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that if‘ai‘ii it u— that they oppose. sorry these things that they oppose. sorry to end there. thank you very much to the both of the. hello and welcome to new watch. presenters outside parliament are now by the type of headset more often seen on pop stores, has the satisfied those complaining of noisy protesters disrupting outside broadcast? and by the andrew neil show, just launched on bbc two, get the big political hit it once? one by you can tell that levels of excitement and drama at westminster is by counting the number of temporary structures put up by broadcasters on college green. opposite the houses of parliament. this week we seem to be getting
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pretty near to peak gazebo, with journalists jostling for space, mps scanning from interview to injury and of course they noisy presence of protesters representing all shades of opinion. we have discussed before a news watch has some theories find the presence of protesters distracting and annoying and evermore objections this week, following moment such as this. protestors shout in the background melanie was one of a number of years to respond in this way.
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and robert added his thoughts on the deal. my point is that idea the bbc, by broadcasting from parliament square during this brexit debate, fuelling the animosity between the two sides. both sides are only there in these big numbers because of the tv cameras. the bbc should move away from parliament screen, so that we can actually get the reports without having the interruptions from the brexiteers and from the remain side. by brexiteers and from the remain side. by tuesday evening, a partial solution to the noise problem had been found. but the bbc following skypeis been found. but the bbc following skype is likely in using headset microphones, so—called madonna microphones, so—called madonna microphones in the style of pop stars or sport commentators. they headed bbc westminster said the intention was not to block out the
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back noise entirely. but on the news at ten on thursday, it seemed the new microphones were not excluding as much back noise as some might have wished. not excluding as much back noise as some might have wishedm not excluding as much back noise as some might have wished. if we look at it some might have wished. if we look atitl some might have wished. if we look at it i know deal brexit is a very real possibility. protestors shout some very vocal protesters, certainly making their feelings known. back to be done. some such as a telephone colour remain unconvinced of the value of broadcasting from college green. new microphones or not. why do they have
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to be outside with what looks like sports commentator microphones, put it in the studio. it is of course a bonanza time for political programmes. question time returned on thursday for its new series, a week earlier than scheduled. wednesday also saw the launch two weeks before it was planned of the andrew neil show. the timing of this new vehicle, for the much feared better in the year, was unfortunate. as it went on at seven o'clock mps we re as it went on at seven o'clock mps were voting on proposals to rule out a new deal brexit. and so, could not appear live in the studio. as a result, these two interviews with chief secretary to the treasury and the shadow housing secretary conducted down the line and pre—recorded. conducted down the line and pre-recorded. preparing for no deal, making sure that our borders and cousins are ready... i understand all that, but are you hearing the questions that i am asking? you asking about the future. i have...”
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am sorry, asking about the future. i have...” am sorry, i understand that. i am trying to pin down to what is happening. somewhere under rams but that line—up of interviewees. —— some people were underwhelmed. and there's remarkably mandatory. —— and those where more complementary.
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well, i am joint nine by the bbc‘s editor of lifeless programmes. you had to to quite minor beggars, not a great start. we had a member of the shadow cabinet is closerjeremy corbyn. i congratulate the other programme forgetting the payments that night, but every luck at the ratings, more people watched our show. i think there is a big draw for people coming to watch andrew neil, in a time of extraordinary politics what they want is what many people... i think also, it is about big names and big beggars, that is pa rt big names and big beggars, that is part of politics, but also the
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issues and the question. we sought to establish where we were only be things on that very dramatic night. are there to many political programmes? chasing the same gas? no, i don't think that is right. there are different kinds of injuries to political programmes on the news, which are considered. —— there are different kinds of interviews. we offer a different kind of programme on politics library in the day. but i do not think it is crowded in terms of political interviews at length with fantastic political interviewers. i think the time could not be more right to be doing that. a lot of people have been talking about the style of andrew neil and his reputation. is there a danger that you are not going to get the big political names, because people are too scared of him? no, i think he is respected hugely by politicians. there was a survey of who is the
