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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  July 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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the eu with regulations or does she believe in the visions of those on her benches who see britain does my future as a move regulated, low investment tax haven? for the league, will potential options for britain's future immigration policy to be included in the brexit white paper? we know freedom of movement will change when we leave the eu, but we are still no clearer as to what will come next. recent figures show migration of european union national is his continuing to fall with some sectors suffering shortages, including the national health service. finally, is the prime minister still confident she can geta prime minister still confident she can get a deal? at this stage, it is not clear that the prime minister can even get a deal with her own cabinet, which is widely, after two years, the white paper is still nowhere to be seen. the divisions and open one fair —— open warfare
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are holding the country back. even her own cabinet members are openly saying that a deal can't be done before the transition period and that the transition period will have to be extended. the prime minister has for too long hidden behind a series of sound bites, including new deal is better than a bad deal. no deal is a bad deal and would represent historic failure. the prime minister must choose will she be in the eagles upper cabinet or negotiate a deal that works for the people of this country and those worried about theirjobs, their future and their communities? first ball, the right honourable gentleman talked about the issues raised in relation to migration. as i said, the uncontrolled migrant —— migration and the numbers we have
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seen attempting to come to europe, and some have lost their lives in that attempt, does pose a serious challenge to europe and we have been working with our european colleagues and water to be able to address these issues. he talked about the right to claim asylum. i said in 2016 when i went to the united nations, i said three principles that we believe underlies these issues. first of all, that people should claim asylum in the first safe country that become too. but it should be better there are two differentiate between economic management —— economic migrants and refugees. secondly, they must accept returns of those individuals who have gone legally elsewhere and to be returned to those countries. he has to bite alleviation of the burden on italy and greece. we have been working with them in a number of ways to alleviate the burden on them. we have had border force staff
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working in greece to help them in terms of the processes therefore claiming asylum and identifying refugees and others. we have been working in italy but also working in relation to the organised immigration task force to ensure that we are identifying the people smugglers who are behind the misery that so many of these individual migrants find themselves subjected to. these people smugglers have no ca re to. these people smugglers have no care for their humanity, for the lives of people they are dealing with. they are happy to put them into both that they know will sink and send them off the libyan coast. that is why we have been part of the search and rescue operation in the mediterranean and are working to identify those smuggling routes. are also, as i said in my statement last week, but we will work towards further action and further uk
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support, including at further uk vessel. he then came onto the brexit and talked about the issue of whether or not there had been progress on brett said. virtually every stage the labour party have said there was no progress on brexit. at every stage we have delivered. they said we wouldn't delivered. they said we wouldn't deliver article 50, we did. i laid out plans at lancaster house, at florence, munich, in the mansion house speech. we got agreement on fee is one in december. it got agreement in march ten of the meditation period. we are on schedule, the question is why does the labour party spent its all time trying to frustrate the exit and stop the both of the british people? there is the prime minister in the house of commons discussing brexit. we start with the breaking news.
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within the past half—hour, it's been reported that rescue divers in thailand have found 12 boys trapped in flooded caves. there's been no contact with the boys, aged between 11 and 16, since they went missing with their football coach nine days ago. a huge rescue effort has been launched. it has been hampered by heavy rains, that had flooded the tham luang caves in the north of the country. tham luang caves in the north of the country. the local governor said all 13 were "safe". that is an extraordinary development, really. there had been growing efforts to try to find them. huge resources brought in by the thai authorities and military. classmates of those 12 boys had been really hoping for a miracle because
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divers had been inching their way through thick mud, water, winding crevasses , through thick mud, water, winding crevasses, trying to get to the air pocket where they believed the group of boys and a football coach where. they brought in pipes, to pump out the water, to keep the water levels as low as possible. there had been no contact at all with the boys ever since they went missing more than a week ago. it has been an absolutely massive rescue effort. there have been british king of experts who have also been drafted in. those are some of the pipes you can see that they have been using the pump out vast amounts of water, but they knew that more heavy rains were coming later this week, so it has been a race against time by the thai authorities to try to bring down the water levels and reach the boys, but they have now, according to the local governor they have breached
