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this is bbc world news. our top stories... france are crowned world cup champions. jubilant scenes in paris as france beat croatia by four goals to two at the world cup final in moscow. kylian mbappe was among the top scorers, kylian mbappe was among the top scorers, the first teenager to score ina scorers, the first teenager to score in a world cup final since kelly yea rs before. as president trump heads to helsinki to meet russia's president putin, he says the global challenges faced by the us include the european union. the prime minister has revealed the advice she was given by donald trump about brexit. he said we should the eu! sue the eu?! sue the eu. but we're going to negotiate. hello and welcome to bbc world news.
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france have done it — les bleus have won the world cup, beating croatia 4—2. let's go live to our correspondent olly foster, who is at the luzhniki stadium where the match is being played. welcome to moscow, 31 days after the world cup tournament started. it is all over and what a final we have seen all over and what a final we have seen over all over and what a final we have seen over the last couple of hours. a final which had everything, goals that we were really looking forward to. we only had one goalless draw in the tournament. france beating croatia 4—2, 20 years after the french first won the title at their
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own tournament in france 1998. they we re own tournament in france 1998. they were really up against it. they took the lead through an own goal. mandzukic scored the own goal to put the french ahead. the first sip —— world cup final own goal would you believe it. croatia and then equalised. i really contentious moment before half—time when var was used for the first time at a world cup final. it's really transformed the game, so many penalties. did he really deliberately handled paul? the referee overturned his initial decision and gave france a penalty, scored by antoine griezmann. then the action in the second half when france simply pulled away. to my goals back—to—back, paul pogba a really lovely finish and then kylian
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mbappe, we really hope to see something from him. the last time we saw a teenager scorer in something from him. the last time we saw a teenager scorer in a something from him. the last time we saw a teenager scorer in a final at this tournament was 60 years ago with pele. now killing and mbappe joins that shortlist of teenagers to scored another final. hugo joins that shortlist of teenagers to scored anotherfinal. hugo lloris almost lost his line. it was just a consolation is mandzukic stolen to get a consolation goal for croatia. then the heavens opened, a lightning storm swirled around moscow. hugo lloris lifted the trophy and there was an almighty thunderclap that erupted around this part of moscow. france champions yet again for the second time in their third final. they will also runners up in 2006. this goes a long way to making up
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for their defeat in the final at the european championship two years ago. 0n the stage there is the lifted the trophy, everyone getting soaked with president putin and president macron and also the president of croatia, who was embracing all those croatian players. we will get to zagreb in a moment to see how the fans there have reacted to the croatian defeat. such charge would be two to the final but france have lived mightily impressive since they got to the knockout stages. remember the knocked out argentina in the last 16. they also beat their neighbours belgium in the semifinal and now they have two world cup triumphs. joining argentina and uruguay. let us cross joining argentina and uruguay. let us cross to paris now. this seems that the final whistle, i can only imagine. i'm getting a bit more
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feedback. could you repeat the question. the french have been there before but it was 20 years ago, how does this compare? i don't think... that says it all. they are slinging them as is. 20 years ago we saw these scenes under the eiffel tower, i know you're done in the fifth district. try and tell us about the experience. —— they are singing the national anthem. we are in one small st, every district, every city,
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every town in the country from the south to the north will be going through exactly the same scenes of wild delirium as fans get onto the streets. that is the totemic place, the eiffel tower where the french congregate. singing. less fu n ny, less funny, i just got less funny, ijust got beer on my head. people are going mad. groups of people are passing as every few moments, dressed in the flag and their coats and hats, the old delirious with happiness. and there is the occasional point of beer poured on the head of correspondence, be it. quite, things
