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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at 8pm. more homes are evacuated as emergency workers race against time to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the damaged dam in whaley bridge, amid fears of more storms. residents were allowed to return to their homes for 15 minutes today to pick up essentials. idid i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. breaking news this hour. a number of people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping centre in the texas city of el paso according to police. police cannot say how many. police in hong kong have used tear gas and baton charges against pro—democracy demonstrators as they demonstrated for the ninth weekend in a row.
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these police have turned up now here, this is their serious right police. they are the ones dressed in black. they are coming fast and hard. in moscow, riot police detain hundreds of demonstrators who were protesting against the exclusion of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections. you can go to prison for a very long time in britain if you have got anything like this! coming up, canada's legalised it, so three mps go on a weed trip to see if britain could do the same. being the first major western country to go fully legal, in half an hour newsbeat ask — has it worked?
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good evening our top story on bbc news. a further 55 homes are being evacuated in the derbyshire town of whaley bridge. police say it's due to a forecast for bad weather tomorrow, while efforts continue to shore up a dam that's in danger of collapse. the emergency services are moving swiftly to try to pump water out of the toddbrook reservoir, with more wet weather forecast for tomorrow. today, some whaley bridge residents, who'd spent a second night away from their homes, were allowed to return to collect essential items. charlotte gallagher is at the scene for us this evening and sent this report. an raf chinook helicopter picks up bags of aggregate. this is the third day of operations to save a dam and the town of whaley bridge. here, a crew member leans out to make sure the sandbags are dropped in exactly the right place. the chinook still a strange
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sight in this small town. these fire crews and pumps are working 2a hours a day to divert the 300 million gallons of water in the reservoir. we were here early hours on friday from west yorkshire and if you pan across, you can see the brick level of the stones. that was underwater when we arrived. so, as you can see, it's quite visibly come down. it's a major incident, make no mistake. whaley bridge would normally be packed on a summer holiday saturday. but today, it's a ghost town. people who were forced to leave their homes are being allowed to return forjust 15 minutes to collect valuables, medication, and even their grandchildren‘s toys. we were advised by the police we were going in at our own risk. and yes, all right, it's a calculated risk really. we sort of knew we needed to get things, we knew we had to do things
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and as long as you move quickly, and i would say listen all the time because they told us if we hear three blasts on the horn, we were to just run. i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. this family had to leave their home and the guesthouse they run. an adventure for the children, less so for their parents. i had some builders staying with me that had to get out quick when they started the evacuation. so they are obviously losing as well. and, yeah, just not knowing really when i can open back up and take bookings. i have had to advise people that we are closed for the foreseeable future. police are using patrols and a drone to monitor the evacuation zone. and a government minister visited today to give more reassurances. i want to thank the residents. it is imperative that we keep them safe, that's the only reason why they are out of their homes. and i would also reassure that i know the police are taking
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very seriously they need to keep their homes secure. people have been coming down to the dam all day. but it could be a while before they are able to say goodbye to the rescue teams for good. our correspondent charlotte gallagher is still in whaley bridge and earlier she told me how worrying these further evacuations are for local residents. i think a lot of people obviously in this area are incredibly concerned chris as you said. 55 more houses needed to be evacuated. the police are ordering and evacuation of an area near here called horwich end. and people living there are being told that they can go to rest centres that will be set up for them if they can't get to theirfriends or family or hotels. people here have been allowed into the town as you saw for a few minutes here to collect their valuables but it could be days or even a week until they are back in their homes for good. now you did mention the weather
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and there is a concern here it's been really dry and sunny all day today. the rain is starting a little bit. we are getting a few spots of rain but the concern is for tomorrow. the met office have issued a yellow warning for a storm. and there are fears that all the work that has been done to pump the water out of the reservoir, that could be undone if we get a really heavy storm like we have it done earlier this week. now the emergency services, engineers, and military will be working throughout the night here to try and pump as much water as they can out of this reservoir and also fix that part of the dam wall which has broken. if you can see behind me, you may be able to see some of the people hi—viz jackets on that bridge. just below them is that section of the dam which is damaged and they par people will have seen
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on tv with the helicopter dropping sandbags onto it. and we are seeing lots of tractors going past of the moment with even more materials attempting to patch this down up. there will be a bigger rebuild in the future but at this point, they need to make it safe so those homes and businesses below the dam are not engulfed by 300 millions gallons of water which is in this reservoir. it could be incredibly dangerous but the emergency services do seem confident that they are on top of these situation. you spare a thought for the residents given 15 minutes to collect their belongings from their homes. no doubt they were not just collecting clothes and an overnight bag, probably photos, mementos, things they fear they may lose forever. a very stressful time for residents and no doubt asking questions. i don't know how much of a feel you've got about it about the safety of this dam but the safety of other dams perhaps as well.
