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this is bbc news. the headlines: police in texas say five people have been killed and at least 21 injured in a series of shootings in two cities. the motive is unknown. the gunman, described by police welcome to bbc news. as white and his mid 30s, i'm simon pusey. was shot dead as he tried to escape. our top stories: there've been more violent clashes a mass shooting at two locations in hong kong between police in texas leaves five dead and protesters after tens and many more injured. of thousands of people defied a ban police describe the lone u to march through the city. running battles and brutal violence in hong kong in some police confirmed two officers fired live rounds into the air, of the worst clashes yet between police and protesters. during operations to clear protestors from the streets. it is the very centre a french racing driver, of hong kong, and look at it. anthoine hubert, has been killed they warned them in a formula 2 crash not to protest today. the government buildings under siege at the belgian grand prix. hubert, who was 22, struck a barrier on one of the fastest sections and it is complete mayhem. of the track before french formula 2 driver being hit by another car. anthoine hubert is killed in a high—speed crash at the belgian grand prix. you can get more information on our tens of thousands take to the streets across britain website. to protest against prime minister borisjohnson's decision to suspend parliament. and bearing down on the bahamas — hurricane dorian threatens
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catastrophic damage. it could hit the islands within hours. hello and welcome to bbc news. we start with breaking news from texas where police say that five people have been killed and at least 21 injured after a gunman was challenged at a traffic stop in the city of odessa. it's understood the gunman shot a number of police officers and randomly shot at cars as he tried to escape. we have law enforcement injured, we have the dps trooper in midland county, we have one npd officer and one opd officer all struck. as far as civilian casualties, we have at least 21 victims, 21 shooting the
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terms and at least five deceased at this point in time. live now to our north america correspondent peter bowes. what is the latest you are hearing about this latest shooting? the latest information is that the police believe although it is not definitely confirmed, but they believe that this government was acting alone. since he was tackled and killed by the police, there have been no further reports of shooting. at one stage there was concern, in fa ct at one stage there was concern, in fact many, many reports that there could be a number of gunmen responsible for what was happening. it seems like multiple shootings over quite a wide area. it seems it may have simply been the work of this one gunmen, and the police are stressing that this information they are giving us could still change. it isa are giving us could still change. it is a fluid situation there, still checking out reports and making sure
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that the area is safe. what we do know is that 21 people have been injured, it is not entirely certain that they were all shot. some of those people might have been hurt in the confusion. they were driving vehicles, they might have been injured simply trying to get away from the scene. what is quite known yet is the precise number of people who were shot. as i say, the investigation into the circumstances is continuing. it is very sad, but this is by far not the first mass shooting in texas. it has a response been to this latest one? the responses this is another shooting tragedy, this is yet more gun violence, it is just a few short weeks since the shooting in el paso, it seems rather different circumstances, nevertheless it was a mass shooting. and of course once again people are talking about gun control, a tremendous amount of debate after the last spate of
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shootings just a few weekends ago and calls for tougher restrictions on guns and a lot of politicians at a very senior level including president trump responding to that, but in that time, there has been no significant action and no real sign of anything constructive happening that will change the laws as they apply to gun ownership, and background checks, which is one of the key issues. yes, a developing story and we will keep in touch with you, peter, live from la. thank you very much indeed. you can keep up—to—date with the latest on our website. riot police have stormed a metro station in hong kong, using batons to beat passengers in the latest round of clashes with pro—democracy campaigners. the authorities confirmed that two officers fired live rounds into the air during operations to clear protesters from the streets. beijing has condemned the protests, asjohn sudworth reports now from hong kong. tear gas from the roof
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of hong kong's government offices met with utter defiance. hong kong's political deadlock is growing increasingly violent. the only way, some now believe, to secure this city's freedoms under chinese rule. by nightfall, this giant fire was raging in the central business district. but with scenes like these, china is also in no mood to compromise. hu xijin is editor of one of beijing's ultra—loyal communist party—run papers. translation: america and britain are interfering in hong kong's affairs. you are inflaming the situation. not all these irrational emotions come from this society. most come from foreign support. but most protesters are peaceful. despite the risk of arrest,
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this unauthorised march earlier in the day was joined by tens of thousands. despite what beijing says... as well as one british mp here to observe, he says. big changes happening in the world, and we need to understand them. i know we're all obsessed by brexit, but we've got the growing power of china and a growing authoritarian china as well. are you meddling? no. and if one mp is going to get blamed for this, that's simply nonsense, no. and this is clearly an indigenous protest that's coming from the people here. a few hundred activists, though, are intent on violence. and for the first time, the police used water cannon with coloured dye to make identifying them easier. this is the very centre of hong kong, and look at it. they warned them not to protest today. the government buildings under siege, and its complete mayhem.
