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unprecedented scenes in zimbabwe, as tens of thousands march, demanding the resignation of their president of four decades. as crowds fill the streets of harare and bulawayo, the pressure‘s on robert mugabe, who's meeting military commanders tomorrow. this is a new beginning for the people of zimbabwe. what i am seeing is the death of a dynasty. it is so special. we have been waiting for this for 37 years. amid reports mr mugabe is refusing to stand down, it's believed his own party will consider sacking him as leader tomorrow. we'll have the latest live from harare. also tonight... a body's found in the search for the missing teenager gaia pope. tonight, her sister paid this tribute. she is, i'm not going to say "was" and i never will, she is the absolute light of my life. a generational change for sinn fein. gerry adams announces he's standing down as the party's president. and a fifth successive victory
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for england over australia in their rugby union international at twickenham. good evening. tens of thousands of people marched in the zimbabwean capital, harare, and the second city of bulawayo, calling on their president for almost four decades to stand down. crowds have been singing at the gates of robert mugabe's official residence, urging him to go. he's been under virtual house arrest since the army took control of the country four days ago. the country's ruling party, zanu—pf, has said it'll dismiss mr mugabe as its leader tomorrow and reinstate the ousted vice—president. our africa editor, fergal keane,
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reports from harare. something happened inside the people today. the shared energy that swept them along the streets. they were there on the big streets and small. a common purpose, in a place so long divided. voices that would not have dared speak of robert mugabe a few days ago now sank his political requiem. it is so special, we have waited for this for 37 years. you have come back from england, you are happy to see this, i am sure. indeed, iam happy to see this, i am sure. indeed, i am very happy. this is a new beginning for the people of zimbabwe. what i am seeing here is the death of a dynasty. all the faces of the nation came into harare. joy was unrestrained.
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and exubera ntly expressed. into harare. joy was unrestrained. and exuberantly expressed. we watched passing soldiers being enveloped by eager hands and arms. who knows what freedom the military coup will deliver? but an army that was once an instrument of oppression is now celebrated. this tells you everything. this is what the people feel about the army. it may not last, these moments of genuine liberation. seeing the soldiers as their saviours. fear has been cast off and expectations awakened. watching the march, i met this man, a paramedic with a young family. do you believe that the army will really allow you to be free now? yes, they will. and if they don't? well, it is kind of difficult for them not to allow us to be free because of late, we have been free,
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we just never exercised our freedom. the people of zimbabwe! those who force this moment included many who we re force this moment included many who were once ardent supporters of robert mugabe. now they called for the departure of the president and his wife. the people of zimbabwe have spoken and the people of zimbabwe have said, you and your husband should go today and not tomorrow! robert mugabe is under intense pressure, yet this afternoon was refusing to stand down. at one of his official residence, the army was pushing back demonstrators. but they would not leave the area. so people are very angry and they want to get through. past these army lines to this official residence. one of the president's official residences. a man told me, we want to get in there and tell these people what we think of them. the army will remain on the
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streets. and tomorrow, the generals will meet president mugabe to tell them that their guns and the people's sympathies have turned against him. but there is no more time to play for. everybody here now is certain the moment of robert mugabe's departure is drawing close. and fergal is live in harare tonight. your assessment, then, fergal, of what's likely to happen tomorrow? well, basically, you have got three processors now running in parallel. the people have been on the streets, they have shown that anger to mugabe. you have got the generals to meet him in the morning telling him again that time is up. and critically come his own party preparing to vote on a notion which would see him expelled. robert mugabe always said down the years that if the people wanted him to go, then he would not stand in the way. today, and you can still hear horns blaring in the background of people who are angry about the situation, today, he got a very loud message
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and that is what he was reflecting on in his official residencejust across the city tonight. thank you, from harare. the family of gaia pope have said they are absolutely devastated after police searching for the missing teenager tonight said the body of a young woman had been found and they were confident it was that of the 19 year old. the discovery, in dorset, was made by specialist search teams close to a coastal path near swanage. edina campbell reports. the search for gaia pope has been going on for 11 days. but tonight, that search has come to an end. she is... i'm not going to say was and i never will, she is the absolute light of my life. so beautiful. so emotionally wise and intelligent. and, erm... so passionate. and artistic, and creative, and understanding. the teenager's body was found around three o'clock this afternoon, near the coastal path and field where some of her clothes were discovered earlier this week.
