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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  February 23, 2019 7:00am-8:00am GMT

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you don't often hear about people just after half past seven on saturday morning. talking about pages these days. hello. this is breakfast with you don't often hear about people talking about pages these dayslj used to have one as a reporter. did steph mcgovern and jon kay. here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. you? pagers are to be phased three senior cabinet ministers have out from from the nhs said openly that brexit should be within the next three years. delayed if theresa may fails to get the health secretary, matt hancock, a deal through parliament. has announced that staff writing in the daily mail, the work will instead be asked to use and pensions secretary amber rudd, mobile phones and apps — in a bid to cut costs business secretary greg clark, and improve communication. and justice secretary david gauke good morning. said, leaving without a deal welcome to breakfast more than one in ten of the world's would be "disastrous". with steph mcgovern and jon kay. downing street insists theresa may our headlines today: pagers are used in the nhs. is working hard to secure a deal but not for much longer. but not for ahead of crucial votes much longer. thanks forjoining us. the luxury apartment bloc, that belonged to colombia's infamous expected next week. a warning to theresa may from three drug lord pablo escobar, of her cabinet ministers — at the height of his power and fame, has been demolished the government has in the city of medellin. awarded contracts, it had become a popular tourist worth more than £100 million pounds, attraction, which many local to external consultants residents found offensive for work on brexit. r&b star, r kelly hands himself and disrespectful. according to analysis for the bbc, a ceremony was held outside companies have been in at a chicago police station the building, to honour the victims hired in areas such after being charged with multiple of the criminal organisation sexual abuse offences. as recruitment, research and it. it's a huge weekend in the six nations championship, the government said it was standard with this afternoon's match practice to draw on the advice between wales and england being billed as the of specialists — but the civil servants' union described the money tournament decider. led by escobar. spent as "eye—watering". and while the professionals slug it out in cardiff, i've been finding out what the sport is doing, to get thousands more wow. women and girls involved. in the last half an hour, and what a day we had yesterday if you were watching brea kfast yesterday, voting has opened for presidential with tony foulds and the thousands you'll have seen our special elections in nigeria,
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programme from endcliffe park where there have been reports of people who joined us in sheffield, to remember ten us of a series of explosions for a special programme in sheffield in the northeast of maiduguri. to honour the airmen servicemen, who lost their lives poor weather conditions, security concerns and allegations who lost their lives there 75 years of corruption have delayed ago — today we'll take the process by a week. you behind the scenes to show when their plane crashed 84 million people are expected you what it was like onboard one there 75 years ago. to vote over the next few hours, it was an emotional morning, with some having travelled through war zones to place as thousands of people turned up their ballot at temporary of the flypast aircrafts. to watch a special military good morning. we are looking at a fly—past, and to thank 82—year—old dry day with plenty of sunshine. it will turn mild. this morning we had tony foulds, who has spent some dense patches of all to look decades tending a memorial polling stations. out for across parts of southern for the fallen soldiers. england. the full forecast coming up a little bit later on. i weld. i think a lot of people it's saturday 23rd february. watching did as well. —— welled up. our top story: three senior cabinet ministers have said openly that r kelly has surrendered himself to brexit should be delayed if theresa may fails to get police. the r&b star is best known a deal through parliament. for his hit songs i believe that can writing in the daily mail, the work tony foulds was the most popular and pensions secretary amber rudd, business secretary greg clark, and justice secretary david gauke person there yesterday. i have never fly. in january several women said, leaving without a deal seen so would be "disastrous". person there yesterday. i have never seen so many person there yesterday. i have never seen so many people asking for downing street insists theresa may selfies. let's take a look back accused him of abusing them on is working hard to secure a deal as our political correspondent television. the singer denies all at how it all unfolded. the charges. one of britain's most wanted men has been extradited from switzerland nick eardley reports. we saw this play in a circle, just to the uk, after spending years on the run. over the rooftops, it tried to go mark acklom, who disappeared
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in 2012, allegedly posed as an mi6 agent to con a gloucestershire woman three ministers who have long had out of her £850,000 life savings. concerns about leaving over the rooftops, it tried to go over the rooftops, it tried to go over the trees, and the next thing he's currently in police without a deal, but their latest custody and will appear intervention is significant — we knew... boom! —— plane. the first at bristol magistrates court today. upping the stakes ahead of the latest big week in parliament. amber rudd, david gauke, thing i do, of course, is i always and greg clark write in the daily mail: gives them first. then i start talking, you know. i know people pagers are to be phased passing think i'm daft. but i will out from from the nhs within the next three years. the health secretary, matt hancock, has announced that staff will instead be asked to use never stop. that i can swear, i will mobile phones and apps — never stop. that i can swear, i will in a bid to cut costs never stop. that i can swear, i will and improve communication. never stop. on the 22nd of february more than one in 10 of the world's this year you would love some sort the government hasn't even confirmed there will be of light passed over this memorial a new deal to vote on next week. to mark this occasion. look to is on pagers are used in the nhs. theresa may still needs to secure the 22nd of february for a special changes to her original plan. but this ups the pressure. flyby. you have got your flyby, it's also a warning to brexiteers in parliament — vote a deal through or brexit it would buzz on your belt and a might be delayed — tony! every day we honour those who and that, these ministers say, story went. the only time it went would be their fault. downing street says the cabinet have gone for us, but when we have off was when the batteries were an opportunity to do something on a commemoratives date like this it is an absolutely amazing opportunity. dead. i think it was a pager. mike, should be focused on getting a deal good morning.
