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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 4, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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it was a 1-off impression was that it was a 1—off incidents. and it is like oh, it is michael beer michael. everybody had had too much to drink but what she's saying at this is where you get into this tangled web of the news, what could she have done? it is that sort of empowerment. people will go, hang on, chaps, this is not on. plenty more to talk about on this subject but tell us about this slightly more quirky story... things are not what they used to be. nursery rhymes are going out of fashion. nursery rhymes are going out of fashion and young people
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today, they are doing peppa pig ipad games etc. the argument is we need to get nursery rhymes back in school so we can to get nursery rhymes back in school so we can make them better prepared for school later on. look at the cartoon. it will make you smile. in the meantime, thank you to both of you. that is all we have time for. and now it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. good to have you back. what have we been watching? so we have kenneth branagh's take on murder on the orient expression. killing a sacred deer, the latest from yorgos lanthimos.
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and the bad mums are back in bad mom's christmas. it's that time of year. it is. let's start with murder on the orient express. it had just a bit of publicity, i think people probably know it is out. you would be hard—pressed to avoid it. the story has been on the big screen and small screen before, most famously as an early 70s version, so this is the new version directed by kenneth branagh who also stars as hercule poirot, the belgian detective with the most unbelievable twin layered moustache. the moustache should get a billing of its own. he is travelling from istanbul to calais, on the titular train. he has to get somewhere, but once he gets on the train, something is going to happen. there is a virtual cluedo board of famous people. so we have derekjacobi as the butler, willem dafoe, damejudi dench, michelle pfeiffer as a widow and johnny depp as a gangster.
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something bad is going to happen. here is a clip. well, hello. eyes linger any longer, i'll have to charge rent. i'll pay. 0h. have another drink. are you insulted? hm. disappointed. some men have a good look. all they have to do is keep their mouths shut and they can take home any prize they want. still, the mouth opens. he sniffs mm...
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i don't know why i'm laughing. i don't think i am meant to! you are. there is lot of scenery chewing. i mean, there are scenes of hercule poirot, you know, eating chocolate, enjoying it and so are the cast. they are sinking their teeth into the scenery. a murder is committed. everyone is a suspect. everyone is shocked, but everyone has secrets and therefore everyone has to be interrogated. what i like about this, and i did like it, is firstly it is old fashioned entertainment. i remember seeing the ‘74 version and with this i knew the story, i know some people won't — and if you don't you are in for a treat because it's a real swiss watch kind of constructed mechanism. but the whole thing takes place on the train, and it's shot in 65mm. the camera sashays up and down the train, outside and inside. occasionally you get these wonderful overhead shots. there is a sequence in which we discover the victim's body. it is like they have gone to every possible end to make the most visually of this confined space.
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occassionally some of the exterior shots look a little like bit like the polar express. but what i liked about it was the cast, they all get what kind of movie they are in. they are playing ripe characters, it is all very thumbnail sketches. branagh is clearly enjoying himself enormously. he likes the character of poirot. there is this central thing of poirot is a perfectionist, he is a bit obsessive, he keeps trying to straighten people's ties, and at one point he says, i see the world as it should be and i can't relax if something is out of kilter. you have to go into this thinking it is an agatha christie, there is... does it need to be remade? it looks beautiful but i don't know... does that matter? i thought it was big screen entertainment, like a variety show, the train becomes a stage, we have all these famous stars come on, do their bit — i really enjoyed it. i went in feeling trepidatious, smiled all the way through
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and despite the fact i know the plot, i thought its revelations were handled well. i know some critics have been sniffy about it. ijust think it's a good, solid piece of old fashioned entertainment. and it looks good. it looks really good, that is not a little thing. 0k. the killing of a sacred deer. i mean, i have seen the trailer so many times and i am terrified just by the trailer. that really looks good, but terrifying. yorgos la nthimos has worked in black comedy, social satire before. this is something more disturbing. colin farrell is a heart surgeon, he has a perfect life. he has a glamorous house and two lovely children. he has a strange relationship with an awkward teenager called martin, who turns up at work and bothering him at work. at first he seems to be innocent but then he starts to look like a young norman bates. there's a little touch
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of we need to talk about kevin. the story is becoming a weirdly surreal revenge drama. so you start laughing, as you often do with his films, then it starts moving into the territory of the shining. there are cameras creeping through corridors, strange ovwerhead shots. we look to some extent towards a film like haneke's funny games, so painful to watch. the thing i like about it, and yorgos lanthimos would like too, i spent the film not knowing where it was going. yes, it's a horror movie on one level, on one level it's saw for the upmarket, art house crowd. on another level it's a strange distance black comedy. you never quite relax into it. i felt very uneasy and i've thought a lot about it since i saw it and i think that's a recommendation. ok, is there going to be a recommendation for bad mom's
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christmas? i haven't thought about it a lot. three women decide to rebel against the tyranny of being a super mum, largely with the help of swearing and alcohol. along comes christmas, this time they rebel against the tyranny of the most stressful season of the year. here is a clip. i'm just like a giant stress ball from november to new year's. ijust want to enjoy christmas again. yeah... well, then let's do it. what? guys, what is wrong with us? have we learnt nothing? we are mothers, and if things are not going our way, then what do we do? we hide in the bathroom. no. we don't, we don't do that. we stand up and we fight back. yes. so, if we want to do christmas our way this year, then we're going to do christmas our way. i laughed during that clip. when i saw the first one, i went in thinking... i had low expectations and i enjoyed it.
