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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 12, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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national treasure yet. her off as a national treasure yet. —— you can't make. her off as a national treasure yet. -- you can't make. well, she will be playing the queen. a picture of her playing the queen. a picture of her playing a queen. national treasure. well, the queen constitutional crisis, who knows where this week is going to end up thatjohn and anne, thank you very much indeed for joining us tonight. the sunday papers with a dramatic outlook for the start of next week. that's it for the papers to note. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. coming up next it's the film review. hello there, and welcome to the film review here on bbc news.
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and taking us through this week's cinema releases, we have — who else but mark kermode? what have you got for us this week, mark? very good week. we're in awards season now, obviously. so we have colette, an outstanding performance by keira knightley. we have stan and ollie, a film about laurel and hardy's 1950s tour of the uk. you've got to think about the opportunity... and the front runner, a political drama starring hugh jackman. all right, let's start off, then, with colette and keira knightley. you thought she was pretty good in it. i thought she was really, really good. it's a story of the author and performer. we meet her at the very, very beginning. she describes herself as a young country girl, and she falls in love with this very charismatic guy, who's a publishing entrepreneur, he calls himself willy, played by dominic west. that's a pen name under which he publishes books that are written by other people. he takes her to paris, introduces her to a new and exciting life, and he's doing extraordinarily well. except his expenses are enormous,
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as indeed are his infidelities. and he's running short of money, and he's got this stable of people writing for him. he's the public face, he describes the name willy as a brand name. but he needs new writers, new inspiration, and he suddenly realises that the solution to his problems may be right in front of him. here's a clip. they never get a job on their own! i lend them my name, my reputation, i take all the risk and there's still no money! we need more output! you could get another writer. and to pay them with what? i'm not even making 1,000 this month, i've got 300 from the echo, 425 from the ladies' vamp novel, and just 250 from the music reviews. it doesn't even cover the outgoings. how can we spend much money? mortgage, matilde, restaurants! you always pick up the bill, willy, no matter how many people join us. it is expected of me. and the races? the casino? what do you want me to do, live like a monk or a peasant? no, i'm just saying we could economise. you — you could write! what? those claudine stories you told me, last year. my school stories? yes, that could be willy's next novel. try it, anyway, try now,
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start immediately, aim for four hours at a time. the wolves are at the door! he howls. so, she starts to write under instruction from her husband to do so and the next thing is, she's written this claudine at school novel and it becomes a huge hit and the publishers are thrilled and it turns out it's a huge hit with young women readers. so she's told to write another one. but the thing is, nobody knows she's writing them, everyone thinks her husband is writing it. so it then becomes a story of somebody attempting to find their own voice, attempting to find their own place in the world. i really like this. it's directed by wash westmoreland, who was the co—director of still alice, which was a film that starred julianne moore about a woman effected by early—onset alzheimer's, which was very much about somebody finding their own identity and then losing it. this is about somebody having their identity taken from them and trying to reclaim it. what i liked about it, it's playful, it has a certain amount of grit, but it's also glamorously told.