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the boys and they are all alive. then watch what condition therein. it is very unlikely they have had any food or clean drinking water for the last few days they have been in there. but this was the wild boar football team, as it was known. the school that they were members of have said it has been a very painful week, that they have been praying for the boys, hoping against hope that they would be found alive. scores of divers, including foreign experts, have been sent to the cave. they have taken with them hundreds of oxyg e n they have taken with them hundreds of oxygen tanks. they have had a base camp nearby and above ground several teams have been drilling, trying to get into the labyrinth of dark tunnels. it has been
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desperately difficult logistical operation. relatives of the boys have been camped out at the caves for more than a week, desperately waiting news for their loved ones. if this news is confirmed, and it has come from the governor of the province, so there is no reason to disbelieve it, but clearly those weary relatives who have been their day in, day out, waiting and praying, will be absolutely elated with this news. the team of young footballers and their assistant coach, who is 25, went into the cave back on the 23rd ofjune after a training session. they then got cut off and were stuck in the caves when there were heavy rains that cut them off from the entrance. rescuers then find their bicycles, find football boots, find backpacks near the
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entrance of the cave. they then discovered handprints and footprints further in, so they didn't know that they were there. those words really they were there. those words really the only signs of the boys. it was a huge network of caves, so very difficult to locate exactly where they wear or to know even if they we re they wear or to know even if they were still alive. across thailand, people have been maintaining hope and belief that these boys might be found alive. it is made news right around the world, notjust in thailand. it is likely that they did have some access to fresh water in the cave and it is possible that they may have taken some snacks with them, maybe even head lamps, we don't know. but, clearly, if they have been found alive and well, which seems to be the case, that is a cause for great rejoicing, not only for theirfriends a cause for great rejoicing, not only for their friends and
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relatives, their classmates and their school, but all of thailand. this is a story that will go around the world. fantastic news, if that is confirmed. we will bring you more details on what appears to be a dramatic rescue of those boys under coach from black cave in thailand. you are watching bbc news. let's bring you more from theresa may, he is in the house of commons being pressed on her proposals for brexit. downing street have now come up with a third proposalfor downing street have now come up with a third proposal for customs arrangements with the european union, which he is hoping her cabinet can agree on and her cabinet meeting at chequers on friday for what is likely to be a critical meeting. our chief political correspondent, vicki young,
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is in westminster. there was hardly any time spent at that eu summit on brexit. the rest of the eu had other things on their minds, like migration, for example. it was interesting thatjeremy corbyn in his response decided to really go on the attack saying that she needs to rein in the eagles in her cabinet and after all this time, after more than two years it simply wasn't good enough that the cabinet still haven't agreed on what kind of future relationship they want. that is why theresa may is calling this meeting at chequers, calling her full cabinet there on friday. of course, there will be lots of speculation. we learned yesterday that there is this idea of another plan when it comes to a customs arrangement. labour were pretty scathing about that, saying after all this time, a year ago you said
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there were two options, neither appears to be another one, but really we are in the dark. some mps here say that they think have of the cabinet is in the dark about that. we don't know if it has been signed up we don't know if it has been signed up by we don't know if it has been signed up by key people in the cabinet or if it is something that she will speak to them about in coming days. after friday, we have this white paper that we are told will lay out what the uk will ask of brussels, what the uk will ask of brussels, what we want as a future relationship. the problem is she hasn't got it signed up amongst people, let alone before it goes to the eu. we are in a situation with a lot of speculation. the spokesperson for the prime minister said there will be speculation between night and friday and some of it may even be correct, but he wasn't willing to confirm or deny any of the rumours going around. there are several conservative mps who came out on the attack against jacob rees—mogg, conservative mps who came out on the attack againstjacob rees—mogg, he
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seemed to be threatening the prime minister that he and others could bring the government down if she didn't stick to what they want, stick to their red lines about leaving the customs union, leaving the single market, not going by the ecj rules. some tories have her back on that. compromise is going to be the word of the week. we don't know yet whether those copper might as well come. as you say, without chequers cabinet summit, whatever you want to call it, on friday, you get the sense that the political temperature is rising within the tory party and a new war of words between the brexiteers and the remainers. yes, and also between those other conservative mps who would say they are in the middle of all this. they say there are probably 15 mp5 on either side who are very, very fissiparous about what they believe in. those former remainers, the brexiteers some of them have been fighting for this for yea rs.