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this is a story i have known my so excited about the rugby. right delivered, but this latest entire life. but to know that 6000 intervention sets the scene for a massive few days miles away from a home there is a now across wales they'll be starting at westminster, and it suggests man who has dedicated his life to to warm up their vocal chords, the cabinet ministers may be prepared to walk to prevent no deal. remembering them means so much. choirs, before they have their nick eardley, bbc news, westminster. rehearsals in the tunnel and before we're joined from our london the match. they sing these amazing newsroom by our political correspondent susana mendonca. anthems to the teams put a huge what is the significance of this? difference, they reckon. it could applause. atiga is very significant. we have today, you never know. cabinet menaced —— members showing both teams are unbeaten these people have come because you in their first two games, that cabinet responsibility seems to have told this story of these ten and a win for wales would be be fraying. they are coming out and men, and you have told it so well. their 12th in a row — saying something that seems to be three cheers for tony! get there a national record. adam wild looks ahead to the game. com pletely saying something that seems to be completely contrary to the government policy on this. theresa there is nothing quite may's policy is that we are living like a six nations weekend parade! started off with just about when england come to call. on the 29th of march and she is but even by the standards working to achieve a deal to achieve of an ancient rivalry, nothing. to have people come out is this weekend brings with it that. here we have three cabinet a rare significance. the tournament yet to reach its halfway stage, ministers effectively saying that if but already this is the moment fabulous. that was worth waiting 66 we are in a scenario where we are years for. that really matters. heading for no deal they might vote for a scenario where no deal is prevented. very significant. for everybody wants to play these games. theresa may comes at the end of a it's still gets you, just watching so when it comes to them, week where she has seen forever mps when it comes to the weekend, it again. such an incredible day. i actually switch sides, leave the i don't see any reason why you shouldn't enjoy it, conservative party altogether and know so many people, thousands of you should love the occasion, you shouldn't love being part of it.
