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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 3, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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and it's another year of wimbledon with another roger federer victory. the defending men's champion cruises past dusan lajovic and into the second round. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the fifa world cup in russia on a monday where there were no shocks in the last 16 matches. brazil eased past mexico but belgium had to come from 2—0 down to beat a dogged japan. olly foster rounds up the action from moscow. this tournament continues to be an absolute knockout, after those two penalty shootouts on sunday, we expected a quiet monday here in russia but when brazil are playing they always seem to create their own drama, don't they? they beat mexico 2-0, drama, don't they? they beat mexico 2—0, fairly straightforward to get to their seventh straight quarter—final but the spotlight was again on neymar. his performance won them the match but several mini
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performances also enhanced his reputation for, shall we say, the theatrical. they will now play belgium, who looked down and out against a brilliant japan, belgium, who looked down and out against a brilliantjapan, three late goals saw the red devils rescue themselves in rostov. back from the brink. belgium scraping into the quarter—finals. japanese hearts broken. hazard, debra winger, lukaku, the big names we re debra winger, lukaku, the big names were all back for belgium butjapan had the better of a dull first half. to brokaw dark not helping the belgian nerves. blood into the second match exploded into life. rocksolid jan vertonghen led japan m, rocksolid jan vertonghen led japan in, my haraguchi converting under pressure. inui with a rocket from outside the box. belgium shellshock. but not dead yet. vertonghen atoning for his earlier mistake. and soon
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they were back level, pinpoint from hazard and maroune fellaini once again the man to turn to in times of trouble. with all of rostov ready for extra time, a brilliant half of football had one last twist. nacer chadli finishing a textbook break to win the game in the last minute. their prize, a showdown with brazil, whose fans always expect. russia is in the market for a new star with messi and ronaldo always, already at home, neymar didn't disappoint. a stamp from this mexican player missed by the referee. as mexico tried to bully their way into the game, brazil ran away with it with firmino tapping the favourites into the quarter—finals. in the end a co mforta ble the quarter—finals. in the end a comfortable win, brazil peaking at the right time. austin halewood, bbc news. brazil will play belgium on friday in kazan
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in their quarter—final. belgium manager roberto martinez said after their win against manager roberto martinez said after theirwin againstjapan, manager roberto martinez said after their win against japan, brazil are their win against japan, brazil are the best side in the tournament, no one will expect too much from belgium but the players are relishing the opportunity to try and cause an upset. the quarter—final lineup is almost complete. on tuesday, in clearly the softer side of the draw, switzerland and sweden will slug it out in st petersburg for a place in the last eight and in moscow at the spartak stadium, england are looking to win their first knockout tie in a major championship in 12 years against colombia. all eyes on their team sheet, willjames rodriguez be fit? to wimbledon, where this year's championshiips opened on monday with 8—time men's champion roger federer in action. the swiss made a solid start to the defence of his title with a straight—sets victory, while serena williams was also back on the grass for the first time in two years. and with news of a big shock for another american woman, here's holly hamilton in south west london.
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hello and welcome to the 5an wimbledon championships right here in london, where the sun has been shining since first thing monday when fans arrived in their droves. but they're not here for the weather, they're here to watch tennis and watch their heroes in action and they were here for a treat on day oneroger. federer on court defending his title, looking for his ninth wimbledon title here. years or eight already but can he get another? it feels like you're walking out for the finals because the fans are there, wonderful pressure, i feel so privileged. centre court felt the same way as fedorova quested for title number nine against a man who tested him in the second round last year. this was different for lajovic, federer a setup different for lajovic, federer a setu p after different for lajovic, federer a setup after 20 minutes. important to
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c0 nse rve setup after 20 minutes. important to conserve energy in the heat, federer wasn't in the kind of mood to hang around. masterful performance, could be over in an hour and 20 minutes. in fact, it took a minute less. federer said he felt at home on centre court, something of an overstatement, come the statement. drew savage reporting. novichok roger federer is true but we've had our first upset on day one in the form of sloane stevens, the us open champion, beaten earlier in straight sets by deneuve wreckage of croatian. disappointing for the young american. after making it to the finals of the french open just last month. no disappointment for fa ns last month. no disappointment for fans of serena williams, lots of people talking about her return, a huge buildup giving her seeding here, very controversial that she was here in herfirst game since giving birth to herfirst
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was here in herfirst game since giving birth to her first child together. she's been a champion seven times before already, a place she has described as being a bit like home, very emotional place. she played arantxa like home, very emotional place. she played ara ntxa rus like home, very emotional place. she played arantxa rus this morning and james perfect watched the action. there are several things you get used to seeing at wimbledon, being the into miscues, strawberries cream and sorillo williams on court. it seems like she had never been away, pace and power passing her opponent. comancheros on the other side of the court made her work for the first set but she took it, delight clear for all to see. both players battled with blustery conditions but serena was unflappable and virtually unstoppable. a second said researchers from rus was a stumbling block, only a small scare thankfully. before long williams' passage to the second round secure,
