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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 22, 2017 4:00am-4:31am GMT

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majority of seats in catalonia's regional election. in response to 0ctober‘s in north america and around the globe. disputed referendum. my name is mike embley. ousted separatist leaders. them winning a majority in the regional cases in war—torn yemen has reached assembly. one million. food, and basic healthcare. president trump's recognition ofjerusalem as israel's capital. have the right to make such from the war in yemen. a decision. donald trump's recognition ofjerusalem as israel's capital. he was trying to arrest.
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an absolute majority in regional elections in catalonia. from exile or behind bars. who called this election in response to october's disputed referendum. he'd stripped the previous regional government of its authority. 57 going to parties favouring the union with spain. smiling and, on the face of it, victorious. victorious. most seats in the catalan parliament but not enough of majority. but not enough of majority. is this your
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victory? your victory? victory for elections for the first time in catalonia. time in catalonia. and you can form a coalition? a coalition? it is difficult but we can try. can try. told supporters she toured —— she should be the rightful leader. should be the rightful leader. independence parties that can get the majority in parliament. the majority in parliament. lies with the ex— catalan president carles puigdemont. carles puigdemont. declaration triggered independence is likely to reform. is likely to reform. the other separatist leaders are in prison. separatist leaders are
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in prison. restoration of democracy in catalonia. catalonia. who should not spend another minute in prison. in prison. return to the palace of the generaliitat. generaliitat. gambled but that gamble appears to have failed. have failed. coalition talks to see how the independence crisis plays out. the result sends a message. 5% of the vote in catalonia to 4%.
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they are down to three members of parliament. your police to beat up our voters again. with a heavy hand up to now. why did he get will be different? people, will make them listen. result has to be listened to, the will of the people. the people have spoken so now it's time to listen to them. it was spain who decided they wanted to have these elections. these were illegal elections.
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or dissolve the parliament. it clearly overstepped its boundaries. to be temporary measures. and it clearly backfired. so what you think the choice is that the government? negotiating cancelling democracy. and listen to the people. refuses to listen. spanish government everjust said what is the matter? what is the problem? they simply say no, no, no, we don't care and shut up. we are going to beat you up with baton is. that is not the way at 21st century european democracy should act.
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and only problems. making the news. into a crowd of pedestrians in a busy street in melbourne. 19 people were injured — several critically. use. users to upload licensed content from universal‘s library. eltonjohn and lady gaga. to withdraw its recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. 128 countries voted to reject donald trump's recent announcement. 9 voted against, and 35 abstained. the resolution is non—binding, but a strong expression of opinion.
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for nations challenging the new us policy. again make the world's largest contribution to the un. for their benefit. america will put our embassy in jerusalem. thing to do. aaron david miller is from the woodrow wilson center think tank. at all. a lot
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of countries didn't vote at all. there were a record number of abstentions. 35. eight or nine voted against. picture. i've worked for republicans and democrats and voted for both. this was a significant blow to american credibility. little faith in diplomacy. much more difficult. nothing is going to fundamentally and positively affect the situation. of its own role has been made more difficult. diplomatically, little affect? i do.
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of what motivates the trump administration. in particular shows a preternatural tendency to choose politics. pacify and expand the political base. the administration rebels in the conflict at the un. it is popular among his constituency. multilateral
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diplomacy. in the united states. in lima. the president, pedro pablo kuczynski. to deny allegations of corruption. cholera outbreaks the world has seen in a decade.
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of the population with little access to food or clean water. from the capital sa naa. you may find it distressing. and beyond despair. he's just one of yemen's starving children. other infants suffering just like him. reached the capital. abdillahi's motherjamilla sits helpless at his side. she's already lost two other children to hunger. she tells me he's all she has to live for. translation: my husband's salary used to provide for us. it would run out at the end of the month, but he would get
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paid. everything was ok. now, all we eat is bread and tea. now in its third year. from birth, it's a struggle to survive. given his first proper meal in days. anyone working for the state hasn't received a salary. so the family quickly fell into poverty. too ashamed to ask their own family for help, they struggled in silence. and another is shared out between the rest. that's all we have. at night they ask for dinner. they cry, but i can't give them anything, so they sleep hungry. it's really heartbreaking.
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before she asked her sister for money to bring him here. it makes me wonder how many more people are starving in their homes. afford to shop here. a once busy store, now empty. from, and they're totally dependent on aid to survive. translation: this milk used to cost $15. now it is $25. they can no longer eat it. has had on the city. burnt buildings, homes in ruins. the war in yemen has had an impact on all aspects
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of life. has left people here living in fear. to speak their minds. the most lives. it's the catastrophic humanitarian crisis. much of the problem lies here. yemen's main ports. which has driven up prices. yesterday, the blockade was lifted for the next 30 days. but the houthi rebels are impeding what little aid is being delivered. everyone here is now struggling. without any income. mohammed has been teaching for over a year without pay. if he didn't turn
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up to lessons. for the people. already, the middle—class has completely disappeared. community isn't doing enough to stop the war. there is a glaring lack of pressure beyond the words. and the only solution is political. full—hearted approach at fixing this. those at the brunt of the suffering
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are the vulnerable. nawalal—maghafi, bbc news, sana'a. full—hearted approach at fixing this. those at the brunt of the suffering are the vulnerable. three months since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. now they are preparing for christmas. starting to run, and suddenly it was complete chaos. of general manuel noriega. and take him to the united states to face drugs charges. the hammer and sickle was hastily taken away. states. of the seas, nose down in the soft earth.