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join the independent grouping in the people who were there, they were you should allow it house of commons. very significant really touched by it. 10,000 people. for theresa may. in terms of to bring the best to you. people as far as my eyes could see. brexiteers on her backbenchers, this england come to cardiff every time tony sat down on the sofa following hhe victories, may, i suppose, sway them to support with us he looked around and was first in ireland and then in france. her dealfor may, i suppose, sway them to support but it has come at a cost. her deal for fear that may, i suppose, sway them to support her dealforfear that the alternative might be that there is like, i can't believe it... i was doing his accent there. it was no brexit at all. certainly very overwhelmed. he was full of humour, difficult times for the prime minister. this week we are supposed too. he really made the crowd laugh. key players missing, to be finding out whether or not the depth of english talent now tested. there is another vote on the prime it was such a day for him. and also despite this, they remain favourites — something they appear keen to play down. minister's deal, not clear as to to remember the servicemen. and all with more than a hint of mischief, whether or not that will happen. the effort that had gone into it as head coach eddiejones insists this more votes in parliament, more is all about wales. well with the army and the us air we are happy for them to carry that amendments to the pm's deal, and force. it was incredible. we're joined now by nancy fielder expectation and we will see how there will be mps within the they will handle the burden of it. who is the editor of the star, sheffield telegraph obviously we're chasing their tail conservative ranks who might be more and we'll chase their tail pretty willing to support a move to and doncaster free press. hard on saturday. if that's what he thinks, yeah. quite a big day via guys guys are —— we're in a good actually delay brexit if there is no position at the moment. deal achieved. thank you very much. we've had a good bit of form. we're very comfortable where we are, just making sure susana mendonca there for us. a big debut guys as well. it was we can prepare well. we just get excited another political story this for what is going to be a very good morning. labour is to announce new plans bigger sheffield as well. sheffield england team coming down to cardiff. for flexible working which it says is built on seven hills and across will provide more support to women. the city, there were people watching in a speech today, the shadow women to fully understand why everyone and equalities secretary, and they got views on the whole city dawn butler, will say that a change is looking forward to this, one must also look back. in the law is necessary to close literally ground to a halt. our the gender pay gap, and to dismantle a rivalry built on history. office is on nine floors. back at barriers that hold women back
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from promotion and progression. cheering. base, ran up to the top. when they heard that noise, everybodyjust wales are storming to the title! stopped. it was like the whole city clashes with england have helped a man and woman in their 70s flows —— frozen a few minutes. define this modern wales side. have died after a car but it's now been six long years they were in was hit by a van since they beat their closest stopped. it was like the whole city flows -- frozen a few minutes. not being pursued by police just the people in sheffield, around neighbours in this tournament. in south—east london. officers say a van was being "driven the world. so many people erratically at speed" in eltham cardiff longs for another interested. every time the phone memorable moment. and failed to stop — what lies beyond that before colliding with a car for wales is a record. just after midnight. victories over france the driver of the van was arrested rang, that somebody else who wants and italy, with their 10th on suspicion of causing death and 11th in succession. to speak to tony. he needed an they have never made it to 12. by dangerous driving. the incident has been referred answering service. handset as well to the independent office for police conduct. he got 1000 emails last night about one of britain's most wanted men has been extradited from switzerland tony, people wanting to talk to him to the uk after spending years on the run. because his story is just mark acklom, who disappeared in 2012, allegedly posed as an mi6 incredible. this was so special, agent to con a gloucestershire woman out of £850,000 life savings. just seeing him waving up to those he's currently in police custody and will appear at bristol planes as they went over. you could i think we're all pretty aware that, magistrates‘ court today. see it in his face how much it yes, we're on a good run, meant. it was such a genuine moment. and we've done well over the last 12 months, but let's not get how do you put all that onto a front ahead of ourselves. we're just trying to keep our feet page this morning? yesterday, we on the ground and know that this is another game, a big game for us, we re very in the last few minutes, but we're pretty excited about it. voting has opened for presidential page this morning? yesterday, we were very much on the crew and the elections in nigeria, they are not the only ones. where there have been reports tragedy of the men who died that for one of these great of a series of explosions sides the evening may in the northeast of maiduguri. todayis well be unforgettable.
