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tv   World News Today  BBC News  November 18, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories... zimbabwe's president robert mugabe will meet military commanders on sunday, as protestors in harare march on his residence demanding he step down a man told me, we want to get in and tell these people what we think of them. former lebanese prime minister saad hariri meets president marcon in paris — and says he will go back to lebanon in the coming days. the venezuelan opposition leader, antonio ledezma, is in spain — a day after escaping from house arrest in caracas. in football, england premier league leaders manchester city brush aside leicester for their sixteenth successive win in all competitions. hello and welcome to world news today. zimbabwe's president mugabe
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is expected to meet the military, who have taken power in the country, on sunday. he could be hours away from losing his power. tens of thousands of people joined rallies across the country on saturday calling for mr mugabe to go. there are also crowds outside his official residence. they wa nt to outside his official residence. they want to reinstate the vice president. despite all of this the vetera n president. despite all of this the veteran president remains defiant. our africa editor, feargal keane reports from harare. something happened inside the people today. a shared energy that helped them into the streets. they were there on the big streets and small. a common purpose in a place so long divided.
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voices that wouldn't have dared speak of robert mugabe a few days ago now sang his political requiem. this is a historic moment. it is so special. we have waited for this for 37 years! you have come back from england, you are happy to see this, i'm sure. indeed, i am very happy. this is a new beginning for the people of zimbabwe. what i am seeing here is the death of a dynasty. all of the faces of the nation came into harare. joy was unrestrained. and exubera ntly expressed. who knows what freedom the military coup will deliver? but an army that was once an instrument of oppression is now celebrated. this tells you everything, this is what the people are thinking in harare.
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—— this is what the people feel about the army. these are moments of genuine leather oration. they thank the soldiers as their saviours. —— genuine celebration. fear has been cast off and expectations awakened. watching the march i met this man, a paramedic with a young family. do you believe the army will allow you to be free? yes. if they don't? well, it is difficult for them not to allow us to be free, because we have been free, we just never exercise our freedom. viva the people of zimbabwe. viva. those who forced this moment include many who were ardent supporters of robert mugabe. now they call for the departure of the president and his wife. the people of zimbabwe have spoken, and the people of zimbabwe have said you and your husband should go today and not tomorrow. robert mugabe is under intense pressure, yet this afternoon
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was refusing to stand down. at one of his official residences, the army was pushing back demonstrators, but they would not leave the area. so people are very angry and they want to get through, past these army lines, to this official residence, one of the president's official residences. a man told me we want to get in and tell these people what we think of them. everybody here is now certain that the moment of robert mugabe's departure is drawing near. let's get the very latest now from my colleague ben brown, who's in harare. some extraordinary scenes we are watching. what is it like where you
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are? amazing to see such euphoria turned on the streets of harare. there were big demonstrations. the people who demonstrated today, it was unthinkable in years gone by that they would even question the leadership of robert mugabe. to come out onto the streets and demand he resigns and resigns now. they have lost all the fear they had. this follows the fact the army have lost faith with robert mugabe and zanu—pf have lost faith with him as well. what we saw today was people power. tens of thousands on the streets showing they have lost faith with robert mugabe and demanding he steps down now. indications are that he will not. people close to him how the saying he will not resign. he would rather die than resign. the
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army says it is having more talks with him tomorrow to persuade him, oi’ with him tomorrow to persuade him, or tried to dissuade him, to go quietly and with dignity. we also have this meeting of the zanu—pf party, who say they are going to dismiss him. then we could be seeing the vice president brought back in. he was rejected any a few days ago. yes. this is the point. this is what robert mugabe is facing. he knows time is running out for him. he does not have any friends or allies left. nobody in the country wants him still to be president of the country. if he refuses to resign, the leadership of zanu—pf a meeting on sunday to discuss the posing him. he will no longer be leader of
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zanu—pf. on tuesday we expect parliament would then meet to begin possibly impeaching him. in other words this would all be done constitutionally. there has been a military takeover but the army does not want to make it look like they are getting rid of him by force, through a coup d'etat. they wanted to be done constitutionally. if the party him as leader and the parliament deposes him has dashes as president, that is what the army would like to see. they would not be blamed as being an army, the military, that has forcefully deposed the president. the question is, he'll ever replaces him, the question that fergal keane was asking people on the streets is, do people really believe that would bring them a proper freedom? that is absolutely the key question. the
