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tv   World News Today  BBC News  November 10, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today. i'm lukwesa burak. our top stories: at the half way mark towards brexit — an ultimatum from the eu. the uk has two weeks to clear up its position on a divorce bill — if it wants trade talks to start. this is a serious business, and to find a way forward it will require flexibility and pragmatism from both sides. the leader of hezbollah says saudi arabia has declared war on lebanon. hasan nasrallah claims prime minister saad hariri — who resigned last saturday — is being detained in riyadh. the american comedian louis ck says the sexual allegations against him are true. the magazine, grazia, apologises to the hollywood star lupita nyong'o, after it airbrushed out some of her hair in an image for its cover. hello and welcome
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to world news today. the uk has two weeks to make it clear what it will pay to the eu when it leaves — or talks on a trade deal won't start next month. that is the ultimatum from the eu's chief negotiator, michel barnier. he says it's vital that the uk make concessions and increase its offer. the uk brexit secretary david davis says good progress has been made in talks so far, though how to resolve the border between ireland and northern ireland, remains a sticking point. our europe editor, katya adler, has been following today's talks in brussels. time is a precious commodity. and don't the uk and the eu know it.
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we're halfway now between the date of our eu referendum and actually leaving the club. expect many more face—offs along the way. by now, round six of brexit negotiations, all attempts at bilateral banter have gone. this is a serious business... said david davis. it is. the eu is the uk's biggest trading partner. security and research and development ties are tight. all this now hangs in the balance as we untangle ourselves from brussels. the government still hoping, though, to keep european relations close. we will discuss this issue bilaterally. relations right now are strained. the uk wants to talk about trade and the future. the eu response? make more headway, real and sincere process, as michel barnier put it, on key brexit divorce
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issues by the end of this month or forget talk of trade until at least february next year. so, where are we on the brexit divorce issues and what does real and sincere progress mean? citizens rights are not yet resolved but progress has been made. ireland's border remains a big problem. the eu thinks it can be resolved next year although the uk today rejected an eu proposal to keep northern ireland in the single market and customs union. the massive sticking point right now is money. the eu wants cast—iron, possibly written guarantees, the uk will honour financial agreements made while an eu member. a lot to ask for in two weeks. the eu is really trying to pile on the pressure. it wants that money. otherwise brussels threatens to dash the prime minister's hopes in this room in december at a summit of eu leaders. what theresa may wants is the green
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light from her eu counterparts to go ahead with what's known as stage two of the brexit negotiations, that's talk of trade and transition deals. on both sides of the channel companies ache for news. uncertainty is very bad for business. but trade experts say eu uk fallouts over brexit divorce issues will seem child's play compared to complications when it comes to trade. the real obstacle is to come which is when britain tries to negotiate a new trade deal with the eu and it is looking for something as good as or better than what it has now which will be extremely difficult to achieve because why would 27 countries, each of which have a veto, agree unanimously to give britain something that is better than what they have? can britain get a new trade deal with the eu by the time it leaves? by march 2019? not in my view. no one can stop time, of course, but when it comes to brexit, time can be
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stretched, negotiations extended. if everyone agrees. but in brussels and london, there is little or no appetite for that. the clock is ticking, how likely is it that britain will meet it? likely in one sense, but not then another, which sounds like i'm hedging my bets, but the british negotiators don't want to put a figure on it. the eu is looking for a formulation where they can work out how much britain is willing to pay. it was largely taken and not disagreed with that the commitments that she made in the florence speech would amount to around £20 billion and president
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emmanuel macron france said we are only halfway there. —— of france. so maybe a question it will be about £40 billion, but the british negotiators are wary of even going quite that farfor this negotiators are wary of even going quite that far for this reason they are worried that the eu then increases the bid even further to get the trade talks started in december. the figure of £60 billion has been doing the rounds, and maybe they will go even further if they wa nt they will go even further if they want the trade talks to begin in december and not wait until february next year. we won't get a specific figure but it is likely that there will be some progress between now and that deadline and certainly before the december summit, but the question is whether they will regard that in brussels as sufficient progress. staying with the theme of