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well, yes commit because this dam was built in victorian times, as were a lot of dams throughout the uk. and perhaps many did not realise one that they were that old and too that they were maintained by a charity. so i think there is a lot of questions about other dams. do they be looked at and i'm sure the environment agency will be looking at dams across the country to make sure they are safe in case they get deluged with rainwater and more storms. and as you said, people has 15 minutes to get into town, grab what they can and come back. the lady we spoke to was getting her grandchildren‘s toys and clothes and essentials. we spoke to one man who had to rescue his parrot, he could not get out of the house when he was first ordered to leave early this week so he went down earlier today and rescued his animal. but yeah there are people concerned — medication, jewellery, heirlooms, photo albums, all the kind of things that cannot be replaced if their homes were to be flooded. but i have to say despite the very stressful situation here people have
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been incredibly positive. a lot of them have been saying to me the one thing they want to get out there is how much respect they have for the emergency services and how much admiration they have for the work they have been doing and they say they have been treating them so well. i spoke to one family who were coming off on holiday and a fire crew actually offered to carry all their luggage up to the top of the hill because they had young children, suitcases, carrier bags and toys to the fire crew help them get away on holiday. so there is a real sense of a unity pulling together and people coming out and making teas for the emergency services the journalists which is unusual. so it is a real positive atmosphere down here despite obviously the real danger of that dam bursting. charlotte gallagher reporting from the scene. and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30 this evening
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in the papers. guests joining me tonight are the political commentatorjo phillips and the political editor of the people and the sunday mirror nigel nelson. dojoin us if you can. as you probably read at the bottom of the screen there, our breaking news this hour is that there has been a shooting in el paso in texas. police say a number of people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping centre. police scouring a wide area around the centre. we are hearing from various sources that several people have been injured in the incident. and also conflicting reports on the number of people that have been taken into number of people that have been ta ken into custody. number of people that have been taken into custody. let's get some more definitive information now. our correspondent chris buckler is in washington. quite a few conflicting reports coming from the police and the mayor. can you clear up what happened so far. even within the last hour police have been warning
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people to stay away from the cielo vista mall which is where this happen. and it is clear however now that they believe there is no imminent threat as they finished a news c0 nfe re nce imminent threat as they finished a news conference minutes ago. they say as far as they're concerned the threat for the minute is over. at the same time they are confirming that there have been multiple fatalities as a result of this shooting that took place inside a walmart supermarket. however they also indicated that they were examining scenes inside the mall itself. there is a suggestion that they are looking at more than one active area where they are concerned people have been shot and been injured. there are reports that as many as 18 people have been taken to hospital although we cannot confirm that and we cannot confirm the extent of their injuries. and certainly earlier on the police has suggested that they had multiple reports of there being more than one gunman 01’ reports of there being more than one gunman or woman and that was something that they were following up something that they were following up although it must be said that
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once there is a shooting like this you can imagine that there is panic, they will receive a number of different reports. but at this stage they say they have one person in custody. it's not clear if that is the only person that they are looking for or whether or not that is even the person that they believed was involved in this shooting. there is one person involved and there are multiple fatalities and people have been taken to the hospital. it is not a shopping centre in america, it it is a school where there is a shooting. i think they were this just fascinated in how america continues to pray to much standby it's gun culture despite people losing their wives or what seems to be every few months. —— their lives. is there any change or how the situations are being handled by emergency services. for example are there measures in place to make sure fatalities are minimal, has that even change? they have looked at the last week. when
