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the most ever paid before million. the most ever paid before last night for any work of art at auction was around $179 million, in 2015, for the caso's women of algiers. so to go from that figure to $450 million, you just have to say it, a bit of wood with painting on it, albeit they say by leonardo, its eye watering! indeed it is. many thanks. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. i have my own masterpiece behind me. i'm just going to concentrate on this beautiful picture of perth and kinross, it's beautiful in wales, but the moment it is cloudy and wet. it's a cold front moving across the country and as it does so it's bringing rain. to the south of this cold front we have some sunshine, but it's miles. behind it, it's introducing cold air, windier conditions with a scattering of showers. in fact, conditions with a scattering of showers. infact, gale conditions with a scattering of showers. in fact, gale or severe gales and the far north of scotland.
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but generally speaking not bad. some decent spells of sunshine. if you catch a shower they will be fleeting but they could be heavy, with squally showers, sam hail and maybe sleet and snow above 200 metres. it's windy as well. northern england, northern ireland, not too bad afternoon. and improving picture into wales. getting colder, yes, but the weather front will sit across east anglia, down through the m4 corridor by the end of the afternoon. it's miles, 14—15, if you keep some sunshine for the end of the day. the front clears through during the early evening. high pressure builds from the west. like winds across england and wales. temperatures will fall sharply. we keep the wind and the showers in the far north. not quite as cold here. tomorrow morning, a shock to the system, we could see lows of around —4 or minus five degrees across england and where is, a cold, frosty start in rural spots. they could be early morning mist and fog and after
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the frosty start some decent spells of sunshine for england and while. the winds feature in the north, still driving in some showers across the far north and west but temperatures down in comparison to today. we'll see highs of around 7-10d. today. we'll see highs of around 7—10d. if we go into the weekend a bit of a tricky one. not too much in the way of drastic changes, but the cold air trying to hold on across the north and east. but all the time milderairand the north and east. but all the time milder air and whether friends slowly trying to influence the story. they will introduce more cloud and showery bits and pieces of rain to wales and the south—west. milder conditions, but frosty starts, but some sunshine in the north and east. 6—7 baha'i. a very similar story as we move into sunday as well. southwest cloudy and damp, the further north and east, the greater chance of seeing some sunshine through the weekend with temperatures struggling just a little. i'll be back throughout the rest of the afternoon with simon. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. zimbabwe awaits news of the future of its deposed leader robert mugabe after a takeover
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by military leaders. theresa by military leaders. may calls on all sides to act theresa may calls on all sides to act with restraint. that's all from the bbc news at one. it's goodbye from me. on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. good afternoon. they look at the sport. the place of football survey is out for the third year in a row. the place of football has either for one stayed same. a wide—ranging review but there are plenty stories involving young people this year. what can you tell us? despite the fa ct what can you tell us? despite the fact the majority of tickets in the
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uk have been frozen or stayed the same for the past three years, that is still a problem for younger people. here at stoke, the average ticket costs about £25, the most popular season ticket is £344 which is £200 less than the average junior league season ticket. if you want a pie and cup of tea that force question £5 so the maesteg speeds will cost you around £30, the same pretty much as last year. is that enough to keep people coming back? according to 1018 to 24—year—olds, asking them what they think, 80% of those 18 to 24—year—olds said they we re those 18 to 24—year—olds said they were concerned about the cost, 56% the cost of a ticket prevents them from going to live football matches and that is a concern for people i
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have spoken to. the head of community service something we are looking into. people who move away to university, every comment is dog city then it becomes difficult to travel from university back to their home town to watch football. that surely has implications. the fallout from the site at the fa continues. the goalkeeping coach has cut doi acquits despite being cleared of allegations. what is this all about? another step in the long running a field, tied to the conduct of mark
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sampson, an enquiry surrounding allegations made by this racist remarks and the bullying culture. it was said igor cooper and keeping coach had used a fake caribbean accent i believe that there. in a short statement the fa said they have completed their investigation and say it is concluded and it was decided that no further action was necessary. they say this big conclusion of the candle has decided to resign from his position as goalkeeping coach. it with the ashes nowjust seven days away, a number of england's batsmen
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have made claims for places in the starting team after a dominant display against a cricket australia xi. .. andy swiss reports from townsville, where mark stoneman has stated his claim for an opening spot... it has been well documented another one critical of the opposition that we have faced but the terms of how i played and the conditions i am fairly happy and nothing has gone well, practice as well so i feel my game is in good order. it'll be tested a hell of a lot more next week. no doubt about that another one is aware of it. i am happy. bad news this morning for russia's chances of taking part in the winter olympics at the start of next year. the world anti—doping agency say rusada, russia's anti—doping body, remains noncompliant with the international code. it will increase pressure —