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dates, i want to touch on theresa may's statement of wanting to set an exit date in law, what is she hoping to achieve? doesn't that lock her in by ha rd to achieve? doesn't that lock her in by hard coding something in like that and writing it into law? from her perspective, it is more risky not to do so because she is under pressure from people on her own side to make it clear that her final destination is the same, britain will be leaving the eu, she has said we will leave by the end of march 2019 and now we will have a specific time and date, 11 o'clock at night on march the 29th, which is midnight in brussels. she's not seeking to extend our membership of the european union, and the debate is about how much we can get into a transition period and how long that lasts and what it covers, but this is partly about parliamentary tactics as much as anything else, because there are people who want to remain in the eu on her benches and
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in her party and a range of amendments to a major piece of legislation to bring britain out of the european union, the withdrawal bill, she is sending a clear message to conservative mps, do not mess with this, we are not changing our minds, do not use the process to undermine our exit in 2019. thanks for joining undermine our exit in 2019. thanks forjoining us. there are fears that the middle east is entering a dangerous new phase, with the long—simmering rivalry between saudi arabia and iran threatening to boil over — with lebanon caught in the crosshairs. the hezbollah chief, hassan nasrallah, gave a televised address in beirut. in it, he claimed that lebanon's prime minister, saad hariri, is being kept under house arrest by saudi arabia, after his shock resignation last week. last week of lebanese prime minister saad
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hariri, wearing the dark suit, travelled to saudi arabia, and in a shock announcement said he was resigning. he claimed his life was in danger in lebanon, presumably a hint he felt threatened by the powerful shia military and political organisation hezbollah, which is backed by iran. today, the hezbollah leader responded. he accused saudi arabia of deliberately detaining the lebanese prime minister, and forcing him to resign. this, he said, amounted to a declaration of war on lebanon. it is the recent defeat of so—called islamic state in syria and iraq which is behind this crisis. iran and hezbollah played a key role in these battles. now they wield significant influence in all these areas, much to the frustration of saudi arabia. supporters of hezbollah in lebanon
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feel they are very much the target of saudi arabia's anger. translation: the americans, saudis and israelis are all trying to prevent hezbollah from maximising its gains from wars in syria and iraq. hezbollah and its allies have achieved enormous success, but they now face huge pressure because of this. with tensions rising between saudi arabia, which is predominantly sunni muslim, and iran, which is shi'ite, the french president emmanuel macron akin to the region yesterday to try to mediate. to prevent what is currently a diplomatic crisis is owning over into conflict. we have never been so close to the precipice, in many ways. the threat of regional war has never been this real, if you like, where it is a conflict that would involve a variety of different countries.
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there has also been an appeal for calm from the un. this is a matter of great concern to us. and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region, it could have devastating consequences. but there is no sign of saudi arabia backing off. it has already told all citizens living here in lebanon to leave. people from kuwait and bahrain have also been told to return home. the comedian louis ck has confessed to claims of sexual misconduct made to claims of sexual misconduct made to —— by five women. joining me now is the cultural
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quarterfrom joining me now is the cultural quarter from the joining me now is the cultural quarterfrom the new joining me now is the cultural quarter from the new york times, pa rt quarter from the new york times, part of the team that broke that story. —— culture reporter. how did the story come to light? after heidi weinstein, many women forward, claiming sexual assault by harvey weinstein —— after harvey weinstein. women who had experienced edited incidents with louis ck wanted to report, —— negative incidents. louis
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ck had rumours swirling about him of sexual misconduct for many years. it was said that giving people, different names were put to those rumours, but none of them work substantiated by now these women decided it was the time to come forward , decided it was the time to come forward, because the landscape feels different for them, more safe now other women are stepping forward and being believed. do you think they are going to be more revelations? involving other high—profile figures in hollywood? it is dangerous to say it is the end of it, there's a sense of inevitability, there will be more exa m ples of of inevitability, there will be more examples of misconduct and more women stepping forward, and i can't imagine it is the end of it. sexism, misogyny, this is a long tradition in the world and no industry seems immune to it, and i would be shocked if this is the end of it, and i will
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expect more women to step forward and more men to have two answer for what they have been accused of doing. what did you make of the response from louis ck? was that enough? it doesn't change what happened and i think it was a lot better than some other reactions we have seen, harvey weinstein‘s reaction was all over the place, and he denied being is. —— he denied being is. it was a very thoughtful statement, very careful —— he denied things. he never said he was sorry, he kept it circumscribed to those five women, and he did not talk about the timeline of when this might have started and ended. it did however show a side of louis ck that people find so compelling, someone who is thoughtful and layered and
