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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 3, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm chetan pathak live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme. four in a row. ole gunnar solskjaer‘s winning start at manchester united continues with victory at newcastle. christian pulisic becomes the most expensive american footballer in the world — after signing for chelsea. and with an eye on history. india's cricketers look to win a test series in australia for the first time. welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. ole gunnar solskjaer‘s winning streak as manchester united's interim manager continues, as his side made it four wins out of four since the sacking ofjose mourinho. united ran out 2—0 winners at newcastle to move closer to the top four. the bbc‘s guy mowbray was watching. manchester united's perfect start is
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farfrom manchester united's perfect start is far from over. manchester united's perfect start is farfrom over. and it really will seem perfectly him tonight. they have got their first clean sheet this evening. the second half goal —— second half goal the lukaku. then from rash but himself. life is rosy and continues to be even more so to manchester united. in newcastle, no bonus points. they will keep that fight going. you'd be happy with the four victory, four clean sheets in open
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play. that was a big difference. a bit too slow. very professional performance. it was a frustrating knife at chelsea were booed off the pitch. results elsewhere mean that despite that point, the saints have dropped into the bottom three. chelsea remain fourth but have only picked up one point in the last two. we had four orfive picked up one point in the last two. we had four or five goal opportunities. if you want to have a lot of opportunities, you have to score the first goal. we were unable
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to do it. we had difficulties. the last two home games, are they a source of frustration? especially at home, we had this problem. of course, we need to improve. elsewhere, bournemouth twice came from behind to draw 3—all against watford. all the goals were scored in the first a0 minutes. burnley are out of the relegation zone after coming from behind to win 2—1 at bottom—of—the table huddersfeld where ashley barnes got the winner. marco arnautovic scored twice as west ham came from 2—nil down to draw 2—all with brighton. and crystal palace scored twice in the last 7 minutes to win 2—nil at wolves. there's a huge game in england on thursday when the defending champions manchester city host the premier league leaders liverpool. a win for city would take them back up to 2nd in the table — two points ahead of spurs, and just four off the top. but a win for liverpool would give
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them a 9 point lead — and take them 10 clear of city. it's arguably the biggest game of the season, so far — and ahead of it both managers have called each others teams the best. it's a really strong football team. that's how it is. we have to be as prepared as possible, full of desire, angry, all that stuff. but with the knowledge of the opponent. that's how it is. denmark to me are the best team in europe, their control, the way they take care of the games was a good chance for us. focusing on what we have to do to win the game. everybody is asking. we are going to try. staying in the premier league,
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chelsea have made the first major signing of the january transfer window. they've paid the german league leaders borussia dortmund $73 million for their american forward christian pulisic — but agreed to loan him back to the bundesliga side for the rest of the season. the 20—year—old usa international joined dortmund as a youth player back in 2015. he's scored 9 goals in 23 internationals for his country. the german football journalist gunther schroth says chelsea have signed once of the most exciting prospects in european football but thinks they may have paid too much for a player who hasn't been a first—team regular at dortmund of late. he was not able to hold his position in the starting line. the player who joined four 7 million euros, not 64,
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is ahead of him in that team, but the dortmund manager, and that makes me think, is he leaving because he doesn't see his chance to be in the regular starting 11. congratulations, premier league, you have one of the biggest talents. back then, the 41 million euros were 0k. back then, the 41 million euros were ok. but the 64 million euros, i really think it's getting out of hand. having pulled such a deal is a good thing for dortmund. they are getting a lot of praise right here in germany. it's a very good deal for dortmund. the 4th and final test between australia and india is underway at the scg in sydney. india lead the series 2—1 and need just a draw to claim their first series win in australia.