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them have been fighting for this for years. others say, we are in the middle, we accept that we are leaving the eu but it has to be something that doesn't harm british business. that has slightly changed the debate in recent weeks. some businesses have spoken like saying we need to know what it is we will be moving towards and expressing fear that the supply chain, as they call it, might be hampered. the idea of not having this frictionless trade, which theresa may says she wa nts. trade, which theresa may says she wants. they want to see that that is what they will get at the end of all this. there has been a fierce articulated byjeremy corbyn this afternoon, but that has to be about the economy and jobs and all of those things theresa may has the answer. she did have a meeting this afternoon with nigel dodds, the leader of the dup in westminster. she said that she reiterated that will not end up in a situation where northern ireland will be separated from the rest of the uk, remaining in the single market with the eu
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customs union. that message being repeated, but what everyone is waiting for is any further details about the compromise that downing street thinks it can put forward which will actually get the cabinet to agree. thank you very much indeed. let's take you straight back to thailand and that breaking news in the last few minutes. it has been reported that rescue divers in thailand have now found alive and well those 12 boys and their football coach, he had been trapped in flooded caves. there had been no contact with the boys, aged between 11 and 16, since they went missing with their football coach nine days ago. around a thousand personnel, from places like america, australia,
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japan. we can speak to the bbc‘s howard johnson who is in tham luang in north thailand. in the less 30 minutes we heard from the regional governor, saying that a tea m the regional governor, saying that a team of navy seal divers had reached the boys under coach. 13 of them are alive. they were fined 11100 metres from an area that they were heading for, a beach, a braised sandbank within the cave complex. that gives people hope that if they could get to this area that perhaps they could be above the fluff —— the flood water. medics are assessing their health. they say it will take four hours to work out if they are in any condition to move. this has been an enormous rescue effort. it'sjust built up and grown over the last few
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days. i got here five days ago and i have seen the build—up in those five days. i have seen more people come from international organisations, different armies, from international organisations, differentarmies, different volunteer groups. the area next to the cave, the thai authorities did well to organise it. more cord and scott set up and the effort was three pronged. they were pumping water out of the cave every night. that help the search investigate inside the cave. the divers find it easier when the water levels came down. there are hundreds of people scouring the jungle above the caves to see if they could find a hole down. it seems that the way to find the boys was through the water and thatis the boys was through the water and that is how they were find this evening. this has been a story that has gripped the nation, gripped the world in a sense. these 12 boys
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under football coach, world in a sense. these 12 boys underfootball coach, nobody world in a sense. these 12 boys under football coach, nobody knew they were still alive, if they had food, clean drinking water, how much longer they could survive if they we re longer they could survive if they were alive. it was this race against time by the divers and rescue teams to get there, to get to the boys. very much so. i was going to bed this even when i suddenly heard shouts of joy from this even when i suddenly heard shouts ofjoy from the hotel. i got out of bed and went down into the reception area and there were the staff in the reception watching the tv. this is going to be all across the new series thailand. people have been talking about this week. it is matter of —— it is a massive story. thank you, howard johnson. just a week what we know so far, that the governor of the local province where those caves are in northern
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thailand, has said that the boys, the 12 boys and their coach, have all been found alive, all 13 of them. they disappeared back on the 23rd ofjune during an outing to the tham luang cave. then nothing was heard of them for nine days. in that time there has been a growing effort to find them. a thousand personnel, rescue teams from the us, britain, japan and elsewhere, trying to get to them. bringing in pipes to pump out the water, bringing in expert divers, including these divers from hair tied navy seal group. it seems likely it is those thai navy seal divers who did manage to reach them. doctors had also said that the boys could survive for quite a few days without food if they could have found enough clean water, drinking
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water. it seems that they may well have done that. an extraordinary story, extraordinary dramatic story that after all those efforts it seems those 12 boys, young boys, have been found, along with their football coach home alive. we don't know what condition therein. we will bring you more from thailand just as soon as we get it. just to read what we know about this story, that rescu e rs we know about this story, that rescuers in thailand are now saying that they have managed to get through thick mud, the water, the winding crevices of that network of caves in order to find those boys, aged between 11 and 16, since they went missing with their football coach nine days ago. we can talk about andy evers, the former head of
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the british caving association. thank you for being with us. give us an idea if you can about how hard it would be for divers to get into a network of caves like this and to find boys like these who have been trapped in there, to find them alive. i think they had a very good chance of being alive, it was what condition they are in. i haven't heard back yet. i don't think anybody in this country has heard that yet. there was every chance they were going to find somewhere above water and not drown. the error will be fine, they won't have rock falls. they have plenty of water to drink, it might but —— might not be the cleanest that it can kill them. they will be very hungry. the biggest problem that they will have is the darkness. i don't know what light they started with. they