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you had a shooting at a shooting in northern california earlier this week on sunday. after that on tuesday, we had another shooting in another walmart supermarket in which two members of staff were killed. there is clearly a great deal of concern about the fact that guns are able to be purchased quite legally and then used in these kind of attacks. and there is increasing pressure as you know on the government to do something more about that. that is notjust the case for national government, federal government. it is also for state governments too. but at the same time, it is true also that there are many people here who believe fundamentally in their right to bear arms, believe fundamentally in their right to beararms, a believe fundamentally in their right to bear arms, a constitutional right as they see it. and the gun lobby is extremely powerful. and that is refight that in the fact that there has been really very little change. whenever we did see that real surge of support for support to gun laws after the shooting in parkland in florida last year, we will remove her president trump saying he would
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ta ke her president trump saying he would take some action. well, certainly it is what is known as bum socks which are turning semi automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons, they have been banned. —— bump stocks. 0ther have been banned. —— bump stocks. other than that not much else has changed. anti—gun campaigners have been very frustrated by that. saying that the emergency services do respond as quickly as they can. and if you look at this case, there is a great need to get communication out as quickly as possible across social media. the el paso police department we re media. the el paso police department were encouraging people to stay away trying to put out information trying to make sure people were not going to make sure people were not going to the cielo vista mall. but the reality is that while there is access to guns quite openly in america, relatively easily, it does make the danger of these kind of shootings is something that they have to be aware of and have to be concerned of. and certainly i think once we get confirm just how many people have been killed in this attack in el paso, there will once again be many to say is a time to
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look at the gun laws was white chris, thank you for that. we will keep you updated. we will keep you updated when more information about that shooting in texas in america. just the latest shooting this week as chris was explaining. let's turn our attention now to hong kong. hong kong police have fired tear gas at pro—democracty activists who are demonstrating for the ninth weekend in a row, despite increasingly stern warnings from china. the protests were triggered by opposition to a planed extradition law but spread to become a wider movement for democratic reforms. —— a planned extradition law. the demonstrators have also called for a city—wide strike on monday, which has already been backed by major businesses and unions. earlier we heard from our correspondent stephen mcdonnell who was amongst the protestors. well, right now, in that same area, they've managed to clear out all of the protesters as far as i can see. but the riot police are still here.
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they have their shields and helmets in place, and in fact, we just had another... well, a group of i can't see how many vans full of riot police have turned up, given that there are this many officers still here. now, the reason for that is that although the protesters have gone, we've had local residents here heckling the riot police, so there was a large standoff here for about an hour where the riot police were in formation and protesters... well, not protesters, local residents, many of whom have now left now that there are so many police around here, werejust standing there, as i say, heckling the police. they were looking straight at them singing songs to make fun of them, asking the police tojoin in and it just shows there is a sort of general attitude from many in the community here of disrespect for the police here. they're going to have a lot of work to do to somehow regain that respect. and actually, this is interesting.
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the seriousness of that is that these police have turned up now here, they are the raptors, as they're called. this is the serious riot police. they're the ones dressed in black who come in when the situation gets especially serious, and they come in fast and hard. and it could be because they were worried about the situation getting out of hand. and as i say, locals just gathering around making fun of the police, just calling stuff out at them. and for that reason alone, the police have felt they can't leave here. so, stephen, where have the protesters gone now? well, i think the protesters have left. they faced, as you saw earlier, overwhelming force from the police, who came through with shield and baton charges with lots of tear gas in big numbers. they weren't able to resist. they sort of pushed them back in different directions. and for a while there, they sort of "held out", built barricades and threw the tear
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gas back at them, but now they seem to have drifted away. of course, they have another full day of protests tomorrow, and then what they hope is a widespread strike the day after. so we could see many more of these street battles in the days to come. you're watching bbc news. the headlines. a further fifty—five homes are being evacuated in the derbyshire town of whaley bridge as efforts to repair the partially collapsed dam continue. forecasters expect more bad weather tomorrow. breaking news this hour. authorities in the city of el paso and texas say there have been multiple people killed at a shopping centre shooting. talks to averting strikes by thousands of heathrow airport workers.