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on the international olympic committee to ban the country from the games in pyeongchang. because of the nature of the accusations against them, part of the road map contains two particular conditions that they have not fulfilled, one is to acknowledge the report from richard mclaren and indicating the people that were involved and secondly as we would like to have access to the moscow laboratory to look at the samples and electronic records, neither of these two have been fulfilled. that is all this but for now, more than the next hour. theresa may has been speaking about the government's pledge to ‘build more homes more quickly‘. she was visiting an affordable housing estate in barnet in north london. i have been very pleased to come to barnet and see the degeneration of this estate, to sit down and talk to
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people and how the new flats are better than the old estate and i wa nt to better than the old estate and i want to make sure that young generations can actually have that same opportunity to have their own home, to have the house orflat same opportunity to have their own home, to have the house or flat that is going to work for them. that is why i think is so potent the government and i are putting focus on housing. the figures we see today show at it in the last year we have seen 217,000 new homes built, the highest level of home building for almost a decade but that is more the need to do. i announced that he will put £2 billion extra into affordable housing, £10 billion and to help to buy to help young generations to get the fast fruit on that housing ladder. the government is clear, we wa nt ladder. the government is clear, we want more people to be able to have the security of a roof over their heads, their own home for themselves and their family. we'll have more on the housing issue with vishala in business shortly. police investigating the grenfell tower fire say the remains of all those
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who were killed in the blaze have now been recovered. 71 people are now known to have died, including a stillborn baby delivered in hospital after his mother escaped. it comes as police have named two further victims of the fire as 71—year—old victoria king and her daughter alexandra and her daughter alexandra atala aged 40. well earlier commander stuart cundy from the metropolitan police spoke about these latest developments to our correspondent tom burridge. the hearts of myself and the rest of my colleagues continues to be with all those who are deeply affected. i can't imagine the agony the families of those who have died have gone through over the last five months. it has been a priority for us to search grenfell tower and find all those who died, recover them with dignity. and subsequently identify them. yesterday, the last two identities of those that were recovered were confirmed to the satisfaction of the coroner. i now know with confidence that the number of people that have
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died in a result of the fire is 71 and sadly that includes a stillborn baby. it has taken so long because of the sheer challenge that grenfell tower has placed on all emergency services, but particularly the specialist teams that were used to recover all those that have died. 71 people, and it is not about the number it is about the people, but the challenge of it has been immense. specialist teams have worked through 15 and a half tonnes of debris on each and every floor of grenfell tower by hand to find every fragment they can of all those who died. that has been extremely distressing to all those involved. meanwhile, families, firefighters and those affected by grenfell are being offered free holidays thanks to a unique project in cornwall, as frankie mccamley reports. a birthday boy without
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a care in the world. but the reality is his life was uprooted by the fire at grenfell tower. now, thanks to a unique project, his family are on holiday in cornwall. how has your day been? good. yeah? your birthday? and how has it been in cornwall? good? yes. he lost his best friend in the fire. so young, he struggled to understand. i told him that she is in the sky, she can see you. he can say hello to you. she never forget you. every day he would say "did you see me?" "i miss you." it is hard for me, missing my child.
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the family lived in a block next to grenfell tower and cannot go back. they have now been staying in a hotel for more than five months. this was their only chance for a break thanks to cornish businesses offering free holidays to those struggling to cope. what can we do? we can do this. what have we got? beautiful surroundings. we don't have much money, but we give what we have got. and everyone has come together. the group have now helped nearly 200 people get away. as well as sightseeing and beach trips, they have had grief counselling as well. it is a chance for the families to make their own new memories, and for many of the children here, this is the first time they have surfed, the first time they have ever been in the sea, and their parents tell me the first
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time some of them have smiled in a very long time. this is just amazing. people that don't even know us, theyjust come and tell us come here and surf. the holiday ends with a celebration. but like many here, his sister does not want to go back. it is slightly scary. you just feel like the building will fall on you. if someone talks about it i just start remembering stuff, what happened. make a wish! hejust wishes he had his friend back. frank mccamley, bbc news, in cornwall. in a moment a summary of the business news this hour but first the headlines on bbc news. the future of zimbabwe's long—time
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leader, robert mugabe, remains unclear after he was placed under house arrest by the country's military. the metropolitan police have said their final assessment is that seventy one people were killed in the grenfell tower fire. the government has announced new measures to build more houses — it will encourage housing associations to borrow money in order to invest in more properties. a drop in retail sales on the british high street for october. it's the first fall since 2013, but that's the year—on—year figure. the month—on—month number, september to october, showed a similar rise in sales, which is why the office of national statistics says that the underlying pattern is still "steady growth". mixed news in the post for royal mail this morning. strong growth at its european parcels business helped push revenue up 2% to £4.8bn.
