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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  July 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm BST

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you're watching beyond 100 days. donald trump is on his way to blenheim palace for a gala dinner with the prime minister — hours after attacking her brexit plan. not perhaps the most ausipicious start to a two day visit that will test the special relationship. the president arrived in london at lunchtime — and went straight to the us ambassador‘s residence in central london. despite plans for mass protests he says he's confident of a warm reception. the protests but i believe the people in the uk, they like me a lot. he'll shortly be on his way here, to blenheim palace. also on the programme the president left the nato summit with mixed messages — saying he's not happy with the alliance but claiming credit for getting them to spend more on defence. but what exactly did european leaders agree to? there's push back against an american demand to double military budgets. get in touch with us
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using the hashtag. hello and welcome. i'm katty kay in washington, christian fraser is in oxfordshire. donald trump says britain is a political hot spot but fortunately the british people like him a lot. polls suggest the former statement may be more accurate than the latter. the us president is on his way to dinner with the prime minister at blenheim palace at the start of an official visit that has been choreographed to keep him as far as possible from mass protests. here in oxfordshire, police have shut down the local town of woodstock and they are keeping our cameras far away from the dinner itself. that hasn't stopped the president making waves — he said he was happy to come here. before leaving the nato summit
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he inserted himself into the brexit debate, suggesting mrs may's new brexit plan isn't what the british people voted for. tonight we'll have comprehensive coverage and we start with the bbc‘s the moment president trump finally made it to britain. touched down at stansted. not for a still promised state visit, but a much scaled—down working visit. that reflects a country split down the middle over having him here at all. the president and first lady melania were greeted on behalf of the government by liam fox, international trade secretary. that underlines theresa may's key aim, to boost post brexit trade with the us. the president was back in the air again almost immediately on board marine i to head for his ambassador‘s official residence in london's regent's park. his only stop in the capital. protesters on the ground seem unlikely even to catch a glimpse of him. earlier today at nato in brussels, the president was wrapping up
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a summit where he's ripped into allies, particularly germany, accusing them of underfunding europe's defence at america's expense. i'm going to a few hotspots, we have nato and then we have the uk, and then we have putin. and i said, putin may be the easiest of them all. you never know. but i'm going to a pretty hot spot right now with a lot of resignations. donald trump has called britain a country in turmoil but insists he is very about protests against him. protests, there might be protests, but i believe that the people in the uk, scotland, ireland, as you know i have property in ireland, i have property all over, i think that those people, they like me a lot, and they agree with me on immigration. but there are plenty of people who dislike him and his views intensely, some are ready with a balloon mocking baby trump to be flown tomorrow 30 metres above the thames, while others have already unfurled a banner on vauxhall bridge.
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i'm against the misogyny and racism. i'm against his politics, generally. i don't think he should have been invited. his policies are totally abhorrent. but the president is shielded from all this as he prepares to start what will be a tour of stately homes of england, chequers for talks with theresa may tomorrow, then windsor castle for talks with the queen. i think donald trump will have wonderful and fruitful conversations with the prime minister because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who is president or who is prime minister, the long—standing relationship between our two countries will endure. donald trump's first engagement tonight is dinner at blenheim palace in oxfordshire, the grandest of venues. birthplace of winston churchill, one of his heroes. business leaders from both sides of the atlantic will be the principal guests.