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177 fisa been cancelled for monday and tuesday. sport and a full round—up from the bbc sport centre. good evening. the first ashes test is poise going into day four in edgbaston. england stirred themselves with 374 in the first inning. a lead of nine after chris wilkes and they got off to a fine start with the ball. aussies three because down to just 75 runs. but steve smith has dug in and is still at the crease to give the tourists a lead of 34 runs. england's bronte hall and charlie hold five shots off the lead going in the final day of the lead going in the final day of the british open... for birdies on the british open... for birdies on the back nine for a round of 17. she has yet to draw a lot at —— drop a shot at this event. just behind the
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japanese leader playing in her first major championship. red bull's max first app major championship. red bull's max firstapp and major championship. red bull's max first app and has taken his first formula 1 proposition. he has won two of the past three races and broke the track record to hold off champ chip leader lewis hamilton. —— championship leader lewis hamilton. celtic starter there, events of the... 7-0 celtic starter there, events of the... 7—0 thrashing for something. going for their ninth week title in a row. wins for newly promoted ross county. rangers are playing tomorrow. saint helen's have secured their second successive super league leaders shield. following warmington's 30—10 defeat to catalan dragons. he crashed over to confirm the victory but they were ugly scenes in the final minutes of the
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match. tempers flaring on the field and in the stands. warmington's and sam thompkins were given a red card. the women's classic made of 20 laps ofa 3.4 the women's classic made of 20 laps of a 3.4 columnar group of central london came to a dramatic finish. the dutch writer one... from the sprinting line in the closing minutes causing a huge crash which brought down half of the pellets on. the group came inside to win but after a quick review she was penalised for a change of direction suddenly. it was disappointed for alice barnes who finished as the highest place britain last year in ninth. it was pretty disappointing. i really wanted to have a good day, but there was a crash behind me and one of the bikes got stuck on my back wheel and i just finished the lab now and i saw my skid mark was
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about 20 metres long. that had nothing to do that i could do, there was one left to go and i can't get back up and sprint. just try to finish and there was a lot that came down. i have noted what has happen if everyone is ok. writing a motorbike can even be dangerous as well as a road bike as we saw there but what happens when you are thrown from your bike at around 100 miles an hour? this is what happened to this south african writer and he somehow managed to keep control of the bike during qualifying for the check grand prix. keeping it upright and then bringing his bike to a standstill. balance as well as strength. amazing scenes. and that is all the support we have for now. chris, back to you. thank you. let's bring you up—to—date on the latest situation at heathrow. talks aimed at averting strike action by thousands of workers at heathrow airport next week, have been adjourned for the day, with no sign of agreement.