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the day ended with running battles spilling into the subway stations. a global clash of values. freedom versus stability and control is being played out in this city in increasingly brutal form. john sudworth, bbc news, hong kong. let's get some of the day's other news. the taliban says it carried out a suicide bombing in afghanistan, which killed at least 10 people. the attack in kunduz followed hours of fighting, which began when the militants attacked from several directions. dozens of militants were killed when the government responded with air strikes. police say a young man has died and several people have been injured in a stabbing attack in the suburb of lyon. the mayor said the man seemed to indiscriminately stab people waiting for a bus. reports say police are hunting for another man, carrying a metal spike, who is believed
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to have fled the scene. the us military says it has carried out an attack on al-qaeda militants in the rebel—held syrian province of idlib. reports from the region said more than a0 people were killed in a missile strike that targeted a meeting of leaders ofjihadist factions. a french racing driver, anthoine hubert, has been killed in a formula 2 crash at the belgian grand prix. hubert, who was 22, struck a barrier on one of the fastest sections of the track, before being hit by another car. a statement by the motor racing authorities said that he later died at the nearby medical centre. gareth barlow reports. anthoine hubert was a rising star of motor racing, a driver, he was the reigning gp three champion. the renault f1's young driver programme. asign of renault f1's young driver programme. a sign of the frenchman was not future promise and prowess. but at the belgian grand prix on one of the fastest sections of the course, he was involved in a fatal collision.
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while racing at speeds of around 270 km/h. in a statement, motorsport‘s governing body set as a result of the incident, the fia resident — much regrets to inform that the driver of current number 19, anthoine hubert, succumbed to his injuries and passed away. motor racing is inherently dangerous but safety has improved. the arrangement‘s death is the first driver fidelity at a formula 1 race weekend since 1994. anthoine hubert‘s death has left motorsport shocked and saddened with numerous teams and drivers posting condolences on social media. a sport mourning the loss of one of its brightest stars. the us national hurricane center says storm dorian poses an immediate threat to the bahamas, as well as millions of people along the south—east us coast. nasa has released these images of the storm, which were taken from the international space station. meteorologists say dorian is travelling with maximum sustained
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winds of 240km/h, and could reach the maximum category 5 hurricane status. this is how the bbc weather centre expects the hurricane to develop over the next few days, hitting the northern bahamas on sunday. the storm has changed course slightly, putting itself on a possible track to make landfall in the carolinas rather than florida as previously forecast. nikole killion from cbs is at cocoa beach in florida. nicole, dorian may not now be directly hitting florida, but i imagine people are still taking plenty of precautions. absolutely, and certainly, that is what the governor here is urging residents to do to not let down their guard. the president as well for that matter who was briefed on hurricane dorian earlier today, again reminding folks here in florida and other states, georgia, northern south carolina remain vigilant. but it is a very
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difficult dilemma for a lot of residents here simply because the track of the storm has changed so many times. at one point, it looked like it would hit the state and then linger over the state and in many populated areas like orlando, florida, now the latest track appears to have it going up the coast and heading up potentially to the carolinas. but as we know with these things, this storm is very unpredictable, really hard to tell exactly where it will go next, and for the reason, officials here are certainly still taking this storm very seriously. we are seeing some peak because of the storm in other places on its way to you, and unbelievable wins and it looks pretty scary. how have residents been preparing for this?” pretty scary. how have residents been preparing for this? i thought it was interesting that the governor of florida today said, pray for the bahamas, because they certainly are the in this part of the storm and it