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in her speech, theresa may seems certain to urge them to spend and invest even more. while others held at the gates share their message too. james robbins, bbc news. that is outside the gates of blenheim palace, president trump on his way there now, we can see the helicopter up in the sky somewhere between london and oxford sure by now. we expect them to be touching in about 15 minutes. as he heads to that gallant and with the prime minister and ceos. we can see president trump getting onto marine force one, walking out of the us ambassador to london's residents with melania trump. walking out there onto the helicopter, the two of them heading to this gala dinner
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with british ceos and some ceos who we re with british ceos and some ceos who were invited have decided not to intend, we expect about 100 or so to be there. i have no idea who the designer is designed her dress, we will get to you as breaking news as $0011 will get to you as breaking news as 50011 as we will get to you as breaking news as soon as we have it! christian is in a field has been all day, president trump flying in. it's interesting, we should make the point that melania is on the trip, she has been recovering from kidney surgery and has not been on all the presidents visits around the united states but she is on this trip and she will be here any short while. if we see helicopters we will bring that to you. let‘ s cross now to my colleague phil mackie who is inside the security cordon at blenheim palace. let's talk about what will go on when the president arrives, the household division will be there, the scots, irish and welsh guards playing him in? firstly he will be
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greeted with a fanfare from the state trumpeters of the household cavalry in the ornate and ancient uniforms, once they have worn since 1660. the president is any air with the first lady and the arrow on their way here and they will land elsewhere on the estate and be driven into the courtyard. this beautiful courtyard. will be greeted by the prime minister and her husband, you can see the red carpet, they are going to have three courses, a quintessentially british donor starting with scottish salmon followed by herefordshire beef and wrapped up with some lovely strawberries and clotted cream. the dinner will be attended by business leaders. we know companies like rolls—royce are going to be represented as well as leading members of the british cabinet, foreign secretary, home secretary, it's an important dinner. this is
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about business deals as much as it is politics. i am not sure what the prime minister will have made of the president's comments about brexit, she will be hoping this is a good diversion from her domestic troubles back here. outside blenheim palace, looking lovely, the type of combine circumstances he will appreciate but he may not appreciate the protests nearby. my colleague duncan kennedy is in nearby blenheim where protests are taking place. iam assuming i am assuming donald trump will not see any of those protesters as he comes to blenheim palace were a couple of hours? we are not sure. he's due to land here in 15 minutes' time, london is that way. he's got to come over some part of this countryside. one expert told me he might circle around so if he happens to look out the window and the angle happens to be right, he might see
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one 01’ happens to be right, he might see one or 2000 protesters outside the front gates of blenheim palace. very noisy. very loud, very lively, very peaceful. the kind of people you get other protest you would not normally see. a real cross—section of people, young and old, mostly british, some from across the country, a lot of locals as well. to summarise the views, i keep asking people what do you have against donald trump and they say they believe he is racist and other people say he is a misogynist. someone with a terrible attitude to women. it's a combination of angle anger against the man himself and the policies he persist. i am joined the man himself and the policies he persist. iam joined by the man himself and the policies he persist. i am joined by a lady who is part of this. what do you think of the turnout, it is huge? it is massive, people are so against this and this man and everything he stands for. he's a terrible example
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for our children. i have a grandchild booing and this man is not going to be a leader in her world. people are telling me here they regard him as a racist and misogynist, what is your biggest problem? he is a bully and a liar, he goes back on everything he says. he is disgraceful. he has no moral compass. what about his work on north korea, trying to get nato to spend more money?” on north korea, trying to get nato to spend more money? i think, ifi believed his motives and what he was doing was for other people but i think he is after the power and he's just playing, he is destructive. i do not trust him. thank you very much. there are a handful of supporters we have spoken to in the crowd and they say he's misunderstood. there are other policies that many supporters back home latch onto, north korea, the
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supreme courtjudge home latch onto, north korea, the supreme court judge and home latch onto, north korea, the supreme courtjudge and making nato pay more money but clearly with one 01’ pay more money but clearly with one or 2000 people here the main message for him tonight as he flies into this dinner with 150 or so guests is you are not really welcome here mr trump. thank you duncan, in fact the traffic here only a 44 which runs into woodstock has long tailbacks, lots of protesters gathered around the roundabout, more coming in all the roundabout, more coming in all the time on the buses. they tell me on the list, 150 business leaders we re on the list, 150 business leaders were invited, some of them had to ta ke were invited, some of them had to take advice if it would be a good idea. martha liam fox, the founder of last—minute .com said i can understand why the uk government has two entertain the american president but i don't see why i should have two, she has turned down her invitation. of course a lot of ceos are turning
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up of course a lot of ceos are turning up because they have business interests and it's a useful opportunity to meet the president. also making the trip to the capital during president trump's visit is our politcal analyst and former adviser to president george w bush, ron christie. he's keeping christian's seat warm in our london studio. iam i am looking back at the time i have beenin i am looking back at the time i have been in the united states which dates back to the middle of the clinton era and i cannot remember a visit like this of a us president to the uk, america's closest ally, perhaps ever. good afternoon, neither can i to be perfectly honest. from the moment i landed at heathrow this afternoon all the way up heathrow this afternoon all the way up to coming into the bbc tonight people have come up to me and asked about donald trump being in town, they have asked why this is not a state visit, why is he not having a formal dinner with the queen, and