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obviously had some torches and hopefully they had some mobile phones. although the mobile phones will be used to communicate, they will be used to communicate, they will be used to communicate, they will be useful as means of elimination. if they have got some sort of organisation between them and they haven't panicked, they should be able to ration their light and get around the darkness. if you imagine being in complete darkness and an unknown place with water rising around you, the darkness will potentially have been their biggest problem. the biggest killer would have been if they had panicked and tried to get out and drowned or gone over a tried to get out and drowned or gone over a precipice or something like that. the problem with the divers is that. the problem with the divers is that although it is not such a complicated place, it is not quite the same labyrinth of many other caves. it is a fairly linear cave
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and there are only a couple of passages. the divers probably would not have a lot of problems with route finding, if any at all. the current would be the problem. these are huge rivers, this is the wet season. the boys should not be there. at the year it is very dry, half the year is very wet and this is when it is wet. they were u nfortu nate is when it is wet. they were unfortunate that they were unwise to go in, which is what they did. we heard it was a race against time because of potentially heavy rain is coming later this week which would have raised the water level. that could've been a real problem, even if the boys might have had backpacks with some snacks, maybe some clean water, as well. yes. the water level was always the great problem. i was asked what the biggest problem is
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the biggest problem is simply the rain and rising water levels. i don't know the detail and the three quys don't know the detail and the three guys that have gone out there who are three of the best cave minders in the world —— cave divers in the world. i will bet anything that they are the ones who have gone through and find them. they can only do so much with the water levels. if the current is too strong you can't swim against it, and how he ever good two you can't swim against the huge current. i suspect that the water levels have dropped adequately for it there to have been an error space, in the siphon is that they had to get to the chamber were the boys wear, and that has enabled them to get through, by bolting along the walls or whatever. that is likely to be the situation, but i'm guessing, really. i'm not coordinating the rescue. we have the british cave
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rescue. we have the british cave rescue organisation who are caught anything from this country. i spoke to them a few minutes ago and they did not know the current situation. our boys out there are obviously too busy rescuing rather than talking to the media ought to us. i hope they come out they will give interviews. from this end, we will suggest that they do give interviews. there are likely to be exhausted. they have been underground along time. what state they are in for giving me the interviews i don't know, but we will soon find out. very briefly, you we re soon find out. very briefly, you were talking about those three british cave experts, the divers, they might have had to get through a lot of water, to swim through a lot of water if it was them at the forefront of this rescue mission, to get to the boys. absolutely. i think it will probably be the current in the water that has been the biggest
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handicap to the divers. when they dive in britain or in europe they used scooters, they have high—powered underwater scooters, but they haven't taken scooters are out there with them. maybe they are even out there with them. maybe they are even trying to get them out there. in this country and europe they used scooters. the distances they go underwater are extraordinary and they i'd do very safely. your viewers will think it is extraordinarily dangerous, but it is no more. they do it in well—controlled, very no more. they do it in well—co ntrolled, very safely no more. they do it in well—controlled, very safely and they know exactly what they are doing and they have back—up system on top of back—up system, so they do it very well. as i say, two of the quys it very well. as i say, two of the guys that there are probably the best in the world, they certainly have all the records per distance and depth than doing it a long time. rick and john have both been doing it for many years and they are the best there is doing the sort thing. fascinating to talk to you. thank
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you so much for shedding light on that rescue effort. andy evers there, just talking about the british aspect of that rescue in thailand. firefighters say it could take them weeks to deal with the flames on moorland across lancashire and greater manchester. fire crews from across the country are now working around the clock tackling a blaze on winter hill near bolton. it comes just days after they dealt with a similar size blaze on nearby saddleworth moor. they are also dealing with a blazes near staleybridge and on the staffordshire moorlands. danny savage has spent the day at winter hill. see all sorts of different vehicles coming by, tractors with big water
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barrels, fire engines. the fire is up barrels, fire engines. the fire is up on the hill behind us. lots of smoke drifting on the easterly wind. this fire is on a par in size with the one on saddleworth last week, meaning many square miles of more land have gone up in flames over the last eight days. day five of the fires on the moors above bolton. dozens of firefighters from across northern england are here to stop the blazes getting any bigger, but it's a difficultjob. we've got over 120 firefighters out fire fighting on the moor. we retract slightly from our operations during the hours of darkness, but as of four o'clock this morning, we're back in offensive fire fighting operations and using our specialist equipment to try and extinguish this huge—scale ongoing fire and try and bring back some normality to the fell. from above, the extent of the damage can be seen. these are pictures from a bbc news drone given permission to fly. several square miles have been destroyed around winter hill.