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who is thoughtful and layered and who seems compassionate and who seems aware of the different power structures and dynamics and the weird interplay between humans, that was in that statement. it is not enough, though, but it is much better than what we have seen from other men. thanks forjoining us. stay with us. still to come, lupita nyong'o receives an apology after grazia magazine airbrushed out some of her hair in an image for its cover. this is bbc world news today. at the halfway mark towards brexit, eu has given the uk an ultimatum, it stole the government in london it has two weeks to clear up its position on a divorce bill if it once trade talks to begin —— it has told the government. hezbollah are claims
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lebanon's former prime minister is being detained in saudi arabia —— hezbollah claims. italian police have arrested the brother of a jailed mobster in suburb of rome for a bloody assault on a tvjournalist that has shocked the nation. roberto spada attacked the tv broadcaster, breaking his nose, then chased the film crew away. the cameraman continued filming during the attack in ostia. and a warning there are some graphic images from the start of tom donkin‘s report. the questions by the journalist on the right may have been uncomfortable but the reply was vicious, bloody and brutal. after daniele piervincenzi's nose was broken, he was repeatedly hit by a baton. his cameraman kept rolling. the attacker was roberto spada, brother to a convicted mobster. the questions put to him
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were about his family's connections to a far right political group known as casapound. he's now been arrested. this attack has shocked italy and even here in ostia, a notorious seaside suburb of rome, people have been outraged and unafraid to show it. translation: let's hope this demonstration helps to remind everyone that journalism, asking questions, is the essence in a democracy. without freedom of the press, independence of the press, democracy weakens, and look here in ostia, we've reached the bottom. covering suspected links between extreme right wing politicians and organised crime is sensitive business here in ostia. it's local government was dissolved two years ago by police who said city hall had been infiltrated by the mafia. it's because of this, local elections here last sunday were being closely watched. casapound made big gains and journalists like daniele piervincenzi were asking why. but the group have condemned the violence and distanced themselves from roberto spada.
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rome's mayor has tweeted footage of the attack, calling it unacceptable, and expressed solidarity with the victim. she's organised a rally on saturday against violence which will serve as another reminder of how mafia rule still dominates italy's national conversation. tom donkin, bbc news. it isa it is a busy night of international forfour, it is a busy night of international for four, these are the importer matches going on as the remaining nations —— busy night of international football, these are the important matches going on for the important matches going on for the remaining matches trying to qualify for the world cup. italy and sweden are playing the first leg of their match in stockholm and sweden have taken the lead. they have taken
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the lead just after one hour. several friendly matches including england against germany. france are beating wales 1—0, antoine greaves and with the goal in paris —— antoine griezmann. patrice evra has been sacked by marcy and banned from all european club matches until the end of next season after kicking a supporting portugal last week —— has been sacked by marseille. uefa have said he can't play untiljune 2018, they have fined him 10,000 euros and he has been sacked by his club marseille. and out of the crucial test match between australia and england in the women's ashes. it is
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a multiformat points series, england must win the test match to stay in contention. i think it will be a difficult pitch, the second innings, especially, it has been slow from the first day, and as it starts to turnit the first day, and as it starts to turn it will be difficult to score, so the fact we have runs on the board, and we bat first in the second innings, that puts us in a good position. meanwhile, the first men's ashes test match is less than two weeks away and england are heading for a comfortable victory in their second warm up game against a cricket australia 11. chris woakes was the star with four wickets but also one the james anderson who has been named as the england vice captain for the first test match which starts in just under two weeks. a nice thing for joe to ask me to do but it doesn't change my role in the team, and as a senior player i've always felt a lot
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of us possibility to help out the other guys, myself stuart and alastair who have been here before, we will play an important role on this trip and i don't see that changing my role too much. he has already won the formula 1 world title. but lewis hamilton isn't taking his foot off the gas. dominating practise ahead of this weekend's brazilian grand prix. he has topped both of the practice sessions, and the german sebastian vettel is not happy with his ferrari around this short interlagos circuit and he has work to do overnight if he's going to challenge hamilton in qualifying tomorrow and in the race on sunday. but for hamilton it is so far so good, he has arrived here