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what makes this trip different from some any others? there is a sense on the ground here in london today and across the uk that this is no ordinarily trip. so i guess the only time this slightly reminds me of is during the time of the president you served, george w bush, in the run—up to the invasion of iraq when anti—american sentiment was at its height and we saw huge protests against the invasion of iraq in the uk that we did not see in the united states. how much consternation was there in the white house at the strain the british american relationship was put under during that time? i felt it tremendously. we felt it after 911, that we were appreciated, pro mr blair coming overfor appreciated, pro mr blair coming over for several days but then appreciated, pro mr blair coming overfor several days but then in the lead up to the war and invasion there was a significant strain. we
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felt that, we talked about it in senior meetings the morning, in in the white house, it was palpable back then. but certainly nothing co m pa res to back then. but certainly nothing compares to what we are seeing here in london and around the uk. what impact does that have in practical terms on the relationship and on the ability of the united states to achieve its goals around the world? iaman achieve its goals around the world? i am an optimist and i was that this is not donald trump and theresa may but as the united states and the united kingdom and that relationship has been strong for so many decades. ijust think these has been strong for so many decades. i just think these two actors are going to have to find a way to communicate and away to get along with one another in strange times. thanks forjoining us, so glad you are in london for this visit. christian, one recent poll, 67% of people in britain believe donald trump isa people in britain believe donald trump is a pure or terrible president. numbers i don't think and i would have to go back, but i
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cannot think of another who would have numbers as bad as those. ijust wonder how have numbers as bad as those. i just wonder how some of these pictures are going down back at home when you think of the people watching this in their homes, in the uk, the special relationship, pictures being beamed back with some of the placards i have seen people carrying today, things like stop locking up children, misogynist, this sort of thing and crowds of people, it must be playing quite badly at home. we will talk about it later, what it is doing to the special relationship because the relationship between the prime minister and the president is called, not the best. it's interesting, very different to the last time an american came here, president obama in 2016. the only thing i would add and it's slightly counterintuitive is i do remember this spike in anti—american feeling under president bush, i was asked by editors back in london this
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would hurt the next quake in the run—up to the 2004 election and curiously there was a way in which the anti—american sentiment helped president bush and the feeling that if he is annoying our allies and people around the world perhaps he's doing something right for the united states. for some sectors perhaps this is playing well. the president arrived in the uk straight from his equally contentious nato summit. america's allies are left digesting both his demand that they double their defence spending and his scepticism about the value of the organisation. leaving the summit, mr trump said he'd let nato members know that he was "extremely unhappy" with their low defence budgets but he said his tough words had pushed european countries to commit to spending more. i told people i would be very unhappy if they didn't up their commitments substantially because the united states has been paying a tremendous amount, probably 90% of the cost of nato. no people, countries are going to start upping
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their commitments. i let them know, yesterday, i was surprised it took till today to pick up, but yesterday i let them know i was extremely unhappy with what was happening. they have substantially upped their commitment. now we are very happy and have a very powerful, very strong nato, much stronger than it was two days ago. nato secretary—general, jens stoltenberg, also gave mr trump credit — saying that members have heard the president's message loud and clear. we are committed, i think the fact that we have this open discussion has also clearly stated we will redouble our efforts and it also shows the clear message from president trump is having an impact. and joining me now is the former us ambassador to nato — nicholas burns. you were at the ambassador, did you
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ever see a summit like this? nothing like this. this should have been positive because we had the bends budget increases by every nato ally forfour straight budget increases by every nato ally for four straight years and the majority are on track to reach 2%, the magicalfigure of gdp by majority are on track to reach 2%, the magical figure of gdp by 2024. but the president chose to pick a fight with germany, then he misrepresented the facts around the defence budget, then he said allies had to double their defence budgets beyond what had been agreed, something the united states cannot even do. to me nato has been weakened by this because nato relies ona weakened by this because nato relies on a calm and stable reassuring american presence. president trump anything but that. he came out of it saying nader was strong with a calming tone and the end of the summit but everyone will remember those first minutes when he had the brea kfast those first minutes when he had the breakfast and called nato delinquent. how much damage potentially do you think president trump could inflict on nato if
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that's what he wants to do? he could doa that's what he wants to do? he could do a lot of damage, i don't think he can tell it, he cannot withdraw the americans from it. i think he can do a lot of damage because of and play the united states is the most powerful member. we've always had, from truman to obama, republican and democratic presidency said they believe in nato. trump has been telling the american people this is a bad deal and his words we should marks to believe nato is ni interest. that is corrosive because the alliance need someone corrosive because the alliance need someone positive, maybe demanding and pushing the positive. trump has not been that he was erratic, one hour saying one thing, half an hour saying something completely different. it's shocking for someone who believes in the alliance to