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the suspicion is that this was started deliberately. the view from above has also led to some shocking observations of other people starting new fires. a couple of days ago there was a nearby moorland hill, and there was a report of a fire that had started there and the helicopter went to put some water on it and drop some water on it and i understand that the helicopter believes, the pilot believes, he's seen people actually setting fire actively there and then which is quite astonishing. dealing with this potentially huge arson incident means fire engines negotiating narrow moorland roads to get to the fires. the suggestion of them being started deliberately infuriates the mayor of greater manchester. i think itjust beggars belief, doesn't it, to hear that people may have been coming on to this land over the weekend, adding to the burden of the emergency services and basically taking risks with people's land, property — it is just an unbelievable state of affairs.
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helicopters were once again deployed today. under a fierce sun and blue skies, the deluge needed to put these fires out is nowhere in sight. and up here they are now at digging trenches to act as firebreaks to stop the fire from spreading. there are many days' worth of work on this moorland yet. it is 5:30pm. time for a look at the weather. here's alina jenkins with the forecast. they could do with some rain right now, will they get any? there's none in the forecast, and for the next five or seven days it will stay dry. at least the winds
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area will stay dry. at least the winds are a little lighter. this evening showers will continue across the far south—west of england but otherwise dry, we may find some mist and low cloud on the east coast, temperatures a little lower than last night and tomorrow is another fine, dry day, plenty of sunshine. a bit more high cloud across parts of england and with the breeze from the sea it will be cooler on the east coast but inland you can see those orange colours building where the highest temperatures will be, maybe just a notch down on today's top temperature of 28 celsius. there is no real change on the way, for the rest of the week it is warm and sunny, just the odd chance of a shower. this is bbc news. the headlines: 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive
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in caves in thailand, according to the region's governor. theresa may draws up an alternative solution for the uk's post—brexit customs arrangements with the eu, as she attempts to resolve cabinet splits on brexit. firefighters warn it could take weeks to tackle fires on moorland across lancashire and greater manchester. limit your water use orface a hosepipe ban — the warning to households in north—west england. let's get the latest from the bbc sport centre, including the very latest from the world cup, and a decent performance from brazil. yes, they cruised into the last number eight against mexican, and we
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will have news from wimbledon as well, at first, world cup favourites brazil are safely through to the last number eight. the curse of the last number eight. the curse of the last 16 continues for mexico. let's join olly foster in moscow to tell us more about it. 7/4—fi nals us more about it. 7/4—finals in a row for brazil. you feel that order has been restored somewhat after a crazy three days in which we waved goodbye to spain and argentina and germany. it was goalless at half—time, mexico keeping brazil out but everything changed in the second half and neymar was at the heart of it, a fantastic opening goal. he made a little backheel and willian found him. neymar then had little backheel and willian found him. neymarthen had his little backheel and willian found him. neymar then had his bad foot trodden on. they went to var for
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this, it was nasty little tackle and the general feeling was that the mexican should have been sent off. neymar was ok and he set up roberto firmino fora neymar was ok and he set up roberto firmino for a second goal, so brazil going into that quarterfinal. they will face either belgium orjapan, who face each other in the next bar and a half. this could be very one sided. roberto martinez has a full 23 to choose from, they had all those changes in the final group game, belgian's second string team coming out on top against england's second string game, butjapan coming out on top against england's second string game, but japan only squeaked through on their better disciplinary record from their group so they are up against it because i'm sure roberto martinez will go
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back to his full strength side. for england, the debate has been about what to do after that defeat. they trained this morning, expect them to be back to the same 11 who started this tournament against tunisia. dele alli is fit again, england is now dele alli is fit again, england is now in moscow and gareth southgate was speaking in the last hour ahead of that match tomorrow. the last of the last 16 ties against colombia. we have to concentrate on our football, playing in the style we have through the tournament, with the same mentality and making sure we show the resilience that is required but also play with the freedom we have played with up to this point, and i want the players to continue to attack the tournament as we have. that shouldn't change in the knockout phase, if anything we
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should feel freer. england and columbia last up tomorrow evening at the spartak stadium. i'm sure they will be raring to go. let's get back to tim for the rest of the sports news. just 25 hours and 2a minutes to the england game but i'm not counting too much! to england, and a new year but the same old roger federer. he tookjust 29 minutes, he lostjust eight games and is looking to win his ninth wimbledon title. to date shows why he is the favourite again. there wasn't such good news for britain's liam bradley, who exited after losing to milos raonic of