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just hours before the body was found, hundreds of volunteers took part in mass searches, in three areas around swanage. we want to thank each and every one of you for everything you've done. if there is one ray of light in this nightmare, it is the compassion, humanity and community spirit that you've shown over the last ten days. your dedication and selflessness for a girl who many of you don't even know has been staggering, and one of the few things that kept us going. three people arrested on suspicion of murder earlier this week have all been released under investigation. police say for the time being, gaia pope's death is being treated as unexplained. edina campbell, bbc news. he's led sinn fein for 3h years but, tonight, gerry adams announced he's to stand down as the party's president.
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the veteran republican made the announcement at his party's conference in dublin this evening. from there, chris buckler sent this report. tonight, sinn fein paid tribute to one of the men who built the party. martin mcguinness was a key figure in its divisive leadership. martin was a proud memberof the ira. but that was a generation ago. and sinn fein's other key figure, who has been party president for three and a half decades, announced this evening he'd stand down next year. i've complete confidence in the leaders we elected this weekend and in the next generation of years. and i want to thank everyone who has welcomed me into their homes and communities, and have made me part of countless campaigns. gerry adams was the leader of sinn fein when the party was seen
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primarily as the political face of the ira. and he was a hate figure for unionists, who saw him simply as an apologist for violence. they haven't gone away, you know. but the ira has now gone away. and with a rise in electoral support in the republic, sinn fein's new ambition is to be part of government in dublin. not if gerry adams is still leader, i would think. that makes a difference? i think so. why? to a lot of people. because he is tainted. people do believe that he was the leader of the ira. he has always denied that. but sinn fein's ira past still hangs over the party, both north and south of the irish border. sinn fein's new stormont leader, michelle o'neill, has been unable to agree a deal to go back into power sharing with unionists in northern ireland. and there is a challenge for the next generation of leaders of leaders here in dublin, like mary lou mcdonald.
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in order to go into coalition government, they have to build relationships with parties that have been keen to distance themselves from sinn fein in the past. chris buckler, bbc news, dublin. the colleagues of a helicopter pilot who died in a crash with a light aircraft in buckinghamshire yesterday have paid tribute to him. captain mike green was conducting a flight instructor course with a student when they both died. two other men were also killed in the collision, which happened near the village of waddesdon. air accident investigators are still trying to establish the cause of the crash. the lebanese politician saad hariri, who shocked his country when he resigned as prime minister, says he will return to beirut within days. mr hariri announced he was standing down while in saudi arabia a fortnight ago, and he hasn't been home since. he was speaking in paris today, after talks with president macron. here's our paris correspondent, lucy williamson. having the president greet you at the elysee palace sends a message. in this case, that mr hariri
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is for france still lebanon's prime minister — not, as some would have it, a political exile, fleeing saudi—arabian control. it was a show of support both political and personal. after the meeting, elysee sources said france would continue direct contacts with the middle east's key players. mr hariri said he was finally going home. translation: i will return to beirut in the coming days and will take part in our independence day celebrations. i will make my position known on all subjects, after talking to our president, monsieur aoun. president macron wants france to have greater global influence. old colonial ties to lebanon no doubt played a role in his invitation to mr hariri, but he's also stepping in to a delicate situation between saudi arabia and iran — two regional powers with conflicting ties to lebanon. mr hariri had been in saudi arabia for two weeks since announcing his
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surprise resignation, accusing iran and its ally, hezbollah, of threatening stability in lebanon, and saying he feared for his life. mr macron's invitation to the hariri family offered a way out of the impasse, but not a solution. this was like, you know, a very important meeting, but no solution because anyway, the solution are among the lebanese and not with france. france can play a role, definitely, in the middle east. er... between iran and saudi arabia, and also perhaps between the lebanese. but i think that the main issues are going to happen in lebanon in the next few weeks. mr hariri left the elysee place with his family today, having tasted french diplomatic power. he's about to test his own. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris.
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with all the sport, here's lizzie greenwood—hughes, at the bbc sport centre. good evening. thanks very much. good evening. well, today's autumn internationals had everything for home nations' rugby union fans. there was a record—breaking win for england over australia. a brave scotland pushed world champions new zealand all the way. wales survived some nervous moments on their way to victory over georgia. and ireland had to dig deep to overcome an enterprising fiji. our correspondent, joe wilson, reports from twickenham. at twickenham, there was one australian smiling. england's coach eddie jones could grin in the end. second half, an england clearance kick turned into attack. rugby‘s eternal unpredictable is the bounce of the ball. australia curly beale waited for it to go out. elliot daly kept it in. and the england player had just enough energy to finish it all off. from one end to the other. with the match in the balance, australia crossed the line, officials decided the bald—headed moore was offside.
