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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  December 14, 2018 1:30am-1:45am GMT

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the man who attacked a christmas market in the city of strasbourg on tuesday. cherif chekatt was spotted by police in the neudorf district of the city on thursday evening. when he opened fire on the officers they retaliated, killing him in the short exchange of fire. british prime minister theresa may has urged eu members to help salvage her brexit deal but they say they won't renegotiate. ms may has been seeking assurances over the controversial irish border backstop after surviving a no—confidence vote earlier this week. the united nations secretary general, antonio guterres, has made a dramatic appeal to delegates from almost 200 countries to step up their efforts to fight global warming and its impact. he said failure to do so would be ‘suicidal‘. now it is time for hardtalk. welcome
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toa now it is time for hardtalk. welcome to a special addition of hardtalk from oslo. my guests have come to the norwegian capital to receive the nobel peace prize. they have been jointly awarded the prize efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. nadia morad from iraq's yazidi community was kidnapped and raped by islamic state. doctor mccraigie is a gynaecologist who has treated hundreds of women in the democratic republic of congo. what can be done to stop the use of rape as a weapon of war. nadia morad, doctor denis macro
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dr mkwege, tell us how you learnt about winning the prize. i think you were in surgery, weren't you? and totally surprising? nadia murad, you have expressed mixed feelings on winning the prize because it changed your life so much. you spoke to us on hardtalk about what happened to you in 2016. to raise awareness, you have had to keep retelling your story, which i know is difficult for you. but what is it that you say to those who do not know what happened to you? and what happened to you was that you were taken from your village, along with many other yazidi women,
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and with them you were effectively sold and raped many times. dr mkwege, you became a gynaecologist and build a hospital in democratic republic of congo, to help women in childbirth, but i know, when you opened the doors, you had a rather different experience, the patients who were turning up. tell us what happened. and what did happen was that you were presented in the first few months with many more cases of rape. i mean, we're talking all ages. how young was your youngest patient? so it is as a result of war, is it, it is not every day violence? you have described rape as the least of what these women suffer because of the consequences of it. do you think it is a deliberate
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military tactic, that it is actually sanctioned from the senior levels? dr mkwege is talking about rape as a weapon of war. did it feel like warfare to you when you and the other yazidi women were taken? when you consider how it can be stopped, it is recognised in international law as a crime against humanity, what more do you think can be done to stop it? does it come down to enforcing those laws? do you ever expect to see the men who raped you in court?
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dr mkwege, apart from enforcing laws, there is a problem within society, isn't there, which is that there is still a stigma attached to women who have been raped, attached to the victims rather than the perpetrators?
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