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tragedy of the men who died that today is about sarah —— celebrating adam wild, bbc news. poor weather conditions, sheffield and about remembering but that certainly whets the appetite. security concerns and allegations of corruption have delayed john watson is in the welsh capital the process by a week. it's also about a very ordinary for us this morning. our correspondent hello, john. i know you were there sheffield man who did something yesterday of the night, what is the extraordinary and now the world knows about that and also sheffield atmosphere? what is the expectation, showed itself in such a good light. iam atmosphere? what is the expectation, i am wondering, a monthly welsh mayenijones is in yola. bands. this england team will take some beating. yeah, they are indeed. if you think about why it all happened, why people were there, it was the very worst of humanity that took us to that point and yesterday huge expectation, huge anticipation people have been waiting for this. we all ——we saw all the things that we can see them behind you, mayeni. already. last night, great what does this mean in nigeria, the are amazing by human beings. we took atmosphere. lights on st mary fa ct what does this mean in nigeria, the fact that these elections are street. let us not forget that the actually happening? well, i think some vision from dan walker. he put stadium is right in the heart of the it on twitter. an amazing picture of city. throughout the day today bands across the country there will be a will be pouring in off the trains, loss of relief that the fact that the polls are happening, the bars and pubs will be filling particularly after last week's tony with that expression on his delay. there was a loss of up, people talk about possible face and it's all about celebrating outcomes, the score, tactics, team frustration at the time, people had sheffield and saying, we rose to the travelled long distances to come and challenge. these new pictures vote. it finally seems that they are selection, that will fill the because one of our reporters, john able to choose their next president. expectation and anticipation —— mcguire, was on one of the aircraft. fans. it is the fans that make this as you say, security is one of the place is so hard to play in. it is issues voters will be thinking about one of ourteam as they cast their votes, as well as mcguire, was on one of the aircraft. one of our team messaged him and very tough for visiting teams to said, did you see us? he replied, the economy, which has not been come and play, because the way that doing too well. and wheels are what were you wearing? to see it the stadium is designed it feels like the fans are right on top of from this shot is well, the effort worrying news from maiduguri, about you. for visiting players can be an six hours north drive from you of
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that went into making this happen reports of explosions very early oppressive environment in which to try to play. it is worth pointing from the forces was incredible. and out that wales on a great run, as this morning, suspected boko haram you are saying, 11 wins in a row. militants, the islamist group that how low they came. to experience has been fighting government forces for the last ten years. a lot of something like that. it wasn'tjust can they make it while? if they do, things to compare and —— contended the park, people all over couldn't believe it and the noise, quite a and beat england, this being billed for whoever wins this election. few people lived through the war, asa and beat england, this being billed as a potential title decider, what voters will be registering and that noise, they'd heard it before an atmosphere in cardiff tonight —— casting a vote in the next two and it brought back so many emotions hours. you say whoever wins, who is but the rest of us were like, we can they make a 12? england playing likely to win, what is it stake didn't expect it to be quite that brilliantly. what a result against politically? people believe, ireland on the opening weekend noisy, i've still got goosebumps. you are talking about today round. and those tries against a nalysts as politically? people believe, analysts as well as commentators, believe it will be a close race france. it is set up beautifully. it between the incumbent muhammadu isa grand france. it is set up beautifully. it celebrating sheffield in the way is a grand slam decider, a potential buhari, the first opposition leader six nations decider, all eyes on sheffield responded. how has this ever to win here, and the former affected life there in the this match. it is labour the bbc, i am glad to say. before this vice president atiku abubakar, has a community, on the grassroots? affected life there in the community, on the grassroots7m brought everybody together and i on bbc one, a huge match for prominent businessman who is think it's quite an interesting scotla nd on bbc one, a huge match for scotland as they try win this streak interested in everything from logistics to drink. because both reflection. you don't often get in paris against the french. yeah. 10,000 people rocking up, it could candidates have very similar profiles, they have both tried to be have been nobody turned up in the present before, both from the north, 20 years the last time they managed to win there. you have to go back to atmosphere was amazing. everybody both muslim, both seasoned has been so nice to each other. politicians, it is hard to tell who might win these elections —— 1999. a lot happened in that yet, people cried at the same time, they president. 0k, george w bush announced his laughed at the same time, it was an might win these elections ——
