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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 1, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme... aubameyang is now an arsenal man — a club record fee of $80 million for the gabon striker. antonio conte‘s chelsea are shocked at stamford bridge — conceding three at home to bournemouth. and formula 1 announces that the grid girls are to be no more. hello and welcome along to sport today, wherever you are watching us. so the january transfer window in european football has now closed. and the headline act on the final day was the move of pierre emerick aubameyang from borrussia dortmund to arsenal. the gabon striker arrived in london on a deal worth close to $80 million. and this was his reaction. said the league and they have the great players. it is an example to oui’
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great players. it is an example to our strikers. yes, i great players. it is an example to ourstrikers. yes, iam great players. it is an example to our strikers. yes, iam really happy. he's a happy man with a big smile on his face. joe lynskey can tell us more about the player promising to deliver big things for arsenal. this is arsenal's new gift from gabon. the £56 million striker with quite the back story. he path to of the world stage has come by the equator, a country unlikely to make a world cup, but with one superstar. at 28, he is ready their record scorer. but that was of allegiance has set him apart. pierre emerick aubameyang's background means he could have played for france, italy, or spain. he overlooked european southern, was african roots, which he put down to his father, pierre sr, 180 gabon caps. he is scoring form attracted newcastle united in 2013, when henry the stjames‘ broke
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down. england borrussia dortmund. —— in ten. pierre emerick aubameyang's talent is being treated by controversy. he makes a habit of making the wrong kind of headlines. —— in came borussia. arsenal that they have found a new goalscoring icon at a time that they needed the most. —— hope that they have found. well our sport correspondent david 0rnstein has been following this transfer from the very start — and it's a move that has been complicated. earlier he explained to me why aubameyang should be a good fit for arsenal. battle, pierre emerick aubameyang has inherited the famous number 1a shirt here at arsenal, one by germany. i don't think any arsenal player has dawned that since then. —— were run by thierry henri. arsenal agreed a deal with borussia
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dortmund border services. a club record fee in the region of 7019 89 billion us dollars. they have also agreed to go to. needed to happen to it to go to was to source a replacement. ——. they got a player ona loan replacement. ——. they got a player on a loan deal until the end of the season, while chelsea finally agreed a loan deal for the showroom. season, while chelsea finally agreed a loan dealfor the showroom. —— 70 to 89. the 25 million us dollars from arsenal. —— for 0livier giroud. mesut ozil has signed a new three and half year contract worth up to around 500,000 us dollars per week before tax. staggering numbers,
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there. it makes it a fairly happy day for arsenal, other than departure of matt dathan. it also tried to get a defender, but they did not mention do so. so. so they finished with pierre emerick aubameyang and mesut ozil, with 0livier giroud going out the door. most did not get to manchester city. they will be away from the deal because the transfer package would cost about 135 million dollars, and they felt that was too much. —— mahrez did not get. well aubayemang was the big story on wednesday. but there's been a whole month of transfers. doesn't it seem a while ago since philippe coutinho left liverpool for barcelona? so let's round up the big moves from january — here's austin halewood. liverpool got the ball rolling with one of the biggest deals of the window, virgil van dijk moving to anfield $100 million, making him the most expensive defender. but the
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action at anfield did not stop there. 0nce action at anfield did not stop there. once again tim krul philippe coutinho, and the time, the feat was to turn down. liverpool profited $150 million, and that is set to rise. it has been a busy transfer window that a goodison park, as well. they sold ross barkley, who had been out of contract in the summer had been out of contract in the summerfor $20 had been out of contract in the summer for $20 million. eight had been out of contract in the summerfor $20 million. eight 20 striker arrived in besiktas the $30 million, and arsenal was paid $30 million, and arsenal was paid $30 million the theo walcott. alexis sanchez transferred from arsenal to manchester city, and it had been on the cards as august. it to get united offered more money to get his signature. in a deal valued at $40 million, henrikh mkhitaryan went the other way. finally, with russia
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around the corner and an england place to play for, daniel sturridge went out on loan at west brom. his would—be race for the champions league, with a battle to avoid relegation. his regularfootball is what he needs. he was to be on the plane to russia. now from transfers to actual football. tottenham scored after just 11 seconds in their 2—0 english premier league win over manchester united. christian erikksen found the net first. spurs‘ second came from a philjones own goal. the game at wembley broke the premier league attendance record — 81978 fans were at the match. we are so happy. the important thing is to keep going. we have important and had. there is a lot left to play. that is why we need to stay focused and everything. —— on. in all the leagues. -- important games
