden. and how it gets there isn't always clear. so look at this, and think about it. where do they land ? what goes up must come down. and the result is trouble at sea. it's wildlife getting tangled in them, the plastic litter is very unsightly. campaigns have been running for years but the message isn't getting through. most people thinking they are having a great time, we will let balloons off, there isn't much of a problem. but it is when you bring that visual impact that has been ingested and getting wrapped up with bits of string and bits of balloon out of their mouths as well. it could be internal, we find that out when we're
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able to do a postmortem. the amount of plastic in the ocean is already a threat to marine ecosystems and sea life. and the truth is, it's impossible to tell how much balloons are adding to that problem. because the impact is out there, offshore, unseen and unmeasured. it landed in the field, and being curious she swallowed it. and they can be just as deadly on land. jennifer's horse died after choking and panicking. right through here with it tangled up, broke her back leg, crashed through this, and broke her neck, and she laid dying for what seemed an eternity. the horse was aiming to be a top showjumper just like her sister here. they don't understand that they are releasing litter into the air, airborne litter, and if anyone dropped that on a pavement
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they would get heavily fined for it. it is causing untold suffering for animals that are eating them in the fields and they are either becoming very injured or killing them. the call is for a wider ban on balloons and people to keep their impact in mind before they drift off out of sight. with all the sport, here's olly foster at the bbc sport centre. celtic have broken their own record for the longest unbeaten run in british football. they haven't lost in 63 league and cup games. victory against stjohnston saw them surpass the record that they set 100 years ago. here's our scotland football reporter chris mclaughlin a century ago in the month the united states entered the first word war, a group of celtic players set a record. today as those who fell in that conflict and others were
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remembered, the current crop were out to better it. it was never in doubt. the class of 2017 have been swatting aside all in their path in scotland, sinclair put them on their way in perth. the signalfor the party to start came after dembele doubled the lead in the second half. stjohnstonejust doubled the lead in the second half. st johnstone just wanted it doubled the lead in the second half. stjohnstone just wanted it to end. an own goal made it three. by the time ntcham added the fourth, the record had been well and truly smashed. it is an incredible feat by the players and a wonderful example of professionalism, of playing and creating high standards every day. and we faced everything. they have faced everything as players. domestic games unbeaten 63, celtic‘s history—makers march on. the top five teams in the premier league all play tomorrow, match of the day follows the news with the goals from
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today's six games, but i've got the results for you now if want them. liverpool had the biggest win of the day. mohamed salah scored twice in their 4—1 win at west ham. the hammers haven't won in the league since the end of september and are one point above the relegation zone. their manager slaven bilic admitted that he is in ‘a difficult situation'. there was one draw today, 2—2 between stoke and leicester. the other matches saw 1—nil wins for huddersfield, bournemouth, burnley and brighton. england have their first win at the rugby league world cup. it wasn't convincing against lebanon in sydney but they should now reach the quarter—finals. scotland can still qualify from their group despite another heavy defeat, this time from new zealand. here's our sports correspondent david ornstein. serenading the start of a unique event — the first meeting of england and lebanon. plenty of local support for a side including part—timers, builders and electricians among
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them. the early graft was done by england. watkins scores the opening try. beaten by australia in the opening game, this seemed a more straight forward task. lebanon though were quick to respond and when they levelled the cars —— scores we had a contest. england took control, but did one player lose his? he is accused of biting. there fs no question about england's next try. burgess with a magnificent solo effort. big brother sam loves the moment. to put his country on course for the quarter—finals. the moment. to put his country on course for the quarter-finals. also hoping to be there are scotland, however in their path today stood the might of new zealand and the kiwis lived up to expectation, crossing 1a times in a crushing win. scotland's only source of consolation was provided by thomas
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and despite conceding 124 points in two games, they could still qualify for the last eight with victory over samoa next saturday. next saturday sees the start of rugby union's autumn internationals but the world champions new zealand warmed up by beating the barbarians at twickenham. they were behind at half time, but won 31—22. the match was to celebrate 125 years of new zealand rugby. the all blacks will face france, scotland and wales over the next three weeks. don't forget the bbc sport website for all today's results and also goals from the first round of the fa cup — three league sides were knocked out by non—league clubs. that's all your sport, reeta. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight. the weather story tonight is a tale
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of two halves, east and west. most of two halves, east and west. most of the blustery showers will be in the west. some heavy with hail, thunder and wintriness over the high ground. central and eastern areas will be dry with clear skies and cold. cold across the board with a touch of frost in sheltered eastern areas by dawn. tomorrow a better day. some good spells of sunshine. but it will feel cold. we start with off with showers in the morning through central and western areas. some wintriness over the higher ground. but they will fizzle out in the afternoon and many places staying dry with sunshine. but temperatures six to ten degrees. towards sunday evening for bonfire night, the event should be dry for most. you can see a blue hue, it
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will be a cold one. there will be some showers around coastal areas of north, the west and the east. but inland it should be dry. one or two showers around the channel islands. as we head into sunday night it will turn very cold. we could see temperatures down to minus six celsius this one or two places. many of will wake up to mist and frost. through monday we will see this ridge of high pressure which brought us ridge of high pressure which brought us the cold weather and also the light winds ebbing away and this low pressure will make inroads through the day. so we start off on a cold note for monday. but bright with sunshine before this system pushes cloud and rain and strengthening winds to many western areas. particularly across the north—west
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corner. with it comes milder air. 11 to 13 degrees. another cold one in the south—east with that sunshine. on tuesday, an unsettled day with rain spreading from west to east. but it will be milder for most of us.
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