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in the way. no score. australia's coach michael cheika choked. and then england ran away with it. slid away with it. jonathanjoseph using the conditions. wet grass was made for this. jonny may scored a try and then made one for danny care. suddenly, england had 30 points. to win in this style would make anyone smile. sometimes, you have to wait until the final minutes and earn the right to make an impact on the try line. these autumn internationals are meant to be a test against the best. and that was certainly the task for scotland. new zealand needed some exceptional performances from their elite players to get past scotland. barrett scoring here. even when the all blacks led, how the home side reacted, scotland played some scintillating stuff. here comes hquones. in the end, the difference was just five points. to be so near can be hard to bear. ireland were close to being humbled by fiji. this penalty gave them victory byjust three points. in cardiff, an experimental welsh side had to cling on against georgia,
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in white, who were attacking until the whistle. 13—6, a day of if onlys for rugby's underdogs. there were 26 goals in today's eight premier league games. match of the day follows the news, so if you want to wait for the results, please avert your attention now. in the early kick—off... the north london derby went the way of arsenal for the first time in three years, as they comfortably beat tottenham 2—0. mustafi and sanchez the scorers at the emirates. elsewhere, there were wins for bournemouth, burnley, leaders manchester city, liverpool, chelsea and manchester united. celtic‘s unbeaten domestic run is now 64 games after the scottish premiership leaders won at ross county from an outstanding leigh griffiths free kick. there were also wins for motherwell, stjohnstone and hamilton. roger federer has been sensationally knocked out of the world tour finals in london. the swiss favourite and six—time champion was beaten in the semis by david goffin, from belgium,
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for the first time. britain's jamie murray also lost in the last four of the men's doubles. and there's news ofjustin rose's late charge for golf‘s race to dubai on the bbc sport website. but from me for now, goodnight. back to you, kate. thank you very much. goodnight. hello. this is bbc news. dorset police say a body has been found on land near swanage in the search for missing teenager gaia pope. they say they are "confident" it is the teenager, who disappeared 11 days ago. with me is our correspondent, adina campbell. what has happened? what do we know? it marks the end of the search effort. it was just hours before her
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body was discovered at around three o'clock this afternoon, hundreds of volu nteers o'clock this afternoon, hundreds of volunteers took part in the mass searches in swa nage. volunteers took part in the mass searches in swanage. some of the volu nteers searches in swanage. some of the volunteers were not even local. it shows how much it has touched many members of the local and wider community. after i! members of the local and wider community. after 11 days research has come to an end. tonight we have been hearing from giaia's cousin. we wa nt been hearing from giaia's cousin. we want to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done. if there is a ray of light in the night where it is the compassion, humanity and community spirit you have shown. your dedication and selfishness regard you don't even know has been staggering one of the few things that kept us going. this afternoon the emergency services found temp, crib's body. we are devastated and unable to put those feelings of loss
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into words. we thank you for everything you have done. our little bird has flown but will always be with us. tonight, police have confirmed they found giaia's body near the coastal path and field where some of her clothes were discovered earlier this week on thursday. in the later statement from dorset police, although the body has yet to be formally identified, they are confident it is giaia. her sister has been speaking and paying tribute tonight as well. she is, i am and paying tribute tonight as well. she is, lam not going and paying tribute tonight as well. she is, i am not going to say was, i never will. she is the absolute light of my life. so beautiful, so emotionally wise and intelligent. so passionate and artistic and creative and understanding. and i will always
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always, always be one of three. always one of three. ijust want to thank everybody, everyone, every hug, every message. one of three, that's all i have to say. absolute heartbreak for the family. they will continue to be supported by specially trained officers. three people who were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of murder have been released under police investigation. for the time being at this stage giaia's is being treated as unexplained. thank you very much. the new leader of scottish labour has promised to offer voters what he called "a message of real hope". richard leonard, a jeremy corbyn supporter who was elected to holyrood 18 months ago, replaces kezia dugdale. she's to take part in the reality tv show, "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here." here's our scotland editor, sarah smith. applause electing richard leonard
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as their leader marks a left turn for the scottish labour party, as he becomes their fourth leader injust three years. there is now a settled consensus, established around a radical policy agenda, for the scottish labour party. richard leonard was only elected to the scottish parliament last year. he is a yorkshireman, a former trade union organiser and a committed corbyn loyalist. there are times in the past where it has appeared that the scottish labour party has looked to pick fights with jeremy corbyn. i won't be doing that. we can't afford the luxury of splits and divisions, we need to work together, and i am determined that the scottish labour party, from whom today i have received a mandate, will be working closely and in step withjeremy corbyn and the entire labour party. anas sarwar was the more moderate candidate in what was a fractious race. i think it is obvious to see at times this campaign has been
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conducted in the most comradely way. i would hope we can come together as a labour party now and focus on the real opponents — that is the snp and the tories. the labour party are facing a substantial challenge in scotland. they are in third place behind the snp and the tories. they are going to have to fight hard to even regain their place as the official opposition in the scottish parliament. and they are going to have to win a lot more scottish seats ifjeremy corbyn is ever going to form a government in westminster. on our way out, the departing leader kezia dugdale has sprung a surprise. she is to appear on i'm a celebrity, get me out of here, a decision that has been sharply criticised of members of her own party. sarah smith, bbc news. malcolm young, co—founder and guitarist of the australian heavy metal band ac/dc has died aged 64. he founded the group in the 1970s with his brother angus, retiring more than forty years later to receive treatment for dementia.