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watch this performance. you will know debates over the budget go all the way back to reagan's time and there have been complaints from the americans that the europeans have been freeloading, that's gone on for yea rs been freeloading, that's gone on for years as a common gripe. today they we re years as a common gripe. today they were supposed to talk about ukraine and georgia and suddenly they had to hurriedly arrange a meeting to talk about the budget. president trump is forcing them to address the issues americans are concerned about. yes, well, we've been on this issue for a number of years. it was putin's invasion which in the something beyond the budget, these nato allies are all in afghanistan with us, they are all in afghanistan with us, they are fighting islamic state with us. they are taking the lead in west africa and places like mallee. the
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united states has to be the calm presence here. we were anything but this week, if the president is going to campaign around the united states that nato is no longer worth it that is going to be corrosive to the alliance. i am not sure if it is an elevation to call you a congressman giving approval ratings... christian isa giving approval ratings... christian is a midfield and it's hard for him to hear! thank you forjoining us, let's go back to blenheim palace, i think we can get more pictures of the people who are arriving perhaps for this gala dinner? look at that! pomp and circumstances being wheeled out for president trump. the birthplace of winston churchill, this is the kind of thing american presidents are habitually accustomed to when they visit the united kingdom on a state visit, this is
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what the president would like. it's not called a state visit as we have been hearing for the course of the day, it's a working visit but sort ofa day, it's a working visit but sort of a state visit on the sly because he's getting less very fancy dinner at blenheim palace. he will be meeting the queen as well. i am sorry you are in a field christian because you could be there and you would look rather good. yes, go to the palace they said and here i am standing in a field about a mile away from all this. although suitably it is called fraser ‘s field so i am the king of my domain here. i have land and title in the field i am standing in but i am about the only broadcaster here. this is the great court outside blenheim palace, this wonderful brock palace steeped in so much history. the grounds behind which we re history. the grounds behind which were landscaped by capability brown, the great lake in the grounds which
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you will see as he flies into the palace. i am sure he will be treated toa palace. i am sure he will be treated to a bit ofa palace. i am sure he will be treated to a bit of a history of the palace because the reason they've chosen it is it was the birthplace of sir winston churchill, born there in 1874 and there are lots of photographs, if you go online, of winston churchill sitting in the long library where he wrote many of his books and his articles and of course it inspired him to paint. he was a great painter one of his favourite holidays they will be serenaded as well by the countess of wessex orchestra inside blenheim palace. some business leaders not keen to come tonight, there are people like the european boss of goldman sachs, someone from facebook
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uk, the chief executive of barclays, among the 150. they are pretty much business people who have links between the uk and the united states. i would between the uk and the united states. iwould imagine between the uk and the united states. i would imagine the prime minister will be hoping canadian press on the president how important free trade is and what damage these ta riffs free trade is and what damage these tariffs he is doing could do to the global economy. let's bring ron back m, global economy. let's bring ron back in, this will play well with people backin in, this will play well with people back in the united states?” in, this will play well with people back in the united states? i think it well, there are a lot of people who are very much concerned about ta riffs who are very much concerned about tariffs and the impact on american businesses across the united states, why is the president doing it at this time, why is he going to verbal wa rfa re this time, why is he going to verbal warfare with our closest allies and i think it's an opportunity for the president and the prime minister to reassure a very nervous president and the prime minister to reassure a very nervous american business sector. i imagine, iwas
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wondering earlier, if all the guests would come outside to meet president trump as he gets off, they are all there and i think that's the kind of televisual spectacle the president will appreciate, the fact the guests are there to welcome him to blenheim palace. there is a symbolism in that of them coming out to greet him as he arrives on the helicopter, he should be touching down by the way any minute now. on that issue of ta riffs any minute now. on that issue of tariffs and trade, i am thinking this whole issue of whether the uk can have some kind of bilateral trading relationship with america posed brexit so essential, so essential to the uk perhaps less so to the united states. you are watching beyond 100 days in bbc news. how much is that issue of the
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trading relationship with the uk importance to the white house and america? very important, beyond mexico and canada are two closest trading partners we look strongly not overlaid to the united kingdom very special relationship but one portrayed. i think president trump has made it clear he's interested in doing bilateral trade agreements, getting out of nafta. he has tried to pull away from these multinational agreements, it's a very important first step for him to establish a stronger connection to the uk and the bilateral arrangement. getting lovely picture of blue sky. the cameraman is trying to find the helicopter, i think the arrival is imminent. lots of people