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president. ok, for now, mayeni, thank you very much indeed. upbeat event. there was probably the american musician r kelly has candidacy for presidency. it goes to surrendered himself to police every police officer in the city show how long ago it was that they and been charged with a series managed to get that win. so how are of abuse and assault allegations. there. a lot of them came off the singer, whose real name nights. this everybody turned out. is robert sylvester kelly, they preparing? what have they been denies all of the charges and is due it was a great example of children doing this we? we can hear pomme to appear in court in chicago today. mike blairwho monika plaha reports. at one point he was the biggest name being really nice and that teenagers doing this we? we can hear pomme mike blair who has said that was in r&b, but here r kelly sometime ago, we need to concentrate is being is escorted by security a lwa ys on what we can do, and scotland have as he handed himself being really nice and that teenagers into chicago police. always have a bad reputation —— reputation, lots turned out and it made great strides under gradel accountant. they just need showed a positive side of the whole made great strides under gradel accountant. theyjust need to win away from home. the problem may # i believe i can fly... city. we got messages from parents who said it was a really good way of have, notable absentee is, finn russell, central to everything they he has had massive crossover hits explaining things to them about the globally, through it all allegations do, hugh jones russell, central to everything they and rumours of sexual abuse war, one parent is saying, i think do, huthones is also out, it is against underage girls were never far away. like taking some of the best plays they've learned more than they would out about liverpool forward line in have done with lessons at school football. they are missing some key and in 2008 he went to trial about the history of the war. it's players. mike blair believes that if on charges of child pornography, almost more understandable. ten men they focus on what they can do they can finally and that dreadful run in in their very early 10—— 20s. it's a after a tape surfaced allegedly paris. the players tend not to look showed him having sex smaller number, it's to imagine when with a 13—year—old. at the big picture too much. coming but he was acquitted you say millions died but the when the jury decided the tape tragedy of that, and the children wasn't clear enough. who tried to save them that day, some women were paid not to talk pull them out of the planes, it's an to paris, incredible stadium. we played good stuff to ——of the first and others started to come forward to say what had gone on. example of something which brings two games. there have been some i did realise that he had a problem more to life. and so many people inconsistencies as well. it is a big
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and i couldn't fix it. opportunity for us to put 80 minutes have tweeted about it, sent now prosecutors feel they have enough evidence to press charges messages, lots of people likejohn together. the guys are desperate to relating to four victims. bishop who said he was moved to do that. that one gets under way at earlier today, robert kelly tea rs, bishop who said he was moved to tears, the comedian, watching the was indicted before a cook county programme, what a brilliant story. 2:15 and then england against wales. you can watch the action across the grand jury on ten counts michael vaughan, who is from sheffield saying tears, of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. bbc today. great stuff. john watson it appears a recent tv series speaking to alleged victims gave in cardiff. it already looks fantastic. next to another england batting others the confidence collapse in the west indies. to come forward, too, england had elected to bowl, but it was hard going, to try and getjustice against one #tonygotaflypast. it was training as a century from shimron hetmyer of the biggest selling us stars — helped the hosts set england across the world at one point. we for abuse allegations going back a target of 290. more than two decades. need a bit of positivity. the england looked set to reach that monika plaha, bbc news. total until they lost their last six divides were always highlighted. wickets for just 35 runs. and west indies levelled this is something that ordinary the series at 1—1. people, with a bit of help from dan people buying their first home accounted for most of the properties fulham's hopes of staying in the premier league, bought with a mortgage walker, but it's an ordinary story. have been dealt another blow — in the uk last year — they lost 3—1 at west ham. the first time that has people who came because there were happened since 1995. fulham had made the perfect start, according to the halifax, ryan babel scoring his first goal pendle in lancashire and copeland in cumbria are the most affordable since joining the club last month. areas for first time buyers. 00:09:49,298 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 here's colin campbell. loads of families, the children there was controversy over west ham's equaliser with replays helped, certainly people who had appearing to show the ball coming lived through it but also people off the hand of havier hernandez. born in the last few years, it was issa diop, and michail antonio, then got the goals that leaves incredible. i was watching its fulham, eight points from safety. thinking, this is going to have to bea thinking, this is going to have to be a movie. you know what, you
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couldn't really do it better than it was in reality? you don't need a movie because you've seen it unfold in real time. it's watford are up to seventh, after they thrashed struggling, cardiff 5—1. gerard deulofeu scored his first senior hat—trick and watford's first movie because you've seen it unfold in realtime. it's got in the top flight since 1986. movie because you've seen it unfold in real time. it's got to movie because you've seen it unfold in realtime. it's got to be captain troy deeney movie because you've seen it unfold in real time. it's got to be so movie because you've seen it unfold in realtime. it's got to be so many things done, night it, a star on the town hall, a movement that tony, not many people are backing down. got the other two. tom hanks to play tony. is so modest, he was saying, it's not funny, it's not me. it tugged at in the scottish premiership a contenderfor goal of the month. it's hibernian's stevie mallan, dan's part, because he kept saying it was his family, those ten men. as they won 11—2 at dundee. that's two wins out of two, for new boss paul heckingbottom. sheffield, it's quite a northern it's a huge weekend of rugby union trade, he is not to show off. you with the six nation's men's and women's championships don't have to feel guilty. that has resuming today. the sports governing body hopes to encourage more women and girls to pick up a ball for the first time and are holding inner warrior tortured him fears. his whole life. sessions to give them a taster. i went to one earlier this you can understand, imagine being month in manchester. there that day and how awful it must music plays. have been that he was so young so across the land the chase is on for the egg—shaped ball. many people carried that guilt and and find more girls and women no reason. it was not theirfault, willing to give rugby a go. let's be honest. achy so much. and even on a freezing winter's night, hundreds forgot