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that's just for the first half of the year. however, its actual profits are not improving at all, and fell £2m to £250m. royal mail was privatised in 2013, and says competition is the problem, from dhl and federal express and so on — and costs are rising too. high street pawnbroker cash converters has warned customers about a data breach on its website. the company said customer usernames, passwords and addresses had potentially been accessed by a third party. the company told the bbc it was taking the breach "extremely seriously" and had reported it to the information commissioner. the government has announced it will help housing associations boost the number of homes they build by introducing new borrowing rules. figures out today show just over 217,000 new homes were added last year — that's still below the roughly 250,000 homes per year experts and many politicians say britain needs to build just to keep up with demand, which has outstripped supply pushing up prices and rents across the country. many first time buyers
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are finding it difficult to get on to the housing ladder because of high prices. let's talk to henry pryor, who's an independent housing expert is this going to make a difference boosting the number of housing association homes? it will make a difference. three cheers for the house—builders who have managed to breach the magical 200,000 stats any year. tucci is perhaps for government who at long last, the credit crunch have vanished to have some impact, house—builders have been paid commercially to build these homes and sell them through government assistance programmes like up to buy. this is on balance good news, the secretary of state has been down bristol, the prime ministers north london and the conservative government clearly mean business. ... what is
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conservative government clearly mean business. what is this mean for prices? it is unlikely to have any impact on prices on affordability. that is down to the availability and cost of credit and so it is unlikely that wealth is also copped some of the pent—up demand that others for new homes, i'm afraid it is unlikely to have any direct impact on prices. the chancellor has a chance to perhaps help people finding it hard to get on the housing ladder. how will he do that? the committee secretary has today if and the gauntlet. and in his budget, the secretary of state has said there will be an urgent is in the budget that will clearly make some commitments, financial commitments to support house—building. the secretary of state has also taken a sledgehammer to local authorities, he has put them on notice that if they have not got local plans he will be enforcing them but on balance a good day for
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house—builders and those who have been calling out for more homes to been calling out for more homes to be built... but still not a great day for first—time buyers. be built... but still not a great day forfirst—time buyers. they cannot purchase a house frittelli. we have seen a decline in house is in london, why have we seen the slowdown? i take issue with that, it is not specifically about helping first—time buyers. first—time buyers have been helped hundred and 36 thousand through the help to buy scheme. this is more about the government providing konjuh cannot afford homes to buy or rent. they are still the people for whom that provision is to be made and will be looking forward to seeing philip hammond's budget next week photo. in other business news. uk consumers will spend an average of £544 this christmas, which is 38% more than the european average according to a recent report from deloitte. the uk intends to spend 70% more on gifts than any other european nation surveyed. and no real surprise chocolate is the number one christmas gift for british consumers,
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with teenagers expecting to receive money and children expecting books. engineering giant gkn has said its new chief executive is to leave the company before even taking up the role. kevin cummings had been due to assume the role on the 1st of january, but the company said it was now looking for "alternative leadership". the move came as gkn announced another write—down at its aerospace division, which mr cummings used to head. and barbie maker mattel has rebuffed the latest takeover approach from rival hasbro — according to sources quoted by reuters — casting doubt over the potential merger between the world's two largest toy companies. mattel believes the offer undervalues it and doesn't address potential antitrust concerns — the sources claim. a look at the markets... that's all the business news.
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the social media companies facebook and snapchat are to trial a new service offering direct support to victims of cyberbullying he'll launch a new code of conduct for the internet later today — urging young people to "stop, speak and support" each other online. let's get more now on the 500—year—old painting by leonardo da vinci, known as salvator mundi or ‘saviour of the world' — that has sold for record £341 million — the highest ever paid for a work of art. earlier my colleague annita mcveigh spoke to martin kemp, emeritus professor of the history of art at oxford university, who worked on confirming that the painting really was the lost leonardo. he spoke of his reaction when he heard the final auction price. i was just astonished.