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vice president has been seen as a real strongman of mugabe's leadership, his government, in years gone by. many people accuse him of being in charge of atrocities will stop he has not been known as a champion of democracy and human rights. some people here are saying we might lose mugabe and have somebody not much better in his place. on the other hand, there are signs that the military would like to install him. he is theirfavoured candidate, as leader of a new transitional authority but with numbers of the opposition involved as well. the opposition mdc. they might think matters more palatable to the outside world. ben brown joining us live from harare. the lebanese prime minister, saad hariri, is in france
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where he has confirmed that he will be going back home in the next few days. france has said it is "ready to organise a meeting of the international support group for lebanon". mr hariri announced he was standing down while in saudi arabia a fortnight ago. the bbc‘s middle east analyst, alan johnston reports. the man at the centre of lebanon's store, hariri, with his family being welcomed in paris by president macron. then there was lunch. the president key to show his support for hariri at a very difficult time. when they emerged, mr hariri said he was going home. i'm going to beirut in the next few days to celebrate independence day. when i am there i will make known my political position after meeting with the president. this all began far from paris in the saudi capital, riyadh. mr hariri has been close to the
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saudis all through his political career. after talks with them he suddenly announced in riyadh that he was resigning. he said he feared he would be fascinated in lebanon. he accused saudi arabia's eight regional rival iran of meddling in his country's fares. a reference to lebanon's powerful hezbollah movement, iran's life. in beirut, people were stunned for that nobody had seen the resignation coming from but they began to rally behind their missing prime minister, here showing their support for him during beirut‘s marathon. many lebanese suspected the saudis had forced mr hariri to stand down and they might even be holding him against their will. mr hariri appeared again on television to deny this. his relations with the saudis were very good, he said. in this interview he hinted he might even withdraw his
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resignation. many questions continue to surround this affair. when mr hariri comes home in a few days' time, his people will hope he will give them more answers, more clarity. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news search efforts in the south atlantic to find a missing argentine submarine have intensified, with more air and sea craft heading for the area. the sanjuan, which has with forty—four crew on board, hasn't been in touch for three days. the sub had been returning from a routine mission when it disappeared. it was last in contact when it was more than 400 kilometres off the coast of patagonia. 14 civilians are reported to have been killed in a rebel—held neighbourhood besieged by syrian government forces on the outskirts of damascus. the british—based observatory for human rights said the victims died in air strikes and
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shelling in four towns. syrian state media blamed rebels shelling in damascus. the russian ambassador has dismissed criticism of his country's decision to veto a un security council resolution, which would have extended an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in syria. it's the 10th time moscow has used its veto powers at the united nations in support of its ally since the conflict began. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come... we will look at tributes for the ac/dc guitarist, malcolm young, who has died at the age of 64. police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope say a body has been found on land near swanage. officers made the discovery at 3pm today near the coastal path where
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items of her clothing were found. she went missing in ii items of her clothing were found. she went missing in 11 days ago. three people arrested on suspicion of her murder have been released. her sister said the teenager was the light of her life and a cousin gave a statement. this afternoon the emergency services found giaia's body. we are devastated and unable to put those feelings into words. we thank you for everything you have done. our little birdhouse flown but will always be with us. the police will always be with us. the police will be releasing a statement. please respect the privacy of the family at this devastating time and keep us in your prayers. thank you. you are watching bbc world news today but that the latest headlines. huge crowds in harare have marched
