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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 11, 2019 9:30am-10:01am BST

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sitting in front of a cold computer you are not having any interaction with the computer. there is something kind of special about holding a book in your hand. it's not how many of us would choose to cool ourselves down on a hot summer's day — sitting in a box of ice for over two hours. but that's what extreme athletejosef koeberl did yesterday in vienna, as he broke the world record for the longest time submerged in ice — he lasted two hours, eight minutes and 47 seconds. one austrian newspaper described him as having the genes of the polar bear. there have been some days when you've wanted to be encased in ice are properly not for two hours. and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers
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rosamund urwin from the sunday times and the business journalist — john crowley — that's coming up after the latest headlines and a full sport update... now it's time for a look at the weather. cheer us us up, it's been gloomy the past couple of days, particularly a prediction of what is to come. that is too much pressure. there will be a bit of sunshine of the days ahead but not feeling as warm as it has done and still for some on the wet side. concern again over parts of northern england and southern scotland well the rain will be at its heaviest and most persistent. that will cause further problems, when pushing on across northern england, amalgamating gci’oss northern england, amalgamating across parts of lanarkshire and the lothians. across parts of northern ireland as well. heavy showers in south wales which will blossom a bit more widely, south—west england and across the midlands, too, becoming heavy and sundry in some parts. sunshine, brighter across the afternoon across parts of northern scotla nd afternoon across parts of northern scotland and northern ireland but with a northerly breeze feeling chilly here but let's just focus on
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where there is potential for further flooding, through the central belt of scotland, la narkshire, flooding, through the central belt of scotland, lanarkshire, through the borders, lothian, parts of cumbria and northumberland, too. the showers we see further south could be lively with thunderstorms mixed m, be lively with thunderstorms mixed in, could cause flash flooding but many will stay away from them, dry as to the south—east and east anglia with the highest of the temperature at 23 celsius compared to just 13 celsius in the north. hello, this is bbc news with shaun ley. the headlines: the prime minister has pledged £2.5 billion to create 10,000 new prison places, and has said that all police forces in england and wales will be given extended stop—and—search powers. the former prime minister, gordon brown, has warned that, under boris johnson, the union of england, scotland, wales and northern ireland is, in his words, "sleepwalking into oblivion". the fbi is investigating the death of the multi—millionaire businessman and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. a lawyer for some of the alleged victims has said she will still seek
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compensation for them. 200 people are continuing to search dense forest in malaysia near the resort where a 15—year—old schoolgirl from london went missing more than a week ago. before the papers, sport — and a full round—up from the bbc sport centre. good morning. we've had the first hat—trick of the premier league season — pep guardiola says raheem sterling is a ‘special‘ player. their 5—0 win at west ham sees them top of the table after the first saturday of the season. of all the newly promoted sides, sheffield united were the only ones to gain a point. aston villa had been heading for a win, but lost 3—1 at spurs. joe lynskey reports. this summer in football brings a new look and new faces. some things never change. right now, harry kane's tottenham is constant. his goal, once again, drags them back from defeat. aston villa took the lead, with their first top—flight goal after three years away.
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but the promoted side saw it all flush away. spurs drew level, then called for their captain. harry kane! that's all he needs! there is no august curse for harry kane this year. this used to be the month he couldn't score in. this strike meant it finished 3—i, and spurs know that right from the start there is no room to slip up. we know it will be a tough season, a long season, but it is important that we get off to a winning start and we have done that, we still have stuff to work on and a lot of training to do, but it puts us in a good place. the side lost 13 times last season. that was the difference between fourth place and the champions. manchester city start their assault on day one. stirling lifts the ball over fabianski! the clinical side put five past west ham, three of them went to stirling.
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this was shaped by the video assistant referee, but the new technology can't disrupt city's rhythm. this may be football's new world, but this season for manchester city looks pretty much like the old one. sheffield united trailed bournemouth i—0, and look what it means to get a point on the road. billy sharp has been with them since they were in the third tier. the manager has been watching even longer. chris wilder leads the side he grew up supporting. it has been a great experience, one we have really enjoyed, and i keep saying we are proud, billy is proud to captain the side, but we have come here to get a result, that is what we had to do today. for more happy managers, go to brighton and hove albion. potter's first match was a 3—0 win at watford.