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it's very, very handsomely filmed. and a raft of really good performances. and at the centre of it, keira knightley and dominic west as this couple, one of whom has the real talent, the other of whom is vain and full of himself and absolutely certain he understands how the world works. do you know what it reminds me of, is the wife, with glenn close. it's the same story. it's very, very similar. and there's another film which came out not so long ago about mary shelley as well which had a similar theme. but the wife is a particularly interesting comparison, because glenn close is so good in that. and that's the story of a relationship in which there is the talent and there is the public face. this is about how much somebody can grasp their own future. and it's also about all those things that are important nowadays about celebrity, the idea of celebrity culture creating this kind of claudine mystique in which suddenly everyone is wearing these clothes, and there are all these accoutrements that are branded, and about how much you can own your public image. i thought it was a really good, and not least because
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of the performances. all right. stan and ollie, laurel and hardy embarking on a tour of britain, trying to reignite their careers. so are you a laurel and hardy fan? not 100%. ok, well, i think you can be a fan of stan and ollie without being a laurel and hardy fan. steve coogan and john c reilly. at the very beginning, we meet them originally at the height of their hollywood powers, when they are just making way out west. and they want more money from hal roach. cut to 16 years later, they are financially strapped, they end up in the uk doing a tour, which is nominally to launch a projected movie of a robin hood spoof. but actually, the tour is really about them trying to find audiences who are still interested in them. and also about them trying to re—find each other, because there's been a betrayal. one of them has made a film without the other one, and this is still sort of digging away. there a moment in the film in which it's described as two double acts for the price of one, because when they get to london, they are joined by their wives, played by nina arianda and shirley henderson, as ida and lucille, who are every bit as kind of chalk
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and cheese as stan and ollie. and between them, they form this kind of — it's not a love triangle, it's more like a square. and it works really well, the performances are terrific. i mean, really great, they get the physicalityjust right, the voices are absolutely perfect. but what i really like about this is it's tender and melancholy. and it has a sort of bittersweet heart. so there are lots of laughs, and there are lots of moments in which things that you recognise from the movies bleed into real—life. there's a scene in which they are pulling a trunk up a set of stairs at a railway station and they drop the trunk, which obviously is a call—back to music box. and there's a moment when they're checking into a hotel and stan starts falling over the suitcases. so the intertwining of real life and fiction works really well. but the performances are just great. you really do believe that you are watching stan and ollie. 0k. and even if you don't like laurel and hardy... sounds good. i like steve coogan, so that's enough. ok, front runner, the scandal of gary hart. do you remember this? i do, i'm old enough to remember. well, i'm old enough,
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but it didn't seem to me to make such a big impact. it's set at the end of the ‘80s. gary hart looked at one point like he was going to be the next president. a very strong candidate. and he's played here by huthackman, and we meet him, he's charismatic, on the way up, and then a scandal starts to break. somebody rings a newspaper, the miami herald and says he's having an affair. the miami herald aren't entirely sure whether they should follow this up but then he makes a casual comment to a journalist, who asks about his private life. he said something along the lines of, "well, if you followed me around, you would find it was very boring". so they do, and the next thing is, they discover that actually, maybe there is something going on and they confront him about it. here's a clip. i can assure you, senator, this is relevant. yeah, it's just that we saw you leave and come back with this woman and we didn't see her. tom, you can't be serious. no—one is staying in my home. there's no need for that, all right? i am serious, sir. how long have you known this woman? what kind of question... what kind of question are these? is she a friend? i don't know why i would tell you that, tom. can you produce her to corroborate what you're saying?
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i don't have to produce anything. this has gone on long enough. senator, we know you've made calls to this woman from kansas and new hampshire. i make calls every day, i don't know how i would remember. senator, i was at your announcement speech, you said... you said we must hold ourselves accountable... i know what i said. the highest possible standards of integrity and ethics. then why are we standing here? why are we standing in an alley on a saturday night? i mean, don't you think you owe it to us to be forthcoming? owe you?! you're denying what we've seen with our own eyes?! the only thing i deny is that somehow you have the right to ask me these things... so, it's basically it's about that tipping point, at least the film posits this is a tipping point when the press suddenly becomes more interested in private life instead of policies. and the film seems to suggest that actually this is the moment in which the intrusion of privacy really starts and from then on there are moments in which he says, "we are going to be followed around everywhere and everything is going to be investigated", unlike in the case of previous presidents who, you know, had known indiscretions but nobody seems to care.
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likejfk. absolutely, who is very specifically invoked in the film. it is an interesting idea. i am interested in the idea of private and public life. firstly, the story itself doesn't ever [and a sucker punch. it sort of meanders from one sort of fairly low—key confrontation to another. and the other thing is, we live in a world now in which, apparently, the pendulum has swung back the other way, in which it is possible to attain very high office, despite scandal swirling all over the place, and peoplejust going, "oh, well, we actually don't care anymore". so it's an odd time for this story to be told. i can't think who you're talking about. obviously, discretion is the better part of valour. but the fact of the matter is, it's almost as if the movie is saying this is the point where everything changed, and i'm not entirely sure that that's true. interesting, we've got vice coming up as well. yes, another american... and it's a good film. absolutely. a betterfilm, i think. best out? the favourite. have you seen it yet? i have, i loved it.