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riding the crest of a wave, confidence high, his car is good and everything we have seen so far this weekend, it will take some beating here in brazil. —— he will. weekend, it will take some beating here in brazil. -- he will. sweden are still beating italy 1—0 in the first leg of their world cup play—off and wales are still losing 1-0 to play—off and wales are still losing 1—0 to france in theirfriendly, and still goalless between england and germany at wembley. we're going to stay with a sporting theme. donald trump's round of golf with a japanese prime minister last weekend did not pass smoothly —— the japanese prime minister. their real footage —— aerial footage shows the japanese prime minister, trying to fall out, he falls head over heels into the sand, picks himself up
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quickly, and he's dusted down. watch him take the shot. us president turned away and had missed the shot completely. the british magazine, grazia, has apologised to the actress lupita nyong'o after she accused it of altering her hair on its cover to fit, what she called "a more eurocentric notion" of beauty. the oscar—winner said grazia magazine had edited out portions of her hair and smoothed out the rest. she posted before and after photos on twitter. i've been speaking with the bbc‘s valley fontaine, who also blogs on afro hair. it is very strong, and there's nothing wrong with the image as such, but it is all about the fact that they changed her hair and the women of african descent, round the world, hair is a very important issue.
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over the years, the idea of beauty has been based on the european idea of beauty, so black women have straightened their hair with chemicals and worn straightened weaves and all manner of straight hair styles. but ten years ago there was a change and the natural hair movement began to grow and black women around the world started embracing and enjoying and wearing their hair natural. there is this whole movement, don't touch my hair, do not talk about my hair, do not change my hair. that is the statement she's making here. don't forget, you can get in contact with me and the rest of the team via twitter. we have rain to come over the night, but not everywhere. we will see this
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rain pushing its way further across england and wales, heavy bursts and strong winds running across the south, but further north, clearer skies and wintry showers, maybe a touch of frost, as well. this rain further south will peter out a little, it might linger through the day southern england and south wales, where it will have the highest temperatures. it will be quite cold, northern ireland, as well, sunny skies compensating for the lower temperatures. more rain to come across wales and southern england but that clears way, cold airforthe england but that clears way, cold airfor the second half england but that clears way, cold air for the second half of the weekend, showers, running down the north sea coast, inland it will be mainly sunny and cool. and now we go behind the scenes of hull 2017.
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welcome to autumn in city of culture. some might be over but the culture keeps coming. this huge new art installation is the latest. it fits in with the turnip rows in town. we still have the biggest uk spoken word poetry festival which has attracted a hollywood star as well as fresh new talent. some of the worlds finest ballet dancers come back to town. so many amazing dancers have come from hull, it is quite incredible. we go behind the scenes as the turner prize moves from london to halt. we will see what the public think of the short listed artists. look at the bum cheeks on that. it should be piled
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high and set alight. hello and welcome to the show. this isa hello and welcome to the show. this is a huge new art installation being installed here in front of parliament. this is one of many venues parliament. this is one of many venues taking part in the contains strong language festival. abiga ridge for a little one? who is the little one? kate tempest has just finished rehearsing. she is one of the headline acts here. this festival is called a contains strong language, four days and 60 acts and
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if you thought poetry was just sonnets, think again. i went last night and it was incredible. futurist theatre there was more than rap. you're have the stars of poetry like simon armitage to hollywood stars likejeremy like simon armitage to hollywood stars like jeremy irons. hello from hull. this year we host the biggest festival of poetry and spoken word. guild swerve into solitude of sky van scarecrows. between the shores. solitude of sky van scarecrows. between the shoreslj solitude of sky van scarecrows. between the shores. i have been known to write a view. it is a rich tradition in lancashire to turn up ata tradition in lancashire to turn up at a wedding with a ditty but i wouldn't put myself in the class of the great writers but i am reading this week in anyway shape or form. they have been sent to fry cars.
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they have been sent to fry carsm is exciting to see the hull accent and language taking its place on a global stage. being black and academic doesn't match your perspective. you are sparkly like the wit of your mind. so much there. you can't have a poetry festival without the legend that is the punk poetjohn cooper clarke. without the legend that is the punk poet john cooper clarke. he was an absolute gent and he took time
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