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is packing powerful winds and residence there don't have as many places to evacuate as they might hearin places to evacuate as they might hear in the states, certainly there is concern from floridians for the bahamas and what they may endure over the next 24 hours. as a residents here, again, some people that we talked to our conflicted and some are going to ride it out here despite the fact for instance in this locality where we are, they are under mandatory evacuation orders now because dorian is moving so slowly. they are actually moving those evacuation orders and delaying them by a day. they were due to start tomorrow. now they will push them back until monday because of them back until monday because of the low moving nature of this storm, so that is giving residents some more time to prepare or stop a few days ago with or folks who definitely were planning to leave, but now more folks we are talking to today feel like they are confident they can write it out, especially if they can write it out, especially if the storm stays offshore. two
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mandatory evacuations mean people have to get out, or is it up to them? again, it is a decision made by local officials and really this area where we are is one of the few that has issued these mandatory evacuations. obviously, you know, they want people to get out, but ultimately, it is a resident's choice whether or not they risk it and stay here. there are other areas that have voluntary evacuations, so there is a little more flexibility if you will, but certainly, again, many of the people we talk to that live here are saying they feel co mforta ble live here are saying they feel comfortable in riding out the storm here, many have lived here for a number of years and weathered numerous storms and they really don't seem phased by these mandatory evacuations, and again, because they have been postponed, it is possible that could happen again if the storm track changes. we willjust have to
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see. thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to speed. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: on the frontline in the fight to protect the amazon, police are involved in a shootout with suspected loggers. she received a nobel peace prize for her work with the poor and the dying in india's slums. the head of the catholic church said mother teresa was "a wonderful example of how to help people in need." we have to identify the bodies, then arrange the coffins and take them back home. parents are waiting and wives are waiting. hostages appeared, some carried, some running, trying to escape the nightmare behind them. britain lost a princess today,
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described by all to whom she reached out as irreplaceable. an early morning car crash in a paris underpass ended a life with more than its share of pain and courage, warmth and compassion. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: there've been more violent clashes in hong kong between police and protestors after tens of thousands of people defied a ban to march through the city. the world of motor racing is mourning the death of french formula 2 driver, anthoine hubert, who's been killed in a high—speed crash at the belgian grand prix. he was 22. tens of thousands of people have held demonstrations across the uk, in protest at prime minister borisjohnson's decision, to prorogue, or suspend parliament, for five weeks in the run up to brexit. the government insists it's acting properly, but critics say it's an attempt
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to by—pass democracy. marches took place from sheffield to swansea, belfast to london. here's our home editor, mark easton. if you shut down our parliament... chanting. we will shut down the streets! calls for direct action from protesters outside downing street. several thousand people had gathered in whitehall, many to voice their opposition to borisjohnson's move to shut down parliament ahead of britain's scheduled exit from the european union on october 31. stop brexit! the crowds were diverse — cutting across class, age, ethnicity and traditional party politics. today's protest is a reminder of how arguments over brexit represent a reshaping of political discourse in britain. bankers and corporations who get richer while the workers get poorer. as well as london, there were similar demonstrations in towns and cities across the country, from yorkshire to belfast to bangor. in london, the apparent unity of the crowd
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disguised divisions over what they were opposed to. the government's suspension of parliament orjust the government? opposed to a no—deal brexit or leaving the eu at all? is this about proroguing? is it about brexit or conservatives? yeah, a bit of both, really. i mean, mainly proroguing and brexit, but a bit of both. are you a supporter of the european union? i am not in support of a bosses club, i am in support of the european workers of greece, spain and italy, but i don't support what is, in effect, a bosses club in europe. so, you're anti—eu? i am anti the european union, yes. i am opposed to a no—deal brexit. brexit with a deal would be ok? iwould prefer we remain, but i could live with a brexit with a decent deal, yes. you are a french national. why are you here today? why am i here today? because i am one of the eu 27 who has been living for decades here. it is about a no—deal brexit, it's about the hatred and it is about hindering