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this, for potter, was a magical start. while they enjoyed the sunshine in lancashire, the wind swirled around southampton. ashley barnes's goal here set burnley up to win. for all the transfers and change, sometimes the assists can come from the weather. in other games yesterday, it was goalless between crystal palace and everton at selhurst park. three more games today — leicester city take on wolves in a midlands derby. arsenal make the trip to newcastle, while frank lampard will take charge of chelsea for the first time in the premier league at manchester united. neil lennon says there's a ‘ruthlessness‘ about his celtic side at the moment, off the back of a 7—0 win on the opening day of the season. the champions thrashed motherwell 5—2. they still manged to fall behind, liam donnelly‘s goal put motherwell ahead. celtic replied with goals from five different players. leigh griffiths' free kick, the pick of the bunch . donnolly pulled one back
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before the final whistle. hamilton were the only other winners yesterday. there were draws at st johnstone and hearts. two more matches today. rangers and hibs both won last weekend — something's got to give at ibrox. aberdeen travel to st mirren. the rugby world cup injapan starts next month — the home nations are going to have a lot of warm—up games over the next few weeks. a largely second—string ireland beat italy 29—10 in dublin yesterday. they went behind, but this from joey carbery was one of their five tries in the match. the second choice fly—half behind jonny sexton picked up a nasty ankle injury and is a doubt for the world cup. england and wales face each other at twickenham. they'll play again in cardiff next weekend. england name their 3i—man squad for next month's tournament tomorrow, almost a month before the deadline, but they've had to deal with injuries and also an alleged fight between two of their players, mike brown and ben t'eo,
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at a training camp last week. 0ur rugby union correspondent chrisjones tried to get to the bottom of it with the england head coach. what can you tell us about mike brown and ben t'eo? i'm not sure what people are talking about, so i don't really have much to say. but there was an altercation between the two? i cannot deny or confirm that. you can't deny it? as i said, i'm not making a comment. was what happened any reason why ben and mike weren't in camp this week? what happened 7 i understand there was a fight between them. i'm not saying whether there was an incident or not. it's the final day of the european athletics team championships in poland. the british team are fourth in the table. the men won their 4x100—metre relay heat. that victory was only confirmed though after original winners france were disqualified.
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serena williams plays in the final of the rogers cup in toronto later today, against the canadian teenager bianca andreescu. it would be williams‘ first title since winning the australian open in 2017 — she came from a set down to beat qualifier marie bouzkova in her semifinal. danny willett and justin rose are well placed going into the final round of the northern trust championship in newjersey. it's the first of the lucrative fedex cup events — rose is 11 under par, as is willett. he patrick reed leads on 14 under. rory mcilroy is ten under, with ian poulter two shots further back. in motogp, great britain's cal crutchlow will start from ninth at this afternoon's austrian grand prix. reigning world champion marc marquez starts from the front of the grid after he broke the lap record at the red bull ring in austria to claim a record
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59th pole position. that's all the sport for now. hello, and welcome to our sunday morning paper review. with me are rosamund urwin — financial services correspondent for the sunday times — and the business journalist, john crowley. let's take a look at the front pages. the sunday telegraph details a pledge to be made by prime minister borisjohnson to end the automatic release of serious criminals who are currently freed after serving half of their sentence. the sunday times claims that the queen has privately expressed her disappointment in the current political class and its "inability to govern". the observer leads on a warning
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from gordon brown that growing nationalism is pulling the united kingdom apart and driving it towards an unprecedented economic calamity. the mail on sunday leads on the us financier jeffrey epstein, who was found dead in his prison cell in a special high—security unit in manhattan yesterday. and the sunday express pictures prince andrew with epstein, who often socialised with the rich and powerful, including president donald trump and former president bill clinton. let's ta ke let's take a look at the first of those stories. borisjohnson on the telegraph, ending early release of prisoners. what is this all about? anyone with think there is an election coming. the conservatives pretty much a few decades ago were thought of as the party of law and order, that think this looks like