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about the snow and cold. and some, like charlotte, thanks to your part in it. lovely to picked up a rugby ball work with you on it. a bit later we for the first time. will show footage from inside the it's really nice to know that plane, the bird's eye view from the i am able to play rugby. day. and what with sprint was the it's something i had never considered. a lot of the stigma around girls weather, the weather was so good. playing rugby has been removed, it's going to stay like this, isn't especially for clubs like this. and clubs like this and the whole it? community around manchester, it is a good new challenge to have. yes, we continue with the mild thing there it goes. that into next week as well. more of the same, really, more sunny weather, very mild for the time of amid all the chaos, this is the biggest rugby match i have year that the same time, but got been involved in. dense patches of fog this morning there is no structure to it. across central and southern england, it is the thrill of picking the ball south—east the home counties. london up and running with it. forward passes are allowed occasion. city airport, a number of it's just about getting people to get a feel of the ball. cancellations. we are seeing that i thought it would be disruption at some of the airports hard but then it was, like, it was just like but also very difficult driving running and having fun. conditions with visibility dipping i thought it was, like, below 100m. that is really dense, quite rough but i realised i really liked it. i liked tackling nasty, thick fog and it will take a and things like that. while to clear, still low cloud the sessions are to build on the excitement surrounding
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the six nations, especially leftover, even if the afternoon. when you have england's top points scorer this season elsewhere, quite that sunshine of on hand to inspire you. but there weren't any sessions the other weak weather front. it's like this when katy daly mclean going to be in a bit of rain into was starting out. scotla nd going to be in a bit of rain into scotland and western parts of england and wales by the end of the people think rugby, they think contact. afternoon. temperatures could reach for me, this is the beauty of inner warrior, you've got afternoon. temperatures could reach the opportunity to come a high of 18 celsius, given some and use a rugby ball. but you are playing games you might decent sunshine and if we compare have played in netball, with what we should be seeing, you might have played in football. it's just about getting girls involved. temperatures range from around 7—9d. i think the game as a whole just really recognises the value very, very mild. nine, 10 degrees of different shapes and sizes. this is a real nice opportunity above normal for this time of year. for them to come and play with their friends, have a go, and think maybe this will be a home overnight tonight, clear skies for me where i may not have it any initially but low cloud, mist and different sports but in rugby i can fit in here. fog patches reforming. mostly across there's 100 sessions like this that northern counties of england. a have been held right across the country. chilly night as well will it keep and since inner warrior started some the clearer weather. a few patches 12,000 women and girls have been picking up a ball of frog —— frost in the countryside. for the first time. when everyone's here if you like sunday, it's another mild one. they you are family altogether playing. are coming from a long way south it's not that competitive so we can just have fun. towards our shores and that's why it the snow doesn't really bother us. is mild at the moment. we'll see a i'm just loving the snow, the rugby! repeat performance with low cloud, and fog. sunny spells coming out the
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towards the end we started getting more competitive too. and at these inner warrior most of us. northern ireland perhaps sessions you can let loose, staying cloudy once again, it should find a space, and dive over be quite a bit of dry weather here, the line for a glorious try. well, if you have got perhaps an old spot of rain. long enough arms. temperatures 12— 15 degrees but not there's always one quite as warm as it will be this who forgets the line. afternoon. the area of high pressure bringing this spell of weather is yeah, who —— humiliated at the end. there, sending these atlantic fronts around and that means we will see have a go yourself. sessions across some rain coming into scotland. the country. the website will give you the details. it sounds brilliant. have fun. the weather did later in the day to orkney & shetland. far north of scotland, a not look great in my‘s peace, but it lot of dry weather, mist and fog is all right at the moment. patches, and it stays very mild. cresswell tell us what will happen in the next few days. temperatures the most of us, between the bbc minute webpage. that red 13 and 15 celsius. that dry sunny dress would be amazing on the sofa. the weather is pretty quiet at the theme continues for a good part of moment. plenty of sunshine and theme continues for a good part of the week ahead but you will notice stains ——it stays mild for the time those temperatures drifting down, of year. we also dense fog to watch london, 12 degrees by friday. it out for. this will bring some tricky should be about nine at this time of year. it will stay mild through the travelling conditions across a