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not playing like she is 181st in the world. james perfect, bbc news. cycling's world governing body, the uci, has cleared britain's chris froome of any wrongdoing in the case of his adverse analytical finding for asthma drug salbutamol. the case has been ongoing since last september, when froome returned a urine sample during the vuelta a espana for twice the permitted level of salbutamol, but the uci say froome did use the medication properly and do not now consider the test result to be an adverse finding. over the past nine months i'll try to get this resolved as quickly as possible, that's what i've been saying from the outset. looking at the timelines of other cases, this has been resolved even faster than other cases. i'm just grateful this has been done ahead of the tour de france and we can go into the race obviously without this? ahead of us. india open up their tour of england on tuesday with the first
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of three t20 games, the first of which is at old trafford in manchester. those matches are followed by three one day internationals and a five—match test series with both captains keen to test themselves against each other. different challenge, particularly when you play against subcontinental teams, it's normally... you know, exposes are suppose, a side like ourselves, australia, south africa, to spin and reverse swing, com pletely to spin and reverse swing, completely different challenges. hopefully we've done enough training, we're in the middle of our summerand training, we're in the middle of our summer and have played a lot of cricket so far, hopefully we will be able to deal with it stop low i have created benchmarks we target to come here and do certain things. the last tour i came here on didn't go well. i'm not expecting anything or putting any targets on it as such, i want the team to play good cricket and lead from the front,
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that's always been i remind said since i've been captain. ijust want the team to play and form myself to contribute as well. a wild brawl has seen the basketball world cup qualifying clash between the philippines and australia in bulacan abandoned early, after no fewer than 13 players were ejected from the match. tensions boiled over with four minutes remaining in the third quarter, with players and officials from both sides, plus a number of fans, flooding the court in scenes of violence. the boomers were cruising to victory with a 79—48 lead before the incident and the game was interrupted for more than 30 minutes as the referees assessed the situation before the philippines continued, only able to field three players against australia's five. that's about all we have time for. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning.
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the summer of 2018 is shaping up to be quite memorable. june may be a distant memory, it looks as though the statistics will make it go down in history. this was glasgow last week, june 28 in motherwell, where we saw a high of 33 degrees. we thought that was the hottest june day on record, but it was the hottest day ever recorded in scotland. quite incredible. it looks as though there is little in the way of significant rain in the forecast not only throughout this week but perhaps into next as well. high pressure stays with us, subtle differences. more of an easterly breeze will bring changes and it does mean that first thing in the morning there will be a bit more cloud along the north sea coast and it will be a little bit fresher as we go through the day. further west, with a little more shelter we got that warmth and those temperatures yet again
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are set to respond. highest values likely of around 27 degrees, that's 80 fahrenheit, a little bit cooler along the east coast. perhaps a little more pleasant for many. as we move out of tuesday into wednesday, the high pressure releases its grip. there's still unlikely to be any significant rain in the forecast, largely quiet, perhaps a little more in the way of cloud around and the threat of a few sharper showers across southern england. very hit and miss but i'm sure there will be welcome news for gardeners and growers out there. as a result of that cloud, temperatures are degree or so down. looking at a high of 20—26 degrees. still a dry story into thursday for most of us, but a weather front, something we've not seen for some time, introducing more in the way of cloud across the northern isles into the western scotland and maybe northern ireland but no significant rain i'm afraid in the forecast. maybe a few isolated showers and the risk of a few showers just threatening across the far south.
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the highest values still of 17—28 degrees, 82 fahrenheit. the wind direction looking likely to change again as we move towards the weekend and that will allow those temperatures to climb, with more of a southerly 29 or 30 degrees not out of the question again somewhere in the south. the high pressure establishes itself as we move out of the working week into next weekend. that means that things stay dry, settled and relatively sunny. if you haven't already got the message, it looks likely that the rest of the week will stay often quite sunny, very warm for many with little in the way of significant rain. take care. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the moment 12 young boys and their football coach are found alive, after being trapped in a vast cave system in thailand for nine days. it will be a prolonged operation,
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but right now this entire country is relishing a happy ending that had become harder and harder to believe a left—wing anti establishment candidate is to become mexico's next president. lopez obrador has vowed to crack down on corruption. the german interior minister has dropped his threat to resign because chancellor angela merkel has agreed
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