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borisjohnson order, that think this looks like boris johnson trying order, that think this looks like borisjohnson trying to reclaim that mantle. theresa may, when she was home secretary, was booed by the police federation, so they are not loot kindly upon. certainly by members of the police. it seems here, i think this is a popular and populist decision that will go down well in the country, the fact that well in the country, the fact that we read all the time these sentences halfway through, the sunday telegraph have their own data which says prisoners are being released having served only a fifth of their sentences. quite where the money is going to come from for all of this, if people are being totting this up, i don't know. and how quickly you can construct new prisons. i don't know. and how quickly you can construct new prisonslj i don't know. and how quickly you can construct new prisons. i don't know what philip hammond thinks of theirs. his spreadsheet has been ripped up by borisjohnson. it is a very popular and populist decision. there will be criticism among his served doves, because david gauke,
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justice secretary up until recently, as he was leaving he said, please don't do the populist thing, instead think about smart adjusters. not just longer sentences, thinking about how you actually go about getting people rehabilitated, which is after all what prison should do, make people less likely to reoffend. there are campaign groups who are saying this morning, campaigning for prison reform, this is an egotistical thing that politicians do, they say build more prisons but they don't say how they make these things work. compared with other countries, not the usa, where they put in off a lot of people in prison, but compared with other european countries, we have a very high prison population. sol european countries, we have a very high prison population. so i think there will likely be quite a bit of criticism, but that will play well with the sunday telegraph readers. we talked about that, what he has
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been doing on policing and the boost of numbers. there is a potential credibility issue for the government in the sense that many of the people who are now in the cabinet served in north were supporters of david cameron and theresa may's governments who made this significant cut in the number of police officers. they have to kind of reassure people that they are kind of converting to the cause, that was then, this is now, this is a different government. yes, of course you are exactly right, or prodl headline number of police office rs prodl headline number of police officers that he keeps saying, we just had those cut. the cuts on the police have been very tough. a lot of people in the police have rightly said all along it will lead to rising crime that has what we have seen. let's move onto the times. this prospect a general election
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we re this prospect a general election were not terrifying enough, the prospect for the queen of having to deal with politicians, this is not a pa rt deal with politicians, this is not a part of the little point, in more general point about the state of our politics, she doesn't think they are capable of governing, if this is correctly reported. i would say, my byline, this is impeccably sourced. the quote in the peace from someone close to the queen is that she is very dismayed. they quote is coming from her talking in 2016 in the aftermath of the referendum. however this person who speaks to her regularly has said that frustration well only have grown. her outage at the politicians. the wider context to this is that she risks being dragged into the sort of brexit crisis, and obviously the palace does not want that to happen. there
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isa campaign, does not want that to happen. there is a campaign, essentially, to stop at all falling on the queen. who i think we probably should remind people is in her 90s and probably, for art has seen an off a lot of before, but also rightly there is something rather brutal about us thinking the box tops with her. it is for politicians to sort out. what do you make of that? yes, and seeing 14 do you make of that? yes, and seeing 1a prime ministers of the stature of winston churchill and margaret thatcher. there was news that came out this week, john mcdonnell was saying, iam out this week, john mcdonnell was saying, i am going to sayjeremy corbyn around in a cab, and on the other side the conservatives, boris johnson and his special adviser refusing at least to deny reports that he will not step down should there be a vote of no confidence. as brexit stories go, this is... we do
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not often hear what the queen says, they think it is interesting that it has been let know what she thought a couple of years ago, if it was late known what she thought now, that would be seen as politicking. but you have a couple of years distance, it makes a more palatable. it was very clever. you know more about it than me. let's stay with the sunday times, this is front page story about estranged wife, no longer in a relationship of other they have children together, the barrister. better known to people currently as the estranged wife, she is divorcing borisjohnson. she has written the estranged wife, she is divorcing boris johnson. she has written for us boris johnson. she has written for us in the sunday times today about having had cervical cancer. she now
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considers herself cancer free. the treatment which she praises extensively inside was very swift. very well handled in the hospitals. of course this is a very tough year for the family, but she is better and recovering and looking forward. i think she is writing a very moving but also very honest piece for us, because she says, thing a lot of people relate, she is too busy to be ill. she is writing a book, got lots of other things going on, got four children. who are now in their 20s, but, you know, children and their 20s put demands. she felt that she had to much going on in her life for that. she has had to confront this illness. i think it is an amazing thing to someone come forward, cervical cancer, we know that there isa cervical cancer, we know that there is a national screening programme, but take up of eight is following a boast women and is at a 20 year low,