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canada. he is 13th seed and was a lwa ys canada. he is 13th seed and was always going to be a difficult opponent for the british number four. the bigger shock came in the women's draw, sloane stephens was knocked out against number 55. she was com pletely out against number 55. she was completely out of sorts, losing 61 — —— 6—1, completely out of sorts, losing 61 — -- 6-1, 6-3 to completely out of sorts, losing 61 — —— 6—1, 6—3 to her croatian opponent, vekic. chris froome has been cleared to ride in the tour de france, which begins on saturday. in the last hour, the prime minister has updated mps on last week's summit wih eu leaders in brussels. she said they had put forward proposals for dealing with the northern ireland border and were committed to the avoidance of a hard border. turning to brexit, i updated fellow
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leaders on negotiations and they updated progress made on the withdrawal agreement. with the exception of the protocol on northern ireland, we now have agreement. the remaining differences between us and the european commission on northern ireland. we have put forward proposals and will produce further proposals, so that if a temporary backstop is needed there will be no hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. we are absolutely committed to the avoidance of such a border and equally committed to the avoidance of a hard border between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom. northern ireland is an integral part of our country and we will never accept a border within the united kingdom. to help us get to grips
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with the options which have been rejected, and what could be in this latest plan, i'm joined by chris morris, downing street have come up with what seems to be a third proposal on customs but just what seems to be a third proposal on customs butjust talk us through the first two proposals which have now been thrown out. the first one was called a customs partnership and the idea was if goods arrive of the world, the uk would collect the eu ta riffs world, the uk would collect the eu tariffs at their borders on the eu's so once they are in the uk there will be no more border checks. if companies say the goods never left the uk, they can claim a refund. business are not very keen on that
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because it is very complex to administer. the second proposal, the maximum facilitation, basically using technology to keep the border as open as possible, the more technology you use, the less you use physical infrastructure. brexiteers like that because it implies a looser relationship with the eu but it means less infrastructure, not no infrastructure, so clear divisions in the cabinet about which would be best to pursue and the eu not liking either one. which is why we now have this third way being proposed by downing street ahead of this kit chequers meeting on friday, theresa may trying to get some unity in her cabinet. what do we know about it? the most important bit is that question mark at the end. a bloke
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called tony blair had a third way and no one was quite sure what it was and that is where we are with this, it has been put out as a new option, there have been some suggestions that maybe it would be a way the uk could align itself with eu rules and regulations and codes but less so on services. i suspect it will look a bit like a customs union but wouldn't be called a customs union but until there is more clarity about that, it's slightly speculative but that is the broad pattern emerging. slightly speculative but that is the broad pattern emergingm slightly speculative but that is the broad pattern emerging. if that's right, separating goods from services, why would that make a difference and is it viable? the eu wouldn't like it much because they think freedom of goods and services is part of its full freedoms so we're back to cherry picking, and
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industry would look at this and say we have this perception that goods and services are separate things that if you take a company like rolls—royce, the deal includes, engines, but in 2017, the revenue of their civil aerospace business, more than half of their revenue came from services because once they sell an engine, there is more money involved in servicing that engine afterwards, so the idea that goods and services are separate and if we get a deal on goods, companies like rolls—royce would be fine, it's a bit more complicated than that. thank you, chris, we will see what happens this week ahead of that kit chequers meeting on friday. more now on our breaking news and within the past half hour, it's been reported that rescue divers in thailand have located
5:43 pm
12 boys and their football coach, trapped in flooded caves. the governor of chiang rai province has said that the 12 boys and their coach are now safe. they say medical staff will be sent in to assess their condition. that is a picture of the boys before they became lost. people around the world had been waiting for news of those boys and its dramatic news that the boys have been found alive. let's get the latest from howard johnson, who was about a mile from that complex in northern thailand. what is your latest information? the governor of the province of chiang rai made a statement around and iron half ago saying the 13 had been found, the 12 children and their coach in an area
5:44 pm
100 metres from an area called pettaya beach, that was the area they were heading to, a big covered with lots of air, high up from the flooded water table so it could have given them the respite from the condition is there. they were found 400 metres from that area. a team of navy seals and medics are assessing the boys. they said it would take four hours to work out if they are in any state to be moved. they will be given water and hydration sachets to get them back into a state but it will take four hours to review if they can be moved and the next task is to get them out. this is a labyrinth of tunnels and caves and it will be tricky to get them out
5:45 pm
before these rains come later in the way, on wednesday heavy rains will return so the clock is ticking again. it has been a race against time, hundreds of rescuers drafted in to help with this operation including international teams, some caving experts from britain or helping out. yes, a team from derbyshire got on the first flight they could overhear, they arrived on wednesday last week. they went straight in that light into the cave complex and started helping the thai navy seals divers. every day they walked in, iasked navy seals divers. every day they walked in, i asked them for comment but they burn very dedicated with their work, they got their heads down and went in and out with no comment but every day we saw them