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spilling over in paris. 20 years ago incredible scenes. john michelle playing in the shadow of the eiffel tower. they have won it again, 20 yea rs tower. they have won it again, 20 years after the first time. they did deserve it at the end but croatia felt they should have got so much more out of this game. a couple of decisions did not go their way. they really took a hard road to get to the final, having to get through three extra periods of time. let us head to zagreb. the reaction they are, they must be very proud of their team but when you get so close, obviously it is heartbreaking. welcome to the main square in zagreb. the party isjust getting started. there are hundreds if not thousands of people here. when they beat england in
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the semifinal seismologists recorded tremors in the square. the atmosphere is just incredible, tremors in the square. the atmosphere isjust incredible, it will be louder tonight. this country is just years old. they got independence from yugoslavia. france have been their bogey team. go back to 1998 when they lost in their semifinal. people talk about how there were half a million people here. it has been surpassed by this now. the best team in the short history of croatia and bay will be coming through the streets tomorrow afternoon. bat and they will be. this will be one of the greatest historical moments for them in sporting history. many of the team
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we re sporting history. many of the team were refugees after the war, they we re were refugees after the war, they were watching the team in 1998 and now people are celebrating. it is absolutely incredible. they were 33-1 at absolutely incredible. they were 33—1 at the beginning of the tournament. they sacked their manager. they got through and beat england. they have invaded the tv stations, they have invaded most of the balconies around here, they are in great spirits. shouting. rowdy scenes therein zagreb, as he said they have been punching above their weight in the two decades
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since they made their international debut. they got the semifinals in 1998. 4-2 to debut. they got the semifinals in 1998. 11—2 to france this time. france have been a class act. would you believe that one third of the 64 games that we have seen here have seen games that we have seen here have seen the underdog, the one lowest ranked in the fifa rankings come out on top. we have never had a leg at a world cup final before. it has been truly remarkable in that sense, when you think of germany, argentina, spain, brazil. all tumbling out before they thought they were due at this world cup. but it is france to have kept their heads when all about them have been losing their first, coming through all the knockout rounds and finally knocking out croatia. it is france who are world champions year after 31 days in
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russia. it has been a wonderful world cup and delivered incredibly well by russia and we're alljust thankful we have seen a final to do it justice. from here thankful we have seen a final to do itjustice. from here in moscow, it is now back to you. thank you. the brother of charlie rowley has been speaking about what happened to his brother. i think we have to be careful with this information because it has not been confirmed by the metropolitan police. the metropolitan police said they had identified the source of the nerve agent. they said it was contained in agent. they said it was contained in a small bottle. it was in the flat of charlie rowley but now we have a
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claim from his brother, who spoke to the bbc and said it was actually in a perfume bottle. it appears that he has told his brother that information. it would also seem to have been passed on to the police but as i said we have had no confirmation from the metropolitan police of that information. the metropolitan police are putting out a lot of detail, as much as they can but they have not confirmed that. they have previously said people should be very careful about what they pick up. they should not pick up they pick up. they should not pick up things from the ground in that area. including cosmetics, so it is possible it was contained in a perfume bottle but we do not know for sure. the situation is charlie rowley remains in hospital, seriously ill. he is now taking solids apparently but that is one
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sign of progress but there is still worry about his condition. people will want confirmation about where the novichok was found so that they will not come into contact with it. yes. it is very important for the police to isolate the source but it is also important that that bottle, where did it come from? where was it bought? if it's something rare and unusual or was it bought in a particular shop? that could be absolutely vital for the injured —— for the investigation to find out, who was responsible for the attack on the skripals and also for the latest attack. thank you very much. president trump has ended an eventful visit to the uk — where he met the queen, gave advice to the prime minister on brexit and attracted mass protests.