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on president mugabe's residence as the military prepares to meet the embattled leader and persuade him to step down. the lebanese prime minister has met the french president in paris. he has confirmed he will be going home in the next few days. let's get more on our top story and president mugabe being forced from power. alex magaisa, from kent law school, was the chief of staff for former prime minister morgan tsvangirai, who leads the opposition to mr mugabe. he gave us his thoughts on the recent developments in his home country. this is the first time in a very long time there has been a huge convergence of all the different forces in timber dashes back in zimbabwe. i think it is an opportunity for all the parties to work together and see if they can chart the way forward. it is important for them to understand what the future holds, in particular
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making sure that the road to democracy is prepared. that is something that has been lacking in zimbabwe. we know the military that intervened seemed to favour the former vice president but zimbabweans must be given an opportunity to make a choice as to who's should lead them. —— who should. mr mugabe is a tough man and he will fight to the end of the bid is not surprising that even though there are offers on the table he is unwilling to take what would be a dignified exit and it might end up very ugly. mr mugabe has seen lots of people coming to his rallies over the past few months and this made him believed he is too well loved. i think all of that was a facade. people were doing it because that is what they believed they were expected to do. in the last few days
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his party is rejecting him and i think he will see very soon that he will be politically isolated. doug coltart is a human rights lawyer, and activist in zimbabwe. he's been attending the rally in harare, and joins me via skype i expected cannot believe the scenes. what has it been like for you today? it has been an incredible day. for many of us, we were not sure we would ever see a day like this where we marched on statehouse. it was incredible, the scenes... the atmosphere was euphoric and joyous. i was not alive during the zimbabwean independence but many people told me that the atmosphere felt... they had not felt that since independence day for the really it has been an incredible day. and yet
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we have robert mugabe remaining defiant. he has not gone yet. do you fear that maybe the jubilation and celebration is a little bit premature? i would not say it is premature? i would not say it is premature but i think there is good reason for why people feel this energy, this excitement, the transition, and irreversible transition, and irreversible transition has begun. certainly there is a lot of reasons for caution and zimbabweans, we are not through the woods by any means. zimbabwe —— mugabe needs to step down. then there are huge queries about the agenda of the military and the potential for imposition of a new leader. i think the fear for many people is that this willjust
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remain an internal transition within zanu—pf and will not bring real change. today, seeing the masses come out in such an unprecedented scale, it really takes us down a path where ordinary citizens are starting to demand that they want to have a stake in this transition process. and i suppose all eyes are on the former vice president will stop the question is whether he would we any different from robert mugabe. he may still be seen as the old guard. absolutely. it seems that the military does favour the former vice president. to that degree he probably needs to have a significant and important role in the transition process. he does seem to have the backing of the military. he comes from the same chequered past that zanu—pf has been through. he was
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involved in many of the atrocities that zanu—pf have committed. i think what we are saying is it is essential that this is an inclusive transition process where people from all political parties, civil societies, trade unions... we will have to leave it there. it'll be very interesting to see what happens. it is an image of defiance that summoned —— that venezuelans were emboldened by. the former mayor of caracas a staunch critic. safe having crossed the border into
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colombia. until last week he was under house arrest, accused of plotting a coup to overthrow the government. he spent more than 1000 daysin government. he spent more than 1000 days in detention and now speaks for venezuelan political prisoners. translation: i will concentrate on travelling the world in excise. i will contribute and be an extension of the hope of the venezuelan people to get rid of this regime, this dictatorship. venezuela is the victim of a regime that is colluding with drug traffickers. on saturday, he was meeting the spanish prime minister. he says he has not gone to madrid to seek asylum but political support. translation: i have asked mr roy to continue to put pressure against the tyranny in venezuela. he is a tyrant
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who uses force and seeks to subdue people like me. in caracas, the president was sarcastic. he commentated on the escape. the vampire is flying free in the world. he says he is going to spain to live the high life, drinking wine and grand beer. you can keep the vampire over there. but he could reenergise ina over there. but he could reenergise in a position that has been criticised for not coming up with a plan for venezuelan. four months of protests ended earlier this year with more than 130 people dead and no change of government. he is now free to become the most high—profile opposition leader, speaking against the president outside of venezuela. the question is how much this will help his supporters inside the country to bring about political