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ahead. after a few seconds, that goal, it had a big influence on the game, because then totland could play how they want to. the way that they are really strong and dangerous. —— tottenham. ithink they are really strong and dangerous. —— tottenham. i think the confidence of my players was broken with the second goal. they are a good team, but the goals were ridiculous goals. no suprises at the etihad — manchester city saw off west brom by three goals to nil. fernandinho, kevin de bruyne and sergio aguero the scorers there. city's lead at the top is now 15 points following manchester united's defeat. but shock of the day came at stamford bridg, where reigning champions chelsea were humbled 3—nil by bournemouth. —— where reigning champions chelsea were humbled 3—0 by bournemouth. callum wilson, junior stanislas, and nathan ake all found the net — a much needed win for eddie howe's side. and elsewhere, the new signing theo
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walcott made a difference. in spain, sevilla let slip a one goal lead in their copa del reya semi—final first leg away at leganes. remember, leganes knocked out real madrid in the last round. favourites, sevilla took the lead in the first half, through luis muriel, but the visitors battled back. the equaliser coming from greek defender dimitrios siovas. the second leg is next wednesday. grid girls will no longer be used by formula 1 from the start of the 2018 championship season. grid girls are models used to conduct certain promotional tasks, usually wearing clothing that bears the name of a sponsor. their duties include holding umbrellas or driver name—boards on the grid and lining the corridor through which the drivers walk on their way to the podium. russian president vladimir putin has insisted his country always stood for clean sport. putin told his athletes to forget about doping scandals when they compete at the pyeongchang winter olympics next month.
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the international olympic committee has banned russia from taking part, but has allowed 169 russians to compete under a neutral flag. translation: it becomes quite as difficult when sports are mixed with things and events completely non— related, alien to sport, like news reports et cetera. forgive us that we could not protect you from this, but you know what the fans must ever doubt that russia did and always will stand for and support the idea of when sports in all meanings. —— clea n of when sports in all meanings. —— clean sports. that is all the sport commands for the moment. just keep updated on the
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website, iwill the moment. just keep updated on the website, i will be back soon. goodbye. hello. it will be a cold and frosty start this thursday morning. we have had bands of rain, sleet and snow working eastwards. there is a met office be prepared ice warning in the uk. the added complication with snow continuing in the north. there could be a smattering of snow initially. the showers are running in behind. in scotland they will fall as snow and the hills of northern ireland as well. coupled with the wintry showers, gale force winds, severe gales in the north—east of scotland. it will be bitterly cold. the snow showers will blow around. there will be further showers for the north—west of england, parts of wales, the south—west, into the home counties, potentially as well.
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there could be rain and sleet here and snow over the hills. the risk of it being slippery. the showers could come in and wash off the salt on the roads and pavements. it does look as though it will be a slippery affair in places. away from the showers, a sparkling day. plenty of sunshine around. showers interspersed with some brighter, sunnier spells. look at the strength of the wind. into single figures, but the wind will add a significant chill factor if you are out and about with those gales in the north and east. continuing through the coming night, easing a little in western areas and continuing to push in those showers. another cold start on friday. severe frost because of the strength of the wind. a subtle change in wind direction will bring showers to eastern parts of england during friday. further west, fewer showers. a dry day, more sunshine around. slightly less cold. still feeling cold. into the weekend, we have complications. this weather system coming into cold air. this is across the balkans. in italy, we have the rugby taking
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place here on sunday. saturday looks like a bleak day. cold rain or cold sleet and snow, particularly in the north, possibly further south. there is some uncertainty. we will keep you posted on that. it looks as though there will be cold rain for wales and the match against scotland, perhaps bit drier in paris. wintry weather not to be ruled out. it might be dry for england's match against italy in rome. we have to clear the low pressure out of the way. 0ur rain, sleet, and snow mix well is on the way through the course of sunday. we pick up the bitterly cold wind across south—eastern areas. more sunshine and drier weather across the west. frosty nights. ice to watch out for through the morning. goodbye. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the entire board of usa gymnastics
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resigns over its failure to protect young athletes from the convicted doctor larry nassar. the fbi says it has "grave concerns" over the accuracy of what's expected to be a critical memo that could soon be released by the white house. is this an act of terrorism? we have a special report on the 16—year—old palestinian girl on trial next week in an israeli military court. and a senior bbcjournalist tells a british parliamentary hearing of her anger at the way the corporation has treated some of the women it employs.
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