5:46 pm
walking in. ithink comment but every day we saw them walking in. i think tonight they will be rejoicing, a colleague of mine saw the divers in the camp close to the cave complex and they are over close to the cave complex and they are over the moon that they have found the boys. for those boys it must have been a terrifying ordeal because as we have heard, it would have been incredibly dark in there, they wouldn't have known if they we re they wouldn't have known if they were going to be rescued, some of these boys are as young as 11. they are between 11 and 16, part of football clu b are between 11 and 16, part of football club called the m00 pa, the wild boars, they played a match a week ago and then cycled to this complex, they left their bikes at the entrance and entered the caves, thenit the entrance and entered the caves, then it started to rain and the complex was flooded. one of the
5:47 pm
players was left behind and he told other parents that the boys had gone to the caves, so the boys were there with a bit of food, they were celebrating a birthday so they took a bit of food and perhaps that made the difference in sustaining them through this nine—day ordeal but are very dark, hard place for young boys and let's not forget this is rainy season, the water would have been rising up and down as every different monsoon rain hit this area. we saw torrential rain hammering down on the caves so it must have been very frightening. frightening for the boys and a horrific ordealfor frightening for the boys and a horrific ordeal for their families and parents, we gather they have been desperate for news, hoping and praying that their sons would be rescued alive from this complex.
5:48 pm
there was a tented area where these families stayed, they all stayed together, in thai culture at times like these families pray and eat together, we saw that every day, we saw the fear on their faces, the camp was a very tough place this week, rainy, muddy, humid, hot, every day there was something that tested these families but they were given support from the thai people. the prime minister came and had lunch with them and spoke to them, we also saw a prestigious monk give a ceremony and lead prayers with the family and every day medics went to check the state of the families to see how their mental health was, so they have been given support and tonight a grandmother of one of the
5:49 pm
children said was thankful to the authorities for never giving up. howard johnson, thank you, very close to that cave complex in chiang rai where the governor says the 12 boys and their football coach have now boys and their football coach have now been found alive. dramatic news, really good news from northern thailand and as we were hearing, it's been an enormous rescue effort involving about 1000 personnel. and not just the and notjust the thai navy but rescue teams from the us, britain, japan, and we can't talk now to bill white house from the british cave rescue council, who has been helping to coordinate the operation from the uk. what can you tell us about the british effort to help? we sent three cave divers over last week to
5:50 pm
help, as your correspondent said they arrived last wednesday and went straight into the cave. u nfortu nately, straight into the cave. unfortunately, about when they arrived it was raining heavily and conditions got worse and worse, so not a lot of diving has been possible until the last couple of days when the weather cleared and the water receded to an extent and the water receded to an extent and the water receded to an extent and the water currents will have receded and also the visibility improved, so diving started yesterday against and a number of dives were working their way forward and two of the british tea m way forward and two of the british team have been taking the lead and diving through the flooded passengers and laying a guideline for others. then today, as we had hoped, they managed to break through and find the party and still alive,
5:51 pm
which is fantastic news. what happens now is another set of problems. getting them out safely whilst the weather allows rescue operations to continue. how difficult will doubt the? it's one thing finding them, another getting them out. it's notjust the rescue ofa them out. it's notjust the rescue of a single person, we are talking 13 people who have to be brought out through floods passengers. they are not divers themselves so they will have to be briefed and trained how to use breathing apparatus to the extent that they then can be brought out, so there is a lot of thinking and planning going on at the moment as to how this can be achieved. hopefully if the weather stays off,
5:52 pm
the water might go down further and make sections of the cave easier to negotiate with them. even so, it's an extraordinary achievement to have found these boys and their coach alive and it's been a massive rescue effort with lots of countries like britain helping out. it's been enormous, they have tried everything, even long chances, they have put their full effort into trying to pump out the water, finding alternative entrances to the cave because there is only one known entrance into the skates but that doesn't mean there aren't others but they have to be found, so whether now they have to be found, so whether now they know accurately where they are in the cave, that will give a clue as to where to look to see if there are any other entrances. i don't know. there is a limit to what
5:53 pm
we know back in the uk compared with what is known on site. from your knowledge of caves, described the conditions, or hazard a guess about the conditions those boys are in and have been in for the last nine days. presumably incredibly dark and quite frightening, some as young as 11. presumably incredibly dark and quite frightening, some as young as11.m will be completely dark. what lighting they have, they did have lights when they went into the cave but how many we don't know. if when they realised they were in trouble and they work out, they husbanded the lights and only used them when it was essential, they might still have some light available. now they have some light available. now they have been found, there will be every effort to move equipment, lights, food and the rest of it into them.
