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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 4, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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the stuff of champions — manchester city beat leaders liverpool to close the gap at the top of the premier league to four points. india's rock — cheteshwar pujara passes 180 to leave australia with it all to do in the fourth and final test in sydney. and in—form federer takes switzerland into their fifth hopman cup final. welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. things have just got a lot closer in the english premier league title race. after manchester city beat leaders liverpool to close the gap to just four points at the top of the table. they won 2—1 at the etihad stadium — watched by the bbc‘s football correspondent, john murray. but the champions to end the leaders reesin
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but the champions to end the leaders rees in winning run and in the first defeat on liverpool in 22 league matches. in an intense affair, it was a clearance by the lion of stones, and amazing goal by aguero and the lucky not to be sent off. at the meeting the intensity increased after the break. firmino had an equaliser for the pool but it was only eight minutes since —— when leroy struck a goal which put city back into the title race. it was amazing, we play the game like it was the final. considering the team we faced today. i have the same opinion, always your trembling because you have it in front. they we re because you have it in front. they were so because you have it in front. they were so aggressive, winning deals and the intent is going to help us in which way we have to play this kind of game especially champions
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league games are so proud, big compliment so all my credit again to this incredible place. it's not easy to ta ke this incredible place. it's not easy to take that in the end we scored two, they scored one, we had our chances, but it was just outstandingly intense. two football teams had to fight like crazy. we lost it, it doesn't feel really good but it's not a massive thing because this is the most difficult game of the season away at city, away at top, united. most of them we had now already. so that's all it is. there was also one game played in spain on thursday. real madrid missed the chance to move level on points with 3rd—placed sevilla when they drew 2—all at villarreal. santi cazorla put the home side in front after only four minutes, but madrid came back
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to lead 2—1 with goals from their french internationals karim benzema and raphael varane. eight minutes from time, cazorla equalised to rescue a point for villarreal who move out of the bottom three. another year — and another trophy for cristiano ronaldo. he's been named player of the year at the globe soccer awards in a star—studded event in dubai on thursday night. the portugal captain joined juventus for $114 million injuly after ending a nine—year spell at real madrid by helping them to a fourth champions league title in five seasons. ronaldo has since scored 15 goals in 2a games since joining juve. well, it's been a tough year. i win many, well, it's been a tough year. i win any well, it's been a tough year. i win many, many trophies this year, the champions league. it was unbelievable here again so i am so
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glad to win one more trophy, as i say before, 2019, it's a new year. dreaming to win many, many things. many more trophies forjuventus. meanwhile the coach of the year award went to france's manager didier deschamps. he led the french to their second world cup title when they beat croatia 11—2 in the final in moscow — and become only the third person to win the trophy as a player and a coach.. the we are very proud to receive this trophy tonight. i would like to say thank you to all my players because the result of the player, the coach is nothing. i would like to say thank you to all my staff who helped me, every day during the competition. i would like to say to my wife and my son, we are present tonight. i love you.
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formula 1 legend michael schumacher turned 50 on thursday. the most successful driver in the history of the sport hasn't been seen in public since a skiiing accident 5 years ago which left him with serious head injuries. in a statement released ahead of his birthday his family say he remains in the very best of hands. bbc sport's ben croucher has been reflecting on the career of a man who dominated his sport and won a record 7 world titles along the way. notjust not just anybody could notjust anybody could define the area, not just anybody notjust anybody could define the area, notjust anybody could define their entire sport. michael schumacher is not just their entire sport. michael schumacher is notjust anybody. the most successful driver in formula 1 history turns 50 today, life and career of unprecedented triumphs, a record seven world titles, 91 race wins ofjawdropping record seven world titles, 91 race wins of jawdropping brilliance, stunning overtakes, the master in the wet of at times fierce
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controversy. that insatiable will be first across the line and often across the line. he was destined to greatness from his first race with jordan in 1991. time the chief designer gary anderson recalls fondly. he was capable very good things but you never know whether he's going to go on to be seven times world champion. the first time he sat in the car with you, it was potentially very, very quick. then in december 2013, not long after retiring, tragedy struck. good evening, the former world motor racing champion michael schumacher is in racing champion michael schumacher isina racing champion michael schumacher is in a critical condition in hospital after he suffered a head injury skiing in the french alps. after that catastrophic trauma he was airlifted to hospital and has spent the last five years receiving round—the—clock care at his home in switzerland and little has been revealed about his recovery since.