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out on the roundabout watching the arrival and he's going to touch down in the grounds of blenheim palace. 2000 acres so plenty of places to land even though there is an airbase just here. while we were standing here they brought a huge convoy will as they do whenever an american president rolls into town, it might be low—key but wherever the president goes there is all the paraphernalia which comes with it. we saw it in singapore, the beast is here, the limousine he travels around them. there are six helicopters, 750 hotel rooms reported this morning for the travelling entourage. and of course not only his personal doctor but also the military officer who carries the football, the nuclear codes donald trump carries wherever he goes. the welsh irish and scots guard there going through their
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performance. there is going to be, i understand when he leaves tonight and this is very much in touch with his scottish roots, mary anne macleod was born in the outer hebrides and emigrated to the united states in 1932 when he leaves tonight he will be piped out by someone, by guards, a soldier i would imagine, from the royal regiment of scotland. fabulous. bill mackie inside the grounds of blenheim palace, what is going on who you are? you can probably see behind me this is the band of the welsh irish and scots guards. they have been entertaining us, in the distance, looking round the column i concede marine one coming into land which means in the next five minutes so the president and the first lady will arrive here. behind me i will step out of shot so you can get a sense of the red
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carpet and to the left are members of the cabinet, some of the business guests, i've seen the foreign secretaryjeremy guests, i've seen the foreign secretary jeremy hunt, guests, i've seen the foreign secretaryjeremy hunt, david lidington and other members, mark are all here dressed in black tie and ready for the president's arrival. just below me you can possibly see here all the masked ra nks possibly see here all the masked ra n ks of possibly see here all the masked ranks of the international media who have been allowed in and grabbed their spot, long lenses going. snapping away. i will step back into shot and lean across to see if i can see, yes, marine one coming into land, i would see, yes, marine one coming into land, iwould imagine in see, yes, marine one coming into land, i would imagine in about five minutes' time he will be brought up here to be greeted by the prime minister and her husband in a limousine and the band will strike again. then they all go in as far as you know to dinner and he stays were a couple of hours, is that right? yeah, we don't have the exact
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details, i can tell you what they are eating, on a beautiful english evening, they will start off with scottish salmon, then a ribald heritage beef and then strawberries and clotted cream which sounds fantastic. we are just about in the shade, we've been here a few hours and the sun has been baking so something like that would be perfect. marine one, i have to look around the corner to see this, yes, it does look like it's now landed and you can see the crowds of people ready to greet the presidents. from your ankle, you can perhaps see that marine one has landed. i am not seeing it. all i can see other guards. as soon as we get those pictures, we will bring those back in from inside blenheim palace. welcome back to fraser's field. we
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have got a us political historian with us who will talk us through some of the pictures. i am not entirely sure he has landed yet. there might be a helicopter approaching us in the distance. we saw two osprey helicopters that was carrying members of donald trump's entourage. there are helicopters heading in from the m4 the region. this space may be close to non—civilian traffic so there cannot be anybody in that aircraft.|j non—civilian traffic so there cannot be anybody in that aircraft. i can see two or three helicopters in formation coming towards us, and you will see them as we continue to talk. let's talk about the special relationship. this will play very well on american television is, or the business leaders waiting courteously for him at the top of the stairs, but the special relationship is not in the best health at the moment. maybe not, but
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we focused too much on that relationship. let's look at trade. the us is the single largest nation for exports. £100 million to the uk economy. the two nations simply cannot do without one another during this difficult time for trade especially when brexit negotiations will move into a stage where the uk will move into a stage where the uk will have its own bilateral negotiations. it is vital for theresa may and donald trump. he is walking in the footsteps of our greatest leader termite, someone who was disrupted himself, and maybe you could say this was not only the birthplace of winston churchill but also that special relationship. we are standing here as the president of the united states is about to fly into blenheim palace were winston
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churchill was famously born, very much creating this special relationship during the second world war. we have seen that relationship ebb and flow but it is about far more than the relationship between the president and prime minister, it is about trade, national security, and economics. lots of protesters here in woodstock today as we watch this picture of marine one coming in and another one of those ospreys coming in. i did say it was an enormous entourage, six different helicopters. when the president leaves the white house, frankly the white house travels with him. leaves the white house, frankly the white house travels with himm leaves the white house, frankly the white house travels with him. it is almost like the court of king henry! when he comes in, you really does make a statement. there you go, you can say the osprey and marine one flying alongside it, i guess he's the one in the middle. you actually seeing two decoys for security reasons. tell us a little bit about
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former visits of us presidents. they have been protests of other visits, i think back to 2003 and george w bushin i think back to 2003 and george w bush in the teeth of the iraq war, that was quite a big protest. there we re that was quite a big protest. there were mass protests on the streets of london and you have seen an effort to avoid that at all costs, so there isa to avoid that at all costs, so there is a reason why we're here at blenheim, a secure location, marine one can land in a secure area without any protests, the same with the ambassador's residence in london, the same with checkers and scotland. he was seeing an attempt to avoid the mistakes of the past and the protests which donald trump does not like at all. these shots will look great back in the us, landing in blenheim palace, the birthplace of winston churchill, and the prime minister lining up to medium. irrespective of what is going on with brexit and his relationship with theresa may, the affinity he has the uk is genuine.