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i thought it would struggle to reach its guarantee. christies put a guarantee on it saying we guarantee this picture will raise $100 million and i thought it was a bit of a struggle. i went to bed and thought i'd find out the next morning. by 2am, my phone was ringing, e—mails were binging and everything had gone crazy. it's quite astonishing when you think of the recent history of this painting and the fact that it sold forjust £45 in 1958? it was heavily overpainted at some point in its history, probably 17th and 18th century. it had become badly warped and somebody to restore it had planed off the areas that we re it had planed off the areas that were sticking up. conservation was very tough in those days and it was almost completely overpainted support you could see any picture
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after it was damaged and restored was no leonardo, that was underneath the overpainted. tell us about the work you did to verify that it was the genuine article, genuine da vinci. the two dealers is in america sought and thought it looked an interesting painting not thinking it was going to be the original and they had restored and as the overpainted came off so they began to look at it and thought it was more than they expected. at that point they got in touch with a number ofart point they got in touch with a number of art historians and myself 01’ so number of art historians and myself orsoi number of art historians and myself or so i sought and the national gallery in the conversation conservation studios and thought it was quite something. i decided to research that as any painting whether it is owned by the national gallery on a private individual, i
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would simply that the historical research looking at the treatment of the subject, how it is put together technically and all the aspects of what i call leonardo's science of art, he packed an enormous amount of knowledge and his pictures. art, he packed an enormous amount of knowledge and his pictureslj understand knowledge and his pictures.” understand your first instinct was that it was genuine but you had to go through the process to checkout. absolutely. you can get carried away, first impressions are important but you then start see what you want to see so that moment of traditionally called connoisseurs needs to be backed up with solid research and of the painting, can be traced it over the years, and that is made and does it work as a leonardo? a leonardo is a very special thing and quite different from copies of russians by followers. and i think there are only 20 surviving paintings of haslett to exist so you can see why it is so special. just to reflect
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again on that record—breaking place, you got to ask where do people come from with the sort of money to buy this painting chris or do you think might the person who has bought it? an individual honour museum fash the suspicion is an individual. museums tend not to have that kind of resources and less they have a private owner. the owners was omitted for sale owns monocle football comp so for sale owns monocle football comp so that tells you the kind of link that leonardo as playing an. he is an oligarch, a rather good order. i am sorry he has sold at but it will be best the public domain so we can all see see it and enjoy it. an update from zimbabwe, the leader
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of the opposition mdc party has said that president mugabe must design and the interests of the people of the country. —— he must resign. time for a look at the weather. in marked contrast across the country today with the weather front sinking south and east and underneath cloudy and damp. behind it cold a nearby lots of sunshine coming through. that is not the full story, sharp showers in scotland but underneath it is rather cloudy and rain some heavy at times. the weather front here, ahead rain some heavy at times. the weatherfront here, ahead of rain some heavy at times. the weather front here, ahead of its sunshine and behind it a crisp and cold a story with a cluster of shovels, some heavy and he'll
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underfund extends. the weather front pushes 70s, not arriving back until after dark, keeping the sunshine beheaded. the mild deer pushes south, capital speaking at 11 degrees, behind at calder and crisper but the show was timing wintry and higher ground. through the night, wins remaining a feature to the far north, preventing theft from falling too low and keep theft from falling too low and keep the showers but elsewhere later wins and clear skies, temperatures falling away sharply and a marked contrast to tomorrow morning, the widespread frost potentially across england and wales with slows down to at least —4 —5 in one or two spots. cold and frosty first thing but lovely spells of sunshine particularly across england and wales. we keep the wind is a feature, severe gales to and far north of scotland, driving in some
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pretty sharp showers through the day. the story through friday afternoon, a noticeable difference to the feel of the weather, seven to 9 degrees for most. into the beacon, the battle between the feel of the weather, the cold day trying desperately to cling on to the north—east but mild ear all the time pushing in the south—west, and losing clout is shoddy outbreaks, on saturday but milder, five and six across the north—east. but at least you will have the sunshine. little change into sunday, more cloud and perhaps light rain and the south—west, a fresh breeze and chilly start fasting on sunday but thatis chilly start fasting on sunday but that is through delicate the sunshine, highs of 56 or 12 in the south—west. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2pm. i'm still in charge —
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crisis talks with ousted president robert mugabe and military leaders who've seized control in zimbabwe. the final toll — the metropolitan police say that seventy—one people were killed in the grenfell tower fire. the old vic says it's received 20 personal testimonies of alleged inappropriate behaviour by kevin spacey during his 11—years as artistic director. coming up on afternoon live all the sport: the price of loving football? yes, good afternoon, the price of football study is out and highlighted the challenges facing footballing terms of bringing young people to the game. 61% of them say they are more likely to engage with they are more likely to engage with the sport by playing games on a console or pc than playing in a football team. we'll have more later in the hour.
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