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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 20, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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to make it permanent and controversy rages over whether or not steve smith should have been allowed to retun to the field after being hit in the neck during the second ashes test against england. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing news that wolves and manchester united played out a 1—1 draw in the premier league. one of the main talking points was the missed penalty by paul pogba in the second half and watching at molineux was arlo white. united have to designated panic to ta kers united have to designated panic to takers according to the coach while marcus rushford' it was pogba who took charge of molineux. it's the fourth time since the start of last
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season fourth time since the start of last season that pogba has failed to convert in the premier league. united were dominant. they led through the 50th united goal but wolves started, mainly thanks to the introduction of a speedier player and they thoroughly deserved their world —class and they thoroughly deserved their world—class equaliser from neves. the two of them a designated penalty shooters. marcus was confident enough to go up, paul was confident to go up and that is just enough to go up, paul was confident to go up and that isjust a enough to go up, paul was confident to go up and that is just a decision they have made out there, same as they have made out there, same as they did last week and last week, it went well. today it didn't, so that all. the first half, i must say united we re the first half, i must say united were in control again. the best in the world. we struggled so much in the world. we struggled so much in the second half, the reaction was very good, very good. and i think it came change. the pressure was ours, the recovering, the chances. but you
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never know. you the recovering, the chances. but you never know. you are the recovering, the chances. but you never know. you are playing against such a good team and you have to be organised so i'm proud of all the performers. earlier on monday news broke that manchester united forward alexis sanchez could be joining inter milan on a loan deal. the serie a club have already signed striker romelu lukaku from united and are now targeting the chile international with news expected in the next 24—36 hours. with two weeks remaining in the european transfer window there's still time for plenty of twists and turns — but for this man though — the deal has been done. phillippe coutinho has secured his exit from barcelona to bayern munich. the brazilian forward willjoin the german champions on loan for a year — with the option to buy him for 133 million dollars next year. translation: it is of course a great responsibility to wear the jersey of bayern munich, a club with a great tradition, especially the number ten which belonged to robin, an icon on
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foot pole and also to me. another is a lot of pressure on me but i believe i can work calmly here and can respond with good foot on the field as far as the expectation of the club and the fans are concerned. countinho never quite managed to live up to expectations at camp nou, managing just 13 la liga goals in 52 appearances sincejoining 18 months ago. our football reporterjon bennett says this is a good move for him. it's really confusing because it was a was desperate to make. perhaps that's part of the problem. putting a lot of pressure on himself. a lot of pressure from outside as well. the replacement, they said they played together initially. they didn't know whether he was a winger oi’ didn't know whether he was a winger ora didn't know whether he was a winger or a midfielder, i didn't know whether he was a winger ora midfielder, ithink didn't know whether he was a winger or a midfielder, i think his confidence suffered as well. we've seen it before, haven't we, with really good players struggling in that atmosphere now. we saw the world cup winner with the struggle. a chance now to relaunch his career.
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they lost many players. some fantastic attacking options over the summer. fantastic attacking options over the summer. also rodrigues is gone as well. he will fit in really well. here are some of the figures. it will cost around £8 million, the loa n will cost around £8 million, the loan fee. the option to buy stands at £109 million. wages for the duration of the loan spell. but it looks as though perhaps going forward that munich might want to keep them at the club longer than one year. mario balotelli has agreed to join newly promoted serie a side brescia on a three year deal after leaving marseille on a free transfer. balotelli has been capped 36 times by italy scoring 1a goals including one against england in the 2014 world cup when beating them 2—1. it will be the 8th club for the 29 year old who spent time at manchester city and liverpool where he won
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the premier league with the former and he scored 31 goals in 51ligue un games in his first two seasons for nice beforejoining marseille where he found the net eight times during a 6—month stint. transmack i tra nsmack i have transmack i have spent more time playing abroad than in italy. i think we can say i grew up as a foot taller abroad. my mum cried when i was first told i could come to brescia. she kept crying. i needed to make my decision. my father was from brescia and he always lived in brescia. it would have been a dream for him to see me play here so she would be happy. and staying in italy where juventus manager maurizio sarri has been diagnosed with pneumonia. having rested over the weekend the club released a statement confirming his condition and he's since commenced treatment. billie simpson of cliftonville ladies has joined lionel messi and zlatan ibrahimovic in being nominated for the world goal of the year puskas award. here's why. the quick—thinking simpson volleyed from her own half against
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sion swifts in the northern ireland premiership in august last year. the ten nominated goals will be whittled down to three. the eventual winner will be named at next month's fifa football awards in milan. the sight of australian batsmen steve smith being brought to the ground by a bouncer travelling around 150km/h during the second ashes test has reignited the debate about concussion in cricket. smith had looked disorientated as he left the pitch on saturday — yet he was soon given the all clear to continue. now a leading brain injury charity says it was incredibly dangerous. our sports correspondent andy swiss has more. hit in the neck at 90mph. and the ball which struck steve smith has now sparked a far broader debate. why? well, after leaving the field for assessment, smith was allowed to return.