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so boast women and is at a 20 year low, so it is important to remind women of the importance of getting screened. let's leave moreno wheeler they are and move on to the observer. —— marina wheeler. an interesting toy for the labour party and the country, because it involves both aspects, both the future of the labour party, because its electoral fortu nes labour party, because its electoral fortunes in part depend on scotland staying in the uk, thought to be very ha rd staying in the uk, thought to be very hard for labour to win a majority without scottish seats. but also the potential risk to the uk from brexit. gordon brown is saying that growing nationalism is blowing the united kingdom are part, and he lays the blame at the feet of the prime minister boris johnson. lays the blame at the feet of the prime minister borisjohnson. let's not forget gordon brown laid a critical role for those who supported the union and 2014 when he intervened, i weep before david
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cameron said to please say something. he has got stature in scotla nd something. he has got stature in scotland to speak expensively on the subject. the problem for labour is, last week the shadow chancellor was freelancing at the edinburgh fringe festival while jeremy corbyn was holidaying in romania, he is entitled to a holiday of course, but it seems thatjohn madonna was saying, labour would be my date to allow a second referendum to happen, to which scottish labour mps, including gordon brown, it was like flipping a table up in the air. despitejohn flipping a table up in the air. despite john make donnell. flipping a table up in the air. despitejohn make donnell. problems for the union, but also this is about problem for labour as well. elsewhere in this piece, sadiq khan isa elsewhere in this piece, sadiq khan is a she would be open to a unity government, he is bayer of london, but vince cable was saying earlier this week that this might be a very temporary thing and when we think
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about the time of ramsay macdonald, we are not talking about that sort of national government unity. although that started out, ijust did a programme on this, matthew parris was interviewing me about this and and perkins as well, that government originally started out as having what was called doctor's mandate, supposed to temporary, but macdonald changed his mind and decided to fight an election at the national colours rather than reverting to party. it is interesting, i suppose it might worry some labour people. yes, and as they might unity amongst the people we are talking about being in the unity government? probably not. jeremy corbyn cannot command the support of zone party. let alone anyone else. interesting examples from history. we haven't had one for a long time, but perhaps this is the moment. we will see in about a month
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or so. moment. we will see in about a month or so. also on the front of the observer, a photograph which presumably, it looks like a photo from after he was arrested or convicted, jeffrey epstein, who has a p pa re ntly convicted, jeffrey epstein, who has apparently killed himself in his prison cell. i think the important line is towards the end of the front which is that victims of epstein's alleged six trafficking operation we re alleged six trafficking operation were expressing their frustration because of the slave they would have liked has seen justice because of the slave they would have liked has seenjustice be done, are they understandably think it has not been done. actually, the sunday telegraph has a line from the us attorney general saying, clearly a source attorney general saying, clearly a source close, he was livid and appalled this has been allowed to happen, and it seems shocking given that this is a man who it is believed made an attempt on his life three weeks ago. you would have thought he would be on suicide watch. they had returned him to his sale after a few days, decided he
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was not posing and emanate risk. i suppose the conspiracy theoriess will have fun with this one. this is where online misinformation floods in. donald trump, who was also good friends with jeffrey in. donald trump, who was also good friends withjeffrey epstein, has denied any wrongdoing. he retreated some baseless claims about the cli nto ns some baseless claims about the clintons as well. as you said, the main thing is that the people who have been attacked have not got justice, they bob not getjustice from him, presumably it is thought he has taken his own life. —— they will not getjustice. speculation abounds. it is a grim story, some of the court documents released make very disturbing reading. the attorney general, district attorney for southern manhattan said the case will go ahead even though epstein is dead, because there is a conspiracy