7:14 am
swathe of southern england into the week ahead. that is how the weather home counties as well. tricky is looking. it's interesting when travelling conditions, poor driving conditions. there is the risk of you compare what it is like now some disruption. a number of flights compared to last year. this time cancelled already. it's worth checking before travelling. apart from that mist and fog, it's going to ta ke from that mist and fog, it's going to take a while to clear out. it could linger into eastern england. last, it was much lower than nine most of us, there will be sunshine. degrees, subzero temperatures with siberian air. heavy snow and wind. the weather front moves across, bringing rain, which will cripple the "beast from the east". its way into scotland. it is going to bea its way into scotland. it is going to be a mild one, temperatures reaching as high as 18 celsius later it went on and on. and it really had on across southern an impact, didn't it? reaching as high as 18 celsius later on across southern england. if we weather presenter sarah keith lucas, compare that where the temperature has been looking back at the impact of the "beast from the east". should be, highs of around eight or what a difference a year makes. nine degrees. it is very, very mild. as we enjoy springlike temperatures this february, things were very different this time last year. this is the map of europe as you can see, the cold overnight tonight, what will happen, air which is pouring out of siberia. patches of cloud and that mist and much of winter 2018 was pretty mild but things were to change fog. a cold night as well. 2— four dramatically during the last week as the beast from the east
7:15 am
sunk its claws into the uk, bringing heavy snow and a prolonged cold snap. celsius. in the countryside, dipping down into freezing. for sunday's it lasted for ten days and is was compounded by the arrival of storm emma. weather, the air is still coming the cold started to set from a long way south. as we go in on the 22nd of february and in the days that followed, temperatures steadily through sunday, low cloud, mist and fog. plenty of sunshine. staying dropped, with sharp overnight frosts and then the snow showers started to push in from the east. by the 27th, the mercury dipped to —11 celsius quite cloudy and breezy here. the overnight and many areas stayed below freezing all day. weather is cloudy or sunny but as lying snow covered either way, a very mild day much of the country, tomorrow. highs of12— thousands of schools closed and many either way, a very mild day tomorrow. highs of 12— 15 degrees, perhaps a shade down but well above were to stay that way for several days. normalfor perhaps a shade down but well above normal for this perhaps a shade down but well above normalfor this stage in february. then the met office issued a rare red warning across central scotland. allowing this weather front coming it is pretty unusual off the atlantic. getting into the for us here in scotland — we do have some severe weather but snow on this scale, whilst not unprecedented, is unusual. we'd have to go back a number of years to see an event like this. glasgow airport was closed hebrides. plenty of sunshine. and there was widespread travel disruption.
7:16 am
temperatures widely between 13 and power cuts hit thousands of homes and military assistance was deployed. 15 degrees. looking deeper into the and in cumbria, rural communities were struggling. it's been quite incredible, never seen anything like it. we've had five or so—foot drifts weekend. if you remember london around where we live. i rang the highways season average of about nine department yesterday degrees. john, back to you. that's morning asking them to send out some assistance as our tractor was stuck not bad, is it. it's nearly 10—— at a neighbour's and they said there is no way anybody was going to be able to come out our way. as march arrived, so did storm emma, bringing 750. with it a second red warning, we'll have all the headlines this time for south—west england at eight, but first it's time and south wales. the severe weather continued over for newswatch with simira ahmed. the next couple of days. more snow fell, and wind gusts reached 84mph in cumbria. by march 4, although temperatures were slowly starting to rise, 57cm of snow was still hello and welcome to newswatch. laying on the ground coming up, honda says the planned in little rissington closure of their swindon plant has nothing to do with brexit, in gloucestershire. so why did we have so much about it? then a new hazard. as a possible explanation. snowmelt combined with high tides and there have been plenty and flooding became a major issue. of shemima begum on our screens this frozen pipes burst as the they week, has the bbc been
7:17 am
thawed, leaving some with water giving her the oxygen of publicity? supply problems. let's start with an appreciation posted on twitter in relation to last week's newswatch from one of our followers using the name confused... the clean—up was costly and the severe weather was responsible for a total of ten deaths in the uk. fast forward 12 months and the weather picture is very different. there have been some short—lived colder blasts this year but the past couple of weeks have seen temperatures well above the seasonal norms. sarah keith—lucas, bbc news. you are welcome. but you may have to prepare yourself quite a change from now. thank for a disappointment this week. because, britain's departure goodness it's not like this year. from the european union was very can you remember what you wanted much on the minds of many of our viewers or at least its relevance to be when you were a kid? or irrelevance to the news leaked what do you mean, can you remember? on monday night that honda would be so long ago. wanted to be a teacher. closing its plant in swindon. john kay reported on the story for that night's news at ten. i had about tenjobs, a policewoman, last month honda announced it would shut these went in operation a scientist, an engineer, a dancer, for six days in april to deal the list goes on. with any brexit disruption. a firefighter, an astronaut or how and some of the three and a half thousand workers now blame brexit about a fashion designer? for a more permanent closure.