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just a0 minutes later, he was back batting again. but then, the next morning, he complained of headaches and was ruled out of yesterday's final day. so, should smith have ever been allowed back on? well, one leading brain injury charity believes not. i was surprised, i was disappointed and i was worried. the reality is that it is too short a time to accurately diagnose whether or not he was concussed and to then go back out to face 94 mph bouncers from jofra archer. it is only five years since another australian cricketer, phillip hughes, died after being struck in the neck. since then, helmets with the neck guards have been developed, but they are not compulsory. and some players, including smith, have preferred not to wear them. well, steve smith is being assessed by medical staff to see whether he can play in the next
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ashes test here at headingley on thursday, but whichever australian batsmen emerge here, they will be bracing themselves. the electrifying pace ofjofra archer shook up notjust met, but most of his team—mates too. but such spectacular speed inevitably comes with a risk. from a batsman‘s perspective, yeah, there is fear, but i think that it makes the game special, but at the same time, you know, safety has to be put at the forefront of one's mind. clearly there was something wrong and it has to be administered with a more stringent hand. indeed, fast and often ferocious bowling has long been part of the sport's tradition. the challenge now for cricket is to preserve that drama and yet, also protect its players. andy smith, bbc news. china's lin dan advanced to the second round of the badminton world championship after coming back
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from a game down to beat vietnamese veteran nguyen tien minh in three games in basel on monday. the five—time world champion and twice olympic winner took one hour and 18 minutes to beat the 36—year—old nguyen as he bids to qualify for his fifth olympic games in tokyo. while world number three chou tien chen avoided an upset in his first round match to claim a three set win over denmark's hans—kristian vittinghus. the chinese taipei player will now face croatian zvonimir durkinjak for a place in the quarter—finals. a pogba missed penalty at molineux. that was the biggest talking point. for that and everything, go to our website. we can download the bbc sport app. until next time, goodbye.
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hello there. the last two weeks have been pretty unsettled across the uk, quite a lot of rain around, strong unseasonable winds too but there are signs as this week continues to wear on, pressure will begin to build, things will turn drier and warmer and in fact today is looking like one of those. there will be quite a lot of dry and warm weather around as high pressure begins to nose in from the south—west. we still have a few weather fronts across northern areas, they will generate a few showers at times, mainly across central and southern scotland and into northern england. maybe the odd one there for northern ireland. but i think elsewhere, largely dry, lovely spells of sunshine after the chilly start into the afternoon. we will see those temperatures reaching 19—21 degrees across england and wales. closer to 15—18 across northern ireland and scotland. so those values are a touch below the seasonal average.
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as we head through tuesday night, it looks like it'll be another largely dry one. one or two showers across northern and western areas. a bit more of a breeze here but lighter winds further south and east. that again will lead to a fairly cool night, particularly out of town where skies clear. so it takes us on into wednesday then. we've got pressure building across southern and eastern areas as this high pressure establishes itself over the near continent but another area of low pressure could spoil things across the north and west of the country for wednesday. most places will start fine with some sunshine around but we will see this weather front pushing into northern ireland into much of scotland through the day, wet and windy conditions and ahead of it, perhaps a few showers affecting the north and west of wales, perhaps north—west england but there will be good spells of sunshine, again further south and east, where it will actually feel quite warm, 22 or 23 degrees. that weather system clears away
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as we head on into thursday. there'll be more weather fronts affecting the north—west corner of the country. the further south and east you are, closest to the high pressure, the lighter the winds and also more sunshine around. we'll be tapping into some of the warmth over the near continent. you can see the red colours indicating something warmer into the low mid—20s celsius. friday, similar story — we'll be having a weather front affecting the far north—west of the country but southerly winds, that warmth will spread a bit further north, we will see 20 celsius or even warmer than that for northern ireland, parts of eastern scotland and we could see 26 or 27 degrees across central, southern and eastern england. so that's the picture for friday. as we head on into the weekend, high pressure continues to dominate. that is, away from the north—west corner of the country which always see those weather fronts bringing more cloud at times, but it really will turn warmer, we could see 27 or 28 degrees on saturday across the south and the east.
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welcome to bbc news — my name's mike embley. our top stories: a young woman's cleared of murder in el salvador, casting a fresh light on the country's strict anti—abortion laws. on the march, as neo—fascists demonstrate in the state of oregon — we assess the rise of the far right. sudan's ousted president is in court for a trial many in the country thought they'd never see. prince andrew says he's appalled by the crimes of his former friend and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein.


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