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i think that's really surprised me, i loved the favourite the performances are really great, i am really surprised by how well it's done. because i remember when i first saw it, i've seen it a couple of times, now, i thought it's great, but it is edgy! i mean, you know, it's very in your face, there's an awful... but i think it works really well. it's set in the court of queen anne, and it's about a rivalry for her affections. it's really funny, but it's very acerbic. i wondered what it was kind of about in the end. i mean, i enjoyed it a lot, i loved it, but i kind of wondered what was the point of it. it's a personal... it's a story about international politics being defined by stuff that happens as bedroom farce. 0k. and it's great, and the performances are really, really good. they are, they are. it's very, very watchable indeed. best dvd? yeah, so cold war, this is the pawel pawlikowski movie. i reviewed this when it came out in cinemas and i absolutely loved it. it is in many critics best of the year list. it's a story about a love affair that sort of sweeps across i think 15 — 17 years. goes across political and personal boundaries, and it's inspired by the director's
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parents, although not based on their lives, it has to be said. but it reminded me, and i say this with — you know, i know how significant this is. it reminded me of things like casablanca. that it's got that really sweeping, epic quality to it, despite the fact it's actually a fairly short film, it's 90—something minutes long. and it's really powerful, fabulous performances, looks absolutely beautiful, and again, a story that manages to intertwine the personal and the political. ‘cause obviously it's all about the iron curtain, and separation of state and separation of people across geographical and political boundaries. i loved it, ijust loved it, i thought it was terrific. have you seen it? i haven't. you must, you will absolutely love it. send me the dvd. i will. that is it for this week, though. thanks so much for watching, goodbye for now. mild winter weather continues, but
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for how much longer? today, temperatures reached at 12 degrees celsius in strathallan, six celsius warmer than it should be at this time of year but we did have a lot of cloud nationwide and some in the western area of scotland. you can see it coming down there. the wind shifts southwards and will continue to work into northern ireland and stretches of england by the end of the night to dig a cloudy night but also a mild and blustery night as well. temperatures, 8— 10 celsius, warmer than it should be during the day for this time of year in many areas. a mild start to sunday, there isa areas. a mild start to sunday, there is a cold front pushing across england and wales, seclusion ending north of scotland and behind that is where winter really is. on sunday, a lot of cloud across wales, rain
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moving southwards, brightening in the north—west in the afternoon. a mix of sunshine and showers. some getting into northern ireland and plenty of showers in scotland. that is the occlusion. were ever you are it will be a blustery day and there will be temperature contrast is around. temperatures in england and wales will be similar to today, 11— 12 degrees. the further north, the cooler against. temperature still a little above normal but look at that, to degrees in shetland. winter arrives in the afternoon and here we see some wintry showers, sleep with no mixed in. the week ahead starts ona mild no mixed in. the week ahead starts on a mild note. there will be rain around particularfor on a mild note. there will be rain around particular for western scotla nd around particular for western scotland and the highlands look wet it becomes much colder later in the week. chilly and on monday across the north—east scotland where there will be a widespread frost before it turned cloudy. showers on monday in western areas but for most of us it isa dry western areas but for most of us it is a dry day, the best of brightness
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in the south, relatively mild for western and southern areas, across north—eastern areas. for the middle pa rt north—eastern areas. for the middle part of the week we will see something of a transition as arctic wind begins to move down more convincingly, replacing the mild westerly wind. as we head into thursday we will see a significant drop in temperature. in london, temperatures will drop to normal for this time of year, around seven degrees. further north will be a little bit colder than normal but with that comes more in the way of sunshine. once the weather does turn cold and looks at the weather will stay that way into next weekend. we will see significant changes in the weather from the mild stuff we have now too much colder weather by thursday. that's your latest forecast. this is bbc news i'm duncan golestani.
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how does it feel to be in canada? a warm welcome in canada for the saudi teenager whose efforts to escape her family gained worldwide attention. three people die and nearly 50 are injured in a powerful gas explosion at a paris bakery. another democrat throws their hat into the presidential ring — a former texas mayor, julian castro, announces plans to run for the us presidency in 2020. as central europe battles the worst snow in three decades, forecasters say there's even more to come.


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