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india won the toss, and chose to bat first, and they've already lost a wicket — kl rahul the man out — caught by shaun marsh off the bowling off josh hazlewood for 9. india are currently 69—1 at lunch. later in the year, the australians will be touring england — where their twin targets will be to retain the world cup, and then the ashes. the england all—rounder chris woakes was in the studio earlier, and he says they've been keeping a keen eye on australia's curent series against india. i think you always get the nine teams around the world, and australian results, that rivalry, i suppose the ashes is such a big thing for us. and then coming over in the summer after the world cup, i'm sure that will be a huge series, loads of speculation and a lot of
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talk about it but there is a lot of cricket between now and then. you a lwa ys cricket between now and then. you always keep an eye on resorts elsewhere. it looks like a really tight series with a lot to play. it's always good to keep an eye on what's going on around the world. and australia are likely to see the return of steve smith. i'm sure it will give an added edge to the ashes. i'm sure they will give him a ha rd ashes. i'm sure they will give him a hard time. same as we get when we go to australia. he is a world—class performer and whether he's had a year out not, he's going to be a world —class year out not, he's going to be a world—class play when he comes back. there is no doubt he makes that australian side of that aside. and i'm sure we will do our best. on to tennis — and there were wins for germany and the host nation australia in the latest round of group matches at the mixed team hopman cup in perth on wednesday. in the opening match of the day, the world number 2
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angelique kerber beat alize cornet to set the germans on their way to a 2—1 win against france. the wimbledon champion conjured up one of the shots of the day as she came from a set down to win 5—7, 6—2, 6—4. and australia also made it two out of two — thanks to a double success for ashleigh barty. first, she beat the former world number one garbine muguruza in straight sets, and after david ferrer beat matthew ebden to level the tie, barty and ebden teamed up to beat the spaniards in the deciding mixed doubles. australia and germany meet on friday to decide who'll finish top of the group, and make the final. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's
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including manchester united's victory which takes them within three points of arsenal and fifth. but from me chetan pathak and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning. well, we've certainly been chasing cloud amounts around the country at the moment, but my new year's resolution was to stay on the optimistic side with a glass half full. so, for the next few days, yes, it will stay chilly, but i'm optimistic that we'll see a little more in the way of sunshine coming through. but frost and freezing fog patches could be an issue first thing in the morning. now, the uk is sandwiched right in the middle between this mild air sitting out in the atlantique and colder air across eastern europe at the moment. there is an area of high pressure across the uk and circulating around the high, the wind direction always
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driving in a little more cloud close to the coasts. so, just come further inland, that's that we'll see the clearest of the skies. that's where we're likely to be the best of the sunshine as well. now, if you're up and off early on this morning, it's going to be a chilly start, as you can see right through the spine of the country, really. the blue tones denoting those temperatures below freezing. well below freezing in some places. it may be as low as —5 and —6 degrees in more rural spots. so, it's going to be a cold and a frosty start to thursday morning. where the best slice of the sunshine is likely to be, though, along those east coasts. more cloud just driving in. a south—westerly flow out to the west as well, a little more cloud and a little more moisture, and there, we could see the problem with some fog forming a little later on. temperatures, though, for thursday afternoon — 3—7 degrees, the high. as we go into the evening hours, that's when we could potentially see some freezing fog forming.
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if that happens, it may well be slow to clear away. the real cold air and the stormy weather at the moment is across eastern europe. some heavy rain and even snow at lower levels across greece and turkey at the moment, and that bitterly cold air is sitting not only across the south—east mediterranean, but it's moving all the way up generally through eastern europe over the next few days. the yellow tones — i'm not going to say mild, but something a little less cold across portugal, spain, france and the uk. but if we get some freezing fog first thing on friday morning, it may be slow to clear away, and that could have quite an impact on the temperatures. so, again, there will be some sunshine around after a cold and frosty start on friday. if the freezing fog lingers, and favoured spots for that are going to be central and southern england, well, then, those temperatures only at around 3 or 4 degrees. a little milder the further west we go. this quiet theme of weather looks likely to continue into the weekend. on the whole, it will be largely dry, but, again, we're going to be chasing cloud amounts around. take care. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers
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in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the latest attempt to halt the us government shutdown ends with no deal. thousands are still without pay and both political parties are blaming each other. apple shares fall — it's warning that disappointing sales in china have taken a big bite out of its revenues. an icy world 4 billion miles from earth — nasa releases images of the most distant object in our solar system ever to be explored. times 550. and meet the 10—year—old south african boy nicknamed ‘the human calculator'.
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