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he will go to chequers tomorrow, of the turnberry, his favourite golf course, his mother is from the outer hebrides, so that is a thing. course, his mother is from the outer hebrides, so that is a thingm course, his mother is from the outer hebrides, so that is a thing. it is interesting to see how many us presidents can claim british heritage, going back to george washington. whether it be bill clinton who claimed irish heritage, jack kennedy the same, ronald reagan, a lot of us presidents have british heritage and that plays into the special relationship, they can speak the national language and have an affinity with the contrary, on an intrinsic personal level. would it sting someone like him not to get the full red—carpet treatment? he will get even with the queen tomorrow, but will it hurt? there is no doubt about it. he would have envisaged the idea of travelling down the wall with gold—plated with the queen, having tea at buckingham
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palace. knowing how thin—skinned donald trump is, it will be a blow to his prestige on the go. would you expect the business leaders that it to do? they have been carefully selected. what message of the bringing? they will tap into the idea that the united states is open for business and so was the united kingdom. when you look at the fact involved with this, the united states is worth £100 billion in terms of uk exports, we import £16 billion to the united states, we cannot exist without one another. donald trump wants to make america a great again, he needs to do that by selling more of the season opening up selling more of the season opening up markets, and the uk is the obvious place for him to do that. james, stay with us. whether we're talking about the heritage of the former great british leader, don't forget that the current prime minister was born and raised not far from here. herfather was a thick minister was born and raised not far from here. her father was a thick of the then she moved to nearby weekly,
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not far from woodstock behind me, so she has an awful lot of knowledge of this local area which i'm sure she will share with the president when they set the dinner later on this evening. and there we have it. marine one touching down, just above the tree line. as christian and james were pointing out, there are those decoys, we are used to seeing them over washington. you do not know which one the president is in. since that is the wonder is touching down, we assumed that is the one for president in full stop there we go. it is coming into land at the moment. then the president will be taken to the steps to me all of those people who are greeting him. i am trying to find out who was there from the white house because obviously trade is very important pa rt obviously trade is very important part of this evening ‘s dinner with business leaders and, as we have
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been saying, this relationship in terms of trade very important, not just security but also between these two countries. but there is a general recognition here from speaking to people in the white housein speaking to people in the white house in washington that the uk does need this bilateral agreement more than the us does at the moment, and that puts president trump in a position of strength. he also comes as well, having pointed out, as he said, that the uk is somewhat internal politically at the moment and things are a bit hot in the uk, referring to the resignations the past week around brexit, and he has weighed in on the brexit debate, suggesting that the government's white paper is not what actually the british people voted for. again, unusualfor an british people voted for. again, unusual for an american president to weigh in on domestic british
7:39 pm
affairs, but that is the backdrop to this touched down at blenheim palace, a president who has pointed out that the country he is about the visit is in turmoil and has suggested he does not prove of the government's new brexit policy. yes, although, i suppose, government's new brexit policy. yes, although, isuppose, they government's new brexit policy. yes, although, i suppose, they would prefer that inference that he is laying out at the moment rather than the interference of president obama two years ago when the uk was told firmly it would be at the back of the queue. at least this us president is saying, we want to do the trade deal, and that trade deal is open and is probably what the focus of the meeting at chequers will be about tomorrow. as you look at these pictures, you are reminded of the great history that accompanies blenheim palace. it is one of the finest palaces in england. it was gifted by queen and 300 years ago, and the marlboroughs have done remarkably well in keeping
7:40 pm
the estate attacked. it still has that 2000 acres that goes along with the palace and lots of venice is go around blenheim palace, interested in the history of winston churchill which of course donald trump will be seen for himself this evening. so there is the welcoming committee and, presumably, he will be driven into the great court of blenheim palace, where he will, will he inspect the guard? will he stand in ceremony as they play songs for him? there is a medley of songs plan for him, so the scottish and irish guards waiting patiently for the car to arrive. ron, what do you think people back home i can make of these pictures they are seeing now?” think people will really enjoy seeing these pictures of the president of the united states with all the pomp and circumstance of the guard to see there. the president