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more than 150 flights scheduled for monday and tuesday have already cancelled, after the members of one union rejected a pay offer. our business correspondent, katy austin has been at heathrow. another day with no pay deal agreement between heathrow and the unite union means that when those reconciliation talks restart tomorrow morning, there'll be less than 24 hour left before a possible strike here at britain's biggest airport during peak holiday season. those walking out would be the likes of engineers, security guards and firefighters. heathrow has said all along it does have contingency plans, which means it could continue to operate safely, but it took an early call that 177 departure flights from here needed to be cancelled across monday and tuesday, with passengers being booked onto alternative services or getting refunds from their airline. for those travelling on monday and tuesday, though, if a strike goes ahead, they would see the effect because heathrow says there would be very long queues to get through security, so people would need to allow a lot
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of extra time for that. as things stand, there's no imminent sign of a resolution being found that will means a strike doesn't go ahead this monday and tuesday, and indeed more strikes later this month. riot police in russia have detained hundreds of protestors during disturbing scenes today in moscow. these distressing images show officers forcibly removing demonstrators, who are protesting against the exclusion of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections. police in russia say 600 people have been arrested. among those being held is the prominent activist, lyubov sobol, who was picked up as she left her office to join the unauthorised protests. ms sobol is a long—time ally of russia's leading opposition figure, alexei navalny, who's serving a jail sentence for encouraging the demonstrations. 0ur correspondent 0leg boldyrev in moscow explains why protesters are taking to the streets. well, it started in earlyjuly
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after it became apparent that the election authorities in moscow are not letting into the race, which will happen between now and september, a bunch of prominent opposition activists who decided to contest the seats in moscow city council. normally, moscow city council is not such a big deal, but this time around, the opposition made it their point that they will campaign and they followed all very intricate and complicated rules for gathering support. but disregarding this, the election officials said that they will not let them into the race. and so the protests started last week. most of those candidates and would—be leaders of the protest were picked up even before they were able to go onto the street. and, of course, as you said today, lyubov sobol, who cannot be detained once again and currently is in a police station. the russian military hasjoined efforts to contain wildfires,
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burning over thousands of square miles of forest in the north, and east of the country. some of the fires have been burning for weeks, in what environmental groups have described as an ecological catastrophe. steve rosenberg has travelled to one of the affected areas, in siberia. siberia is burning, and we went to see how. forestry workers agreed to show us how they are fighting the fires. with limited resources, they're doing their best, trying to contain the threat that's almost impossible. in this siberian forest, i saw new fires appearing out of nowhere. well, this is where the fairy tale russian forest has been reduced to a wasteland. the fire has caused a lot of damage here. and, as you can see, it's still smouldering. and part of the problem is dead wood — dry wood —
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like this, because even if you drop 40 tonnes of water from a military plane up there, if it's still burning inside here — if there's still flames — then that's going to continue. this firefighter isn't giving up, though. "we've got to keep the situation under control," he says, "and keep putting out these fires." but sometimes in siberia, forest fires burn until the snow falls. russia may need to let nature take its course. steve rosenberg, bbc news, siberia. here is been rich with the weather. after a week that is brought destruction and flooding in the uk i'm sure we can all do without any more downpours. there are some
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more in the forecast. shari bursts of rain in northern ireland into western scotland through the night. may be the odd rebel of thunder and dry weather elsewhere in a quite warm and muggy night... this band of cherry rain drifting in from the west. it may weaken briefly but some more of those hit and miss storms will crop up in northern england and scotland. to the south not as many showers. dry and some parts of the south—east where it will also be warm. there is a met office yellow warning issued across northern england up into scotland through tomorrow for these hit and miss thunderstorms which in some places could dump 30 or 40 mm of rain in just a couple of hours that could cause some localised disruption. showers back into northern ireland as well. more downpours as we head into the new week.
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hello this is bbc news. the headlines... more homes are evacuated as emergency workers race against time to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the damaged dam in whaley bridge, amid fears of more storms. police in the texas city of el paso are investigating a shooting at a shopping complex — there are reports of a number of dead and injured. three people are in custody police in hong kong have used tear gas and baton charges against pro—democracy demonstrators as they demonstrated for the ninth weekend in a row. these police have turned up here now, the raptors as they are called. this is the serious riot police. they are the ones dressed in black. they come in fast and hard. in moscow, riot police detain hundreds
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of demonstrators who were protesting against the exclusion of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections. now on bbc news, ca nada's legalised it, so three mps go on a weed trip to see if britain could do the same. it was the first major western country to go fully legal — but has it worked? this programme contains adult themes. you could go to prison for a very long time in britain if you've got anything like this. there's been a big shift in attitudes to cannabis in the past few years. our current laws are a disaster. you might remember billy caldwell. his mum fought for him to get access to cannabis oil to help with his severe epilepsy. at every single stage of this campaign, we have mentioned making history. billy's case led to a big change at the end of 2018. medicinal cannabis products can now be legally prescribed to some patients across the uk for the first time. globally, where that's happened, it's often not been long


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