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the band were best known for albums highway to hell and back in black, and were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2003. in a statement on the group's website, they described malcom as ‘a perfectionist' who ‘with enormous dedication and commitment, was the driving force behind the band'. i have been looking back at his career with a classic rock journalist. pretty much the biggest heavy rock band that the world has seen and given the changes in the music industry, probably we will not see a band like that as big but inspirational to the big hitters today like guns and roses and metallica. malcolm young, it was him, wasn't it? he founded it with his brother.
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it was his band and he invited angus tojoin. he was the engine that drove the band. everything they did came from malcolm young, the style of music and what went on the album is full to be wrote —— albums, obviously he wrote the material, often with angus. the huge iconic riffs or come from malcolm. he had a rock—steady rhythm section behind him and his driving, relentless guitar allowed angus to take the spotlight with his guitar antics. the engine, absolutely everything that ac/dc did came from malcolm young. he wrote all the material, didn't he? yes. later it was very much malcolm and angus wrote all the material. he got dementia so they have been pretty inactive for a while. they toured. they did an album after malcolm retired. during the tour, brian had hearing problems and was told by the doctors that he could not tour so axl rose
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from guns n roses stepped in. ac/dc kept going as a tribute to malcolm. what do you think is the future for ac/dc? there have been one or two members that something might happen in the future. —— murmurs. this throws all of that into question. i suppose fans will think that a couple of the guys who had retired might get back together for one last hurrah for malcolm. ac/dc have always played things by their own rules. they do not take any notice of the orthodox way of doing things you might never hear from them again. they might feel it is right to honour the guy who made the band. unorthodox but big sellers. 200 million album sales. 50 million for back in black. that is phenomenal. back in black is
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the second biggest selling album by any artist ever. a lot of people like ac/dc. now it is time to look at the weather. it has been a tale of two harse. chilly, dank and mad —— murky weather in the south. we had some lovely su nsets. weather in the south. we had some lovely sunsets. under the starry skies, the frost is already forming. it will be a cold night. temperatures down to —3, minus four. in the south it will take a while for the temperature to drop. there could be a few icy patches, particularly in the north where we keep the showers. in the south there could be patchy fog around. for many
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it isa could be patchy fog around. for many it is a cold start to sunday morning, scraping the eyes of the ca rs. morning, scraping the eyes of the cars. there could be fog for early morning travellers. in scotland it looks more promising. the wind will not be as strong. later the cloud will come in. . to come into northern ireland and the western fringes. cold and bright further east. it does look dryer across southern parts of england and wales compared with what we have seen today. it could be early morning fog and the brain may well return to the irish sea coasts and northern ireland into the afternoon. possibly western scotland. here it willjust be grey and cold. further east, although the wind is not as strong, it will nevertheless be pretty chilly. five and six at best for most. even the sunshine not helping much despite the ridge of high pressure. that disappears as we get
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low— pressure pressure. that disappears as we get low—pressure starting to roll into the atlantic. snow on the northern edge. that could cause some disruption potentially first thing monday. then it looks as if it will be swept away. mild debt over the hills. we have this milder wind coming in off the atlantic and we will see temperatures rising. it will see temperatures rising. it will take its time to warm up, particularly for scotland. that is because the cold is not too far away. the mild air off the atlantic does tend to win. tuesday does look milder. potential. later in the week. —— potential for storms. hello. this is bbc news with nicholas owen. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment —
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