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democratic processes. deeply held feelings are on display as thousands take to the streets. but it is worth reflecting on the people who are not here, people with equally passionate views on the other side of the brexit debate. public opinion and the country are riven as to what democracy should mean. this evening, there was disruption around westminster bridge. the organisers of today's demonstration say it should be seen as the beginning of a campaign of civil disobedience against the government's treatment of parliament. mark easton, bbc news, whitehall. more than 60 people have been detained, after several migrant boats were intercepted in the english channel. it comes a day after the home secretary, priti patel, said urgent action was needed, to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. so far this year, more than a thousand illegal migrants have been detained. tony smith is a former head of the uk border force. it is relatively new that we have seen this sort of number of migrants bossing the english channel.
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—— crossing the english channel. it only really began in any number in october last year, but it is now an almost daily occurrence that we are seeing reports of significant numbers of people, many women and children as well in small vessels coming across, and increasing resource requirement upon the french authorities and ourselves, border force, to make sure they don't drown, we have had a couple of drownings, they are properly treated and brought ashore and then we have the ongoing issue of processing. this is international organised crime essentially, and it is essential that we continue to work with law enforcement agencies, both in france and in other
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countries as we have done for many years now to share intelligence, share interventions capability, share resources and work together. nobody really wants people drowning, nobody really wants human smugglers to succeed, whether you are on the french side, eu side or uk site. police officers in the amazon have been involved in a shootout with suspected loggers, as brazilian authorities step up security operations to control wildfires. officials say that on the first day of the ban thousands of new fires were lit — most of them in the amazon basin. james ra nsley reports. dramatic footage of armed police in a shootout with suspected loggers. they duck for cover, unable to see the shooters hiding behind the trees. tensions are running high in the amazon as wildfires continue to ravage parts of the world ‘s largest ra i nfo rest. ravage parts of the world ‘s largest rainforest. translation: federal police found an illegal operation in the altamira area, around two
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hectares. no-one was injured and no—one was arrested by police destroyed equipment for the belong to the loggers. the president says this government is cracking down on illegal deforestation and has agreed to a cce pt illegal deforestation and has agreed to accept funding to help fight the fires. but this public feud with the french president, who he claims insulted him, continues to he says accepting any support from paris would come with conditions. translation: i am ready to talk with some people except our dear macron u nless some people except our dear macron unless he apologises about our sovereignty over the amazon. and i will talk to him. after meeting president trump in washington, the brazilian foreign minister says the support it receives from countries like the us is helping. we are welcoming the specific operation to help fight the fires from a few countries. brazil is also undertaking the main task because we are able to and we are ready to be
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successful and they will show the fires are being extinguished. even so, brazilian police remain on high alert. the stand—off sending a clear message to authorities that some are willing to fight to the death or their patch of the amazon. nearly two million people in the indian state of assam have effectively been stripped of their citizenship, after being left off a newly published register of indian nationals. residents were asked to prove they had lived there since 1971, when neighbouring bangladesh declared its independence. it's home to around ten million muslims, many of whom are suspected by india's hindu nationalist government of being illegal migrants. our delhi correspondent rajini vaidya nathan reports from assam. lining up to find out if they still belong in the country they call home. if they are not on this list, they are not considered citizens, their fate decided by a paper printout. none of asiya khatoon's family of nine has been included. "i'm an indian citizen. i should be on it", she says.