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charge as well. the telegraph, a—levels, that time again. page two of the telegraph. yes, this is around a—levels, the sunday telegraph's line is that they are saying the maths a—level is expected to fall, they don't know because it has been announced and it is lovely to speculate, but there are lots of kids out there and parents were worrying about the results, so this will not provide much soccer to them. it is a tougher a—level, the thrust of the argument is that they are letting more kids who are not able to do maths a—level because they are under pressure do it, so they are under pressure do it, so the market is dropping. i think the sunday times line on it is argued blue better. i thought white was interesting in the sunday telegraph
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pieces that schools now get an incentive which can be up to £2400 per pupil to get more people to do maths. so students have been complaining online about the exam in particular which was exceptionally difficult and they have signed a petition saying they deserve special consideration because it was not like the example papers. 0ur line is this morning that actually in sa subjects people are consistently being marked wrong to the degree that perhaps, and this is the exam regulator saying this, that after 48% of those subject people are getting the wrong marks, which is quite shocking. which is odd for the exa m quite shocking. which is odd for the exam regulator to acknowledge, a massive spread. those interpretations of how essays are written, but exam regulators, they are tested themselves quite
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regularly and how well they mark the exams are there is lots of tears for regulators. let's end on the telegraph. a story on page nine, brief word from both of you on this. traders are now acceptable. —— trainers. the etiquette people who tend to be slightly lagging in terms of their modernity,... the mention kate middleton wearing trainers, but she was boating, so it made sense. every back up the page, we can see a sledging of celebrities and their trainers. i would say it is mostly women. men over a certain age, perhaps me and you, patria in the middle distance, not such a great look. thank you both very much. get
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your trainers on, head out the door, enjoy the rest of your sunday. that's it for the papers. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you and goodbye. very good morning to you. after quite a while dayjester, wins light across southern parts today, other parts of the country, heavy rain around, particularly in areas we don't need it, and ongoing risk of further flooding in the
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don't need it, and ongoing risk of furtherflooding in the north, heaviest of the rain and a moment in these areas, pushing across north—west england and to the south of the glasgow area. showers to the south, damper weather across north—west highlands. parts of northern ireland. it will only improve, showers and the south and south—west starting to become heavy. best of the sunshine east anglia and the south—east. things will brighten to the far north of scotland later, but a northerly wind will make things cooler than it has been. even with a bit of sunshine. cloudy across the rest of scotland with occasional rain and drizzle in central areas. heaviest dance with essential belt, like a jet to lothian. cumbria and also northumberland. these are the areas where we have had flooding. more rain, certainly not welcome. brighter in northern ireland, sunshine for summer because central southern eglin and wales, much of the day. there will be dark clouds
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looming every now and then, they could bring the odd torrential thunderstorm. temperatures today, sunniest weather in the south—east caller ready to — 23, the north a cool day for august, 13—16dc at best. finishing the day to night, rain and southern scotland, the north of eglin, highest rainfall totals across the north—east of england over night. a few showers across southern counties, then they will remain in the south—west and south wales later. a cool night across scotland and northern ireland, single figures, the big picture up on monday shows we are almost between weather systems, high pressure to the south, low—pressure to the north—east, north—westerly airflow, weather front trailing to the north—east, north—westerly airflow, weatherfront trailing in across northern england. further rain at times, particularly in the north—east, drifting into yorkshire. heavy showers in the south, they could come with the odd rumble of thunder. a few shops in the west later but many a dry and bright day on monday with sunny spells but
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temperatures below 20 celsius for all, it is we go into the week ahead remaining on the cool side, some sunshine but wettest and windiest weather on wednesday. you are up—to—date with the weather here on bbc news. this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley. the headlines at ten... the prime minister pledges two—and—a—half billion pounds to create 10,000 new prison places — and says all police forces in england and wales will be given extended stop and search powers. stop and search works. we hear again and again from police, i was in london yesterday and essex today, that our police need to be empowered. the former prime minister — gordon brown — warns that under borisjohnson the union of england, scotland, wales and northern ireland is — in his words — "sleepwalking into oblivion". lawyers for the alleged victims of the multi—millionaire businessman and convicted sex offender — jeffrey epstein — say the investigation into his associates should continue — after he was found dead yesterday in his new york prison cell.


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