7:41 pm
undoubtedly will walk through those columns and he will look a much stronger more presidential leader than we have seen him in brussels earlier today and certainly some of the bust up seals had with foreign leaders in the past few weeks, so from a visual perspective, this will look like a home run for them tomorrow. i was talking to the foreign secretary, the former foreign secretary, the former foreign secretary, the former foreign secretary jack straw, i was asking whether, if you arejeremy hunt, the new foreign secretary, you are nervous of a visit like this because he is so unpredictable, james. do they bake that enter the share price when donald trump comes along? there is no doubt about it. we expect the unexpected from donald trump, no one can forecast what he was saying at any particular moment. but he will be full of pleasantries the night his father ornate event. it is fairto the night his father ornate event. it is fair to say donald trump not
7:42 pm
seen anything like this in his life before hand, there is nothing quite like a spectacle of the visit of this nature. as ron was saying, this will be good for his re—election campaign, which was kick—started on the first day of his presidency. it is important, ron, for the british economy because this is what americans will see in what the travel full, to see the guards. no doubt about that. it is very important for theresa may as well. theresa may has been damaged in the la st theresa may has been damaged in the last week or so by a lot of different things going on with brexit. this puts on a stronger footing, at least in the of standing. wrong, all the pictures, if there are pictures tomorrow of the protests planned in london, and we do understand there are mass protests, president trump will be kept away from them, but they will be beamed straight back on social media and television, back into the
7:43 pm
us, how troubling would those be, even possibly to mr trump's supporters who would still value the relationship of the uk? to be honest with you, they never trump is, 35-40% of the with you, they never trump is, 35—40% of the electorate will stick with donald trump no matter what. they will say he is a strong leader but donald trump is doing exactly what he promised to do. my question here is, how will display with the independents? the other most important voting bloc in the us, how those people look at those officials? people angry all up and down the wall and london tomorrow and say, is america's image abroad being hurt the weakened by the presence of donald trump?“ being hurt the weakened by the presence of donald trump? if you are a communications person at the moment, you are hoping these are the pictures that people remember from this visit, not the pictures of
7:44 pm
protest that the president will not see that we will seep broadcast tomorrow? no question. you want an evening news of the us on the brea kfast evening news of the us on the breakfast show is for all the major networks to be seeing these officials as we are watching them right now. christian, they look stunning. there we have mr and mrs may walking down through the guard. so we assume that president trump is just moments away from pulling up and stop is he pulling up in the beast in front of belem palace? —— blenheim palace? the beast is certainly here because we saw it go past us earlier today, so i would imagine yes, he's been transferred and the beast. remember, back in singapore, kim jong and and the beast. remember, back in singapore, kimjong and took and the beast. remember, back in singapore, kim jong and took great interest in the seven seater limousine. it is bombproof, chemical attack proof and the sort of thing
7:45 pm
that keeps the president where ever he goes, let's bring in phil mackie, can you see how he has been transferred from the helicopters?m looks like, as you said, the beast. it has good its headlights on because the bit son is beginning to set now. it is about a quarter of a mile away down the grand life leading up into the courtyard. you can see the pictures that the prime minister and her husband, can see the pictures that the prime ministerand her husband, philip may. they are awaiting the arrival. ican may. they are awaiting the arrival. i can see the limousine itself was still parked. i cannot say whether or not the president is on his way. he is running a bit late, you will probably notice. we were expecting this to have happened a good 15 minutes or so ago which means all the vips, members of the cabinet and business leaders stand there for 20 minutes. it is not cold evening but
7:46 pm