7:18 am
that would be good. there is a reason we are talking about this, things we didn't i can't imagine a starker woman to the government, achieve. no deal will be catastrophic that's what 13—year—old josh has aimed for since he was four, and now his dream is for the uk car industry starting to become reality. josh says he wants to be the next and if there is no alexander mcqueen and explains deal, this will be... how his designs made it the following morning... from his bedroom to the catwalk at london fashion week. of course speculation about how and why this had come about, is it because of brexit, is it because of the prime minister's hey, i'mjosh, hey, i'm josh, i'm hey, i'mjosh, i'm a 13—year—old handling of it. fashion designer. my biggest if she secured a deal earlier ambition is to be as big as would honda be able to feel a little bit more secure in the european market? alexander mcqueen, chanel. i've a lwa ys alexander mcqueen, chanel. i've always been interested in fashion, pretty much since the age of four. my pretty much since the age of four. my mum ‘s wardrobe is where it all started. i was always interested in the texture, fabrics, and ijust taken out and sketch them. i probably got my first sewing machine in about 2015 and just practising speculation can, of course, with fabrics and different kind of turn out to be warranted or not and shortly after that contribution
7:19 am
stitching. i think my very design, on breakfast came the official announcement from japan in which honda's ceo said it was a purple suit. i notice a lot of women, the go to work and they the closure had nothing to do wear the greys, the blacks, all the with brexit, a statement reiterated really boring colours. i was by its senior vice president in europe. thinking to being some of ——to bring so did that and any mention of the b some glamour back to the boardroom. word in relation to the story? i've had a lot of comments from take a look at this interview women who say they feel elegant, and on breakfast following contributions from tokyo correspondent powered, it's really comfortable to on tuesdays one o'clock news wear. so i'm working on my and the business editor. i'm just looking at what collection, it's pretty top—secret but it's going to be the world's most expensive dress by 13—year—old. honda have been saying. my most expensive dress by 13—year—old. my biggest highlight was a big show during fashion week. standing ovation. it was really scary when this is not a brexit—related you go out at the end and wave issue they are saying, do you concur? because there is lights, people yes. the initial reaction looking at europe and of course, i'm because of the timing, that was a fair. why do it now? one reason is the need the one backstage dressing them. to invest huge amounts sometimes it can be hard tojuggle in new electric technology. school life and being a fashion at the other, according designer. homework is long and you can't let your school grades fail to some here is brexit. because they are really important but you just kind of work around it. the plant is like a iamup canary in a coal mine. but you just kind of work around it. i am up against a lot of adult it is the weaker entity there. designers and it's very competitive. simply, the business environment some people like, wow, it's amazing with the risk of a hard brexit has become too toxic to continue
7:20 am
and you get those people who say, oh, he's 13, and you get those people who say, oh, he's13, why is he doing this? so i'm showing them how to do it really. if you wanted to be a to participate there. fashion designer, never give up. once you got a dream, to it. i'm brexit uncertainty may not have pushed honda to the exit but it has sharpened questions blown away by that. the team. you as to whetherjapan leaves the uk at the way it once did. are measured. he can't let his school grades slipped. it's rob dickson was one of those objecting to that coverage. incredible. he is going to you can also find out more on this story on the bbc minute webpage. that red dress would be amazing on the sofa. and steve was equally unimpressed, recording this video for us. come on bbc, stop trying to shoehorn brexit into every news item. perfect example of this was the unfortunate announcement of the closure of the honda plant in swindon. the ceo of honda stated
7:21 am
categorically that brexit had
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