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he's arrived in helsinki, where he'll hold talks with russia's president vladimir putin. from donald trump's turnberry resort in ayrshire, james cook reports. president trump came to tundra were told to prepare for his meeting with president putin. this was a second round of golf. before he left he was asked to name his biggest adversaries. i think we have a lot of foes. i think the european union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. you would not think of the european union but they are a foe. russia is a foe in certain respects. it was a parting shots which will alarm his allies. by the white house, that was just the warm up, the main event now falls in helsinki. this will be the third time the leaders of mates, but has
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plenty to discuss, russia's illegal annexation of crimea, poisoning in england and election meddling. the key question is back on friday a dozen russian intelligence officers we re dozen russian intelligence officers were charged with hacking the democratic national committee. mr trump said it had not occurred to him to ask president putin for the extradition. claiming they were not the hackers but the hacked. i think the hackers but the hacked. i think the dnc should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked. we had defences and we re to be hacked. we had defences and were able to be hacked heard they we re were able to be hacked heard they were trying to hack the republicans as were trying to hack the republicans as well, this may be wrong but they have stronger defences. with that he was off. this is what awaits in helsinki and as he flew towards that, mr trump was tweeting again,
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calling much of the news media are the enemy of the people. at least the enemy of the people. at least the two leaders will have something in common. the prime minister has revealed the advice she was given from us president donald trump about brexit. her policy has been strongly criticised by some relief campaigners and faces a tough test tomorrow in the house of commons. the premise is coming out fighting on brexit, the most immediate battles with some in our own party. at chequers, she hammered out a new brexit plan and then lost to cabinet ministers. many more of mps think she is not being tough enough on brussels. so do someone else... i gave her a suggestion, not advice. i
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give her a suggestion, i could fully understand why she would think it was a little bit tough. when he thought american television he remained coy about his suggestion but said it was a good idea. strong advice and i think it would probably work. they're having a very hard time in terms of their separation. so what was his advice or suggestion? he told me i should sue the eu. actually working —— dog them. but we're going into negotiations with them. her new planet chequers was to have a common rule book with the eu on trade in goods has not gone down with many off—road backbenchers. her brexit plan is in potential danger on two fronts. next week in the house of commons, brexiteers will try to change legislation on trade and customs in a way which could scupper it but some of those who previously backed remain are trying to push her
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in the opposite direction, closer to the eu, something she says would be a betrayal of the brexit vote. some people are saying they want to vote in the drizzle to keep us in the customs union and i say that is not a cce pta ble customs union and i say that is not acceptable and not what the british people voted for. others are saying we cannot have the bill at all but that would be damaging to our no—deal brexit nation. let us keep our eyes on the prize, the prices doubling the european union. some long—standing leave campaigners say they will not vote down the government legislation entirely but are determined to give it a radical overhaul. brexit is enormously positive and a huge opportunity for the country but i am afraid the prime minister does not see that and thatis prime minister does not see that and that is why i think she is a remainer who has remained a remainer. will labour help? i have read it a couple of times and cannot make head nor tail of it. it is a mess. so the answer to the question
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is, not by can see. the political fallout from chequers continues. today a parliamentary aide at the former offers resigned over brexit. it is still not clear if the premise of‘s new plan will survive intact. we will find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30pm in the papers tonight. the headlines on bbc news: jubilation in moscow was france win the world cup. the us president, donald trump, has left the uk on air force one. he's arrived to meet russian president in helsinki.
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the czech republic has refused a request from italy to receive migrants. the rail operator govia thameslink is introducing its third new timetable in three months. passengers have suffered severe disruption after an overall the schedule in need. 0ther rail companies cancelled services today —— blaming staff shortages due to the hot weather and world cup final. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. yet more trains cancelled, passengers are getting really.
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yet more trains cancelled, passengers are getting reallylj travelled passengers are getting really.” travelled on the daily change the timetables in may on cambridge. it wasjust a guessing game to know which platform to be on, the staff had no information. as far as i am concerned, it is very poor. since the new timetables were introduced in may, the government has launched atan inquiry in may, the government has launched at an inquiry in segovia, threatened to re m ove at an inquiry in segovia, threatened to remove its franchise and the see you has resigned. another operator, northern cancelled 170 services today and great western also cancelled more than 30 chains, blaming engineering works, the hot weather and the world cup or start choosing not to work overtime. —— 30 trains. govia thameslink the new timetable provides passengers stores
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——. .. transport focus which represents commuter says real companies must make sure they do everything to minimise inconvenience on the day and to restore services as soon as on the day and to restore services as soon as possible. a real test for new timetables will come tomorrow and commuters will grit their teeth as and commuters will grit their teeth as they try to get into work. as france and croatia faced off in the world cup final, and otherfamous football tea m world cup final, and otherfamous football team have been playing today. as senior team in thailand is, there are junior partners are still recovering having been trapped ina still recovering having been trapped in a cave for two weeks. 0ur reporter was there. they heard about the death of the
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navy seals diver. they offered condolences to him. we saw images of the boys crying, one holding his going to his eyes, wiping away tea rs. we going to his eyes, wiping away tears. we also saw unusual being painted by local artists who came together to put this picture together. we saw images of the dead diver dominating the mural. there we re diver dominating the mural. there were also pictures of the two divers to find the boys. we saw a proposed statue unveiled. it will be 2.5 metres tall and feature the diver
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standing ona metres tall and feature the diver standing on a rock. underneath him are wild boars which represent the tea m are wild boars which represent the team that he was trying to save. they are due to be discharged on thursday and we have heard they will return home where they will spend time with their friends and family, recuperating after this ordeal. . a woman missing for a week in california has been rescued from the base of a cliff, after surviving by drinking water from her car's radiator. angela hernandez had swerved to avoid an animal in the road and plunged down a precipice. she's now recovering in hospital. a group of six southern koalas are being brought from australia to live at longleat safari park in wiltshire, making them the only ones of their kind in europe. the southern koalas are known for their thickerfur — handy for a british winter. laura foster reports. they are abandoning australia and moving to wiltshire. and when the five females and single male arrive, it will be the only place you can find southern koalas in the whole of europe and it's hoped, once this group settles into their new home in longleat, they will start to breed.