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change. loads of sport around today. jesus and kevin deploying with the goals for manchester city. manchester united beat newcastle 4—1 at old trafford to stay in touch with their city rivals. thejosay mouinho side saw paul probert and ibrahimovic return from injury with pogba getting on the scoresheet. —— jose mourinho. bournemouth thrashed huddersfield and chelsea also thrashed strugglers west bromwich 4-0. thrashed strugglers west bromwich 4—0. swansea beat burnley. crystal palace drew with managerless everton while liverpool romped to a 3—0 win
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at home to southampton. roma moved above lazio into third with victory in the rome derby. natalie are currently 2—0 up against ac milan. —— naphthalene. real madrid and atletico madrid are currently level in the madrid derby. by munich pulled six points clear with a win. in rugby union, england have beaten australia by 30—6 to make it five straight wins over the wallabies. that scoreline did not reflect the balance of play. our sports correspondent was at twickenham watching the action. england, the home side, ran away with the game in the drizzle as the match slipped away from australia. only in the closing few minutes was the match settled and certain. at key points
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in the match the australian coach was visibly fuming at the decisions. an australian try disallowed and offside at a crucial time. at one point australia were reduced to 13 men. england can say they have great finishers to bring off the bench to make a finishers to bring off the bench to makea game finishers to bring off the bench to make a game like this certain. as the coach, eddie jones, make a game like this certain. as the coach, eddiejones, pointed out, it is imperative to play for 80 minutes in these international. eddiejones has still won every single game as england coach. argentina beat italy 31—15. wells could only manage a 13—6 win over georgia. ireland edged it 23—20 against fiji. currently france trail south africa 10—8 with half an hour to play. david coughlin has shocked tennis fans by knocking roger
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federer out. dimitrov has lost the first set against jack's soccer but leads by a break in the second. —— jack sock. malcolm young, co—founder and guitarist of the australian heavy metal band ac/dc, has died aged 64. he founded the group in the 1970s with his brother angus, retiring more than a0 years later to receive treatment for dementia. the band were best known for albums highway to hell and back in black, and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2003. don't forget you can get in touch with me on twitter. thank you for watching. good evening. a tale of two harse
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today. a rather chilly, dank and murky weather in the south. it has been cold in the wind for the lovely sunset. under the starry skies the frost is already forming. be a cold night. in the south it will take its time for the temperature to drop. still cold air. there could be a few icy patches in the north where we keep the showers. in the south there could be patchy fog around through the early hours of sunday morning. it isa the early hours of sunday morning. it is a cold start to our sunday morning. scraping the ice of the cars. there could be fog for early morning travellers. in scotland it looks more promising. the wind will not be as strong. later the cloud will come in for the apple will come into northern ireland and western
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fringes of the country. dryer across southern parts of england and wales. there could be early morning fog. there could be early morning fog. the rain may well return to the irish sea coasts of south—west england and wales and northern ireland in the afternoon and possibly though west of scotland. it'll be grey and cold. further east of the wind will not be as strong but nevertheless it would be pretty chilly. five or six at best. that is because we have had such a chilly start. the sunshine not helping that much. that will disappear as we get low— pressure much. that will disappear as we get low—pressure in through the atlantic on monday morning. snow on the northern edge, particularly over the hills but possibly at lower levels. it will be swept away. mostly mild air except over the hill. the westerly a ntic air except over the hill. the westerly antic wins will take over.
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there is a milder wind coming in off the atlantic and temperatures will rise. it will take its time to warm up, particularly for scotland. that is because the cold air is not too far away. the mild air does tend to win as we go into monday. will it last? tuesday is marred for most of us. last? tuesday is marred for most of us. potentially stormy later in the week. —— tuesday is mild. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope have found a body on land near swanage. dorset police say they are "confident" it is the teenager, who has been missing for 11 days. president robert mugabe is to meet army leaders for talks on his future tomorrow, according to zimbabwe state television. thousands have protested against him in harare. the former trade union organiser richard leonard is elected the new leader of scottish labour. he takes over from kezia dugdale, who makes her debut tomorrow
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on the reality show i'm a celebrity get me out of here. tributes have been paid to captain mike green, a helicopter instructor who died when the helicopter he was in collided with a light aircraft on friday in buckinghamshire. three other men were killed in the crash.
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