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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 26, 2019 11:45pm-11:58pm GMT

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what have you got for us this week, mark? we have vice, which is a political drama—cum—satire starring christian bale. about human trafficking.
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vice has been showered ll'll lll'lll'lll ll; lllllel he does, although obviously an awful lot of make—up involved — for inspiration for the role, and there is definitelyahntt of demonic edge to his vice president. hes semebedv whe uses the heiteflk
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i want you to be my vp. you are the solution to my problem. i'm ceo of a large company. i have been secretary of defense. i have been the chief of staff. the vice presidency is mostly a symbolicjob. right, right. i can see how that wouldn't be enticing to you. however, the vice presidency is also defined by the president and if we were to come to a different understanding... uh-huh. go on. i'm listening. i sense that you're a kinetic leader.
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you make decisions based on instinct. i am — people always said that. yeah, yeah. very different, very different from your father in that regard. now, maybe i can handle some of the more mundane jobs — overseeing bureaucracy, managing military, energy, foreign policy. that sounds good. it is an extraordinary performance and it's very convincing. during that clip, you saw the thing about the analogy of the fly fishing, you know, the thing skipping across and you see a catch, and very much like the big short, which adam mckay made before, it has all these quite showy, dramatic devices to tell and to comment upon the story. so at various points, people break the fourth wall,
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they talk to the audience. there's one section in which dick cheney and his wife suddenly burst into shakespearean dialogue in a kind of inarticulate moment. there's another moment halfway through where the film appears to end as if it's an alternative hollywood ending. my problem is this. lliked the 515 shett: = guesses games” ~ and they say at thebeginniflgfi a true story as much as possible, with the secrecy." 51}? {l135 fff. it if}? it's as funny as the big short. m 53} 5:5 ii 53:1 m s ”v... w: jr. s; you said "showered with
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awards nominations" — i am surprised by how much it has been taken to heart, because it's good, it's solid, it's for me, it's not as good as big short. it doesn't have that sucker punch, it doesn't have that clear line. there's no moment in it, as there was in the big short when you suddenly went, "0h! that's how it happened!" it's much more of a sort of meandering sort of womble through a story. good performance. christian bale never does anything other than look like he's100% immersed in a role. when was the last time he saw christian bale looking like he wasn't properly... you know, that's what he does. he's got a marlon brando—like devotion to the role. but i think the film itself is interesting but flawed. 0k. i can't wait to see it, actually. well, the redford comparison is very interesting. so this is directed by clint eastwood and it stars him. and it's based on the true story of a 90—year—old veteran who ended e252? e55 353.55; e? [e g; “£7355
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and being on the road. somebody says "you could make money eileaflsseerfafié’sfifig = f there are some great performances — dianne wiest is brilliant ascbisdengéchi- as his long—suffering ex—wife, e: silts {rim e:— e 1:2 as; the weird thing about the film is it makes a few jokes about the fact that this old guy's attitudes are not very politically correct, his attitude towards race, his attitude towards sexuality and yet, the film's attitudes towards gender politics are very odd because there's a sequence in which he's with the drug boss and he's suddenly — these sort of bikini—clad women who are, like, young enough to be his granddaughter, and no—one never makes any comment on it at all. so it's an odd film. it'sget arnise. musmgienl
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he's iio, yeah. love sonia, which sounds a pretty harrowing watch. this is a very, very difficult film. absolutely horrifying world of sex slavery and human trafficking.
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here's a clip. so you can see from that, what the film is trying to do is to tell a very, very difficult story, but tell it in a way which has got some kind of mainstream appeal, so there is some softening edges, there is the beginnings of a love also, there are some celebrity cameos — demi moore turns up at the end of the film, and the film is clearly sometimes. the balance. we is; mi 53:2 use iii-elir-e—ie-ei riiiia , . .. bet i thinks 15's. get? afiefflfe‘ '|
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as i said, is really horrifying. 0k, a couple of minutes left to tell us your best out. you still haven't seen it. i still haven't seen it and i'm not sure i'm gonna go and see it, frankly. where you've given it a shout out! i know. well, i'm not doing it again next week. next week is another movie. but itjust — you know, ben, it is — it's really good. have you got shares in this movie? i wish i had! no, it's — i mean, it'sjust i think the performances are great. i think steve coogan is terrific and john c reilly is and, you know, i know you're not, but i was a fan of laurel and hardy and ijust think it's got the right mixture of sweet and sour, of, you know, laughter and tears, and i think it — i think it's really beautiful, even if you don't like laurel and hardy, which i know you don't. all right, all right. best dvd? the wife. so this is — glenn close has been oscar—nominated for her role as the wife of an author, played byjonathan pryce, who is on the verge of receiving a nobel prize. and yet, you know, is their relationship what it looks
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like from the outside? is his talent actually all it's cracked up to be, or is she, in fact, the power behind the throne? interestingly enough, i really liked this, and i said at the time when i first saw it i think glenn close is on oscar—nominatable form. so i think she has a chance of winning, and i think it would be deserved, because it's — there is a sequence in it in which the camera literallyjust looks at her face while she listens to a phone conversation of her husband discovering that he being awarded the nobel prize, and, you know, her face speaks a thousand words and she says nothing at all. i saw the film — and i read the book, actually. 0h, wonderful! i thought she was terrific but i find the central premise, which i won't divulge, very implausible. really? 0k. i bought into it, but then, you know, maybe i'm just more gullible. no, of course not! yes, he is. that's it for this week. thank you so much forjoining us. goodbye from us. than foru so much forjoining us.
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