5:54 pm
the darkness is obviously one, the water, whether they are actually in the water or have been able to get out of it, we don't know. we haven't had any knowledge of that, so they could be in the water. what clothing they have, it might only be shorts and t—shirts that they did football practice in, but fortunately the air temperature and water temperature in tight caves will be much warmer than in northern europe and the uk, and clearly hypothermia has not been a problem with them, whereas it would be in this country. no food for our week, apart from what they took in, probably only a chocolate bar for something, in a flooded cave there will be plenty of water, it might
5:55 pm
not be pleasant water but enough to keep them alive. their morale, that's another thing good morale would help keep them together and keep their spirits up and keep them alive, and as they are alive, clearly they have been able to hold it together. thank you for giving us your insights into that story, and great news coming in from northern thailand that those 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive in that cave complex. as the hot weather continues across much of the uk — people in the north west of england have been warned to use water sparingly to try and avoid a hose—pipe ban. in northern ireland the first ban in 23 years is in place after days with very little rain. northern ireland water says it cannot treat water quickly enough to satisfy demand. emma vardy reports. this is the hottest summer northern ireland's seen for decades.
5:56 pm
north woodburn reservoir in county antrim supplies belfast and nearby towns. water usage has reached an all—time high. this is one of 23 water treatment plants in northern ireland. and while the reservoirs have a healthy level of water in them, plants like this are all operating at full capacity, they can only treat the water and pump it out so quickly and demand is exceeding supply. some areas have seen a drop in pressure and temporary water loss in homes. we are doing our best to maximise production, and move water from one zone to another to ensure customers are kept in supply. but we don't know what the weather holds, what the forecast is. we will be keeping the hosepipe ban in place. to help and ensure customers are keptin to help and ensure customers are kept in supply for as long as that ta kes. the hosepipe ban, in place since friday, is the first in northern ireland for more than 20 years. tankers have been borrowed
5:57 pm
from other businesses to help. how much longer is the hot weather going to continue? there is no sign of rain in the forecast and he'd is still the story, the met office has their provisionaljune figures in, it looks like last thursday scotland saw their highestjune day ever and it has been sweltering at wimbledon. plenty of sunshine here and it could continue into next week, in fact you could apply that forecast to a lot of the country. lots of sunshine across northern ireland, a contrast to yesterday, a bit more cloud across eastern scotland, the far north—east of england, and some showers tantalisingly close to south
5:58 pm
west england, a few clipped cornwall but they were well scattered and most of us had dry day and you can see the orange colours where the highest temperatures have been. saw at top temperature at bournemouth airport of 31 celsius. we have a fine evening ahead, maybe one or two showers in south west england but most will have a dry night. a bit more missed in low cloud on north eastern coasts but temperatures a little down on last night. high pressure still in charge tomorrow, we have that easterly wind so again it will be cooler for east and north east coasts and here at times a little misty and great with medium and high cloud across southern parts of england but otherwise dry with plenty of sunshine and those orange colours building, temperatures were
5:59 pm
not quite as high tomorrow as today so generally getting up to 28 celsius, more like the high teens for east and north east coasts. this rain we desperately need in the moral and is in northern england to help with the fires, into the weekend it stays dry, lots of sunshine and temperatures rising. at least the week —— the winds will be lighter and coming off the atlantic so are fresher feel. high pressure stays in charge across much of the country, slightly cooler in northern scotla nd country, slightly cooler in northern scotland but generally warm and sunny weather, if you were after some rain, just a small chance of catching a shower. extraordinary scenes in thailand
6:00 pm
as 12 boys and their football coach are found alive in flooded caves, nine days after they went missing. divers finally managed to reach the boys who were trapped six miles inside a flooded cave network after being caught out by rapidly rising waters. now rescuers have to decide how to get them out safely. we'll have the latest from the scene on this breaking story. also tonight. hundreds of firefighters and soldiers continue to battle huge wildfires in north west england as the heatwave continues. the prime minister is under pressure to reveal how customs will be handled after the uk leaves the eu. england arrive in moscow ahead of tomorrow's crunch match against colombia as they look to secure a place in the world cup quarterfinals.


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