nonetheless they are probably getting fed up with waiting for the president. but we have seen the american press arrive in minibuses a short time ago, just in time to witness this scene which will look rather spectacular, i think, witness this scene which will look ratherspectacular, ithink, because it does look stunning looking down that long drive towards where the president's limousine is currently still parked, i'm afraid to say, and beyond that the statue of the duke of more breath who had blenheim palace built for him thanks to a gift from the nation after the spanish successionjust gift from the nation after the spanish succession just over 300 yea rs spanish succession just over 300 years ago. lots of long lenses pointed in that direction but still no sign, i'm afraid, of any movement from the limousine. it looks like the prime minister and philip may will have to wait a bit longer.” the prime minister and philip may will have to wait a bit longer. i am giving myself a pat on the back this evening with these images because
7:47 pm
they are spectacular. the lighting, there you go, the prime minister and her husband also colour—coordinated with the guardsmen, the guardsmen or standing there, it could not look more perfect for them, could it? standing there, it could not look more perfect for them, could mm is absolutely stunning. if you think about it, this is an official state visit so what better place to come them the only non—royal palace, not owned by the monarchy or by the church? this is the only other palace that could come, but you still get this magnificent baroque palace, a beautiful landmark, well—known throughout this country, with the massed bands standing to attention, ready for the arrival of the president. it is exactly what donald trump... it is probably as close to a state visit is you could have. in fact, the state trumpeters at the stake cavalry are only
7:48 pm
deployed for the royal... for when the royal family is deployed for the royal... for when the royalfamily is present deployed for the royal... for when the royal family is present when there is head of state, so it is just about state visit except it not happening windsor castle. i suspect for american audiences this is plenty enough, though. as we wait for the car, we should spell out what will happen tomorrow because the meat of the visit is tomorrow. in the morning, they will go to a military base to see a joint exercise between us and uk special forces who have worked together tackling islamic terrorism and will be given a show tomorrow and then, in the afternoon, they will go for lunch at chequers, the country residence of the prime minister. while they are there, there will be substantial talks not only about trade but also about security as well and presumably that is where they will talk about trade deals. i would suspect that senior members of the cabinet will be there, maybe the
7:49 pm
new brexit secretary new to the job but very important in not only what is going on with europe but also the united states. we now have pictures... the pictures of the beast coming up the hill. i was starting to think they were making the prime minister wait, a little uncomfortably, before they actually turned up, but look at that, the beast roaring over the horizon into the courtyard. at blenheim palace with the british and american flags flying. the president inside. if you wa nt flying. the president inside. if you want a projection of power around the world, there are few better ways to do it than to turn up on this particular car. while we are watching this, how many other presidents has she met? i think there is only one? she has i think a
7:50 pm
remarkable track record going back to eisenhower, the kennedys, reagans, clintons, she has met american president is going back throughout her entire rain. the queen of course has a great track record of being able to put up with difficult visitors, not least of which is donald trump. the president getting out. special service personnel... this car cannot be opened from the inside, only from the outside. it requires someone to stand outside and actually open the door, so heavy is it and designed to withstand sought from the exterior. it is effectively a tank that looks like a car. donald trump coming outside the greek theresa may, the first lady, melania trump, coming round the side of the car, to greet the prime minister and mr may as well. friendly smiles although it has been perhaps a little bit of a
7:51 pm
difficult day in terms of what donald trump has said about boris johnson, brexit, the government's new plan for brexit but, at the moment, all smiles and it looks like philip may is pointing out some of the finer points of blenheim palace. james, how many american presidents have been the blenheim palace? we don't know. he might well be. the first. it is a remarkable opportunity for blenheim palace to show itself. you are seeing all the facets of the special relationship on display, the heritage, the history, the trade talks going on, thejoint military history, the trade talks going on, the joint military exercise tomorrow that will be witnessed by the president and prime minister before meeting at chequers. if you want to understand special relationship, look no forward than the itinerary of this meeting and trip which encompasses every single element of that relationship which will
7:52 pm
continue irrespective of who the president or prime minister is anyone given moment. they go up the red carpet, up the steps into blenheim palace. there was a little shop the way he held her hand, remember the shot of them holding hands at the white house? let's listen to the anthems that are just about to play. band plays.
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