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a football pitch wide, falls from 30,000 feet. than 20 years. where there were anti—communist riots ten days ago. this is bbc news. elections in catalonia. epidemic in yemen has now reached a million suspected cases. workers from reaching those who need life—saving medical help. been unable to reach any civilians in the besieged area.
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from the rebel—held area, into damascus. in december, we have not reached a single soul. all our attempts have gone in vain. a single besieged area so far in december. so we are ending with the worst month. evacuations. people, but because they are dying. intensified over the news of a sale of migrants in libya. of migrants in libya. migration has bought back about 14,000 to their various countries. 14,000 to their various countries.
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it hopes to increase that to 15,000 next year. next year. many have been recounting terrible experiences. terrible experiences. bbc that a 30—year—old returnee who had been sold into slavery in libya. had been sold into slavery in libya. —— met. ghana, after many months of detention in libya. detention in libya. left for libya in 2016 in search of greener pastures. greener pastures. bartee faced the exact opposite. exact opposite. captured, tortured, and sold as a slave. —— paid traffickers. -- paid traffickers. the driver sold me to a ghana man. driver sold me to a ghana man. he said i should pay him money. said i should pay him money. he needed money in ghana. needed money in ghana. 100 people, in one small room. just beating us. every day. i spent almost three months in that room.
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so it is not easy. easy. didn't pay money, what they would do to you... to you... so, they give you a number in ghana. his wife's number in ghana. ghana. your mother will send mobile money to his wife. to his wife. they told me that i should pay the money. should pay the money. mum, and my mum, at that time, she is not feeling well. is not feeling well. she said she had money in the taxi. she sold the taxi. taxi. and send the money to that guy, his wife. wife. for migration, has helped repatriate over 300 ghanaians. over 300 ghanaians.
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is also helping to integrate the returnees back into society. returnees back into society. lopez is the organisation's representative in ghana. representative in ghana. vocational training, it is extremely important. connecting them with options. options. migrate in search of better economic opportunities. opportunities. country, travelling to libya, it is not new. not new. others does not deter most of them from travelling there. from travelling there. more jobs to stop young ghanaians from leaving the country. from leaving the country. continue making the dangerous journeys to libya. into the island of puerto rico. part of a
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century. to cope with their first christmas since the hurricane hit. jennie and jose are celebrating the best way they can. without electricity this christmas will be hard. after the hurricane we have no light. decorations. and we like to celebrate everything. in the south—western city of yauco. they are staging a massive christmas occasion to lift spirits. the motto is, as bad as things are, you must still have hope.
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of people who think it's over and don't have a vision. we want to let them know we are blessed. this was the immediate aftermath of hurricane maria. a trail of devastation, dozens of lives lost. and hundreds are living in shelters. with theirfamilies and with hope for the future. of taking drugs. and the whole incident was filmed on his
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body camera. andrew plant has the story. a police officer in florida putting on protective gloves. inside. and needles, and is about to search the vehicle. but the driver has other ideas. it's going to be in front of cambridge... whoa, whoa! he is hurtled along at high speed. down. one way. is still recording. you're a
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hero! awesome. footage on facebook. the officer somehow unharmed. when i got there i saw heroin and syringes... these dangerous drivers... we got the camera. good job. all captured on camera. this session of congress in peru has been going on for 12 hours. been going on for 12 hours. avoided being impeached over allegations of corruption. allegations of corruption. bribes from b brazilian construction giant adobrecht.
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giant adobrecht. accused congress, controlled by the opposition, of mounting a coup. opposition, of mounting a coup. understand he has escaped impeachment. much more news on the website. hi there. and christmas day. much the same. and much of scotland too. of light rain and drizzle. for some of us, it will be a damp start to the day. but look at these temperatures. 10 degrees across wales and southwest england. very mild here. and there could be some dense patches of fog around as well.
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of the morning. away from england and wales. left with extensive cloud. temperatures mild for the time of year. 12, even 13 degrees. through friday night we do it all over again. hills around the west. during the daytime at this time of the year. we've got more of the same, really. change that we will see during the weekend. saturday, then, looks something like this. to the eastern high ground of
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eastern scotland. western areas of scotland. christmas eve, though, another mild one and another breezy one. you can have one. you will find some snow. across the sky. that's your weather. 00:28:41,618 --> 1073741526:09:53,571 this 1073741526:09:53,571 --> 2147483051:51:05,524 is 2147483051:51:05,524 --> 3221224577:32:17,477 bbc 3221224577:32:17,477 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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