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in the case of this same thing, i went along thinking i enjoyed the first one and it was nothing like as funny, partly it is not as funny because this time the bad mums are having to deal with their own bad mums, so it's almost like three separate stories. that said, i counted how many times i laughed and i laughed seven times. i have this thing which is a six laugh rule. if you laugh six times it's officially a comedy. yes, it is all over the place, it doesn't make sense, it doesn't have anything like the joyous simplicity of the first one, but i kind of laughed. i liked the characters, it's very, very much a retread of the only thing, once again, the solution involves alcohol and swearing, but i would be lying if i said i didn't laugh. well, that's christmas! best out is a rerelease? so the remake of wages of fear — it did really badly a0 years ago and nobody got to see it.
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now it's back in a restoration and it is one of the most brutal, gruelling, muscular, visceral american action movies of the 1970s. it is an extraordinary piece of work, you need to see it on the big screen. you need to seek it out because it's coming out on blu—ray on monday. if you get a chance to see this film projected. score by tangerine dream, i know you're a fan, it's a brilliant cinema experience. i was about to say i'm going to borrow your blu—ray, but actually you're saying watch it on the big screen? blu—ray is great, but need to see it on a big screen, this is a film they worked out, two—years in the making, and then it came out and it came out the same time as star wars, and the audience decided they didn't want a gruelling visceral thriller. that, you know, a story that starts at a point of no hope and goes downhill from there. 0k. dvd for anyone who wants to stay in? it comes at night, it's a chiller. it's not a horrorfilm. it's a story in a near future in which a virus has attacked mankind. a family are hiding
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in a cabin the woods. it's all about it comes at night, but actually the danger is from within. it's about people turning on each other, distrusting each other, paranoia, it has a lot to say about the modern political landscape and it's not a film that relies on gory shocks, it has an atmosphere of creeping dread. i have brought a dvd along that i'm going to give to you as your homework, because you are going to like horror films in the very near future! you have said woods, cabins and paranoia. you do that to me deliberately. in a subtle way! that subtle paranoia that i so love. thank you. it is my early christmas present. it is a delight. thank you very much. try harder next week. a reminder, you can find all our previous programmes on the iplayer as well. that's it for this week. i've got a fun week ahead! thanks for watching, enjoy your cinema going. goodbye.
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pa rte two of parte two of the weekend is looking more cold for all. plenty of showers overnight in western areas. blustery. quite a breeze. hail and thunder and snow over high ground in the east. dry and clear to start on monday morning. it will be cold. a touch of frost in places. sunday looking better than saturday. more dry. plenty of sunshine. cold. showers to the north and western areas. a ridge of high pressure in
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the afternoon moving in. showers will be confined to coastal areas and some in eastern parts of britain as well. 8— io and some in eastern parts of britain as well. 8— 10 degrees. temperatures will struggle. feeling cold. the evening. bonfire night. looking dry for most. a blue hue. it will be cold. wrap up. a few showers around in the coastal parts of wales. some limited in eastern coastal areas. for most, fine and dry. cold. a few showers for the channel islands. perfect bonfire night for most. that is the night and early hours of monday. temperatures plummeting in northern central, and eastern areas. widespread frost. —6 in some places. starting monday with things like this. certainly some frost. this is the reach of high pressure. still
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bringing fine weather for the south—east on monday copy this weather system swinging in bringing cloud and rain and strengthening winds. east against west. central and eastern areas, dry and sunny and cold. sunshine holding on in the south—east. cloud building from the west and outbreaks of rain in the west. some persistent rain for western scotland. starting to turn more mild here. temperatures into the low teens. cold for the east. on tuesday, the weather front of east. a wet day for some. strong winds. more mild than late. turning cold in the north—west. this is bbc news.
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i'm chris rogers. our top stories: saudi arabia says it has shot down a ballistic missile fired from neighbouring yemen. a loud explosion was heard in the saudi capital, riyadh. meanwhile an anti—corruption commission headed by a powerful saudi prince, is reported to have detained numerous princes and ministers as part of an apparent purge. lebanon's prime minister resigns — saying his life is in danger. he blames iran. president trump departs hawaii on his way to japan — the first stop in his 12 day tour of asia. and, saying sorry to sue — an english farmer uses a tractor, gps and crop sprayers to apologise to his wife.


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