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to mark his birthday his family released a rare statement reassuring fa ns released a rare statement reassuring fans he is in the best hands and doing everything possible to help him. today the official michael schumacher up was launched allowing fa ns to ta ke schumacher up was launched allowing fans to take a tour of the virtual museum dedicated to his cars and career, a chance to celebrate his highs and lows and his many su ccesses , highs and lows and his many successes, schumacher‘s reputation asa successes, schumacher‘s reputation as a ruthless competitive race are made many turn against him. as a ruthless competitive race are made many turn against himlj as a ruthless competitive race are made many turn against him. i always found he was a very nice sky people found he was a very nice sky people found him fish but it was his way of being private. he would rush to the attic and speak to nobody but when you did get into conversation with him, you could be with him at night summer him, you could be with him at night summer ina him, you could be with him at night summer in a hotel or restaurant, he would have a quiet beer with you but i think he was just an exceptional talent and it's a really sad situation we are in. schumacher's legacy remains intact, his son will race in 2019. beijing is father's achievements remains the benchmark not just the achievements remains the benchmark notjust the nick achievements remains the benchmark not just the nick that every
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achievements remains the benchmark notjust the nick that every driver in the sport still to this day as the german reaches this landmark milestone, such as is reserved just for him. notjust anybody. it's lunch on day two of the fourth and final test in sydney — where cheteshwar pujara is still doing what he can to drive india to their first ever test series win in australia. india are 389/5. pujara unbeaten on 181 but australia have managed to get rid of hanuma vihari, he's the only wicket to fall on day two so far, bowled by nathan lyon for a2. australia with a huge amount to do, they have to win this final test to salvage a draw. meanwhile, 12 wickets fell on the opening day of the 2nd test between south africa and pakistan in cape town. roger federer and switzerland are through to the final
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of the hopman cup in perth — despite losing to greece in theirfinal tie of the group stage. the greeks had to win 3—nil to qualify for the final — but federer‘s victory over stefanos tsitsipas in the opening men's singles rubber ended their hopes. federer winning 7—6, 7—6 to put the swiss 1—nil up in the tie, and send the holders through to their fifth hopman cup final. greece fought back to win the tie. after maria sakkari beat belinda bencic, she and tsitsipas teamed up to beat federer and bencic in the mixed doubles — as the greeks ended their campaign with a consolation victory. earlier, in the same group, great britain pulled off a shock victory over the united states. katie boulter and cameron norrie came from a set down to beat serena wiliams and frances tiafoe in the deciding mixed doubles rubber. that result means the usa finished bottom of group b after losing all three ties. you can get all the latest sports news at our website
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— that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. many hello there. for most of us we're in the middle of what's been really quite a cloudy and cool run of weather. and we've got more of the same on friday as well, with only subtle changes in time for the weekend. the reason our weather's not changing a great deal at the moment is high pressure right over the uk. rain—bearing weather fronts that would bring any changes to the weather stalled out in the atlantic. for the early risers this morning, we have got cloud across most of scotland, northern ireland, northern england, north midlands, north wales, and for these areas, most areas will just stay above freezing. however, for eastern scotland, where we've got some cloud breaks and across wales, south—west england, the south—west midlands, it's here where we'll see a sharp frost. it will be a cold start to the day, temperatures below —5 in the coldest spots in wales.
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across the south—west we will have the best chance of breaks in the cloud. 0therwise most of the uk will be stuck under this sheet of cloud. if the clouds with you in the morning there's a good chance it will be with you all through the day. the prospects of sunny spells greatest towards southern wales, south—west england, particularly around dorset, devon, and parts southern hampshire, maybe the isle of wight and across the eastern side of scotland. temperatures are still struggling somewhat, typically around 5—7 degrees celsius, with the mildest air in western scotland, highs of 9 degrees in stornoway. little in the way change we head through friday evening and the night—time, stays cloudy, and just about stays frost free. the weekend, we have
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the weather fronts around the northern side of our area of high pressure. because it's running into the high pressure it will be very weak. saturday, we're looking at extensive cloud across the uk, but probably better prospects of seeing some sunshine across eastern scotland and east of the pennines that should break the cloud as well. cloud will thicken for western scotland and we will probably see a little bit of light rain running in. there's a tendency on saturday for temperatures to be a degree also higher, typically around 6 or seven degrees celsius for much of the country. sunday, our weak fronts will be pushing southwards across england and wales. again, a lot of cloud. not a great deal of rain — perhaps the odd spot. for scotland and northern ireland, sunday should be a much sunnier day. temperature—wise we're looking at highs between 7 and 9 celsius. something milder towards the south—west. we could see a fair bit of low cloud over the hills, perhaps hill fog developing as well. a quiet spell of weather and stays quiet well into next week too. that's your weather. goodbye for now. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers
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in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: nancy pelosi, i extend to you, this gavel... cheering. a new challenge to donald trump's presidential authority. democrat nancy pelosi becomes house speaker and immediately throws down the gauntlet on the government shutdown. democrats will be offering the senate republican appropriations legislation to reopen government later today. local militia battle the islamic state group in eastern syria, but can they win their fight without american airpower? we have an exclusive report. $75 billion are wiped off the market value of apple after it warns that sales will be worse than expected. asian stock markets are reacting. a breathalyser is being tested here in the uk —
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