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most respected broadcastjournalist or it may have been journalist in general, and andrew neil is right up there. they recognise that he knows there. they recognise that he knows the material, he is incredibly the priest and an encounter with him is also an opportunity for them to improve their mettle in an interview setting. if you recall, a couple of months ago we had interviews with borisjohnson months ago we had interviews with boris johnson and jeremy hunt months ago we had interviews with borisjohnson and jeremy hunt in the leadership race and they both omitted themselves to the anthony v. we think politicians know that they will be heard, but also submitted to question. it is an interesting point that one of our viewers made, is andrew neil too often pushing for a simple answer, when they may not be asa simple answer, when they may not be as a budget? i think you cannot accuse him of dealing and simplicity. i think what he does, what people want is the answers. so, what people want is the answers. so, what andrew neil does, as when he spots as an answer is disingenuous
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or is not quite hitting the actual specific point that he has asked about, he will pick up on it. i think that is what we should be doing ina think that is what we should be doing in a democracy. you know, there is more than one way to skin there is more than one way to skin the cat when it comes to political interview styles. different people have different techniques. adri has his technique and it is arguably the most effective. others have said they prefer different ways. i think, as the dealing figures showed, with very little publicity, because we brought it forward by two weeks, people want to watch andrew neil interviewing people. the andrew neil show comes after his other show after so many years has taken off air. this week is a late night political show. it was a fantastic programme, on—air every 15 years. its character was built into that slot in the schedule. andrew neil, but very understandable reasons, but
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it was time to stop doing a late—night spectacle show. the question must then what we do? we felt that in times like these the very best vehicle for him now will be to doa very best vehicle for him now will be to do a programme like the one we are doing. it is much more straight on politics analysis interviewing. so, that was really how, once this week was not possible anymore, we're doing it with a different thing. very different, but very important. newsnight will be ported a share. this week, it built something of a new like what they knew logo, a modified set an updated version.
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the rebound enjoyed a mostly positive response, with a twitter user loving the updated logo... thank you for all of your comments this week. please get in touch with your opinions about what you see on bbc tv news online or bbc social media. you may even get to appear on the programme. you can e—mail... you
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can find us on twitter. you can call us can find us on twitter. you can call us and to have a leopard previous discussions on our website. —— do have a look. we will be back next week. goodbye. they weather are settling down much more in time to the weekend. a lot of the brain from today, most of it on that weather front and in that thick cloud, pushing down into the near continent. even the showers coming in behind it atany near continent. even the showers coming in behind it at any beer. still some can tenure included saving in particular, many fading away and myspace is dry. they went to action is changing to a more north—westerly direction. it will be cooler overnight. we are drawing down cooler air in that northerly
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airflow. you can see down across the uk. ahead of this area of high pressure, that is building up more than the south—west, hence the weather settling down. so, after some showers earlier on today for the ashes, it looks like it should bea dry the ashes, it looks like it should be a dry die tomorrow. not particularly warm, that northerly breeze. it will make it feel on the chilly side. after one or two early showers for the northern half, as becomes dry and sunny. if you showers by the south, but not very many. they will still be some sunny spells. that northerly breeze, for most of us it will be quite light, with a stronger side down the eastern side of both england and scotland. the best of the temperature will be further west, especially in south wales and the south—west of england. with the wind is in saturday night the sky clearing, it will be cold another a touch of frost in north—eastern parts of scotland, either north—east
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england, as well. that is very hectic for the great north run on sunday, the people waiting to run it will be cold. decent running weather, the window be light and lots of sunshine. cloud bubbling up here and there, but not expecting any showers to speak of. northern ireland and western scotland could be quite cloudy for most of the day and sunday. head of that, those temperature to gain 16 to 18 degrees typically. a band of rain waiting in the wings. it arrives on sunday night and through monday. it sweeps down through the uk, some heavier press of a particular towards wales and the south—west of england. as we head into monday, these are the sorts of temperatures be looking at. a really quite chilly day for the southern half of the uk, it looks better though on tuesday.
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this is bbc news, the high plains at 8pm... —— the hardlines at 8pm... opposition parties at westminster move to block borisjohnson‘s plan for a mid october general election in case it leads to a no—deal brexit. we are not going to help borisjohnson shut down parliament and drives us out of the eu over an election period, that's not going to. they don't trust the people, they don't want an election, ok, perhaps they don't think they can win, i'll go to brussels, i'll get a deal. as many of that opinion say content oi'i as many of that opinion say content on the contrary not contend. the contents habit. —— have it.
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meanwhile, the bill which aims


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