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it's the same for salma. "what do i do? i'd rather die than go to a detention camp". best known for its tea, assam is one of india's poorest states. resentment towards illegal immigrants from neighbouring bangladesh runs high, which is why everyone's been asked to prove their citizenship, and that's left many terrified. one evening last november, maliha went to look for her husband, shamshul, after he did not return from a walk. she found him here, in this paddy field. she sobs. maliha said shamshul killed himself, fearing his family wouldn't make the citizenship list. "on our land, they are like termites". that's amit shah, now india's home minister, describing illegal immigrants earlier this year. his party, the ruling
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hindu nationalist bjp, is pledging to expand the assam—style crackdown across india, promising amnesty for illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries, of most religions except muslims. india is the only land for the hindus. that is why our government is very much determined to protect the hindus who came from pakistan, who came from bangladesh, due to the religious persecutions. critics believe this citizenship exercise is nothing more than a drive to remove muslims from india. translation: they are trying to make india a hindu state and curtail the rights of muslims. that's why we are scared. what now for the nearly two million people here in assam who have been left disenfranchised ? if they lose their appeals and are declared foreigners, then what? there aren't enough detention centres to house them all,
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and if they are deported, then where to? bangladesh has already said it won't take anyone. the fate of millions remains in the balance. what started as an exercise over identity could become a crisis of humanity. rajini vaidyanathan, bbc news, assam. finally — british pop singer ellie goulding has got married in front of famous guests and royalty at a cathedral in york. the 32—year—old became engaged to 27—year—old art dealer casparjopling last year and was greeted by cheers from the crowd. she arrived in a blue volkswagen camper van, her celebrity guest list included singer katy perry and her fiancee the actor orlando bloom. also amongst the royals attending the wedding was princess beatrice. you can get more on our main story on our website, and don't
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forget you can reach me on twitter — i'm @sipusey. sunday is the first day of meteorological autumn. and for the early days of september it will feel a little on the chilly side. we have a band of cloud that swept across the country yesterday. it is behind that that we are drawing in a cooler fresher air on a north—westerly breeze and that will bring some more showers, particularly across northern ireland and scotland overnight. in between those showers there is still a chance of catching the northern lights for northern areas. further south across the uk we will have some longer clear skies. with that cooler air coming down temperatures will drop away and it will be chillier than
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it was last night. 7—9 degrees in towns and cities, cooler than that in rural areas. a sunny start for many parts of england and wales. scattered showers for a while in northern ireland, heavy thundery ones pushing eastwards across scotland and northern england and down towards the wash. very few showers for the midlands, no chance of staying dry —— very few showers for the midlands, good chance of staying dry in southern england with temperatures sneaking up to 20 degrees. further north with the showers it is a cool 15 or 16 but at least it will not be as windy on sunday. those heavy showers should clear away from eastern areas. another band of cloud and showers pushing through northern ireland and heading towards scotland. some breaks in the cloud overnight and another chilly one, particularly in north—eastern scotland where temperatures could be down to about three degrees or so. into the new week and we will replace the north—westerly wind with mild, cloudy west south—westerly wind. around the area of high—pressure and feeding in those weather systems, piling in the rain again for north—western areas to get
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england and wales probably a dry start, chilly was sunshine, clouding over a bit more from the west. we have rain coming into northern ireland, pushing into scotland, into cumbria with some wet weather over the hills late in the day. 15 degrees in glasgow, 22 in london in the south—east. a touch warmer on monday. similar sort of weather pattern really for monday into tuesday, we still have the brisk wind off the atlantic, a lot of weather fronts on the scene but essentially northern and western areas will have most of the cloud. a better chance of catching some rain and that rank could be heavy again over western parts of scotland. very little if any rain through the midlands, east anglia and the south—east and temperatures north of those on monday. in the middle of the week the wind direction will change again with high pressure to the west of the uk, drawing down cooler fresher more north—westerly wind bringing 00:28:54,838 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 sunshine and some showers.
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