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it will be a very strict monitoring process of each individual koala and the koala as a group, so we can actually identify different behaviours and individualities and how it affects them. they are also brought being brought to the uk because wildlife experts want to raise awareness about the problems koalas are facing. although not classed as endangered, koalas are recognised as vulnerable. since the middle of the 19th century, millions have been killed for theirfur, and more recently, large portions of their habitat have been destroyed to build houses and roads. wombats have been chosen to keep them company on theirjourney and they will end up here, at a new indoor and outdoor australia—inspired enclosure at longleat safari park. so, the koalas' new home isn't finished just yet. there are some eucalyptus trees here, perfect for the koalas to snack on between mealtimes, but they are still going to plant more trees. now, these have been picked especially from the longleat estate because they are perfect for koalas to really sink their claws
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into and scale all the way up. but they can eat up to 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves in a single day. that's one of the reasons the team here have been growing their own supply. we have faced some challenges. we had, obviously, the heavy snow back in march which has kind of set us back a little bit, but since this nice sunshine has happened, they have sprouted right up, so definitely become more positive. but when these six furry friends arrive in the autumn, it is hoped we will be able to learn more about how to help protect these iconic creatures. laura foster, bbc news, at longleat. residents of a village in greenland have left their homes after an iceberg, weighing 11 million tonnes, drifted inland prompting fears of a tsunami. local officials warned the iceberg could split in two, forcing a huge wave onshore.
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260 billion tonnes of greenland's ice is lost to the ocean each year. now it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller hello, it's been another dry and sunny hot day across england and wales but cloudier skies in northern ireland and scotland, even some rain. further outbreaks of rain will push further east across scotland. by the end of the night, some of the rain reaching england and wales. clear across much of england and temperatures around ten or 15. pressure in western scotland and northern ireland overnight. tomorrow, showers pull away from scotla nd tomorrow, showers pull away from scotland but will gradually move further east across england and wales with the potential for heavier and thundery downpours. some places will avoid them altogether and remain dry. some decent rain to the
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garden. winds remain light for north—west scotland and still some heat, especially in the east of england. behind this cloud and showers, it will feel colder and fresher. goodbye. headlines: jubilation in paris as france win the world cup, following a thrilling 4—2 victory over croatia in moscow. prime minister warns conservative mps putting "brexit" at risk by arguing over her proposals for how the uk will leave the eu. risk by arguing over her proposals for how the uk will leave the sum we're going to find something that is in britain's interests that delivered on the referendum and was negotiable, we had to make what is a compromise but is a positive in terms of the benefits it gives us. after leaving the uk earlier, the us president donald trump has arrived in helsinki, where he is due to hold talks with vladimir putin tomorrow. novak djokovic as won this year ‘s wimbledon men's title, beating south
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african kevin anderson in straight sets. now, on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello i'm 0lly foster, live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines. the world cup is all over, france are the new world champions, enthralling final, croatia beaten 4—2. england's players landed just in time to watch the final, if they wa nted time to watch the final, if they wanted to... we will have a last word from gareth southgate.
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